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Butter Me Up


Hi pooks! Tuesday was the most karmically bizarre day I’ve had in a long time. It was peculiar for everyone in my close circle, and I’m honestly drained right now (12:05am). Therefore, I’ma focus on what rarely fails me: good eats. Monday night, after I posted, I cooled down with: Turtle Mountain’s coconut milk ice […]



Hello, gorgeous friends! I’m back in Athens and jumping right back into the rhythm of college life. This means stress and more regular posts will return (stoked about part one of that). I’m officially baction. That’s back in action melded into one word, inspired by the beautiful word “bacne.” Before I left Cincinnati, MamaJ and […]

What up, boos! The past 24 hours have truly encapsulated what it’s like to be a SnackFace. More specifically, this is what true SnackFacery looks like. Sometimes, dinners aren’t substantial and well-rounded: Leisurely mornings like today’s welcome SnackFacing. Starting with half a vegan Pattycake Marry Me blueberry muffin was ideal: And an hour or two […]

Day Tripper


Hello my lovely friends! I’m so sorry to dip out on you for a day, but I’ve been busy eating Ohio. Grab a snack and a cold one, because this is going to be a heifer of a post. Wednesday morning I arose to an empty house and an impending dentist appointment. What better way […]

Spring Breaking


Hi beauties! What a lovely response to yesterday’s post! Thank you so much for being you. It’s always risky to talk about weight and such, but you all make everything much less scary. Perhaps this sense of peace eased me into sleeping for 11 hours last night. Eleven, that’s right. This is coming from the […]

Scale It Back


Ay bay bays! How are you! I have slipped into the luxurious life of not being on my laptop all day, ‘errday, and have been successful at turning into a 5’10” blob on my parents’ couch who does nothing but eat and sleep. It is phenomenal. Because I have so much catching up to do, […]

Happy weekend, beauties! We have a Jay Robb protein powda winner…whom I’d like to dub the Protein Powda Princess. Congratulations…. Number 221… Cassie! And Cassie, how have I not been reading your blog from the start? Love! Please email me with your address and I’ll send the Jay Monay! Ciao for now, Kailey