24 Hours


Hello beauties! I always think it’s amazing what can happen in 24 hours. No, nothing big has happened. In fact, I’m feeling a bit rut-y lately, but I’m trying to ignore that. What better way to show what can happen within this seemingly small span of time than with a schedule/timeline? Yezzir.


7:35pm- MattyRich is doing a fantastic job plating. Damn. His artistry blows mine out of the water:

Quinoa, brussels, taboule and vegan chicken plated by MattyRich.

Homeboy knows how to work a spoon of Frank's Red Hot.

7:50- Family dinners are much more entertaining than the ones I have solo. Exhibit A:

Balancing a Barq's. MattyRich done did it again.

8:37- Is this British film boring, or is it just me? Pretzels will amuse me until I figure it out.

9:50- Oh, the Saints won. Where’s Reggie Bush? Where’s Kim? I’m stoked for this episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

11:20- Love Happens is NOT a romantic comedy. Eff this. I did not want to cry tonight. Really, I didn’t.

12:30am- How is it that this bed is the most comfortable thing on earth?

8:00am- I don’t want to go back to Athens. I don’t want to go back to being stressed constantly, walking in the freezing cold, going through the motions and not being fully in it.

8:45- This is so depressing. The whole fam is off to work and I have to get my hiney in gear and go back to Athens. Uh, guess food would be good:

Fab yoatgurt.

In the bowl: 1/4 C quick oats made with water and chocolate whey protein powder, one bloob Oikos.

9:15- MattyRich suddenly returns home and whips together three CD’s for me. Best brother evah.

10:10- Packed and dressed, I hop in the car and trek to Athens. Though I’ve made the trip hundreds of time over the past few years, I’ve never driven it alone. God, please help me and my poor sense of direction.

10:40- She can go all night, her heart pump Red Bull.” Young Money makes my life complete.

10:50- Pissed. What the hell is this gigantic pool-sized tube on the back of this truck, which is surrounded by three police cars, which is blocking me, which is making my smooth 65-mph drop to a painful 45-mph, which is annoying me.

11:20- In the clear.

11:30- I’m really going to miss Weezy when he’s in jail. Maybe he’ll come out with really great material. What can I do to honor him on Tuesday? What does it say about me that I feel sorry for someone whom I don’t really know going to jail? Meh. Can’t help that I love him.

12:11- Happy as one can be making dull car ride. It was beautiful, though:

Snow, you're pretty. Too bad I'm over you.

1:30pm- Safely in Athens, must stock up on dairy. My legs feel foreign with the first steps.

1:45- Blog-readers are going to rip on me for buying this Lite n’ Fit yogurt, but I want it. They can say “I told you so” when and if I report stomach aches. Nevahhh.

2:03- I’m not unpacking. No way. Must eat:

Lunch on a new Target plate. Thanks, MamaJ!

In the wrap: 1 Laughing Cow, few slices of plain/raw tempeh, mustard, Frankie and lettuce.

Was missing something.

3:07- I’m tired of this. I don’t want to go to class. I’m tired of this schedule. I’m tired of not feeling like a good enough student/friend/blogger/commenter/writer/workout-er. (<–Moment of weakness. They happen.)

3:15- I am ridiculous. Stop being a poop.

3:16- Muffin phone call makes me feel better.

3:50- It’s significantly colder outside than I originally thought.

4:03- Can’t feel my fingertips or toes. Or are they toe tips? Is that even a term?

4:40- Please don’t call on me. I haven’t read yet. Please don’t call on me.

5:35- Now I remember why I don’t go to the gym at this hour. Too many people to see me be the freak on the elliptical with neon-purple weights.

5:40- Who cares. Do tha damn thang.

7:05- I feel alive again. Thank you cardio, abs, arms and squats. And thank you:

String cheese (photo from earlier, obviously). That shortie feels inadequate, I'm sure.

