Trading Places


Buongiorno bellas! In a time when image rules, it was refreshing and uplifting to read lists of reasons you’d marry yourself. Most people put their humor, intelligence and fun personalities at the top of the list. Not one person said “because of my flat stomach/ long legs/ toned arms/ shiny hair,” yet that’s what women spend countless hours obsessing over and trying to perfect. Perhaps if we kept lists of reasons we’d marry ourselves in our heads for days we’re feeling the bloat from last night’s chips, salsa and margarita-fest, we’d all be a bit happier and much less obsessed.

That being said, I’m currently struggling through a lifestyle transition. Instead of consulting texts on how I can be my most fabulous self…:

Matty Rich gave this to me for Christmas. Perfect, right?

I’m consulting texts on how not to get sued for libel:

Media law. Oh haaay!

My New York intern life is trading places with my Athens student life, and it’s not treating me kindly. I miss staying up watching Curb. Having a 9 to 5-er is so different from being a student. When I was done with work, I was done. I had zero obligations outside the office. At school, however, I feel as though there is always something I could be doing. It’s already significantly more stressful. I’m sure I’ll regret this whole paragraph when I have my first real job.

So that sexy blue book kept me up until 2:15am. I awoke at 7:55am– five minutes before my alarm. I’m really bad at sleeping.

I’m not bad at eating, though:

Oats and Koffee.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1 T chia seeds, 1/2 banana, apple pie spice and chunky peanut butter skidmark. It had been too long since I’d played with chia seeds. They plumped the oats and added a fun, poppy texture:

It almost all looks a tad digested, doesn't it?

One thing I don’t mind about returning to studenthood is trading a cubicle for my living room. Eating, lounging, blogging and homeworking all goes down on the couch. Among other things.

I bundled up and dashed to the office that handles switching classes, and then proceeded to the gym. I had a fab workout! I amped up the 50-minute elliptical session by holding 3 or 5-lb. weights in each hand. I held them for four minutes, punching and moving them in different ways (articulate, I know). Maybe this is a no-brainer, but it made me use my arms and core to stay balanced. Then I’d switch to magazine-flipping and water-drinking for four minutes. I followed all this with 30 minutes of abs, stretching and talking to Muffin while sitting on a stability ball. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Stale sweat lingered as I sang in choir for the hour immediately following my workout. My choirettes are used to this by now. Actually, they’re too nice and never hate on my stank. At least not to my face.

At 1:15pm, StankFace showered and traded places with SnackFace. I was ready to eat my nails:

Wanted a wrap and soup, so I went for both.

I had this soup waiting in my cupboard for months:

Two of my faves melded into one.

To kick up the protein, I added a bit of plain tofu and heated it all together. On the other plate, a wrap, grapes and snap peas chilled.

In the wrap: Laughing Cow, Sabra, Frank’s, mustard, cucumber and greens. Saucy, fresh and amazing:

I'm taken by wraps at the moment.

Pleasantly stuffed, I put on my face, picked at my peeling nails and then snapped a pic of the day’s ‘fit:

Discombobulated picture!

I have this odd mentality that I don’t want to “waste” an outfit on one class. Petty, bizarre, lazy…call it what you will. I truly love that shirt + zip-up combo, though. Oh! I’m also wearing my house shoes, which I suppose are more commonly known as slippers. Matty Rich even has a matching pair of Sperry moc’s! We love them. Just thought you’d be sick of seeing the boots with the (faux) fur.

As I traveled to Media Law, I realized that my walking pace in sub-freezing temperatures is about 1.5 times faster than my walking pace in pleasant temperatures. What normally takes me 15 minutes took almost 11. I’m not sure if my math aligns, but you understand.

Media Law is going to be a ton of reading and memorizing. A ton. That’s all I can say.

I visited Muffin after class and we vented about our preferences of going out over staying in. A little thing called GPA always keeps me motivated in times such as these.

A CVS trip later, I entered my home starving. No time to cook. Only time for getting my SnackFace on:

Peppers, celery, carrot, acorn squash and Boca smothered with ketchup and mustard.

