…Like Everybody…


Hello beautiful, amazing, kind friends! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your feedback to the SnackFace layout and concept. It’s really what I envision what this blog would be in a print version. And maybe it’s my dream magazine, just maybe.

I did something a little odd today. You may have heard of it– sleeping in? As foreign as it is for me to sleep past a single digit, I let my body rest. I didn’t pry myself from sleep until 10:40am! Insanity.

Feeling refreshed and sunny, I headed to the kitchen to make a fabulous breakfast:

La-la-la-luscious. With coconut milky Koffee. Missed you, mug.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1/2 melted banana, 1 C water, 1 T chia seeds, 1 tsp Smart Balance Light, cinnamon and peanut butter. Oh my amazing. I’ve been trying to keep the breakfasts vegan lately, as I’ve found dairy in the morning weighs me down and messes with the tum. With the Smart Balance Light (which is vegan), I was able to have something that was still wonderfully rich. Love:

Lovely mix of textures.

I lounged for an hour or two after breakfast, merely chatting with friends online and reading blogs. It was a peaceful little morning.

Because I was going to the gym immediately before class, I rocked this sexy look all day:

Gym clothes, pony, no makeup. AKA Me at my finest.

At least the joy returned!

The gym was the gym. Ellipticalled for 55 minutes with Media Law (got sucked into copyright and trademarks, yo), and then worked with various weight machines for 20 minutes. And then I received a call from Muffin, in an urgent panic.

Recall my weekend recap post? Apparently, some of my fellow students who were in attendance at Saturday’s house party were offended by what I wrote. I suppose they found my saying that I wasn’t “arty enough” for the scene to be offensive. Or maybe the mention of PBR? The word hipster? The mention of beards and glasses (which I totally own…well, not the beard part)?

I forget that what I write may be read by people with whom I go to school. But I also wasn’t saying that I didn’t have a good time, nor was I trying to be offensive. I merely wrote what I did to show that no matter how old you are, there are ridiculous situations in which you don’t feel you fit– no matter how badly you would like to fit in or fight it. Did anyone at that party even try to talk to me? Uh, no, not really. But that’s cool. I just think that everybody should at least try to like everybody. And maybe grow a sense of humor. Maybe.

Initially, I was really upset about this. And then I talked to MamaJ. She laughed and said, “Kailey, as long as you’re writing something that’s public, you’re going to piss people off.” TRUTH.

So to any fellow OU-ers who may be reading who I may have offended, my apologies. Let me make it up to you. I have some vegan lentil soup I made tonight that I’d love to share. (More on that in a few.)

Post-sweat session, I skipped to Muffin’s work place to chat and snack:

Cheese stick, Vita Coco and grapes.

See, I really tried to like this Vita Coco. I’ve given it three chances, but I have yet to finish a container. I couldn’t put my tongue on it, and then Muffin gave it a sip. “You know what it tastes like? The leftover syrup in fruit cups.” Ding, ding, ding! Way too sweet and syrupy for me. I never drink juice and I really only drink water, coffee, tea and brews. Sorry, Vita Coco!

During Media Law, I soaked in some copyright, doodled a bit, joked with the kid next to me and feared being called on. The usual.

I was getting hangry by the time I got home, so I threw something on the stove before I showered:


I had so few vegetables that I actually had to put some thought into dinner. I…gasp…cooked! I have the know-how, I just rarely do it. OK, maybe I don’t have the know-how, but I can pretend.

In the Culturally Confused India-Spice Lentil soup:
-1 carton vegetable broth
-1/2 C lentils
-1/2 big ass sweet potato
-1 stalk celery
-1/4 cooking onion
-pour of frozen corn (culturally confused part)
-Garam masala, chili powder, pepper and curry– many, many shakes of all

By the time I showered and dressed, this beaut was ready:

Oh, hey, that's funny. What does that plate say?

Warhol, I couldn’t agree more. Everybody should like everybody. While it’s not entirely possible, we can at least try. But the soup! LOVED IT:

Too easy. Too good.

An hour later, I was ready for dessert:

Fuji with Dark Chocolate Dreams.

And then an hour later I had some 100-cal popcorn. And then an hour after that I had cereal. That’s how my nights go, and you never see that. Lo siento!

I’ll be resting up for my debut solo tomorrow! Hollaaa! How do I not be nervous? Gah!

