Too Pumped


Honey pies! At the start of this glorious day, I could barely contain myself:

VegNews reunion!!!

All day, I felt giddy and over-caffeinated. I swear this had nothing to do with it:

Black Koffee and creamy banana oats.

Someone asked whether I cook the oats with banana from the start. Absolutely! It’s the key to creamy sweetness. I throw 1/3 C oats, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, stevia and 1 C water in a pot at once, turn heat on high, wait for bubbling oats and stir until it’s to my desired consistency. Then top that with a spoon of crunchy peanut butter, and you have a simple and wholesome breakfast. Love!

Post-digestion, I walked to the gym for some cardio. I did the usual 50 minutes on the elliptical (with Glamour, which made 50 minutes fly by!). I followed that with another mile on the treadmill and then some abbage. On a stability ball, I did 100 sit-ups and 50 twisted sit-ups. Done dealin’.

After the workout, I wandered uptown for a camera memory card, cotton squares, toner, mascara (newbie!) and a small notepad. It’s shocking that I can spend $30 in 15 minutes. Ick!

By the time I got home, showered and dressed, the stomach was begging for some attention:

Hayyyy grilled chizzle! (<--- ? Sometimes I'm not sure.)


In a PAM-coated pan, I toasted a Laughing-Cowed, Sabra-ed sandwich. Why have I forgotten about grilled cheese? Why? Cray cray!

Then I got to packing and putting myself together:

The opposite of boots with the fur.

Before I dashed off to class, I loaded up the car with my carry-ons and road trip snacks:

Hold the phone.

You best believe I sprinted out of my last Media Law class to get to my car and enjoy these delicacies. So, VitaminWater Zero tastes like Kool-Aid. RIDICULOUS. Then, as I was driving, I took my first bites of the Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar. Sex. On. The. Beach. That’s exactly what it tastes like! Which is exactly why it’s my new favorite flavor. Welcoming the warm weather on all fronts, yo.

My ride home was gorgeous:


The ride home was also so long that I had to stop for another snack! Approximately 2.5 hours after the Larabar, I had a few sourdough pretzel nuggs and a Diet Coke. So delish.

Wailing away to Rent helped the rest of the trip fly by! Before long, I was home safely with Popsicle, the pups and some dinner:

Yum and fab.

I had a Boca topped with hummus, some tabbouleh and raw French green beans. I really do prefer most veggies raw, and beanies are amazing this way.

Now I’m noshing on a mug (or two) of Honey Bunches of Oats and being TOO PUMPED for tomorrow! I may not sleep! Actually, that may be good. I still have a paper to write. Love you, boos!

To California, I go!!!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: This may be a little gross, but does anyone have any remedies for that nasty cabin-pressure bloat? That’s the only part I can’t stand about flying! AND What snacks should I take for the flight? (Must shop tomorrow morn!)


48 Responses to “Too Pumped”

  1. Lots of water helps the airplane bloat! I I love taking instant oats and asking for hot water if I am flying over breakfast time, PB&J sandwich for lunch, as well as fruit, chopped veg, and Clif-Z bars.

  2. How is it possible that you always look so fabulous in a freaking mirror pic??!

    As for cabin bloat… honestly, the last few times I flew, I took a midol about an hour before takeoff and then again before landing, and stayed hydrated. All my rings fit perfectly during and after the flight, and thats my bloat barometer!

    • 3 snackface

      Mara- You crazy! The truth is I’m just a ham, not so fabulous. And thanks for this wonderful advice! I’ll be going to the store in the AM!

  3. 4 Bec

    have a happy and safe flight!!!! I recommend drinking a ton of water and having some water based snack, aka fruit! But also you need a good bar and maybe some nuts in there too lol.

  4. I second Mara’s comment. Your mirror pics are amazing! I always look like a goofball when I attempt them. I suffer from gross airplane bloat, also, so I’m interested to hear people’s advice! As far as snacks go, I always bring some apples and mixed nuts. They don’t get smooshed like bars do! Have a great flight!!