Plate one was joined by its homies:

Salsa, Sabra, Popchips. Salsa went untouched.

Salt and vinegar Popchips were made for hummus. Because I enjoyed them so much and I had an ample supply thanks to the Popchip fairy, I had another bag for dessert:

Not the best flavor, but a bossy blog in the background, indeed.

Snacking continued shortly after “dinner” with none other than:

Warm Cinnamon Kashi Kibbles n' Bits. Warmed with soymilk for 40 seconds in the micro.

Finally content, I got sucked into the writing zone and crafted a 1,000 word essay in an hour. I obviously have no problem writing about myself (obnoxious). I actually employed an idea I read on a blog a year ago and wrote a letter to the 14-year-old me. It was honest, brought tears to my eyes and was rather therapeutic. Can’t wait to write more! I’m nervous to share it, though. That kind of writing is intensely personal.

Later in the evening, I had a serious craving for dark chocolate Raisinettes. I improvised with handfuls of raisins and freezer-burned carob chips. I do what I can.

Now that it’s 1am, I’ve found myself in the all-too-familiar role of sleepless student. Was searching for jobs in San Francisco to blame? Maybe. Talking to my future roomie to blame? Maybe. I just can’t get San Fran off my mind lately! I have six months of studenthood left to figure it out, though. Sistah needs a chill pill.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: When you’re schlupping around your home, what do you wear on your feet?
It’s so seasonal! Socks and Sperry’s in the cold; nudie and flip-flops in the summer.


54 Responses to “Trading Places”

  1. Can’t get San Francisco off your mind? Cuz its the best city everrrrrrrrr (sorry, bias here since its my hometown ;D) Your munchies du jour look amazin’ as always…and I realllllllllllllly lurve your jeans in the pic…care to share (the brand/style/whatevs…cuz this girl has a hard time finding the perfect pair).
    As for my footwear for house-sclepping, I tend to either wear the fuzzy socks my grandmother in Finland knits for me in the winters and Fed-exes to me or my pimp slippers (picture big red velvety slippers…they’re awesome). Otherwise, summertime I just go barefoot!
    Nighty night!

    • 2 snackface

      Sara K- San Francisco really has my heart! Thanks for diggin’ the jeans! They are some brand named R U Blue. I bought them at Express the summer before I came to college. Needless to say, they’re a bit tighter now, but they still generally fit and I love them, so I can’t give ’em up!

  2. 3 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    yeah, move to SF! i’m biased just like sara, but i think i’d love this city even if i didn’t live in the bay. i share your mentality about not wanting to waste an outfit on one measly class! i’m bad at sleeping but good at eating too :). that soup sounds aweeesome, squash & mangoes are definitely in my top 5 foods!

  3. I have the same “wasted outfit” mentality! If no one is going to see me, why wear out my pretty clothes?

  4. Your breakfast looks heavenly. Love the “peanut butter skid mark” haha, I loled when I read that. Hope you have a fabulous day!

  5. SanFransisco is one place I would love to go, never been but would love to go there!!! I love your posts always make my day, you got a good cardio sesh in, you go girl!!!!!

    I usually wear socks around the house or if Im really cold, my Uggs, lol!! Have a great day!!!

  6. SanFrancisco, typo!!!! lol!!!! Better spell it right ! Its too early!

  7. I have never seen that flavor of Imagine soup but it looks SO good! I never wear anything on my feet at home, but if I’m really cold, I just live in my Uggs.

  8. That soup sounds amazing! What did you think?

    I have a really weird question for you…

    How many times a week do you hit up CVS? I just notice that you seem to frequent there a lot. Not hating, just curious. Am I missing something about the wonders of this drug store? lol

    Have a wonderful day lovely lady! 😉

    • 10 snackface

      Lauren- Hahaha OK, first off, I loved the soup. I don’t think it tasted much like mango, but the mellow sweetness comes from it. And it was more savory than I expected, which I loved. I wanted more than one bowl–always a good sign! And CVS, I have no idea how many times I go there! Sometimes I stop in just to warm up because I have a mile walk home from my classes, and sometimes I’m like, “Sh!t! I need toilet paper.” I actually needed t.p., gum and a can opener. How funny is that list?

