Hello gorgeous people! I was incredibly blessed this fine Wednesday. For no particular reason, I felt uncontainable, effervescent happiness all day. After getting only five hours of sleep, it made no sense.

Waking before my alarm, I noticed the light already breaking into my room. Could it be? Did I spy:

Sunlight peeking over yonder?!

Oh how I’ve missed the sun! Excited to get back to studying (I’m not even being sarcastic–I wanted to see how much had sunk in overnight), I quickly made a never-let-me-down breakfast:

Peanut butter banana oats. Mmm.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 naner, 1/2 T chia seeds, apple pie spice, vanilla stevia and peanut butter drizzle. Food tastes remarkably more delicious when one’s in a chipper mood. I had two cups of coffee alongside; I needed it. Also, for some reason, I felt significantly better! No sore throat and pounding head. I think it may have been because I didn’t consume much dairy (only one cheese stick) and I avoided overly processed food on Tuesday. Works every time.

I reviewed my notes in 40 minutes and was thrilled that I recalled most of the cases. Hollaaa! After notes and digestion, I listened to Guetta and properly dressed to meet Muffin at the gym:

Lookin' fly in my big ski coat, stunna shades and MamaJ-knit headband.

Muff and I rocked the gym. I studied and did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, complete with 3lb. weights. Definitely knocked the notes off the machine three times. Whoops. I followed the cardio with 20 minutes of abs and arms with a stability ball. It was fabulous.

Alive and ready to take on the rest of the day, I walked my hungry hiney home. I showered, dressed and fixed a lovely lunch:

Trio of circles.

The moo-free smoothie and bagel were so good I couldn’t help but devour it in less than 20 minutes. In the moo-free smoothie: 1/2 naner, few frozen strawbeezies, handful frozen bloobs, about 3 C spinach, 1+1/2 C water, 1 scoop protein powda and a drop vanilla stevia. Amaze. Perhaps even more amazing was the bagel:

Half with hummus and hot sauce, half with vegan butter, stevia and cinnamon. Gasm.

Despite feeling motivated in the realms of food, workouts and academics, things have been slacking in the style department:

Just a white Norma Kamali for Walmart tee, gray sweater and jeans. But that sunshine!

One recent find was this necklace I’ve had since I was a pup:

Little elephant. Love him. Had forgotten I had this!

Once dressed and straightened, I settled into my notes again. If anyone wants to talk about prior restraint cases, I’m down.

I met with my Magazine Editing partner at 3pm. We have a presentation Thursday about Wine Spectator. Yes, I may have suggested a publication by a former internship employer. Gotta stick with what you know, ya know?

And then at 4pm, it was time. Time to take my first Media Law exam. I felt confident on about 23 of the 30 questions. Not good enough! What I do not enjoy seeing on a multiple choice exam, several times over:
A) xxxx
B) xxxx
C) xxxx
D) All of the above
E) None of the above

Whaddufuh? Trust me, I’m trying to convince myself that in the grand scheme of my life, these 30 questions won’t mean a thing. Fretting about my GPA or not, I was still feeling SnackFizzy. That is, I was starving and I was still feeling bubbly.

Before taming the hunger beast, I visited Muffin. We noted that at the time, we had only 28 hours until our weekends commence. College, I will take advantage of your three-day weekends while I can.

Finally home, I was ready to eat everything. First, I decided to make use of the non-wrappable Ezekiel tortillas:

Supa crunchy tortilla chips.

Method for supa crunchy tortilla chips:
-Preheat oven to 450*
-Coat baking sheet with non-stick
-Slice 1 tortilla into triangles
-Spread on sheet and sprinkle with salt and more non-stick
-Bake until brown

Tortilla chips are my absolute favorite, so it was awesome to have built-in portion control here. I’m not against eating my weight in chips, I just don’t need to do it everyday. To make a complete meal, I heated some TJ’s black bean soup and sliced half a bell pepper:

Faves chillin' on a plate.

I don’t remember much about the soup (it’s always good), as I was busy obsessing over the chiplettes:

Maybe stevia+cinnamon chips will be next...

