Sleep Drunk + Lash Love


Hello gorgeous, generous, kind people! You are all too nice to me sometimes. Your comments on my cracked-out post made my sleep-drunk day shiny.

You know how people say they’re love drunk? I think this applies to sleep too, except, when you don’t get enough. After getting a touch over three hours of sleep Wednesday night, I felt dizzy, wobbly and, well, drunk. It made me do crazy things, too!

Such as…:

Wearing my pajama sweatshirt to classes.

Yes, that is my high school golf team sweatshirt. Any Kings High Schoolers out there? Any golfers? About wearing sweatshirts to class– I have nothing against this. It’s an odd thing about me in that I feel disrespectful to professors when I’m not dressed in my usual ‘fits. At least I classed it up with skinnies and kicks.

Sleep drunkenness also threw off my appetite. No, that’s not the right word. It enhanced it. My already-hefty hunger grew and made me devour delicious snacks like this:

Oops! I ate it all before I remembered to snap a pic. (See: sleep drunk)

Alternative Baking Company, I love you, but why do you try to say that there are two servings in this:

Too damn tasty to stop at half.

So maybe I ate nearly 500 calories of cookie for a morning snack. Well spent, my friends. And thank the lawd I don’t keep track of that! I know I normally don’t talk about calories on the blog (there’s no need for it in the SnackFace realm), but I thought I needed to share that absurd serving suggestion.

Being sleep drunk also led me to eat this two times within 12 hours (once at 9pm, Wednesday, and once at 8am, Thursday):

Pumpkin+cottage cheese+ Smart Bran+ apple pie spice+ vanilla stevia= Pumpkin cheesecake. Do this.

Another side effect of sleep drunk is laziness. Enter una salada da chickpea for dinner:

Day-glo chickpea-spinach-broccoli-celery-cherry tom salad.

It also made me not take pictures of other goodies eaten throughout the day. (Imagine: grapefruit, leftover squash, soy crisps with hummus, slice of bread with hummus.)

Thankfully, responsible, foodie me took pictures of all her scrumptious eats on Wednesday. I kicked it off with the fabulous:

Yoats! Or, yoatgurt.

In the bowl: 1/2 C Dannon Greek yogurt (so good!), 1/3 C oats made with water, cinnamon and stevia, more cinnamon and stevia and a wall of peanut butter. It was exquisite:

Out of my fave Trader Joe's peanut butter now!

After breaking the fast, I finished my eight-page film essay. Finishing major projects and papers makes me feel on top of my life. What a phenom feeling! This feeling is what motivates me. I get this odd homework buzz and can’t stop. (Whoah, so many unintentional and intentional references to mild-altering substances. I’m sorry!)

I hopped to the gym and ellipticalled with my Media Law book. Fair trial-free press readings made for a thrilling 50 minutes. Abbage and armage followed cardio (-age).

By the time I walked home, showered and dressed, it had been five hours since my last meal. Fixed that with a crazy-delicious sandwich:

Egg+ butternut squash+ hot sauce+ mustard= multiple gasms.

My egg vocabulary is weak. I need your help. When the egg white and yolk are sturdy and firm, does that mean it’s over…hard? I hope so.

The sandwich layout:

I liked it hard. Too much? Nevah!

Once the glorious lunch hour subsided, I geared up in none other than…:

The no-fail boots wit da fur.

Media Law class was a treasure. Always is.

I walked my booty home and ran into someone I’d tell you about if this were more Sex and the City, less SnackFace: Fashion with an Appetite. Saving materials for my eventual book behind the blog, ya dig?

I relaxed at home for a bit and then supped:

I'm so roasted. She's so roasted.

On the plizzate: half roasted acorn squash, roasted brussels, half boiled sweet tater and balls. Eaten with ketchup and barbecue sauce, this dinner was perfection. Until an hour later, when I got hungry, started eating and didn’t stop. The things we must do as students in order to stay awake!

Before I sat down to write this, I ran to Walmart to pick up a few of my favorite things:

Dark Chocolate Dreams, Cinnamon Crunch cereal and...whole wheat flour. What? I had no flour and thought I should have it on hand.

