Hop on Pop


Hello beauties! Oh how I’ve missed you! I hope everyone had stunning weekends. I have tons to share, so grab some joe (or some Joe, whatever works), snacklettes and join me for a full recap.

The debauchery started Thursday night when Muffin and I headed to a free show at Casa. We had a fab time with a fresh scene. That is to say, we finally went to an establishment not drenched in bro’s.

Graveyard Shift was supah talented. I dug it.

Going to Casa was like attending a Washington Hall reunion. Our freshman year, Muff and I lived in the same dorm, and it happened to be the dorm where all the journalism kids were smooshed together. It’s always interesting to see where people’s style and lives have taken them.

I awoke Friday morning starving and scarfed a cottage cheese+ Kashi+ peanut butter combo before I thought to take a picture. However, the cottage craving stuck around for lunch and I had to share the wealth:

Saved a dish.

OK, so maybe that doesn’t look as delicious as it tasted. In the mix: cottage cheese, chickpeas, celery, pepper, cayenne and hot sauce. I followed this with a bagel and hummus.

I did a whole lot of nothing on Friday and enjoyed every empty minute. By 6:30pm, Muffin had joined me and ordered our dinner:

Pizza Hut represent!

The Hut never lets me down. Why one needs breadsticks and pizza is a mystery, but food choices don’t always have to make sense. They just have to taste good. I had three pieces sans cheese and a breadstick or two. That’s a complete guess, as I honestly forget.

Full and happy, I showered and got bossy for the night:

Whoah, legs.

Entire 'fit by Forever21.

Muffin was diva-ed up for the night, too:

She can git it tonight.

But I’m not sure we could have been prepared for the creepy magic that is OU Dads’ Weekend. As soon as we stepped up to the bar at Broney’s, a dad literally handed us a mitful of money for drinks. We objected for a minute, but soon caved.

Walking around the bar, we realized we needed to sit down to fully process our surroundings:


People having a moment in the left corner, chick having a fab time behind them, couple getting close on the flo’ and then…wait…what’s that:

Dad is dancing!

He was adorable! Muffin and I eventually danced with him and he complimented my shoes and Muffin’s “European look.” Gotta love a man like that.

Between “Hey, meet my son” encounters, I spent time taking pictures of strangers and the crowd:

I'm so sorry, dudes.

An hour or so later, Muffin and I hopped to another establishment to meet her co-workers. I continued my night of dancing with a fine gentleman who knew all the words to “Bad Romance.” That’s exactly what I look for in a man.

Despite having an absolute blast, my partner in crime and I both wanted to cut off our feet at the end of the night:

Shoes of death.

Saturday morning came and when I walked to the bathroom I thought my feet were broken. This was my excuse to sit, eat, watch TV, have philosophical life convos with Muff and job search all day. MamaJ and Popsicle, thank you for this awesomely comfortable couch.

The only meal I photographed was brunch:

Chickpeas for the soul.

In the wrap: Laughing Cow, mustard, hot sauce, chickpeas and spinach. I had one lone carrot on the side. And then snacked on popcorn, trail mix and cereal the rest of the day.

At one point, my living room was so cluttered I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack:


Muffin helped me clean a bit and I was instantly relieved. So relieved, in fact, that I was able to get myself cleaned up as well:

The sunglasses stayed at home.

Dressed and ready to dance, Muff and I found that Broney’s was even crazier the second time around:


Some nights out are all-over-the-place fun, but some nights are just odd. I knew Saturday was going to be the latter when a guy approached me and said, “Hey, my dad is going through a divorce and could really use a hug right now.” Excuse me? My response: “My friends are over there, I’ll be back!” The good ol’ “be right back” works in so many scenarios.

I wasn’t completely lying, either. I ran into many friends from class, including:

J.Money and her glove. Protecting that hand from the cold chill of that...smoothie.

Some serious bromance.

Unfortunately (OK, hilariously), the pops were unavoidable:

They demanded a picture.

“Take a picture! It’s Mr. Incredible,” Mr. Incredible’s friend said. They were too joyous to deny.

