Hello gorgeous friends! From all your wonderful comments on what you’d like to see more on SnackFace, I’ve seen that my honesty splooges are a hit. I don’t bring up what’s on my mind as often because, honestly, I’m afraid that I’ll come off as a huge meany pants. But opinions are what makes us individual, so I’ll share something that’s constantly on my mind.

I have an obnoxious habit. I am part of the grammarazzi. That is, I find grammatical errors and I get high off them, just as paparazzi take pics of celebs in whatever condition and make money off the pictures. While my major allows (if not promotes) this, it often makes me an annoying audience. I’ll correct you in my head. I’ll probably be shaking said head, too.

This is not to say that I don’t slip up or make grammar mistakes often. I know I’ve ended clauses with prepositions, misspelled words, used commas incorrectly and what have you. I do, however, try my best to edit each post, as I believe anything with an audience should be edited. Finding an error post-publish is ridiculously embarrassing for me.

I realized that this obsession is borderline unhealthy on Monday. I felt like garbage, but ellipticalled anyway (oh, I create words all the time, too). As I read Esquire’s February issue, I took a triple take at this:


What I’m looking at: “…we’re you’re guys, seven days a week.” That would break down to: “we are you are guys, seven days a week.” We all do it (Janetha’s totally caught me doing that!), but what’s sick is that finding this made me smile. Ick! Maybe I need to chill.

I was hard at work as a grammarazzi on Monday night from 10pm to 3am. We had to edit a 2,500-word piece to a 1,500 word piece for Magazine Editing, and we had to change the point-of-view. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

I didn’t, however, enjoy waking up at 7am to a clogged face. My sinuses may be infected. I can handle being sick, but I cannot handle not being able to taste this gloriousness:

Janetha's yoatgurt. It's like peanut-butter blondie batter when stirred.

In the bowl: 1/2 C Oikos, 1/3 C oats, both made with cinnamon and stevia and drizzled with peanut butter. By the time I had whimpered through breakfast, I’d decorated the garbage can with five SnotFace rags. Sexy.

I ended up being late for Non-Fiction because I was printing off the editing assignment in the library. I’d also like to blame lack of proper air flow to the bod and brain.

We had an essay exam in Non-Fiction, and then I skidaddled to Magazine Editing for two hours of magazine chat. I could sit in a class of discussing airbrushing and fact-checking all day.

Alas, I was starving when 1pm rolled around. I trotted home and threw together:

Simple wrap and side of C.

In the wrap: 1 Laughing Cow wedge, Frankie, mustard and lettuce. Easy and crunchy:

Let. Us.

Mama needed a warm component, so I reached into the cabinet for:

Light and lovely.

Topped with crushed red pepper and Frankie.

Gotta keep dat class with the tupperware. You should see my dishes right now.

After DayQuiling myself for the rest of the day, I had a ferosh photo shoot:

"Hip-hop, you saved my life."

Limey yellow stripes to match...

Limey yellow Nike's.

I used to think that this type of ‘fit would be outside my style realm, but a fresh approach each day keeps even myself guessing. As long as you’re rocking something you truly want to wear, it works. Own it!

For the next two hours, I dozed in Film. Reading captions in a dark auditorium practically begged me to snooze.

Afterward, I met with a substitute advisor and became super frustrated. I’m not even going there because I will work this out ASAP.

Back at the ranch, the clock struck 6pm and my appetite was roaring. One can live off post-nasal drip for only so long. For actual sustenance, I wanted a dippable dinner:

Chu-chu-chu cheetas, brussels and tempeh!

I roasted everything together for 23 total minutes (flipping after 15) at 475*. Seasoned with only non-stick and garam masala, these were simple perfection:


I desserted it up afterward with an endless mug of cereal. We tend to rendezvous all night.

I’m taking it easy tonight because the bod needs to heal. Maybe I’ll even sleep!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Does grammar matter to you? Do you think it’s dookie? AND Do you mix up yo style?

I’ve already explained that my grammarazzi tendencies can make me an ass. As the re-worked Gaga lyrics state: Promise I’ll be kind, but I won’t stop until that job is mine.It’s the truth!


80 Responses to “Grammarazzi”

  1. 1 Molly

    call me a hypocrite, but I am a grammarazzi too. However I ALWAYs f it up. Iowa State is probably cringing as they hand over my English degree. Whateva. I feel ya tho! and um your oats and wrap, look a.may.zing! (sorry dont cringe at that mishap lol)

    Happy Tuesday!