I haven’t had Dark Chocolate Dreams in whole year! Shame on me. Naturally, I’ve been SnackFacing on this while crafting this post:

Times 23.

If you guessed that half the box is already gone, you’d be correct. Monthly gift (hi Popsicle!)+ no sleep= supah starving SnackFace.

And because this post isn’t jumbled enough, I’d love to share the mascara I’ve been using for a week now. I selected this one because I’d never tried it and it was a decent price:

L'Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen in Brown Black.

Curved applicator, which tends to get goopy.

Before mascara.

After mascara.

ExtraVolume Pros: It takes only two coats to get this rich color and voluminous look. The applicator allows me to reach every little hair I desire.

ExtraVolume Cons: There is too much mascara on the applicator, which has made it goopy already. Also, while it does pump up my lashes, it doesn’t give as much volume as LashBlast does. Plus, a week later, the mascara is clumping on my lashes.

Mascara, one week later:

Spidery and flaky. You can see specks below my eye from the mascara.

Overall: L’Oreal Paris Extra-Volume Collagen mascara goes on easily, but tends to clump and flake after a few uses. I’m open to makeup suggestions you’d like me to test!

Well kidlets, now that I’ve taken you from sleep drunk to beauty products, I think it’s time I head to bed. I hope you all have FEROCIOUS Fridays! Love you all so much and seriously value every one of you. Thank you for reading!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Does sleep affect your appetite?Β  ANDΒ  What drugstore beauty product would you like me to test next?


83 Responses to “Sleep Drunk + Lash Love”

  1. Sleepy Maria=Starving Maria. ‘Nuff said, I’m off to bed!!

    Love you Snackfacey!!!

  2. awesome tablecloth, so photogenic! haha sounds like a fun night, that cookie probably tasted extra good in your “state.” nice mascara job, makes yo eyes pop!

  3. oh, sleep most certainly gets my appetite to out-of-control levels. i sleep alright now, but i sure didnt when i was in school. talk about sleep drunk (and maybe other kinds of drunk…)

    speaking of college, that alternative baking company treat is making me nostalgic for my student days. i think i might need to refresh my memory and pick one up tomorrow!

  4. 4 abby

    dear kailey! love your blog! yess lack of sleep either makes me super hungry or super not hungry, but never in between!
    would you ever consider doing a make up post? e.g. your eyes and how you make your cheeks look so radiant/glowing!

  5. 6 Kate G.

    Cinnamon Crunch cereal from Cascadian farms is seriously crack for me, i love that stuff πŸ™‚ i got excited when i saw the picture haha.

    I get SOOO hungry too when i am sleepy! It sucks. Annnd it happens every friday and sat because i get up super early for work (how’s 4:30 am sound?! ha) so i am snack MONSTERRR all day.
    Speaking of which i should be in bed right now to maybe try and prevent that…uhhhh….

    You should share your foundation/ powder beauty regime next!

  6. I’m pretty sure “sleep drunk” is like a real thing! Even if it’s not called that lol – I think I remember them saying in driver’s ed being tired on the road is just as bad as being drunk… Of course I failed my road test soooooo…lol.

    Lack of sleep=more eating for me. Those times, I CRAVE protein – I always want eggs when I haven’t slept.

    Ok, I never really wear mascara but I buy it occasionally, and I only by Mabelline Great Lash in black – you know, the one in the pink tube. I’m not sure if I actually like it or not (not enough experience in mascara to know) but it always gets great ratings in magazine tests so I figure it must be alright. I really love your eye makeup in this post! I love how putting a pale color in the inner corner brightens the whole look up immediately. Hottieeee. Also, I’m the same way about dressing up for professors – I want them to know I take myself and my work seriously!

