HELLO gorgeous friends! I am completely overwhelmed by the response from my last post. I just meant to get something off my chest, and it turned into an amazing discussion. Thank you!

So, I am writing this short post before I head off to Sincinnati for the weekend! I have class for the rest of the day (3 to 5pm, 6-7, 8:30-10) and then I’m going out (gotta do what I gotta do)! Then, in the early morn’, Muffin and I will be heading back to our families in Cincy. I cannot wait.

Today I awoke and was, surprise, surprise, tired. I also discovered some sweat in my cleave, which leads me to believe I can turn the heat down in the house now.

Ready to fuel my body for the morning, I whipped up some powerful oats:

Pumprochia oats and cough. ee.

In the pumprochia oats: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/3 C pumpkin, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 T chia seeds, stevia and peanut butter. Supa delicious:

Despite its slightly vom appearance.

I always hope that the last bite of the bowl is scrumptious. Who doesn’t like ending on a good note? Unfortunately, I bit right into a raunchy ball of protein powder. Gag.

I steady mobbed as I got ready for the gorgeous, vibrant day:

Belted. My face looks 90 in this picture. No clue what my intention was with that.

Non-fiction class was exhausting today. We workshopped four essays, one of which was mine. I shared something deeply personal, something that I’ve only shared with my family and Muffin. When I was reading a segment of it to the class, I started to cry. Not smooth at all! I didn’t mean to freak everyone out, it just happened.

Afterward I was so drained that when Muffin offered to pick me up and relax, I skipped Magazine Editing and hopped in her car. I never skip class. I just don’t do it. But today, I needed to.

An hour of chatting, laughing and looking up videos of Gaga before she was Gaga instantly made me feel better. I didn’t realize that sharing my writing could be so exhausting that I needed to regroup.

Muffin left mi casa and I took an online quiz for Media Law and made lunch:

Color explosion.

As lovely loyal reader Mary Ann once commented, apples’ colors are so amazing. One half can be pinky red and the other can be yellow. The joys of nature…

In the wrap: Laughing Cow, cucumbers, Frankie, lettuce:

Not much in there, but it was good!

This wrap was so limp because my fridge is terribly sad right now:


I’m running off to class right now, but after 10pm, I hope to be enjoying times like this:

Love them.

See you in SINcinnati. OK, it’s not all that sinful. But you never know.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: I know it’s Thursday, but what are you doing to celebrate life this weekend?
I’ll be chillin’ with the fam!


61 Responses to “Sincinnati”

  1. im in love with the face you are making in the mirror pic! that is so something i would do!! i do that face when i feel like my smile looks ridic.
    LOVE YOU K!!!!!
    life this weekend.. im smokin hookah!! but seriously tho.. i am! bahaha

  2. I totally agree with you that sharing is exhausting – but I also find it extremly cleansing. It is a lesson I’ve just learned!

  3. 3 Zaineb

    Kailey, just caught up with a few of ur posts and they were inspiring/amaze/hilarious as usual! It’s amazing cuz as i read ur blog i really feels like it helps me grow stronger self esteem wise and i just wanted to say thankyou for that. πŸ™‚
    That’s great that you were able to share your personal story (which i’m pretty sure i kno what it is) with your class! Sometimes it can be so liberating to just let it out, kno what i mean?

  4. dayum! emotional day!!! hope you get some partying and relaxing in! u desssssssssssssurve it!

    muffin is so amazing! she makes me smile!

  5. Have a great weekend gurl! Enjoy yourself!

  6. I agree — sharing deeply personal writing can be soo exhausting. For me, it’s like my whole body tenses up about it. Sigh. Love that you recouped with Gaga before she was Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta. Hah…rhymed. Annnway, the oats looks delish – sorry to hear about the protein powder incident. Love the sweater – just looks so comfy.

  7. 7 savoringsarah

    BEST.FACES.EVER. in both pics πŸ™‚

    nice work scroungin up some good eats outta that barren fridge!! Franks could make cardboard taste good, no?

  8. Color explosion=LOVE. Looks fabulous! Enjoy cinci πŸ™‚

  9. 9 eatolive

    party hardyyy! πŸ™‚

    the national geographic museum has terracotta soldiers on exhibit & it’s finalllly time to go! (tix sold out a month in advance. crazay) so yayyy + some relaxtion, julie and julia watching & party time πŸ™‚

    enjoy SINcy!

