Breathing in Snowflakes


Hi puddings! I’m sorry for this oddly timed post, but I’ve been super busy living:

See that python? It's gonna be jacked by the spring. Goals, yo.

Because Thursday was impossibly long and I have to get ready for more living, this is going to be fast n’ dirty.

I awoke to the charming alarm at 7:05am, and I had to use all my strength to drag myself out of bed. This really isn’t true. The second I realized I was about to squirt, I bolted.

Coffee brewed and self relieved, I pulled out some Peanut Butter-Swirled Bloob Cheesecake for breakfast:

Overnights. Wassup.

This. Was. Ba. Nanas. Loving it up all night: 1/3 C oats, 1/3 C water, 1/3 C Oikos, 1/2 mashed banana, apple pie spice and stevia. Joined forces in the morning: bloobs, peanut butter and a side of Koffee:


I dressed for the day and had an emo moment:


I’m honestly a bit frustrated with the weather. Having to wear my white boots with the fur every day is cramping my style!

I headed out into the powdery tundra, trying to dodge precipitation to the eye and not being able to avoid breathing in snowflakes. I don’t recall having this issue in years past. Does anyone else suffer from snowflakes in the nose holes?

Safe and snow-free in Creative Non-Fiction, I sat and listened to the essays of nine of my fellow students. Some of these students are astounding. My writing needs a reboot, that’s for sure.

At 11am, I exchanged the English building for the Scripps building and sat in Magazine Editing and Production. Even though I learned bunches about the history of magazines, I was mostly distracted by what I’ll call a fiber-loaded system. There are certain things you can’t do in class, ya dig?

I rushed home at 1pm for potty time and lunchoni:

Another day, another dollar.

This wrap may sound a little bizarre, but it was delicious. In the Flatout: Laughing Cow Swiss, cinnamon, Frank’s, greens and leftover, mashed acorn squash. I swear it was fabulous:


I had to run out of the house once again for film class, 3 to 5pm. Let me remind you that I live about a mile away from anything on campus. I was already pooped.

Class was non-stop writing. Afterward, I visited Muffin at her office and we caught up on each other’s lives and planned the evening. I also snacked on a big ol’ peanut butter Clif bar to hold me till dinner.

And then I had to go to another class. Film discussion group, 6 to 7pm. DIMEY T.A.!!! Made that hour so worth it.

Afterward, I ran home, changed for the evening, got bossy again and ate dinner:

Acorn-mango soup and a Boca with ketchup and mustard.

I supplemented that meal with unpictured Popchips and hummus, consumed I make-upped.

Muffin joined me at the casa for a hot pink plastic cup of champagne and chit-chat. Unfortunately, I had to leave for yet another obligation– a capella practica from 8:30 to 9:30!

We had an interesting practice. People were not into it at all. Behaviors were bizarre. OK, I’ll admit it. It wasn’t good at all. I’m on the exec board and we’ve already discussed the issue, which will be addressed Monday.

As soon as practice finished, though, we headed out for a fab night. Banana, Muffin and I enjoyed having strangers take our photo:

Love my ladies.

Brooke, have you recognized your shirt yet? I have no idea how it ended up with me!

At 1am, after running into old friends, dancing on booths and frolicking in the snow, I walked my bum home. As soon as I changed into pj’s and washed the day off my skin, I SnackFaced on two bags of Popchips and a mini-bag of popcorn. πŸ˜€

Well, my lovepies, Muffin is here and we are about to get ready for the night. I’ll be back Sunday with a weekend recap. Love you boos!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you define a successful night?
Dancing, flirting, laughing, meeting new peeps and ending up in your own home in one piece, wallet and cell phone in tow.


53 Responses to “Breathing in Snowflakes”

  1. woman. you are ferociously gorgeous. love it, love you, yadda yadda. ps. hot pink cups of champagne are the reason i’m ALIVEEEEE as of lately.