The night ended soon after. Muffin walked to her place and I walked to mine. I tweeted while I walked (almost like whistle while you twurk): “OK- all ‘men’ at OU are children.” Lesson of the weekend: Boys never grow up– they just get older.

Sunday morning brought extreme productivity. I washed a week’s worth of dishes, toileted, put on my gym clothes and ate:

Banana with free Barney Butter sample.

That little packet held so much butta that the loving spread to half an Ezekiel:

Should have shown this with the BB on it. Whoops.

Muffin came over for a bit and was kind enough to drive me to the gym. I knocked out 6.77 miles in 50 minutes on the elliptical. Not having music or a magazine allowed me to pump up the workout and clear my mind. I actually don’t even own an iPod, so the music thing isn’t new.

After lots of abbage and armage, I walked home in the rain. A quick shower later, I fixed a GC– and HHH-inspired lunch:

Layers of veg in tupperware.

Needed this!

In the tup: 1 stalk celery, 1 huge carrot, 1 yellow pepper, 1 broccoli head, chickpeas and Newman’s Own Light Honey Mustard dressing. It took almost a solid half hour to eat. Rare for moi.

My fiber-filled tum and I settled in to hours of Media Law. I broke for a snack at 6pm:

Fresh Fuji and R.A.V. v. St. Paul.

The apple made me realize I was ready for something more:

Balls and tots. Of the meatless and tater varieties, respectively.

An hour after dinner, I had my favorite dessert:

Mugs of cereal and carob chips.

This week will be highly stressful until Thursday at 10pm, but I’m ready to tackle it! I’m also ready to feel productive, eat deliciously, work it out and not sleep. Besides, only four days till the weekend.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your fave commercial pizza place? AND (very much the opposite on the health spectrum) Do you need to listen to music/your iPod in order to have a ballin’ workout?


73 Responses to “Hop on Pop”

  1. 1 Tara

    Hey Miss SnackFace! I’m not a regular commenter but just wanted to say a) your little dress (both outfits in fact!) look fab, b) i’m now inspired to pack a container of veggies for in between class tomorrow, and c) i’m jealous of your fun weekend- mine was quite the bore! I wish you a great school week- just a couple days stand in between you and some relaxation.. at least that’s what I’ll be telling myself until Thursday! ❀

    • 2 snackface

      Tara- You are too sweet, schnooks! I hope this week flies by so you can get to enjoying the weekend. Another chance to make it a fab one πŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed this post immensely πŸ™‚ And you girls are smokin. God love Forever 21. Thank you for that wonderful store. Hmm I love Round Table pizza. Sosososo good. But I never have had Pizza Hut. And yes I really do need my music. It’s actually just “background noise” for me, and I still get lost in my own thoughts.

  3. 4 Nicky

    Hey Kailey, can I ask a question about forever21’s sizing? I’m in the UK and have been looking at some stuff on eBay but no idea what size I’d need. I think I’m what you guys would call a 6 (I’m a 10 here in the UK). Do you know would that be small or medium in forever21? Thanks!

    • 5 snackface

      Hey Nicky! I am not 100 percent sure, but I think your best bet would be to go with a medium. Sometimes it really depends on the individual piece of clothing, so I hope that doesn’t cause an issue. Happy shopping πŸ˜€

  4. 6 Alyson

    Love these questions because I have easy answers.. 1) Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust with Canadian Bacon (.. yeah I love cheese), and 2) I must have my music! no doubt..

  5. I love Pizza Hut thin crust!!

    P.s. love your cereal in a mug – I love eating cereal out of other dishes, rather than bowls

    Have a great week!

  6. Wow, you are lookin’ hot in your going out pics

    My favorite pizza is from papa john’s. Love the “whole wheat” crust with pineapple topping.

    I ALWAYS bring my ipod to the gym. Running is especially difficult with no music. I can usually lift weights to ellipticalisize without the tunes.

    • 9 snackface

      Lily- Thanks, sugar! I can see running on a treadmill absolutely needing tunes!

