Spring Tease


AMAZING. This is the word I can’t stop saying. The weather? Amazing. The day? Amazing. You? Amazing. I get in word ruts all the time, and that is the word of the week. Or month, maybe. But it so perfectly describes springy days like today.

It started leisurely at 7am with coffee and oats:

Fluffy banana oats with DCD.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 sliced naner, cinnamon, 1 packet PureVia and a spoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams. I am loving the PureVia because it isn’t overly, shockingly sweet like NuNaturals packets can be. Then again, I could use less NuNaturals per food, thus a NuNaturals supply lasts longer.

Afterward, I put my face on, got dressed and dilly dallied to my last Creative Non-Fiction Writing session. Boohoo! It started with a bang! Two classmates got into a vocal brawl about respect, disrespect, you don’t effing know me, stay the eff on your side and pipe the eff down. That woke me up better than any mug of coffee has.

We got out of class early, so my companions and I took advantage of the brilliant weather and chatted outside:

Shoes and grass.

What I love about that picture are the sad twigs and fall leaves. Green will come soon!

A half-hour of nonsense later, I left the crew and went to my last Magazine Editing class. Watched presentations for two hours and almost peed my pants. The only highlights.

Then, warm weather-induced spontaneity led me to hang out on College Green for a bit with Banana. We both talked about how the Athens population triples in warm weather:

Where did they all come from?

Out of hibernation.

Something I also don’t tend to do is go out for lunch. But on a beautiful blessing of a day, how could I not meet these pretty faces en il pomeriggio:

So lovely.

We caught up on one another’s lives, and while they ate yum sandwiches, I got my green on:

Feta-full Greek salad.

The restaurant didn’t have Greek dressing, and they gave me raspberry vinaigrette randomly. It actually kinda worked.

Not wanting lunch to end, Muffin, Banana and I went for an amazing walk:

Model friends.

It took a half-hour of convincing myself in and out of going to my 3 to 5 class, but I finally caved and was a good girl. I’ll just say this: Capturing the Friedmans = HAUNTING documentary.

Class closed and instead of meeting up with the girls for a brew in the sunshine, we all tended to our work obligations. My main concern was feeding this raging appetite. As soon as I got home, the dinner courses started.

Course one:


In the bowl: black beans, edamame, corn, hot sauce and nooch. Very delicious, not very filling.

Course two:

Panda Puffs with half a banana, cinnamon and So Delicious coconut milk. Times .5.

Post cereal snackage, I had an orange. Still not satisfied, I knew I’d eat my kitchen if I didn’t go buy what I really wanted. You gotta roll with the hunger, ya dig? Went to Kroger for five minutes and returned with this glory:

Pretzels and hummus. Essentials for a happy life.

Three-fourths a bag of Newman’s Spelt pretzels with a quarter of Supremely Spicy Sabra was all it took to finally make my stomach content. Also, please excuse the wall of my house in this picture. It’s 100+ years old– it’s allowed to crack.

Today made me crave spring more than anything else, though. I loved the smiling faces, the char of grills wafting toward me as I walked home, the bridge of my nose beading with sweat under my sunglasses, the blissful spontaneity and my musty, sockless feet in canvas shoes. Oh the joys of warm weather!

Now I must tend to my homework— another viewing of Donnie Darko!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Do you get in word ruts? What have you been saying lately? AND Are you significantly happier in gorgeous weather?

As I said, my main word right now is amazing. Amazing/amaze, adorable, exquisite, lovely. Mostly amazing, though. And I’m INSANELY happy in warm, sunny weather. (Hmmm West Coast…for moi?)


56 Responses to “Spring Tease”

  1. Ummm yeah you just gotta give in to your hunger on days like that.
    LOVE that white and red dress and the shoes.
    This weather makes me HAPPY!! Spring is awesome.
    And yes I do get in word ruts. Oh well. There are worse things in life πŸ™‚

  2. HAHAH YESS I GET INTO WORD RUTS! my roomies and i say “uuuuups” ALL the time..super annoying! and “im not mad at it!”
    your friends are beautiful!
    it was even pretty in good ole SC today too! like 75 deg baby!
    I LOVE YOU K!! your comment was seriously so sweet-you dont know how much your support means to me!

  3. i really like their spelt pretzels!!

    this is SUCH a spring tease, I know I’ll go back to a blizzard in Pittsburgh.. haha

    sweet dreams πŸ™‚

  4. who is that girl in the fabulous red dress?? I want her (1) hair (2) shoes (3) dress.

