Hey, Mr. Carter


Buongiorno bellas! Today I realized how many roles I play throughout 24 hours. I recognized that I succeed in many of the roles, yet devastatingly fail in others.

Playing the role of troubled insomniac, I awoke after approximately 4.7 hours of sleep. Choppy sleep in which I wake up every hour or half-hour is sheer torture. I’m an unsuccessful sleeper.

Thankfully, I have my foodie-self who looks forward to breakfast to pull me from the gravity of my bed. I try to forget the dumb blonde who comes knocking every now and then, but that role popped up as I panicked about not having a toaster for a crunchy, warm bagel. Turns out broil settings on ovens do just fine:

Gasm. Still lovin' up the holiday plates. I can't deny those colors!

On the plate: Trader Joe’s whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter, cottage cheese and strawberry preserves. Served with two large cups of coffee for the caffeine addict.

Kailey the student hopped off to class and made it on-time. I patiently sat in class, took notes, listened to my fellow students and organized my planner.

Kailey the annoying participant came out in Magazine Editing. Sometimes I have ideas or thoughts that I can’t keep inside and end up being that obnoxious person who dominates conversation all class period. I only realized how potentially bothersome this was to fellow students after the fact. (I’m sorry!)

Rushing home at 1pm to eat a luscious lunch, the foodie returned. I was pumped to try a new-to-me TJ’s product:

Carrots and ginger, two flavors I thought would be magical together.

Doused with Frankie.

This soup tasted like straight up plastic. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t that bad. No better after the third bite, the soup was ditched and I switched my focus to the snack plate:

Balls, veg and hummus. Life.

Never denying the SnackFace that I truly am, I turned to the bane of my existence for the bulk of my lunch:

That bag lasted 24 hours in my house. Oops.

I filled some blogger duties–nix that–blogger fun things (because it’s all pretty fab), gabbed like a friend on Gchat and then put StudentFace back on for Film.

Sensitive me kicked into high gear for 90 minutes as we watched Elephant. I first saw the movie when I was still in high school, and I think my sensitivity has grown since then. Images of ruthless killing shook me to the point of that familiar sting of oncoming tears. Or maybe PMS was to blame for this surge of emotion.

Desperately trying to pull myself from the grasp of Gus Van Sant, I trotted to visit Muffin at her office. She was shocked and amused at my attempts to play a new role. Introducing Kailey the hipster/poser/shoe lover:

Alright, the only part of this outfit I don't normally wear are the new kicks. And I was having a hard time not smiling.

I’m sure these will be hated on by many, but I have wanted crazy Nike high-tops for years now. Matty Rich helped me grow a pair and buy some over the weekend. I’m in love:

Ridiculous and I love it.

Nik. "He had the 'E' cut off." Name that TV show!

My dad is cringing right now, but I say one’s 20s is the time to experiment and wear whatever the hell she wants!

I reverted back to student mode as soon as I returned home. I scribbled notes about hate speech laws with Birdman in the background. Studiousness at its finest.

Eventually hungry, lazy chef took over:

Green, orange and circular all ova.

On the plate: Sunshine Garden Herb patty on a bed of spinach and honey-mustard dressing, boiled sweet tater rounds and a dab of barbecue sauce. Although this was tasty, I was still hungry:

TJ's Temtation Trail Mix. AKA Devil Mix because the combo of chocolate and pb chips is nuts and one serving is never enough.

A million other snacks were consumed, but the role I assumed after/in-between snack time was something to which I looked forward all day.

Earlier in the afternoon, Muffin told me that a co-worker of hers was currently housing a rabbit. The rabbit had been found outside the co-worker’s apartment. A domesticated rabbit had been abandoned and if not claimed by 9pm, the apartment maintenance crew was going to “let it go.” We felt we had to do something. A bit of an animal rights activist was stirred.

Muffin and I, for about 40 minutes, tried to be good mommies to Mr. Carter:

Adorable chubby bunny.

Yes, we had spent hours planning his name (Mr. Carter in honor of the one-and-only Weezy F. Baby, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.), imagining dressing him in jackets, stunna shades and gold chains, frollicking around college green with him in the spring…we were fully dedicated. That is, until we brought him home.