And for the record, I like you. No, love.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you ever found out when people are talking about you behind your back? Is that not the grossest feeling? AND Are there ever times you feel as if you don’t fit in, even if you’d like to?


61 Responses to “…Like Everybody…”

  1. 1 Anna

    Bah, I know that feeling. You hear someone whisper and just KNOW it’s about you and it’s like a huge sandbag to the gut. I like to think that things like this got left behind back in middle school, but I’m afraid college is just another place where people gossip, judge, and make assumptions based on the type of drink you prefer. Isn’t college supposed to be where you find yourself? How is cape girl supposed to be comfortable in her cape if people are talking badly about her? To me, cape girl is just cape girl, and I assume that she’s comfortable with herself, and while I prefer to wear belts and giant scarves, I’m going to let her keep wearing capes and not say anything. (Do other campuses have cape girls? Or is this some CMU thing? Either way, I know they’re out there and happy wearing their capes.) But hipsters shouldn’t judge, and we won’t judge hipsters. End of story.

    • I just had to leave a reply for this, because cape girl was in a few of my French classes last year and when we were talking about “outsiders” as a theme of a book, she brought up how people judge her for her cape when really she just wears it because it’s warm and she’s grown to enjoy people’s reactions. I love that she laughs at the people laughing at her!

      • 3 panda

        Capegirl is definitely an only CMU thing. And apparently, a few years ago, CMU also had a lobster boy. Who went to class and everything in a full out lobster suit.

        To each his own!

      • 4 snackface

        panda—and everyone else about Cape girl. We don’t have a girl donning a cape, but we do have one who wears a squirrel tail. Now, I just hope it’s not a real squirrel. Other than that, I kind of admire her for having the balls to do her own thing.

  2. awww girl ill say a prayer for you!! YOU ARE GOING TO OWN THAT SOLO!!
    let me know how it goes!!!
    and YAY FOR SLEEPING IN! feels oh so sinfully good! whoo!
    okay you seriously couldnt look BAD even if you tried, and i dont just say that to anybody
    YES girl, listen, i dont feel like i fit in all the time! actually, a lot. especially because of my relationship with Jesus and sometimes people “put me on a pedistool” and think im going to condemn them if they do ONE little thing or say ONE little thing..but thats not it AT ALL!! having a relationship with Jesus makes me realize how screwed up and imperfect i am! I dont judge ANYBODY at all because i know i should be judged just as mucha s them!
    anyway went off on tangent there

  3. 6 Jil

    I know the feeling far too well – and I can say that I was ballsy enough to confront them on it…it didn’t win me any friends but ya know what? I didn’t do anything wrong…so screw ’em. The soup looks delicious!!

    And I agree..everybody should like everybody! or at the veerrrry least, try!! i can’t imagine all the different “types” of friends I wouldn’t have had over the years, if I had made initial judgments!

  4. 7 Christine

    where did you get the “…..like everybody” plate? i love it! There have been plenty of situations where I felt as if I didn’t fit in. I make an effort, but get nothing in return. I agree that people need to grow a sense of humor, put a little effort in, and try not to take things too seriously.

  5. i had a similar “doy” moment about people i know in real life reading my blog. but just do what you do girl! it’s your blog after all! glad to see you looking smiley in your pic, so cute!

  6. 9 Emily

    Ugh, I hate that feeling and a current situation going on in my life involves me both being the victim of behind-the-back talk as well as a perpetrator. Your post made me realize if I hate the feeling of being talked about behind my back, I should stop doing it myself- Everybody should like everybody! And I also hate the feeling of not fitting in, my first two and a half years of high school felt that way practically every single day, but I think its the best feeling when you do find a place where you fit in.

    I’m basically drooling over that fuji+dcd. I need to get some of that, which could be dangerous as today I had a good few spoonfuls of white chocolate wonderful after eating breakfast… wayy too good. Good luck on your solo!

    • 10 snackface

      Emily- Talking about people behind their backs sounds so juvenile, but it is hard to stop sometimes. And I definitely felt that I didn’t fit in in college for the first year– no bueno. Clearly, we grow and get over things πŸ™‚

  7. Such a cute picture of you! So fun and fresh-faced. πŸ™‚

  8. Good luck tomorrow! I agree with you; people need to get a sense of humor and GET OVER THEMSELVES! Life is to short to stir up drama where there isn’t any! Stay positive!
    I love your yellow gym Tshirt!

