On the Fritz


What up, party people! Wednesday has been both trying and relaxing.

Awaking to sunshine, I was thrilled that I slept somewhat soundly for almost seven hours. That’s big for me. I immediately went to the john, changed into gym gear, ate half a banana with peanut butter and galloped 20 minutes to the gym. While walking, I thought it would be delightful to take pictures of the gorgeous sunshine. And then I noticed the pictures were coming out white with horizontal stripes across them.

Ignoring this momentarily, I ellipticalled for 50 minutes with weights and read Glamour. Cindi Leive and Arianna Huffington are pledging to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. If top editors are doing this, I should seriously consider working on my sleep. After that enlightenment, I did abs and arms for about 20 minutes and called it intense.

On my way home, I stopped in a bookstore to purchase a new memory card. I thought this would alleviate the problem, but as you can see in my brunch photos, something was still funky:

Ah!!! Looks so awful.

For brunch (eaten at 12:40pm), I had a smoothie of 1/2 naner, 2 mitfulls spinach, 1/2 C almond milk, 1/2 C water, 1/4 C frozen bloobs and 1 scoop protein powder. Alongside, I had a bagel with Janetha’s fave combo (cottage cheese and strawberry jelly) on one half and Sabra on the other:

Camera was strugglin'!

I had to meet up with a partner for a Magazine Editing project, so I packed snacks for the two hours I had to be in the library (AKA my least favorite place on campus). Prepare yourself:

White! Just trying to show you some string cheese and sugar snap peas 😦

Because my camera was/is on the fritz, I was also on the fritz all day. I was a few minutes late to meet my partner (I despise lateness). I poked myself in the face with my own pen during Media Law. I freaked myself out thinking I have a Media Law midterm on Monday when it’s actually on Wednesday EVEN THOUGH I had it written in my planner correctly the whole time. I needed a Diet Coke.

So I sipped one as I made dinner/my second meal of the day. Someone asked me a couple days ago how I feel about diet sodas. I don’t buy cases of them often, but I love them. I know they’re supposedly bad for you, but if my worst vices are sugar-free gum and a diet soda a day, life ain’t bad. At least I’m not a tanning bed-addict and smoker. Ya dig?

Dinner/second meal was pretty delish, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the horrid photo:

On my supa clean stove. And by clean I mean...not clean.

I loved my quesadinna! EnΒ La Tortilla: 1 Laughing Cow Swiss, 1 layer mashed, steamed butternut squash (maybe 1/3 C?), 1 layer mashed balls and 1 layer barbecue sauce. Quesadinna innards:

Still a tad blurry. Doesn't the b-nut look like cheddar?

As I read my peers’ essays post-dinner, I snacked on pretzels with hummus, an apple and these ridiculous babies:

Times that by three. Multiple gasms.

Sun Flour Baking Company has not let me down. I am falling in love with all its gluten-free, vegan baked goods. The brownies are densely chewy and uber chocolatey. That makes for a very happy SnackFace.

I worked on more h-dub, including writing a magazine prototype proposal. My idea for a magazine? A food mag for young women that also features fashion and pop culture. There are none! Basically, it’s called SnackFace. Wouldn’t that be amazing? SnackFace: The Mag. It would do nothing but promote living and loving your life, eating deliciously and dressing fiercely. What a dream!

While editing my proposal, I enjoyed two new favorites:

New water bottle and plain dried mango.

Unsweetened dried mango is beyond. It’s so chewy, sweet and sometimes tart. And the Camelbak! Why has it taken me so long to buy one? I have an irrational fear of knocking out my front teeth, so my aluminum wannabe Sigg didn’t make me want to drink water. The Camelbak, however, has a lovely rubbery mouthpiece that isn’t far off from a nipple on a baby bottle. I’ve had 48oz of water today, which is about 48oz more than I normally drink. Guess the nip’s the trick.

