Hi homies! How are you, darlings? I try not to go MIA for more than three days, but family time was to be had. The only type of detox I fully believe in is a technology detox. No computer, no Gchat, no Gmail, no blogs. And I feel fabulous.

Instead of having my laptop on from 7am to 2am (it’s an addiction), I…

…Slept for eight to 10 hours a night.

…Spent quality time with this big guy:

Matty Rich!

…Ate family dinners, both at home:

Salad with una Boca.

…and at Friday’s:

Gah! Blurry, scary Thai-something salad.

French onion. Ain't nothing without bread and cheese. What a shame that would be.

Sharing is caring. Or stealing!

…Stared in astonishment because each time I see him, he gets even manlier:

Stunna. Ladies, this one's for you.

…Watched two hours of Jersey Shore with Popsicle. He adores Snooki and I don’t blame him.

…Watched season two of Californication with MamaJ. Some may find the show too sexual to watch with one’s parents. I don’t argue with this, but MamaJ is a whole other breed of mama.

…Ate glorious bowls of Chobani+banana+granola:


Ridiculously good granola.

…Loved on these beautiful babies so much that I had an itchy face for 24 hours:

Little Peanut.

Awww, Marshmallow.

…Snacked. A lot. Duh:

Owned those Wheat Thins.

Apple and almond butter. Divinity.

…Spent way too much money on crazy new kicks you’ll see soon, but didn’t spend enough time with Matty Rich. We shopped on Sunday from 2pm to 6pm– he’s a trooper. And by trooper, I mean shopper. We are killer together.

…Ate mall-food delights:

M.Rich ate the pizza, I devoured the tomato-cuke salad and Diet Pepsi.

…Met up with old friends.

…Loved every single second of family time and didn’t want to leave.

…Enjoyed a fabulous ride back to Athens with Muffin, complete with Loretta Lynn and Subway (because you can’t have one without the other?):

Mmm delicious.

Since arriving in Athens at 2:15pm, Muffin went to work while I wrote a 1,200-word essay, had a fab workout, went to a capella practice, went to Walmart with Muffin (how do I manage to spend so much money there? I adore), ate and am now watching the tube with my partner in crime.

I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the week! As much as I loved not worrying about technology and being present in every moment with my family, I did miss you all. Furreal.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How healthy is your relationship with technology? About how many hours a day do you spend on the Internet/computer? How do you feel about this?
I am hugely dependent on the Internet. I need it to blog, to read blogs, to check emails, to communicate with fellow students and professors, to feel less lonely, to stay in constant communication with friends across the country…the list goes on. It’s true that I turn on my laptop as soon as I wake up, turn it off when I’m gone, and turn it back on as soon as I’m home. It keeps me occupied until 2am most nights. It’s sick! I don’t think it’s healthy at all, but I use my laptop for work, communication, writing, entertainment…at least I don’t have an iPhone. (That’s only because I’m cheap and refuse to give up my flip phone for something I’m bound to break.)


63 Responses to “Tech-Free”

  1. Same here! I have a mini net book so it is attached to my hip! Thankfully I have a social life as well. So I don’t feel toooooo addicted. But I am.

  2. 2 Lindsey

    Sounds like you had a good trip home! French Onion from fridays is crazy good… I don’t know why, cause that place (in my opinion) is terrible!
    Me + Internet=obsesh.I’m a total addict. like…after work/working out, I’m on for like 4-5 hours most nights that I don’t have to wake up at 3 am. AH! that’s embarrassing to admit, but I’m planning a wedding and use it as a place to find new ideas all the time. I plan on going back to books for entertainment once all the excitement’s over.


