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Hello darlings! I am thrilled to find so many of you who are in the grammarazzi! We are not alone. I’d also like to say that I’m fairly lax about grammar when I comment, and hell, I can be supah laid-back in some posts.

Wednesday was a tad dull. I’ve already grown bored with my weekday routine. Gotta shake things up somehow!

I did shake things up a bit, though, by getting a solid nine hours of sleep Tuesday night. Popped a NyQuil and was out like The Situation after five too many jagerbombs.

Also like The Situation, I awoke feeling somewhat drunk. I did what I thought would help my situation best:

I ate.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 banana, 1 T chia seeds, apple pie spice and a drizzle of peanut butter. Cannot go wrong with this:

Lovin' dat drizz.

While eating my oats, I had a mini heart attack. February 3 marked MattyRich’s 19th birthday. How did he get so old!

And so studly?

I called him en route to the gym to see how he was celebrating. His response:

“We are waiting until you come home.”

Awww! Good thing I’ll be venturing to the Nasty Nati on Friday for some quality H-Unit time. Can’t wait to see those beautiful faces.

Once finally settled into the nauseatingly hot gym, I ellipticalled for 45 minutes. It’s sad when you consider cutting five minutes off your usual cardio workout to be “taking it easy.” I have no idea what I was thinking.

Feeling good, I continued and pumped some iron next to a guy who smelled like my high school boyfriend. Eau de Clinique Happy for Men mixed with fried onions. Refreshing.

When I finished my workout and geared up for the cold, I dashed over to the Scripps building to figure out my schedule. I will be taking three journalism courses and one film or theater class in my final spring quarter in Athens. How bittersweet that is!

By the time I returned to my Kleenex box of a house (an antique Kleenex box, at that), it was 1:30pm. There was a storm going on in the tum, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I wanted for lunch. I showered, which always brings moments of clarity, and decided a snack plate was the only way to go:

Simply the best. Better than all the rest.

On the plate: Fuji, green beans, balls, carrots, celery, Sabra and mustard. Perfecto. (OMG I just went to the Sabra website–KILLER Medi music. Haha I’m rollin’.)

And then I sat and stared at my current debacle. Some kind human being swiped a photo of me off my blog and used it for a group on Facebook. The group is something with which I don’t want to be associated, and it has more than 500,000 fans. I’ve reported the page twice already (thanks to an awesome blog reader who informed me about it–thank you!). It’s both terrifying and infuriating. Unfortunately, it’s also damaging. Comments about the picture range from: “She looks like a huge b!tch,” to “She is not cute at all,” to “I want her to suck my…” It gets worse.

Fine, call me–an innocent person whose image was stolen– a b!tch. And so maybe I’m not that cute, but please, do not say sexually lewd remarks about my picture. All I want is for this Facebook group to REMOVE my image. That’s all.

The thoughts brewed in my mind as I sat in Media Law. We were discussing libel and defamation. How fitting.

Afterward, I skipped to the library to finish some reading and print off papers. I snacked on an unpictured Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar and G-chatted for 90 minutes. Whoops.

Then I hopped over to visit Muffin. We had a grand time chatting and continued conversation while walking home. Having eaten lunch at 2pm and a snack at 6pm, I was ravenous for a quick, delicious dinner when I got home at 8:15. Sorry to be boring, kidlets, but Snackie needed a salad:

Hummey-chick salad.

In the tup: romaine, cucumber, celery, grapes, raisins, almonds, Boca Chick’n patty, Sabra and honey mustard dressing. It was ridiculous.

The outfit del dia is a bit Ellen-esque:

Arizona top, Gap pants, Forever21 belt, Calvin Klein flats.

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you may recognize this as a repeat outfit. It was months ago, but still sorry if you find it to be a snooze. I was a huge freak in high school (who am I kidding? Β I still am a huge freak), and I used to write down what I wore every single day. Gross!

Tonight I’ll be resting up for a busy day of classes, practices and filming. Say what? SnackFizzy productions will be recording a Snacktime tomorrow, so here’s your chance.

Open call for any and all SnackFace+Muffin questions! From food to fashion, going out and being single, ask away my fine friends! Love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What have you wanted to ask Muffin and me, but haven’t been able to yet? Have fun! Be cray cray! We can take it.


81 Responses to “Open Call”

  1. So sorry about the facebook group–that’s so messed up. What is taking facebook so long to remove it???
    and happy birthday to Matty Rich!!