I’m off to maybe go to bed before midnight! I can’t even believe it! I need it because I have a crazy busy day Thursday:
9-11am- Creative Non-Fiction
11-1pm- Mag Editing and Production
1-3- Home, dine, get supplies for second half of day
3-5- Film
6-7- Film discussion group
7-8:30- Rush home for dinner
8:30-10- A capella practice
10- OUT!!!

Have fabulous Thursdays, gorgeous friends!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Would you read SnackFace: The Mag? AND Do you have any irrational fears? AND Do you drink diet soda and/or chew sugar-free gum?

P.S. No updates on Carter yet 😦


77 Responses to “On the Fritz”

  1. Hey girl πŸ™‚

    Hang in there, you’ll find Mr. Carter a home soon!!! You gave it a good shot, not your fault! My sister recently spent $700 (yes seven hundred, she’s nuts) on some “hypo-allergenic” CAT! The cat still caused her to have tonsssss of allergies and she was only able to get $300 for the cat back!

    Sooo…he will find a good home and you won’t be broke πŸ˜‰



    • 2 snackface

      Lauren- Oh that is so something I would do. I’m actually allergic to cats and dogs, too, but I deal with it because I love my pups so much. I’m sure it was hard for your sis to return the cat! Thanks for the support πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. So many questions tonight snickity snack snack!

    1. I would work beneath Kailey EIC of SnackFace: The Mag, so then I guess that my answer is yes, yes of course.
    2. I regularly have irrational fears. Seriously, every single day.And even though I realize the fact, can’t seem to make ’em stop. Eek πŸ˜‰
    3. I don’t drink diet soda but I was never a soda person so that’s no surprise. As for sugar-free gum, oh yes! I don’t buy it often but it’s such a treat when I do!

    Hope you sleep well and have a slammin’ Thursday dahling!

  3. Duh, I would read the mag.
    I’m terrified of lighters, lighting matches, etc. Fire=no buneo.
    My life would be nothing without Diet Coke w/lime. Nothing.

  4. Of course I would read the mag, I’m terrified of cockroaches crawling on me while I sleep and I chew about three packs of a gum a week. I save the diet soda for special occasions…maybe once every two weeks or so.

    I LOVE that you are still using a Christmas plate. Lulu won’t give up her gingerbread footies and Gigi is singing Christmas carols all day long. Come on over! πŸ™‚

  5. what the funk is up with your cam? and thanks for the delicious photos of my FAVORITE πŸ˜‰ dude i am so stoked you had so much cheese today because it was national cheese lovah’s day! yeeee girl. of course id read your mag. i’d expect to have my own column on weight lifting in there πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOU!

  6. 7 Brooke

    Wow, another philosophical post. Moron.

    • 8 snackface

      Brooke- Thanks! Philosophical is always what I aim for. That’s why I talk about Weezy, the john, bottle nips and ridiculous things that are just funny when one has a sense of humor. Lighten up and have a fabulous rest of the week/weekend.

  7. The photos just look retro, like you took a picture of your 1873 ribbed, rabbit-earred TV screen. Not bad, just…weird!

  8. 10 Gaby

    I just found your blog… and I yes, I would read the magazine. I agree with you something like that it`s missing.

    By the way, I loved your snacks from today =)

    • 11 snackface

      Gaby- Welcome and thanks for just finding me!! Love new readers πŸ˜€

  9. That sounds like a totally groovy zine idea! I hope you get that camera fixed!!! Does ur tummy feel funny after eating raw peppers?

    • 13 snackface

      blueberrymuffins- My tummy feels fine after eating raw peppers! The bod normally has a great time digesting raw, whole foods, but when it comes to processed foods like, oh, peanut butter-filled pretzels, my tum’s a mess! Don’t know why I shared all that, but it’s the truth.

  10. i felt so snack face just now. i had some popcorn, hummus and yogurt with PB2..i guess late night workouts do that..u r teaching me well ladybug!!!

    i need to grocery shop asap before cough*import. peeps*cough*visit* cough* me because i have a feeling they like snacks.


    have fun out tomm…i wont be tearing anything up until sunday. thats a FULL week since my last adventure. not good.