Initially, I was stuffed after dinner. An hour later, though, the tum felt empty. I snacked on a pear, which didn’t do much. I needed more:

Vitatop+Oikos dabs+mini-peanut butter drizz+cinnamon= scrumptious.

The only equations I complete are of the foodie nature. It was a good snack, but I still snacked a bit after. When I think back on my morning, I walked 20 minutes to the gym, did 50 minutes on the elliptical, performed 20-ish minutes of abs and arms and then walked 20 minutes back to mi casa. Definitely revved up the metabolism.

SnackFacing complete, I wrote an analysis of a shot in Lost In Translation. I may have watched that clip 35 times.

Thursday is going to a whopper! Class and meetings 9am to 10pm. SnackFizzy will be able to handle it…as long as the fizz is there.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Are you hard on yourself? In what ways? Do you wish you could stop? OR Have you overcome being hard on yourself? How did you do so?

I am ridiculously hard on myself when it comes to grades. Anything less than an A makes me feel inadequate. If I miss a question on a quiz or test, I immediately analyze the question and figure out where I went wrong. Then, I’ll talk to the professor. While I’m proud to have a 3.9, I do wish that I didn’t take grades so personally. Oh well. I guess I only have four months left of worrying about it!


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  1. I am also really hard on myself with all academic things. I don’t know why. It works though.

  2. I’m not too hard on myself with my grades. Without a lot of effort I float around the 80-85 mark, the odd time I’ll slip into a 75, but for the most part 80-85 is where I land. I think it helps that I think D’s are for degrees and life is for learning- even though I happen to learn and never get degrees in school.. make sense? probably not.

    how nice is it to have four months left though? I’ve got 174 days.. then I can retire all pens and notebooks!

  3. 3 Kate

    Hmmm i put a lot of pressure on myself yes, but I am starting to learn that it only leads to stress which leads to poor studying which results in a bad (well not BAD, but not great) grade. SO im learning to calm down.
    Im really hard on myself about working out 😦 yea im one of those. Working on it though! There’s more to life than the GYM!!! haha πŸ™‚

    • 4 snackface

      Kate- Awww sugar, there is more to life than the gym, but I can understand how hard it is to come out of that mindset. Working out so easily becomes a part of a routine, and when one workout is missed, it seems like an atrocity. That’s why I keep it to three days a week–no stress at all.

  4. 5 Sara

    can we read your analysis on that shot from the movie? what’s it mean? I’ve seen the film but don’t remember that scene at all…. it was a few years ago, in high school πŸ˜› i know it make not make complete sense without seeing the movie…

    • 6 snackface

      Sara— OK, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but here is an excerpt:
      Because of the wide shot, the golf course setting and the usage of a singular prop,

      this shot in Coppola’s Lost In Translation emits the notion that within this gigantic world, all one has is oneself.

      Initially within this wide shot, we see a tiny Bob walking in this expansive green. Immediately, the audience understands that the relation (in terms of both distance and personally) to Bob is closer, while the background of pine trees is distant. The wide shot is not only a steady shot itself, but within it, it reveals no other movement other than Bob. This further pushes the fact that Bob is on this course alone. We are forced to focus on him, despite the impressively beautiful background.

      The setting itself is incredibly rich. Lush green pine trees are the dark frame to the vibrant playing green. In the distance, there is the massive Mount Fuji, a long-dormant volcano considered to be holy and is also a huge tourist attraction in Tokyo. This is one of the only times in the film that a character interacts with nature and is completely void of technology, buildings and lights. This suggests that Bob has come here to escape. The fact that he also has come to this place to play a traditionally solitary sport also shows that he is here seeking solace. He is not at a golf course to drink beer with his buddies and hop back on the golf cart. Instead, one can assume Bob is here to be alone with the thoughts he keeps as dormant as the volcano’s lava. The symmetry of the nature within the shotβ€”the balance between the trees and the mountainβ€”creates a peaceful, serene space. Symmetry itself is a well known trait in what makes something beautiful, which may be a reflection of his thoughts of Charlotte, the young, beautiful, iridescent temptation.

      And then I go on to talk about the singularity of the golf club, it’s forward motion relating to not knowing which direction (in life) to move…I have no idea. I had a grand time trying to figure it out!