    That’s all. πŸ™‚

    Word rut = I’ve been stuck on “seriously” for about…um…4 years. Seriously.

    • 5 snackface

      Teri- Seriously? That is my girl Banana (in real life, Hannah)! She’ll be so happy when she sees your comment!

  5. I get in word ruts all the time- there’s only so many ways to say a food is amazing, even though it’s true of most of the food that goes into my mouth. That sounds dirty.

    PB PANDA PUFFS! Eating some now. In applesauce. I’m weird, but it works. Keep enjoying the gorgeous weather, chica!!

  6. 8 HannahBanana

    LOVE all these dress comments!!!! Best 12 bucks i eva spent apparently!!! Today was mucho fab K, and I desperately wish we could have met for that much needed brew. A razz wheat would so hit the spot.
    This post made my day, right after lunch with you, and the weather that is πŸ˜‰
    Hmm word ruts, I am STILL 14 years old and say, DUDEEEEE all the time, im sure you are so over DUDEEEE, I KNOWWW!!!!

    Loves all around,


  7. 9 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    so great to hear about all your happiness!! I get in food ruts, though right now i can’t really think of one..haha, i know for a fact i do though πŸ™‚ yay for satisfying that hunngrry tummy! those pretzels are pretty much addicting haha. I always sneak in a few extra pretzels, not gonna lie!
    your friends are gorg!


  8. Nice weather has the HUGEST impact on me- my mood, my energy, ‘errythingggg! I love the sunshine and being able to pull out an adorbs sundress and some sunglasses and flipflops!
    I definitely get in word ruts or phrases. Lately I’ve been saying “P.S.” a lot…but at the end of sentences such as, “Oh and I need to go stop at Target to check out Jean Paul Gaultier’s new line PS!”
    Love the Sabra and pretzies!

  9. My word I say entirely too much – OK. For example…someone says “Isn’t the weather beautiful today?” I say “OK?!” as if it was a question when in reality I am just agreeing. ALL the time – haha! I also use amazing quite a bit! Hummus seriously always beats my hunger’s ass! That’s the first thing I jump for when I’m starved. The weather here in GA will be in the 70s all week and I am beyond ecstatic about it! How pumped are you about the sunny Cali weather??!! I’m so jealous!

  10. So excited for spring as well πŸ™‚

  11. Sunny, breezy weather is the best thing to get me in a good mood. Luckily, the weather here in Miami has been PERFECT for the last couple of weeks. I know I am spoiled, but when hurricane season starts, I am going to be wishing I was up north!

  12. I overuse amazing. I have to use the thesaurus a lot when I post.

    Capturing the Friedmens is one of my FAVORITE documentaries. If you liked that one, you need to watch Paradise Lost (the documentary.). The absolute MOST haunting doc there is.

  13. I get in word ruts too, I need to be more creative. Sunny weather makes me more happy and more energetic, no doubt. Still rain here this week unfortunately!

  14. 16 Tay

    Awww your school is so pretty!! It looks like a classic east coast school πŸ™‚ And yes I”m SO much happier in warmer weather. Beautiful sunny days and wearing mini skirts brings a smile to my face.

  15. 1.) I use AMAZING, WONDERFUL, AWESOME, RAD, “Wait”/”hold up”/”shut it down” (in lieu of “no way!,” “I’m confused,” or simply in the place of a pause [in the case of “wait”]) and empathetic. Is that last one random? You betcha.

    2.) Wait. Banana’s dress is amazingly, wonderfully rad.

  16. I get extremly giddy when the sun shines!
    It was sunny and warm the other day, shocking for UK! I was sitting in my class (it’s a class mostly run by us, we’re putting together a film festival) and we were all a bit high on vitamin D and laughed about nothing at all.
    Walking home suddenly became the best thing ever, I love it when it’s comfortable to walk instead of rushing because it’s cold/windy/rainy/all three.

    No word ruts but what I experience A LOT is when I hear a word that is unfamiliar (English is not my mother tongue) I suddenly hear and read it EVERYWHERE.

  17. 19 Jil

    SIGNIFICANTLY happier in sunnier/warmer weather. I get in word ruts all the time – most of the time…especially for the blog, I don’t mind…sometimes a word just works, but for school I try to mix it up. I love Banana’s dress! So cute!