  7. i freakin love your posts, it is such a balance btwn your life, your eats and also other rando things like this mascara for instance, THANK YOU for the review, I have been buying some 18 dollar one from sephora, so unecessary when you can find a decent one at a drugstore. NUetrogena makes a great one! i love their products.

    i have never had that dark chocolate dreams, and I cannot believe that I havent. I know its a danger zone bc it looks SO amazing, i am going to target after work today and may just have to pick up a jar of the crack.

    that pumpkin cheesecake combo looks like pure heaven! LOVE IT

  8. I totally agree. When I don’t get enough sleep my appetite is off the chain! I’m always on the lookout for a new/better mascara. The best two I have found from the drugstore are Maybelline Colossal Lash and (my old faithful) L’Oreal Voluminous in carbon black. I’ve strayed away a few times, but these are always the one I go back to. Geeze, DCD is the death of me! Esp. when the hormones are raging πŸ™‚

  9. Some crazy things can occur out of sleep drunkenness. Like take for example the random magazine I found in my fridge the other day. Yep, I was up late baking something from a cooking magazine, and apparently, I thought that it should be put away in the fridge with the milk and eggs. It looked good there at the time, but I quickly realized this was done out of complete and utter exhaustion.

    LoL, glad you managed to get through your sleepiness. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  10. I get so snacky happy too when I don’t get enough sleep! Oh, and those cookie nut. stats are crazy! Who can really only eat half a cookie that is THAT good? Lemon Pop. is my favorite…well, I really like their Peanut Butter Persuasion and Mac Chip. The seasonal Coconut macaroon-like one was delicious too! OH NO. Now I want a dang Alt. Baking Co. cookie. :/

  11. i totally bought dark chocolate dreams yesterday too. foodie sistah’s for life man!

    don’t buy beauty products…i’m too cheap and lazy. that and i don’t know how to apply anything. see, so not only do you need to dress me, but also give me a makeover. i all around just need to be fixed/spruced up!

    and sleep always affects my eating. usually i’m ravenous if i don’t sleep enough!

  12. Sleep deffff changes my appetite…I think I go into survival mode and it’s like “must…keep…eating…to…stay…awake…” My school is filled with some of the best dressed (and some of the wealthiest [I am NOT one of those people…aka I don’t wear Louboutin’s to class, though — wish I could] kids)…THEY inspire me to not look like crap (on a budgeeeet of course). Your eats look fab — yesss DCD!! Love it! Get some sleep, chica!

    • 14 snackface

      jilianmarie- You have got to be kidding me. Louboutins to class!!! I’m SO jealous! I can only afford Target shoes right now! Actually, I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford Target shoes. Jeeeeez.

      • Seriously…these people are RIDICULOUS. I feel like even in I ever (in a million years) ever owned a pair of shoes like that…I’d be too afraid that I’d mess them up and never wear them. haha

  13. Mascara looks phenom!! They sell pb co at wal Mart?!!! What!!

  14. Ahhhh yay for high school golfing! I did all through middle school and then my freshman year and sophomore year cause, uh, I sucked big time. My dad just loved watching me play so I did it for him hahaha.

    I ate two of those cookies in a day when I was on vacation with the fam this December. Apparently when I hang around my brother and boyfriend for too long, I become a man as well. So good though!

    Lack of sleep/being sick make me eat everything in sight. No big. By the way, your cereal addiction is rubbing off on me now that I can’t eat chocolate until Easter. Three mugs last night, what?

    Have a great weekend love!

  15. Behind the Blog! Like VH1’s Behind the Music! Such a good idea. I wonder if they still do Behind the Music? Because a Weezy one would be awesome.

    • 19 snackface

      Maya- OMG It DOES still exist and they did a Weezy one. I’ve watched it three times. It is AMAZING.

  16. Maybelline Great Lash has never failed me. I have pretty good eyelashes to begin with, but that stuff (green and pink tube) does something the expensive ones just can’t, so I don’t mess around πŸ™‚

    And, I feel you on the not sleeping thing; it makes me sooo hungry, and often I sleep poorly the next day, too. Sleeping in is impossible for my body, so I tend to feel the effects of one bad night for a LONG time…

  17. 21 Amanderr

    Kailey! You rock the party that rocks the body, fo sho! Your blog makes me giggle, I am always excited to see a new post πŸ˜‰

    Try Sexy Curves from Rimmel, the makeup artists Sam and Nic of pixiwoo (youtube makeup tutorial gurus, swear by it, and my friend L just bought it and her lashes have been looking heavenly! I am gonna get me some asap!

    p.s. Beware, if you start watching their makeup videos, you’re gonna get addicted!

