The Bad and the Good


Hello gorgeous friends! Monday was an interesting day. Things didn’t go perfectly. In fact, some things were rather poopy. But here’s how I tried to change my thoughts around:

The bad: I wake up to a dark scab on my chin.
The good: At least my zit is healing.

The bad: It’s snowing again. Snow, I’m ready to break up with you.
The good: Warm breakfasts are still clutch in this weather:

You so fine.

In the mix: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/3 C pumpkin, 1/4 C egg whites, apple pie spice and a drizz of peanut butter. Delicious.

The bad: I’ve read all my fresh magazines and have no juicy elliptical reading. They’re stale now and will collect dust. I refuse to throw them away.
The good: I get to focus on Media Law while on elliptical instead. Good, I needed to read this anyway.

The bad: After my workout, I walk out to my car and find a $30 parking ticket. I had no idea I was in a permit-only area. Will walk to gym from now on.
The good: I had a killer workout and can already feel sore muscles setting in. A ticket ain’t no thang.

The bad: I take 12 minutes to parallel park perfectly in front of my house.
The good: I’m learning.

The bad: I don’t know what to have for lunch.
The good: I have this carrot to work with:

Too big. Almost.

The bad: My camera dies after inappropriate carrot photo.
The good: I have my cheap cell phone to take grainy photos of lunch:

Painfully gorgeous photography.


In the wrap: 1 egg, 1 egg white scrambled with spinach and salsa and a schmear of hummus.

The bad: I forgot that warm spinach makes me gag, and the eggs tasted like dish soap from the spatula.
The good: I’m blessed enough to have a lunch full of veggies, a fresh apple and solid protein.

The bad: The weather leaves me stylistically uninspired and I repeat a hoodie.
The good: Vibrant colors are never uninspiring:

You're sick of the boots, I'm sure, but they are brilliant in the snow.

The bad: I get called in class to answer a law question and do not know the answer. Points are docked from my participation grade.
The good: This is the kick in the pants I need! I head to the library after class and work on three subjects in 60 minutes.

The bad: My scrumptious afternoon snack wore off at 6:30pm:

Stevia-sweetened cottage cheese with 1/2 naner, sprinkle bran cereal and a spoon of peanut butter.

The good: I get to go to CVS and buy this assortment:

WEEZY!, Kashi bar (not good, but it worked) and toilet paper. This may be the definition of random.

The bad: My voice is a little weak after the weekend, leaving my singing in practice less than stellar.
The good: We make major progress on new songs and I laugh with my a capella girls. They are amazing.

The bad: I don’t eat dinner until 9:10pm.
The good: I have plenty of veg and meat substitutes, thus allowing me to whip something together in a few minutes:

Simple and fabulous.

In the mix: romaine, celery, cherry toms, balls, spicy peanut vinaigrette and Sabra. On the side:

Steamed broccoli with butternut squash pasta sauce.

The bad: I want to keep eating after dinner.
The good: I want to keep eating after dinner. What up, cereal, peanut butter and bananas:

Nature's Path Smart Bran with almond milk, several times over.

The bad: My lower back is throbbing. I’m in so much agony I could cry.
The good: I lay flat for a while and feel a bit better.

The bad: At 10pm, I still have class readings and blogging to do.
The good: Reading out of the way, many minutes of blogging make a perfect end to a not-so perfect day. But I’ve made it through in one poorer, yet happy piece.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you choose your attitude? How do you change your thoughts to be positive? Or do you?
I’ve shared this about me before, but I firmly believe in choosing my attitude. Sure, parking tickets are obnoxious and dish-soap lunches are disgusting, but they don’t have to ruin my day. They also don’t have to affect the way I treat others and my general attitude. It sounds cheesy/hippy-ish, but I believe in sending out positive messages and vibes to the universe. So when my mind goes to the negative, I make an active effort to change it as fast as possible. While sometimes this prevents me from analyzing possibly serious life moments, it normally allows me to move on from a “woe is me” attitude and continue forward.

This is something MamaJ helped instill in me, for sure. When MattyRich and I were growing up, these words were forbidden, as they were too negative: “hate,” “shut up” and “whatever.” (May I remind you that “whatever” was then used in a Clueless, what. everrrr, kind of way.) Even now I have to check myself when I casually use “hate.” It’s so negative that I don’t want to send it out there, ya know!