I thought Mr. Carter was going to be the pet I’ve been begging to have since living alone. Within 20 minutes of being around him, though, Muffin and I noticed our throats becoming increasingly scratchy and irritated. Coughs were next. Itchy noses came soon after. Much to our chagrin, we learned that we are allergic to rabbits.

I called MamaJ to tell her the tale and she laughed hysterically. “Kailey, you can’t even go within feet of rabbit-fur anything!” How could I possibly have forgotten that? What a monumental blonde moment that was.

We had to take Mr. Carter back to Muffin’s co-worker. I failed at being a good bunny mommy. I’m slightly heartbroken. I just hope and pray that I can help Carter find a good home. If you’d like to help me, please let me know. He’s a sweetie.

Until I fulfill the role of animal adoption agent successfully, I will be the insomniac who loses sleep over everything. Poor Mr. Carter.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How can I help Mr. Carter find a good home? AND What roles do you play in a day?

P.S. If I can ask one favor, can we please avoid purchasing “lucky” rabbit-foot key chains? Thanks.


56 Responses to “Hey, Mr. Carter”

  1. As always, honored to appear on Snackface, (even if I’m just in the background of the shot of your hipster outfit).

    Also, I was totally there and signed off on the naming of the rabbit “Mr. Carter,” so I’m taking some credit.

    • 2 snackface

      Wes- I’m so sorry I didn’t credit your approval of the name. I miss Mr. Carter already.

  2. I hope Mr. Carter finds a lovely home!!!! Love those TJ pretzels! You totally rock those shoesss!

    I am a daughter, bossy ab teacher, gushing 13-year old with a crush……

  3. I keep seeing those TJ Pretzels everywhere. I am sorely disappointed we don’t have TJs here in Canada.

  4. Gotta say I was disappointed in that TJs soup myself…..it just tasted…weirddddd!
    Love the diff roles and the high tops!
    When I was in high school I had a phase where I was obsessed with those super neon colourful KANGAROOS shoes with the lil zippers in them. I thought they were the coolest shizzzz ever and I would wear them all the time (even though they totally didn’t match with whatever else I was sporting)!
    Get some sleeeep tonight πŸ™‚

  5. Roles: MOTHER, wife, yoga teacher, blogger, lactation educator, raw foods chef, engineer of our home keeping this train moving on everything from taxes paid to toilet paper purchased to the brussel’s sprouts being cleaned. And many more!

    Bunny. I had one in my early 20s. I miss her. She was litter box trained, a sweet lil girl. Thanks for the trip down the bunny memory lane πŸ™‚

  6. 7 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    bummer about the soup! good thing you can always have snack plates. i love the role theme you have goin on in this post! oh no, allergic to rabbits? that’s too bad…hope he finds a good home. the humane society around here takes small pets like rabbits/even gerbils and other weird rodents, you could try calling them up?

  7. I also play the role of insomniac! Along with that is the role of daughter, friend, girlfriend, writer, Paris tour guide and traveller!

    Loving the kicks, I’ve always thought Nike high tops were so sexy on girls!

  8. I love the idea of playing different roles in a day. So creative!

    I’ve been wanting to try that carrot ginger soup! But lately I’ve been eating too many orange foods, and my palms and the bottoms of my feet are bright orange! SO I’m on a bit of an anti-orange food kick right now….

  9. I love those shoes – I’d never have enough balls to buy them! Eek…I’m not an animal lover, so I’d probably just sent the bunny into the wild. Mean, I know.

  10. Heyyy πŸ™‚

    I just woke to that delicious image of your bagel and now I reeeeally want one! I am OBSESSED (!) with the strawberry/cottage cheese combo! Delish!! πŸ˜‰

    My roles would include: a lazy bum (I could sleep all day), wanna-be foodie, scientist, biochemist in training, wanna-be blogger (new to the blogging world!), sister/roomie, runner, girlfriend, and wanna-be a million other things such as singer, gymnast, dolphin trainerr…..buuut those things will never happen πŸ˜‰ haha

    Hope you have a great day!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ PS….LOVE the new kicks…very Weezy of ya! hahaha


  11. Wow, I definitely almost bought this soup the other day. Good thing I didn’t. I really like the Pacific brand of Carrot Cashew Ginger and I remembered I still had a box of that. But I do LOVE the TJ’s Sweet Potato Bisque. Have you tried this one? It’s fabulous! πŸ™‚

  12. I like your shoes!! I was torn between ordering some adidas like that (in the 80s colors, and b-ball style, natch) or black sequin converse. Hummmm….

