Let’s Go On a Living Spree


BABY PUDDINGS!!! I’ve missed you! How the heck are you? I didn’t mean to completely disappear, but Muffin and I were busy squeezing the life out of the weekend.

Taking a note from Kanye, we went on a living spree (shiii, they say the best things in life are free). As soon as Thursday night hit, Muffin and I left behind school, newspaper and writing obligations and did tha damn thang.

Before hitting Athens’ beer-coated hot-spots, I auditioned for a solo in my a capella group. Homegirl got it! Technically, I tied with someone else, and we’ll be alternating performances. I cannot wait to be able to share this song with all of you when we finally perform.

Buzzing already, Muffin, Banana and I reconvened at mi casa to freshen up. Someone looked fierce:


As soon as we stepped our stilettoed tootsies uptown, stress vanished and new friends were made:

Jungle suggested that Muff and I go by Mary Kate and Ashley. Considered and vetoed.

Actually, these are strangers who crashed our photo. Shared the love anyway.

I got so low on the flo’ that night that my thighs were a burnin’ the next day. Knowing that dancing is the best cardio, Muffin and I treated ourselves to Bob’s Heaven breakfasts:

Veggie omelet with egg substitute. Ate all of that, none of the potatoes.

Ate one biscuit with apple butter, gave the other to Muffin. Mmm.

As we dined we discussed how our wardrobes needed a night-wear boost. With free Fridays, we packed up the car and drove to Columbus for some shopping.

The destination was Forever21, and we had a bit of a tough time finding something cute. I’d love to share more ‘fit pics, but it would be entirely inappropriate. (Read: Boobage Overage.) One piece I can show, though, was this on-the-fence dress:

It was meh and I felt far too naked in it. Onto the next one, onto the next.

Having only a bag of pretzels for “lunch,” I was starving after our shopping adventures. Panera saved me:

Carbo-loading for life. Medi veggie sandwich with new vegetable pesto soup and whole grain baguette. Amazing.


Muffin agreed to splitting a seriously chocolatey cookie with me.

With full, happy tummies, Muffin and I drove back to Athens for another night out.

We hit up a party full of my music friends. I love these people, but when you get three a capella groups together, you get 30+ people who want to be noticed in one room. I can sing better than you! Just listen! It was a touch overwhelming. We’re all divas and can’t help it. (Guilty as charged.)

Afterward, we tried to go uptown for a bit, but didn’t really feel that scene either.

Not letting a so-so night get us down, Muffin and I welcomed a new day. Fully embracing newness, I tried something I never thought I’d enjoy:

Huevos Rancheros! LOVE.

Not only had I never tried Huevos Rancheros, I’d also never tried runny egg yolks. Yolks have freaked me out forever (and Kailey of vegan past was shadoobing her pants), but I absolutely loved them! Muffin coached me through it and told me they tasted like butter, sans grease. Incredible!

To continue celebrating life and love, Muffin and I headed to the theater to watch Valentine’s Day. Essentially, it was the Valentine version of Love Actually. It was light, fluffy and a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Taylor Swift’s painful acting almost ruined it for me, but I’m choosing to ignore that entire storyline.

Muffin had to attend a dinner party at 6pm-ish, which left me to my own devices for dinner. I snacked on four Sun Flour lemon shortbread cookies and a yogurt mess:

Light n' Fit Toasted Coconut with TJ's Morning Light cereal, banana and peanut butter.

Later that night, Muff and I walked to a house party for our friends’ band’s concert. These were music people of an entirely different sort, and I loved that, too. I could have done without the moshing, but I made it out alive. The party went by the theme “Dead Day.” Though this went against our theme of a “living” spree, we still enjoyed it. The only picture from the night was:

Dark and moody.

The night ended with some vegetarian chili-cheese fries, a 3-minute, $10 taxi cab ride and my cozy bed.

Sunday mornings are always sad because Muffin and I have to part ways. We ate citrus and recapped the weekend before she left.

Once alone, I made a to-do list to get my mind working and then noshed on pumpkin oats that looked something like this:

These were actually Thursday's oats.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1/4 C egg whites, 1 C water, 1/3 C pumpkin, 1/2 naner and a drizzle of peanut butter. Luscious. (“She smashed a homie!“)

I tidied the house for a bit and then drove to the gym. Fifty minutes on the elliptical never felt so good. Although, the girl next to me broke my heart. I just wanted to hug her.