Perhaps some find this positivity annoying, but I see no sense in being negative. It takes more energy to be that way. In most instances, you have a choice.


55 Responses to “The Bad and the Good”

  1. I love your attitude-positivity! I always like to think of bad things/ crappy days / no-fun situations as “In the grand scheme of things… is this really going to matter?” I think it comes from sports teams when I was younger. Whenever a teammate struck out in baseball or missed a jump in skating, I would always try to comfort them with that question. I think it helped, at least I hope it did!

    I’m not the best at taking my own advice, being that I am SO hard on myself… but I’m going to keep working on it.

    Really great post, Kailey! I’m going to try your trick of making “an active effort to change it as fast as possible” from a negative thought to a cheerier one.

    ALSO. Your inappropriate carrot picture may be the funniest pic I have ever seen on a blog. ALSO #2. Your salad pic made me realize that its been forever since I’ve added celery bits to my salad. I LOVE re-discovering old vegetables that I’ve forgotten about!

  2. hate really is such a horrible word.. in fact, I hate it.
    I TRY and chance my additude.. although sometimes I get so wound up that it takes a few moments.
    have a wonderful weel – I picked up the weezy mag earlier as well!

    xox Vera

  3. Love the attitude, and on days when nothing seems to go right…that’s just the attitude you need! It’s just a day…out of how many in your life? SO MANY. I definitely agree about choosing your attitude — I used to really let little things get to me…and though they still do (like a professor of mine being an ass to me last Fri) I literally talk myself through it — in the end…I truly believe Karma gives everyone what they deserve (whether positive or negative).

    P.S. that hoodie. Where’s it frommm?

    • 4 snackface

      jilianmarie- Hello dahhhling. The hoodie is from Forever21, which reminds me that a reader just sent me an article about how awful Forever21 really is. Something to do with sweatshops, if I recall correctly.

  4. So sorry about your back hun!!!! 😦 Do you have a heating pad???

    To change my mood, I go for a run, do yoga, listen to soothing music, take a walk, or nap. It doesn’t work 100% of the time but I can usually improve my mood for the most part. I also find that making a list of 10 things I’m most thankful for really helps!



  5. I definitely believe attitude makes all the difference in the world!!! I love how for every bad thing you were able to list a good one :)- I’ve recently started trying to look at things from different perspectives- and life has taught me for the most part that things work out for the best in the end even if it doesn’t seem like it…some natural universal chemistry I suppose.

  6. I love that you mentioned waking up to a zit on your chin. Dealing with the exact same thing and always comforting to know you’re not the only one πŸ™‚

  7. 8 Alyson

    I’ve been getting better :p For some reason the more I get involved with fitness & yoga, the more I’m able to have a clear mind, catch myself when I start getting all negatively-nelly, and realize I have so much to be thankful. I think we all have stressors in our lives, but choosing to have a positive attitude and learn from such circumstances is what helps us grow, improve, be happy & healthy. (Cheesy, yes.. but also true). Great post!

  8. I’m a firm believer in feeling your emotions but not allowing them to take over. If something bad happens to me, I give myself time to understand what happened and why it made me feel a certain way (like when my computer broke, naturally I have a reason to be upset – my computer basically holds my life). But do I need to be upset for days irrationally? No. I let myself be upset about it for a few hours, then I started figuring out a solution. If I just ignore all the negative feelings, it eventually comes bursting out in some fit of overwhelming rage and sadness that is just not healthy. I think we live in a culture that is too focused on positivity and repressing negative emotions, but the truth is: SHIT HAPPENS, and we’re not programmed to just be happy all the time! It’s healthy and rational to explore the full range of our emotions, without getting carried overboard. I’ve learned this after years of repressing the negative and then losing control and sinking into deep bouts of depression. I made the conscious decision never to allow myself to drown in the horrid depths that I have been able to sink to, and this includes allowing myself to feel upset at times. But this doesn’t mean I dwell! Life goes on, and most importantly, I think we learn a lot from the negatives in our life.

    • 10 snackface

      ilanalala- You bring up an excellent side to this. I admit that sometimes I really do skip over “bad” things that happen in my life. However, in cases of breakups or family issues, I absolutely sit with it. Hell, with one break up, I was completely knocked over. There are events like that from which it takes a while to recover, and it’s all natural and a part of the process. If my computer died (and I’m always paranoid about that!), well, watch out. A lot of times I used to get upset and not express it at all, thus causing one giant explosion. I’m doing better at this, but most times I really don’t think things are a big deal and I move on. Thanks for your awesome input!

