Hi pooks! It’s 12:20am. I have 27 media law cases to memorize. Thus, I’m doing an easy, breezy lessons-learned post. I know everyone and his/her baby mama/daddy has done one, but I learned bunches today.

At 7am I learned that the sore throat I was hoping would go away did not. Illness has taken over my body.

I learned that funkay-looking chia pudding:


…is drastically more appealing with toppings:


In the bowl: 1/4 C chia seeds, 3/4 C water+almond milk mixture, cinnamon, stevia, 1/2 naner and drizzle of peanut butter. I let the pudding chill overnight in an effort to cut back on morning prep.

I learned that chia pudding is not for me. It’s not bad, but I can think of at least 12 other breakfasts I’d rather have.

With pounding in my ears and lull of pain in my throat, I learned that no matter how ill I feel, I will always feel insanely guilty for skipping a class. I was dressed and ready for my 9am, but walking was a serious challenge.

Chillin’ at home, reading for Magazine Editing, I learned that chia pudding blew at keeping me full for long. Had to break for a snacklette at 10am:

String cheese. It was perfect.

During Magazine Editing, I learned that CVS DayQuil Sinus knock-off can save your life. The combination of meds and talking about editing made me high. Love.

After class, I learned that not all days can be good food days:

Unkempt Ezekiel wrap.

I learned that I will be sticking to La Tortillas when I want a phenom wrap. This was a challenge:

Pardon my homeless nail.

In the wrap: hummus, Frank’s, mustard, tomato slices and lettuce. To accompany that, I had butternut squash mashed with cinnamon and Smart Balance Light:

Learned that next time, I should drain the squash more efficiently.

Needing to redeem the afternoon meal, I relied on a lesson learned long ago:

You can't go wrong with a fresh Fuji.

While digesting, I learned that I cannot look at these beautiful puppies who need to be rescued without crying. I even called the shelter to see whether one of them had a home yet. I was seriously contemplating saving her. Turned out that her parents had claimed her before I called! So happy for her! Yet, I couldn’t help but think that if that’s not a huge sign that it’s not my time for a baby (I call all animals babies–it’s an odd habit), I don’t know what is.

At 3:04pm, I learned that unexpectedly bumping into a friend in the art building can exponentially brighten one’s day:

Banana and I posing in our matching hats.

From 3:15 to 5pm, I learned that the significance of The Maltese Falcon is lost on me. I’m determined to make sense of why students in 2010 need to watch this movie.

Cozy in my home again, I learned that I look like a Skittles bag had thrown up on me:

Sure, you can taste my rainbow. Muhaha. I kill myself. Pink hat, yellow coat, green scarf and boots. 🙂

Immediately after the shoot, I learned that 100-calorie bags of popcorn are garbage:

Naughty. Diet Coke and diet popcorn.

I thought this would tide me over an hour or so. Got schooled on that one and made dinner a half hour later. It starred:

Gardein Good Stuff.

I had the faux-chicken with a roasted red skin tater and broccoli:

Honestly, roasted tater was the numba one stunna.

The taters and broc roasted in the oven at 450* for 25 minutes (pulled the broc out halfway) with non-stick spray and Mrs. Dash. The ficken (faux+chicken) cooked in the microwave for two minutes and turned into:

This freakishly chicken-like creation.

I learned that no matter how many times I try, I do not enjoy meat analogs that truly remind me of meat. Gardein products are excellent for those who want to cut back on meat in their diets, or for those testing the vegetarian/vegan waters, but it’s not my thang. Aside from the texture, I didn’t experience much zing in the “Santa Fe” stuffing. I ate it first so I could fully enjoy the taters and broc.

I diligently studied for an hour, and then learned that old habits die hard. Wait, I wouldn’t want this habit to die anyway:

Cereal killer. That box is almost gone!

And now, my dear friends, I must learn 27 law cases and many other definitions. Can’t wait for Thursday night!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you have any bad habits? What are they? Do you plan to break them?