  3. I am a tech freak. And I spend too many hours on my laptop. Oh, and did I mention my iPhone sleeps next to me?

  4. I’m totally obsessed with my Bberry and Internet and need to practice some self control sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think it’s great to take a break. I recently did this when I went on a cruise to the Caribbean and it was fab….Very therapeutic ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Oh, I thought of you today at Trader Joes’s as I’ve noticed you’re obsessed with hummus as much as I am ๐Ÿ˜‰ They have a new basil flavored one that’s made with white beans….It’s outta this world (tastes just like pesto but with no cheese) ๐Ÿ™‚



  6. I am equally technology obsessed, and it is definitely a bad thing. I’m always on my computer if I’m at home, I’m usually playing with my iPod touch if I’m walking around campus or in class, and if I’m out of wifi range, I am doing something on my phone. I can kind of justify it by saying that I’m staying on top of work and school, but really, I should be catching up on my stack of magazines, cooking something from scratch, or hanging out with my roomies. Is there an AA-type group for tech junkies? I could definitely use a 7 (or however many) step system for stopping the habit.

  7. 7 Kate

    I missed you! So glad you had fun at home but glaaaaad you’re back!

    I use tech way too much…as in turn on my laptop first thing in the morning, turn it off last thing at night and I am on it all day. I check emails, job search, read blogs, blog, work on writing my book, facebook **blush face**, watch movies and listen to music and do a lot of surfing that means that I am on that laptop more hours of the day than I am not. I am due for a tech detox…soon.

  8. I check my email every 15 minutes on my phone, its ridiculous! Sigh. Looks like you had an amazing trip home though! I think its awesome you and your brother are so close.

  9. 9 erin

    that picture of you is perfect! genuine-happy, not there’s-a-camera-on-me-happy. love it!! detox does ya good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. My computer relationship is totallllllllly too much. WAY WAY Too much. I have a personal challenge to cut down but it doesnt work b/c i do love it, but i just need to do less. I love learning and the internet is my personal playground for knowledge, when, where, how i want it. Same with blogs. Too many awesome ones to cut back… what to do?? I have no idea!

  11. 11 Alyson

    It scares me how much time I spend in front of the computer. I would have to say if I’m not working out or driving somewhere, I’m probably in front of this screen. Meal time=read blogs, school=laptop open, home=homework, social media work, twitter, blog. Though, I take that back.. even when I’m working out and traveling from place ot place I have my iPhone on and beeping at me with any new alert.

    But like you, every so often I just have to shut everything off and take an hour or so to be shiny screen free.

  12. matty and my bro could be twins. they both were bomb ass glasses, are stunnahs and love to shop with their sisters. twinsters.

    i missed u. but i get the whole detox thing. I did it tooooo! no blogs, no picture taking (not by choice…read blog post to get this one!) and then no facebook…awesome weekend. and was relaxing in a whole new way.

    how bout lets work on u, me, holly, erin on vday in chicago. megabus tix are like 40 bucks right now!

  13. Hey!! i’ve been reading your blog for a while but i haven’t commented (because my blog is in spanish), but today i commented on Lo’s blog (the other blog i follow) and decided to comment on yours too!I love ur blog!
    I totally get about the technology detox thing… i did an actual detox starting on january first (i just abstained from coffee, sugar and all things with flour because i’ve been consuming them massively!) and i didn’t feel any difference, but last week i went on a family trip and didn’t have my laptop and at first i was freaking out!! then i relaxed nd it was awesome! it also helped me realize i don’t need to count calories anymore (used to track on TDP) and that it’s such a waste of time. I’ve been meaning to stop “tracking” since new year’s eve but today i didn’t track and i think i can make it!
    Well i already wrote too much! i didn’t mean to write a whole book on one comment, but anyways, your blog is awesome
    have a nice tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 14 snackface

      lola- Hola! Thank you bunches for commenting! I love it when that happens ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, HUGE congrats for stopping calorie counting. It’s a waste of time and no way to live. GIT IT GURRRL!

  14. Love your weekend recap without technology! Great detox!

    My relationship with the computer can get out of hand sometimes, but I think going on a techno detox like you did would really help me. Thanks for the idea!


  15. The soup looks so good – its my favorite!

    Unfortunately I have a job I despise, so I sit at a desk all day. If I didn’t I would never be on the computer and probably wouldnt even blog.

