Weekend v. Weekday


Oh my goodness! I am completely overwhelmed by the ridiculously kind comments and entries for the giveaway! You are all way too nice! Thank you!

Monday marked a fresh start. As much as I love my crazy weekends, I start to feel super lazy and unhealthy. Allow me to show you…

Over the weekend, I ate “breakfast” at Bob’s Heaven:

Cheesy, creamy potato soup.

BISCUITS. I go to Bob's mainly for these beauts.

Aftermath. I did work, son.

On weekdays, however, breakfasts look more like today’s:

To-be yogurt mess with Koffee.

Multiple gasms.

In the bowl: 1/2 C Oikos with cinnamon and stevia, bloobs, mix of Kashi Go Lean, Barbara’s squares and Jumbo Multi-Grain Rice Krispies (amaze) and a drizzle of peanut butter. To live for.

While weekends are workout-less, weekdays are for fitness. The only cardio I’ve been getting Thursday through Saturday is on the dance floor. Monday, though, brought a fabulous 50-minute session on the elliptical with Esquire and weights. I followed that with 20 minutes of arms and abs.

Muffin and I love to have pounds of tortilla chips for weekend lunches:

Mmm chips and spinach-filled flour tortilla. Did not enjoy the rice.

But during the week, I tend to lean toward lighter fare:

I go for light because it doesn't send me into a gas-laden Mexicoma.

Crack throwback.

In the crack-wrap wannabe: 1 Laughing Cow wedge, 1 scoop Sabra and dashes of Frankie. Folded and griddled on a pan, this was divine.

Snacks on weekends are often missed because of heavy midday meals. When Muffin and I did snack, though, we shared these:

Sun Flour Vanilla Shortbread. Crumbly, sweet perfection.

Monday’s midday snack was also delicious and sweet:

Kashi Dark Mocha Almond. Tasted like a brownie.

The most notable difference between weekends and weekdays may be my wardrobe choices:

Fierce. Semi-exposed.

Cute. Conservative. Although, someone told me I looked like Peter Pan.

Weekends aren’t for classes, but this past weekend, Muffin and I attended a Senior Saturday for journalism majors. I was in the Scripps building from 9:20am till 4:30pm and only ate:

Roll, salad and cole slaw.

This lackluster lunch left me ravenous for:

A dinner of tofu burger and fries. Ate all the fries and 2/3 the burger.

On weekdays, though, I turn to lush salads for dinner:


Tup salad!

Top o' tup. Dressed this with honey mustard dressing.

In the mix: romaine, celery, cucumber, yellow pepper, green beans, grapes and Boca Chik’n patty. It was the best salad I’d had in months! The Chik’n is kinda trashy, but it’s so delicious!

One event that’s acceptable for both weekends and weekdays, though, is:

SnackFacing! Always in style. "We poppin' like Orville Redenbacher."

I often wish I could live in a permanent state of weekend, but getting back to healthy eats, a few workouts and studying can feel good, too. OK, maybe I’m lying about the studying part.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do your eating habits change on weekends? If so, how?AND How did Taylor Swift sing so flatly on the Grammys and then go on to win album of the year? I’m still pissed. Did anyone hear Beyonce or Gaga? UGH!


57 Responses to “Weekend v. Weekday”

  1. HAY GIRL HAYYYY YO MOMMA LET YOU DATE?! you look SMOKIN in that black dress!
    shoot, who says dancing isnt cardio? gah dancing for 3 hours is like running a marathon! (okay not that much-but id be lying if i said i wasnt SORE after i had my first club experience last summer)
    LOVE YOU K!!!!!

  2. literally, i could have written this post! i’m much more prone to eat healthy during the week… something about routine keeps me in check! but i gotta admit, the weekends are wayy more delicious and fun… WE’RE YOUNG! WE GOTTA ENJOY IT!

    • oh ps. i didn’t write this because i feel like my crush on you is out in the open by now, but you look SA-MOKIN in that black number! bow, chicka, wow WOW!

  3. My weekends vs weekdays are pretty much day and night. During the week, I’m all about my big bowls of oats, colorful salads, and huge bowls of soup or pasta with too many veggies. The weekend is a whole different story, since all I want after a crazy night of dancing and one too many Natty lights is salt, soda, carbs, and salt. Like this past Sunday, my breakfast was composed of a fat piece of vegan carrot cake, a banana slathered in peanut butter, and a tall glass of diet Coke. It hit the SPOT. I have found that doing a little cardio to sweat out the toxins on the weekend actually does this body pretty good. It’s just motivating myself to get out into the sunlight or the gym to actually do it that’s the problem.

