The Big Chill


Hi lovepies! First off, thank you for the positive responses to my little video. At first, I found Muffin’s hacking in the background to be humorous. Unfortunately, what started off as a dry cough has now spiraled into walking pneumonia and the flu. Please keep miss Muffin in your thoughts.

Friday morning started calmly, and I enjoyed breakfast before heading to the gym:

Bossy yogurt mess.

In the mix: remainder of Oikos, half a naner, mix of cereals and granola, pumpkin butter and peanut butter. Β Ridiculous. After digestion, I walked 20 minutes to the gym and texted Muffin to see how she was feeling. With no response, I figured she was sleeping and ellipticalled away.

About 40 minutes into the workout, however, Muff let me know that we needed to leave for Cincinnati earlier because she was feeling increasingly worse. I hopped off the machine, threw on my sweats and hustled home to pack.

Three-and-a-half hours later, I’d safely driven us back to my house, and then Muffin drove herself to her parents house. My poor little petunia!

Once home, I showered, snacked and ventured out with MamaJ. We had some spending to do for MattyRich’s birthday. Coincidentally…:

I found my dream Ikea kitchen. While looking Swedish, of course.

The H-Unit had a major foodie Friday for MattyRich’s birthday. We went to Relish, a tapas restaurant close to our casa. It was perfection:

Crazy-good salad topped with the creamiest goat cheese. Gone in little more than 60 seconds.

Adorable French Onion soup that MamaJ and MattyRich both enjoyed.

Deep-fried balls of mashed potato. I thought mashed taters couldn't get better. Apparently, they can.

M.Rich's stuffed chicken. He loved it.

Hummus with tortilla chips. Note to restaurants: serve hummus with pita only, please. Thank you.

Amazing Mediterranean flatbread with pesto, red pepper, kalamata olives, red onion, feta and spinach. Topped with the hummus, this was absolutely divine.

The whole fam damily had a wondrous evening at Relish. The birthday boy has fabulous taste in food (he recommended the place):

He's getting so old! Such a stunna.

Saturday morning rolled around and the boys had to work. MamaJ and I, however, lounged, watched movies on TBS and ate scrumptious breakfasts:

Whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes with maple sizzurp and bloobs. I ate two more than pictured. πŸ˜€

After more chilling, MamaJ and I glammed up for a day of shopping:

Looking retro in a MamaJ vintage jacket. She told me to pose outdoors because, well, I'm never pictured outside.

Looking fierce in her leopard fedora. Love.

We visted MattyRich at work, hopped in and out of Costco, hit up Whole Foods and, finally, made an important stop:

...To visit kitty friends at Petsmart.

Puss, I am so sorry I'm too allergic to be your mama.

We returned home with food for my family’s own animal companions and for my family’s needy foodie child:

Gems from Whole Foods.

The ‘rents ran off to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks, thus leaving me to my own devices for dinner:

A salad. What else would I make?

I topped some greens with taboule and General Tso’s vegan chicken. Then I ate peanut butter-filled pretzels from a gigantic tub. MamaJ is cruel.

I’m not heading back to school until Monday morning, so I’m still chillin’ at home. I’m currently sipping wine and eating tons of cheese with crackers, as I missed lunch and haven’t eaten since this glorious breakfast:

OIKOS, I LOVE YOU. Yes, in all caps.

Strawberry Oikos is the sh!t. There’s no eloquent way to put that. Y’all can have your caramel and chocolate, but I’ll be fine and dandy with some strawberry. When do I ever say dandy? I degress.

This afternoon, MamaJ and I tried to find a cow to hug. I’m not kidding. With some driving through back roads, we found some. The fact that the bull was about the size of a Volkswagen deterred me from getting up, close and personal. We’re waiting for warmer weather for a second attempt.