  9. 13 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    aw i agree- that is really annoying that people were talking about you! i mean its yoru blog, you are allowed to say what u want and personally i never thought anything you wrote would offend anyone! like that plate a lot πŸ™‚ and that soup sounds delicious!!



  10. It has taken me a very long time to try to take what people say so personally. But really its your life, you have the freedom to use your words as you please and there will be people who don’t like but so what?! Ya’ can’t please everybody! I heart your soup recipe – defs making that recipe asap!

  11. 15 Ellie

    Hearing that people are talking behind your back is one of THE WORST feelings in the entire world. I hate it so much. That said, I have to say I was a *little* amused to hear what the subject pertaining to this was . . . because it’s such a stereotype that hipsters hate to be called hipsters! Honestly, I’d think you could probably chalk this one up to “Lighten up, everyone!” πŸ™‚

  12. Totally knows how it feels like to be talked about behind your back- it just feels icky and uncomfortable- especially if it’s coming from someone unexpected…I hate how paranoid and distrusting it makes me feel. It’s pure cowardice and boredom, just look at it as a form of flattery- they obviously have nothing better to spend their time discussing πŸ˜‰
    And about the fitting in…yup I feel ya, it took me two years to REALLY feel like i fit in at my college- most of the people here fit the hipster/hippie/indie music loving, flannel-wearing, pot-smoking mold where I just really…don’t at all…but I found my crowd soon enough ;)…not everyone can fit in everywhere no matter what.
    Love the lentil soup, sounds so nice and soothing since my throat is all scratchy and shiz itself!

    • 17 snackface

      Sara K- You know what’s even more bizarre about the situation? It was on a Tumblr conversation/thread. They put a link to the post and then commented—I’m not even sure how Tumblr works. But it was like, I have friends who are going to tell me if they see that! Duhz. And then I was reminded– isn’t all press good press? Lol

  13. Giiiirl I’m the Editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. I KNOW people are talking mad shit behind my back. It bothers me sometimes and other times I really don’t give a damn. If you have a problem, please come say it to my face. Thanks.

    Good luck on your solo tomorrow! I’m sure you’ll rock it πŸ™‚

  14. I dislike the coconut water too – so not a fan, blech. I have found out ppl were talking behind my back and yes, it is a terrible feeling. Best time was in highschool when my ‘best friend’ passed a note to her boyfriend about how fat my thighs were – it got intercepted by the teachers – straight out of a movie!

  15. 20 Joan

    I can assure you that fresh coconut water is sooooo much better than the vitacoco. I do like their pineapple flavored one, but there is nothing like drinking out of a straw from a young thai coconut. You look so cool doing it too!

    For your soup, did you use lentils that were already cooked? Like the steamed ones from TJs? Or were they dry?

    • 21 snackface

      Joan- OK, so I need a big ass coconut. This means one thing: tropical vacation! Ok, maybe not yet. The lentils were dry, I just threw them in there with everything at the start, and they were super soft about 20-30 minutes later!

  16. ugh I know that feeling, but i choose to ignore them. in the end, they’re just jealous that ur FAB. duh.

    it’s a terrible feeling, but i get by knowing that in the end, i’m the better person for not talking about people behind their backs!

  17. There will always, without fail, be people out there that just don’t care how you feel…and want to bring you down to raise themselves up. The only thing you can do is be the best person you can be. As long as you’re doing YOUR personal best and treating people like the gems they are, you are golden. Easier said than done, I know, but you have just a beautiful attitude. KEEP IT UP, BABY! [:

  18. Hey girl, I’m a long time lurker revealing myself now that I’ve started up a new blog. =)
    Your brek-brek looks orgasmic! Simple, but orgasmic. =) The combination of PB, banana and cinnamon is always good, true?
    Okay..I read that post and I didn’t see any hint of offense in your words..all I read was you simply laying out the scene and recalling that you felt like you didn’t fit in! No harm in that. Anyway, it’s your blog and you’re free to say whatever you want..but honestly, I can see already that you really don’t seem like someone who would intentionally want to bitch about someone.
    And YES, I’ve had people talk about me behind my back..it honestly used to make me feel horrible and I hate to admit it, but as though what they were saying made me less of a person. But that’s just utter crap. People can say what they like, as long as you’re comfortable within yourself and the people you love know who you really are, it’s alll good.
    Oops, I tend to type out essay comments!
    Lots and lots of love, Tina!

