Pet Tease


What up, Snack Pack! It’s official. I will not be sleeping until Thursday night. As I write this, I still have much reading to do for Tuesday’s classes. I’d also like to continue pretending that I don’t have a Media Law midterm on Wednesday. To distract myself further, allow me to recap a moody Monday!

Five hours of sleep led to a groggy morning. The ping of rain on the windows didn’t exactly motivate me to attack the day, but the thought of hot coffee and thick, Barney Buttery oats did:

The ultimate motivator.

Gittin’ it all night: 1/3 C oats, 1/3 C Oikos, 1/3 C water, cinnamon, 1/2 packet stevia and 1/2 smashed banana. Mingled in the morning: bloobs and Barney Butter happy trail:


The only bad thing about a bowl of overnight oats is that it has to end. I drowned my sorrows in coffee and moved on with my life.

Wanting to feel like a human, I dressed in gym clothes and hobbled out the door. Along the way to work on my fitness, I stopped for essentials. And by essentials I mean $10 worth of magazines. Shape and Esquire, to be exact. I’m not sure one could buy two more opposite magazines, but I love them for different reasons. It’s my major for a reason. Such things cannot be helped.

Firmly planted on a Shape-adorned elliptical, I worked it out and thought about my cruel little broskie. Sunday night, he texted me a picture of a puppy. He said he found it on the side of the road, that our parents couldn’t keep it and that it may have to find a home with me. I’ve been wanting a puppy desperately since returning to school, so naturally, I was excited. Skepticism could have come sooner. It could have prevented MattyRich from successfully fooling his gullible older sister into thinking she may just get a fur baby. Karma will get you, little M.Rich.

Adding insult to injury/fuel to the fire/whichever cliché works best, MattyRich granted me this picture while I was ellipticizing:

Marshmallow! Look at that tongue. Love, love, love.

MamaJ thinks it’s best that I not get a pup while in school and before graduating. She calmed me down with this text:

“How about a pet boy 2 keep u amused and company 4 the winter.”

I am not opposed, Mumsy.

After a ballin’ workout (50 minutes on elliptical followed by major weight machines), I skipped in the sunshine to my favorite local health store, The Farmacy. For $20, I snagged this organic lusciousness:

Produce with dashes of on-sale grain love.

And after a shower, I threw a crunchy lunch together (yes, I made myself gag with the cheesiness that is “crunchy lunch”):

Yup, there's a holiday plate in that mess of color.

In La Tortilla: 1 Laughing Cow Garlic+Herb wedge, scoops of local hummus, Frankie, butter pickles and spinach. Creativity escaped me on this wrap, yet it still managed to be superb:

Butter pickles made this.

After all that roughage, I wanted a lil’ shoog:

Snookie. Snack+cookie. Inspired by Snooki.

That’s it, I’m working for Sun Flour Baking Co. now so I can have these cookies at the ready 24/7. Even though it would be no challenge to eat the whole box, I stuck to one chewy, sweet, delicious cookie.

I eventually left home again for library time and Media Law. The weather turned from sunny and warm (warm being anything about 40*F), to cloudy and windy, to gray and snainy. The weather knows how to keep things interesting.

When Media Law was finito, I galloped back home and had a ‘fit shoot:

"I'm so hood. I wear my pants below my waist..."

It appears as though I have no eyebrows in that photo, but I assure you that is not the case.

I had to fix an easy dinner in order to make it to a capella practice on time. Enter the tup salad:

Contained at least five servings of veg.

In the tup: romaine, celery stalk, 1/2 orange pepper, 1 broccoli head, 1/2 tomato, 1/3 cucumber, chickpeas and a vegan Boca patty. I topped it with honey mustard dressing, popped the tup lid on, shook it like a Polaroid picture and ate perfectly coated veg pieces.

For dessert, I had to break into the new-to-me Barbara’s Shredded Oats:


I sped to the music building for a bossy practice. We are learning the most divalicious song right now. All I’ll say is that I might be slightly heartbroken if I don’t get the solo. Perhaps one could say my ego would be bruised.

Returning to mi casa at 8:45pm, I sipped tea, read essays and snacked on mugs of cereal, then yogurt+cereal+peanut butter, then just granola. They don’t call me SnackFace for nothing, ya dig? (Actually, no one really calls me SnackFace, but that is neither here nor there.) Back to the books!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: OK, I know this may sound lame, but I’m curious. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? AND Do you believe in late-night snacks? I do, I do!