7:18- EFF. Huge brain fart. Practice is at 7:15, not 7:30.

8:14- I have to get this solo. I have to.

9:00- This is too late for dinner. Nevermind, I’d be eating at this time anyway:

Nothing but class.

Banana soft serve with cereal.

In the softie: 1 frozen banana, splashes of almond milk, pinch o’ chocolate whey protein powder, topped with new-to-me TJ’s cereal (pic to come).

10:00- Shower. Super late.

10:30- Shower my dishes.

11:00- Ughhh don’t want to do schoolwork. Blogging shall do instead.

So maybe that was more than 24 hours. As you can tell, my mind and body have been all ovah the place today! I’ve chosen that Tuesday will be better mind-wise. Love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What do you do to try to stay positive? (WHOAH do’s and to’s.) AND Are you devastated that Weezy F. Baby will be in jail? AND How do you feel about Lite n’ Fit yogurt?

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53 Responses to “24 Hours”

  1. Thanks for posting about my GIVEAWAY πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I loooove the hot/cold combo of yogurt and oatmeal. Thought I was the only one! Oh, and your brother has got some skillzzz. Imagine if every dinner we put that much care into appearance???

  2. Sounds like a crazy 24 hours. I used to hate going back to school too sometimes after some quality time with the family in undergrad, especially during some lonelier semesters. And now my lack of positivity comes from trying to balance everything. I find taking some ‘me’ time when I can along with good music and yoga can turn my mood around sometimes. I’ve added some dairy back in my life too…cautiously monitoring for effects on the GI too (TMI, I know!)

  3. Your bro’s got mad skilllzzz with the hot sauce! haha

    I hear you on the whole — being over the semester — thing…I cannot get into the groove of things, this semester, for the life of me! Ah! I try and stay positive…like tonight — if I bombed my French quiz..plennnty of time to bring my grade back up (I won’t be HAPPY if I get a bad grade…but gotta think to the future!). I have a tendency to be too hard on myself. Hmph…oh the joys of self-reflection. πŸ™‚

    Love the timeline! and I will miss Weezy!!

    Lite N’ Fit — hmm, I don’t think I have a probbb with it – I just never buy it (anymore)…I embraced Greek yog and never looked back. I think I’m so accustomed to plain yogurt now, that LnF is too sweet for me…but…fundamentally, I have nothing against it.

  4. 4 Kate

    Hmmm i hate days like those! Staying positive… well im not the best at that part, i usually just bitch it out and feel better haha

    I am sad about Weezy buuut im pretty sure this won’t hurt his career in the slightest and he’ll come out with some amazing stuff after he gets out. no doubt.

    Lite N Fit – you will taste the fakeness… but it’s do-able. I just picked up the new Dannon Greek yogurt. Questionable… have you tried it/ seen it?? I don’t think it’s legit greek yogurt because it has cornstarch (thickener??) whereas Oikos just has bacteria and milk. I DUNNO. we shall see tomorrow when i give it a go!

  5. I usually just try and compress my anger…after throwing a few punches I feel much better.
    ..kidding. Although with some people.. >;| haha.

    As for weezy…if anything, his career will flourish. It wont be stopping him. “How do I feel? Bitch, I feel undefeated. ”

    I’ve never tried that yogurt! I’m assuming it made your tummy hurt?



  6. Aw damn, I forgot my homeboy was being locked up so soon! Guess it’s a good thing I’ll be pulling some all-nighters this week–gives me ample time to blast his genius work πŸ™‚ I should probably start thanking my profs, instead of cursing them haha.
    I stay positive by reminding myself that at the end of my ridiculous weeks I can drown my sorrows in beer (I’m only half kidding) and I have no idea about that yogurt you speak of. I normally only eat the greek stuff, but sometimes I go for Yoplait. It’s cheap and it’s good enough. Not an excuse, I know. Oh well.
    Anyway, glad you had a great time with your family and I hope Muffin feels better soon!