  7. 10 bananasun

    Looks like such a fun weekend!!
    I kinda love those weeks where everyday ends up being an adventure, added bonus (?) that is was dads weekend? haha what is that exactlly?

    And I like running outside without music, cause then the scenery is nice and keeps me entertained, but in a gym, in one spot, I def need me some tunes to get me going. Lately? Its all GaGa and Kesha. Legit.

    Have a great week!

    • 11 snackface

      bananasun- So sorry I failed to explain what Dads’ Weekend is! Basically, all the students’ dads’ come to town and, well, frankly put, relive their college days. It’s hysterical.

  8. I love both of your outfits! I NEED to listen to my iPod to workout. If I don’t have it…I go home.

  9. This post just made me tired. Ah, the life of a college girl- I was there once. Not too long ago actually; however, after being out of the swing for 2 years and reliving it through you, I am starting to realize how old I really feel. πŸ™‚

    I love your zebra dress. So sassy and stunning!

    Glad you had a great weekend and hope your week is incredible, despite the craze. πŸ˜‰

  10. I got the same order friday night but from pizza pizza and at 3 am, breadsticks are amazingness!

  11. I dont know what I would do without my ipod. I look forward to working out to new music and practically dance in the streets when I run outside listening to some good tunes πŸ™‚ I give people who don’t work out to music a ton of credit though!

  12. 16 tryingtoheal

    always eat at round table at conventional pizza. but the one near me at my parents is more of a hold in the wall one the pizza is so good!

    love the outfits; you a stunnah!

    and yes, need the ipod to have a bangin workout. otherwise i just fall over.

  13. Cute outfits.. as usual!

    My fav pizza is a local gourmet place where I live that doesnt look at me weird when I order a pie with no cheese and 8 diff veggies!

  14. 18 Amanda P

    Ahh watch out for those cougar dads! I unfort. still rely heavily on my ipod to blast through workouts, even though I know I should wean myself off. Favorite fast food go to pizza? Dominoes. Now that they make a thin crust customizable I consider it “okay” to order in!

  15. Too funny about the dad’s weekend! Sounds like you and Muffin had fun. I haven’t ordered pizza from a commercial place in years, but I was a huge fan of Pizza Hut stuffed crust, which kinda grosses me out now…

  16. I am a bigger fan of the family-owned pizza places- I am from RI where there is a huge Italian community! Pizza in Toronto has not lived up.

    And I neeeed my music!!


  17. 21 Sara

    LOVE that clock behind you in the pic of you in that stunning zebra dress! has Forever21 called you to model for them yet?! i cant wear their clothes but they are BUILT FOR YOU, woman!

    oh ya, where’d you get that clock? story behind it? i love it and waaaaanttt it!!!

  18. Your snacks ALWAYS intrigue me!! And you look simple stunning in the pics.

    have a WONDERFUL Monday, darling
    xo bec

  19. hahaha those dads crack me up! And you look absolutely gorgeous in your outfits… if only I could pull that off! πŸ˜› So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  20. 24 Susan

    I don’t really groove on pizza, I must admit. We have some great mom and pop joints in the ‘burgh, but doesn’t every city have places like that? And I have major workout ADD that even Lady Gaga can’t cure.

    I love that you “made friends” with all the pops this weekend. You do it up Biggie style girl.

  21. K baby!! what a FUN weekend boo!!! you and muff look totally HOT! I love that zebra looking dress of yours! oh my goodness!
    fav pizza place ? PAPA JOHNS!! but i heart that dominos has gotten to be a baller place.they supposively changed their menu and added better thangs..so i am excited to try that out eventually! i dont ever really “crave” pizza..but i dont mind it either!
    beastly workout! i bet that felt good to sweat it out!!
    mmm your wrap pic is beautiful btw!

  22. Hey girl! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    LOVED this post! You girls look FAB! Can’t get much better than friends and Pizza Hut in my book!



  23. Haha did someone say “Cougar Dads?” LOL. There’s a Cougar convention in Vegas this week, my assistant happens to be traveling there this weekend and I told him to watch out!