72 Responses to “Pet Tease”

  1. I think from now on, I’m also going to shake my salads like a Polaroid picture. Maybe bust out some lyrics? ha ha ha

    And nobody calls you SnackFace?! Dang. It’s such a sweet nickname. I have a friend that calls me Megatron, a la Transformers (I think?) so I am alllll about nicknaming.

    I have a 10 month old chocolate lab puppy! Well technically my mom and her bf do. They call her my little sister. Her name is Cleo (after Cleopatra, not the psychic hotline woman). And I believe in all-the-time snacks, although super late-night snacks don’t get along with my tummy sometimes.

    (long time reader, first time commenter? can’t remember if i’ve commented before… I found you through Holly’s sweet blog!)

    • 2 snackface

      Megan- OK, I think you’ve commented before, but that don’t matta- THANK YOU for commenting now, anyway :D. I am jealous that you have an amazing choc lab baby! They are sooo adorable. I’m gushing!

  2. 3 dianette

    Love your blog! I have a yorkie named Bella and I love late night snacking πŸ™‚ are you and muffin ever going to make another video? I loved the first one you two made it was super funny!

    • 4 snackface

      dianette- Thanks, darling! We do plan to do another video! We have just had a beezy of a time trying to coordinate our schedules. Although, we had plenty of time over the weekend, so that’s not a good excuse. Short answer: YES! Haha soon!

  3. 5 Lizzie

    I’m a junior in college and I actually just got a puppy this year. Her name is Lucy and she makes me so happy and takes away all the stress of being in college!

    • 6 snackface

      Lizzie- My heart is melting. I could envision a pupster relieving all my stress. They actually are good for your health in that manner (and so many other ways!).

  4. 7 Nicole

    Pokey, Zelda, Astrid, and Professor all live with my parents now because I can’t have animals in my apartment! 😦 Pokey is a 9 year old beagle, Zelda is a black cat, and Astrid & Professor are bunnies! They’re more like family members than pets.. I just love them so!!

    • 8 snackface

      Nicole- Awwww you are so right. Pets is a bad word. Actually–for all my CALI readers–I should have called them animal companions, I know! SORRY!***

  5. 9 Kate

    I have a black and white teacup chihuahua named Dolce Dior. My boyfriend got her for me 2.5 years ago and she is the best part of my day! I love taking care of her, dressing her in gorgy outfits (not animal cruelty, she is only 4lbs so she needs clothes to stay warm in MN) and loving her!

    One note: it can be hard to get housing with a pet. Also…I felt a lot of guilt never spending time at home with her when we got her because I had class, work, a social life and whenever I went out, I felt like crap leaving her at home. Animals need our love and attention and when we can’t give them that time, it hurts their health.

    Hope the pet sitch works out! Whatever happened to the bunny?

    • 10 snackface

      Kate- Awww Dolce Dior! I absolutely love that! Thanks for sharing that it can be rather difficult to balance time between life and having a pup. That’s exactly why MamaJ told me I need a pet boy instead. The bunny is still with his foster parents. 😦

      • 11 Kate

        AWWW…well I bet the bunny is doing fine but missing his hot mamas who are totally allergic to him πŸ™‚

        I agree that pet boys are much less demanding…and you don’t feel guilty when you leave them at home to get drinks with your besty!

  6. GOOD LUCK w/ all of your school work!! You WILL get it all done! Great eats! Love the BB on your oats! So good!

  7. I don’t have any pets but have been begging my husband for a dog. I feel like a 10 year old kid. Hopefully we are getting one this summer. And I believe in snacking ALL the time, doesn’t matter the time.

    • 14 snackface

      Jessica- Awww I hope you get a pup soon!! I’m into the all time snacking, too. It’s the only way!

  8. I have a mini schnauzer named…Frisky! Named after who knows what.
    AND I JUST BOUGHT THE EXACT SAME CEREAL!!! it’s rather scrummy, but i’d prefer MORE CALCIUM innit. ah well.

    • 16 snackface

      Maggie- Frisky what probably named after you. Hahah I’m kidding! Oh, isn’t the cereal better sans milk? I feel as if it has no flavor with almond milk! I still like it, though, and could eat it all the time.

  9. Awww, what a sweet pup! I have one little love in my life. Sammy is our Chiuaua, but this is not just any ordinary dog. He is like a little man. Such a personality. I honestly don’t remember what life was like without him.

    Hope you are having a great week dear!

  10. I have a pug puppy named Starla!!! She is only 3 months, love her so much!! Lots of work but worth it!!!

    I love late time snacking!!! My favorite late time snack is a bowl of yummy cereal like Kashi Warm Cinnamon or PB Puffins!!!