    For me, your early 30s is the time to wear what you want. Good luck with the bunny buns…

  13. Ohh those pretzels sound awesome…and dangerous!! And poor Mr. Carter…I hope you find him a good home! He’s a cutie — and if I were near you…and not allergic to rabbits…I would be all over that (in a loving/not creepy way haha). Could you contact the SPCA of some kind, in the the event you can’t find him a home right away??

  14. Lovin the new kicks kails! You totally rocked them with your outfit πŸ™‚

  15. Love the kicks! Good luck with Mr. Carter — I hope he finds a good home

  16. 17 greenbean


  17. Those pretzels are total crack. Have you tried the chocolate-covered PB-filled one? They’re like the entire drug spectrum mixed together. Dangerous.

    I had two bunnies when I was in elementary school; they’re fun for awhile, until you realize that they don’t really do much. I wouldn’t give him to the SPCA, since they put animals down, but see if you can find an independent rescue shelter. I was at one the other day looking for a dog, and most of them don’t put animals down, just keep them safe and happy until they find a new owner.

  18. AWW bunny friend 😦 I thought u named if after jay z, heyyy mista cartaaaahhhh, tell me where have u been!?!? HA orrr not, but i hope u find him a good hutch to grow old!! Glad u had a good weekend at home lovelyyyy and love the kicks ;D

  19. Lucky rabbit foots always freaked me out so no worries there.

    Rocking the sneaks though!

  20. K baby! i freaking LOVE those new kicks!! i just got some hot pink Nike frees and im OBSESSED w. them! you totally rock those shoes too!! hottie!
    bleh, sorry about the soup.. that stinks..i totally know what taste you are talking about! i literally had some PB filled pretzels last night after i saw your tweet about them!

  21. Sweet kicks! Since you have the legs to rock them, there’s no reason not to! They’re a little less flattering on those of us in the less than 5’5″ category.

    When I was in 3rd grade, we went on a field trip to a country store where everyone always bought lucky rabbit’s feet. Being the trend-follower that I was, I picked out a purple one. It was only a few weeks later when I was playing with it on my backpack that I connected the fact that it was a REAL rabbit’s foot. I still feel guilty until this day, and I’m hoping to assuage some of my guilt by never eating any kind of animal ever again. I just wish there had been a sign or something, saying, ‘Here, Kids! Buy the dismembered foot of a cute, friendly animal so you can feel lucky!’ Then there would have been no ethical question for little 8 year old me to debate.

  22. 23 megzzwinsatlife

    I really like the TJ’s tomato soup..

    LOVE The shoes!!!

  23. Girl I’m diggin the new kicks. I collect Nikes. I should show them on my blog!!!! I have to get foot surgery so for the time being Nikes are the only thing I can wear. Looking fresh my dear!
    That bagel looks divine!

  24. 25 traynharder23

    seeing the bunny made me miss my guinea pig, hazel. SADNESS.

    love the kicks. do you like them better than heels?

    hm. roles: trayyyynnahhh, (trainer), athletic training student, student, dishwasher, tech support, vcr support, chef, motivator, life coach, comedian. (to name a few)


  25. What a cute post! You sure do play a bazillion roles. No one can ever call you boring:D
    Sorry it didn’t work out with Mr. Carter. I hope he finds a good home. 😦

  26. Sorry about the soup – I’ve been there. And yes, I’m a kicks hater – sorry. I’ve never been one for crazy fashion statements. That’s just me though….I HATE attention.

    Poor Mr. Carter, he’s a cutie. I hope he finds a good home. Strange that you & Muffin are both allergic to him though, what are the chances??

  27. 28 Kate

    Love the shoes, don’t feel bad, I bought pastel blue and yellow Air Force 2s a few years ago and rock those bad boys all the time πŸ™‚ they are amaze!