    I feel like Taylor’s wins/performance totally invalidated the Grammys for me. At least we know she was performing live, but her nasal pitchiness was enough to kill small animals. Or at least make puppies try to cover their ears with their paws.

  4. Totally agree with you on being bummed about Taylor winning and Gaga being mostly snubbed. Beyonce still won a lot, even without getting album of the year. I really liked this post. I liked how you compared, meal-by-meal how your weekend food choices differ from your weekday. I’d say the biggest difference in my eats between weekday and weekend is just more structure. Weekdays I really fall into the three meals, two snacks pattern. On the weekends, if I have nothing to do, I end up snacking all day long.

    On one of my blog posts today I posted a mirror picture to show my outfit, it was VERY SnackFace inspired! 😛

    • 6 snackface

      Foregoing Perfection- You are so right in that structure hugely influences a day’s eats! MamaJ and I were just talking about that, actually. I checked out you photos– BOSSY!!!

  5. Tofu burger looks great!
    Yes weekends are quite different from weekdays!

  6. 8 Lo

    truth: i ate mexican for dinner saturday. that was all. then had some booze….

    sunday i ate bacon mac and cheese and almost all of my chicken club sammie with sp fries…

    oh and i may have had 5 ice cream sandwiches in 3 days…

    soooo yes weekdays are for getting back to the good habits…only for the weekends that lie ahead tho.


    p.s. when u and me get to play, we will be doing Whole Foods mostly all da time…and vegan hot spots. no worries girl.

  7. I know Taylor’s win pissed me off — she’s been winning freaking evvvverything when uhh, pretty much EVERYONE outsang her last night. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t dislike Taylor ….but I think it was probably obvious to everyone that she wasn’t the one to deserve it.

    Plus…she dropped one of her Grammys. Not cool. I’m clumsy…and I would superglue that thing to my hand the moment I got off stage if that’s what it took.

    P.S. No matter how many time you type “bloobs” – I always see “boobs” … hah. Am I a 5 year-old or what? 🙂

  8. Haha you KNOW my weekend versus weekdays are, like, identical to yours. The drunchies come out full force on the weekends–and even when I don’t drink, I feel like weekends are a time for lazin around and eating whateverrrrr you want.

    I’m proud of your popcorn lovin. Except I know you eat two mini bags at a time. At least I hope you do.

    Love you chica

  9. I couldn’t agree more about Taylor Swift.
    And my eating habits change during the weekends. Not in a good way. But its all about BALANCE.

  10. In what way do you look like Peter Pan. Last time I checked that character was of the male species?

    Loooove the boots though!

  11. haha okay. i change my mind.
    THIS is my new favorite post 🙂

  12. 14 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    uh chyeeeah my eating habits change on the weekends- enter: drunk eating. hahaha. oh well, what can ya do?! love your eats in this post and your gorrrgeous outfit… can i raid your closet? jk you are too tall nothing would fit 😦 boo

  13. Didn’t get to comment on your “Anniversary” post because I was too busy being creep-tastic and reading old SnackFace blogs, (jeepers, creepers!) and all I can say is you go girl! Favorite blog ever award! I hope one day you become a magazine editor for Glamour or Vogue… there will mos’ def be a lot more happy/normal/realistic girls! =) Better yet, please create SnackFace the Mag!

    As for this post… AMAZING… love that you count Thursday as a weekend day! Girlfriend lookin’ fierce in that black number!

    Ps– is my grammar making you go craZy?!

  14. There you go my sweet 🙂 http://bit.ly/cAifM8

  15. 17 Michelle in Alaska

    I thought the same thing yesterday!! She was totally butchering Fleetwood Mac’s song…BORING!

  16. 18 justjac

    Didn’t catch the Grammys…boo 😦
    Love your weekends vs weekday eating! Hahah I think 1234987029380 other peoples look similar as well!! hahah i esp love the ‘work’ you did on your breakfast soup lol. love all the eats 😀

  17. i think your eating theory is great! ha eat what ya want on the weekends! you probably feel less deprived that way too! love your blog!

  18. I, too, goto Bob’s for the biscuits. So. amazing.

    Love your outfits and eats!

    Also, my weekend eating habits are pretty similar to those during the week, except for the times. My eating times change drastically on the weekends !

    Love your food philosophy 🙂 🙂

    Have a great week!

  19. Love your dress! I usually tend to eat more of what I want on the weekends and not on such a strict schedule. Oh well!

