Beautiful petunias! How are you on this lovely first or second day of March? (Depends on when you’re reading– I never know!) I’m feeling rather feisty today, and I’m also being owned by my magazine layout. One cover, a TOC, two pages from the FOB and a four-page layout are a lot to ask of someone who’s met inDesign only once before. But I’m doing my best!

Sunday night, I went to Muffin’s place of work– AKA the newsroom– to do major damage on my project. Much to my delight, her new man had whipped up a batch of delicious, garlicky hummus for everyone. Isn’t that ridiculous? First off, what guy cooks? More importantly, what guy whirls together cans of chickpeas for his lady and her friends? The one and only Prince DJ. Damn. He’s winning me over, too.

So I snacked on that with pita bread all night. Maybe some Doritos entered this mouth at midnight. I wouldn’t be mad if you thought that.

I didn’t go to bed until the tender hour of 4am. InDesign is addicting! When my alarm blared at 9am, though, I wanted to cry.

Alas, I kept my tears at bay and assuaged the sleepless pain:

Mizz Berry oats with loads of coffee.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, frozen bloobs and strawbeezies with a spoon of Dark Chocolate Dreams. It was OK. I think the scent of the de-thawing strawberries threw me. They smelled like cigarettes? Bizarre:


Whilst digesting, I emailed critiques to kidlettes in my non-fiction writing class. I’m not good at this when I love the essays or when I’m friends with them. Bad editor!

By 11:30am, I was jaunting off to the gym. I ellipticalled with Every Day with Rachael Ray for 50 minutes, and then moved onto AAA (arms, abs, a$$) for about 20 minutes after. Wall sits are equivalent to planks for me– they both make me want to vom.

Starving when I got home just before 2pm, I didn’t even shower before lunch. Normally, I prefer to be clean when eating. Today, I sat in my stench and loved my lunch:

Sweet-and-savory pita with celery and apple. I totally added peanut butter for dippage after this.

This pita was off the heezy. I don’t know what heezy is. Anyway, I steamed a few slices of sweet potato in the micro while I spread the pita with BBQ sauce and TJ’s pumpkin butter. Then, I layered the sweet tater and TJ’s meatless balls and gasmed my way through it. Sweet and savory perfection:

Two of my favorite things: tots and balls.

Finally, I showered, clothed and makeupped. While today’s ‘fit wasn’t exciting, the accessories are indicative of what’s going on inside:

Glasses = My eyeballs are tired.

Canvas slip-ons = I wish it were warm. No socks= My feet are sweaty.

Late in the afternoon, I dragged myself to the library. I spent two hours there, watching Man On Wire and then writing about it. Fantastic documentary, really. I snacked on this little doobie during movie time:

I give myself TLC all the time. Except for when I deprive the bod of sleep, which is every night.

At 7pm, I hopped over to the music building to stretch my vocal chords and sing with my girls. It was a fab and productive practice, and my solo is going well! I can’t wait to perform it on Thursday night! (AHHH! Kinda scared, too.)

I didn’t get to eat dinner until 9pm. With kitchen full of dirty dishes and a dwindling produce supply, I turned to Amy:

Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer.

This was the first Amy’s frozen dinner I’ve ever tried. It was ridiculously good. The only negative was that I really needed twice the serving:

May I have you times two? At least?

Now I’m chowing on dried apricots and gearing up for another long night. Thankfully, I have something to make my morrow a little sweeter:

PureVia, you are amazing. Thank you!

Back to being owned by schoolwork!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What have you been craving lately?

I’ve been craving warm weather, colorful dresses, sandals and veganism. And pancakes.

P.S. I am so sorry it’s taking me forever to respond to emails! I’ll be working on them Tuesday night!


52 Responses to “Owned”

  1. A man whipping up hummus? My man knows no such thing. In fact, tonight he googled ‘how to cook stuff.’ You can imagine he got far with that search…

    So weird, but I’ve totally been craving smores. And warm weather. And the sun, which will probably reappear in 2013 at this point.