  7. Hahaha love those plates with the Red Hot. So profesh!

    I just try to remember about all the things I have and am so blessed with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes I just want to be a debbie downer.

  8. I saw Love Happens this weekend too! Not really sure how I felt about it. Love my girl Jennifer Aniston, but that actor just irked me. I’m not really sure why, but I kept getting this really awkward feeling from him. No chemistry there WHAT SO EVER!!! I think that is what turned me off from the entire movie.

    Oh well, it wasn’t horrible.

    Glad you had a great weekend lovely!

  9. The word on the Houston streets is that he’s in Houston right now and may skip to Mexico (I’m speaking of Weezy) – but it’s just a rumor, I’m sure.
    I’m going to miss him!

  10. nice play by play πŸ™‚
    and your brother has some major plating skills…future chef? I think so πŸ˜‰

    I’m sure your week will get better…it’s hard to get into the routine of school after being so relaxed with the fam.


  11. I’ve been feeling rut-y lately too. I think it’s the winter. Being permanently cold and stuck inside doing schoolwork has a way of sucking the life out of you. Getting lots and lots of sleep always makes me feel better though…and exercise, as lame as that sounds.

    I love the tempeh in your wrap. I eat it raw too! So good. I used to LOVE Light’n’Fit yogurt, but now it just reminds me of the times I’d eat a container as an entire meal. Meh. It’s a shame, since the new flavors sound so much better. Maybe I’ll give it another go sometime if you like yours πŸ™‚

    Hang in there love!

  12. ummm I ❀ the lite and fits, so they can hate on me too! I had one every day in college. Now I don't get them as often because I adore chobani but they are SO good when i am wanting something sweet…its artificial goodness is just too good to pass up!

    to stay positive, I think abotu all those who have struggle each and everyday and have it worse than me. I always try to smile because being happy can be infectious!! As Sophia (burpnslup) puts it "Never spit on a smiling face" so I just alwways try to see the glass half full…listening to good music,working out, having dance parties in my room, ya know the usual that all makes me happy!

    weezy is going to jail??! sad day, however I am sure he will come up with some killahhhh rhymes while sitting in that cell

  13. MA. i KNOW how you feel. i could have written this post. we are SO CLOSE to the end though, and we are SO BLESSED to have people in our lives who we love so much. i’m mourning weezy over in my neck of the woods today, and i’ll be thinking of you as music goes through this hard time… oh, and lite and fit? i ate it recently… aint no shame! i wasn’t crazy about it, but who freaking cares what you eat! WE LOVE YOU, not yo’ food.


  14. 15 thedelicateplace

    LiteNFit used to be my go to a couple years ago when I was on a sugar free, fat free kick but then entered: GI DISTRESS! i had to cut it out completely. about a year ago i ate it out of hunger desperation and lack of gas station cuisine options and it tasted so fake 😦 i only eat whole foods now and my tum is sooooo much happier!

  15. I feel rut-y this time of year too–it’s the cold weather, lack of awesome holidays (V-Day can suck it), and general monotony of the daily grind. Luckily spring’s around the corner.

    To feel better I surround myself with good people and just do something silly and indulgent. A good book also helps!

    • 17 MattyRich

      Don’t be so harsh on V-day its a decent holiday if you have a “Valentine”.

  16. ay baybay. i am feeling you on this rut thing. i feel like a life chat is in order. let’s do it. over happy hour vino and meditterrean quesadillas and snackplates? k great.

    i rarely eat light n fit now because im such a greek yog chica–but i LOVE it. those little delicious containers of HFCS got me through college, and if kev thug happens to pick one up, i’d snap a pic, inhale it and welcome any blogland judgment.

    i love you!!