  18. I definitely get in word ruts – and amazing is one of them for me, too!

  19. haha def- i say GORGEOUS a lot- the weather’s gorgeous, you’re gorgeous, everyone’s gorgeous! πŸ˜€

    and yea, i agree. warm weather = PEOPLE. i didn’t know they all lived here LOL

  20. 22 Don't Fight the Apple, Eve

    The weather is too beautiful to have to be forced indoors. From one of your responses in another comment, I absolutely LOVE Banana’s shoes.


  21. 23 Susan

    I have mad spring fever right now. I’m really hoping this year it doesn’t impact my motivation to do work, but let’s be real.
    And I get in word ruts with the most ridiculous and obnoxious words. Ridonkulous, case in point.

    Have a sassy Wednesday!

  22. Your friends look like so much fun to be around. Yes, I am significantly happier when the sun is out and the temperature is up. That’s why I live in Texas. Take away the rain and cold…blech!

  23. love the pics of your model friends…the best thing i loved about my college was the insane amount of greenery! I loved seeign everyone out on the grass studying, eating, hanging and YES the nicer weather certainly makes me So much happier…I think the weather is contagious and makes everyone just so much more smiley πŸ™‚

    fav words right now: Fabulous, incredible, AMAZING

  24. 26 Jamie in Arkansas


  25. Iused to luuurrrve the quad in college during the spring time! Yes! It seems like everyone comes out of hibernation. This post made me very, very nostalgic. I think I’ll take my run tomorrow night through ISU…which looks very similar to your university!
    I thrive in hot weather. Such a sissy in the cold. I hate, hate, hate the cold!

  26. I am always so much happier in the late spring/summer/fall. Winter is fun only until New Year’s passes; then it’s just depressing and dull.

    Your campus looks gorgeous! And suprememy spicy hummus is by far the only way to do it.

  27. I ALWAYS get in word ruts! I usually say it’s like I have word (not a song) stuck in my head. Don’t have one right now, but I find I have to hold myself back from writing “delicious/delish” 230948230948230 times in my posts (shocking, right?).

    Def happier in gorgeous weather, although, right now, I’m pretty sure THE EFFING WEATHER is what’s making me sick! Boo!

  28. everyone makes fun of my because i say “literally” ALL the time. i can’t stop. it just rolls off of the tongue, what can i say.

    also, banana’s dress is tre cute. and so is muffin’s bag.

  29. Fabulous. I say fabulous all the time lately.


  30. I say “like” waay too much for a journalist! πŸ™‚ By the way, your cheetahs were amazing! You’ve opened up a whole new world of food amazingness for me!

  31. That writing sesh sounds like an episode of Maury.

    Tell Banana that her shoes are…bananas. I love them! I totes feel you on the smell of grills in the spring/summer. It is one of my favorite scents! Don’t you love how the smallest hint of spring and everyone comes out of hiding (all pasty looking, of course)? It’s glorious!

  32. 34 lo

    I was in a maj rut yesterday because I work 31 hrs this week, it’s finals and l hate work…howeves after texting some peeps and drinking a delish latte my mood improved. I just kept thinking of summer and the day I can finally quit hosting! That gave me a big ass smile πŸ™‚ I think warmer weather makes everyone happy…as does cereal and feta greek salads (aka my fav salad eves) …. I love u Chica! U will do amaze in San Fran πŸ™‚ and have a brew tonight or thurs…u deserve it!!!


  33. holllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…love love lovin the warm sun and all that it brings out (people, smiling, class cutting, oops, scratch that last one).

    ps i am sooo ridic jealous that you are heading to the bay area. can you puh-leez prep the vegnews crew for my stalking that is bound to come once i make it back west.

    oh and one more thing – donnie darko = epic movie. i say “why are you wearing that human suit” to people and they look at me like im crazy…which is a fair reaction i guess, but seriously, i LOVE that movie.

  34. Your campus is gorgeous! I love when the weather is nice – just makes life so much more pleasant.

  35. Your friends are gorgeous! I get in ruts as well but the days that I get out of them..those are pure brillence!


  36. College campuses are so AMAZING in the Spring. There’s something so special about everyone sitting in the grass, listening to music, throwing a frisbee. It always puts me in a good mood!

    Can I also say your friends are too skinin cute? I love your friends dress.

  37. I would definitely say that I’m happier with warmer weather. Cold weather makes me want to stay inside all day, but being cooped up makes me miserable at the same time. Yesterday it was 65 on my campus, and I worked out twice because I was so motivated by the beautiful weather.