      • 7 Sara

        Kailey, that’s awesome. Thanks for copying and pasting that section! Haha why couldn’t you believe you were doing that… you’re a writer and analyzed it well. Not that I’ve ever taken a film course, but I love gaining other people’s perspectives on them (ie don’t ever watch a movie with me – i ask tons of questions)
        PS I think you should take those barbers up on their offer to cut your hair… could be interesting that’s all I’m saying! Plus I’m sure he’d do a fine straight trim… they’d love you even more for taking them up on it!

  5. i adore your elephant necklace!
    and the chips sound bomb. yum

  6. 9 Allison R.

    When Holly told me that you said “Hi” to everyone at the blogger meet up tonight, it made my day! I ❀ your blog (even though I never comment- Boo Allison!) So I just wanted to let you know I adore your CHEETAH'S and clothes! πŸ™‚

  7. 11 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    greatttt great idea wiht the chips- those sound soo delicious! you are a GORGEOUSS girl, for real. haha love the bossy pix. and i always eat in under 20 minutes- ha, is that bad? oops =)


  8. I’ve always been hard on myself…typically I don’t think it’s a bad thing (it feels good to graduate with honors and make the all state basketball team) but it’s also important to recognize if/when you take it too far… punishing yourself doesn’t get you anywhere… Ais it just me or does everything feel like a balancing act???

  9. You look adorable in that picture of you. So happy and smiley!

    I go through phases with my grades. Sometimes I get super hard on myself and sometimes I just don’t give a crap. It’s bad, but it’s who I am. I guess it’s cause I’ve always worked or been involved in other organizations while in school, so I tend to pour myself into that and sometimes push studying off the priority list. Whoops!

  10. I love your elephant necklace πŸ™‚

    I am hard on myself sometimes, but when it comes to grades – I’ve gotten a lot better at letting the little things go. I realize that an A- or a B+ is not the end of the world, but actually a good grade considering we’re in college and the material is hard.

    Have a great day!

    Love your oats!

  11. Hello there, I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I love it! First time I’m commenting here, woohoo! (yes, your blog is read across the globe: I’m French living in Belgium).

    Anyways, yes, I can be hard on myself about working out, I am about to start a new course on Monday and Wednesday evenings (rest of the day: I work. yup, old girly going back to school) for four months, and I can’t help wondering already when I am going to squeeze in my workouts and my yoga practice. Oh, and spend quality time with the boyfriend. I’ll just have to learn to let go, otherwise come June I’ll be dead.

    And these tortilla chips look so yummy!

    • 16 snackface

      Emmanuelle- Oh my goodness, thank you! Thank you for reading, commenting and letting me know that international readers do exist! Haha. As far as your workouts, do you normally workout every day? If so, I’m sure missing two days of workouts won’t hurt you one bit! Plus, quality time with a man would probably be soooo worth it. And you’ll be learning fab things in class! So many positives to what that new space in your schedule could do.

  12. 17 Claudia

    Were you valedictorian? Really curious here πŸ™‚

    • 18 snackface

      Claudia- Hey girl! Haha no, I was not valedictorian. I graduated with a bunch of brilliant students. I think I was 38 of 282? I barely remember!

  13. The elephant necklace is so cute! Love the shades too!!!!!

    Your tortilla chips look yum, when I go out and eat mexican, I eat so many chips and salsa that I dont even eat my meal, lol! Addicting!!!

    I think Im too hard on myself alot when it comes to working out, if I dont workout out a day, I need to realize I dont need to work out everyday!!!

    • 20 snackface

      katie- About working out, I’ve had the same issue before. I really thought that on days I didn’t workout, that I’d lose all definition and become lazy forever. So not true! Now that I keep it to three days a week, I have several days to make up for a lost workout. I should note that I workout for the health, but mostly for the stress-relief and endorphins!

  14. That little elephant necklace is adorable! Love it! I am too hard on myself sometimes…it just depends on the situtation.

  15. In high school I was a craaaazy overachiever, putting school work before socializing always, and never really going out, even just to relax with friends. I was really focused on getting the hell out of there and off to my first choice school, but once I got here, I kind of let things slide. I started to have a little too much fun and wasn’t quite living up to my ridiculous expectations. I knew I needed to get a little more balance in my life, and while it’s taken me over 2 years to get there, I think I’m in a good place right now. Well, until I get my midsemester grades and see how well I’m actually doing, I’m happy.