    • 2 snackface

      Molly- Love you! That is the same issue I run into (into which I run–GAH!). I want to get it right, but I also what to just relax and have fun with language, which doesn’t always mean grammatically correct language. So tough!

  2. ‘But opinions are what makes us individual, so I’ll share something that’s constantly on my mind.’

    instantly made me think: ‘opinions are like assholes and everybodys got one’

    so clearly rather than focus on this post i bopped around my room. salt n pepa style.
    but im convinced that if i d actually read it i would have enjoyed it to the maximum.

  3. Garam masala is one of my favourite seasonings too :). I’m not as much as a grammarazi as a spelling-azi (yeah that makes no sense I realise)- I notice incorrect spelling like no other and often unintentionally judge on that basis (oh and btw let me just add that I learned to read/write when I lived in the UK so I spell things the British way- hence realise not realize, it’s all habit).
    How are you liking Creative Non-fiction? I am enjoying it a lot- just the lack of limits we have in our writing makes it so much more personal!
    Gotta try the Yoatgurt- it’s making me hungryyyyyyyy πŸ™‚

  4. 5 Susan

    Bad grammar sticks out at me like a sore thumb! And I always correct my friends – they hate it haha.

    As for my steez, I live in Erie right now, so my style is whatever keeps me warm and dry. This means my style is preeettty much non-existent, but I don’t mind at all!

    I’m so sorry you have a sino-infecto Kailey! Those are yuck to the extreme. Drink lots of water (geeeeeeez I sound like my mama) and feel better!

  5. 1. YES – grammar matters….so much so that I find guys less attractive when they have bad grammar/spelling. “Good mourning”???? Um, NO.

    2. YES I often mix up my style. Some days I’m hipster-ed out and other days I’m hippie-fied. And there are the nights where I go out rockin’ a hussy-chic look. Depends on the mood, I’m sure you understand =)

    • 7 snackface

      Gracie- Hahahah you are cracking me up! Latter/ ladder is another thing that drives me nutty. Love the wardrobe mix-up, too!

  6. i dont think its annoying at all! I thank people like you all the time that check grammar because while I dont edit every post I write, I try my darn hardest to grammarize it (I make up words too) love the limey yellow sweatshirt, acitally have one just like it in purp!

    love the nikes, you are oneof the only peeps that can ROCK them and look hawt as hell


  7. I love your shoes! I love the lime yellow, it is the best color!!

  8. oh please girlfriend, my dad is an English teacher so I have grammar running through my veins. I am a gramma nazi when it comes to school work and such but unfortunately rarely devote time to proof-reading my blog posts. I don’t suppose you’d want to be my own personal editor, eh?

    I love how you’re straight thugging in a bright yellow zip up. You be so dimeeeeey.

    Love you kitten! xo

  9. 11 jess

    Is it ironic that there’s a mistake in this line of yours?: “Finding and error post-publish is ridiculously embarrassing for me.”


    • 12 snackface

      jess- OMG Hahaha yes! I knew that would happen! Fixing it right now. Thanks!

  10. It’s okay your a grammarazzi! That’s a good thing!
    Janetha inspired breaky looks superb and I must try it asap!
    Dinner looks perfect for dippage!

  11. 14 Stacey

    I was a journalism major in college and do the same thing! I LOVE editing. I often enthusiastically (and strangely, perhaps) offer my services to my friends. I think it’s FUN. Most think I’m a weirdo, but I’m happy there are other journalism kids like you out there who can relate. πŸ™‚

    That being said… I’m sorry to report that I found a typo in your post about the grammarazzi! Ahhh!

    “Finding and error post-publish is ridiculously embarrassing for me.”

    The “and” should be “an,” no?

    Also, that plate of roasted goodness has me going fjlskdjmmmmmm.

    • 15 snackface

      Stacey- Ahhh! Hahaha I love that I’m such an a-hole that I had a typo in this post. Karma, baby! Thanks for letting me know–fixed it!

  12. I’m not a grammar freak- not going to lie (unless it’s in the local newspaper and then I make fun of the idiots writing it- mind you, I probably wouldn’t do much better– which is why I don’t), but have you heard of Grammar Girl?

    I feel like she’d be your all time favorite super hero- check her out.