  11. 21 tryingtoheal

    we have two family dogs: george (german shepard) and lucky (laborador retriever). but i personally have a chinese dwarf hamster, Mimi, who sadly is never with me because i move so much. she lives w/ my mom’s brother’s family (has two younger boys who lovvvvve her!)

    and of course i believe in late night snacks. you didnt’ know we’re like, snack sistahs?!

  12. I have two kitties named Beatrice and Irvin. They’re my babies!

    And late night snacking is a must. I usually have several!

  13. I have two horses, two dogs, and a cat. The two horses are Dakota and Caramel, the two dogs are Blackie and Liberty, and the cat is Gracie Lou.
    Blackie and Dakota are reaaally my babies.
    However, they’re at home while I’m at school.
    Next year I’m getting an apartment and will be bringing a cat or dog with me though! Can’t wait!

  14. i adopted a pooch in july, a little pomeranian (she looks like a red fox, so adorable) named roxy. check out my blog for pictures (okay that sounds so tooly, i’m sorry). she just won a cutest dog contest for hallmark cards. i love her. she is my life. get a dog. i’m telling ya.

  15. Those overnight oats look unbelievable!
    What a busy Monday. I’m def going to do the veggies in a tub thing when I’m pressed for time.
    Have a delicious Tuesday!

  16. I had a black lab named Indy, but he went to doggie heaven a few months ago…still trying to convince the madre to cave to another puppy. Besides that, I have 3 freak cats. Weirdest little buggers you’ll ever meet. One only ever comes out of my mom’s closet to eat.

    I do the tup salad thing, too…it’s the only way to get the dressing on there!

  17. If you find a pet boy to keep you amused, hope he has a twin! Yo’ gurl could use some amusement as well holmes!

    BB does the same thing your dog does with the tounge. It’s like their tounges are too long for their mouths – loves. ADORE the crunchy lunchy πŸ™‚

    You better believe I am adament about the late night snackage! Dancing your booty off all night needs fuel, you know?! Loves you, miss!!

  18. I have a dog that my husband and I adopted in 2008 after we got married. He’s the light of my life (after The Huz, of course)!

    And yes I believe in late night snacks!!

  19. 29 maren

    i have a puggle (pug/beagle) puppy named Zeus!!! soo cuddly and wrinkly haha….
    and i do believe in late night snacks. for me, it’s always something sweet, usually involving PB. last night it was molasses ginger cookie dough from the freezer

  20. late night snacks are a-okay in my book. i actually love a sweet treat (like hot cocoa with whip) right before bed…

    3 dogs, 3 cats! But they live in two different houses. At my dad’s live roscoe (dog), cookie (cat), and olliver (cat); at my mom’s there are two dogs, honey and buck, and my cat herman. when my life is a little more settled and i’ve got my own place, i want to get a pet bunny, too!

  21. 31 Erin

    Pets (and don’t be jealous Kels, they are so much work):

    2 dogs, one beautiful Burmese Mountain Irish shepherd mix: Rio One coco lab: Tank.
    3 cats, Reese, Aspen & Hambone.
    4 horses, Rusty, Rosco, Freedom & Ranger.

    I live on a five acre farm, with a manfriend that works partly from home so we have the luxury of 8 bagillion animals!

    Trust me, when you get one this time without one will just make you appreciate them more πŸ™‚ and remember, they are kids that never grow up!

    Late night snacks? I believe in snacks whenever I want em’ girlie!

  22. Dude, did you see my status update about Esquire the other day… you’ve become that much cooler in my eyes now that you’ve purchased the bible-honestly didn’t think it was possible, but you proved me wrong. Ill try to keep my comment to a minimum this time as my long-windedness comes across a little too strong on your posts, haha. A couple things:
    -youre ‘fit’s killer, love the hoodie
    -eats fab as uge (how do you spell the pronunciation of an abbreviated usual?)
    -no pets at the moment, grew up with a couple pups and a gecco and turtle thrown in here and there-loved em’ all. now i pet sit/walk to feed my hunger for puppy lovin.
    -late night snacks, midnight snacks, morning snacks-ANY snack is essential to feeding the body and soul. For some reason my late night munchies taste better too… hmmm. I especially appreciate my ability to indulge more appropriately in the PM. I find that I more apt to experiment with different flaves/textures that maybe I missed out on during the day. I would like to start SLOWING down while munching-but that is neither here nor there.
    Loves it, loves you-keep on rockin in the free world cus you do it so friggin well
    one love

  23. oh man late night snacks are the story of my LIFE!! heck yes i do!! kettle popcorn and pb? yes please.
    love your outfit-so chill and just screams “suppppp” to me!
    rest up!! sorry u have so much school work..erggh i do too! and a BUSY weekend coming up..going to be non stop!
    love you girl!