    I loooove your elephant necklace! Animal jewelry makes me so happy.

  16. I’m also ridiculously hard on myself when it comes to grades. Last semester I got into an argument with my Econ professor (which isn’t like me at ALL…I was crapping my pants the whole time), stopped going to lecture, and ended up with a C in the class. It was the first C I’d ever gotten, and I was miserable for weeks. It’s not really a good way to be, but like you said, I only have a few semesters left of college and then I’ll be done with grades.

    I need to try those chips! I actually have some Ezekiels and ridiculously overpriced cinnamon I’ve been waiting for an occasion to break out. This might have to happen this afternoon!

    Love the elephant necklace, by the way! I love finding jewelry or clothes I’d forgotten about!

  17. i’ve always been overly hard on myself, but 2-ish years ago it was at its worst. i was feeling major anxiety, depression, and other fabulous issues because i constantly felt inadequate (which i understood was all self-inflicted).
    i’d say i’ve overcome a significant portion of that inadequate feeling, and a lot of that happened through therapy (group and individual). i really learned to finally branch out and do the things i’d wanted to do (run, paint, etc.) but was too afraid to do. i never thought like i deserved to try a new activity, because i thought “well, i’m _____ years old. if i were good at that, i would’ve been doing it by now. no one starts this late. i must suck.”
    i also learned to actively challenge myself and let myself learn to enjoy just sitting on a couch. it sounds stupid, but i couldn’t be sedentary and be happy. i actually had to re-learn how to enjoy life in the simplest way. and that’s made all the difference. i think it was all downhill from there.

    anyway, ha, that is my fiddy cents.

    • 25 snackface

      marjan- AWESOME comment. I completely understand. It’s about tackling life and not being intimidated by its vastness. Working on being present in every moment is something I need to do, too. You sound like you’re in such a good place right now! xoxo

      • thank ya, thank ya.

        also, on the dog-front, i will continue to peer pressure you by saying i currently live 3000 miles from my parents, so i always worried “well i can never have a dog because i don’t know what i’d do with it when i go home to visit my family.”
        but i got a small enough dog that i can take her on the plane with me (in the cabin!). she travels with me everywhere. she’s even been on a motorcycle and boat. but not in an obnxious puppy-in-purse way. roxy has a great doggie life even though i’m managing an almost full-time job.

        so don’t let anyones excuses discourage you πŸ˜‰ i think you’d be an awesome mother of an animal. haha.

  18. I think we are our own biggest critics. I’m supa-hard and critical of myself but not with others. I wish I could cut myself some slack.

  19. 28 muffin

    I think that I’m hard on myself in that I always try to put work/friends/family first and don’t really take time for myself. I always assume I’ll be happy, so I tend to do what they want even if I’m tired or should really study or whatever. And if I slack off at work I feel really horrible.

  20. Yay sunshine! It’s finally over here in Illinois today, too πŸ˜€ I’mma bout to go sit by a window instead of working at my desk. Holler!
    I’ll bet you did great on the exam, but yes, questions like that do suck the big one.

    I’m very hard on myself when I don’t get everything done that I need to. I also am never satisfied it seems. I always want what’s next, better, and bigger!

  21. Very hard on myself–with grades, looks, everything–but working on it. Something that’s helped me is just to accept a damn compliment: if someone tells me I look nice, or seem to know a lot on a subject, I now refuse to contradict it. The best response is a big smile and sincere, “Thank you!”; they don’t feel awkward, and you feel sexier in all your smart/cute/capable/whatever glory.

    • 31 snackface

      rustique- Sometimes taking compliments is so hard! Initially, I think, “you’re lying,” but people are really good at heart. Big thank you’s are the way to go! You’s a boss for recognizing this!

  22. 32 Susan

    Kailey, I loveeeee your gray sweater and your elephant necklace! Totally my steez (when I have steez that is). Just had to get that off my chest.