  13. Although I have pretty terrible grammar myself, I somehow expect everyone else to write perfectly! I especially get annoyed when I see bad grammar in print, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me much in the blog world. Love your Nikes and “hiphop” outfit!

  14. You totally pull off that look, girl! Grammar is important to me…and I do notice when it’s bad. Haha.

    love your dippable dinner!
    ❀ jess

  15. You due realize that you’re grammarazi-ness is what made me fall in love with you, right? (See, I love you so much, I purposely throw you errors to make sure you have at least a quick source of elation.) You know I feed off that grammar shiz, too. I agree that it’s ridiculously unhealthy and obnoxious. But it’s fun. And it makes me happy. And in this 22nd year of my life, I can’t just shut it off.

    I think, like you, I compensate by constantly making up fake words. Makes me feel like more of a normie person.

    Hope you’re feeling better, amor! LOVEYOU

  16. I do this, too. Not to say I don’t make heinous spelling and grammatical errors on a daily basis, but I try to do things correctly. Sometimes, I have to admit, I say screw it. haha However…”your” and “you’re” mistakes annoy me SOOOO much. “It” and “It’s” mistakes annoy me just as much. πŸ™‚

    Soooo….you are so not alone!

  17. Sort of–I have a thing for typing everything out (AIM, Facebook chat, what have you) with all the properly punctuated goodness of legitimate text. However, I’m not immune to slip-ups and though I’ll scold myself endlessly for not being a perfect robot typist, I’ve learned not to blush too deeply.

    Style-wise–everyone always says, “You look like you’d ride horses.” Even people I’ve just met. It’s weird.

    Gonna get me some brussels like thems, yeah.

  18. oh, my gosh, i can’t believe I found someone who does it TOO.
    my mom/friends get SO mad but I’ll be like “oh you spelled that wrong” or “Your missing an apostrophe there” or when I’m reading an article I get so excited if theres a grammar error in something like Newsday- something PROFESSIONAL. and I dont do it to be snooty- it just BOTHERS THE CRAP OUTTA ME!
    glad to see I found someone like me ! πŸ˜‰

  19. 23 elleneatsbeats

    Hearing correct grammar just makes me smile

  20. 24 lilpauladean

    One of the billions of your qualities that I regard so highly is your impecable grammar-or at least your grammar awareness. I used to be this way and mourn the loss of my proper usage. I was fortunate to have some very well-spoken and mannered grandparents, parents and relatives. I also was blessed with some respectfully critical teachers and professors who held proper english in the highest regard. I had it all down. I made them proud. Now, however, I can’t remember a thing. Laws, rules, punctuation, proper clause usage NADDA! This is part of why I hesitate to blog. It is also the reason I avoided commenting on others’ blogs (especially yours) for so long. I’m terrified of being judged by my poor english. That being said, I cherish your feedback and have come to accept that you are so genuine that, while you certainly will notice my flaws, you’ll look beyond them and respect the content and intention of my comments. Thank you, Kailey. In the very least, you’ve inspired me to really make the moves, grow some meatless balls and get my arse back to Skidmore so that I can return to editing the s*$# out of the New Yorker with my fave english professor. Keep it real, Kiddo.
    one love

  21. I’m all for good grammar, to a point. I could care less if I end a sentence with a preposition. In fact, more recent grammar peeps tend to think that ending a sentence with a preposition is A-ok. Plus, when I blog, I use a relational tone, so I worry a lot less about sentence structure.

  22. 26 Kate

    haha i was a J major for two years and i tend to do the same thing, i’ll be laughing in my head, and probably shaking said head also. ah haha love it πŸ™‚

  23. 27 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    haha omg i’m the same way!! i totally notice grammar mistakes and it drives me nuts. Granted, I don’t always edit my posts closely enough and I am sure that I make mistakes all the time.

    looove that you switch up your style!! you can pull of anything πŸ™‚

    i want to try your cheetah recipe asap


  24. I’m horrible at english and with my grammer…so if it pisses you off on my blog please do tell…maybe i’ll learn something πŸ™‚

    lurve the dinner btw, and hope you feel mucho better asap.

  25. okay FIRST of all- your comments are like the sweetest things in the WORLD
    second of all.. kailey boo i hope you feel better!!!
    third of all..HILARIOUS about the grammar terrible at it, but thankful for ppl like you to correct me! you are so sweet-i dont feel like you could ever be mean about it tho!
    rest up love!! love you!