    • p.s. i didnt mean to leave my xoxo’s in the middle of the post..um awks.

      update? DJ facebook chatted me…deats to come.

  11. “Nip’s the trick”… you are so silly πŸ˜›

  12. That quesadilla looks amazing! I chew gum on a daily basis…honestly, with the amount of pb, onions, jalapenos, etc I eat, it’s only polite, I swear!

  13. I’m the same way with diet coke. I love it, but i don’t drink it all the time. I call it one of my occasional vices :p

  14. I would buy snackface monthly without a question! I hate most female geared magazines, but always felt that even by beloved Gourmet (r.i.p) could use a fierce girly touch!

    Diet coke is comforting to me because my parents always drank it but I’ve worked hard to ween myself off of it. I usually cave when I’m really hungover, and indulge in splenda and sugar free gum when I want a pick me up that’s not super healthy but not sugar filled as well!

  15. I would totally read snackface the mag!! I have many irrational ED fears, ugh. and yes I chew sugar free gum, but don’t drink diet soda! I love gum!

  16. Snackface the mag sounds awesome! I would totally read. I don’t chew much gum because it hurts my jaw, and I don’t drink much soda because I hate carbonation. But I probably have a soda once a week or so?

  17. I commend you for being able to ET with weights and read a magazine! Wow, there is so much going on there, I know I would fall off the machine if I tried.

    Glad you have a great schedule this semester! πŸ™‚ Always nice to like the way your day is laid out.

    Take care my love

  18. 23 Katrina

    I would definitely read the SnackFace magazine :). I chew sugar free gum everyday and I drink diet coke/pepsi a few times a week.

  19. 24 Katrina

    By the way, please keep blogging. You keep me entertained while I’m at work. lol.

  20. SnackFace mag?? Surely.. you’re a doll and I wanna eat all your food πŸ™‚

  21. 1. of course i’d read it/actually subscribe.
    2. my weirdest irrational fear is if i ever became an astronaut, i’m terrified i’d get detached from my spaceship and end up floating around for eternity. i really don’t know why i have this fear. but it lingers.
    3. i stopped chewing sugar-free gum when i realized it was giving me disgusting stomach bloat and digestion issues. diet sodes maybe twice a month, because i have a hard time finishing a can/bottle of anything.


    • oh, and i should state that there was a point where i was constantly chewing all day. from the time i woke up, i chewed gum til i ate food, then popped in more gum until my next meal. and so on. i literally woke up one morning and could not open my jaw because it was so sore.
      psycho me.

      • 28 snackface

        marjan- I’ve so had a sore jaw from gum before! This is gross, but in high school, I’d stick a fresh piece of gum in my mouth and chew it ALL day. Yes, from 7am to 3:30pm. How nasty is that?

  22. I would totally read snackface…the mag! πŸ™‚ And you eats look so good (even with the wonky pictures in the beginning) and yayyy for a decent night’s sleep!

  23. 30 tryingtoheal

    of course i’d read a snackface mag.

    and i have an irrational fear of drowning..when it rains really hard. not in a pool or the ocean, only when it’s slightly flooding. weird?

    don’t drink diet/soda. upsets the belly v badly. so does sugar-free gum. no fun.

  24. Snackface the mag is such a good idea! There are so many people interested in watching the Food Network and such who aren’t even bloggies, and I’m sure they would love to read a magazine more geared towards them.

  25. I think you should start your own magazine that’s a mix of Glamour/Clean Eating/ Comedy! I would pay mega $$$ for a subscription. My irrational fear is so petty: running out of $ and also starting to date again.

  26. That water bottle is awesome – I wish I could find one with my team on it (NC State)

  27. Sorry your camera’s on the fritz!
    That magazine would be so bomb! I love reading your blog, so why not a mag?

    Have a great Thursday!

  28. Despite my current vegan and natural food loving status, I consume at least one diet soda a day. People have called me out on it, but I’d rather chug aspartame instead of high fructose corn syrup. It’s the lesser of two evils, and I’d rather have a vice that’s not going to put me in a sugar-induced coma.