  10. love the the pics of you and your homegals. have a safe trip and so much fun at home!! whenever I go away my fridge is scare liek that, I put together the most random of meals with whatever I have laying around…the wrap looks so good though, well done with the colors too πŸ™‚

    oats look so good but the protein ball…eh not the most appetizing I would haev toa gree with you on that…at least the rest of the bowl was ovah the top!

  11. Have fun back in cincinatti!
    Oats and wrap look fabulous:)

  12. i will be wrting a Theater story on what? no fucking clue.

    I will be working about 28 hours at the restaurante.

    I will be nannying on saturday night.

    I will be getting sushi with DJ P on sunday….maybe he can cut his hair if I ask?

    sunday night….wasted. saying it now.

    pretty much no liquor for lolo until next sunday….booo. life gets in the way of fun. anyboo, i miss u and i wanna go to sin city….i mean cinci.


  13. Just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. You’re hilarious and an awesome writer!!! I’m wayyyyyy past my college years so it’s fun to live vicariously through you. πŸ™‚

  14. 14 Nicole G

    Enjoy going home!! I don’t have much planned for this weekend, but my stepdad’s family is coming to visit for my little brother’s ninth birthday which is Monday.

    BUTTT since Monday is a holiday it counts – so I’ll share my AWESOME plans for that night. My friends and I are going back to Johnny Utah’s (only with mannyyy more people) to do our thangg on the mechanical bull. I’m SUPA excited!

    Safe trip home!

    Nicole G

  15. This weekend I’ll be celebrating GRADUATING COLLEGE! holla. i graduated on Dec 12 and my party was supposed to be Dec 19 until mother nature decided to take a 2 foot crap of snow on my ‘hood. I was pissed, to say the least. So the rescheduled party is this weekend =) Most family, but my friends and I are going to go out afterward and get hussied.

    …enjoy my life story? hahah. I hope your weekend is amazeee!!! xoxo G

  16. 16 Susan

    Have a good weekend girlie!

  17. LOVE your hair in the ‘fit posty! Have fun in SINcinnati!

  18. Mmm that wrap looks so good! But you’ve got to stop comparing your breakfasts to vomit…


  20. Hey chicaaa,

    Just wanted to let ya know that you’re bloggie says today is the 15th, not 14th.



    • 23 snackface

      Lauren- THANK YOU!!! I don’t know how to fix it, so I’ma let it be!

  21. 24 julie

    2 things:
    why in the world is the salsa all the way in the back of your fridge. haha it should be forefront πŸ˜‰
    and i hateeeeeeee when the last bite of breakfast is not up to par. the saddest thing is you have to way until the next morning to try it out again. it’s an art trying to create the perfect last bite!

  22. You and I have the same pumpkin can topper – gotta love that Al!!

    Pooks!! Sorry to hear you cried in class, that’s rough! From my experience, those kind of papers are usually the most well written. Have a blasty tonight and a safe trip to Sincinnati tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

    • PS. I just saw Julie’s comment and I thought of more!
      1. See Julie’s comment for that because that jar should be front and center.
      2. When I eat Reese’s oats you bettah believe I save that last chocolate-PB bite for last! So yummy in my tummy!

  23. No worries, I cried when I read my college essay to my high school English class. True story. Sometimes, even though it’s hard, it’s better to just let it out πŸ™‚ This weekend, I’ll be “celebrating” life by packing it all into some suitcases and heading back to school…not the most fun weekend, but I’m excited to go back! Enjoy being home!

  24. Your faces in this post= amaze balls. Just sayin’

    Have fun going out tonight, and you and Muffin be safe getting home tomorrow!

    I’ll be dragging my ass back to school on Saturday, oh Christmas break, where did you go!? No worries, coming home again next weeked πŸ˜‰

  25. 29 Kate

    Love the face and the ‘fit today! I hope you’re doing better! I admire you for writing about something personal enough that it moved you like that! It’s one of the strengths of a good writer to go there and delve into things that challenge us, inspire us, move us emotionally and mentally! I believe you are an amazing writer!

  26. Have a wonderful weekend! How brave of you to share personal stuff! I am always so afraid of judgement, and recrimination. I can’t even imagine how emotional and hard that must have been! I have so much love and respect for you!!!
    Looking forward to your update post!