I’m off to continue chillin’ with the H-Unit in the chilly Cincinnati. I hope you’ve all had marvelous weekends. Love you!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: This is bizarre, but do you have any allergies that conflict with true loves of yours? For example, I absolutely love animals. Unfortunately, I am allergic to most. It blows.


57 Responses to “The Big Chill”

  1. I’m not allergic to animals, thankfully, as I have two horses, two dogs, and a cat at home!
    However, when I’m at home, the horses are my responsibility, and I”m reaaallly allergic to hay (or any dry grass).
    Since I have to haul hay from my dad’s truck to the barn, I alllways end up covered in red bumps and my skin feels like it’s burning. The fam finds this hilarious, of course.

  2. I love her leopard fedora! How cute. I have no food allergies…I don’t know what I would do if I did. It would be a sad day.

    I wish I was allergic to vegetables tho.

  3. I do the same pet shop trips just to oogle the cuties. I may not be my age.

    Oh, and I am in love with your brother.

  4. 4 traynharder23

    not necessarily with the allergies. i do have one- i’m allergic to amoxicillin. not like that would ruin my life unless it was like the ONLY CURE to vampirism and everyone was becoming vampires.

    i go to the pet shop to ogle the guinea pigs. love them.

    and cereal yogurt messes are the shit. =D

  5. 5 Susan

    I am allergic to…grass!! So yes, it does interfere with my outdoorsy self. But I just pop a Claritin and I’m good to go.

    What a fun family weekend! You guys do it up right. I need some style tips from Mama J (guest post wink wink??).

  6. Oh, poor Muffin! I’ve had pneumonia but I can’t even begin to imagine how miserable she is with a flu on top of it. Feed her lots of vitamins and tea!

    Happy birthday to your brother! In just 2 short years you two can go out and get crazy at bars together. You’d be one fierce looking team!

  7. Your dinner out looks absolutely glorious πŸ™‚ I don’t have any allergies…guess I’m lucky!

  8. Your breakfast is making me hungry and I just ate!!

    I’ve emailed my address twice.. maybe it’s going to your spam folder?? Ugh!!

  9. oh my god isn’t it cray cray how fast the broskis grow up?! my brudder is looking so handsome and it’s killin me!! my girlfriends crush on him like whoaaa.

    oh I could get totes innappropz describing how ‘gasmic strawb oikos is. Puts all others to shame

    sounds like you had a bossy weekend miss thang! when you making your snack-venture to see MOI! oh my god .. I would die!!!!!!!

    love you foxy mamii! ❀

  10. My stepfather is allergic to cats, but unfortunately for him, my sister, mom and I fell in love with an adorable little kitten named Oatmeal! Oatmeal showed up on our doorstep one day so we took him in and we picked up some anti-dander/allergen spray. We sponged Oatmeal down with it once a week (yes, with a designated yellow kitchen sponge!) and my stepfather turned out to be ok!
    Also, my friend has a cat breed called a Ragdoll cat, and they are hypoallergenic! It’s kind of strange, because she has so much fur that you would think she would be HYPERallergenic, but not the case! Check it out πŸ™‚ There is still hope for you to have a furry companion!

  11. you sure know how to make a rocking yogurt mess!! oh peanut butter – how it completes everything!
    and pancakes!? girl you eat great πŸ˜€

  12. 12 Laura

    I’m allergic to pumpkins, squash and sweet potato. If I even handle them, my hands swell up and my skin starts peeling off. Clearly this has impeded my love of kumara fries (kumara is NZ sweet potato and it was my favourite vegetable), which also blows!

  13. Muffin will be in my thoughts :). I really hope she feels better!
    I love your story about the cow hugging. I laughed so hard when I read it because my uncle that lives in Texas has cows as pets (he has a day job, no worries) and every time I visit I want to do the same. I guess it is a new twist on tree hugging….
    Anyway, the food from the restaurant that you went to looks like art. Serously. And please wish MattyRich happy birthday from me (or maybe not from me since he does not know me, but just in general I guess, haha).
    Have a lovely day!