  16. It always feels so good to “disconnect” yourself from technology every now and then. It’s almost like a mind freeing experience. So good for the soul to focus on connecting with real life.

    Glad you had a great weekend darling girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sometimes I am also bothered by my relationship with technology but I also have really close personal relationships in my life to balance it out so I am ok with it. I do think it is really important to “Disconnect’ sometimes though like you did this weekend… it feels really rejuvinating!

  18. Glad you spent time with the fam and got away from technology for a bit!
    I defs have an unhealthy relationship with technology! I will admit it! Hah. I just use it for everything!!

  19. Im on the computer about 2.5 hours a day (for fun).. not work related. Im not proud of that.. I wish I could just sit and read a book for 2.5 hours.. lol I do like to take lil techie vacations.. its rejuvenating!

    Happy Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I definitely am addicted to the net! I turn it on when I wake up, and I fall asleep watching online TV (I know you’re not supposed to do that but it works for me). The last time I detoxed was while in London and Paris, and I was actually surprised that I didn’t miss the computer at all!

  21. 22 tryingtoheal

    I am just like you…oh when i wake up, off when i’m gone, back on when i’m back. and if it’s not on, I’m usually hooked up to an ipod or watching the tube. i need noise is what it is. can’t live w/o it!

  22. Looks like you had a great time at home!

    I am definitely dependent on technology for all of the same reasons that you mentioned. I agree wholeheartedly with your faith in a technology detox. Yet I generally think that the internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. How else could one write a research paper in less than two hours, or instantly contact a friend from across the world, or read only the news articles that interest you without spending a penny? Plus, frequent internet use of the internet has actually been linked to higher GPA and improved critical reading skills in children and teenagers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So don’t worry too much about your internet dependence!

  23. I am definitely not a tech person. I have a hard enough time with my laptop and blog; hence the simplicity. Camera=simple. Phone=no I phone for me just call in and call out.

  24. Glad you h ad such a good time at the homefront ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m pretty dependent on technology. I work at a desk, in front of a computer 9 hours a day/4days a week, plus I blog once a day, and read other blogs. So it ends up being about 9-11 hours a day.
    Wow… I don’t like knowing that lol.

  25. I am terrrribly dependent on technology, it is sad. I almost cried when I had to give away my blackberry, I get anxiety when I am away from my computer too long!

    You are far more normal than I am. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  26. 27 megzzwinsatlife

    I am really dependent on technology.. My Boyfriend (yeah I said it, things have changed since we met) makes fun of me b/c I am always on the blackberry…

    Your weekend looks like it was fabulous!


    • 28 snackface

      MEGZ- WHATTT!!!!! So much has changed! AH! I must figure all this out.

  27. Looks like an awesome weekend. And, um, I would not be mad if you set me up with your bro ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I am probably too dependent on technology, between blogs, email, and online research (ahem, shopping) I spend a lot of time at the computer. I’ve found it’s helpful to segment parts of my day to blog reading and emailing, and then taking a looong break. It’s been helping so far.

    • 30 snackface

      Jenn- If you don’t mind a soon-to-be 19-year-old (on Feb 3!), I’ll make this set-up happen.

  28. Considering Im in somewhat of a permanent state of detox (no computer, no gmail, no gchat (still dont know what this is) no cell at the moment-LOVES it!) I should be pretty healthy by your standards. But the truth is, these little gadgets are addicting and I am not immune to their powers. Which is why Ive chosen not to replace the broken labtop or cell. I lie. Finances have prevented the purchases, but Im not completely complaining (although, if you know of anyone willing to donate an old labtop-send em my way, haha). I love the freedom, but there are definite pluses to said technology. One of which is that it forces an antisocial introvert to stay connected to loved ones and the world. Without these gadgets, I have an excuse to retreat and hide in my little turtle shell of a lonely world. As is the case with everything, I am finding, BALANCE is the best (not too much, not too little; not too hard, not too soft, TWSS i kid). But why so difficult? I always find myself at least a step or two to the left or right of balance. Maybe its to ideal, possibly non existent state of being-but as long as we strive for that healthy medium, id say youre doing alright. Ramble much?
    Onward… brothers are the greatest friends on earth, period. Im spoiled and was blessed with two of these nutty, immature, lovable species of man-and I swear they alone make my life complete. Dramatic much? Perhaps. Honest? Very.
    You rock. Keep singin and dancin your way through life.