Hmmm, I think my chewing gum is a bad habit. I have to do it while in class, or else I clench my jaw. I also have a bad habit of putting off studying till last minute. Thankfully, I have another bad habit named Perfectionism. He’ll make sure I memorize every little thing I can for this exam. MamaJ, what are my other bad habits? Don’t say anything gas-related.

P.S. Thank you for indulging me with your animal stories! Made me gush all day!


52 Responses to “Lessons”

  1. What a day! I bite my nails. Interesting pairing of sentences wouldn’t you agree? Good luck with Media Law… in my case, Comm Law seems to be kicking my butt already 😛

  2. popcorn keeps me full for 4 minutes flat. but it is damn good! DUDE i look at those pup sites a lot. it sucks. but i cannot stop. let’s build a sanctuary and rescue them all….

  3. 3 xtaylorrxo

    i have to have wawa coffeee everyday, think of the money i’d save if i stuck with my own! (which i do make everyday as well) it might be a serious problem (; and if that look screams skittles, i’m gonna go buy a pack right now! gorgeous girlfriend

  4. 4 Aussie Porridge Addict

    hey k,
    this is a first time post. I have been a reader for a little while now, and love your humor and style. Especially the berets!
    I made the most amazing orrdige this morning- oats, COCOA POWDER, lots and lots of sultanas, a little pinch of brown sugar, and water. With a squidge of milk stirred through at the end, and a little dollop of crunchy p nut butter. Why havent i done this before! amazing. And not actually that unhealthy…..thats what im telling myself anyway! Just had to share.

    goodluck with the cram session. reward yourself with a choc chip for every case memorised! my bad habits are leaving essays to the last mintue, and always doing the washing up but leaving the drying up for days.


  5. I agree – can’t go wrong with a fresh fuji!! I love ’em! That chia pudding looks really interesting/good!

    Have a great day, good luck with studying!!

  6. totally hear you on the ezekial wrap weirdness. and i’m scared of chia pudding. guess i’m not too good at this uber healthy eating thing. siiiiigh.

    my bad habit? biting my cuticles. it’s gross and i’m trying to stop but it’s challenging! ugh.

  7. I love your yellow coat. I chew gum too, and I really pick at my nails. Terrible habit.

  8. Hey chica 🙂 🙂

    I am totally a gum chewer!!!! All throughout undergrad I used to chew 1 pack a day while studying!!! Ick!

    Since deciding to eat a clean diet to rid my migraines, I’ve cut out all processed/artificial foods……except gum. I reeeeeally like it after my morning coffee and when I run. So for now I only allow myself gum at those times. Maybe just don’t bring it with you to class??? If I don’t have it with me in the lab I won’t chew it all the livelong day. 🙂

    Cute post today, btw! Where do you find chia seeds? Maybe if you put some protein powder in, they’d be more filling…??



    • 9 snackface

      Lauren- Hello dahhhling! I found the chia seeds when I was in San Francisco. I’m not sure what stores supply them where you are, but you can always buy them online! Ughh I’d love to stop chewing gum during class, but when I don’t have it, I clench my jaw. It’s lose-lose. xoxo

  9. 10 Sünne

    I have to try chia pudding – it looks so good!

    My – probably – worst habits are to always delay and going to bed too late – well, one entails the other, right, so I’d have to change both … I’m trying but not succeeding in changing them.

    Good luck with your studying!!!

  10. Ya those chia seeds in the pudding don’t seem to be too filling!
    Yummy wrap Kailey- looks delish!

  11. How do you make your chia pudding? I have seeds but no clue what to do with them…

    My worst habit is drinking diet soda. And procrastination 😦

  12. Super cute coat!!

    I could live on ezek wraps and those Barbara’s Oat squares.. ahhh. Nice choices! 😉

  13. Good luck studying! School is the pits…I’m feeling it too. I have lots of bad habits but it makes me, well me! We’d be here all day if I started listing them.

  14. 15 tryingtoheal

    i wonder aimlessly in places…is that weird? hahaha..

    and i’ve seen a few others try the chai seed pudding and not have it hold them over long…hrm, wonder what’s up with that!