  2. 3 Nicole G

    My exboyfriend made his own hummus (and made a tub for me). Totes adorable!

    I hope you share some of your magazing layout with the blog – I’m so curious and excited to see it.

    Nicole G

  3. 4 Amy

    Kashi TLC bars are off the hook! I just tried the Pumkin Pie ones and it’s nearly impossible to only eat one at a time! However, the Trail Mix ones are a staple in my household. 🙂

  4. 5 Ellen

    Gah! Man on Wire is awesome. My husb netflixed it and I thought I was in for a total snoozefest, but I was riveted from the beginning.

    Also, man making hummus? Super cute. Keeper.

  5. 6 Erin

    I wish for a clip of you singing!!!!

  6. Hey there! I’ve been craving warm weather also. It was so gorgeous in NYC today!! I didn’t need a hat, gloves, scarf, only winter jacket : ) haha



  7. 8 Jenna

    I agree with you on the warm weather!! Summer can’t come soon enough 🙂

  8. 9 Katy

    Weirdly I’ve been craving milk. That NEVER happens!!

    Great post 🙂

  9. 10 Anna

    I’ve been craving open-toed shoes, sundresses, and the ability to sip a cold drink without freezing my hands off. Spring break is 3 days away and it can’t come fast enough!

    I know what you mean about craving veganism – I’m heading to Panama on Friday and I know that I’ll need to eat dairy while I’m down there since they don’t have soy milk, tofu, or faux-meat balls that we have here. I’ve been slowly adding organic dairy back into my system so that I don’t go into shock when I’m down there trying to rock a bikini, but I haven’t felt this gross in a long time. Now I realize how much better eating dairy-free feels and I can’t wait to get back here and get back to eating veggies. Lots and lots of veggies.

  10. 11 Sara

    I thought her date didn’ t go well! I’m glad to know it did and Muffin’s got a mannnn
    Hummus is the best treat for a lady and her friends. NICE!

    • 12 snackface

      Sara- Oh, it went ridiculously well. Sorry I made that confusing!

  11. 13 Coco

    That’s so bizarre that the strawberries smelt like ciggies. EWWWYYYY. I actually don’t like strawberries at all, but I’ve been forcing myself to try and eat them.
    What I’ve been craving:
    Sunshine, warm weather, dresses with sandals, annies mac and cheese, egg sandwiches, and cottage cheese with Fiber 1. Strange but really good!

  12. That sweet potato + pita combo looks delish. Hummus and pita are the perfect late night snack!

  13. 15 Whit

    do you know that wal mart has pb and co for three dollahs? i discovered this yesterday and bought three jars. three dollahs, three jars!

    • 16 snackface

      Whit- Oh yes I do– that’s where I bought mine! Love.

  14. 17 Sara

    Kailey! I had the same Amy’s meal for dinner just now 🙂 ❤ indian food!

    and I totally don't shower after working out when I'm hungry lol….my body screams for food!!


  15. WELL since im PMS-ing , ive been craving EVERYTHING in sight! literally had tons of chocolate today..but its a part of my woman hood..gota love it!
    your pita combo is DELISH!
    you are flawless, im being serious, i know you dont believe me, but YOU ARE
    I LOVE YOU K!!! i wana be real life bffs!

    • 19 snackface

      kbwood- Let’s be real life Bffs. So what if we haven’t met in real life? What is real life anyway!

  16. 20 Tori

    Oh you should so do a video of you singing the solo when you have it down!! That would be awesome!

    • 21 snackface

      Tori- I’d love to do that! We’ll see how it goes. I’ve never had a big solo like this before, so my voice may be all over the place. Gahh!