  9. 11 HannahBanana

    I LOVE Imagine soups!!!! Chipotle Corn is the best with melted (soy) cheese and some tortilla strips!!!

    And, i can go without my purple UGG mocks!!! Sooooo warm, nothing better than that new UGG faux fur between my toes feeling….


  10. I hate when I “waste” an outfit at the office and my crush isn’t there 😉

  11. OOH new soup flavor.. yum!!

    Im a slipper girl.. big fuzzy pink ones.. winter and summer!

  12. 14 michelle

    hi kailey!
    i’m from England and will be going up to New York in January for an exchange programme and was just wondering how cold is it there? i’m terrified of freezing temps and wanted to know if you’ve got tips for what to wear (coats/shoes)? Thanks!

    keep up your lovely blog! i love reading it!


    • 15 snackface

      Michelle- Hello, darling! Alright, it’s going to be freeeezing in NYC! I always layered up with a shirt, a sweater, a scarf, a coat, gloves, a hat and big boots that have good tread on the bottom, so you can live through rain and snow. What got me the most, though, was the wind! Cover your ears and forehead! I hope this helps, and have an AMAZING time!!

  13. i think u should move to bmore instead, and live with me and chase. brookie can come too! we’ll get a big house on the inner harbor. DEAL

  14. Mmm. I can’t wait to get home and make some chia oats. I normally don’t like them, but it’s all I have in my house back hom in Sun Valley. They are growing on me though.
    Joey just got me some super cute slippers to wear around the house and they have little jingle bells on them, but they don’t jingle that god because that could get annoying.

  15. My feetsies like to live it up in wool socks, slippers or uggs in the winter, flip flops in the summer. Gotta be seasonal!


  16. 19 megzzwinsatlife


    I think you need to graduate.. come back to NY.. get a job.. and then we can go out!!



  17. 20 Susan

    Snackie, I feel your pain and I’m not even back in school yet! A few semesters ago I took off from school and worked full time (best decision evah!). I realized I loved this control in my life of putting in the work and being done when the day was done, etc. I think some mizz independents (ne-yo shoutout!) just thrive better in the 9 to 5, ya catch my drift? Alas, we need to take those darn college credits to get there, but that is life. At least it won’t last forever and we will be sassy working chicks soon! Hang in there love!

  18. 21 Susan

    PS – I’ve also been warming my milk and cereal in the micro lately! And doesn’t that Kashi taste like xmas?!

  19. 22 traynharder23

    haha i go barefoot in my home! =D i is hardcore…and dirty. =D

  20. Now I’m craving a hummus wrap. It looks so tasty!

    I wear socks at home if it’s cold or bare feet if it isn’t. I never wear shoes in the house.

  21. I usually just wear socks around the house, though it’s rather dangerous on my hardwood floors! Perhaps it’s time to invest in those super-sexy tread socks…

    I love your idea of adding weights to an elliptical workout. Too often I get on that thing and just zone out for 40 minutes only to realize I haven’t really worked that hard or as many muscles as I could have. Adding weights would definitely kick up the intensity of the workout.

  22. Wrap looks oh so good!! Love your snack plate of course! I need to Try warming up my cereal in the micro sounds nice and yummy!!

  23. Because San Fran is the best [and I have never been] but anyway summah summah, no?

  24. k-dawg…san fran here we come! july is really not that far away. i still have my credit card in hand – i just need someone to give me a high sign (little rascals-style).

    i LOVE your snackie dinners…seriously. i need to whip up some hummus, make up a plate and do this because it always looks SO GOOD. and parm garlic popchips? ummmmm…why have i never seen those? that ain’t right.

    and your wraps are gorge. i need to start doing that too. why i forget about wraps when i have an unopened pack of them in my fridge is beyond me.

    have a lovely wednesday…love ya!

  25. I LOVE CHRISTIAN SIRIANO – such a fierce bitch. Thank you for reppin’ the house shoes. I have a similar pair and I love them! Parm garlic is my least favorite PopChip flavor – BBQ is the way to go.