  15. I cannot, for the life of me, stop biting my nails! I know how bad/ugly it is and so wish I could stop but I can’t 😦

    Thanks for the review on the gardein.. I wanted to try that shiz but I was really worried it would taste like poop.

  16. O man i totes learned the hard way about the Ezek wraps too! They literally bend and break in half- wtf?? Prime of example of health food gone horribly wrong 😀 I have “habits” like drinking lots of coffee and cracking my knuckles- not horrible and no i don’t plan on stopping….let me have my vices! 😀 XO love u booskie good luck this week!

  17. Yeah, for sure not a fan of faux-meat (besides raw tofu and tempeh, if that counts); something about texturized anything irks my tastebuds.

    Bad habits? Umm…very rarely ever making my bed or doing laundry. The latter is probably truly disgusting.

  18. That faux-meat looks like a no-no to me. Ick. However, your unkempt wrap looks awesome, even if it wasn’t the best thing ever. Your wraps always make me hungry.

    Bad habit, biting nails. I also chew on my lips and the inside of my cheek when I’m concentrating really hard. Odd, I can’t really control it…maybe someday.

  19. 20 Nicole G

    Ah girl, I totally feel you on the gum chewing. I chew gum like its my job! I’ve been trying to cut back tho because it’s ridic LOL

    I love how all of your friends are named after delish foods (ie Muffin, Banana) LOL You’re too much!

    Good luck on your Media Law test (I’m pre-law so I understand the annoyance that memorizing cases can be!)

    Nicole G

  20. totally feel you on the faux meat thing!!! noooo thank you
    you learned a lot yesterday!! whoohoo!! chia pudding just sounds gaggy to me, i dk why.
    i have a bag of kettle popcorn every single nighttt! I bet its SO ballin w. diet coke..yumm.
    you are so sweet w. the pet thing-the deserve a good home like you! i dont understand why people can be so cruel and abuse their pets, it breaks my heart. thanks for being so compassionate love!!
    love you! have a good day girlfrand!

  21. 22 Kate

    Ah! Love the bright coat and your matching hat with Banana! Super cuteness!

    Hope you get better soooon! It’s no fun to be sick, studying and classing it up!

  22. Yeh Chia puddding is not for me either! I tried it, it was meh, and I’ll likely not try it again.
    Sorry you’re not feeling so stellar. I just went through it last week. Bah.
    Those puppies will getcha every time…
    Good luck on the media law test!

  23. I hope you feel better!! Props to you for actually going to class when feeling under the weather- something I find difficult to justify from time to time! Though I’m not veg, that faux chicken looks very very convincing- as do the 19g of protein!My bad habits- like you chewing insane amounts of gum, I mostly gum binge at night though because it makes my stomach hurt if i chew during the day.

  24. 25 Susan

    Your lessons are spot on! I’m not a fan of faux meat either. Case in point: veggie burgers. You are called a VEGGIE burger for a reason, don’t try to hide! And whenever I’m feeling debbie downs, I wear bright colors to cheer me up, so hopefully your ‘fit brought some smiles your way.

    I have a sneaky feeling your body will start to fight back tomorrow…here’s hoping love!

    • 26 snackface

      Susan- YOU were spot on! I feel great today! And, like you, I definitely dress colorfully when I’m feeling icky.

  25. I look at the Humane society around here ALL the time!! I’m determined to never have children… only Lots and LOTS of puppies. I tried faux chicken once, it was all rubbery and nasty, never again. Give me the real deal or don’t give it to me at all (twss?!)

    All my bad habits, gum chewing, mint eating, and diet soda chugging have been stripped from me due to acid reflux…forced to quit all my vices cold turkey. boo.

  26. popcorn actually makes me hungrier…kinda like apples. Its weird. I love the maltese falcon. I think it is sooooo weird I was in tons of film classes in college and every film you have seen so far, I have seen. The Maltese Falcon is awesome because it is a film noir..so dark and who doesnt love Humphrey Bogart? Oh and the whole idea of homosexuality in a 1940s film is just baffling–so ahead of its times. Bah I love film. Let me write your final. HAHA. Anyweeze, i heart u and the fact we share the exact same symptoms. My ears are still pounding and I cant swallow for anything. gchat u soon pookie.