  29. So jealous of all your Sunflower Baking Company goodies. I’m indeed a diet soda/sugar free gum fiend. I’ve toned the diet soda down to 1 or 2 per day, and people continue to hate on me for it, but what can you do?

  30. haha your pics look like you took them from a tv screen. Like your day was being played on tv and you took photos of it. hope your camera fixes itself soon..

    i would definitely read your mag!! and I loooove diet coke, like there is no tomorrow.

  31. I would totally read it. Sounds awesome and fun! Too many food magazines focus on cooking for kids, families or are too gourmet and FUSSY for me to even think about tackling the recipes. How about cooking for one? Or your girlfriends? Or for a romantic sexy dinner in? Make it happen! πŸ™‚

    I have a severe fear of earthworms (weird I know) and driving in the snow. I hate them both equally!

    I used to be slightly obsessed with diet orange Sunkist. I probably only have soda once a month now, if that. I just sort of lost interest in it. As shocking as that sounds!

  32. Oh no, I hope your camera gets better!

    I used to chew sugar free gum like a fiend but then I realized that it was contributing to my daily stomach aches (sugar alcohols = super gas for me!). I’ve also weaned myself off diet pop almost completely – I have maybe one or two a year. Aspartame scares me, even though I consumed it on a daily basis in college.

  33. i love my camelbak! and i would totally get a subscription to snackface.

  34. 41 Susan

    Yep, there are far worse things to do to yourself than drink the occasional diet soda. I know artificial sweetners are frowned upon, but I occasionally indulge in the SF syrups at Starbeez and right now I am addicted to the Orbit Pina Colada gum (sick and twisted, but it’s sooooooo good).

    And of course I would read SnackFace the magazine! I ‘specially like the “living and loving your life” part – it’s that ‘tude that makes me love your blog so!

    Have a good Thursday mama!

  35. 42 Megan

    I would totally read snackface the magazine! I love your blog posts, they always brighten my day and give me new ideas.

    Btw Brooke up thur needs a Midol or something cuz girlfriend is RUDE!

    Love you!

  36. Omg your poor camera!! I hope you get everything fixed soon πŸ™‚

    But I would SO read snackface the mag!!! That sounds so faby to me! And i’m also with ya on the library sitch–i am not really fond of it, either!! Oh and girlfriendd, you don’t need a diet coke…you need a brew πŸ˜‰

    I’m a total gum-chewer when craving it though, and i usually chase my shots (shots! shots! shots!! hahaah) with whatever diet soda is offered. I don’t hate ’em! πŸ™‚ I’ve just never really been into soda growing up, so i’m fine drinking it from time to time !

    I’ve got about 10 mins to get ready for class and i’ve only eaten breakfast so i gotta runnnnn, BUT that quesadilla sounds SUPERB (yes, superb), and i’m loving on the tj’s dried mango!! it’s been too long!! Buying that on my next trip (dip it in almond butter–you’ll love)! XOXOXOXO

  37. 44 Lauren

    SnackFace: The Mag? Please make it a reality!!!

    Let’s see, I have a fear that everyone is trying to run me off the road when I’m driving. It’s really weird.

  38. Sorry about the fritzy camera! But gotta tell you chewing gum is my biggest addiction ever- for the past few years- Target and convenience stores are my heaven because there is a multitude of flavours you don’t find elsewhere- my faves: Orbit mist watermelon, Trident Watermelon, Trident Tropical Twist, Stride bubblegum, 5 Berry, Extra Strawberry Banana…I could go on forever, I always have a minimum of ten packs in my room and binge chew at night before bed. Weird I know.
    Anywayssssssss I got into Creative Nonfiction! After reading about it on your blog and going to the first class I’m super excited for all the writing to do in it!
    And by the dubs, I’d totes read your Snackface Mag. OH YES!