  17. Craving: WARM WEATHER! 10 hours of sleep for the next 5 nights (not gonna happen, errrr!), pancakes, sweet potatoes, make that sweet potato pancakes with honey almond buttah (orgasmic!), my boyfriend (oops, did I just say that?), graduation, summer trip to Argentina, college in the fall…hmmm, what else? Maybe some moo-lah and a trip to The Gap, Lulumon, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. A nice vacay to Cali. Yeahhhh, anyway….those last three ($, shopping, and Cali) are not very realistic. However, the others…well they could happen and some of them will. 😉

    • 23 snackface

      Katie- This is a phenomenal cravings list. I say satisfy them all!!! Well, within your means, ya know.

  18. 24 Lo

    i am craving YOU. and also I am craving sushi (what else is new?)…I am craving a weekend without brews (it will be this weekend I think) and I am craving some things that are not PG-13 for the blog…bwahhaha j/k. But in seriousness….I am craving sunshine, dresses and RUNNING OUTSIDE FOR ONCE.

    love u.


  19. 25 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    YES frozen meals are always too small but deliciouss if by amy’s or kashi =] that pita looks soo good!! and hope you get some sleep hun <33
    craving: suntanning, running, ice cream!



  20. 26 Adam

    Not quite sure what a “heezy” is either, but i role with it whenever it comes up… That is pretty cool that you have a solo on Thursday! I have always wished that my voice was idol quality, unfortunately my family tells me different, but i still serenade people on the occasion! 😉 Craving lately: hmm…. Carob Chunk Trail Mix, but the only place i ever found it was in San Francisco last summer… I also crave sleep this week!

  21. 27 Anna

    I am craving hummus now that I read this post. Off to the fridge… 🙂

  22. Wow have you been busy lady- reading your posts always makes me think that you’re the most productive human being out there- getting in lots of studying, homework doing, exquisite blogging, amazin’ eating, baller fashion sense, and keeping the socialite status 🙂
    Cravings. hmmm. I crave carby cakey things to dip in greek yoghurt or PB or AB…currently I have an amazing loaf of blueberry crumble bread which has been fulfilling that need 😉

    • 29 snackface

      Sara K- Ahhh! Stop being so kind to me! I am semi-busy, but I always feel as if others are way busier than I am! But thank you. And may I have some blueberry crumble bread? 😉

  23. I am not a very regular commenter (where does time goes?) but I have a laugh everytime I read your blog :-d
    Craving: sun! hummus, cottage cheese, carrots – oh wait, I crave that every day. Craving some sleep too, I know a bit about sleep deprivation and waking-up-every-hour nights.

    • 31 snackface

      Emmanuelle- I am thrilled that I can supply some laughter 🙂 Oh shoot, you know, I should probably crave sleep. Not yet.

  24. WOW, super impressed that he whipped up some hummus right there! thats amazing. I get excited when my boyfriend eats anything besides cereal and eddamame, he does make a mean pancake though thats about it.

    i love frozen berries in my oats, the trick is that I cook the oats first and then throw in the berries when theya re nearly done. Then I nuke for only about 30 seconds, so they are still in tact and don’t melt too much into the oats! try that, maybe it will help with the cig flavor?! but you can always cover that up with some dark chocolate dreams…just sayin

  25. i know what you mean on those frozen meals- they’re so good i need two! or more! haha i could eat a bucketful of indian food and still want more =P

  26. 1. That pita looks AWESOME
    2. I love Amy’s Indian meals!
    3. I have been craving sweet potatoes (cheetahs!), warm weather & running!


  27. 35 Chai

    Hey sugar!

    I am a magazine designer, and I work in indesign. I just wanted to let you know that if you get stuck, and need any help at all, feel free to email me anytime! 🙂


    • 36 snackface

      Chai- Oh my goodness, you are awesome. I have finished it to a point where I feel OK presenting it, but I may email you when it comes time for revisions! Thank you so much!

      • 37 Chai

        I think your presentation shall go swimmingly! 🙂
        Anything I can do to help, you just ask!