  17. I sit and tell myself that it could be much worse…and that I’m the only one that can make it better! def what i did yesterday with my oh-so-fantastic-monday [[enter sarcasm here]].

    better outlook = optimism. πŸ™‚

  18. bahaha you are so cute!! matty riches artist skills are amaze.
    girl it dont matta what time you eat! you do what you want!
    to get myself motivated? well i do tell myself that sometimes its okay to have a bad day-just pick yourself up and start over new with the next day. i just look at all of my blessings and try to stay positive
    i actually LOVE dannon light and fit yogurt! i know its “bad” for you but oh well!! i eat more greek yogurt tho.

  19. 21 Kate

    I hope that you cheer up soon, dear! Moments of weakness are ok but don’t let them get your fabulous self down because it breaks my heart to hear those sad thoughts when I see this wonderfully creative, intelligent, gorgeous, funny woman with all this spark and sass.

    When I get down, I break my stress into smaller pieces and attack them one at a time so I can try to resolve the big ones…when that doesn’t work…I make lists or the good things in my life to get me thinking positively again…and if that doesn’t work…wine wine wine

  20. 22 Susan

    I jot down a quick list of all the things I’m grateful for. For example, I’m sure your stoked to have such a talented bro and a loving fam and a loving Muffin! It helps put things in perspecitve.
    That being said, this time of year is hard. The cold, the approach of mid-semester, and the antsiness of the upcoming warm weather combine to make me feel a tad “off” as well.

    Hang in there mamacita! You are strong, sassy, sophisticated, and smart!

  21. I was just talking to my brother about Weezy going to jail.. it’s like 1-2 years, yes?!! HORRIBLE! I don’t know whats gonna happen… I’ll have to start listening to his crazy mix tapes. He best come back better than ever. ‘Let’s pray, ten fingers…’

    The banana soft serve is the ultimate dessert, crunchy, sweet, and chilled!

  22. 24 Dana

    Absolutely loved the post today!!!!! πŸ™‚

  23. Sometimes I wish I lived close enough to school to be able to go home for a weekend to just get away from all of the craziness and stress of college. Like you said, dinners are just more entertaining and you suddenly have hilarious people around you constantly.

    And while it’s sad that Weezy is off to the clinker, I’m sure he’ll return with some fabulous new stories and wisdom that he can turn into music. In the rap world, a little jail time never hurt anyone.

  24. Maybe it’s a little dramatic, but to stay positive I think about the people in Haiti. My life drama doesn’t seem so bad.

    Or I think about my dad and the horrible stuff he’s dealt with in his career with his business partner and it helps me survive another day at the office.

    Here’s to a better day!

  25. at least weezy won’t have another baby momma while he’s in jail!

    one time i had a lite n fit key lime yogurt. it tingled on my tongue……..and i liked it.

  26. I am devastated about Weezy F’s incarceration :'(…like you said though, it might inspire some off the hook material!!!!
    To stay positive- I try not to isolate myself- hang out with my friends, watch amusing TV shows/youtube videos, and make a list of stuff I be looking forward to!
    As for Light n Fit…sorry totes not a fan, I ate it once and got pretty sucky stomachaches (stuff with aspartame/splenda) makes me feel really icky n crampy.

  27. I love Weezy too! While it’s unfortunate that he is going to be in jail, I’m sure he will come up with lots of great stuff while he’s in there. Once he gets out, he will be that much better. πŸ™‚ I’ll miss him though!

  28. lite n fit used to be my yogurt of choice before I discovered Greek yogurt a few years back

    and weezy is fine, he gave us enough music to keep us busy for awhile but i’m expecting him to write some kick butt music behind bars.

  29. 31 lowandbhold

    Matty Rich’s plating skills really are fabulous. That will get him some ladies should he ever cook them dinner πŸ™‚

    I am sad about Weezy goin’ away. I was equally sad about the loss of T.I., because he makes me swoon. I think he should be gettin out soon! So there’s that!

    To try to stay positive I mainly just fake it. Some days it’s genuine, but when it’s not I just pretend it’s there.