I followed the cardio with AAA (abs, arms, a$$) and then hopped to my car. I had a marvelous time at Kroger, selecting what will be filling my tum this week.

The rest of my Sunday consisted of organizing, watching the tube, eating, missing Muffin and figuring out how I can live in a permanent state of weekend. Alas, the school work must commence. I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from the living spree:

Muffin went to put on her shoe and found a BL bottle cap attached. Such is the life of Athens, Ohio, socialites.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: In what ways did you go on a living spree this weekend? ALSO How do you like your eggs?

I’m building a new relationship with eggs, so I’m open to suggestions!


59 Responses to “Let’s Go On a Living Spree”

  1. 1 Muffin

    I love our weekends! Chapter 14 for sure.

    That is a horrible picture of me, LOL.

    We need to do Snacktime soon!!!

    I love you…!!!

  2. Who is this Banana character?
    totally cutie

    As always, love the blog snackface

  3. Love it! and that dress looks amazin on you!! Though I get you with the whole “feeling entirely too naked” thing – far too often things fit perfectly — all except the don’t cover the booty or I’m in danger of pullin’ a Britney.

  4. 4 Nicole G

    I visited a good friend at Georgetown for the weekend with a bunch of friends. Road trip? Check. Too many people too few beds? Check. Crazy shenanigans? Check.

    We went there because she was performing in her school’s production of the Vagina Monologues. Perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend – VERY empowering! It was my first time seeing it and she was AMAZING in it. I was so proud =)

    Nicole G


    • 5 snackface

      Nicole- OMG! It’s a tradition to have Vagina Monologues produced on Valentine’s weekend here, too! I haven’t seen it, but I’ve auditioned for it. They cast me in a different show instead. Guess I wasn’t woman enough!

  5. i definitely went on a living spree – lots of wine, a great meal out, chocolate truffles, and good times with friends.
    as for eggs, i love eating them in any form. my faves are over easy or scrambled with feta and spinach. yummmmm.

  6. awwwww, so much fun! muffin looks FAB! (is that creepy? hi muffin!) and i want your AAA. (abs, arms, and ass. is that creepy?) live it up girlfriend! SatC style! XOXOXO

  7. me and egg whites are BFFs but eggs as a whole… kind of scared of em. I know egg is a great guy but all that bad press about him turned me off and I like my eggs without the yolks taste wise.. Nothin beats a hardboiled egg once in a blue moon though

  8. Lovee egg sammies!
    Sounds like a fab weekend Kailey πŸ™‚

  9. Ms. Snackface, darrrling! I’m so glad you gave runny eggs a chance…now you know what you’ve been missing!!! lol, WOO HOO! I am ridiculously happy that you love them yolks, too!

  10. you look sooo hot in that first outfit up thur! ow owwww! so does muff!
    what a GREAT weekend!!
    love the diner style breakfast-those are my fav
    LOVE eggs in oats! i am doing 1/3 cup of egg whites now in em and its soo much fluffier!
    love you girl!

  11. sounds like an amazing weekend, congrats on the solo!

  12. LOVE runny egg yolks. You should try them poached. Also, I was curious why you and Muffin don’t live together. You two are definitely best friends, but you talked about having to “part ways” after the weekend. What’s the dealio on that one? Also, why did the girl on the elliptical next to you break your heart and deserve a hug?

    Sorry, this wasn’t supposed to be a pop quiz…

    • 15 snackface

      Brunette- Ay baybay! So, Muffin and I don’t live together (at the moment) because we were both in living agreements with our roomies from our freshman year of college! With my old roomie, we said from frosh year that we’d continue to live together. Muff is also the most loyal person and didn’t want to leave her roomie, either. And I so didn’t want this to be a topic, so I skipped over it, but the girl next to me on the elliptical was just painfully thin. I may have been wrongfully judging, and that really could be her body type, but so many other things suggested otherwise. As one who’s been judged similarly, I’m hesitant to say things like that on the blog, but it slipped in. :/