  14. *seriously
    (Sorry for the short follow-up comment, but I just could not let that mistake go!)

  15. So glad your brother had a great birthday!! U both are great looking individuals!

    Im loving your moms hat, I see where you get your fierce style from now!!!

    Oh Whole Foods is the best and Oikos Strawberry is the bomb!!!!!

    So glad you had a great weekend with the fam and a yummy dinner!!

    Have a great night!!!

  16. It’s no animal allergy, but I LOVE ice cream and am allergic to dairy- I still eat it once a week.. it’s worth poor skin and a bloated belly, just like kittens are worth sneezes and itchy skin! haha

  17. no allergies here! looks like you had an awesome weekend, including that gasmic din with your fam!

    hope muffin feels better soon too


  18. Aw, I feel bad for Muffin!! I had pneumonia once and, lemme tell you,!! I felt run down for almost a month after I was diagnosed.

    What a coincidence, my dream kitchen is at Ikea too!! This may be a silly question but what is your heritage?

    What a delish birthday dinner! Hope your bro had a fantabulous day!!

    I’m allergic to the kitties as well but, to be honest, I don’t like cats so it’s no biggie!

  19. You and your mom are soooo adorable!!!! πŸ™‚ You make me miss my mama!

    I’m allergic to most cheeses. This does not agree with my lifestyle because it wasn’t until college that this horrible thing happened and ended my love affair. Ahhhh, goat cheese how I miss you. lol

    Glad you had a great weekend at home!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. Your momma is gorge. Happy Birthday to your boy.. looks like a fabulous weekend! πŸ™‚

  21. All that food looks beyond amazing!
    And you def are lookin’ super svenska (swedish) in that photo πŸ™‚
    Hope Muffin gets better soon πŸ™‚

  22. I’m allergic to silken tofu. means no mousses, cream pies, or other things with silken tofu for me. 😦 and i love tofu (well, the regular kind!)

  23. 23 healthnuttxo

    no allergies for me, except some medicine they dont make anymore (yay!), but i do have a love hate relationship with peanut butter.
    its my favorite food, but every time i eat it, i eat too much and i get sick. like indigestion, nausea, sick.
    and yet..
    i keep buying it and eating it! its too good to stop πŸ™‚
    how are those Luna Protein bars? they look nummyy πŸ˜‰

  24. You totally encouraged me to try the Strawbs Oiks. I have been eating Blue. It’s alright, but to me, it’s no FAGE Total 0%. I have tried Chobs as well and am still convinced there is nothing better than my FAGE! ❀ Hmmmmm – I have no allergies dear. That does suck. 😦 If I was allergic to animals I'd die! I've lived in Texas for almost 13 years and they keep saying "if you live here long enough, you'll get allergies sooner or later." I'm hoping it stays away forevs.

  25. 25 Gina G

    hey kailey! this has nothing to do with your question haha, but i just thought about my last comment on your video post about blogging, and did not mean to sound rude in any way at all when i said i didnt think i would have much time to devote to blogging because of school because i know how much stress your under yourself for school! i just wanted to get that out there and say im sorry girl! your amazing kailey, enjoy your night with your familia!

    p.s. i hope muffin feels better!

  26. hahaha the pic of your mom’s fedora is fabulous! and the mediterranean flatbread looks so so so good! I’m also allergic to animal fur, but I’ve wanted a dog my whole life. Unfortunately that’s never going to come true!

    hope muffin feels better soon! being sick is no fun.

  27. 27 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    fortunately, im not allergic to anyhting really!! yay πŸ™‚ sounds like a fun weekend though and i love tapas restaurants- u get a little bit of everything!!

    sorry about muffin 😦 hope she feels better soon, that sounds pretty awful!