    • 22 snackface

      Amanderr- Ahhh! You are fab. I love the recommendation, and I’m about to check out Fashionface. What’s crazy is that for my magazine publishing plan, one of the departments I created is named FashionFace. Whoops! I had no idea it already existed!

  18. try maybelline the colossal volume express! i loveeee what it does to my lashes – and the waterproof doesn’t flake or come off at all without some heavy duty eye makeup remover

  19. Who in their right mind breaks a cookie in half before eating?? Totally agree with you about that hilarious “portion size”

    Lack of sleep makes me sooo hungry the next day! Not too mention very loopy as well. Looks like you made it through though…and about that “hard” egg sandwich. Did you just fry it up in a pan?

  20. Love the mascara review! I actually need to buy some this weekend….what is your favorite??

    Would you review eyeliner next? I need something to STAY.PUT!

    • 26 snackface

      Teri- So, a few things. My favorite mascaras have been Maybelline Define-A-Lash and CoverGirl LashBlast. They both work very well, but I’d choose Define-A-Lash over LashBlast because it never flaked on me, whereas LashBlast did. And for eyeliner–I don’t use it! I do have a fun purple one that I use for accent color (in the last eyeball pic– it’s from Sephora), but that’s not what I use for my actual liner. I use black or dark brown eyeshadow and apply it with an angle brush. OK, I think I really need to do a makeup post. Perhaps video form?

      • 27 Sara

        A makeup video post would be awesome! I don’t have the same skin as you at all but would love easy peasy tips like eyeshadow as eyeliner with an angled brush!

  21. I can’t wait for that ‘Behind the Blog’ book…Haha! I think you’ve motivated me to stop halving good cookies that weren’t ment to be halved! My tried and true mascara is Great Lash Blackest Black by Maybelline, but always on the look out for somethin better πŸ™‚

  22. Haha, your posts always put me in such a good mood. And there’s nothing wrong with the odd sweatshirt-to-class get-up here and there–sometimes it’s just not worth getting all decked out (and sometimes you’d like to at least feel like you’re in bed while suffering through a lecture).

    1. I’ve never noticed a strong correlation between sleep and appetite for me. Usually all I crave is coffee and a paper bag (both to disguise the ten-pound weights under my eyes and maybe suffocate myself until I can find a bed).

    2. Anything Burt’s Bees. I love that minty tingle.

  23. First off, my highschool never had shirts as rad looking as your golf one? Black and hot pink?! Try red and white (Dragons, let’s fight!)
    I totally agree with you on the cookies. Even when I’m not starving (which for me, lack of sleep=starving as well) I can’t stop at half. I do for maybe 5 minutes, then go back for the rest. Love the oatmeal raisin one πŸ™‚
    Drugstore makeup..Lash Blast is my HG of d/s mascaras. Loreal khol e/l are good, love anything in the Carmindy line – esp the blushes!

  24. Hey doll,

    Great post! In undergrad I think I wore sweats more to class then “lady clothes”. haha. Must have been a Boston thing because I swear everyone did. Orrrr, maybe I was the only one and didn’t notice, there’s a good chance. haha

    I neeeeed to get me some of that dark choc dream spread. Whyyyy have I not heard of it?!?!

    Have a fab weekend!!


  25. printing out a huge paper is the biggest relief EVER. i usually would sing a little aria/do a little jig while it was printing.

    i actually am curious about the covergirl lipstain…….ima try that out when my cvs budget gets back to normal. oops, i love makeup, what can i say.

    • 33 snackface

      samantha- I have the CoverGirl lipstain in 400 (whatever that means–it’s a pink). It works so well that when I lost one, I had to buy a new one ASAP. I’ll be sure to post pics if you’d like!