    Well…I answered your question so I’ll just say I hope you have a fabby Thursday 🙂

  26. 29 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    haha i totally agree with you on the outfit thing- that is why for me it is so hard to get dressed up at school for class!
    Your bowl of oats look deliciouss.
    hope oyu have a good day 🙂


  27. I rocked sperries in high school, so much that they got worn out. They were classy ballet flats sperries, too. I’m not sure if, now that I’m out of prep school, they’re worth shelling out money for again, but I do miss them!

  28. I usually go shoe-less and wear really fuzzy socks! That’s kinda embarrassing 😉

    Your workout sounds awesome!! I love elliptical and ab work!
    ❤ jess

  29. Ooh, what do you think of Christian’s book? Lurve him:)
    Love that outfit, too!
    Now I’m craving acorn squash. Or any squash, really. Again.

    At home in the winter, I rock my Ugg slipper/car shoes. In the summer, I have a more flip flop type slipper. Can’t do bare feet. Even in my own house!

  30. Love your snacky dinner! I always wear my ugg boots around my place. Drives everyone nuts because they sound so clunky on the floor but I love me some warmth!


  31. In the winter I totally rock slippers around the house. White fluffy thangs that are totally unfashionable but totally toasty! Summer/spring? Bare feet allll the way!

    Love Popchips so much…I think I enjoy BBQ and Salt & Vinegar best…yummm. Love the Christian Siriano book…haven’t read it, but I should. He actually used to be the shampoo boy at some salon in Baltimore, MD…and he totes used to wash my buddy’s hair. Too funny.

  32. 35 Natalie

    i rock socks, almost all the time. and i judge when its time to clean the floors based on how dirty my socks are, is that gross? wait dont answer that.

  33. Every time I read your blog, all I want is HUMMUS! I’m addicted to it, but since I’m currently staying with a host family, I’ll be going two weeks sans hummus. Have a little extra for me, d’accord? D’accord! =)

  34. totally feel you on the 9-5 vs school thing. i always hated having to come home to do MORE work, then go back to class etcec…knowing i’m DONE for the day when i come home is something i highly enjoy about being an “adult” 🙂
    and those popchips are my fave – the more vinegary the better! they’re good with *everything*. yum
    as for footwear, i either go barefoot or wear big fluffy socks. i’m in california, and 50 degrees doesnt really count for much in the way of sock and slipper weather, but cozy feet are still a must in the ‘winter’.

  35. girlfriend im so bad at sleeping too! im paying for it today tho. Does that breakfast hold u over really well?! I need to find a breakfast that holds me over for atleast 3 hrs!! maybe its the chia seeds for you? ive never tried those!!
    nommm bout your wraps, all your wraps always sound great actually!
    footware..always socks! i always wear my north face boots these days cause its so cold so the socks+furry boots=EXTRA WARMNESS

  36. 39 Hattie

    You know what you should try instead of proats? Quinoa! Have you ever tried it for breakfast? It’s higher in protein and great when mixed with apple and cinnamon… and berries and almonds… and banana and walnuts… seriously. 🙂

  37. I love your outfit and I am obsessed with Kashi H2H. Lovelovelove it! And I totally agree that it is so easy to write about yourself (myself?) — much better than research papers! In this winter weather, we keep our house around 60*F, and it is as low as 55*F when I wake up, so I am always wearing socks. I used to wear those big character slippers that are like boats on your feet (maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about haha), but haven’t in years now. Maybe I’ll get back into those, as childish as they may be. Gotta stay young (and warm)!

    P.S. I made your apple ball wrap from a few days ago, and it was so good that I had it for lunch both yesterday AND today! I linked on my blog and it’s totally YUM!

  38. I will definitely be hunting for that soup…

    Around the house is always socks (hardwood is freezing!) unless they get wet. wet sock is the worst feeling… then i get pissy and put on slippers. my 99 cent neon pink ikea slippers 🙂 hell yeas.