    You girls’ ‘fits looked awesome! Makes me miss my college days πŸ™‚

  24. Oh man – the dads in this post are hilarious! Love the guy who told Muffin she looked European bahaha.

    My fave pizza is a pizza joint here in my town called Lucca. Best pizza evah!

  25. 29 Natalie

    dominos dominates commercial pizza for me! and tunes are a must at the gym, i have to take my iphone and my ipod because they both contain diff libraries, i have to listen to straight up rap though! anything else and i might as well just have a nap! unless i have a black man screaming in my ear during my work outs i cant git-r-done. cute ‘fits this weekend!

  26. I have a lot of childhood memories of eating Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza, but I wouldn’t exactly say that I miss it. Ever since my parents took me to a local pizza place that put goat cheese and ricotta on their whole wheat crusts, I haven’t even set foot in a Domino’s, Papa John’s, or the like.

    I always feel so creeped on when there are older men hanging out in a bar that caters to college kids. It’s like, some girls in here are like 18 and while The Situation may not have a problem with that, most of society does. If they are friendly and pay for drinks without being too sleezy, though, I’m all for making new friends!

  27. That black and white dress is gorgeous on you…and you are gorgeous! Love the duds, old dudes (for laughs) and good grub. A good weekend all around!

  28. Everytime I think of “Bad Romance” I hear it as “‘Rad Bromance”. HILARIOUS that you not only referred to the song in this post but also wrote the word “bromance”. I’m still laughing at that pic…

  29. Glad you had a ballin weekend!
    I like papa Gino’s thin crusts pizza and no I don’t need to have music to have a good workout! Although it does help πŸ˜‰

  30. I’m a little jealous of this whole “Dad’s weekend” thing. Sounds like a hilariously good time. Although, my weekend was spent hanging out with MY dad so that was nice.

    Fav pizza? Ray’s from NYC. I”ve only had a it a few times but it is soooo good.
    Music? I can’t workout without it. I mean, technically, I can but I really don’t like it. There’s just something about Weezy or Gaga that really keeps me going.

    Hope you have a great day!

  31. 35 Kate

    OMG I love the ‘fits but especially the first one with that awesome detailing on the back, the gorgeous hem paired with that little skirt and the shoes (I likey)!!!

    Looks like you had a hilar weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  32. 36 Nicole G

    I’m a Dominoes girl all the way. Though nothing compares to real NYC pizza! I’m like you, I don’t own an iPOD. I’ve gotten used to just running and thinking that I find it more relaxing to not have any music or distractions.

    I’m curious about your inclusion of chickpeas in your meal. How did you cook them? Did you just boil them and then incorporate them into meals as is?

    Nicole G

    • 37 snackface

      Nicole darling- My lazy method for the chickpeas was as follows: open can, rinse chickpeas, store in tupperware and sprinkle them atop whatever I desired. I haven’t tried to make chickpeas from the dried form yet, but I really should!

  33. I am loving your eats today.
    and wardrobe
    sassy ❀ classy ❀ supa sexy.

  34. 39 Muffin

    Best weekend of 2010! Too bad our video footage didn’t make the blog….15 years! 15 years! FOUND OUT IT WASN’T HISSSSS.

    Three more days until we can go out again! I know we’ll make it through. Love you. Xoxoxoxoxo.

  35. Ahhh yess music keeps me going and STAYING on any sort of machine!! I think Pizza hut would have to be my favorite too. The hut in Hong Kong rocks my pants off. They have the strangest combo’s like a seafood pie with calamari and crab meat. *drool* Oh Forever 21….they need to hire you to be their spokeslady.

  36. YOUR OUTFITS ARE FAB! i am tres loving your black shoes + orange tank top. and i totally feel you on the dad sitch. wisconsin dads = the worst. the grossest. the skeeviest.

    i am so glad you had a fab weekend – i am totally drained already, and have nothing witty to say in this comment. BUT I LOVE YA! happy day to you – its going to be go go go for me this week too, so let’s hang in there together!!!!!