    • 26 snackface

      hotsauce! Thanks so much for de-lurking. And I LOVE essay comments. I tend to do that, too. Thank you for not seeing offense–I was merely relaying facts!

  19. Yummy soup and I love the plate!!

  20. Look at you getting all domestic with your soup! I have a similar style of soup creation- dump a bunch of stuff in a pot and pray it doesn’t taste like feet.

    Ugh, people talking about you. It only bothers me when it’s someone I’m friendly with. But girls will be girls, unfortunately! Which is why I don’t fit in with most crowds of girls, either…my best friends have always been guys. As soon as my girl friends get catty, I have a tendency to drop them, which I realize isn’t always a good thing, but I just can’t be friends with people who talk crap on each other all the time. I’m happy with my boys πŸ™‚

    Have a great day gorgeous!

    • 29 snackface

      Gabriela- I’m choking on my coffee right now. “Pray it doesn’t taste like feet. ” Bahahaha TRUE!!! And what’s additionally funny is that this was a guy who started the Tumblr thread about my post. Oh well!

  21. Ugh. I totally get it.

    I went to all-girls’ school until college. We all generally got along, but there were girls that I just happened to not be friends with. I did have a friend who got along with those girls, and one day she came up to me and was like “**** is telling people that you were on her AIM account last night talking to people.”

    Apparently people had been getting weird messages from her, and she assumed it was me because I “hated her”. Like I was somehow magically able to steal her password or something. This was agggeeessss ago but everytime I see her I kind of want to punch her haha.

  22. Argh, I hate finding out when people are talking about me. Way too high school for my comfort. I prefer to remain ignorant and happy of what’s said about me–chances are it isn’t true anyway, and if it is true, I probably already know. I say ignore and do your thang, sister.

    Everyone gets that “I don’t belong here” feeling every once in a while. Just try and play through it and if that doesn’t work, take the “different strokes for different folks” mentality and laugh it off as a bizarre twilight zone experience. Pretend everyone’s on drugs and feel self-righteous. Or pretend you’re on drugs and start petting the carpet.

  23. 32 Tori

    I wish I could say I like everybody, but I’d be lying! But everyone should be nice and polite to everyone. I treat people like I would want them to treat me…….the ‘golden rule’! Love that plate though πŸ™‚

  24. 33 Whit

    Just last night the roomie and I were discussing what I call ‘ridiculous drama’. I am possibly the most drama free person you will EVER meet, but it seems like drama just happens in life. I asked her: do you think there will ever be a point in our lives where there is no drama? She agreed that probably not. It’s just how life is. People get offended easily and thats the way it is. Personally I see nothing wrong with what you wrote, but kudos to you for apologizing!

    I agree with the everybody love everybody… then there’s no need to talk crap behind other’s backs.

  25. All I have to say is ” —- em “. LOL. Seriously sometimes that’s all you can do right?

    PS. If they don’t want your soup, I’ll take it πŸ˜‰

  26. 35 Megan

    Hey there!

    I guess I am sort of de-lurking myself here but I thought you would get a kick out of this:

    “If you feelin’ like a pimp, go and brush your shoulders off
    Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off
    They is crazy baby, don’t forget that boy told you
    Get, that, dirt off your shoulder”

    In this case it seems Dr. Jay Z is right on. πŸ™‚

  27. 36 Susan

    Mmm delish lentil soup. I made some this weekend! So yummy and it lasts forevz.

    Yeah, I think people talking about you behind your back is a part of life. People talk about people, it’s what we do. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like blogging is talking about others behind their back in a way. We’re all guilty of it. I just try to keep my conversations focused around positive things that people do. And if I can’t, just change the subject to food or music!

    • 37 snackface

      Susan- O.M.G. You are so right about the blogging thing. Ugh, I am red right now (out of embarrassment). I’ve totally done that. I know that I’ve written about fitness plans, eating plans, etc. that others have tried, but I wrote about them to be a voice to show that you don’t have to be running marathons and eating super clean. Gah! Sometimes I just want to share my honest opinions, but I can see how that could come across as talking behind someone’s back. Then again, it’s never anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

      • 38 Susan

        Oh don’t be embarrassed mama! I love reading your blog and so do many others. My fave part of the blog is when you share your opinions actually! I just think everyone in the world is guilty of talking about other for the simple reason that we can’t control how people are going to perceive what we say. Life is out of our control; all we can do is stand behind what we say. And you do so incredibly well I might add!
        Stay fierce Snacky!