  24. My Monday was rainy and to make it better I tried some new justins honey pb! Pb always makes any day better!
    Love the combo in your wrap!
    I have a lil white Maltese named Bella πŸ˜‰

  25. What? Not sleeping until Thursday night? Haha you’re powerful; the max. I can go is without a night’s sleep!

    I love reading your blog! Your outfits always look good to me!

    All the best for school! πŸ˜€

    xoxo Solange

  26. 36 Susan

    That is my Mama’s favorite cereal everrrr. No lie, when she sees someone buy it at the store, she goes up to them and comments on their excellent grocery skillz.

    And I cannot go to sleep without a bedtime snack!

    Sorry you are so swamped mama. Just think, in 48 hours it will be over….

  27. I love your blog girl! I have three pets: two cuddly cats, and a very senile dogs who is going blind and bumps into walls. Love them all, pets are the best and they are always around to lift my spirits and keep me company. πŸ™‚
    And as much as I try to avoid late-night snacking, sometimes it’s a must!

  28. My senior year of college I was DYING for a puppy! I would ask my boyfriend (now hubbie) almost every single day, “Can I get a puppy now?!” But in reality I wouldn’t have had the time to give it the proper love it deserves. You have a pretty hectic schedule and no pup should be cooped up for hours on end 😦 It’s worth the wait because I am so obsessed with my little black baby now!

    Girl I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows…so I feel your pain lol. I look like a 12 year old without mascara and some brow color!

  29. i have a pet named snackface and she is uber cray cray and hard to handle espesh on the weekend nights when she wants to be let out. hahahaha jk. but in all ser, i may have strep? ahhh and now i have these painful hives/bite things on my arm. this is not okay considering after the Clinic this morning i must take pics for an assignment due in approx 4 hours. my life is not steezin right now. i just hope to be better sooner than later if u know what im saying..


  30. 40 Tracy

    That’s so funny! I saw Marshmallow on the news last week! He was hanging out with Dick Goddard!

  31. I have a yellow lab, named Haley and a tortie cat named Shadow…love them both though Shadow can be a bit of a biaaatch…such is the nature of a cat though, I guess? haha I totalllly believe in late night snacking…yum.yum.yum. Some of my best snack creations have come up due to the need to be creative at about…midnight. haha

  32. 42 Little Bookworm

    Those overnight oats look amazing! πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better soon and that your midterm goes well!

  33. don’t hate, but i think mamaj is right. i think once you are a single, employed, faboosh lady living in the city, then you can get the cutest dang dog ever and you can be BFF forevs. college is so crazy – there would be no time to perhaps go to chicago meet up with blog friends ya know? just saying…

    $20 = steal = i want all those goods.

    i love your snackie ways. and your busy sched. however, i did have time to watch the movie iris (with judi dench and kate winslet) last night, and cried like a baby at the end. i dont know why i am sharing this, but its def a good movie. heartbreakingly beautiful. ohhhh i know why i mentioned that – i did some major snacking during the movie! loves it!

    cereal, graham crackers and pretty much anything carby are my late night snacks of choice. good luck with your crazy days and studying – LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    and i went to GM, read your comment and pissed my pants. i love you. i am going to attempt to do the same soon. we need to stop being nice and start getting real…MTV style πŸ™‚

  34. PSH, duh i believe in late night snacks! And you already know that I have my precious little ginny, or Ginger (my dog) and Kula, my cat at the mom’s !! Miss their little faces to pieces!

    Do you love the shredded oats?! I used to have that all the time as a youngin’ !! Picking that box up once I finish my kashi honey sunshine!!

    And agreed–favorite part of a new day is waking up to a beautifulll, comforting bowl of oats! And coffee is slowly becoming more apart of it! Haha!

    Love you, have a fab school day! PS I love that salad. It sounds divineeee! And I agree with mamaj! You wouldn’t want a pup/dog right before graduating! Just love on your original pups next time ya hit up the snackface casa!!! XOXOXO

  35. Pets: Two cats, black, they’re sisters & each has extra toes. Names: Pepper & Vern

    Who doesn’t believe in late night snacks?