  26. LASHBLAST COVER GIRL FO EVA. ummm, i have a feeling i already know the answer to this, but do you ever channel ANTM and play around with how you would say “easy, breezy, beautiful…cover girl” in the mirror like me? i KNOW i am not the only one.

    i hope you catch up on sleep mama. did you take it easy last night like i told you to? i don’t wanna step on mamaj’s toes here, but lil snackypoo needs her rest!

    pumpkin cheesecake. will do. i get nervous about sweet cottage cheese. something about it seems inherently wrong to me, but i will try it. for you.

    have a lurvely day – today is FRIIIIDDDAYYYYYYY! thank the sweet heavens. love you…mwah!

  27. Serving sizes are ridiculous. Never have is it ever taken me 6 meals to finish a tub of hummus (2), 4 meals to finish a light-life tempeh package (1 or 2), or 1/2 of an alternative cookie! I think they should just take the actual serving size down to 1, that way only the hardcore snackers like us would dare to make the purchase! haha… That is a tasty way to down 500 cals though if i do say so myself! Love your shoes, i have my own nike collection going!

    • 36 snackface

      Adam- Thanks for the shoe love! Yeah, I normally ignore all serving sizes anyway. Like Sabra, you’re only going to last a few days in my house. I gotta do what I gotta do, which is eat. A lot.

  28. 37 lowandbhold

    I golfed in High School too! We never got snazzy sweat shirts out of it though.

    I always have a raging appetite when I don’t sleep well. Unless I’m pounding caffeine (like I am today) which tends to weaken it a bit. But I like the extra snacking abilities!

    I’m always looking for good lip glosses that aren’t sticky! Know any of those>

    • 38 snackface

      lowandbehold- Hello my fellow golfer! The lipgloss I’ve been loving is CoverGirl We Slicks Fruit Spritzers in Raspberry Splash. It actually tastes like watermelon, and it has a perfect balance of color+ gloss. It’s not too sticky, either!

  29. Hi Snackface!!! I love your blog! You’re such a huge inspiration!

    You should review the L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion!! I have it and like it a lot- but it does get a lot of mascara on the wand. I use one of those tiny combs to run through my lashes when I get through using it.

    I hope you can check out my blog too πŸ™‚ it’s new and I don’t have any readers!


    • 40 snackface

      Sonia- Hi sugar! Thanks for the awesome recommendation. I have your blog opened in a separate tab right now. You’re going to be added to my blogroll! I need to update that thang furreal!

  30. 41 Meg

    I don’t know if I’ve ever commented but hi! I have the same issues with mascara, and I’m really really picky! I use 2000 calorie extreme waterproof by max factor. It’s less than $10 and never flakes, holds a curl and accentuates my lashes quite well! I swear I’m not a rep for the company, hahaha. Less than stellar sleep = hungry me.

  31. Umm YES would be the short answer. I remember reading that there is a legit physiological reason for that too…but i can’t remember it right now.
    Love the lashes in photo 2…I am buying the original maybelline (pink and green tube) in BIG! next. Ever tried?

    • 43 snackface

      Angharad- Oooh, no I’ve never tried BIG! I used to use original Maybelline in high school, but for some reason I don’t enjoy it anymore. Too many other fun ones to try!

  32. I experience total appetite enhancement from lack of sleep.. aka yesterday. I was overtired and all I wanted was food (I was soooo whiney). My fave mascara these days is Maybelline Define-A-Lash in the shiny neon green tube. I’d love to find a good drugstore under eye concealer. That’s the one product I always splurge on cause I can’t find a good cheapo version.

    • 45 snackface

      Katie- Ahh! That Define-A-Lash is actually my fave mascara ever. I’m trying to branch out, but nothing has convinced me that it’s better than D-A-Lash.

  33. Being sleep drunk is worse and not as fun as actually being drunk. For me there’s two cycles in sleep deprivation: delirium and stupid-tired. Delirium is when you start laughing uncontrollably at everything. Stupid-tired is when you trip/hurt yourself/can’t add 1+1/etc. I’m usually not hungry when I’m that tired!