  26. Love your dippy dinner. I hope your sinuses clear up too!!! Hot damn Janetha is a genius isn’t she! I’m in love with that breakie too!

  27. 31 Liz

    Poor grammar is my pet peeve! I’m not a journalism major anymore, so unfortunately I’m around people who tend to not be so meticulous about grammar. My biggest beef is when people confuse your/you’re and its/it’s. Your outfit is bomb, bee tee dubs πŸ™‚

  28. I’m a grammar freak too…can’t help it! Though I’ve started to bite my tongue when my friends say dumb stuff so I don’t look like an uptight beeyotch. But oh, it bugs me.

    Loving the dippable din. Tempeh sticks? You’re onto something.

    I try to mix up my style, but I always come back to my Topsiders and button downs. I’m just that kind of girl πŸ™‚

  29. Fellow grammar police, WHAT UP!?!?!?! [I know, I make mistakes too, but apostrophe misuse is my pet peeve.]

    I SEE THE SNEAKS!!!!!! I die. I love.

  30. 34 Cat

    I totally feel you on this! I was just reading “Zeitoun” new Dave Eggers and there was an error and I was pretty shocked, since it’s like a BOOK made by awesome people at McScweeney’s. Anyway, I wonder what your thoughts are the difference between grammatical errors and making up words and stuff…like here on your blog you do lots of cute stuff like say “Hey Ba-behs” or however you spell it. It’s adorable, but I just wonder where we draw the line, you know? I majored in English and graduated in 2003 and adore the writing style on your blog, as I do that myself sometimes, just wondering if you had any thoughts on where the line gets drawn! πŸ™‚

    • 35 snackface

      Cat- This is an excellent question! I do struggle to find a balance between slang and proper grammar, and I find that it depends on my mood. If it’s a Friday and I’m super excited, I’m more likely to be lax with grammar and make up words. Then again, with most posts, I don’t want to be too serious. As long as the sentences are structured fairly well, there aren’t any glaring mistakes, the too’s and the it’s are correct and it doesn’t read to choppily, I’m happy. My formal writing for magazines (see my barbershop post!) is definitely different from my blog-writing style. In the blog, I just want people to read it and feel as though they’re having a conversation with me. I hope that makes sense!

  31. I always have to bite my tongue to stop myself from correcting people! I am definitely a grammarazzi!!!

  32. hello honey pot pie! sorry i have been out and about and not commenting on your lovely face of the snacks. you know. dude! i love love that yellow stripey number and those kicks, ive said before, are so sick! they look perfect on you. i am SUCH a grammar nerd. i get joy out of that sorta thang too. yet i never capitalize a thing.

    SO~ i am going to miss the shit out of you while i am gone! just wanted to swing by and say i love you! i will take lots of photos of marshall with his shirt off in jamaica! MWAH!

  33. I’m willing to overlook an error or two in a blog post, but when I see something as glaring as that mistake from Esquire I want to punch a publisher in the face. I mean, so many people saw it, approved it, and sent it out to impressionable Americans who may never know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE. It’s just plain wrong.

  34. 39 *Andrea*

    ugh i hate when people mess up your and you’re!!! drives me insaneeeeeee.

    love that lupe song πŸ™‚ ….glad you’re (;)) still posting fabulous outfits + songs!

  35. 40 olivera

    It drives me UP THE FRIGGIN’ WALL when, for example, I’m on Facebook and I see someones wall to wall with something like this: “Aww, your so cute!” “Hahaha your funny…”… even better, when they try to be a smart-ass and go “Yeah you’re friend is a bitch.”
    Am I the only one who thinks that by university, people should be able to tell the difference between your and you’e? 😐

  36. Most. Amazing. Dinner. Ever! I used to be a better writer but since I started in the medical profession, cliff notes, acronyms and point forms have taken over my life!

  37. Have you seen the movie “Idiocracy”? If you haven’t, watch it. I promise you won’t feel bad about being anal in regards to grammar and such. If people like you didn’t exist then that movie would come true…and that would be a bad bad thing.

    Also, I love that stripey sweater! Where did you pick up that gem?

  38. Finally!! A fellow grammarazzi πŸ™‚

    I find that I always laugh at errors in the local paper, then I catch myself and cringe!!

    πŸ™‚ I hope you feel better soon.