  13. Just saw that movie and LOVED it! Except for yes, the T Swfit storyline. My roommates and I all decided we could’ve done completely without it. It really wasn’t even a storyline. Just a bunch of making out? And being dumb? And sadly to say, also took 2 Forever 21 trips this weekend. At least I walked out yesterday with 3 shirts for under $20! Score πŸ™‚

  14. I can only do eggs one way…soft boiled, with buttered toast for dipping. Eggs kind of gross me out, but the buttery toast makes it delicious πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Forever 21 is so hit or miss. You can either come out significantly poorer, or feeling like a ho just for trying certain things on. Loving the Panera lunch! Their hummus sammie is delicioso.

    Have an amazing week love!

  15. 18 Jillian

    Go for sunny side up with lots of salt on top! DELICIOUS. And now I am totally craving huevos rancheros…

  16. I like egg whites in omelettes! Looks like you had an awesome weekend – gotta love random photo crashers, I have photos from my undergrad days with girls I have no idea who they are!

  17. cute dress! those vegan eggs look legit. mmm a biscuit with apple butter sounds delish

  18. Sounds like a fun n fabulous weekend!
    I just recently began my love affair with runny eggs…mmmm…I love eggs benedict, fried eggs with toast (and sh!tloads of herbs/spices/hot sauces!) Eggs are also pretty good with hummus as a condiment believe it or not. Sometimes I even put a ton of roasted veggies in an oven ramekin and top it with an egg and let it bake a little. delicious n nutritious πŸ™‚

  19. 22 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    so jealous you saw valentine’s day! i want to see it πŸ™‚ i love omelettes but wiht the full egg..so soo good!! and i really like them overhard haha i’m weird. that dress is actually really cute!! bob evan’s biscuits are soo good too

    congrats on the solo πŸ™‚ i think u should v-log you singing!!


  20. hard boiled eggs are delicious crumbled over salads (especially with a bit of feta in the salad too), whole, or in sandwiches (egg salad, sliced on a sandwich, or on a bagel with cream cheese–the latter probably tops all)…poached also happens to be pretty incredible. and lastly, so are slowlyyyy scrambled eggs where you literally let them cook for 10 minutes on super low heat.
    so apparently, i love my eggs! enjoy

  21. i just wrote about a mini living spree i had the last five days! motherfreaking snowed in, so i had to go “balls out” (as much as one can go “balls-out” in a tiny apartment) to keep from going crazy.

    and this: “…the girl next to me broke my heart. I just wanted to hug her” actually made my heart burn from firsthand experience. it’s such a painful place. it’s such an unhappy place.
    whoosh. depresso.

    thank you for being as refreshing as sugar-free orbit gum.

  22. You two are SO CUTE!!! πŸ™‚ And I Lurrrrrrve the outfit πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and the omelet!

  23. You gotsta try eggs in a basket! I’ve always been a scrambled girl myself, but lately eggs that have been “fried” with a slight runny center are my boo.

    Glad you and Muffin had such a ballin’ weekend, and thanks for warning me about T Swift. Poor girl should just stick to what she knows πŸ™‚

  24. 27 HannahBanana

    Wes, youre so sweet!!!
    As per usual, tres boss post,
    Happy I could glam it up with my fierce behind

    OH!!! For your questions; we need a breakfast session soon, Feta and spinach omelets anyone? Im a fan of egg white snuggled between two warm english MUFFINS with a ouch of cheeses, and FRANKS!!!!


  25. egg in a hole!! I use ezekial bread, med hot oiled skillet, cut a hole out of the center of the bread, plop the bread and the circle cutout in the pan, crack an egg in the bread hole, let it cook a couple minutes (maybe sprinkle some nooch or s&p) secs cooking on this side then plate it up, and use the lil bread circle for dipping in the yolk hole. oh yes, the yolk hole. when th yolk is all dipped out, you have yummy egg-white fried bread to gobble up.I like it with ketchup, you might like something a lil hotter.

  26. 29 JMB

    Why did the girl beside you break your heart?

  27. 1. Straight up thug with retailin’, holla.
    2. I like ’em sunny-side up. Maybe it’s the Scottish in me but I like my eggs to wiggle; raw yolk’s never freaked me out.