  36. 46 Nicole G

    Aw, I’m not even a dog person and that puppie is ADORABLE! It feels wierd saying I don’t have any pets, but not any more =(

    I had a cat (Tiger) from the time I was about 6 until last February when we had to put her to sleep because she was very sick. She was about 16 years old!! I miss her soo much – she was basically my baby! I’ve been begging my parents to get a kitten, but they’re afraid she’ll rip up the furniture like Tiger did. I think I’ll win them over though because I KNOW they miss having a cat in the house.

    Good luck on your midterm,
    Nicole G

  37. That plate with the veg and fruit is so so SO colorful! Love it.

  38. I definitely have pets! There’s 2 cats – Zulu, who drools out a waterfall the moment you start petting her, and Scrapper, a fluffy cutie who’s slightly deranged. Then there’s my puppy, Brandi, whom I adore but will most likely have to leave with my parents when I move to the city. =(

    All your food always looks so good. Even things like plain old carrots and such. Your snackish ways always put me in a snackish mood.

  39. 49 Colleen

    As I type this my two kitties – Phoebe and Birdie – are pushing a clock with their nose off the top of my bookcase! Crisis averted. I also have a Collie named Maggie that I rescued from my work 4 years ago. The maintenance guys were feeding her sausage biscuits for a couple of weeks. We tried to find her previous owner, but no luck. She’s a beautiful, sweet (10 year old) lovebug!

    Snacks all the way! I like to think of my whole day as an opportunity for “tasting plates.” πŸ™‚

  40. 50 Andrea

    I love following your blog, very entertaining!!
    I think I read in a post that you go to school in Athens? I’m from Toronto but am hoping there’s only one Athens in the US? Funny story.. I was listening to a podcast this morning on my walk to campus (….. I’ll understand if that last sentence caused you to stop reading– nerdy!!!) but this particular one was about how to cure hangovers! Anywhooo one of the guys said in Athens at one of the campus bars they have a ritual where everyone in the bar gets to drink for free til the first person ‘breaks the seal’. I thought it was hilarious and thought of you!! If this event if coming up, it would make for a fantastic post!!

    I want a dog so bad here at university too, but its such a big responsibility! Can’t exactly dissapear for the day. My backup plan? A bunny!

    Take care πŸ™‚ xoxox

  41. Good luck with your mid term and all of the school work!

  42. I spent my childhood longing for a furry companion, but my dad is a most ferocious hater of all things that meow or bark. Strangely enough, this past summer my mom finally grew a pair and got herself the most adorable kitten. The problem? I only go home like twice a year for a week. So I missed out on the kitten phase but still got to appreciate having a crazy little feline to hang out with over Christmas break. And the weird thing is, my dad actually gets along with it pretty well. Now I miss all those years I could’ve had a furry best friend and really want one now but I know that I would have no time. I guess I just have to wait until I’m actually a grown up and can have one of my own.

  43. I grew up in an animal house, which probably explains why I like the break–I love pets, but taking care of them is another story.

    As for late-night snacking, it’s a must. Nothing worse than going to sleep hungry (or without a healthy dose of cereal topped with almond butter chillin in my gut).

  44. 54 MamaJ
  45. 55 Jayne

    I’m kind of a lurker, but I couldn’t resist commenting about the pup prank. So MEAN! But your Mom is definitely right about holding off on the pup. Housetraining is a monster.

    That said, my dogs are definitely the highlight of my day! We have two amazing rescue dogs! The first is 6-year-old Corgi named Winston, who is a big, fluffy foot-warmer. We have a rescued 3/4 wolf/1/4 Malamute mix named Cheza, and she runs the place! When we adopted her, she was afraid of all humans, sick, and had been abused. Now, she actually demands to be held upside-down on your lap like a baby. My Wolfbaby has my heart, I swear. And my boyfriend’s…Ooops!

    When it comes time for a pup, PLEASE consider a rescue. Both of my beautiful (and one purebred) dogs would have died within days had we not saved them.

  46. 56 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    your wrap sounds delicious and i love honey crisps πŸ™‚ i def believe in late night snacks!! i have two dogs at home- bearded collies- charlie & em! have a good day


  47. Gah, I have too many pets for my small house. Two cats, one named Bellatrix, one named Bagherra, and a german shepherd puppy named Punky…they’re a handful, but I love ‘um. Also, I’m all about the late night snacks. Allll about.