    • 2 snackface

      Sara- Aww thank you, boo! It’s crazy that it happened. It makes me wonder how celebs deal with their lives!

  2. Ew! Thats so creeper status of whoever swiped your picture! People are so nuts! You are NOT a bitch for wanting your picture down! WTF?

    Happy birthday to your brother! It’s so crazy how fast they grow up into actual people, no? I just noticed my 20 year old brother has ACTUAL facial hair, like a real beard. I’m getting OLD!

    Those pants look great on your legs! Jealous!

  3. Wtf…someone posted your pic on a facebook group? That shizzzz is BEYOND effed up! Hmm questions- I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned this before- and I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I’m curious- what made you a vegetarian, and how long have you been veg for (if not for your whole life?)
    Love your blog, lady πŸ™‚

  4. 5 Nicole G

    I can’t believe someone did that on facebook! And don’t even listen to those people for a SECOND – you’re BEAUTIFUL and fan-freaking-tastic! I didn’t realize Matty-Rich was only 19, he looks older LOL

    I can’t think of a question on the spot but I’ll sleep on it! LOL

    Nicole G

  5. You’re not insane. I wrote down my outfits everyday in high school too!!

    And, boo-hiss for photo stealing. I’m tempted to stamp my photos because this has been happening to many bloggers but then I realize how much time that would take. :/

  6. Sorry about the FB thing. that’s el sucko! I love the outfit. very nice!! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day!

  7. GIRL i am so sorry about the facebook thing!! WHAT the heck?! its just cause ou are so incredibly beautiful. seriously-and SO LOVEABLE!!
    matty rich looks like he is freakin 25 years old!
    i love you K, i want to be your roomie. k? K!

  8. 9 *Andrea*

    matty rich. such a cutie πŸ˜‰ i see the resemblance to you so much!!

    love the snack plate. and the salad! salads are not boring at all πŸ™‚

  9. Hahahah I listened to the Sabra musica when I linked them in my post today, too. Twas lovely.

    Several things:
    -I want Matty so badly. Wish I were kidding.
    -I want to punch the culprit behind that FB picture thievery.
    -I want to commend you for eating whatchu want for dinner. And also for not being on the canned soup diet.


  10. I’m new to your blog- I thought Muffin was your boyfriend- I freaking love that you’re single though- I was the party/single girl until last year- then I got a boyfriend which settled me down- I crave your life on many occasions though!

    Why did you start blogging? How did you get into it? And will you try and make a career out of it? Also- How long to your posts take to whip up?

    • 12 snackface

      adrienmelaine- Hahahaha I am crackin’ up!!! Muffin might as well be my boyfriend! I am definitely THE single gal. I dig it. Great Q’s, too! Thanks!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the light blue pants πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hmmm…question for you two…What makes your friendship different/more special than other friendships you’ve had in your life? Do you think you would still be this close if you met at another point in your life???



  12. 15 Jenn

    Haha, did you spell “eau” de Clinique wrong on purpose? Haha, I digress. Had to say it! πŸ˜‰

    • 16 snackface

      Jenn- Haha no, I didn’t. I looked up “au” and that worked, too. But I’m changing it. Grazie!

  13. Love the colourful snackplate! Happy Birthday to your little bro!

  14. 18 Kel

    I find myself able to relate to you & your experiences SO much. I am a college student as well so I have quite similar routines and experiences as you. My question is kinda boring, but I’m just interested…Do you get comments from your peers like “Why do you eat so healthy?” or “Why do you work out, you’re already thin,” etc? I am by no means fat, nor super skinny, yet it seems like everyone wants to label me as obsessed or disordered or weird because I work out 3-4 times a week and enjoy things like oatmeal,turkey sandwiches, and salads opposed to ramen noodles and pizza for lunch and dinner every single day. (not that I don’t include those items in my diet- they definitely show up several times a month!) It makes me feel like such an oddball that I enjoy nutritious foods & like to workout regularly when I am a college student.

  15. That is total B.S. about the facebook group. You flagged the image for removal, right?
    My question for you and Muffin- you guys seem like the best of friends, do you two have a signiature dance move / song?
    My friends know me for a move I do to get creepers away on the dance floor, which is the robot. When you go from freak dancin’ to the robot, creeper boys get the hint really fast!

  16. This is not very ladylike of me, but I seriously want to beat someone’s ass right now. What the hell is going on? This is not OK, Kale Chips. NOT. O.K. I know some attorneys. Seriously let me know if you want a nasty letter sent on some company letterhead on your behalf.