  37. What a fun and hilarious weekend! Love the eats, the outfits and most importantly…the dad’s. haha

  38. Cute outfits! It looks like you had a blast over the weekend.
    I usually need to listen to good music to get me pumped for a workout. There have been a few times where my mp3 player ran out of batteries, and I still had an awesome workout. I guess it’s all about my mindset that day, but some good tunes definitely help. πŸ™‚

  39. YEAH you did a garbanzo cottage cheese mess! ATTA GIRL! your weekend looked like it was the jam. pizza dang.. i never order it these days but way back when i was a huge fan of this local spot called wasatch pizza. they had all the fancy junk like feta and artichokes. nom. dudeee.. the feet wanting to be cut off by the end of the night feeling is THE WORST!

    you are sexy.

    i cry inside if i dont have tunes, like when my ipod or shuffle dies. but i can do weights without music. cardio is another story!


  40. Glad you had a joyous weekend, beauty! Love all the muchies.
    I used to munch on a lot of pizza hut back in the day so I’d say it’s still good πŸ™‚
    Annnd no. I used to think I NEEDED music to run but I’ve run music-free for a couple of months now and I like it!

    Hope the week goes quickly for you!

  41. Looks like you had a great weekend! As far as my pizza love goes, the best pizza yet worse name in Germany- Pizza Internet. English is big here- just not everyone knows how to use it!

  42. ah where is the black & white dress from? forever also? fierrccee!

    • 48 snackface

      Jen Papaya- You would be correct. I’m too poor for any other store. Plus, I always find something there.

  43. LOVE your outfits! supa bossy indeed
    i would love to go out dancing with you and muffin, but alas, i am an old woman πŸ˜‰ i’d fit right in with the older bearded dude
    if i don’t have music to workout, i have to have a friend to chat with or a new magazine. otherwise it won’t happen πŸ˜‰
    have a great day and thank you so much for your sweet tweet and comment earlier ❀

  44. 50 malpaz

    CHICKPEAS!!!!!!! i just found your blog. i love chickpeas!!!!!! you use them in SO many ways i never though of! i think that cottage cheese mess looks GOOD!

    • 51 snackface

      malpaz- I’m all ABOUT a good chickpea. Don’t you just love to eat them plain, too? Welcome to le blog, darling!

  45. 52 Nicky

    Thank yooooou! X

  46. HAHAHAHA I use the the “I’ll be right back” line allll the time (usually prefaced by “I’m going to the ladies’ room”). Unfortunately there are times (*cough* like this weekend) where I run into the guy afterward, and there’s that awkward moment where I feel like the skum of the earth. But hey, at least I didn’t tell him the truth, which is that he had a small head. HA!

    My favorite commercial pizza joint would also be the Hut, with Papa John’s in a close second. Wait….maybe PJ’s is first, because they have that uh-mazing garlic dipping sauce….

  47. cottage-chickpea-mess… holy freaking glorious. As an enviro major, I approve of the recycled container and while I haven’t exactly majored in class, Id say that makes for an especially bangin lonchie
    loooves it

  48. 55 Nicole

    You and Muffin have some BANGIN shoes!! For real, I love them. I also love the chickpea goodness going on in this post, lady!

  49. I love reading this blog! You’re sarcastic comments are great (loved the 2 people having a moment in the bottom of the pic… haha!) It looks like everyone’s enjoying Barney Butter lately! I’m gonna have to get my hands on it, just for the convenience factor!!!
    And fav fast-food pizza place is Dominoes- Lovee the cinnamon stick bread stuff- amazing.

    • 57 snackface

      Michelle- So glad you get the sarcasm! Sometimes I wonder whether that reads well. About the Barney Butter–head to its website for a free sample! I got mine within two weeks of filling out the form. And now I want jars and jars!

  50. awhh bossy outfits! I so know the feeling you are talking about post a night of stiletto wearing gah. I literally walk on my tip toes all the next morning!