    So sorry about the bunny sitch…I don’t know what to say? I hope you have some luck finding someone!

  28. 29 julie

    haha! thats stinks that you’re allergic to Mr. Carter. hopefully someone can take him off your hands girl!

    love those kicks. i have a pair like them ish but lower tops and i rock them with straighties all the time. no fear there

  29. 30 Laura

    Aww, sorry about Mr. Carter!

    I love the kicks! At 29, I don’t think I could pull that look off anymore. Enjoy it while you can! πŸ˜€

    And, I agree. No need for a toaster when the broiler works just fine! I went without one for years and still enjoyed toast on the regular.

  30. gah, i am so sad about mr. carter! i am crossing my fingers we can find that cute lil’ ball of fur a home and stat!

    however, L-O-V-E, love the shoes! those are fly. ain’t no thang about it. and i probs would be made fun of by my dad too, but you are so right – you are only in your twenties for 10 years. why not go a lil’ cray cray?

    tears for the plastic soup.

    howevs, loving up on that trail mix. i need, i need!

    i hope you have a fabulous, wonderful day playing all the roles you do. love you so much girl – and holllllaaaaa for chitown!!!!!

  31. awwww poor mr. carter 😦 i hope he finds a good home asap, hes so cute!!

    and i lovee this post, girl! I definitely play a lot of roles during the day and don’t even realize it because I’ve been so accustomed to acting different ways in different scenarios… great eye opener!

  32. Ugh, I HATE that soup. I thought it would be like my beloved Pacific Foods Cashew Carrot Ginger, but it’s NOT! Have you tried that kind? I will send you a carton if you haven’t. It’s INSANE.

    I wish you lived closer, I would take your bunny to give to my grandpa. He had a pet bunny that died just before my grandma did. He was so heartbroken. 😦

    On a much brighter note, I LOVE your shoes!!!

  33. Nike high tops. K to the -ILLER!!! Not my green chucks… but still bALLIN. Keep it real, and Ill be prayin for mr. carter.

  34. I buy the EXACT trail mix from Trader Joe’s!!! My sister and I almost died laughing because we realized the serving size is like 15 per bag and I have totally finished it in about 5, LOL! Whoooops.

    I also agree with the soup! Try the roasted pepper and tomato one…Add some cumin and red chili powder and it’s outta this world πŸ™‚ My roomies and I add veggies, beans, brown rice, and tofu and call it “Magic soup” becuase it’s seriously amazing!!!! πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!! πŸ™‚


  35. 37 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    awww bummer about the allergy! such a cute post- i agree about wearing whatever ou want in your 20s…why not?! i thnk u can rock those shoes ahha & the sunshine veggie patties are so good .. ihad one last night


  36. LOVe the kicks, I bought the nike shoes taht lace up the whole front left with some pom pom’s I bought them about 5 years ago and wore them once, waste of money so sad…I wish I saw THOSE kicks, love em, and love teh colors. Totes agre with you that right now you can wear WHAT YOU WANT! it is the time to feel comfortable in your own skin and express yourself, love em!

    not a fan of teh TJ’s boxed soups either…sorry it was plastic-y..you should bring it back, TJ’s is so good with brining back things that you don’t like, they’ll let you get something else!

    awww mr carter is such a cutie…maybe bring him to a local pet store?

  37. 39 Susan

    Aaaah that soup! I had SUCH high expectations as well. I truly think it could be decent with some tweaking, but right now it’s a definite one-note. And not a good one at that. Glad to know I’m not alone. My mama ended up using splashes of it in her stirfrys and said it was acceptable then.

    If you’re school is big enough, they might have an animal club or something that has the resources to find a good home for little Carter.

    Diggin your kicks mama, and your bossy self of course.