  29. 32 julie

    same! i have a pretty large internet obsession. probably one that needs some rehab. but it feels oh so good to just take a break here and there

  30. i like to say we are very close friends ๐Ÿ˜‰ i feel like i need the computer sometimes, and i know that’s not good! i had to force myself for the first time last night so i could watch a t.v. show that’s a favorite of mine! ugh, i need intervention.

    ♥ lindsey

  31. 34 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    looks like you had so much fun with your family ๐Ÿ™‚ love that you and your mom watch that show- me and my mom are the same way!! and as far as technology, i use it WAY too much iagree it is probably semi unhealthy but what can ya do? haha. love ya girl!


  32. 35 Susan

    Glad you got in some needed fam time!

    I’ll admit, I get mini panic attacks if I can’t get “connected”. Probs unhealthy, I probs need a detox too…

    What is it about puppy lovin’ that makes everything better? I can never get mad around a puppy, whereas people can make me peeved by sitting too close to me! More puppies and the world would be happier. Let’s make that happen.

  33. HUGELY dependent upon the internet…but at night lately I have been cutting it off except to blog and using it very infrequently on the weekends. Gotta get my priorities straight! Family comes before internet, no matter how much love I have for my internet friends…but enough of that. Did you say Loretta Lynn? I knew I loved you for a reason. Girl after my own heart.

  34. I use the internet wayyyy too much! Especially because I have an iphone, it’s way to easy to surf the web anytime I have a spare moment. The other day I left my phone at home while I was in the car and didn’t know what to do with myself while my mom was driving. It was sad. But if you ever do consider an iphone they are surprisingly durable! I haven’t broken mine yet (cross my fingers) and I’m a klutz.

  35. Ugh, I am compulsive about email and facebook checking. It’s gross. I should do some detoxing.

  36. Aw, sounds like you had an amazing detox from the Internet! ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to detox from it more often..I am waaay too dependent on it. It’s probably unhealthy — the amount of time I spend online – reading blogs, writing blogs, Twittering, Facebooking..reading Perez. Writing it all out makes me realize just HOW MUCH time I actually do spend on the Internet…with much of my stuff being a complete waste of time (blogging is not one of those things though).

  37. 40 Nicole G

    So glad you’re back! But I totally understand the tech-free days. Especially when it’s to spend time with the fam (Matty Rich is such a cutie – he kinda looks like Finn from Glee in the first picture LOL)

    I also depend on the internet and computer wayyy too much. I’ve been doing my best lately to cut down my time on it a bit.

    Hopefully you’re refreshed and ready to kick ass for the week!

    Nicole G

  38. Time Warner Cable ands I are tight! I call them panicking every time I lose connection, which in my are (sadly) is often. They know me by my first name. HA! I sit in front of a computer 8+ hours a day at work and then I spend (on an average weeknight night) 2-3 more hours online at home, blogging, posting, emailing, chatting etc… Fresh air? Who needs fresh air????

    I also feel NAKED without my cell and refuse to go to the gym if I forgot my mp3 player. NO WAY!

  39. Glad to see you’re back from your mini tech hiatus! Btw, your relationship with technology sounds exactly like me- the laptop is ALWAYS on if I’m in the room! Sometimes it’s nice when I’m away on vacation to be away from the computer and all the constant-ness that it comes with!
    I spent the past couple of days moving back up to school, and I found myself so overwhelmed that I have SO MANY blogposts on my reader and that I haven’t blogged in TWO DAYS (that’s it, two days)- but now with school starting we’ll see how much time I really have on my hands! I think we’re all so dependent on technology now it’s ridiculous, I still make sure I get out enough too ;)…I mean it would be boring to blog if I never did anything but sat down and read blogs 24/7!
    Have a great day!

