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In Honor Of


Hi babies! I hope your Fridays/weekends are off to marvelous starts. Today, I think it’s finally time that I share a bit of my past in honor of NEDA week. I’ve debated sharing this for the entire time I’ve had this blog, but I feel secure enough to write this. I often get questions about […]

Ay bay bays! How we doing? It has been such a lovely Thursday so far! Thought I’d pop in really fast because lawd knows when I’ll have a chance to post next. Snackie has a hot date with Muffin, Banana and the bars later. It’s time to celebrate all the goodness in our lives! I […]



Hi petunias! I must say that I was tempted to delete my last post. It felt uncomfortably braggy, but thank you for still supporting me and for all the kind words. I’ve felt a little off today– headachey, run-down, moody. I suppose the body can only handle so much. It’s finally rebelling! After a solid […]

Hello gorgeous friends! Thank you for all the awesome responses to the weekend recap! I missed you in my inbox all weekend. (I guess the R-ratedness continues.) Tuesday has been a ridiculously successful day. So successful, in fact, that I’m afraid this post is going to be borderline braggy. I’m going to share all, though, […]

Rated R


BABYCAKES!!! I’ve missed you so terribly much! This is going to be an all-ova-the-place post, so I hope you grab snacks and get comfortable. Also, much of this post will include “Quotes of the Weekend.” Because these quotes are nowhere near usual blog appropriateness, I’m rating this one R. But you may already expect this […]

Hello gorgeous, generous, kind people! You are all too nice to me sometimes. Your comments on my cracked-out post made my sleep-drunk day shiny. You know how people say they’re love drunk? I think this applies to sleep too, except, when you don’t get enough. After getting a touch over three hours of sleep Wednesday […]



Hi babycakes! It’s 2:44am. I’ve just finished writing a publishing plan for SnackFace: Fashion with an Appetite. It’s 10 pages long. Anything I’d try to write right now would be dookie. Plus, my alarm is set for 7am. Sleep might be good. In the past 24 hours I’ve:-written a paper about external versus internal diegetic […]