    What a great way to salvage ezek wraps! I too have found them “unwrappable” and kind of cardboard-y. I think I have a bunch at the bottom of my freezer at home collected icicles.

    I am supah hard on myself when it comes to grades. I feel blessed that I have fam and friends to snap me back to reality when it comes to that stuff though. It’s good to be reminded of what’s really important in life.

  23. I’m the same way with my grades — I’m way too hard on myself. From one side, it’s helpful cuz I work hard but on the other…it’s unrealistic because nobody is perfect. Sigh…oh perfectionism…it’s been in my blood as long as I can remember. haha

  24. Girl, can I express how much I adore that high ponytail? Reminds me of the days of yore when I had long hair and could sport such.

    • 35 snackface

      Whit- Honey! Thanks! Haha I always feel like Barbie or a cheerleader with my hair like that. It works for workouts, though!

  25. For me it is all about balance–I do my best to complete all of my assignments each week but not to neglect my friends or me time. By making each thing a priority for part of the day I feel less overwhelmed. Also getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, doing my best to eat well and drink water REALLY helps me.

    Those chips look fab!!

  26. 37 Melissa

    Kailey- I totally love your blog and read it all the time, but I think this is my first time commenting! I totally relate to you on the perfectionist grade thing. I did the same thing in undergrad (I’m now 29, have a job and am in grad school) and let me tell you, that perfectionism doesn’t stop when you’re done with undergrad. I too, wish I didn’t fret so much about my grades and take it personally, but I did, and I still do. Not only with school, but with work too. If I can impart any old age-wisdom on you (since I am old and almost 30!) it is to not worry so much about your grades. Enjoy your life, you are young, beautiful, and have so much life and spunk to you which is so apparent from your writing πŸ™‚ I kind of regret not being more care free in my 20’s and am now actively working on not freaking out so much about that stuff, and having a more relaxed decade in my 30’s. Sorry for the novel but I just felt compelled to write it! Good luck with your last semester and remember to enjoy and have fun!! πŸ™‚

    • 38 snackface

      Melissa- Thank you so much for commenting and reading! I suppose you’re right in that my perfectionism in grades will transfer to whatever my career is, but I’m OK with that! I think… And no need for apology– I love long comments πŸ™‚ xoxo

  27. ahhh norma kamali for walmart? how did i not know that existed! loves it. i am wearing an eerily similar outfit right now at work, haha.

    LOVE your chiplettes! mmmmm…stevia + cinnamon would be heavenly. fa sho.

    i am constantly hard on myself. you name it, i’m hard on it.

    ummmm…that didn’t come out right…

    school, work, productivity, everythang. i am def my own worst critic.


    i bet you rocked out that movie analysis as well as prior restraint exam, which i also took in my media law class. great minds. great minds. have a fizz-ful day my love!

  28. 40 Mandee Lei

    I really love that little elephant necklace!! Elephants are my favorite! I am incredibly hard on myself in certain areas. Other areas not at all. School has always been #1 for me. I am with you on the if I don’t get an A I feel like I might as well have failed. It all started in middle school when I was the only one in my classes to get all A+ on my exams. I told myself at that point “I just proved to myself that I CAN get all A’s so anything less is not acceptable.” I actually managed to keep this up until I got a B in a Math class in high school. As soon as I realized I wasn’t going to get an A I started having panic attacks. I was the biggest drama queen for months after that. You would have thought someone in my family died or something truly tragic happened to me. I studied harder and was convinced I would never let it happen again. Well so far I haven’t. While I am very proud of this I am not always proud of the behavior that I display. I do not think it is feasible for me to keep this up without the major stress that comes along with it. I am really working on it but I am not even sure how to go about that sort of thing.