  39. 46 evan

    i would be obsessed with Snackface: The Mag. and i’d apply for a job there, pronto, but it would have to be in NYC or SF, ya dig?

    i am absolutely TERRIFIED of cancer. for a class we had to read this essay called “Chemo World,” about an ex cancer ward nurse’s experiences there and i bawled all the way through it, and cried in CLASS the next day while talking about it. there’s something about cancer that completely tears away my defenses and makes me really upset.

    …which doesn’t make sense when combined with my sugarfree gum addiction, and it actually exacerbates my psycho cancer fears. i used to be a two packs a day kind of girl, but i’ve cut down to about half a pack a day. my tum-tum, mind and wallet (hey, $1.50 a pack adds up!) thanks me.

    great questions! πŸ™‚

  40. Glad you finally got some sleep! I’ve been averaging about 5 hours of sleep everyday for weeks now… sometimes less! I don’t know what’s up with me. :/ I must just have too much on the mind.

    I would definitely read Snackface the Magazine, considering how addicted I am to everything you’ve mentioned. A++ from me!

    I also love diet coke and sugar-free gum. A big ‘whatever’ to all the people that would hassle me about that.

  41. I would definitely read SnackFace the mag. Whilst snacking. And dressing fiercely.

    I have a VERY irrational fear of drive-by shootings. I live in the suburbs, I have no reason to fear being shot at as I walk from my car and unlock my front door at night. But god forbid a car drives by before the key is in the lock, I feeze up like nobody’s business. It’s weird.

    Andd nope, I was once upon a time (read: college) a MAJOR diet-coke-aholic. I referred to it as DC, because if I took the time to pronounce Diet Coke every time I drank one, that would have taken up way too big a chunk of my day. I don’t know why I really quit – I don’t eat artificial sweeteners in anything else, so I’m sure a DC a day wouldn’t really harm me (any more than the brews harm me friday-sunday), but I decided a year and a half ago to see if I could give it up for a month. And it worked. I just didn’t want it anymore…very weird. When I see my college roomates they’re disappointed in me. haha.

  42. 49 Mandee Lei

    I feel the same was as you do on the diet soda/sugar free gum. I enjoy myself some Crystal Light on the daily and also a glass of Diet Ditto.. which is like Diet Sprite only really cheap lol. For a long time I tried to cut these things out. And then I had the same realization as you. If these are my vices in life (ok..along with chocolate every day as well!) then I’m not too bad off. And if I am.. I don’t want to be any different because I love it. I started smoking ciggs at 13 and didn’t quit until I met my now husband at 18 and he wasn’t a fan. I was overweight and ate horribly food pretty much my whole life up until 18 as well. And I have also spent years smoking weed and drinking habitually. So sugar free gum, Crystal Light, Diet Soda, and chocolate just don’t seem to me like a bad thing! OH and I am awaiting SnackFace the Mag to hit the shelves so I can sign up for a subscription. I love food mags but they are not usually geared towards the younger generation and I love your idea.

  43. SNACKFACE: THE MAG = GENIUS. I would be the #1 subscriber. Hmmm….if the mag business wasn’t going down the sheister right now, I would say we have a killer proposal on our hands. suriously. we cound pander to the meat-eaters, the veggies and vegans in all things food, fashion and pop culture! love it.

    your quesadilla looks baller…i am loving that combo of goodness all up in thurre. also, i miss smoothies. its been wayyyyyy to long since i have enjoyed that goodness.

    AMEN SISTA. i am so with you on the diet coke/sugarfree gum thang. if thats the worst of what i do, i am doing okay. i don’t necessarily have either everyday, but if i want them, damn it, i am going to have them!

    love you and all your fabulousness! mwah. have a great day πŸ™‚

  44. 51 Jess

    Honestly, I wouldn’t pay to read anything snackface. No I don’t chew sugarfree gum or drink diet soda.

  45. 53 Nicole G

    SO sorry about your camera difficulties! And Snackface: The Mag? SOUNDS AMAZE! I would buy that ish in a hot second – and I RARELY read magazines! I don’t know how you do so much each day on so little sleep but damn girl, you get shit doneee.