  20. My weekends are pretty much like yours. I tend to cut out my snacks because of my random eating schedule.

  21. Hahah great comparison post!
    My weekend used to be completely different from the weekdays, but just over the past 6 months they resemble each other a lot more. I think it’s part of getting older 😦 Boo

  22. Bang’n weekend…i seriously need to come and hang out with you, get some adventure in my life!

    and habits don’t really change over the weekend because I don’t do much that would render them needing change…:)

  23. Girl, I beg to differ…no gym sesh ever competes with a dance party! I usually get my workouts in on the weekends, but the healthy eating thing tends to go out the window, especially after 8pm and the first drink. Drunchies anyone?

    The tofu and biscuit are giving me foodgasms…and that black dress is fierce!

  24. I’ve tried to like Taylor Swift – girl can write a song – but girl can’t sing worth a damn. Even on CDs, I get sick of her voice. Gaga and Beyonce are waaaay above and beyond T-Swift!
    For me, weekends and weekdays are pretty similar because of practice – I just get to watch more trashy TV.

  25. First things first, I’m FURIOUS about the Taylor Swift thing. I mean really, really?! She’s had her moment!! It’s Gaga’s now!!

    Secondly, this was an AMAZING post, it makes me feel so much better that I’m not the only one! I visited friends over the weekend and ate like I’ve never eaten before, fast food for nearly every meal. It was horrible (just the bad for me food, not the friend) and I nearly couldn’t wait for the week so I could start eating healthy again! So I totally understand 🙂


  26. During the week, I eat pretty much the same thing and on a schedule where I know it’ll be convenient/not interfere with business. The weekends are much more open-ended and delicious.

    That black dress is just too hot, miss thang.

  27. 30 Susan

    Beyonce’s performance was the best part of the Grammy’s, period. But she’s too awesome to care about the number of awards she wins, which makes me love her more.

  28. Food looks great! Very Cute going out outfit.

  29. KAILEY! I love your weekend hair!

  30. OH, the weekends. I eat “worse” on the weekends because I’m not on a schedule! aka I allow myself to sleep past my usual wake up time, and lounge, and then by the time I eat breakfast it’s 11 am. Also, the beer doesn’t help.

    Enjoy it, girl!

  31. My eating definitely changes on weekends. I have no schedule and will pretty much eat anything put in front of me. To the point where I often feel sick on Monday. But, as far as I’m concerned, it all balances out. And it’s like a reward for being so good all week.

    Love your weekend outfit! Love all your outfits, actually. Am v. envious of your style.

  32. Forget structured cardio schmardio, dancing is THE WAY to go.
    My eating stays pretty similar on weekends to weekdays, at least lately while it’s all wintery and schooly and thus my weekends have been pretty uneventful for the most part the last little while. Meaning minimal post-drinking munchie sessions lol

  33. I do enjoy getting back to the routine on Monday morning, although I will admit, by about Thursday at 5pm, I’m always ready for the weekend again!

    My eating habits over the weekend don’t change too much, I like to eat out more on the weekends because there’s more time to enjoy and savor going out.

    Poor Tay Swift, she does not do well live. I think it’s more nervousness than lack of talent though.

    Umm, can we say “sex kitten” for your weekend attire!!

  34. Helllllllo Kailey! I need those heeeeels girl! It makes me so sad that we haven’t talked in ages, but izz all good–i know we’ll have a huge g-chat catch up sesh soon enough!

    I think being a little unbalanced ont he weekends keeps us structured during the week, ya mean?! We gotta live, enjoy and just let everything even itself out when the routine and structure of the actual week comes.

    I may have had a bowl of leftover green beans this past Saturday and realized that it my ONLY veg for the entire weekend! Whoops. And oatmeal with peanut butter for lunch on a hungover day!? I mean, that’s actually pretty healthy….right! 😉

    The gasmic bowl of a yogurt mess looks amazing and i need a faux crack wrap back in ma life, now.

    LOVE U!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXO

  35. **on THE weekends……
    **that it WAS my only veg….

    damn i need to work on my GRAMMAR, can’t be pulling a you-know-who over here!!

  36. I’m like you- I love to have treats on weekends- and it’s easier to stick to healthful choices when you’ve got a schedule during a week.. well that, and what’s a weekend without chips and salsa.. and at least one bottle of wine?!

  37. Taylor Swift is not a good singer…some may disagree with me but honestly I’ve never thought she was. She writes (has written for her!) catchy songs and is a good performer and tweens love her. That’s why she is popular…hmph!