    You and I eat sunnyside up eggs the same way. No runny yolk for me either – I don’t need yellow juices squirting every where.

  34. My hunger is always off the chains when I don’t get enough sleep. To quote the late and great 2gether “What’s up wit dat? I don’t know man, you know what I’m sayin’? Sumin’, wrong, with dat!” I’ll thank Mickey for that inspiration. If I lost you, I understand. Ha!
    Anyvays m’dear, love I’m actually kind of in love with your first fit’. I’m sure just your mere presence gets respect from profs πŸ™‚
    Have a good day suga, LOVE!!

    • 48 snackface

      tessa- You, plus sign, me, equal sign, US. I know my calculus. You think you’d lose me on that? Hahah hell naw!

  35. The less sleep I get- the more I eat- I’m always thinking it’s my energy levels that are down so I eat more to pick them up- it’s really just me being in need of a nap that I somehow cannot get in…

    I will listen to my body one of these days..

    ps- love the sneaks with the skinnies- I always fear that with size ten feet they will look like flippers- but they don’t on you- I’m tempted!

    • 50 snackface

      adrienmelainie- It’s so funny because I didn’t even think about whether my size 10s would look gigantic! Haha I just loved the shoes and went for it. Plus, my broskie told me to wear them with skinnies. It’ll be interesting to see what I do with them when it’s warm outside!

  36. bahhaa WE ARE TWINS!! when i start getting REALLY tired-aka past friends are always like “well katies about to say some weird things” bc i act DRUNK! and i literally feel wooooosy.
    hilarious. that COOKIE IS SOOO GOOD! momma send me one in a package last semester!
    i ALWAYS eat late at night! whoooo! it aint affected me yet, and hasnt affected you shooot lets keep doing it
    love YOU!!

  37. Hey! Saw your post via Facebook and was waiting for a class to start so I decided to check this out. Just wanted to give a shoutout to a fellow Kings alum. Great blog!
    Do you do this for a job or is it self-motivated?
    As a techie, this is one of the best blogs I’ve seen about food and whatnot.
    Anyway, good job on the blog and I hope you don’t have a sleep hangover, lol.

    • 53 snackface

      TOM!!! How are you!! Thanks for commenting and complimenting the blog! That means so much! It’s completely self-motivated– it’s like my baby.

  38. 54 Katie

    When I don’t sleep well, I just give up and eat. All night. It’s AH-mazing what fab kitchen creations come to mind at 2am. And kudos to you for being a writer — I am convinced that I was a bio/chem major because I hated writing papers. Happy WEEKEND!!!

  39. 55 treepee

    You MUST, I repeat MUST try two mascaras… the first is maybelline colossal volume (it’s the one in the bright yellow tube with purple writing…I mean really, the tube is cheery enough on it’s own!) the second one is also by maybelline, it’s the stiletto one. Now, I have absurdly long lashes, which are nice at times, but it also means you’ve gotta find really good mascara because flakes and clumps are that much more noticeable! Anyway, I actually use these both daily, first the stiletto because it really does give you extra length and coats the tips really well….then after a few seconds of letting that dry, I get in there with the bright yellow tube (twss?). The fluffy brush does a great job of getting all the little lashes, as well as plumping up the bigger ones. Personally, it was not love at first use with the the stiletto one, mainly because it seemed too….thin? Not voluminous enough? Regardless, after pairing the two I’ve found the perfect combo for MY lashes, definitely worth a try. If you’re going to try just one, definitely go for the yellow tube!!

  40. 56 Alina

    hey there!!!! hope you’ll catch up on your sleep this weekend!
    that serving sizes thing is kinda weird to me, bc we have nutritionals stas here in russia per 100 gramms of food. i always wonder when i see that on the blogs who decides what a serving size is? for whom? πŸ™‚
    as for mascara my fave ones are dior – iconic and diorshow blackout are bossy! maybe you’ll do for us a make up post? do u use bronzer? what about blush?
    i was wondering about your magazine idea (which i think is fab), is it for class? or sth else?
    p.s. i LOVE the color of your eyes!