  9. And PS – that carrot. OMG if we could all be so lucky πŸ˜‰

  10. I totally needed this post, my love. I absolutely agree that attitude is everything. We weren’t allowed to say “shut up” or “hate” either. It’s funny, because my girls don’t know what “ugly,” “fat,” or even “stupid” means, because we just don’t say those words! Call it karma, the power of intent, whatever, but if you surround yourself with positivity, that’s what you are going to get back. And sweetheart, you RADIATE it!!!

    Thanks for your friendship and support!!!

  11. I completely agree. Nothing ever happens “to” you…it’s a choice! Thanks for reminding us all! We all have to choose to be positive and happy, and the rest will follow.

    Much love to you, k!

  12. 14 SΓΌnne

    I think it’s awesome you can decide on your mood and have control over it (in a positve way). Wish I could claim the same for me but I’m still practicing … let’s hope I’m going to be as successful as you one day.

    And kudos to MamaJ for raising you to develop this attitude! (If I should ever have children I’ll adopt this idea, haha).

  13. Great attitude! Something we can try a bit harder at.

  14. 16 Melissa

    My mom also forbid the word “hate” and I always do a double take when I say it now. I usually correct myself right away, which I realize helps because I end up describing my real emotion (which is never actually hate). Great post πŸ™‚

  15. I totally believe in choosing my attitude. I think attitude is everything – it can turn any situation around.

  16. I thought I was the only one who hates warm spinach! I love the stuff raw, but heated and mushy the smell and consistency are just gross. And that SmartBran cereal is the bomb…tastes like Rice Krispies, no?

    I hate to say it but I’m definitely a glass half empty kind of person, so most of the time it’s really hard to get myself out of a bad mood. The good thing is that I’m starting to realize how stupid and pissy I can be for no reason, and I’m working on just sucking it up and smiling when I’d like nothing more than to wallow alone for awhile. It’s amazing how much thinking you’re happy makes you happy!

    • 19 snackface

      Gabriela- Ay boo! You’re right—it’s all about faking it until you make it! It works!

  17. 20 hrthulin

    I try to be as positive as I can. Even when bad things happen, a lot of times it’s like, “Well I can’t change it so I may as well go with it.” I guess I like to roll with the punches! Sure, sometimes they get the best of me, but overall I try to make the best of it. Why would someone want to let every little thing get them down anyway? That’s no way to live your life!

  18. Glad you made it through!

  19. Kailey,

    Love the post! Very interesting! My mom constantly reminds my sister and I that we can “start our day over at any time.” It’s something I must have taken to heart because I now constantly drive my roommates crazy with it πŸ™‚ My dad used to chime in with “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” With their help and a lot of work on my own, I am always working on sending positive vibes and looking at the bright side. Keep up the good work girl!!


  20. You know, I just reread my comment and I want to apologize if I come off as preachy or anything! Not at all where I was trying to go with that – honestly I’ve always been a little envious of people with a natural disposition towards cheerfulness and positivity. I can blame it on my crappy childhood or my hormones but the truth is I think I’m just a natural-born cynic and I’m trying to fight that. Stay positive, I love it!

  21. 24 Jamie in Arkansas

    Please tell me about your boots! I’m in love with them! Brand? Where’d ya find them? Sweet.

    • 25 snackface

      Jamie- Thanks sugar! They are Sporto and I bought them at Macy’s in ’08.

  22. Your posts always crack me up! But, this one was a little more serious. I liked it. Great attitude you have. πŸ™‚

  23. I love this. It’s hard to look on the bright side sometimes, but I’m forcing myself to do it more and more–it’s just as easy as spiraling down but a whole lot better for the head and heart, I imagine.

  24. Love your attitude view! My mom also never let us use the words shut-up, stupid, or hate and after getting in trouble for it a few times, I STILL hesitate and think twice before saying any of those words, good job mom :-P. Volunteering or doing something for a cause ( aka like running a marathon for the leukemia society) also really puts the day to day “struggles” into perspective cause it usually makes you realize how fortunate and blessed you are!