  38. You know, I forgot how much I love bagels or english muffins topped with cottage cheese! Thanks for the reminder πŸ˜‰

  39. I just picked up some of those TJ’s pretzels, too. Once I got home, they remained unopened for an entire 30 seconds. Now they’re hiding on the very top shelf of my pantry so they last longer than a couple days…

  40. now i know how you feel when i show raw chicken on my blog. that cottage cheese with jam on top nearly made me hurl. but i still love you πŸ™‚ the PB side looks amazing though! plastic soup? no bueno. and that is exactly why i dont have PB pretzels in my house. im an addict. recovering addict i guess.. since i havent had one of those in months. i LOVE LOVE those high tops! i am so into it! you are a sassy girl. please check out this link: http://www.dogfunk.com/dogfunk/group/100000337/Womens-Mid-and-High-Top-Skate-Shoes.html and i will have you know i get a super dope discount on everything on that website so let me know if you are into any of that. mr carter. oh what a love puff. i hate lucky rabbits feet. they make me ill and sad.

  41. OMG. Poor bunnay Carter. I hate seeing little granimals like that without a home 😦 If Pro wasn’t allergic to all animals known to man, I would tell ya to ship him here to FL. Lil guy..

    As far as my roles go: Kittay Skeezah (but of course), girlfriend, sister, daughter, workout buddy, happy hour buddy, and a slave to the gray cube (I kid).

  42. 44 Kelly

    Maybe try posting something on kijiji o r craigslist about a free rabbit? I’m not sure! Good luck finding a home!

  43. 45 dorothy

    aah LOVE the kicks. im always jealous when i see someone else rockin shoes like that πŸ˜‰

  44. You can always drop Mr. Carter off at a local animal shelter, if in fact there is one by you that seems to treat the animals well and has high rates of adoption.

    I have a question for you relating to blogging at college- Is it difficult for you to maintain a constant blogging schedule while being a full-time student and managing work and a social life at the same time? I just recently started blogging, and I didn’t return back to college until today. I’m thinking I might have a hard time managing everything, and I was wondering if you had any tips since you seem to balance your schoolwork, social life, and blogging extremely well. Thank you so much in advance!

  45. 47 leangreendeane

    Amazing shoes! πŸ™‚ I wish there was a Trader Joes in Canada! I’m diggin’ the name of the bunny, we named my Sister’s cat Snoop and gave her an extremely bling collar…

  46. Ok the bunny is sooo adorable! I love your new kicks too..I always adore high tops although I cannot pull them off πŸ™‚


  47. aw Mr. Carter can come to my house.. I tolerate bunny fur and anything that reminds me of my snackie-baybay.

    p.s. when you gonna start fulfilling your role as my gee efffff?! I want ta get married!!!

    love you so much kitten ❀

  48. Awww…poor Carter. At least you tried to give him a home. I love the pic of you posing and the people in the back just hanging out. Cracked me up.
    I’m with you on the insomniac thing. There’s a mouse living in the wall by the bed, and I can’t sleep a wink.
    Take care dear!

  49. 51 Nell

    Hey, girl! I loveee reading your blog and figured it’s time to finally comment πŸ˜›

    That rabbit is so darn adorable!! I would be heartbroken to find out I couldn’t keep it because of dumb allergies. Although, knowing me, I probly would keep it anyways and worry about the allergies later, lol. Maybe try a vet or pet shelter for info about how to find a good home?

    Totally didn’t know the broil setting works like a toaster…

    – Nell

  50. 52 Christine

    First time commenter here! Just wanted to say please please keep us updated on Carter and find him a good home! As a proud fur mama to a gorgeous bunny named Picnic I’m particularly sensitive to any mention of rabbits… they are truly wonderful companions πŸ™‚
    Love your blog by the way!

  51. LOVE those high tops! haha my friend actually got a pair of bright green ones this summer in DC. Bad ass.

    Aww Mr. Carter..at least you tried. You could try posting up flyers on campus and seeing if anyones interested?

  52. Love the sneakers! Very cool. I think I’m too old to wear something like that, but you look fab in them! Thanks for the tip on the soup. Doesn’t it make you mad when you spend money on food and it’s awful?? Sorry about the bunny 😦

  53. I love the sneakers. I’m glad your bro helped you picked them out, I always ask my brother when trying out something new, they always seem like the most honest men to get clothing opinion from!

    Please tell me you have ‘Leather so soft’ by Birdman and Wayne…. can you do a fav’s-o-Weezy list!?!

  54. Love the shoes!

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