  30. “I’m tired of this. I don’t want to go to class. I’m tired of this schedule. I’m tired of not feeling like a good enough student/friend/blogger/commenter/writer/workout-er. (<–Moment of weakness. They happen.)"

    gah, AMEN SISTER. i feel like that all the time. then i have to remember that one lady cant do it all.

    i am SO GLAD you had a fabulous time at home. so refreshing. and we need to get on that march planning ASAP. love you lady – have a wondrous day!


    p.s. no judgement on light n' fit. i ate multiple cups of that everyday this weekend.

  31. To stay positve I try exercise if it is a bad day/mood I’m having it if is getting me through the work day little breaks to chat with my friends who always make me laugh help
    LOL I am still laughing about you typing what could you do to honor Weezy when he goes to jail.

  32. 34 Brenna

    Ahhh- the dreaded February slump. I think of them as the mean reds ala Audrey in bfast at Tiffanys. Stay positive, but more importantly stay busy. This time of year I sort of fake it til I make it and know that things will be better in March. Hang in there! If all else fails, buy some new lip gloss. Nothing like a little slick of pink gloss to cheer a girl up!

  33. You’ll get through this! I think that wearing an outfit that makes you feel bossy will help you get through today.

    And as a side note, I think Matty Rich has to do a video on how to make arty Frank’s hot sauce designs. That would be fab.

    • 36 MattyRich

      Its really simple to do, you can do it with any liquid sauces. All you do is take a spoonful of your sauce of choice and slowly pour it on an empty spot of your plate and then once your spoon is empty you quickly swipe your spoon through the sauce and across the plate. It takes some practice but its really easy to do and it looks cool.

  34. 37 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    matty rich has talent!! i know what you mean with the ‘slump’ but i know you’ll get out of it! honestly i have nothing against light & fit yogurts except to be honest, i dont really like them that much? greek yogurt has converted me for life! so much thicker and filling πŸ™‚


  35. 38 Kristin

    I am going to miss Weezy too! =(

    I’m not a fan of lite and fit… too many unnatural ingredients!!


  36. I remember coming back to school after a weekend home always had me down in the dumps, too. Just think about the weekend πŸ˜€
    And as far as mood lifters, I have a few go to’s: a good cardio sesh, yoga, wine, trash tv, phone convos.

  37. Hey skizzle-wizzle. Sorry you’re feeling a bit “waaah” – days/weeks like that are hard. This time of year SUCKS for feeling stuck in a rut – is there anything you can plan (mini vacay?) that will give you something to look forward to? I’m going home in march and it is REALLY easing the pain of winter for me!!

    Light&Fit – I can’t hate because I ate them religiously up until about a year ago but then rediscovered greek yog/natural yog and cannot go back. I’ve tried since and they just taste really artificial and way too sweet to me…but I ain’t gonna hate on them. Pretty sure they are better than a gazillion other things. xxx

  38. Sorry you’re in a rut baby girl! I just don’t get it though, you’re beautiful, fortunate, and talented and have more things to look forward to than I think you can even begin to realize :). If all else fails… come visit me! We will have enough fun to keep you happy for the rest of the semester πŸ˜‰

  39. 42 Little Bookworm

    Loved the style of this post and that yoatgurt looks amazing!

  40. Haha loved this post, it totally mad me laugh. I hate lite n fit yogurt… sugary, not so good for you and totally not filling! I’m not trying to hate on yogurt, but I can think of a million things I’d rather eat. What can I say though… I’m a greek yogurt gal πŸ˜‰

  41. Whoa girl! Do we not feel the same way right now or whatt!!!?? Except i’m a little second sem sophie and you’re about to graduate! So maybe that says something?