    BTW, your quesadilla looks amazingly delish, crazy jealous!

    Have an awesome Thursday,
    Nicole G

  46. 54 susan

    if your magazine was in your voice, like the blog is (interpretation… “ya dig” would have to appear OFTEN)… i would totally read your mag!!

    you have one of the best blogs out here… i adore that you don’t try to be anyone else, tell it like it is, and don’t stress me out by being neurotic and perfect!

    wow, i kinda sound like a snackface creeper… oops!! =)

  47. 55 Natalie

    ummm snackface the mag would only be fav mag ever!! duh! irrational fears would be being abducted by aliens… have you seen the fourth kind? not cool. and i drink diet coke every so often, i never chew gum because i learned in etiquette class as a young girl that chewing gum is only to be done in private (probably the only thing that stuck from that class!)

  48. 56 Kate

    Hope the bunny sitch works out!!!

    I adore sugar free gum and indulge in Diet Mt Dew when my day is heading downhill and I need some caffeine…I don’t do coffee so Diet Mt Dew is crack to me.

    I would ADORE Snackface, subscribe, buy subscriptions for all my gal pals and my step mom (who is amazing and would send it to all her friends, she used to work at Vogue) and blah blah…please show us a sneak peek?

  49. I still think your photos look pretty– i love the bright pink! πŸ™‚

    I do drink a diet soda every now and then and same for sugar free gum. Sometimes they both give me stomach aches though. But I don’t have a problem of having it if I am in the mood for it. It sounds like you do what makes you happy so if you crave a cold diet soda every now and then, i’d say go for it!

  50. You have just given me dinner inspiration for tonight! That quesadilla looks great!

    I am not a diet soda drinker. Can’t stand the taste of aspartame. I do have a Coke Zero every once in awhile though, but it has to be super cold and I have to drink it fast so I can’t taste the fakeness.

  51. 59 julie

    umm when can i subscribe to snackface the mag…

  52. 60 Anna

    Please please pleassseee pursue your mag! I think that is a fabulous idea! Seriously! Also, I think you are awesome! Love the blog, might even start my own one day soon!

  53. Umm is that even a question! Of course I would read snackface: the mag!

  54. Wow, there are some haters on here! If you have nothing nice to say, do like Bambi’s Mom asked and say NOTHING AT ALL! Right?
    I would read Snackface Magazine, though I think it rocks as Snackface the Blog. Print media is falling by the wayside, my dear. You and your blog (and electronic features in general) are the future!
    Not a big gum person, but I do love me some Orbit Bubblemint.

  55. I would TOTALLY read SnackFace: The Mag. In fact, it would probably become my bible for food and fashion. I love it. Please make it happen. Soon. πŸ˜›

  56. 64 Gina G

    hey Kailey!im cheering you on for your positve attitude towards that Brooke commenter! she has no right to call you a moron , i would like to call you a doll and genius though! i would being ordering a supscription of snackface as soon as it was available!

    I am in constant fear of losing a loved one, i worry way to much, but i can’t help it, they mean the world to me, what can ya do? =/

    diet coke and sugarfree gum? ofcourse, its my oneeee make that two, guilty addictions hah

    have a great day and weekend girl! =)

    • 65 snackface

      Gina- Hi pie! I have that same irrational fear, too. Except, it’s not all that irrational. I hope YOU have a fab weekend, too! xoxoxo

  57. POOKS!!! I’m so sorry I’ve been slack-a-lackin’ on the SnackFace loving but I have been reading, promise! Sorry about the cam malfunctions – how aggrevating 😦

    I used to have a horrible Diet Coke addiction (4+ a day) and HAD to cut in out due to headaches but I love that you’re reppin’ the DC! That stuff is delish (even better with alch!). Seeing those brownies is making me want one of those Little Debbie brownies with the nuts on top, oooh man. Cravings!!