    • p.s. I just realized I never answer your questions! what is that? lol….so my bad habit is def chewing on my nails, and twirling my hair. Mama Nut says I am going to have no oil in my hair by the time I am 30, but I can’t help it. Its too soft not to tough.

  27. Cute coat! I love the toggles- and want it!

    My bad habit- though I know a lot of us do it- is slightly embarrassing! I pick at my skin! I hate it! I try so hard, and then I get one little spot and I go for it, then it’s game over until I can regroup. Sick. This is a bad way to make friends– hahah

  28. 31 traynharder23

    i procrastinate immensley! i’m trying to fix that! =(

    i also have a bad habit of internalizing things and being way too sensitive. must stop! must stop!

    and shredded oats- no need to apologize for killing those. that shit is BANANAS. yes. b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

  29. Oh cupcake you are torturing yourself looking at all those sad little babies needing homes!!! I want to save them all too and I live in a 1000 sq foot downtown condo with a puppy and a 6’5” husband…we have room right?

    I have an intense caffeine addiction that I would love to break. Bleck I will just wait til I get pregnant someday for that I think!

  30. When I’m really stressed out, I have a pack a day Orbit habit. It’s bad. I also can drink a two L bottle of Diet Coke in a weekend if I’m at all hungover. Also bad. I’m not looking to break them anytime soon though. As far as I know, they’re what keep me going through the school week and I don’t want to run the risk of watching my GPA plummet without them. When I’m out in the real world, I’ll consider living a substance-free AKA awful fake sugar-free life, but for now, they do the trick.

    I’m sure you rocked that test!

  31. Bean! I wanted to respond to your comment but I can’t find an email address anywhere…anyway I just wanted to say we met in a bar so seriously you will totally find it!

  32. 35 lowandbhold

    I hope you get to feeling better pumpkin! I love your colorful outfil. You look like a ray of sunshine 🙂

    I pick at my split ends. It annoys the piss out of people, but I think it’s fun.

  33. 36 SarahG

    Kailey Baby – your are THE funniest person on earth. Faux Chicken = Ficken? This is THE german word for having dirty sex;-)

    I had to laugh out loudly while reading this!

    You made my day-although I’m sick just like you AND have to go to work every single day.. well this cold will take some more weeks to cure:-)

    Your fit looks great today- Love the colour of the Jacket!

    Have a great week hon,


    • 37 snackface

      SarahG- Hahaha I had no idea that ficken meant that, but I LOVE it! I hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  34. Nommmmm! All in all looks like a yummy day. I want your jacket by the way 🙂


  35. 39 Brooke

    I REALLY MISS YOU!!!! 😦 I was just gushing to my friend about you my best friend and how we have the most ridiculous times together cough you had 3/4 of the drink and I had the other 1/4 cough… but really, I CAN’T WAIT TO REUNITE sometime SOON! Maybe I can come visit at spring break!?!?! WE SHALL WORK IT OUT! And then SF…PLEASE OH PLEASE!

    LOVE YOU 🙂

    And my bad habits = biting my nails (I kinda stopped), drinking diet drinks, being addicted to caffeine, Splenda.

  36. 41 Brooke

    But then again, I think being addicted to caffeine is actually really fun and invigorating when you just drink that first cup of java in the morning and feel like a brand new person! 😀

  37. i have the samesies addiction to gum. sometimes i could go through a pack a day when i’m in class. that equals hugely bad habit. and i’m also the ahole in class blowing bubbles with my bubblegum. whatevs!

    i’ve been thinking of dabbling with chia seeds but eehhhhhhh i think you’re probs right about not being substantial enough for this bell