    On a sillier note, I think Matty Rich and I have the same glasses.

    Love you baby!

  17. Q: What was the best thing you took away from your time as a vegan?

  18. 22 Araba

    Hmmm, you might have a legal case on your hands because Facebook is a for-profit site, and you are in the process of job hunting… I just might lawyer up (or at least threaten to) if Facebook does not *swiftly* take down your image. On to happier things..Happy B-Day like Beyonce to Mr. M.Rich aka my future boo!! I love how tight your family is- cherish that!! Congrats on the impending graduation!!!

    My question for you and Muffin is: “how often to do yall contact each other when NOT on campus?” My bestie and I talk every few months! as opposed to every day when we were in the same school, and I’m wondering if this is the same? Have a great weekend! xoxo

  19. The questions I want to ask are so completely inappropriate…so I will refrain πŸ™‚ LOL

    Suffice to say. You’re workin’ the Ellen look. And i never realized your hair was that long. It’s soooo beautiful, as are you, always!

  20. Sorry about that b!tchface who stole your picture. Facebook can be a mean, horrible place sometimes and I really wish we could do something about it. And the only thing that makes me feel old is when my little brother and sister have a birthday. When I went home to see my brother it was like, when did you become a teenager?! And GROW 15 inches?! Kids are crazy these days.

    Question: how do you deal with your hair? I know you’ve said you rarely cut it, but do you do a lot of styling/blowdrying that would kill it? Any awesome products to maintain those golden locks? I’m jealous!

  21. Hey,
    Just wondering what your exercise routine is, that keeps you looking so ferosh??


  22. Sheesh, what’s up with people these days? I know exactly how you feel about the Facebook thing… it happened to me a year ago. Report them until it’s gone! Just keep your head held high; “my mama used to tell me not to let nobody f!ck wit me
    it stuck wit me
    i keep it real to the world publicly
    there aint nothin gon stop me so just envy it”

    (i hope you get my reference!) ;D


  23. OMG! that facebook sitch sounds like an absolute nightmare!! I am so sorry Kailey! Wow. People are so cruel sometimes. I am so so sorry that/this is happening to you. I really hope facebook does something about it….worst of all you probably dont know who is responsible, huh? I’m so so sorry.

    On a brighter note, I am loving your boca chiken meal! honey mustard dressing is the bombtastic!!!

    im sending a big hug your way, okay?!

    Oh and happy bday to the lil bro!

    love you soooooooooooooooooooooooo

  24. That sucks about the facebook picture! I hope it gets taken down asap. First of all, you are not a bitch, secondly you are ADORABLE.

    Love the eats, esp. that chick salad! Looks so good! For me simplicity = the best. Have a great day, can’t wait for the video post!

    Question: What’s your dream job? and/or do you think you’ll ever write a book?

    Have a great day, love! πŸ™‚

  25. That facebook thing is so scary! I hope it gets worked out soon!

  26. This might be a boring question (or one you won’t want to answer for privacy reasons), but I’ve always wondered what Muffin’s real name is. If you don’t want to answer that, you could instead tell us where the nickname came from, and whether other people call her that or just you :-).

  27. That sucks about the FB thing, I hope you figure it out soon! Loving the snack plate, as usual. And how do you always look so adorable?

    How did you and Muffin meet (haha, sounds like a dating question)?

  28. 32 Amanda

    Hey Kailey. I rarely comment but I just wanted to voice how pathetic this fb group is. Your blog is amazing and so are you. The way you manage to find balance in your life is truly an inspiration to me. Dont let those HATERS get you down!

  29. Aw I am sorry about the whole fb thing- that’s awful! People can be so mean sometimes!
    Yummy snack plate and have a great weekend at home πŸ˜‰

  30. I have a first date this weekend. What would your recommend wearing?

  31. that’s horrible about the picture! i hope they fix it asap as no one should ever be treated or taken advantage of that way! boo!

    and my question for you and muffin: on average, how many boys would you say hit/make a pass at you when you go out? you’re both gorgeous women, I’m sure you get more than a few. And, how do you deal with them when they’re unwanted/not of your liking? I’m single and willing to mingle again but the creepers here in Miami…I’m sure you can figure that one out. πŸ˜‰

  32. How horrible of someone to steal and use your image. Sorry about that, dear 😦

    Happy birthday to Matty D!

  33. 37 elise

    happy bday matty D

    omg, thats SUPER creepy about the FB group. ew. im so sorry you have to deal with that! who the eff would do that, and where do these people come from? icky.

    you are so hilarious…writing down your daily ‘fits. hahaha. i love it.