  41. 57 Erika

    I want to know how you do your eye makeup other than the mascara part. That last picture of your blue-ish eyeliner and pink shadow in the corner was soooooo pretty. I’m such a novice when it comes to that kind of stuff. I blame my mom as she always went the au naturale route (odd for a woman from Dallas, Texas— uhh hello makeup and big hair!)
    Do you ever do the smoky eye thing? If so, what are your tips for that one? Obviously this chick needs some serious makeup schooling! Oh and I can’t wait to read the first issue of Snackface: Fashion with an Appetite. Sounds scandalous πŸ™‚

  42. LOVE those cookies! Yum!

    And not enough sleep makes me HANGRY!


  43. 59 kat

    what coverup and foundation do you use, because I remember you mentioning you use Proactiv and I’ve heard it makes your skin dry, and if you could also tell me a type of coverup and foundation makeup I can use that wont a. clog my pores
    b. is easy to use for people with dry skin

    • 60 snackface

      kat- Ay boo! I actually don’t use Proactiv anymore, but when I did, I always used a moisturizer still. I’d use Clinique or Cetaphil. I’ll do a makeup post soon!

  44. Seriously thats the best way to eat eggs when they are all firm! I loveeeee your high lashes…girl you could make some money with those eyes! Modeling?


  45. Being tired makes me more munchy too. Don’t know how my brain thinks more food is helpful but if it’s delicious than I’m not complaining. I don’t even know how you managed to make it through the day on only 3 hours of sleep.. I could not do it. Seven hours of sleep is when I start to feel out of it and 6 is my drunk stage.

  46. I wish I didn’t know what it feels like to be sleep drunk, but I feel like I’ve gone through most of college in this state. Being extra giggly, extra hungry, and really zoned out are pretty much the main symptoms of sleep drunkenness for me, and I think people may think I do a lot of drugs or something. No kids, you can’t buy this kind of mental fuzz from any dealer.

    And if what I just wrote makes no sense, it’s cause I’m a little sleep buzzed at the moment. TGIF. Amen.

  47. 64 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama)

    Being tired absolutely increases my appetite! Makes sense though – your body craves more energy to stay awake!

  48. 65 Casey

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that yoatgurt has changed my life. I didn’t think anything could get better than oats, but now I know I was blind! I don’t know why this isn’t the rage across the universe–sweet, warm oats mixed with tangy, cool yogurt, all creamy goodness. I rapturize. Thanks for turning me on to it!

  49. Lack of sleep makes me a HUNGRY WHORE (sorry, it had a ring to it…)

    Seriously. When I’m sleep deprived is definitely when I tend to overeat the most. So on days where I know I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, I try to stay extra mindful of what I’m chomping on.

  50. ooh- no sleep = food all the time. specially the sweet stuff…
    def try that new tautomatic battery powdered twirly mascara! (sorry if you have NO idea what I’m talking about- it like, rotates for you! so cool!)
    <3Lisa !

  51. On days when I don’t get enough sleep, I lose appetite. It’s weird, opposite from others. But there are rare instances when I get really, really hungry from lack of sleep, too.

    By the way, the serving size is stupid…it should just list 480 kcal. Who eats 1/2 a cookie?

  52. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g effects my poor appetite! UGH!
    Not just mother natures gift.

    xox Vera

  53. proven fact that chronically sleep deprived people eat more. when you dont get enough sleep it sends the body into a state where you compensate by (over)eating. Google it lovie. The reserach will support what your experience is.