  40. 43 Natalie

    well lets see,,, i work at a double screen computer with little to no supervision. so days are worse than others. the thing is, i like to read blogs, alot. and i have an iphone, however i do not have a home PC. so i feel like i have a semi heathly semi obsessed relationship. i love my iphone, i never knew i could love a piece of technology so much! and i have only had it for a month!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. You are so lucky! I’m dying for an excuse to get off this thing, but unfortunately for me, I have to wait until I head down to Mexico in March to pull away from it, and even then, it might have to be on once a day– but at least the cell phone will be tucked away!

    Welcome back to technohell!

  42. So glad to hear you had fun at home! It’s great that you’re so close with MattyRich…I wish my brother and I had a better relationship :/

    Ugh, I am WAY TOO dependent on my computer. I feel like I’m always on it, but when I try to take some time off, I feel like I’m missing something.

  43. 46 Amisha

    French onion soup is not vegetarian! It’s made with beef broth as the base. Just so you know!

    • 47 snackface

      Amisha- AHHH!!! I had no idea! That makes me so sad/want to hurl! I can’t believe the thought never even crossed my mind! Thank you for informing me! Off to repent…

      • this is not entirely true, in fact, many a restaurant has resorted to veg. stock vs. beef broth for the rich flavor but without the meat. There is such a growing number of both vegan and veg diners, that chefs are more and more apt to cater to their veg friends by adapting a seemingly veg-friendly dish like french onion soup into one that is, in fact COMPLETELY vegetarian. This coming from the mouth of my former boss and chef at a highly regarded bistro. Just sayin…
        (that being said, Julia child might take issue with ones messin with a classic-not to mention i loooooove meat TWSS-but had to make note of the fact).

  44. Oh, I wake up and go to sleep to my laptop too! It’s BAD….but I also know when to do SCHOOL work and when to watch tv/read blogs/etc! YOU JUST GOTTA FIND A BALANCE, YA MEAN!?! Well, that’s how i’m justifying it, since everyone seems to be just as glued to the computer screen as moi!

    But i’m so happy that you had an amazing time at home with the fam!! It makes me miss mine, and tv sessions with my own mamaj so much! Mattyrich IS a stud…and your puppies are ADORB. The style of this post was really cute too, loooooved it! Good luck with school this week! I know you’ll kill itttttt–and the wheat thins w/ hummus/LC….the gorg apple + pb snacky and that granola need to be mine!!! DIVINE.
    PS, Californication is def raunchy (watched it for the first time over thanksgiving break with my dad, bros and their wifes….hahahha), and snooks is too presh for words! the girl’s cray, but i love her!


  45. i missed you my sweets! i am sooooo glad you had a fabulous time home with the family. i am planning to do that this weekend and could really not be more excited about it. it is crucial to the soul and well-being!!! ummm…shopping purchases, must see!

    matty rich is adorbs. done and done.

    i love that you watched those shows with your parents, because i do the same. i believe last time i was home, i watched the hangover with both barbie and ken. ain’t no thang. YESSSSSSS must gchat…did you get a message about our v-day chitown adventure? because you better be there!

    love you!

  46. K BABY!
    i so missed you, but SO proud of you for truly enjoying your blessings this weekend. really is beautiful, girl. im so glad you had so much fun! you deserved a tech-free weekend!
    when i read my bible/pray i HAVE to have the computer far away and my cell phone away..its so refreshing and it really helps me concentrate!