  34. 1. Your brother is only nineteen!? I’m nineteen and boys DO NOT look like that. He’s truly a hunk. Let him know I love washing dishes and baking pie.
    2. You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen–seriously. People leaving comments like that are vapid, insecure, and jealous. I hope it’s taken down.

    And, hmm, I suppose I’d want a tell-all “how Muffin and I met” story.

  35. 40 Dana

    i absolutely cannot believe that happened to you! im SO sorry! that really disgusts me that someone would do that. hopefully facebook removes it ASAP!


    Speaking of the Situation, he’s supposed to be coming to party at a club my friend works the door at next week. Look for me on the next Jersey Shore, as I am sure to hook up wit him. What girl can resist his charms?

    The whole FB thing sucks, chica! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say. No one has ever stolen my image, but I imagine it sucks.

    Have a good THURSDAY love!

  37. 42 Casey

    I’m sorry for your troubles! I’m sure it must be very traumatizing to have your identity semi-stolen and to have lewd remarks associated with it, so I know this won’t make you feel much better, nonetheless: you are VERY MUCH adorable!

    On a trivial note: the pictures of your nut butters always make me drool. You may have covered this already, but how to you get them to be so melty and oozy? No biggie if you can’t answer, you have bigger fish to fry!

    • 43 snackface

      Casey- Ay bay bay! Fab Q! The drizzle is thanks to the brand of peanut butter. It’s Trader Joe’s Organic Natural Crunchy peanut butter, and I don’t refrigerate it. Another brand you could try is Krema. Thanks for being a doll. I hope this helps!

  38. kailey you are SO fashionable πŸ™‚ seriously I love the outfits you put together!!

  39. 46 Susan

    I’m so sorry about that facebook shizz – the internet sucks sometimes doesn’t it? People can hide behind their computers and say things they would never say if they saw you on the street. They’re most likely unhappy with themselves and saw a gorgeous confident girl and thought ‘I can say something about her that’s going to make me feel better about myself’. Cliche, but unfortunately it happens. Facebook should deffo get their act together though and take that down!

    Question for you and Muffin: How did you meet and become BFFs?

  40. 48 Natalie

    im dying to know, just dying to know, how you go out frequently and dont have a boyfriend? do you have really high standards? are you opposed to meeting someone at a bar? is it just not the right time and no one you meet is worth your time? because girl you are beautiful and if someone hasnt wifed you yet, i feel like i have no hope! i am actively trying to find a boyfriend but having no luck, i guess its true what they say, it will happen when you’re not even looking! (im hoping at least!)

    • 49 snackface

      Natalie- Haha I love your series of Q’s and I hope to answer them soon!

  41. 50 Natalie

    oh yeah and happy bday matty rich! πŸ™‚

  42. Wtf?! Someone took your photo?? That’s ridiculous. Yeah — I would be all up in Facebook’s business about that until someone took it down/got rid of the group. You don’t deserve that!!

  43. 52 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ewww that is sooo creepy that someone put your picture on a facebook group… how did you find it? yucckkk.. love your eats, obvs πŸ™‚ nad all your posts just crack me up.

    question for you both- drink of choice? πŸ™‚


  44. I’m ready to give the whole oats/oatmeal thing a shot (I have a cannister of oats I’ve been avoiding for months now), so I have a question – do you melt your nut butter for the “drizzle” effect before topping? And, could you break down how you make your overnight oats? They always look delish!

    BTW – I had an outfit notebook in High School too. And, before each school year would start, by BFF and I would spend hours going through all our new “school clothes,” coming up with outfits for the first month of school and photographing them so we’d have references for the coming weeks. OCD anyone?

    • 54 snackface

      katy- Hey chiquita! So, the only reasons why my peanut butter is so drizzly are because it’s Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy and I don’t refrigerate it. TJ’s natural and Krema peanut butters I find to be the drizzliest. For overnight oats: combine 1/3 C oats with 1/3 C Oikos (or any yogurt), 1/3 C water (or soymilk, etc.), 1/2 mashed banana, cinnamon and chia if you have it. In the morning, I love to add warmed once-frozen blueberries, stir ’em in and then drizzle with peanut butter. I hope this helps! And let me know how it goes πŸ˜€ xoxo

  45. wow thats just horrible. Its sad and scary how easily things can happen on in the internet.

    Hopefully facebook gets with it and removes the page–although, when I’ve had issues with facebook, they are always slow-moving.