  25. I wish I could be as positve about things in life as you are. It seems like the world would be a better place if everyone just stopped the negetivity right? Have a great day!

  26. When I was younger I used to save every.single.magazine.ever.bought. It was redic!

    Warm spinach is pretty gaggy but that lunch sounds fabulous! I haven’t had an egg wrap in nearly a year!! I’m loving the butternut pasta sauce on top of broccoli – yum!

    I definitely choose my attitude. I try to find something positive in every situation. Honestly, I try to avoid Negative Nancies because their energy just drains me.

  27. it doesnt sound cheesy! (hippy-ish, maybe). i’m a firm believer that you get what you give out, so staying positive ensures positivity. did that make sense, or am i too new agey / not making sense because of my lack o’ sleep? (the bad: i got 4 hours of sleep last night. the good: that’s because i was up all hours gabbing/laughing with the best friend).

  28. AMEN to that-i totally agree with you! we can wake up every morning and CHOOSE to make people feel loved, and to love ourselves. im a firm believer that love is a choice-you can NOT go off of emotion, or else us girls would be all over the place!
    you=a ray of sunshine!!
    i love all the colors in your food! its so pretty!

  29. This was such a great post! My parents are the same way and i love them for it! I agree with you 100% that what you put out into the Universe affects more people then you ever even realize and you truly could be making or breaking someone else’s day at any given moment! Thanks for the wonderful post πŸ™‚

  30. 34 Dana

    Yup you totally choose your attitude, and YOU just MADE MY DAY!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ yup, that deserved three smiley faces right there.
    Sometimes you forget to put your positive vibe energy cap on the morning when you wake up to your buzzing alarm , so one of my joys of reading your blog daily – before i trudge off to work,school, etc… just brightened my day, and I’m sending positive vibes your way and hope you have a bossy DAY πŸ˜‰ XOXO
    You are amazing!!!!!!!

  31. 36 Lindsey

    No, pleassee keep on being over the top positive when you can!

    I work at a coffee shop (sbux) and there’s a woman who drives in everysingleday expecting all 20 baristas to know “Pam’s Drink” which has a million modifications (2 pumps, not 5, nonfat, extra hot, in a bigger cup, extra whip extra shot.” you get the idea. WELL it’s crazy to expect everyone to know this but she does.
    Once I made it with sugar free syrup instead of regular and did I EVER HEAR ABOUT IT from her…. it was insane that someone could try and make someone feel so bad about a simple mistake!! I’m more sorry for her that she’s so easily rocked by the littlest things in life.

    Keep blogging because I absolutely adore how you write and what you’re up to and it never gets old!


  32. 37 Nicole G

    You’re so deep! I love your focus on sending out positive energy. You totally succeed in doing that with your blog. I NEVER finishing reading a post without a big, bright smile on my face. I’m not very good at sending out positive energy but you definitely serve as huge inspiration!

    Nicole G

  33. 38 elise

    i have a similar zit woe going on right now too..blah. and im definitely ready to break up with the snow. maybe i need some boots wit da furrrrrrrr.

    that carrot pic is duuuurty πŸ˜‰

  34. YES to that cereal business – I was doing the exact same thing last night post-dinner pre-bed. TOO GOOD not to!

  35. Love your positive attitude. I almost spit out my water when I read your carrot comment. It brought the LOLs!

  36. Great eats! Love nighttime snacking!


  37. 42 Kristin

    I need that Weezy magazine!

    I try to choose my attitude. Life is no good if you’re in a bad mood, and I try to make the most out of my life. Being healthy, fit and happy always give me a good attitude, life is what you make of it =D


  38. You were raised properly, hun! Those words werent allowed in my house either!

    Im always hungry after din.. I applaud myself and feel quite proud if I can hold off at least an hour before my “evening snack” lol.

  39. OMG…barbie HATES the word HATE. is that an oxymoron? i don’t know. she would always say, “Holly, hate is a strong word.”

    mamaj + barbie = good peeps.

    i hope your back feels better my love! send you LOTS of good vibes…mwah! xoxo

  40. I, too, may have something of a magazine…hording… problem. I can’t throw them away! What if I need to see that jacket from September 2006? What if I want to do March 2004’s workout? It’s something of an issue. (That’s almost a pun.)
    Thanks for the “look on the bright side” post. I think I’ve been getting much too negative lately (I would say that I hate February, but you’ve inspired me to limit that word), and need to appreciate all the good things! Thanks again! Hope your Tuesday has been much better.