  28. 10:40?! I’m impressed!! When you’re out in the public on a blog there’s always going to be haters. Sorry pooks 😦

    Ew – leftover juice cup!! I’ll have to pass on that one, haha!

    This past weekend I overheard an ADULT talking about me behind my back and I sassed back. I’ll give you deets if you want because it’s about being vegetarian so G chat me when you’re free!

  29. Hmmm i just read your weekend recap, and i mean i’m biased- but i really don’t think you were speaking offensively or in a derogatory way at all. You felt uncomfortable, and aside from whoever the people were, it sounds like they didn’t make an effort to be cordial…so you take your beyonce moves and be on your way, where they can be fully appreciated πŸ˜€
    Whatevs u looked hot!! Let us know how your vegan soup peace pipe pans out ;D XOXO

  30. I can totally relate to this. I forget sometimes that anyone can read my blog. I don’t reveal names or too many specifics when I talk about a situation, but I have offended someone I know in the past. It’s hard to avoid, because I blog about my life and it’s nice to get something off my chest. Even with the best of intentions (you merely wanted to talk about how the party made you feel) someone will take offense. Statements can be interpreted in many different ways, and it’s unfortunate that they overblew the situation.

    I love throwing together random veggies in a pot, especially when I’m sick, in which case I throw in lots of hot sauce to clear me out! tmi? Maybe, but it works!

  31. 42 Paige

    Psh people of all ages LOVE drama. It’s ridiculous – they will always find something to twist into some sort of attack against them so they can go on the defensive. It happens on the playground, in high school/college, and it’s still happening now that I’m out of college and in the workforce. It’s amazing how people can take offense to the silliest comment or tidbit in a conversation.

    Sometimes I can be in a room of my peers and still feel like an oddball – whatevs.

  32. oh, please (i say this to those who were offended). no matter how you slice it, there are “scenes,” – though many of us may fit into more than one, there are inevitably those that we just don’t. your comments weren’t mean spirited or accusatory, and it’s a poopy feeling (i know that sinking stomach/vomitando-esquq feeling) to know that people you respect/know are talking about you. so, cheers to you! you apologized that people were offended, not for your actions…….well done girl.

  33. Way to go on getting some quality sleep, Kailey!! πŸ˜€
    Ugh..I hate when I hear that I’ve done or said something to make someone else upset unintentionally. However, MamaJ is definitely right, and not everyone is going to agree with what you write. How boring would that be though, really?
    Good luck on the solo!!!! You’re going to own it πŸ˜€

  34. Ooooh you fabulosa blossoming chef! I like the looks of that sopa. And the looks of YOU au natural. Sweatpants, tshirt, chilllllin (gymmin) with no makeup on.

    As for the drama biznass, that’s always annoying. I couldn’t help feeling like I was re-living 7th grade as I read your story. For some reason, that year was filled with tons of behind the back shittalking, Mean Girls-esque behavior and just straight up unnecessary drama. You let me know if I need to hop on a plane and beat bitches up. I’m from Brooklyn, and I’m not afraid to attack with a family size Sabra.

    Ok, clearly I’m delirious. But I love you.

  35. Drama = lame. Don’t you hate it when it finds you?

    You’re such a qt. Love that sunny picture of you!

  36. Cheer up Buttercup, you brighten the days of too many people to worry about offending a few!! Those kind of people are looking for anything. By the way the soup looks YUMMAY!

  37. That post pissed people off?! Seriously? Wow. Those kids are going to have a rough time when they graduate college and get to the “real world.” I can’t wait until they get reprimanded at work for wearing too tight jeans and having too many piercings, or when they finish a project and their boss tells them it sucks and they should do it over and they spend their lunch break crying in the bathroom.
    If that post is the most offensive thing that is said about them in their lives, they probably won’t have very exciting lives.

    I think opinions are what’s missing from the foodie blog world. I feel like there are all these blogger zombies taking picture after picture of boring meals that I would never in a million years eat. And running marathons every weekend. Its nice for some people I guess, but I personally can’t relate to that.
    And I totally appreciate that you drink beer, dance like a fool, and have hangover brunches. It honest and relateable and I appreciate it.
    This is your blog, your voice, your space. Anyone who doesn’t like it is under no obligation to read it.

  38. I HATE when people talk behind my back. It happens a lot in my subdivision, so I removed myself from those sorts of people and found some new friends. (Who don’t do that, btw…I was lucky to find them!) MamaJ is a smart woman, though…anything in a public forum…TRUE!!!