  29. Yeah gotta say my style might be suffering a bit due to the FREEZING temps accompanied by rain…which drastically slims down my wardrobe choices. Can’t wait till spring.
    Good luck with your busyyyy day! I had one of those yesterday- but you can truck right through it πŸ™‚
    As for being hard on myself- I used to be a lot more ‘perfectionistic,’ and it took gradual realizations of that sometimes taking a break or accepting my best efforts is a lot better for me stress-wise, and being more relaxed helps me do better anyways πŸ™‚

  30. Those chips look killlller. I may have to make some for myself today.

    I am incredibly hard on myself, and I wish I could stop. Work, exercise, being a good wife…whatever that means. I want to do it all, and do it all well. Graduating from college definitely took one thing off my list to worry about doing well in. You will be glad to not have to stress about grades in 4 months!! πŸ™‚

  31. Those chips look I’d go for some cinn and stevia on those bad boys in a second.

    I used to be very hard on myself, especially in school (graduated last May)…anything less than an A, and I was disappointed in myself, which sounds crazy (especially when I would compare myself to other students, who were happy with their B’s). To each her own, I guess, and as long as you don’t make yourself crazy, ya good!

  32. Hey q-tayyy! I freaking love that elephant necklace… Elephants are my favorite (even though I’m allergic to them). I was thisclose to coming home from Thailand with an elephant tattoo…le sigh sometimes I wish I had.

    I also do that with bagels/bread-like items with two pieces: One is savory and one is sweet. Lotsa different flavors! It cheers me up.

    I’m not super-hard on myself about grades, per-se, but I AM super-hard on myself about the quality of work I put out. When it comes down to editing, I can get overzealous. As an English/History major I’ve spent most of the past four years writing papers, and my downfall always comes when I edit…I obsess over words, grammar, phrasing…Sometimes it takes me longer to edit than to write, usually because I have to talk myself out of rewriting the entire paper.

    Please please try out the stevia+cinnamon combo and tell us how it works out! It sounds fantasmic.

  33. I am very hard on myself!
    Love the vita top dessert!

  34. I can be very very hard on myself. About any situation really. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and react differently to a situation but if that were possible I would just make different mistakes. I think the most important thing is learning from the past and moving on, but I have to remind myself of this all the time. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

  35. note to self: do not read your blog when starving. LOVE the elephant necklace. so cute. mmm homemade chippies are the jam. you can season them however you feel! i used to be hard on myself, i think everyone is when they are younger. now i am go with the flizow. LOVE YOU!

  36. I was the same way as you when I was in school. I kicked my own ass especially hard during my last semester because I was trying to bump up my magna cum-laude to summa…only to find out days before graduation that whatever they announce at the ceremony is based on everything BUT my last semester. It’s whatevs, though, because I didn’t make it up to summa anyway πŸ˜‰ Try to go easy on yourself, though, because as soon as you graduate you’re not going to give two cents about your grades. I mean, chances are your GPA isn’t going to suddenly plunge 2 points!

    I am ALL ABOUT the vitatop/yogurt/PB mixture. My vitababies are in the delivery truck to my house as we speak….I cannot wait to inhale them!

  37. 49 bananasun

    Those pita chips look amazing.
    kinda wanna make some myself

    and I feel totally the same way, on days where I am active, hunger just wont stop, cause the body needs fuel, so it will scream for it. And I answer the call, with muchos snacking.


  38. Oh girl even though I have a BUTTLOAD of homework to do…i saw your little sad tweet and hauled my booty over here to read and comment on your latest post!!! I need my snackbaby FIZZY alllll da time!

    So you know i’m super hard on myself with school and grades, and I also totally analyze the c-rapp outta any missed problem and then always meet with the prof to see where I went wrong….however, i’m not saying that i never do poorly on a test, but I do try my damn hardest and expect NO LESS!!! Hahahaha πŸ™‚

    And agreed–homegirl workin’ it out big timeeee, meaning she needs to feed that metab/build up those muscles! Ya hear?! Your vita snackies always look so pretty. I need some vita or tj’s muffins in ma life!!!!!! And I like the chip creations!! Do the cinn/stevia combo soon!! I bet that’d be DIVINEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, homework calls. I seriously have so much, that it makes me sad.
    Love you and that adorable elephant necklace!!

  39. 51 jocelynsteiber

    Hey babe,

    I’m hard on myself about eating correctly (I’m getting better though!) I used to isolate myself if I felt I ate too much of the wrong thing but I’m realizing that I shouldn’t’ be so hard on myself. If I binge one day instead of punishing myself I need to accept it and the move on!