  48. I have two Jack russels named Cubby and Scout. They are so adorable and immensely interesting to watch!! I only get to see them when I visit my parents though which is sad 😦 But I whole-heartedly believe in late snacking!! I’m obsessed with snacking on any kind of cereal πŸ™‚

  49. i love that little baby tongue sticking out!!! ah so cute.

    ive been loving oats and yogurt together so much this week that marshall is getting jealous of my spoon. i get sad when it is over as well! i bought shape yesterday! twins.

    i do believe you know about my kids, penelope and randall… and marshall.

  50. I have a golden retriever named toby! he likes to cuddle more than any living thing i’ve ever met. love him! my boyfriend found him on the side of the road (story is on my’s a doozey) so he kind of adopted us.

  51. I have a cat named Oliver and another cat named Mickey.. Oliver was supposed to be an olivia, but they didn’t have a girl cat as cute as him when I picked him up from the store!

    And I believe it anytime snacks- especially late nights ones, preferably of ice cream, but that can’t happen every day, so I go the yogurt and fruit route most of the time

  52. 62 monica

    Thank my lucky stars for my pittie-Niblet. She was born witha hairlip and a cleft palete so she’s really a mini pittbull b/c she didn’t grow ….they told me when I adopted her that she was 1/2 the size of all of gerlittler mates! (Her palate was fixed but she still has a hair lip like those kids from africa on the last page of every magazine.) She is CUTER THAT SHIT! Let me know if you want to see a picture and I’ll force you to look at a million like a crazy soccer mom.:)

  53. 63 healthnuttxo

    absolutely im a late night snacker!
    i just had a double choc chip muffin with pudding..and now im onto Nutridel cookies! (Pecan flavor-yum!)

    love your sweatshirt by the way- too cute!

  54. Fun post! All of those groceries for $20? Nice job!
    My pets = a dog, a cat, and a horse (well I don’t own him, but spend 2 hrs per week adoring him).
    The dog is an Aussie Shepherd mix named Bluegill, and she bears a striking resemblence to your Marshmallow!
    Cat’s name is Rufus, after the singer Rufus Wainwright. He is a Maine Coon mix, is absolutely huge and has a tuft of hair around his neck that makes him look lionesque.
    The horse’s name is Chance. He’s a Pinto mix and tolerates my learning how to ride him properly. He does funny things like bite my toes durin certain exercises, and groans at my inexperience frequently.
    Wow that’s a lot of info. Guess i felt like writing! Have a good evening.

  55. 65 Jennifer

    Kailey! You DO work for Sun Flour! You’re our blogger extraordinaire ! πŸ™‚
    wait till you get to the cinnamon ones…mmmm

    Peace and Love!

  56. Good luck on your midterm! I actually just spent like 20 minutes reading all these other comments (gosh, you’re propular!) and totally don’t remember your questions. Something about pets right? Welllll, everytime I go home to Austin I have an 80lb pile o’ love waiting for me named Max. Love of my life. But I’m glad I don’t have him at school with me. I kept him for a week once and I felt so guilty every single day cause I was gone so much.

    I seriously don’t remember your second question and I’m too lazy to go back up and check haha. Plus you’re too busy being a StudyFace to read this anyway! I should go back to studying too…I can’t let economics get the best of me tomorrow!

    Good luck again!

  57. Not only do I believe in late night snacking, I also have an amazing 5-year old noir colored kitty-person called Pippin. His green eyes look straight into your soul O_o
    I couldn’t live without him.

  58. You said it best: “the only bad thing about overnight oats is that they have to end”..totally the saddest part of my day!

    I have a cat named Kiki, but sadly she can’t come to school with me…I miss her so much I have dreams about her 😦

    haha I’m usually not awake late enough for late night snacks, but if I were, and I needed one, then YES I believe in them πŸ˜‰

  59. Ok so I’m totally behind on this but bc you asked about pets, I have a few things to say =)

    first of all, the pic of your pup w/ the tongue out… Happens a lot in our house bc our yorkie, Jack, has an overbite… We say, “Jackie, put your bacon in”.. Maybe it’s in style???

    My animal kingdom= Jack the yorkie, Farley the mini doxie(who just had back surgery the poor lil dude) and the newest addition… Porter the brown Newfoundland

    Hop over to my blog for a pupper fix… They make frequent appearances!!!
    OMG with my rambling… Sorry!!

  60. 70 Kelsey

    i went to your health food stores website and it looks so cool!
    i have three cats (Phil, Allie, Suzi) and two dogs (weimeraner named Chloe, pug named Tiffany). in my family, it’s totally normal to name our pets with people names! :]

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