    Oh and PS—you are freakin cute. Don’t know what they are talking about.

  46. 56 Kate

    Okay first, slightly off topic but i just finished my first EVER bowl of overnight oats (using your mixture from like a week ago i believe, and OHHH my god so amazing i can’t believe i waited so long to try them.

    Sorry to hear about that facebook thing, that’s absolutely shitty :(. Im not sure what all you have control of because im pretty sure once your photo is on facebook it’s considered “theirs”. Or at least that was the old terms and conditions. Have you tried emailing the group?? Seriously the situation sucks, because say horrible things thinking it’s just okay, not realizing WOW there is actually someone behind that photo (or blog!) in real life!

    Muffin & Kailey Q: How do you guys put together such cute outfits, you both have great style, where do you get your clothes??

    • 57 snackface

      Kate- Holla to the overnight oats! Thrilled that you enjoyed them! So, the Facebook thing is super troublesome because they swiped a picture off SnackFace, not Facebook. I also tried to hunt down the admins, but couldn’t find them. Also, thanks for the great Qs!

  47. 58 Mary

    I can’t believe people are so hateful. I love your blog, don’t let those people get to you!

  48. I used to write down my ‘fits too! And my hairstyles. I recently stumbled across a notebook that said: Wednesday: cavaricci khakis, baby blue shirt, 3 butterfly clips. I was 12. Sigh.

  49. 61 Jayne

    Isn’t it so weird watching your little brother grow up?

    I realized yesterday that my middle brother (I have two, and I’m the oldest) is all of the sudden SIX FOOT TWO. And effing hilarious, I have no idea when he got so funny. I love it! I always wanted a big brother, but I never realized I just had to wait and would get one. Us big sisters are lucky!

    As far as the Facebook thing goes, no. effing. way. I would be finding the admins of that group and hunting them down if I were you. You’re obviously a lady. I hope the dummies who run Facebook pay attention to your flagging and will do something. Having comments made that about your photo is both alienating, infuriating, and terrifying. Kudos for handling it so well!

  50. 62 expatrat

    That’s really awful, I’m sorry you have to go through it. You should know, though, that so many people LOVE to read your blog. You’re funny, smart, and anyone who says you’re “not cute” is clearly either a) delusional, or b) jealous. Actually, I’ve been reading Snackface for about a year and have finally been inspired to start… my own blog! Scary, actually. Anyway, check it out if you have time πŸ™‚

    • 63 snackface

      expatrat- Ahhh! Welcome to the blog world! I read one of your posts and died at the Costco/Modern Family reference. That episode IS the best!

  51. Happy 19 years to Matty Rich! Studly indeed πŸ˜‰

    OMG that Facebook debacle is heinous. I’m sorry!

    I love asking people what their drink of choice when going out is! So, to you and Muffin, what is your “drank”?

  52. Buttercup! U are too stellar to let some facebook creepoids make you feel any less. Remember you have swagga cause ya in ma crew. Oh yes. And this crew will be ballin in a week. I love u and can’t wait for snacktime productions to roll….question: do u like the right or left side of the bed? Hahah jk real Q: How do you feel about wearing sweats to class? I think sometimes it’s necessary….

    Dj is stoked to meet you…oh yes I told him bout my other lovebugs.


  53. 1. What is the best/worst pickup line that has been used on y’all?
    2. What is your absolute dream job? ( I know at some point you said it was to host your own show on the travel channel, but I wasn’t sure if that had changed or not!)

  54. The facebook situation sucks, to put it eloquently. People need to realize that that photo isn’t just a picture, there is a person behind it with a life and feelings. So sorry you have to go through that! Sounds like you’re not paying any mind to the haters, so you probably already know this, but if you need reminding…you have a bossy blog with people who OBVIOUSLY think you’re the sh!t, so you brush it off!

  55. Your outfit is adorable!

    That is HORRIFYING about Facebook! What the hell is the hold up with them removing your picture??? Not right.

  56. 69 Brenna

    So sorry to hear about the crazy facebook group. I happen to think you’re gorgeous, hilarius and fantastic. Your blog is always a nice break in an otherwise hectic day. So keep writing, hold your head up high, and know there’s lots of love going your way!

  57. 70 Ellen

    Okay, FIRST OF ALL ladybird, you are gorgeous. I’ve been reading your blog for a loong time because I relate so well to it (I’m a senior at NYU, wooo college) and I am not one to comment, but it reaaaallllyyy makes me angry when people try to break others down. Facebook needs to take that picture down, but in the meantime, do your dayum thing!