    • 46 snackface

      kt- I also love to look at old issues to see how the trends really played out. Same with “up-and-coming actors.” And thank you–my Tuesday has been much better! My afternoon class was cancelled!

  41. I’ve become a huge proponent of dealing with whatever life throws at you – sometimes, big things happen and they really suck. BUT there isn’t anything you can do about it, so you should just deal with it and try to improve the situation as much as you can. I’m not a believer in the whole “everything happens for a reason” mantra, but I do think that good things can happen from bad things. If you allow life to get you down, you’ll stay down indefinitely, but you have to want to get back up and see what else you can do. Screw negativity – I’m going to deal and be happy!

    I hope tomorrow has fewer soapy meals and parking tickets – it can only get better, right?

  42. I love your attitude and love that you’re helping the world to be a happier place by just spewing positivity out left and right πŸ˜€
    I have my days, but I’m actually holding a “Complaint Free February” challenge on my blog. I’ve noticed I’m much happier this month since not whining and groaning about everything that bugs me!

  43. 49 Gwen

    LOVE! the attitude πŸ™‚ I am a big fan of taking charge of one’s attitude and I think it makes the world around you a more pleasant place to be! There are so many things a person could get upset about; it is much more fun to find a positive aspect to something. Have a great day πŸ™‚

    P.S. Definitely not sick of the boots, they are too cute.

  44. Doll face! I’m just throwing it out thuur, I ADORED your last post! Don’t get me wrong, this ones legit too :). Girl, why must we live in different cities? Cause I have a strange suspicion the snacking, slash bossy nights we would have togetha would be auhmazing! Just sayin’.
    Trust me, the fits I shall post will look like I raided a homeless man closet… who robbed a hipster. to most, not a clutch combination. But shoo, I do my thang. Ha! Or try.
    I try to look at the glass half full most the time! But we all have our days, right?
    Anyways, love the cereal munching and you!!!

  45. 51 jane

    wow i really needed that reminder today to be more positive. negative thoughts tend to be my default, so i have to work really hard at consciously turning my thoughts around.

    what immediately made me feel happier after reading this post? the pic of weezy- hot damn! he’s my number one celebrity crush. he’s so badass i can’t even explain, but you know what’s up.

  46. I’m NOT sick of the boots. In fact, I was gonna say how much I j’adore them πŸ˜‰

    The good is that I really enjoy that Kashi bar, and ate it today!!! haha

    I do believe that we can choose our attitude when it comes to the day to day stuff. Big upsets (I mean big) should not be avoided or looked over, but when it comes to things like parking tickets, fender benders, forgotten homework or a missed deadline, I believe people should take a chill pill. I’m a work in progress, but the point is, to make progress.

  47. I’m sorry you had such a rough day. Remember that every day is a new day!

  48. Wow. No lie, right before I read this post I was pulling a whole “Woe is me. My printer’s broken.. now I have to wake up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow and go to the printing lab” moment. This post is a [much needed] proverbial slap in the face – so thank you for that.

    When I was in middle school my principal used to always end the daily announcements by saying “Make it a great day or not; the choice is yours”. At the time I was unable to grasp the depth and meaning behind these words looking back now – legit stuff! We can choose to dwell in our suffering or we can CHOOSE to transform that negative energy in to something positive. Happiness is a choice. Empowering, no?

    Oh I love you so much beautiful. Thank you for bringing so much light in to my life. ❀ ❀ ❀

  49. i try to NEVER use the word, “hate”… my father, even though he was a big (6’5) strict, manly type… he didn’t allow that word. he told me once that saying you hate someone is basically saying you wish they were dead.

    i’ve never been a fan of the word! if it ever flies out of my mouth, i consciously stop, and either correct myself with a less harsh word, or apologize to whomever heard it.

    apparently daddoo made a big impression…

    thanks so much for your post… i’m constantly uplifted upon visiting your blog. it’s important to choose your attitude and see the positive in things.. just as it’s important to not take everything so seriously ALL the time, and to give yourself a break, OMG i’m rambling!

    ANYWAY, you do these things for your readers on the daily… GRACIAS!!!

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