  2. could not agree more.
    that is a perfect night – good friends, good times, and no things missing. Thats always the first thing I check, phone, camera, wallet = good night πŸ™‚

  3. That first pic of you is gorgeous! You look great in purple!

  4. 4 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    your posts always put a smile on my facee! i love how you define a successful night- could NOT agree more. and i know when i go back to school i will be trekkin around in my s now boots… blahh


  5. Cold weather always cramps my style! And holy yum the wrap looks amazeballs so I take your word that it tastes that way to. Have a fun weekend m’dear!

  6. You are so amazingly gorgeous!!! You have beautiful hair, can I ask what products you use? I know it’s an odd question, but I love your hair!

    That wrap looks delicious!


    • 7 snackface

      Christina- Awwww thank you, sweetcheeks! So my hair answer is not interesting at all. I use Dove Volume shampoo and conditioner and that’s it. I wash my hair every other day, try not to straighten it too much, wear it wavy/natural and don’t use any heat at least three days a week. When I wear it wavy, I’ll scrunch my hair with Herbal Essences volumizing hair spray. So really, only three products are ever used.

  7. You girls are so pretty!!!! Love your style too girl!!!!!

    Mmmmm Im loving your wrap combos, look so good!!!!

    Have a fun weekend girl!! Have a drink for me!!!

    A succesful night for me would be going out with my girls, getting a nice buzz, and then heading to the grocery store to get Ben And Jerrys and cramming it!! It is our tradition!!!


  8. 9 D

    hey, don’t think i’ve commented before, but i’ve been reading since the beginning!

    i think the definition of a successful night totally depends on how you spin it! aka, everything else was a disaster, but i still have both earrings. or, it was so successful that i actually didnt make it out the house, and thus avoided inevitable embarassment later on. orrrrr checking the sent items on your cell and not having sent someone a completely regrettable yet completely cute at the time text. or…you may have fallen asleep with all your makeup on, but you just saved 10 min of beautifying before class. success.

    • 10 snackface

      D- Welcome to the comments section! I love it when people comment for the first time. Thank you!!! Um, your perfect night is hysterical. I love.

  9. Sounds like a great night!! Love those oats. MMM! A successful night would have to include my best friends and ICE CREAM!

    ❀ jess

  10. LOVE the shirt! That color is gorgeous on you. Looks like a fun night out with the girls- have a wonderful weekend!

  11. The eats look bommmb and that wrap sounds really, really good! Those overnight oats are seriously calling to me — sounds so good!

    Successful night: dancing, flirting, drinks purchased for us, didn’t lose my cell, didn’t lose my friends, back in my OWN bed, no one got in a fight or arrested and I remember everything in the morning. haha

  12. Hve a great weekend kails!
    That wrap does sound strange but I am glad it was great!!

  13. ummm overnight oats need to get back into my life. they are so ridiculously good. if the weather would effing warm up, i think i could do it.

    yay for livin’ life, drankin’ dranks and having FUN! hope you get everything figured out with your choir peeps, have a fabulous weekend, don’t study too much and perhaps meet some more dimey men (btw…fave new word, dimey. after douche lord, of course)!!!!

    love youuuuuuuuuu

    amen on the successful night!!!!!!

  14. Hahaha, ohhh do I miss successful nights! Mine typically resulted in afterhours with my besties : )

  15. Have a great Friday! I define a successful night by how much I laugh πŸ™‚

  16. 18 julie

    oh my gawwwd cold oatsies are the best! love that pb action on top πŸ™‚ sounds like you had a baller night and ended it well rounded with the best bag of snack in the worrrld

  17. Wow lady, you are busy busy! But it’s good that you still make lotsa room for funtime!
    I know what you mean about weather downers…I go to school in Oregon where it is ALWAYS raining raining raining and freezing and just weird (well I think its supa cold since I’m from California) and sometimes all that sucky weather just really cramps my style, ya know?
    As for my definition of a successful night- doesn’t need much- good friends in good spirits- in or out, doesn’t matter- good times- and sometimes some little black dresses and lotsa good eats n drinks involved πŸ™‚

  18. yummy eats! i hope you enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

  19. Your pics are always so GORGEOUS!!! Where did you find your placement? I love it.

    • 22 snackface

      Suzanne- Ah! Thanks! If by placement you mean placemat, the truth is that it’s just a piece of fabric. MamaJ and I searched tons of fabric stores for something bright and cheery to make a tablecloth. J’adore!