  58. woowza that is crazy about the FB thing, I hope they get that cleared out ASAP. I had a hacker hack into my FB and started chatting my friends telling them I was being held at gun point and needed money wired to me, it was messed up I notifed FB and tehy got back to me very fast, so hopefully this awful page will be taken down soon. FB can serioualy be a blessing and a curse at the same time, you can never be too careful!

    I always love your outfits too, great stylleeeee

  59. 72 leangreendeane

    Kind of feeling like the only guy who has commented, which may or may not come across as awkward but i am not too worried about it, haha. I have to say that i began reading a couple blogs, including yours, to pass the time in a class i am not to thrilled about. You have one of the best voices as a writer that i have ever read! It is always enjoyable and fun reading your posts, even though i have only read a few so far! Coming from a guy who used to be a journalism major, you sound like you have quite the future ahead of you in that regard and i am sure you inspire a lot of people with the way you write… I have a passion for writing as well but had to follow roots back to a bio-major. Athens sounds like it will be quite the adventure… Heres my question: Why aren’t there more guys with blogs? haha… Not that i’m complaining but it had kind of been a very obvious observation since i came across a few! And how do you find the time with what i am sure is a crazy busy schedule? I am already discovering how hard it is to find the time to read the few blogs i enjoy reading unless it’s in class or late at night after work!

  60. OH hey girl hey!
    so i’m back from my AUZ trip, and back to blogging!
    just want to throw it out thuuur, i love your sassy self… gramarazzi and all.
    seriously i read your post when i was abroad and you always made me smile, your such a balla πŸ™‚
    okay love fest done. BUUUT not really.
    i have a question for you and muffin: what do you do when a guy (creep) lurks on you at the club, bar, slash life? personally i do the robot and make him feel real uncomfortable or laugh and skip away. perfect.

  61. how CRUEL people can be!! i honestly LOVE reading your blog everyday, & you are such a beautiful person inside & out! don’t let jealous, insecure, mean people ruin anything for you. you are amazing chica!!!

  62. when i was clicking out of reader onto this post, i accidentally clicked on the first photo so it took me to just that~ and i love that the title of the photo is “banchia” hahaha. love you. your reference of sabra and mustard next to each other made me think of how baller it would be to mix the two. YUM.

    I LOVE YOU! have a great week!

  63. Ugh… people who steal photos (and such) and post them elsewhere without permission are horrible. That needs to be fixed by Facebook/group owner/etc. STAT. I hope they comply! Sheesh, the nerve of some people out there!

    I love your outfit and how it is also business casual! I might be stealing that look as inspiration for work one day. I guess it would be both Ellen- and SnackFace-inspired though. πŸ™‚

    happy belated bday to your lil bro!

  64. 77 Clare

    (I’ve never commented before – yes, I’m a bit of a techno-phobe! – so hope this all works ok).
    People who steal photos are SO creepy – I hope facebook fixes it!
    Anyhow, I have a few questions (sorry, I am super nosy!). Firstly, if it was your last day on earth (Sorry, a bit of a morbid thought!) what would your eat? Non foodie related, I love the fact that you are single and happy with it! I am the same (So not into full on commitment until I’m into my mid twenties – Late teens/early twenties is a time to have fun, right?!), but don’t you find that people are weirded out by the fact you don’t want to have a boyfriend? I know most people I say that I genuinely don’t want a boyfriend think I’m either a) lying (“to hide my true pain” -HAHA) or b) am super weird! How do you handle the “…so why are you still single then?”, and “I’m worry about you not having a boyfriend” (Uhh, its being single not having a life threatening illness!). Finally, if you and Muffin had a sound track to your friendship what would it be? Sorry this is super long, brevity is not my strong point!

    P.S. Your brother is very hot! You both are, for that matter!

    • 78 snackface

      Clare- You are hysterical! Come hang out with MattyRich and me. You’ve presented fabulous questions that I hope to address soon! Thanks, schnookums!

  65. GAH…how did i miss this debaucle? who are the jack#ucks messing with you? that is NOT right. and i know a thing or two about media law myself, and i am pretty sure we have a case on our hands. i am so sorry to hear that!

    i love you. have a wondrous weekend with h-unit, and we will catch up soon! mwah!

  66. Dear snackface!

    those oatmeal looks amazinggg

    I always “WOW” by how lovely your pics are (they make me hungryyyy :))

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