    Drug store beauty products…shampoo/conditioners please!!!!!! Would love to find something that works that is cheap but doenst make my hair dry, my scalp oily, etc. that’s my request πŸ™‚

  54. I was a high school golfer! (Not at Kings, but still lol) As far as makeup selections go, I think there are a lot of really great drugstore mascaras (high-end mascaras aren’t worth it to me–I’d rather save for my pricey foundation) like Maybelline’s Volume Express XXL, Maybelline’s New Pro Mascaras (in BOLD and VOLUME), and Loreal’s Telescopic. All give nice length as well as a lot of volume; I’m definitely a girl who looks for volume in her mascara πŸ˜‰

  55. Okay, so I know the alternative baking company and Nana’s cookies aren’t the exact same…..but they are quite similar and i enjoyed my very first experience with a Nana’s peanut butter cookie two nights ago! The sh!t melts in your mouth. Its so crumbly and moist, oh my gahh kailey i’ve never had something so good! Ya gotta find it and try it πŸ™‚

    You have some amazing make-up applying skillzz, and your eyes are just gorgeous! Seriously.
    I’m also drooling over the pumpkin cheesecake….will be making that soooooon, and the DCD!!! The dcd is waiting at home for me, the WCW must be purchased soon and i’m still on the hunt for mightly maple. Pb & Co, I will have you back in my life, and soon! hahah

    LOVE YOU!! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!

  56. That egg sandwich looks like glory- I wanna make one!
    Yes, sleep DEFINITELY affects my appetite. On the weekends since I’m up till 4 or 5am I usually end up going on late night visits to the Portland food carts for crepes, fries, and pizza (all high quality and delish and supa cheap of course)…no sleep means ravenous beyond belief…but that makes sense since we’re expending more energy by being awake.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend πŸ™‚

  57. 74 Kelly

    Can I just say I’ve spent the last 10-15 minutes catching up on SnackFace and find myself falling in love all over again? I have been ill and stuck in bed for quite some time but reading this has brought a ray of sunshine into my life! Ha. Anyway…your blog is great, you are great. Keep up the posts!

    I must agree a makeup post would be great because yours always looks fab.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  58. I have to say, about the egg? I think that means that it’s fried. LOL! I might be wrong, though! Sleep drunk is no fun. Been there done that! Glad you survived through it πŸ˜‰ I’m loving that cookie, but not the calories, since I do watch mine somewhat. Have a great day!

  59. i’m pretty sure c bradshaw would be proud of your boots. ya dig? haha i think she’d sass them up with her judith lieber swan purse πŸ˜‰

    umm pb&co at walmart!!? i had NO idea. that means the yellow smiley face makes it the cheapest there. whaaatuuup

  60. 77 Nicole

    Okay. So I found your blog and I pretty much live and or by it(:
    What are your 5 favorite peanut butters?

    • 78 snackface

      Nicole- Hi sugar! Thank you so much. Um, fave pb’s, in no particular order: Trader Joe’s Crunchy Unsalted Organic PB, Smucker’s Natural Chunky PB, PB+ Co Dark Chocolate Dreams, PB+ Co White Chocolate Wonderful and PB+ Co Mighty Maple. Hmmm…think I like PB+ Co much?

  61. hi love pie! i am so behind but wanted to pop in to say hello! love the yoats, love the outfits, and i just bought lashblast today! good to know it is a wiener. erm. winner.

    hope your weekend has been baller.

    love you!

  62. lately my fav has been cover girl lash blast.. the regular one in the orange tube. i used to buy really fancy mascaras, but i swear this one is the best and the price is awesome too!

  63. 81 malpaz

    wow i just came across you oh so inspiring and fun blog!!!!!!!! so cool about your major i use to be into journalism and editing for newspapers…got a little to overwhelming and time-meet-demanding so now im in accounting! wish i was still in college but… so is life. your blog is wonderful and fun i will be back!

  64. 83 Jayne

    I rarely wear dramatic eye makeup, so I’m super obsessed with having a good mascara.

    Expensive: Lancome Hypnose Custom Volume – HOLY cow, this mascara is amazing. It literally makes me lashes TOO long, so I have to make sure to only put on one coat. 24.50 at Sephora, but SO worth it.

    Drugstore: L’Oreal VOLUMINOUS Dramatic Volume Building mascara. I started using this in high school and it is still my go-to mascara.

    Waterproof: Good old Maybelline Great Lash waterproof. I became a believer in the almighty pink tube when I picked it up in Florida after I realized I forgot waterproof mascara. My non-clumpy, non-runny beach pics are a testament to its greatness.

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