  20. THAT’S a quick n dirty post? I’ll have to teach myself that one. That’s longer than 3/4 of my posts! Hahaha. You’re adorable =]

    • 24 snackface

      Jordan- Haha I guess you’re right. My posts are always super long. Whoops!

  21. Still loving your wraps, you’re so creative with them, even if you just throw seemingly random things in it! So glad you had a wonderful night with friends, and I hope you’re having an even better start to the weekend festivities! Your posts always bring a smile to my face, and I look forward to your updates when I’m having a bad day because I know it’ll be a good one. πŸ™‚

    • 26 snackface

      Tiffany- Awwww, shoog! You made my day when I read this. If I can help anyone smile, my life is enriched. Thank you so much for sharing that! xoxo

  22. 27 evan

    Great question!!

    perfect night: girlfriends, flirting, getting free drinks from dimey guys, perfect intoxication which means NO falling (my friends always know i’m done if i fall…too much alcohol + heels=disaster for v. drunk me), shaking my groove thang, being a little ridic (just a little, kay?!!) home in my own bed with all my things and some leftover cash, minimal- but maybe some – drunk eats, and waking up around noon and having giggle time with said girlfriends about the night before.

    ps. used the expression “dime piece” and “dimey” on a date the other night and TOTALLY won points with the fella. he thought it was the funniest thing ever (and asked me out again!) fyi- the males dig it!

    • 28 snackface

      evan- SUCCESS!!! Haha thanks for sharing the dime piece tidbit! I love saying it and often have to explain it to people. I think it’s hilarious. Tell me how the second date goes! xoxo

  23. So glad you had fun! I agree though that the cold weather! Can’t stand it! You looked great in the pics. The perfect night for me? That’s actually tough. I would love to get together and get a buzz on with my GF’s. Or be at a nice restaurant with my honey and a room where there aren’t any kids πŸ˜‰

  24. Dude cold weather DEFINITELY cramps muh style…only so many days i can work the neutral boots! And I thrive off showing off my legs…not happenin in sub 20 conditions.
    You, however, look gorge as always!

  25. Your wraps always look phenom.

    I’m a house cat – so a successful night for me is at home, baking, watching a movie/TV, snugging with my hubby, kitties, and puppy.

  26. 32 homegirlcaneat

    AAHAAHAHAHA I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD because I was like, that color looks phenom on Kailey! in the first picture and then realized it was my shirt! But I am SO HAPPY it ended up with you because I didn’t like it on me and you look sassy as a mothafW#$^#a IN IT!!!! ahahaha! WORK IT! Daz waz frenz are 4.


    I wish I could be dancing with you tonight and eating popchips (not like the ones on the floor during Gay Pride weekend…remember that?! ahahah) dipped in HuMhUm!


  27. 33 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    you’re gorgeous, including in your emo pic πŸ˜‰

  28. successful night-laughing, goofing, having fun, chilling, dancing, eating!!!
    girl do you toast your wraps, put em in a panini maker, or what? they are dank!
    love you K!

    • 36 snackface

      KB! I put my wraps on a non-stick spray-coated pan, with the heat cranked on high. That’s all, petunia!

  29. 37 Susan

    I love your (Brooke’s?) shirt! That color is gorg.
    I feel your winter weather boot pain. I wear da same boots every. darn. day. Blech!
    And I judge my night by the quality of my midnight (or 2am) snack. Haha jk, I kid.

  30. 38 *Andrea*

    i love that color on you!!! snackface = modelface. you’re soo pretty girl! a successful night for me is going out with my friends, good food and/or drinks, hiphop and rap songs with lots of dancing and hot guys who resemble drake ;p

    • 39 snackface

      Andrea- Gahhhh you are too sweet! Thank you, darling! Ummm your perfect night = my perfect night.