  47. Ahhh I have an awful relationship with technology, and I blame most of it on my iPhone aka umbilical cord to work, 24/7. When I had a Blackberry the dependency issues were not nearly as severe as now.
    I, too, take delight in a once-a-month techology detox. And sometimes when the battery dies on the iPhone, I will leave it dead for a day and relish in life spent w/o the glowing screen.
    By the way – LOVE Marshmallow! My dog is an Aussie mix and looks nearly identical to her! Is she mixed with any other breed?

  48. 53 emilee

    i was checking every day and i don’t like when you don’t blog, kailey. it gives me something entertaining to read so i can procrastinate comm law, muahahahah

    • 54 snackface

      emilee- Damn Com Law. I have a date with it tonight. I wish that Com Law was actually code for some dimey man. Alas, it is not.

  49. Isn’t going tech free soo wonderful and rejuvenating? Hope youre doing well darling โค

  50. 56 Noelle

    I’m pretty sure french onion soup is made with beef stock and definitely not vegetarian…

  51. 57 Hannah

    Hey! I’m delurking and just want to say I love your honest and fun blog!

    Can you give me (or all of us, since I’m sure blog readers have the same problem) advice on how you commit to technology detoxes? I always pledge to do something and then I cave. I can’t stay away it’s so bad, even for a weekend? How did you do it?


  52. 58 jane

    i’m delurking as well (though i seriously hate the word lurker…i think because it refers to a zit in the book “angus thongs and full frontal snogging”) mainly cause i made your cheetahs last week and they were soo good! i was in love with sweet potato fries, but thought i’d try a different preparation method and wow! they get so sweet that way and crispy on the outside, def a keeper.
    that and i love your blog, your sense of humor is pretty much the same as mine. oh yeah, i’m a writer, too! i love creative nonfiction, i hope that class is still going well for ya! and you do get used to reading your stuff out loud, but ya i nearly threw up the first time i had to haha.

  53. it is OK that you went MIA because ive been so busy that i cant read blogs and so it all works out in the long run! and i can do a BFL vegan post but not until after jamaica because i am just on my strict regimen ๐Ÿ™‚ love me some sbarro. not gonna lie. and i woulda tackled those crackers as well, especially with some laughing cow. SO~ i am online all day at work. 8 hours. so i try not to read blogs when at home~ i just post on my own blog at night. that is why i am always behind.. but i would rather spend quality time with marshall and the pups. speaking of, I LOVE YO PUPS!

  54. I am technology *obsessed,* and to be honest it doesn’t really bother me. My job is based mostly on the computer, and then there’s blogging, twitter, facebook, emails, etc. I also recently got a BlackBerry so I’m pretty much connected at all times. Although I will say – a few weekends ago I went away to the mountains and there was no internet, and it felt GREAT. I loved being disconnected for a few days (with the exception of the occasional BlackBerry facebook check ;)). Sometimes I even turn my phone off for the day just ’cause. But when it comes down to it, I love my technology-filled life =) Until I get diagnosed with carpel tunnel or brain cancer that is…

  55. bahh what a great post! so happy you had a fab time at home, never saw californicationbut have heard it is quite the show!

    I think technolligy detox is the BEST THING EVER…I often wish that blackberrys and iphone etc didnt exsist (but then I think about all the times i am so thankful that they do so its ok) but that line in “hes just not that into you” with Drew Barrymore when she says that technology is exhasting, I have to agree with that! its so nice to take a break once in a while!!

    cant wait to see your fresh new kickkkksssss!

  56. oh honeypie you are so good-looking. I’d tap that.

    now that I’m back at school I’m realizing how much time I used to spent immersed in technology (google reader to be exact). I’ve been taking some “time off” as of late and it’s amazing to do other things .. like chit chat and read BOOOKS. Oh books, I love thee. I think some maj google reader cleaning is necessary…. it just isn’t healthy. No worries though – you are offish in my “favs” folder and will never ever ever get deleted. Love you so damn much, pum’kin!!! xo

  57. hey! i love your site- i found it from jenny at
    im so stealing some of your delish food combos!
    im going to add you to my blogroll- hope you do the same :o)

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