  28. 32 Gina G

    ahh your weekend looks like a blast! im so glad you had a great weekend! i spent it with my girlfriends just going to see a movie, to dinner, and then the next night a game of boardgames (partiers right? πŸ˜‰ but i loved it haha)
    the way i love my eggs? dippy egg style… aka sunnyside up with toast dipped in (thats what my mom always called it). I also love veggie omelets dipped in ketchup…so good!

    have a wonderful day Kailey!

  29. your weekend looks amazingly fun!!- I think it’s hysterical that you and Muffin considered going by Mary-Kate and Ashley lol- I would have done it just to see people’s reactions!
    I saw Valentine’s Day this past weekend as well- and I liked it, but agreed Taylor Swift was TERRIBLE. I still love her, but the girl shouldn’t act…
    & My fav eggs are in omelet form (HATE runny eggs- impressed you tried ’em!), lately I’ve actually had them with cottage cheese (which i also hate by itself)- but in eggs it’s quite delicious and fluffy!

    (&i hate seeing girls at the gym that break my heart- i don’t know why in your case but i can only imagine :/)

  30. 34 Clare

    I spent my weekend catching up on sleep – I’ve spent the last three weekends on pretty epic ‘living sprees’ (J’adore that phrase!). Your weekend looks super funI only really like eggs as omlettes (my favourite are ‘greek salad’ omlettes – egg whites, feta, sliced olives and cherry tomatoes, and a little spinach, yum), and pancakes if they count – happy Pancake Day [Shrove Tuesday] for tomorrow! Congrats on your solo too

  31. hahahahaha…Muffin picture = priceless.

    i have totally been into eggs lately. no joke. i add them to my oatmeal as it cooks for an extra protein boost, in egg burritos, scrambled with veggies…OBSESSED.

    gah, i miss you so much. we need to catch up. i feel like i havent seen (slash talked) to you in forevs. love your stellar weekend, and the title of this post could not be more fabulous. LOVE YOU xoxoxox

  32. Runny egg yolks are one of my favorite things in the world. Hard yolks are boring to me in most contexts. I also use eggs to make frittatas. And my favorite condiments with eggs are salsa and ketchup.

    I would say I got my living in this weekend by spending a lot of quality time with my man and not drinking a lot (unlike last weekend…), so we actually felt healthy and well-rested the whole time. Gotta love that.

  33. Kailey!! Omg your weekend looks so similar to mine! Dancing, eats, dranks and movies! Wasn’t Vday the cutest?? But gag, I know–t swift’s name brings in even more $$$$ i’m sure, but the rest of the cast is def more talented in the acting department! Her character just bugged me, too!

    You look so gorgy in that group pic with the randy girls though! And i’m glad you vetoed the forev dress. Not FIERCE enough, ya mean?! Your arms are lookin’ amazing too! Soooo strong! πŸ™‚

    That omelet kinda needs to be in my life, now. And so does that yogurt mess. Glad you’re lovin’ on the eggs lately! I go through my phases–just depends on if the texture is freaking me out or not!

    Okay boo! I must head off to class #2 of 5 for the day! XOXOX
    Ps! I like my eggs in omelet form at restaurants and scrambled with lots of veg & salsa at home! Throwin’ it into a wrap and maybe adding some fake meat would make it REALLLLLLL GOOOOOOD (therefore I plan on trying that combo over break)!!

    LOVE YA!

  34. 38 Little Bookworm

    Your weekend sounds amazing! Congrats on the solo! πŸ˜€

  35. Fun weekend! I went to see Valentine’s Day also and I thought it was a cute movie but yes Taylor Swift was not very good.

  36. Sounds like yet another fab weekend! Good luck going back to the non weekend stuffs this week πŸ™‚

  37. my living spree consisted of a bar with a really good COVER BAND. when they closed with born to run, i died and went to springsteen heaven.

    and no, taylor swift was non-good. but i do love her hair!

  38. Congrats on that solo, girl! You are going to rock it, even if you have to share a little bit of it.

    My living spree consisted of a crazy dance rave that turned into pong playing that turned into me eating my weight in Tostitos at 4:30 am. Partying makes this girl hungry!