  31. Love the emo picture! te hehe!
    Also love that blue top – SO adoarble.
    Sounds like an awesome night. Have a good weekend.
    PS I’m going to try out your cheetah recipe for lunch today!

  32. 41 Stephanie

    I get pegged in the eye all the time with snow!!

  33. hey sexiii mamaaaa!!!!!! that top looks ferosh on you. wear it again and again any chance you get!

    i’m so happy the overnight oats combo did you proud! waking up to that text made my day! i gotta help you out every now and then since i’m always the one getting ideas from you! πŸ™‚ you’ll have to try a pb & j style overnight oats soon though, too–its da greatest

    i love you in that faux-fur coat, love your quirky wrap combos (hahaha, quirky?), and your ketchup & mustard-topped bocas. yum–i may need to incorporate some veggie burg action into my lunch, today πŸ™‚

    and please–my model girl, you know that that pose is bound to abstract reality! Anytime a girl lays her arm flat its gonna look diff, okayy?! you’re perfect and don’t need to change a thing, unless of course…you really want to!

    Oh, and my definition of a successful night = your def of a successful night. i wanna have a good time, meet cute boys, dance with ma ladies and be in MY bed at a reasonable hr! XOXOXO

  34. HI there…
    I just found your blog through Tatianna’s…its beautiful and amazing…I like it a lot. Wow – super jealous of your degree in pursuit. I have 2 BSc degrees in other areas…but publishing-journalism and especially freelance and creative writing are my passions..cannot break into it without a degree 😦
    I write and read anyway…I guess a hobby it has to be!
    Beautiful blog…hope to follow more!

    • 44 snackface

      theemptynutjar- Wow, thank you so much for finding me and commenting. Welcome πŸ™‚ And hobbies can definitely turn into something more, despite degrees. Shooo, I hope so at least!

  35. I’m sick of the weather too! And snow should definitely not be allowed in Florida. Geesh!

  36. when i was your age, a successful nite = not spending 1 dollar on a drink for myself and not having to deal with Mr. Creepers either LOL

    you look hot, as usual my love πŸ™‚

  37. “Flatout: Laughing Cow Swiss, cinnamon, Frank’s, greens and leftover, mashed acorn squash.” this is why we are friends. sounds so baller.. so random.. so good. and the overnights look delish. marshall just spied your K mug and said “HEY she got that at anthro” hah~that’s my boyf. DUDE i was thinking that shirt is sassy and i love it. nice steal, i wouldn’t give it back! and please. boots with the furrrr every day? THAT is how i define success πŸ˜‰ LOVE YOU!

  38. successful night? um, takin home the DJ from the bar and staying awake until 230pm next day chillin with bomb ass music playing….oh wait i did do that. Last night bwhahahahhahha. not gonna make that one blog worthy..maybe just g-chat snackface worthy πŸ˜‰

    love love love banana and muffin…gah i need awesome nicknames for friends.

    love dimey TAs bc it is not looked down upon, if they and students happen to have coffee togeths or a beer outside the classroom ….. know wa im sayin?

    off to eat bowl 2 of cinnamon chex…aka finish it off in under 4 days and call it a night….last night was tooooo much for me. I need to sleep it off.



    • 49 snackface

      Lo- OMFGAGA I need updates, stat.

      • oh girl i cant not blog it. its gonna be posted. shit, i cant lie. but u get the main deets obz.

        text me sooon or callll….off to da gym to jack up my pythons πŸ™‚

  39. Mmmm that wrap sounds sooo good!!

  40. I wish we got ANY snow here, then I could probably help you out with the snowflakes/nostrils query.

    Champagne before practice?? HOLLA!

    YES! Successful nights are defined by a great time laughing and talking, ending up in my own bed, WITH my cell phone, wallet, and camera safely alongside. A free drink thrown in somewhere wouldn’t hurt either πŸ˜‰

  41. 53 HannahBanana

    cant believe i made your blog!!!!! At times, i even impress myself.
    Round two thursday? mabs din before? i could go for a snackface style wrap about now…which, is two am by the way…told you i dont sleep

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