  5. Too CUTE! Yep, I just changed your title right there 😉 glad you’ve had such a wonderful day. Now for the traveling issues… I’d have to second the midol (they’re all magical, but try to get the one specifically for bloating), encourage lots of agua and nuts (really works, promise), and discourage carbonation. Not sure what I’d say for snacks but looking forward to seeing whatever bar catches your fancy 🙂 Have a safe flight and a fabulous weekend beautiful!

    girlllllll you are TOO FINE!!! you totally rock it in sweats! LOVE IT. you inspire me, you know? you dont run and you look freaking awesome and live your life to the fullest..thanks to YOU..that helped my decision A LOT! SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!!
    snacks-i like crackas or chips..something to munch on for a while! helps calm me! unlike bars that are gone in 2 bites (haha for me atleast)

    • 8 snackface

      katiebuns- Stop making my nose tingle and making tears collect in my face—YOU ARE TOO SWEET! Love you!

  7. I love your yellow and white top! So cute. I’d say drink lots of water and stick to low-sodium healthy eats!

  8. Hiiiii! This is my first time reading your blog – you are too cute!

    I don’t have any bloat suggestions but as far as snacks go, on my last trip I made a little mix of dried cranberries, almonds, cinnamon toast crunch and tiny vegan chocolate chips. Sooooo good!

    I’m off to read your past posts to search of why you’re travelling.

    • 11 snackface

      Katie- Welcome, darling! Have fun with a little SnackFace scavenger hunt 😀

  9. i like taking nuts and granola bars- portable, and easy to eat! just bring hand sanitizer…cause u no, its kinda gross to eat the nuts with dirty hands =P

  10. 13 elleneatsbeats

    agua agua agua! I always pray for an aisle seat, otherwise my row-mates hate me. Ohhhh well, chances are I never see them again, and I land bloat free!

    As far as snax, I always bring bars and trail mix. I like the variety in trail mix (can we tell I get bored on planes) and the bars for a more satisfying snack.

    Say hi to California for me!

  11. 14 Kelly

    I am so excited for you!! You are going to have an awesome time! Remember to take lots of pics and update us asap! You always look fab – even in sweats!

  12. 15 Tay

    Yup that’s the exact thought I had when I tried that Vito-H20 flava. Little thoughts of those juices that came out of the container with faces came to me. And I’m pretty sure those were kool-aid, correct?

    Eeee good flight tomorrow!! How exciting you’re flying out to the best place on earth (aka Cali of course). Bring bars! And instant packs of oatmeal. Just ask the cabin peeps for a cup of hot water to make it in. Presto!

  13. 16 lindsayruns

    Grilled cheese is my heaven on earth. Love that yellow sweater, you look so springy and adorable!

  14. 17 Susan

    I know just what you mean about airplane bloat! I pack some chamomile tea with me now – it always does the trick!

    Have a safe trip girl!

  15. Just want to say I love your spring outfit (complete with sandals). You are just so cute! Have a great trip too. 🙂

  16. 19 Jil

    I loove VitaminWater Zero — I was skeptical at first but it blew me awaaaay! Have so much fun in Cali, obvs you will. I’m glad you asked about airplane bloat…the comments will help me out, too!!

  17. 20 ari

    holy geeze i love rent so much it’s ridiculous.

  18. I LOVE your outfit with the yellow striped sweater! Soo summery. I really can’t wait until its warm out to wear brighter colors!

  19. 22 Lo

    have so much fun girl and text me mucho!!! on the plane bring veggies and hummus fo sho…also water all da way beats bloat. Stay away from salt. obvi.

    i am so pumped for you!!! Eat lots of delish food and enjoy this awesome break! you deserve it and mo’!!!!


  20. Bloating? I’d suggest drinking lots of water. And take along a PBJ! Airline food is blah or just nonexistent!

  21. Hotty with a body miss Kailey! 🙂

  22. as i sit in bed munching on my vanilla honey bunches of oats mug, i feel comforted knowing you are probs in your bed munching on your interesante peaches honey bunches of oats mug. ESP babay.

    have an AMAZING time. eat AMAZING food. and keep me updated on all AMAZINGNESSSSSSSSSS. looooooooooveyouuuu

  23. Enjoy the sun, the coast, the food… Lucky… 🙂 Flight/Airport snackage for me always falls into two categories: dried fruit and granola. Coconut/almonds and dried pineapple is definitely a Summer/California combo!

  24. Honestly, I love the pictures you post of your outfits for the day but you just look AMAZING in a tshirt and sweats! Insane.

    No snack better than Honey Bunches of Oats. And absolutely NOTHING BETTER to belt along to than RENT!!! AHHHHH you totally just made my night, 100% throwing Rent on the playlist for tomorrow.