    I hope you get outta the funk ASAP–those are the WORST! I’m in one right now too (always whining, always not diggin’ ma eats, always stressed) but i just ate a delish “baked apple” mess with granola and blue diamond AB so now i’m feeling a bit better! πŸ™‚

    Please tell me you aren’t switching to the 1/4 oats trizzaiiiin! I know my snackface loves her carbs, so i’m sure you have a legitimate excuse for that one! πŸ˜‰

    And ooooh who currs about the fake sugary yog! My house’s fridge is stocked with those guys and i’ve seen probs 3/4 of my chapter eat those thangs on the daily and they’re alive, and thrivin’ !!!! hahaha

    Jealous that you were home and got to spend plenty o’ quality time with the fam! Now I really need to meet matty rich! The kid’s got skillz.

    Although I love weezy…i can’t remember what he’s in jail for!! Please educate me?? I do know that he has three ladiezz knocked up all at once right now though! HA, playa!

    Okay, homework calls. Lame. We must catch up soon i miss your face and that cereal w/ the soft serve looks divineee (is that the “morning lite” cereal?! had it allll the time last year in the dorms! woo!) XOXOXO

  42. Mattyrich is going to be on Top Chef, I can just feel it!

    In regards to the Super Bowl, I can’t wait for both Kendra and Kim’s shows to have this episode. Love them! Shooooot girl, rep that Lite ‘N Fit! I rep the potato bread and it’s heavenly so if you want that yog, dig in!! Your box of crackers at dinner just reminded me of the sourdough 365 crackers – you’d like!! They are perfectly crunchy and sourdough flavored and just delish.

    I LOVE YOU K-BABY!!! I hope you’re out of your rut asap! Unfortch, I don’t think this weather is helping.

  43. 1. I try to stay positive by talking to my mama (she gives great pep talks), writing down the things I’m thankful for, and I GO EASY on myself if I’m having a bad day. We all have them, and that’s okay. Ya know?

    2. FREE WEEZY.

    3. lite’n fit = vom. Sorry, too watery for moi.

  44. hot damn – if matty rich can create that kind of beauty with some brussels and quinoa I’d lurve to see what homeboy can do with a bowl of oats. Oh mayneeeee.

    p.s. your comment on my post today gave me goosebumps.. like, honestly. speechless. though of course you know I think you would make a PHENOM model you are worth SO MUCH MORE than models are given credit for (unfortunately. meh). Do you have any damn idea how much you inspire me?! oh god I love you so much!!!!!!!!

  45. 48 healthnuttxo

    yuck- lite n fit.
    i DO like the banana flavor, and thats about it, from the dannon line. But then, i had the Stonyfield Banilla Flavor- and I’m SOO back to eating only natural/organic.
    Id rather eat real sugar than aspartame. Gives me belly aches anyway 😦
    you have neon purple weights?
    thats ok- I have hot pink πŸ˜‰

  46. Everyone has those blah days :/
    hang in there girl!

  47. I am over the snow too. I tery to find a ‘new project” to get excited about when I need some positivity. Even small stuff like a new workout routine, something fun to save up $ for, new hair-do (or don’t)…

  48. I generally stay away from the fake sugar varieties of yogurt, however stumbled upon Dannon Light and Fit ‘Toasted Coconut Vanilla’ flavor. Oh my GOD is it delicious! For serious!

  49. 52 Kayla S

    I love your blog, and I loved this entry– very entertaining!

    What do you do to try to stay positive?: Well, I usually call my beloved friend/mentor if I’m having a hard time, and she encourages me. Since we CHOOSE our thoughts, I usually try to focus on the truth and positive things, giving it over to God.

    Are you devastated that Weezy F. Baby will be in jail?: It saddens me, yes ;-), but there are still great artists…

    How do you feel about Lite n’ Fit yogurt?: Honestly, I used to be addicted. Now Fage is numbah 1! But I do like light and fit’s vanilla– so good, and so artificial!

  50. baaaahaha, I totally drunk g’chatted you yesterday!!!! But it was nice talking πŸ˜‰ hahaha

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