  27. 31 Kelly

    Have a great weekend!! I admire you for opening up in your class, I don’t think I would be able to do that!

  28. 32 Kate

    have a fun weekend πŸ™‚ ! i won’t bore you with the details of mine since im not a regular blogger or anything, haha maybe someday!

  29. 33 Kati

    The worst is when there’s a protein powder clump in your oatmeal and when you bite into it it’s actually still dry and powdery on the inside. Disgusting.
    Also, this is totally unsolicited advice but apparently…
    “Don’t store food in an opened tin can, or re-use empty cans to cook or store food. This is because when a can has been opened and the food is open to the air, the tin from the can might transfer more quickly to the can’s contents.”
    Useful advice that I got from my mom and looked up on the internet to verify, because she often provides advice that’s of little use such as “If it’s cold out and your car’s frozen shut, don’t pour water in the keyhole.” (Obviously.)

  30. 34 Olivia

    Dear “Snackface,”

    Lately I’ve been stressing out about how to get enough fat/carbs/protein/veggies/fruits in my diet, and it’s taking up way too much of my time and energy! Do you plan your meals? Or do you just go with what you feel like eating? Do you suggest planning meals? I just need a couple simple options that I can choose from every day. I’m struggling to maintain “normal” eating, but I am trying my hardest…I would appreciate any advice you have to eat well to maintain a great body and mind.

    Thank you so much. Feel free to e-mail me if you don’t want to respond on your blog. Thank you!

    • 35 snackface

      Olivia- Hi honey! No need to stress about this stuff; I know I’ve felt that, too, though. I honestly don’t worry about getting enough fat/carbs/protein/veg/fruits in my diet. Before I eat I ask myself, “Hmm what am I in the mood for? What do I want?” It’s not really a question of “What food group haven’t I gotten enough of today?” If I did that, I’d go nutty. That said, my diet obviously tends to be oats/cereal in the morning, wrap/sando/Eng muffin+ fruit+veg (+unpictured cookie yesterday) in the afternoon and then dinners are full of veggies. Normally. But sometimes I’m just not in the mood! Last night, for example, I ate chips+salsa and vegan cookies all night. That’s fine in my book because I know I’ll eat plenty of veg at some point in the near future. It just wouldn’t have been satisfying last night, so I didn’t eat them. So no, I don’t personally plan meals. I just make sure to have veggies, fruit, protein, carbs on-hand to whip into whatever I like when the time comes. Oh, and plenty of snacks as well! I’m not sure if this helps at all! xoxox

      • AMEN TO THIS!

      • 37 Olivia

        That’s realllyy helpful! Thank you so much…I want to enjoy food, but I don’t want it to rule my life! It’s been a struggle lately because a lot of my friends eat pretty unhealthfully, and so they criticize how I eat, which makes eating healthy pretty difficult. Eating the way you described sounds so much better than how I’ve been eating. I think three square meals with a snack or two sounds better than noshing all day, ya know? Thanks again! I love reading your blog and I strive to eat as healthfully as you do!

  31. Man, you gotta get to the market pronto! That fridge IS sad. But then, you don’t want mine either, it’s bursting in the seams, so to speak…

    I’ve always been quite a sharer…sometimes, maybe getting too personal, haha. It’s okay. You’re just human, and I’ll bet there are people who admired you for your courage, and you probably inspired your group to get more honest and sincere, too!

    Have fun at SINcinatti!

  32. The pumprochia oats look nice n hearty!
    Have funnnn in Cin-land!! This weekend= me driving back to school for a new debaucherous (is that even a word) semester!!

  33. 40 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    baha i love the name of this post!! yay for ohio πŸ™‚ i live in columbus. ahve fun tonight


  34. How brave of you to read such a personal essay to the class. Hats off to ya:)

    LOVE the belted sweater – how adorable.

    Have a great time with the family!

  35. have a great weekend, snackos.
    this weekend i will be going skeet-shooting (what the hell, i know, right?) and probably freezing my flat buns off.
    be safe! πŸ™‚

  36. 43 evinthecity

    Have fun in SINcinnati! haha

    Actually, this is going to be an interesting weekend, because I’m heading back to the city for school and going out to dinner with Cynthia Rowley!! one of my best friends is Alan Cumming’s publicist, and he’s taking me as his date (he’s gay, ohh well). definitely weekend plans worth sharing!

    ps. I FINALLY have a blog πŸ™‚

  37. i am SOOOOO happyyy that you’re going homeeee kail! so sososososos happy! i know the feeling of NEEDING to be home, and i’m so glad you could make it happen. enjoy every minute! SOAK IT UP! enjoy them homecooked meals. i’ve got a week left and i already requested 7 nights of momma-cooked-classics to go out with a bang!