    Looks like you enjoyed the weather too! P.S. your friend in the dress and heels=fab.

  38. Delish seems to be my word addiction. And I love that you drive out to pick up two groceries for a craving – I’m know to do 3 am grocery runs too, and everyone thinks I’m nuts!

  39. 41 Clare

    I abbreviate everything – so I say totes instead of totally, vom instead of vomit (TMI, sorry!), ridic instead of ridiculous – which is problably extremely annoying but I can’t held it and depending on how much Rachel Zoe “I die” and “literally” (Used in the wrong context) feature heavily in my vocab. And I live for the warm weather. Alas, I live in England so therefore only get to expereince approximately 9 1/2 days a year (literally) of actually hot weather. I feel so much happier in the sun though, a natural high!

    P.S. Bannana is insanely beautiful! You three all are – you must get so much male attention when you three are all out together!

  40. 42 LindsayRuns

    My word is “amazing” I say it all the time!

  41. I live in Florida so I’m sure you know my answer to your question! Although we have had the gloomiest weather that I can ever remember this winter. Seriously depressing. I don’t know how you snow bunnies do it! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE when spring rolled around in Gainesville (University of Florida) and everyone would sit on the front lawn of my favorite restaurant and drink pitchers of blue moon between classes. Hmm that could explain why we were the #1 party school my junior year. I digress…

    I HEART banana’s dress. You have to find out where she got it!

  42. 44 Little Bookworm

    Question, in your banana oats do you add the banana after the oats are cooked or before? Thanks! πŸ™‚ Also your trip to the Natural Products Expo sounds amazing!

  43. Hey girl!

    I’m heading out of the country today so will be mailing your package early next week πŸ™‚ Sorry things have been so hectic lately!

    Oh I wanted to tell you that you inspired my last blog post (the bossy mirror pics! Lol) πŸ˜‰

    Have a great day love!



  44. 46 Anna

    I am v curious about Banana too!! You’ve posted about her before and she’s super pretty!! Does she just wear heels all the time? That’s pretty fab. Tell us more!

    + I’m OBSESSED with that hummus!!

    Stay well and happy Kailey x x x

    • 47 snackface

      Anna- Now that you mention it, Banana really does wear heels most of the time. She is my fabby friend whom I got to know through the School of Music and a capella. We hit it off and started to hang out. That’s all, really!

  45. despite your “word rut”, amazing is totes appropriate for this post. You are just radiating positivity in this post and it elevated my mood to the millionth degree. Wow — you bring so much dang light in to my life! never leave me. K? great.

    The spring weather has been such a gift. Ah, let’s cross our fingers and toes that it doesn’t end.

    p.s. you and your girls are show stoppers (sho sho stoppahhhhs). It really just shouldn’t be legal to have that much beauty within 2 feet of each other. Me love banana muffins!

    you are my sunshine <333333

  46. My mama has amateurly diagnosed herself with seasonal affective disorder, and if she’s got it then I do too.

    And my college (in Boston) also tripled in population in nice weather, which was kind of nice but also meant that the couples who had stayed in their room all winter now wandered around outside making out in various places. Ugh.

  47. Hahaha – itΒ΄s great that youΒ΄re so happy, girl!
    Lovely post, as always.
    Loved every single pic!
    Have an amazing Thursday!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  48. 52 Grace

    Have you ever thought about eating more for breakfast and lunch or snacks during the day? Then maybe you wouldn’t be so hungry at night. Unless you enjoy being hungry at night, since I know you like to snack. Think about it though, because I know you don’t post all of your eats you say, but according to what you put on your blog, you really eat a very small breakfast and lunch.

  49. 53 HannahBanana

    Love all these comments!!!!! Im getting dressed up for EVERY post from now on!!!!
    Dress, 12 dollars from TJ MAXX- My go to for uber cheap designer finds,
    Shoes, 6 dollars from Charlotte Russe. I KNOW RIGHT!!! Seriously??? Amazing. I never shop here, but i happened to pass by, and found those shoes hidden in the back just waiting for me size 7 foot.

    Thanks for all the comment, this post is continuously making my day!!!!!


  50. yea capturing the friedmans still has me weirded out and I watched it several years ago!

  51. when i grow up i want to be your friend. sex kittens!

  1. 1 An ode to cereal « Beek Eats!

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