  38. Gum is definitely up there… but I think my current struggle is mindlessly eating. I eat too fast and without intention. I spend enough time preparing my meals, but by the time it comes to sitting down to enjoy it, my mind seems to run away from me. Im pretty sure this is an ED defense mechanism, but it blows. I also have the WORST habit of comparing myself to others: how they look, speak, act, dress, write, eat, exercise, etc. I have a hard time being okay with who I am at the moment and berate myself for not being as cool as, let’s say, Snackface. It’s annoying and immature. There are plenty of others, but this is a start.
    also, you know my feelings on faux meats. ain’t mah thang. I try and i try, but my mind and mouth gets confused when I try to trick into into thinking im feeding myself meat when its really shrooms. Its like the top chef when that dude tries to feed Natalie Portman leeks that were supposed to be like scallops. Some things should just be appreciated for what they are. That being said, this co. is pretty cool for at least developing a healthy and eco-friendly option for those that dig on the fauxs.
    peace out

  39. Dude, did you see my status update about Esquire the other day… you’ve become that much cooler in my eyes now that you’ve purchased the bible-honestly didn’t think it was possible, but you proved me wrong. Ill try to keep my comment to a minimum this time as my long-windedness comes across a little too strong on your posts, haha. A couple things:
    -youre ‘fit’s killer, love the hoodie
    -eats fab as uge (how do you spell the pronunciation of an abbreviated usual?)
    -no pets at the moment, grew up with a couple pups and a gecco and turtle thrown in here and there-loved em’ all. now i pet sit/walk to feed my hunger for puppy lovin.
    -late night snacks, midnight snacks, morning snacks-ANY snack is essential to feeding the body and soul. For some reason my late night munchies taste better too… hmmm. I especially appreciate my ability to indulge more appropriately in the PM. I find that I more apt to experiment with different flaves/textures that maybe I missed out on during the day. I would like to start SLOWING down while munching-but that is neither here nor there.
    Loves it, loves you-keep on rockin in the free world cus you do it so friggin well
    one love

  40. oops, last comment was from yesterday. disregard

  41. 46 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    you definitely can’t go wrong with a fuji! i tried those gardein santa fe things too and HATED them, i’m not a meat analogue person either.

  42. what a day!! i agree dayquil = lifesaver. that pup is just too cute, and though, i’d want her, too, i’m glad her parents found her…and i hope they are good enough parents to not let her wander off/end up in a shelter again…

    skittles, bahaha. you also match your paintings on the wall! love the colors!

    my bad habits include (but are defff not limited to): not eating breakfast, only having coffee for breakfast, procrastination, clenching my teeth/jaw = horrible habit of mine…my dentist pretty much yells at me for it, aaand procrastination again…because i’m just so damn skilled at it. haha

  43. good luck my love…i know that you rocked out those 27 cases fo sho.

    love the skittles comment.

    love your cereal mugs.

    love you.

    gchat soon.

    16 days until chitown.

    i might jump on you inappropriately when i see you.

  44. hmm bad habits, picking at the cuticles…I get reminded every time I get a manicure when the ladies who do my nails always say something like “ohhh thats not good!!” yes yes, I knowww it s not good and I try to stop!! I also love diet popcorn, given it fills me up for about 10 minutes, its the shizz. totes agree with you on the ‘trying to be meat products’ I havent really found one that I LOVE…I am not vegetarian so i think i am better off just eating the real stuff…well besides TJ’s meatless meatballs those are just amazing

  45. I guess my only physical bad habit is cracking my knuckles– it’s so gross, but I’m so used to it I barely even notice when I do it, which makes it hard to stop. I chew gum every day, but I don’t consider that a bad habit :-).

  46. 51 Kelsey

    i chew gum like crazy, too! if i don’t i start to clench/unclench my jaw and then it starts to hurt. so, i suppose five gum will be my friend for now!
    i absolutely can’t look at animal adoption things. i start feeling awful and want to take all of them. oh! and that ASPCA commercial that is always playing makes me cry. not like teary eyed, but full on water works.
    roasted broc = heavenly little trees!!

  47. Some lessons are learned the hard way, but they are lessons learned nonetheless 😉

    And red-skinned taters ARE the best 🙂

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