  39. 42 Kate

    I love your posts about your life in college! I just graduated from college in Dec. and I am fiending for my old life where I went to school! I am sooo sad that my undergraduate work is done! Love the ‘fit…pretty sure I love the mocassins! I wear mine outdoors when it’s nice! I have them in black…I own those things.

  40. 43 Leah

    That soup looks so good!

    When Im at home Im almost always barefoot. Unless its really cold, and then I wear fuzzy socks.

  41. 44 peanutbutterdaydreamer

    Your wrap looks gorgeous as in I wish I was eating it now..What wrap do you use? I used to use the la tortilla, but im getting tired of it. I need variety! My college doesn’t start till Wed. and I am already dreading it..gahhh. The quickest cure for stress is a lil chocolate a la Lil’ Wayne..

  42. soup sounds so good! the mango totally set the AHHHH alarm off in my head to get some!

    chia in oats are SO good, they make it nutty and delicious! love em 🙂

    salt and vin popchips-never tried em! but they sound stellar dipped in some sabra

    all about my dakota Ugg slippers when at home. it is the only thing I will wear on my feetsies! i hate just walking around in socks, i need to have my slippers on to feel cozy and complete!!

  43. you called my blog bossy?! i love it- thank you! 😉
    love the shirt and zipup combo, but especially the mocassins. i’m rocking mine right now 🙂 usually i wear my mukluks if it’s cold and in the summer, it’s barefoot all the way 😀
    i still need to try chia seeds in my oats.. what a glorious idea
    have a wonderful night ❤

  44. I never like to ‘waste’ an outfit on one class, either! I’m more likely to dress up if I have a bunch of classes and meetings to go to, but if I’m only going in for one, I get lazy. Come on, I need as many people to see the good outfit as possible.

    I’m a barefoot all the way kinda girl, so in the winter I only put on socks indoors if I’m reallyreallyrealllyyyy cold.

  45. I am pretty much barefoot all year round. Unless I’m freezing, and then I wear some socks. I have some leopard slippers I love, but the puppy bites them 🙂

  46. 49 Triple N Stephie

    Hello! I like to read your blog – your blog posts are always so inspiring and lovely;
    but I just had a question 🙂
    I’m not being critical or anything but you are definitely not a huge eater (me either) but when you workout so much like that, don’t you lose weight?
    How do you maintain yourself at your ideal/perfect weight? Any tips?

    • 50 snackface

      Triple N Stephanie- This is a good question. I’m not even sure what the answer is other than…wait till you see what I eat on the weekends? Hahaha I kid, kinda. Honestly, though, I only workout three days a week and walk all the time. My diet is fairly clean throughout the week, but this past weekend, for example, I had pizza, more chips and salsa than one could ever recall, Mexi meals, Leinenkugels, cheese and crackers… it goes on. I honestly have no idea, other than eating what I want, when I want. And I don’t weigh myself, so I’m not obsessing over numbers or anything. None of this helps, does it? I’m so sorry! Basically: eat like a health-conscious human during the week, live like a college student on the weekends. 😉

  47. hello boston cream pie. don’t feel bad about being too busy to comment on alllls my posts, because ive been the same way. 7 new ones from you in my reader and not a minute to spare. life happens, we are still lovers!!!!! have a fab weekend!!

  48. Wraps are my fave. The end. Your snacky dinner looks awesome too.
    So…San Fran. One of the better places on earth.
    I am normally just in socks in winter and bare feet in summer although sometimes if it’s super cold, my really sexy monkey slippers come out to play!

  49. oh god twinsie, I totes “save” my cute outfits too. I refuse to wear anything fly unless theres AT LEAST one hot dude in my class. Rules to live by.

    can’t say I blame ya for keepin’ san fran or homegirl on your mind .. both of which are amaze and I dream about often. Oh, and you – but that goes without saying.

    mad love to my snackie-poo xoxo

  50. Such a great sentiment about marrying ourselves…you make an awesome point!

    That Fierce book is outta control, I want to read it, that guy cracks me up.

    LOVE those mocs! They sound really comfortable 🙂

    I wear fuzzy socks with rubber “gliders” on the bottom around the house in the winter. So comfy!

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