    Gluck with the nonsense (classes) and the shenanies (going out) today! Love you, boo!!

  58. I will read pretty much any magazine:) I am known to kill a few hours in a bookstore (or grocery store) reading magazines. In fact, I was going to go to Ohio U. for journalism, but my parents made me go to Wittenberg. After doing journalism for a year out of college, I went into education.

    My boyfriend thinks I worry too much about food being spoiled, especially milk. It just makes me paranoid.

    And I am horribly addicted to DIET COKE. I am trying to stop drinking it. I also chew too much sugarless gum.

  59. 68 marikamaasikas

    I do chew gum– a few pieces a day, after I eat or when I’m feeling bored at work. I don’t drink diet soda– I’ve never been a huge soda drinker, and fake sugar leaves a weird aftertaste for me, so it’s not that appealing.
    One irrational fear of mine is something I hope some people here can relate to– I’m so afraid of falling off a treadmill and hurting myself. Whenever I’m on one, I try not to think about it too much, lest my visualization lead to an actual accident.

  60. 69 MamaJ

    Brooke in the number 7 comment obviously was never told by her parents that,” If you have
    got anything nice to say,… Don’t say anything at ALL. oxoxo…. Spread the love.

  61. 70 MamaJ

    I meant haven’t.

  62. 71 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i drink a lot of diet soda and sugar free gum- i always so i’m going to stop, but never do! your queadilla thing looks so good πŸ™‚ and snackface magazine sounds entertaining! haha


  63. 72 Kristina

    SnackFace sounds like a fab idea, get on with it girl, you can do it! I have a weird fear of getting shot in the butt so when someone walks directly behind me when walking up the stairs I get a lil nervous (Shhhhh ;] ).

  64. My camera being on the fritz throws me in a fritz too, so I can relate. And YES I would definitely read Snackface: The Mag. I can only imagine its fabulousness πŸ˜‰

    Too many irrational fears over here to name. And occasionally, I am in the mood for a diet soda, but I never buy them by the case, because I barely drink 1 per week. I just don’t like the carbonation anymore.

  65. I like diet coke but it hurts my stomach. I sometimes drink it anyway which never proves to be the best choice. It just tastes good.

  66. I do drink diet coke sometimes, but I try to keep it down to once a month!

  67. 76 elise

    ok, so i pretty much think that the reason I love you so much is because we share similar (if not identical) views on this very subject matter.
    i was raised by grammar nazi parents, and so they pretty much instilled this in me from day one…i, too, get a sick pleasure as well as annoyed (beyond a normal level) when i catch errors, whether it be published material (i’ve found typos in books!) or blogs – especially ones by people who pride themselves on being “writers” – but i wont go there…
    im equally conflicted when i am blogging regarding ending sentences in prepositions…while i dont want to sound crazy proper ‘n shiz, i am a smart cookie, i went to good schools, i got a damn fine education, and i want people to know that i dont think “where’s the hummus at?” is a correctly formed sentence.
    i am also mortified when i catch an error in my own posts after hitting publish. i have nightmares about it. im seriously not normal. i think part of the reason im so weird about it is because there’s always a stereotype that science geeks cant do the english/writing stuff, and i dont want others to think im strictly numbers and equations…but at the same time, i am scared for the state of the english language. most people i interact with on a daily basis say “ax” instead of “ask” and have no clue that that’s not a word – and those are some of the smarter people, too!! it’s embarrassing for us as a country. grrrr.
    what REALLY gets my blood boiling though, is the use of the word “infamous”
    it’s used incorrectly ALL over the blogworld on a daily basis. people seem to think its the same as famous, but its a bad thing. i want to scream in the comments section, that cheesecake is NOT infamous!! but, fortunately, i am able to restrain myself.
    epic comment much? clearly this is a subject about which i feel very passionate.

  68. 77 elise

    oh and by the way, my computer is being annoying, so this comment is going to have to stay on this post even though it is in reference to the most recent post (grammarazzi). maybe ill cut and paste it, but i think youll put it together on your own…

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