  28. The hummus-making boyf is definitely a keeper. If Muffin weren’t your best friend, I’d advise you to take him and run, but I suppose as long as she’s willing to SPREAD the hummus love (I crack myself up), you can share 🙂

    Doesn’t heezy=hook? From the Snoop Doggy Dog days?

    Today I’m also rocking the glasses, hoodie, jeans and sockless Topsiders. Twins?! Especially since we’re both apparently craving warmth and faux dairy. Have a great day love!

  29. omg, i watched Man On Wire last semester for psych and i LOVED it! it’s probably my favorite documentary i’ve seen thus far. it’s just so inspiring 🙂 not that i’m going to go hop on a tight rope anytime soon, but the idea of following your dreams at all costs is very inspiring to me. have a nice week!

  30. Five hours of sleep and you’re this articulate? Damn it, girl.

    1. Definitely warm weather, light clothing, being able to decide “I’m going outside!” and then doing so without having to spend six hours putting on various layers and still being cold…hm, definite trend here. Also tropical things, the beach, fresh strawberries, and a night of club-hopping.

  31. Damn, Muffin’s new man is definitely a keeper! What man makes hummus? Awesome.

    Your lunch looks awesome. Not sure how you thought of that combo, but I could see how it works!

    I’ve been craving being able to quit my day job. I like my night job much better. And no…it’s not dirty like it sounds 😉
    I hear you on craving veganism. I don’t think I could ever be, unless I found something that could replace half and half. Sad…but so necessary! For now..

  32. A guy who makes hummus? Where did she find this man!? That pita for lunch is amaze! Def off the heezy fo sheezy!

    I wasn’t craving anything until I started reading these comments. Now I’m craving chocolate chip pancakes – drooooool!

  33. oooh muffin’s man. deets?

    i’m craving clean sheets, a non-stuffy nose, new makeup and flip flop weather. oh and sundresses. and strawberries.

    spring, come to me!

  34. Lots and lots of chocolate and pb!!!


  35. bahaha, I always eat in my gym stank! 😉

    I need to try those TJ meatless balls. Are there diff kinds???

    Right now I’m craving:

    1) A nap

    2) Bikram

    3) Warm weather

    4) The passing of my thesis proposal

    5) Forever 21 spring shopping

    Have a gooood day ma dear 🙂



  36. 46 Clare

    Muffin’s boyfriend sounds adorable! Good luck with your solo ❤

    I am craving summer (the sun, not wearing layers, tipsy BBQs and picnics, fresh raspberries and above all having me and my two BFFs in the same town for two whole months), KitKats and the perfect skirt.

  37. I have been craving baguettes like mad. There’s nothing like the flaky, buttery bread with crunchy crust. Mmmm.

    Hey have you heard of Casa Nueva Cantina? Joe from The Avett Brothers (one of my favorite bands!) was in Athens and checked it out, he posted a review here: http://www.tasteontour.com/taste-on-tour/2010/2/25/casa-nueva-cantina-athens-oh.html

  38. I love Man on Wire! Tres bon. The dude is CRAZY.

    I have also been totally craving sandals and sunshine and dresses. Plus indian food, like crazy. All the time. Want.

  39. Amy’s Dinners are truly the best!! And I have to say, your pita sounds fabulous 🙂

    I’m totally craving summer too!!! (As I type, it’s snowing. In March. SO over it)

  40. 50 Lele

    Oh my God that wrap looks intensely delicious.
    I’m craving travel. When you graduate and sit around your house, you will know how I feel 😀

  41. craving warm weather and that wrap you made at lunch.

    ummm is it bad i am looking up flights to europe for us right now?

  42. 52 healthnuttxo

    ohh- i just discovered TJ’s pumpkin butter. i did a review of it yesterday on my website. its SOOO good!!!
    and i tote- agree with you on amy’s. awesome food- tiny portions.
    but the mattar paneer ROCKS. i love the cheese blobs and the rice is super fluffy. but you sooo need to cook 2, or at least pump up the first one iwth some protein or veggies to fill up!!

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