  39. I’m a total grammarazzi too, even worse πŸ˜‰ And I love your word for it!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  40. Grammar DEFINITELY matters to me. I am total freak when it comes to making corrections.

    Love the eats, esp. those potato wedgies! Have a great day!

  41. i am leaving for the airport as we speak, but this post MADE MY DAY. i am a grammarazzi (love that word), and proud of it. when i find professional publications make mistakes, it makes me happy too. recently, i was reading an article online by a local TV station, and i commented that they spelled something wrong. they changed it, and then ERASED MY COMMENT! take that wkow-tv!

    EPIC. love this whole post.

    love you!

    feel better my sweets!

  42. 47 SΓΌnne

    Your post could have really come from me – I’m such a grammarazzi, too!
    My family makes use of this ability by letting me double-check every important text they’ve written (applications and stuff). I’m just afraid it’s seriously annoying for my friends – “How do you like this, SΓΌnne?” – “Um … that sentence would sound nicer if you changed … to … (but actually thinking: Gosh, that whole text needs to be rewritten!). I know it’s mean but I try to make it sound nicer.
    I’m correcting myself, too, and feel embarassed every time I notice I’ve made a mistake.

    In Germany, a person who is good at finding grammatical errors is called a “Zwiebelfisch” (literally “onion fish”, there’s no way to translate the joke I think).

  43. Grammar makes me crazy! I know I sometimes accidentally have a typo, but I hate when people use your and you’re. Makes me mad!!!

  44. your outfit is so fresh πŸ™‚ rock it girlie!! the shoes are my favorite part!

    Im fine reading grammar mistakes, but when people speak without using proper english..that kind of drives me up a wall.

  45. i’m a grammarazzi too. it’s a habit, really, but i can’t help myself. whenever i’m in class and someone is making a powerpoint presentation (or even just speaking), i often catch myself sitting in anticipation for their grammar mistakes. then, when someone does make a mistake, i feel embarrassed for them and quickly re-word/fix the mistake in my head. it’s probably my biggest pet-peeve. don’t feel bad! plus, if it brings a smile to your face and it’s not harming anyone else, then why stop?

  46. “Grammarazzi” — I love it!! Now I have a word for the affliction which pains me. Actually, it doesn’t pain me. It pains the people around me. :p

    ❀ ❀

  47. I’m not ashamed to say that I am also a grammarazzi who has her own fair share of mistakes. Even more than grammar though, I’m a spellerazzi. I cannot help but chuckle when I see commom words misspelled (although, I’m not a perfect speller either).

    I want your yellow outfit. So bossy. J’adore.

  48. okay, I love “grammarazzi”.

    I do that ALL. the. time. Love it.

    My little sister bought me “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” and it has stickers in the back of the book JUST so you can go around “fixing” signs, etc. πŸ™‚

  49. Dude!! I’ve been part of the grammarazzi since kindergarten!!! My mom always re-tells the story of how she came to pick me up one day and I was bawling outside of class b/c I spelled Cinderella wrong and I was sooo upset about it!! Other people’s errors still frustrates me beyond belief!!! lol, yah, I have problems.

  50. My insides implode when people misuse “me” and “i.” CMON PEOPLE! Also, I hate when professors hand out assignments/syllabi with incorrect grammar. I’m all like, dude, aren’t you supposed to be teaching ME this?

  51. This is probably why you don’t read my blog. I’m notorious for running out of time to proofread my entires. Oops!

    That jerk of an anon commenter who said you have big thighs a while back is blind! You have killer legs babe.

  52. All right. You’ve done convinced me (how’s that for grammar, hehe) to try the oats + yogurt combo. That will be my breakkie tomorrow.
    Feel better!!

  53. 58 Catherine

    I was also an English major in College, and poor grammar drives me CRAZY! I think that grammar has the power to make “smart” people look ridiculously uneducated (and vice versa – haha).

  54. 59 elise

    ok, now my computer is returning to normal…please see random post from january for my comment on this subject. ha!

  55. I am most definitely a grammarazzi. Probably why I am an English major. Too bad there’s not a grammar major, because I would so be there!

  56. 61 katie

    my biggest pet peeve has to be people who can’t figure out your/you’re and their/there/they’re. whenever I see them used incorrectly I want to have an aneurysm… I know I’m not perfect either, though! But come on- basic building blocks of the English language, folks… laziness is not an excuse.