    I decided that the only way to get through that movie was to laugh AT T. Swift, not at all WITH her. There was enough man-meat to make it all worthwhile, but that girl should not go anywhere near a motion picture ever again.

  39. Congrats love on the solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!

    Oh my gosh you and muffin = the hottest duo ever!!!! Love hearing your weekend recaps!!!

    I love the dress too, looks amazing on you, but ummmm what doesn’t??!! Ha!!

    I hope you have a great week ahead!!

    Eggs, I love eggwhites with stevia and cinnamon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 44 Aunty Sue

    I love my eggs soft boiled or poached and my shopping spree this weekend I entered a contest to win a $500 gift basket from Calrins

  41. I like my eggs in all shapes and forms – ix-nay on the runny, though.

    Omelets and scrambles eggs have been my breakfast of choice as of late. Yeah yeah, I’m cheating on my oats, but they just don’t have the full-factor that eggies do!

  42. I actually don’t like eggs! I get craze stomach aches whenever I have them, so I tend to stay away :\

    Congrats on the solo girl! You totes deserve it.


  43. I*’m fine iwth my eggs any way, as long as they don’t end up burnt or dry, ahah!
    congrats on the solo girlie!

    xox Vera

  44. CONGRATS on your solo, mama!!! When you hit it big, you better not forget about me πŸ™‚

    Picture crashers piss me off! Ferreal – whenever my girl frands and I try to take a cute picture someone always jumps in and ruins it. Then Miss Sass comes alive and it’s not pretty.

    Diner breakfasts = DELISH! That biscuit has got me drooling! I was supposed to see Valentine’s Day this weekend but my buds had to cancel after lunch. Taylor Swift just annoys me so I can’t believe she’s in that movie. Hahah – love the picture of Muffin!


  45. eggs are best with veggies…and SALSA. always always.

    such a fun weekend!

  46. 50 healthnuttxo

    eggs and maple syrup. ahh
    so good.
    especially with a buttered english muffin (whole wheat, toasted, obvs. )

  47. girl, i do not lie when i say i have YET to have ordered huevos rancheros even though i drool every time i see it in a menu. the coffee bar by my house has it.. and YOU MADE ME WANT TO ORDER IT NEXT TIME FO SHO. i love you and miss u like woah, hope you had the most wonderful vday !! xoxo

  48. yo I want me some banana muffins for snacktime – you catch my drift?

    ah what a fan-freakin-tastical weekend! I want to see vday so bad but I couldn’t drag Gingie with me. Too manly, I suppose (says the boy who has seen Bring it On one two AND three more times than any male should) I digress.

    You are effin’ sexii as hellz!

    Love you to the moon and back like 10 milly times! xoxoxoxoxo

  49. I slept my ass off this weekend like I never have before. True story.

    Lol as I looked at that picture of the shoe with the bottle cap I felt something in my pocket and pulled out a bottle cap of unknown origin…seriously??? How long has this been here??

    I’m also rebuilding a relationship with eggs but I really really like em, well, everyone has a different name for it but we call it a hobo egg in my family, an egg fried on top of a piece of bread with a hole cut into the center. I used to be totally yolk-phobic but one day I let my mom make it runny for me and I’ve never looked back. OMG dipping toast in yolk – one of life’s many pleasures.

  50. Ohhh and my grandmother always makes us scrambled egg wraps with a slice of cheese and salsa … That is one of my top definitions of comfort food for sure.

  51. Tonight, I will celebrate living with my buddy by seeing a Snoop Dogg concert at a teeny club in Chicago! Only after I bought the tix did I realize it’s also Mardi Gras today πŸ˜€
    Congrats on getting the solo!

  52. I prefer my eggs scrambled, with lots of veggies mixed in. Throw in some chunky salsa, and Frank’s Red Hot to boot! Also drenched in bread for some yummy french toast! πŸ™‚


  53. your boob looks hot in photo number 3. the right one.

    runny yolks make the world go round, as do huevos rancheros. welcome to the runny side.

    my living spree lasted a week and i lived the jamaican life. oh and got engaged, but you knew that.

    balls, i missed you. so glad to be back to reading your loveliness.

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