  38. Have fun at home! My bro and his family live in Cincy so I totally wish I was there with I haven’t really seen snow since I moved from Ohio (when I was 14!) so I’d be down for a snowball fight or two, haha.

  39. Randomn Thought/Question:
    Do you drink diet coke/or other diet drinks? I used to drink them quite a lot.. What is your opinion on them?
    Btw cute outfit and Cute face:)
    Enjoy your time at home you deserve it!!

  40. My life is officially complete. I cannot believe you made a reference to my comment! I’d like to maintain my streak of zero profanity usage in the blog world (trying to keep it classy and g-rated for the young’uns-you know how it is) but its going to be REALLY hard to restrain my shock. Were you to hear/see my response upon discovering the mention of my name, you’d need a costco sized industrial pack of soap to clean this mouth (I wont even guesstimate the # of tissue boxes needed to wipe my teary eyes). Snack face… you rocked my world. Nuff said

  41. have a great weekend!!! love the outfit πŸ™‚ I love big cardigans like that – so comfy.

  42. You are SO brave for putting your words out there. I get nervous just doing the whole, “Hi, my name is Anna, I’m from Vermont and studying blah, blah, blah” So if I actually had to share some deep, emotional part of my being, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to hold myself together either!

    I’m hoping to go a little crazy for the start of the semester this weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve allowed myself to get freaky on the dance floor, and since my workload isn’t killing me yet, tonight had better be the night!

    Have a SINfully amazing weekend!

  43. 51 Natalie

    this weekend is going to be filled with movies and babysitting! im crazy i know. have fun with the fam!

  44. 52 Gina G

    hey kailey! im sorry about being drained after, we all need a good cry once in a while though (our emotions suprise us sometimes!) but have a marvelous time at home!
    keep your head up =)

    p.s. i always save a bite of both pb an ab in my oatmeal bowl for last! hah

  45. ohhh have fun with the fam dam. protein powder balls? not such fun of a surprise. gotta whip that shit up! i love you! have a baller weekend babe!

  46. aw beebz – I would give anything to have been in your class today and given you a million hugs and kisses! sometimes emotion just pours out from us uncontrollably — but it’s damn refreshing and necessary sometimes ya know? and in that ‘fit you looked dimey as hell anyway so I’m sure the tears just made you glow even more πŸ™‚

    so so so ecstatic to hear cincy is gettin’ its little angel back for a hot minute — i’m sure it’s just not as bright without you. I know my life isn’t. I need you to be in my armssssss ❀


  47. 55 hotchick

    Hi I’m a big fan of your blog. You’re Fitnessista status. I was wondering if you can give a little vocab words & definitions of the words you use such as “dimey” & “bossy” for us people who dont know.

    • 56 snackface

      hotchick- AHHH!! I am not Fitnessista status, but thank you! What a great idea to add a vocab page. I’ll look into doing that ASAP!

  48. Oats are the breakfast of gods (or goddesses)!

    Just wanted to say i tried your cheetahs and they are super yum. Definitely brightened my day πŸ™‚

  49. 58 Muffin

    I’m looking at the blog w/Grandma Nancy and she said you should start packing me nutritious lunches, lol! I told her I’ve only been eating one meal a day (and one of those meals was Fritos).

  50. Hope you have fun and relax!! You need to!!

    Great pumpkin oats! Tastes like fall in a bowl, to me!
    ❀ jess

  51. 60 erin jones

    Kailey baby! hey my beauty! this is erin… i blogggedd last year for a bit and then just disappeared into the blue yonder.. but i’ve always kept up with my snackface..

    and love that post you wrote previous this one… that’s exactly why i strayed away from the blog world for a bit and just took my own little hiatus. i hated to have to compare myself with that of those girl’s who are on diets and running marathons and this and that…

    love most of them, but eeek, it wasn’t healthy for me! can you PLEASE facebookkk me or something .. or EMAIL ME so I can remind you about me and hear about your life and love you to death??

    ps. i put steady mobbin on the second i saw it.. and nowww its my facebook status..


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