    I always have good intentions when it comes to the weekend, but enter a few (many) coctails and that usually goes right out the window. It usually feels so good to get back on track come Monday though…

  38. ugh, dont get me started on taylor swift winning a grammy.

    work is crazy…i could probs write you a novel but i have a bajillion thangs to do. LOVE YOUUUUUU – must. gchat. soon.


  39. I absolutely eat worse on the weekends (and, um, consume a lot more liquid calories). Part of the blame falls on my boyfriend; he’s a bad influence :-). But I’m the one who insists that we get popcorn if we go to the movies. I also don’t mind going for a run on at least one day during the weekend. Especially during the winter, getting to run outside in the daylight feels like a luxury.

  40. Smokin’ outfit girl! Love hearing about your weekends, they make me look forward to my college weekends! I definitely think I eat more on weekends, sometimes healthy ,sometimes not 🙂

  41. 44 Kelly

    During the week I pack all my meals and snacks for work and don’t want to try something new, hate it and be stuck with nothing to eat, so I use weekends to experiment with new stuff – this weekend was my first bowl of steel cut oats (I had a tough time giving up the mega fiber and protein of Kashi Go Lean) – added some apple butter, cinnamon and raisins, delish!

  42. 45 Zaineb

    omigod in totally agree about the grammys! i mean swift is a sweet girl but beyonce and gaga are like INSANLEY talented! they don’t need an award to recongize that

  43. 46 Sweet and Fit

    my weekend and weekday eats are definitely different – salads are such an easy go to for me – its hard to make something elaborate on during the week.

  44. 47 Christine

    your blog is awesome!

    “I go for light because it doesn’t send me into a gas-laden Mexicoma.” Mexicoma makes me think of the sex and the city movie! haha

    i totally agree with you on the taylor swift thing. beyonce and gaga were amazing!

    • 48 snackface

      Christine- That’s exactly where Mexicoma is from! I’m so excited you recognized that!

  45. since im still in high school, my eats are pretty consistent throughout the week, but on weekends I enjoy three meals instead of lots of snacks (10 a.m is not lunch time in my mind)

    oh man that huge roll are totally calling my inner carby love.

  46. First off I love your place mat! That color blue with that print is just fab 🙂 Gaga so should have won at the grammys she was AMAZING i love her so much!

    On the weekends i tend to eat more, if im working at my vegan resturant job waaay more.

    Happy monday!

  47. 51 Little Bookworm

    Love the outfit photos! Happy belated one year blog anniversary! 🙂

  48. Oh that soup looks so creamy and soothing and omg delicious!!! Haha I love ya- yup my only forms of workout on the weekends are lotsssssss of dancing (and the added challenge of doing so in stilettos).
    I definitely eat differently on weekends since my sleep schedule is mucho different- weekends usually consist of: Brunch (scrambles/fruits/toast), some snacky, some ethnic dinner out (usually thai or indian), some swigs of my friends, Mr. Smirnoff and Mr. Absolut, and usually some sweetness/randomness in between whereas my weekdays are pretty normals- bfast, lunch, dinner, and lotsa yumsy snacks in between 🙂

  49. WOW! you look super amazing in that black dress!

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, I have been reading for quite a long time and just wanted to let you know how much your positivity and balanced attitude have helped me.

    check out my new blog if you feel like it …

    Emmy from London x

    • 54 snackface

      Emmy- Hey sweetcheeks! Awww you made my day! I can’t believe I could help, but I’m so glad I did. I’ll be checking out your blog tonight! xoxo

  50. My eating is pretty similar on the weekends vs weekdays except for the fact that I usually eat less on weekends. Due to the fact that I sleep in and have a late breakfast, which leads to a light lunch. And YES grrrr to T Swift. I yelled at the TV when she won. Seriously, she has some kind of magic hold over the music industry. Sure, she’s popular, but no way is her album better than Gagas!!

  51. 56 Haylee

    This is a definite ME post. I tend to eat pretty healthy over the weekends, BUT weekends are the time me and my hubs like to go out to restaurants..My healthy veggie stash runs low and I don’t want to go to the store AGAIN.. Nothing is better then just vegging and going out with my hubby. I LOVE weekends, I LIVE for weekends, BUT when the weekend is over…im (and my stomach) are always ready for normal ME (healthier) meals again.

  52. My weekdays vs. week ends are total polar opposites. During the week I eat pretty damn healthily, and really eyeball my food. As soon as Friday afternoon hits though – beer o’clock does exist, and so does numerous dessert o’clock. This fun time lasts up until usually Sunday lunch, then I (try to) get back into gear…

    Although over the years I’ve learned I’ve got to have more balance during the week, so that I don’t totally blow out on the weekends!

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