  51. Whoah, legs.
    I’LL SAY!!! and I love every inch of them and you πŸ™‚

    I dont listen to my ipod when I run or power walk b/c I have had too many close (Dangerous!) encounters where the music blocks my ability to hear creepers looming behind me. So I go with nature sounds and street sounds, not as fun, but safer for me.


    • 60 snackface

      Averie- First off, thanks for the leg love πŸ˜‰ I’ll raise you a leg for an ab. Anyway, I think you bring up a legitimate safety concern. I’m uber paranoid someone’s going to attack me/follow me home, and I always see girls on campus plugged into their iPods. I’m not sure it’s the safest move.

  52. just gonna throw this out there — you’re a freaking GODDESS! hot damn – those legs – oh my gawddddd.. gimme sum’a dos baybays!

    any dood who can rock out with Gaga is a winner for reals. Did you get the diggies?!

    I am sucher for dominoe’s cheesy bread. hot damn, shizz is money.

    miss you miss you really wanna kiss you ❀ muah lovepie! xo

    • 62 snackface

      Jenny- You crack me up. About the diggies-I got ’em. Now I don’t want ’em. Why must taken boys flirt? Annoying. But I know I’ve got you!! xoxox

  53. Snackface! Your eats and duds always inspire me! I love your outlook on life and your spunk! Keep it up!

    • 64 snackface

      Claire! Thanks so much for that comment! I aim to please πŸ˜‰ Gawd I’m such a creep.

  54. 65 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    you are sUCH a gorgeous girl- i loove your outfits! and muffin seems like so much fun too haha

    sounds like a fun weekend, and some great eats too … gotta love pizza every now & then!! i likee papa john’s


  55. 67 dorothy

    loooved both of the ‘fits!! and those rand pics of the pops made me laugh πŸ™‚

    i gots da midterms this week too = maj stressful nights. we can do it!

  56. LOVED the Forever 21 outfit. Booosssyyy!!! Your eats looked fantastic. I need to listen to music when I work out unless I’m with a friend and we can chit-chat. I NEED my music! Hard Core over here! LOL! Have a great night! Looks like you had a SUPER weekend!

  57. 69 healthnuttxo

    ooh- yes. i literally am dead without my ipod. i need it to FUNCTION!
    and, even though i havent had it in years, i used to love dominoes with the little meatballs on it. i haven’t eaten fast food in years though, and its been like, 4 since Ive eaten beef!
    and i agree- barney butter ROCKS!

  58. The Pizza Hut in Mallard’s hometown rocks my face off. The one’s ’round here…not so much. I don’t lov La Rosa’s…there goes my ‘Nati card.

    • 71 snackface

      Whole Body- Ay boo! I am SO WITH YOU!! I do not like La Rosa’s at all. The sauce is…sweet. I also don’t like Skyline, which is a sin for a Cincinnatian. Oh well!

  59. Ohhh emm geee–you have the most FABULOUS legs! And arms!! Fur realll. All that “not being in balance right now” is hoopla! Keep doin’ whatcha doin’ my love!! πŸ™‚

    I made a note to try that cc/chickpea/hot sauce/spices/celery combo next time i’m home, but heck…i COULD do it here, minus the spices!
    And dad’s weekend looks like so much fun! Can’t wait till i’m old enough to hit up the bars and party with HARMLESS, older men!

    I totally remember that forev 21 dress from night two…but i also love that forev shirt and those shoes!!!!!!! ahh, so fierrrrceee.

    Love that last shot of the cereal + carob mug alsoooo! I just enjoyed a mug of kashi honey sunshine myself!!! yummm

    And hmm–a bangin’ workout usually needs some tunes to keep me entertained…a mag or some tv always works though too! πŸ™‚

    Have an amazing school week!! Hope you’re recovering from the weekend alright πŸ™‚ XOXO

  60. Ah I wish I could wear such “freak-um” outfits like you, alas, it’s definitely 40 degrees here and I’m cold-natured. Bring it on spring!!

    1. Papa John’s hands down.

    2. YES. I need some good Gaga to get in the workout groove, it really keeps me going πŸ™‚

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