  40. i love your idea of less-processed-foods-Tuesdays. don’t you feel absolutely amazing eating more whole foods? i know i do! i love your little elephant necklace, too. elephants with their tusks up are supposedly a sign of good luck. whether or not you believe in that, i still think it’s a cute idea. apparently it’s been doing you some good with such great grades ;). i know how you feel about academics, though. i put my heart and soul into them and always strive for all As (if not A+s). luckily, yoga has taught me to enjoy other parts of life, too. hopefully you will have balance in your last semester and enjoy every moment studying as you did yesterday :).

    have a lovely day! xox

    • 53 snackface

      Mandiee- Wow, thanks for the elephant info! He does have his tusk up! I will be wearing it all the time now.

  41. i want to hump your face.

  42. 55 tryingtoheal

    Always been hard on myself and still am. It makes things harder than they need to be, but sometimes I think it gets me farther in certain situations!

  43. 56 Elizabeth

    I know what you mean about the grades. I tell myself I won’t mind if I get less than an A, but really, I do! I’m fine at consoling others about not perfect grades, or looks, etc., but as for most people, with myself it’s a bit of a different story. I try to think about it though, and usually realize that grades aren’t the main thing in life and stressing over them is wasting my time, just like most things I worry about!

  44. 57 Megan

    I would say that I’m pretty hard on myself when it comes to grades. At the end of the day I just have to put it into perspective and realize that a B or whatever it grade on a test isn’t going to ruin my life or define me. My worth is not based on my GPA; you know?

    I just wanted to mention that I’m really glad you post your β€˜fit photo shoots! I love your presentation of a healthy, vibrant woman. I also think that your photos exude confidence and sass. I absolutely love it!

  45. Blah, blah, blah, blah… Just wanted to say that I love your necklace πŸ™‚

  46. Umm… love the necklace. I actually collect elephants as theyve always been my fave animal. All I have to say today.
    One love

  47. Need. that. dessert. now!

    Hope the sun comes out soon for you!


  48. 61 Kelly

    I’m really hard on myself. And although I often try not to be…I can’t help it! I don’t know when I started doing this because I don’t think I was like this in high school…or first year. Somewhere along the way I developed the opinion that anything less than an A was inadequate. Which I suppose is a good attitude sometimes but definitely put too much pressure on myself other times! There definitely has to be some kind of balance.

    Cute outfit! I love that grey sweater! πŸ™‚

  49. 62 Amy

    Oh girl! I remember those days (okay so I graduated college 3 years ago, but it feels more like 10). I had only had two grades below an A my freshman year of college and then had straight As every semester thereafter. I was terrified during my last semester senior year that I would somehow ruin my GPA. I didn’t but only because I forced myself to study so much when I should have been having fun and enjoying my last semester of college. This really should be an enjoyable and exciting time of your life. Live it up and have fun!!!

  50. ugh i’m SUPER hard on myself. harder then i should be? i think it comes from being an athlete forever and not checking out of that mindset once i was done playing. sometimes i’m too hard on myself even when i’m at the gym. like “no you HAVE to finish this” instead of thinking “hey this is supposed to be fun, relax” sheesh good question girl.

    i’ve got that tjs black bean soup in the pantry and i’m thinking it should make an appearance in a mug sooooon πŸ™‚

  51. K, first things first – I am IN LOVE with your pink & orange curtains. Beyond in love. Obsessed. Can I steal them?

  52. snackfizz sounds like a soda i would probs be addicted to. very catchy name. love it. happy weekend doll and make me proud! g-chat deets of our debaucheries to come sunday as always!


  53. I wanted to deliver the good news, but number 50 beat me to it. My friend has an elephant necklace because an elephant with the trunk up is good luck. πŸ™‚

  54. Ugh my business law exams only had questions like that!!! So frustrating! How the heck are you supposed to narrow that shiz down??

    Those tortilla chips are genius. Nonwrappable wraps are useless…somehow you found a way to make it fly though!

  55. Catching up on posts-sorry!

    First, I LOVE your stunna shades and walmart tees are my life! Seriously, best things everrr.

    And I LOVE Wine Spectator! I read it daily for the wine recommendations and ratings and hopefully one day I can afford a membership πŸ˜‰

  1. 1 here’s what’s up. « chipped nails & all

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