  28. you just put me in a foodie coma, in the BEST possible way of course.
    OH and is it weird when i saw the kitty you referred to as “puss” all i could think is that you visited pussaaay city! okay super random, and totally inappropriate. kind of how i roll though.

    may i just say you are fierce (and yes, i just busted out the tyra-vocab) and i love your fits.
    give your bro a happy bday wink for me! hope muffin feels better too!
    enjoy the rest of your time at home shortay πŸ™‚

  29. i love all of your breakfasts! they always look so delicious

  30. I love visiting the kitties at PetSmart! My bf hates it when I make him go there though. I love seeing the kitties, but I feel sadness and guilt that I can’t take them all home with me. 😦

    hey sugapie! you and yo momma are ADORABLE. i love it. makes me miss mine! i get to see mine next weekend tho..whoo!
    you are so freaking beautiful-you and that pic of matty is SO adorable!
    blahh im allergic to cats! so sad 😦
    love you!

  32. Poor Muffin! Hope she is feeling better soon!! I brought up your blog and I was like, YUMMY, what is that?? Loved the breakfast first thing. Oh, and I’m allergic to cats, but I have 2, and I’m used to them they don’t affect me anymore. Other cats do though! Have a great time with the H-Unit πŸ™‚

  33. spiraled into walking pneumonia and the flu. OMG please Muffin, get well soon!!!!!!!!

    Allergies. Girl. I am allergic or intolerant to: dairy, wheat/gluten, soy, fish, shellfish, and lots of produce actually gets me rashy and icky too. I never used to be as intolerant as i am not; and part of it was not realizng that all my tummy upset wasnt actually random; it was freakin food allergies. Sigh. I hear you girl. Loud and clear, allergies suck.

  34. I developed a NUT ALLERGY last year.

    This was quite the blow to a natural peanut butter lover and almond milk lover.

    I had to learn to eat my favs all over again (ice cream, pb brownies, oatmeal, ugh!)

  35. 36 Little Bookworm

    I hope Muffin feels better soon! I love all the food in this post, especially that flatbread. πŸ™‚

  36. Glad you had a great weekend at home!!

  37. im VERY allergic to cats..

    If I touch a body blows up in a weird rash and I get rushed to the hospital. So sad!

  38. That dinner looks amazing! That flat bread looks out of this world.

    Love your mom’s Fedora hat. Definitely fierce πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a great night with the H-unit!

  39. Yay what a nice trip home! You have the most gorgeous fam, I can’t get over it πŸ™‚

    P.S. Your mini-Snacktime inspired another video post from moi… here’s to hoping the camera loves me as much as it adores you!

  40. MattyRich’s glasses are suavamente.

    I am not allergic to doggies, but I am madly in love with them and can’t have one of my own because I don’t have time to care for it! Tear.

  41. 42 Brooke

    Oh goodness, look at all that INSANE food!!! Umm California Pizza Kitchen also serves their hummus with chips… WHO DOES THAT?!

    *SIDENOTE* I am listening to Ego right now. Coincidental? No. Soulmateal.

    Um, that picture of you outside is actually the most beautiful picture in the WORLD! You should really get a photographer to get pictures of you in the snow for a portfolio because you look just insanely gorgeous with the lighting and everything! But just snow pictures.. because you’ve already done the ice thing… cue: Avalanche Ice.

    Also, HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO MATTYRICH! What a great person.

    NOTE TO MAMAJ: You are a model to all women for sporting that FIERCEA$$ fedora. I see where Kailey gets her amazing confidence and attitude towards life. And fashion sense. THE BEST.

    K, I am off. Love you to pieces.

  42. dear. Sncakface!

    those kittens are adorable!

    I have terrible cucumber allergy…

    But I do love the smell of cucumber lotion.. but can’t use it..

    does this respond your question of the day?:):)

    have a wonderful loveable (?!) day!