  57. 62 swoop70

    I am laughing at your dinner as I finally tried Cheetas and paired brussels on the pan with them last night. I had the tempeh for lunch instead so added hummus for a dipper with the ketchup. Lovin the Cheetas!!!

  58. 63 Theresa

    You are too funny! I can totally relate to your grammar habit. I have pissed off a lot of people at work by correcting their grammar and spelling. I blame it on being an English major, but I think I may have an issue. My latest victim was a highly paid manager who doesn’t know the difference between the words personal and personnel. This is a typical e-mail from him, β€œI have some personnel things to do at my house and will be out of the office on 2/3/10.” Are you kidding me? I finally wrote him an e-mail with the definitions of each word. Needless to say, he didn’t appreciate it (or heed my schooling because he still doesn’t use the words correctly). I told my boss that apparently spelling and grammar are not prerequisites for being a manager. That didn’t go over too well either, so perhaps I should just keep my cake-hole shut.

  59. I have to be honest and say that grammar does matter to me! When I read publications and textbooks, I am subconsciously checking things in my head. It’s so frustrating when I find a spelling/grammar error! I’ve even written to textbook publishers listing the typos I’ve found while reading their books, in case they want to fix it for the next edition… or need a new editor haha. πŸ˜› I do love it, though. I guess that’s kind of why I’m getting my Master’s in Communication right now.

  60. 65 Little Bookworm

    Hope you feel better soon! Your dinner looks great – love the Cheetahs! πŸ™‚

  61. I am what I refer to as a “grammar nerd”. I love it, love talking about it, love finding mistakes, and hate incorrect usage…although I never hold it against people, I try to keep comments to myself πŸ™‚ Heck, my fave class this semester is Advance French Grammar and Composition…take that!

    Love that dippable dinner, delight.

  62. 67 Kelly

    I’m with you! I am a fellow grammarazzi although I can’t say I always have perfect grammar, either. I do try my best though! I just tell myself that it could be a lot worse! You are not alone. πŸ™‚

  63. Im a huge nutso when it comes to grammar. I nitpick over every little thing and people get so annoyed with me! Youve got me cravin some cheetas girl I Havent had them in so long πŸ™‚

  64. I love you and your grammar craziness because it makes me laugh. Also, sorry in advance for any KGE grammar offenses! That Cheetah in the lower left corner is calling my name – so brown and perfect. I’m loving the wrap combo, snookums!

    Going back to grammar, I do get annoyed but I can’t get too annoyed because I’m not Miss Perfect. When grammar offenses jump at me they’re usually BIG mistakes. Half of the time they are from people who are going to be educators…uh oh.


  65. 71 ari

    oh my god, i am such a grammar nazi. and it’s really surprising how many college students (not to mention adults) need to take a first grade english class.

  66. ahhh your lunches always look so refreshing!!
    I love your blog! I found it through shelley’s (findinghappinessandhealth) and can’t wait to keep reading.

  67. Me to.

  68. Girl!! “Grammarazzi” is my new favorite term, and I’m totally with you. Case in point: was just out to dinner tonight, perusing the dessert menu (of course) and noticed they misspelled ganache – “genache” !! Fail. Immediately, I lost my appetite. Okay, maybe a little extreme, but still.

    I’ve been reading for a few weeks, but first time commenter – so wanted to say hey. Absolutely love your style, too!

    • 75 snackface

      katy- You are amazing. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Hahaha that spelling of ganache would make me think they don’t even know what it is, thus, how could it possibly be good? Another funny thing I’ve read about menus (unrelated) is that we should be wary of the usage of “fresh” as a descriptor. We assume that what we’re ordering is fresh, so there is no need to write. That then should make us suspicious. Just a little tidbit!

  69. I lurve your grammer-razi!! I myself have a misspelling issue….it truly irks me!!!

    Love you, love the blog!!!
    Keep up the good work lovely!!!!

  70. I must say that I am guilty of this as well! Everything I read I am always searching for typos and, especially when it is something published, it brings me great joy when I find one! That actually used to drive me nut about my ex. He never could figure out the proper usage of your/you’re, there/their/they’re, etc…love your site!

  71. As the daughter of two former journalists, one current teacher and one current author… I, too can identify with the Grammarazzi!

    My boyfriend says that I drive him crazy sometimes when I correct him, but it’s not my fault that he has zero grammatical sense, right?

  2. 2 Sleepyhead « K’s Good Eats

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