  39. 50 Lo

    we are such bossy beasts in the kitch..u making me proud with that soup of yours! thanks for keeping me and my bloody thumb company last night lol.

    good luck!!!

    i like you. No wait, I love u…no wait, I am obsessed with you…no wait, I completely LIKE the way you LOVE how I am OBSESSED with you. (do u just adore that play on words here?) **disregard if it doesnt make sense..ill just blame it on the booze anyways. bwahhahaa.

    have a bitchy weekend lurve.


  40. AMEN MAMA J! i totally worry about offending people or exposing myself too much, and ya know what? no matter how much you try and avoid it, it is going to happen. c’est la vie! yay for that on-the-cuff soup – it looks fantabulous my dear! and i am so glad you got to sleep in – i am sure that was much needed.

    hope you are having a splendid day – love you so!

  41. Lova! Why must people sip on the haterade? Just do your thang and enjoy other people doing theirs! Fo reals.
    I never commented on the post about your lay out, but it is bossy. I’d read that shit any day of the week. Also I’ve been meaning to comment on you thinking about going back to vegan, if you want a partner in crime I got you girl. I’ve been attempting my best at it for two months now.
    Happy Thursday boo!

  42. 53 em

    hey! im pretty new to the blogsphere, but a reader (aka creeper) for a while.
    where di you find the ‘like everybody’ plate!? it is amazing!! haha i want to give it to my ex-roomies
    as far as not fitting in goes, i can so realte! im still working on finding a group that i can be myself with…ugh cliques.
    also, snaps for culturally confused soup! i LOLed at the name! but it looks delish- ill have to make some on the near future!

  43. 54 Kevin

    If it’s the epic thread on Tumblr to which you’re referring, I just wanted to let you know that the intent of the post was not to mock you. I had an awesome time at that party, and it surprised me to hear about this blog making it sound like we had circled up and only talked to people who fit our dress code.

    I know I tried to be inclusive, and I think what this boils down to is a big misunderstanding between two groups of people who don’t normally see each other weekends.

    With that said, sorry if we seemed like dicks, in person or via the internet, and I’m always down for vegan soup.

    • 55 snackface

      Kevin- You are so right. I saw the Tumblr thing, and I think we should all forget about it. Let’s give it another stab– although, I’m buying better beer (allow me that pleasure). And P.S. I even said you guys were adorable!

  44. Oh, Kailey – you donΒ΄t need to worry about them!
    YouΒ΄re free to write whatever you want – they canΒ΄t tell you whact you can or cannot write.
    You go, girl!
    Delicous eats, as usual πŸ˜‰
    Have a great Friday!
    Brazilian XOXOΒ΄s,

  45. Yes, yes, and a major YES to those last questions. Having people talk about you behind your back is the worst thing. Honestly, i hate confrontation. BUT i’d rather someone be up front and honest than me have to hear it from someone else later. But your mom is right, when you write public things, you WILL piss people off. You can’t make everyone happy.

    And girl, you are too cute! I wish I looked as good as you.. with makeup! Without it.. oh boy.

  46. 58 Michelle

    So I thought of you today.. I work with high school kids and today we were discussing drugs. We were talking about kids who overdose on cough syrup and how scientists who did a study found that it can cause hallucinations. One kid say “These scientists don’t know what they’re talking about.. with they’re so called “research”. The kid next to him said nah man I heard Lil Wayne say when he drank that syzurp he kicked a bottle over because he thought he saw cockroaches. The first student then said well.. if Lil Wayne said it it must be true. Good to know they’re getting their information from Lil Wayne huh?

    • 59 snackface

      Michelle, this might be the best thing I have ever heard. I am flattered you thought of me.

  47. Makes me wonder, maybe I should go to the gym and re-plan my meals to have a proper and healthy diet. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough energy.

    Anyways, so far I haven’t heard of anyone talking bout me at my back, lols though sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in on a group especially if I’m with the people who don’t have the same interest like mine.

  48. 61 traynharder23

    sorry about the talking behind the back. i’m just catching up on your posts! messed readin your blog.

    anyways, actually, that has happened to me. apparently the girl was on my “team”/committee for planning retreats for high school during junior year…and she believed that i didn’t do anything (i did work! ) and she was telling 3 people in the group….right in front of my twin sister. lovely knowing that someone hates you.

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