    Airplane bloatage…ehhhhh… just drink a lot of water!! Maybe bring apples on board…apples have a high water content, good for the bloating.

  25. I forgot to add..Have an AMAZING TIME and a safe trip!!

  26. Love the twist on the grilled cheese!
    And San Francisco, how exciting…I’m jealous that you’re going to my home…but it’s okay I’ll be back there for my spring break in ten days!
    As for cabin bloatyness…I recommend just staying hydrated/drinking lots of water…sometimes I take a pamprin/midol/etc…ohhhh and as much as I LOVE gum, it definitely contributes to bloaty feelings.
    As for plane snackaroos: Kashi bars, make-your-own trail mixes and add cacao nibs to them!, Trader Joe’s chilli-spiced dried mangoes, mini sandwiches loaded with hummus n non wettening veggies 🙂

  27. 30 Little Bookworm

    Thank you for answering my questions about the banana oats! 🙂 Hope you have a great flight to California!

  28. OMG i never knew flying causes bloating…I ALWAYS GET BLOATED ON THE PLANE and i always thought it was just crazy gas or something TMI? LOL! i totally just googled cabin pressure bloating lol things are makin sense now lol

  29. THe only thing that has stopped the bloat for me is drinking tons of water + avoiding booze. The thing is tho that I hate peeing in airplanes. Yuck.

  30. I know their rather pricey, but Mary’s Crackers with hummus and tabbouleh and raw carrots is amazinggg! LARABARs, Raw Revolution bars, and some superfood juice (Bossa Nova Acai with Mango is my fave!) always do the trick. Snag a yogurt for some calcium and you’re good to go!

  31. That face is priceless =D

    Drink a lot of water, don’t eat sodium-heavy foods, and take gas-ex! That’s what I do!

    Snackies…. hmm, larabars, pita chips & mini hummuses, bags of fresh veg, fruit, pretzels, chocolate covered nuts… all delicious snacks!


  32. glad ya made it home chica!!!

  33. You do look fab in the mirror pics, everytime I take one I look retarded, LOL! And sometimes cross-eyed. Dunno what the secret is! Drink lots of water on the plane and do not partake in beverages, which will get rid of cabin bloat. 🙂 Hope your trip is fantastic–can’t wait to see and read all about it!

  34. I noticed in one of your tweets you mentioned Mad World, so I thought I’d let you know Tears for Fears does an awesome rendition of Mad World! (

    Tropical Larabar is the bee’s knees. I like it way more than the other flavor they released at the same time PB+J. Pack another for the trip! Trail mixes bulked up with cereal are a good option, too.

  35. Hii..your blog is too cute!! However, I have to comment that the Trop. Fruit LB was “spit it out of my mouth” DISgusting 😉 Ohhhh my gosh..I’m glad someone likes it though haha. I just wrote about it on my blog today. dry + crumbly + overpowering…eeeeek!!! Love your grilled chizzle though!

  36. So excited for you, and so excited to hear about it!!! It’s awesome how much you can tell through this post how pumped you are. Hope you have an absolute blast, doll 🙂

  37. ummm i am sooooooooooooo happy for spring after reading your last post. you have no idea. the flip flops, spring dresses, hanging out outside…LOVES.

    and YAY for cali! i am so pumped for you. you are going to have an amazing time!

    love the outfits (that yellow bright striped cardy is adorbs!), love you and can’t wait to hear all about your magical trip. love you!

    p.s. i never thought to cook bananas IN the oatmeal. i always add it after the oats are done. hmmmm…might have to give this one a shot!

  38. Girl, I’m having grilled cheese for lunch today because of you. Thanks for reminding me of how awesome cheese and bread are together! ;-P

  39. raw green beans rank among top five best snacks ever! on planes i usually take an apple, some homeade trailmix and some crunchness of some kind, maybe some pretz?

    california, here you come!

  40. Love the T Shirt!

  41. vitamin water zero is off the hook!

    happppy flying!

  42. 45 healthnuttxo

    omg- what a good idea laughing cow grilled cheese!
    and have fun in cali- SO JEALOUS YOUR GOING.
    get some fro yo while your there. they have like 400 billion shops that me all the way in new york cannot enjoy..*tear tear*
    have fun girlie!!
    get yo snack on too 🙂

  43. grilled chizzle! best word ever.

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