  43. Moo milk hurts my belly, even though I looove how frothy it makes lattes. Ugh.

    I spy protein Luna bars from your WF treasures. I was sooo excited to try the cookie dough flavor, but it left me with a weird after taste…

  44. mamaj + fedora hat = FABULOSITY.

    feel better muffin.

    annnnddddd see youuuuuuuu in mere days my love – mwah!

    p.s. the yog messes in this post are epic.

    gchat soon!

  45. 46 Hattie

    That breakfast looks immense!

  46. 47 Aunty Sue

    Oh My goodness look at all the snow you have in Cinci. Ours is melting here . I think this is the first time ever you have more than us! My yoga guy loved Millienum in San Fran . He said it was in the Best Western? A bit incongruious don’t ja think?
    Tell Muffin to drink pediolyte it will rehydrate her quickly and she will feel better in no time . Also rinse with salt water

  47. Hi there! Just found your blog and wanted to leave ya some bloggylove. Very much enjoy the pics! What do you think about those fake buffalo wings?

    • 49 snackface

      mrssturgis- Aloha!! I haven’t tried the wings yet, but I’ll be sure to share when I do!

  48. 50 Kate

    Hummus with tortilla chips. Note to restaurants: serve hummus with pita only, please. Thank you.

    Haha totally loved this ^^ it’s like awkwardly trying to mix mexican and greek food. fail.

    i guess it’s not an allergy, but i am lactose intolerant! It sucks because there is dairy hidden in sooo many things. seriously the other day i was reading ingredients to this sliced italian sausage things and there was dried milk in it! what the eff???

    ps your madre is adorable in that hat!

  49. Hey Snackyface! I’ve missed your blog but managed to set up internet here in BA 2 days ago and have had trouble pulling myself away from google reader hehe.
    Your family is so cute! Adopt me? Happy Bday to M!
    I agree with pita all the way, I actually don’t like chips of any kind ( I know, blasphemous) but that flatbread looks amazing!
    Speaking of pb pretzels, I found some natural food stores here with incredible things. Who knew it was possible in the land of cow eaters? So my latest obsession are these cereals sort of like quaker oatmeal squares or puffin style filled with pb and honey! Holy Moly!
    I can’t have dairy which is really hard because as others have said, it’s hidden in everything, but on top of that, it’s super prevalent in everything here. It usually doesn’t bother me, except I LOVE dulce de leche and they have amazing desserts with it here (let’s be honest, straight up from the jar is the best) And I can’t have it! I’m sure I’ll fall prey to an Alfajor sometime before I leave though.
    Another thing they like to sneak into everything that’s disgusting even though I’m not allergic to it- cow or pig fat. Basically any use for oil, croissants, crackers, pastry dough, or even granola bars!! I’ve learned to be uber careful.

    Hope everything’s going well for ya!


  50. 52 schmaddy

    Hi hi! Gahh finally did it! Let the blog addiction begin (as if it hasn’t already)? b-t-dubs, dead on with your comment on the hummus situation. Hummus + tortilla chips = one awkward mix of cultures!

    Happy Monday! -Maddy

  51. You are one gorgeous lookin Swedish ski bunny in your snow outfit!

  52. DEEP FRIED TATERS? πŸ˜€ Why haven’t I tried this?!

  53. DEEP FRIED TATERS? πŸ˜€ Why haven’t I tried this?!

    xox Vera

  54. 56 Clare

    Pffft, everyone should know that its pitta+hummus, and tortilla chips+salsa/guac/sour cream! Never should this formula be mixed.

    I used to think I was allergic to coconut, as I was really sick when I was a little kid after eating some coconut cake, but I’ve tried it since and have been fine – so I think it was just eating too much cake.

    Hope Muffin gets well soon

  55. 57 Jenny

    Poor Muffin! Hope she’s feeling better πŸ™‚

    Ugh I feel so bad for my friends who have animal allergies..those are rough! I am allergic to pencillin, so I guess that conflicts with my true love of curing strep throat in 24 hours? I gotta take pillz for days to get rid of that mess.

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