Sensitivity and Compassion


Lovepies! How amazing are you? It’s comforting to know we have an army of women ready to fight for one another’s happiness. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your words of kindess and support. Reading the comments throughout the day brought two quotes to my mind:
-“Man, I got summa hatin’ on my ‘cuz I’m hotter than the sun, got spring hatin’ on me ‘cuz I ain’t never sprung, winter hatin’ on my ‘cuz I’m colder than ya’ll, and I would never, I would never, I would never fall.
-“The only thing that can save us now is sensitivity and compassion.

Of course they’re linked to a Weezy tracks! And no, it’s not sad that I actually find inspiration in his lyrics. Even for the haters, I wish you well.

As I predicted Monday night, Tuesday was significantly brighter! I got a solid five-and-a-half hours of sleep and hopped out of bed ready to take on the day.

What I really wanted for breakfast was pumpkin oats, which was going to happen until I discovered I don’t have a can opener. Whoops. Banana proats instead:

Coffee = life. And a day-glo picture--fab.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop vegan protein powder, 1 drop vanilla stevia, heavy shake of apple pie spice and a big scoop of crunchy peanut butter. Someone asked whether the protein powder affects the oats’ flavor. Genisoy Vegetable Protein doesn’t at all! It does, however, make it thicker. Sometimes, that’s what it’s all about:

Power. Full.

I trudged through the snow and made it to my 9am on time (AKA early). Creative Non-Fiction is already kicking my badunk. Some kids read their writing exercises aloud and I felt inadequate. One guy said that in a stoned conversation, his friend said soup is just vegetable tea. That’s brilliant!

We also have to keep blogs for the class (guh, I am no good at keeping more than one blog flowing) and I already have a 1,000-word essay due Thursday. That would be no big deal had I known, oh, not 48 hours prior to its deadline. If that math is wrong, let’s let it fly. I’m a writer.

At 11am I hopped over to the Scripps building for Magazine Editing and Production. I am going to love this class. Any assignment that asks me to analyze magazines, editorial formula, layout, design, audience, style… heaven.

By 1pm, I fixed my schedule dilemma. Thank heavens for generous, understanding professors. I’m ignoring that he told me his section of the class is harder than the other professor’s section.

I returned to my humble abode by 1:15, released some bodily fluids, washed my hands and then made a crazy delicious lunch:

Color, how I need you 24/7.

On the plate: carrots and celery that I dipped into unpictured salsa, sliced Fuji and another ridiculous wrap. This may be one of my favorite food photos I’ve taken:

Bread n' butter pickles will make any wrap phenomenal.

I think I love that picture because I so rarely get a clear one. But that is neither here nor there. What’s important is the wrap innards: Laughing Cow Swiss wedge, Frank’s, mustard, bread n’ butter pickles, mashed balls and greens. Please make something like this.

Speaking of the deliciousness that is melty Laughing Cow Swiss, reader Gabrielle recently asked why I decided to dump the vegan thing for now. Here is part of my response:

“It’s been bizarre to openly eat animal byproducts again, but I thought about the reasons I went vegan in the first place and how I feel about it now. I started because I was working at VegNews and all the staffers were vegan. I thought, “Why not!” It was really easy for me, as I had everything at my fingertips at the VegNews kitchen and in San Francisco. Then, as I returned to school, I often found myself going against my one rule with food: ‘Eat what you want, when you want.’

I know this is so selfish, but there was once a time that I was uber-strict with my diet and I would never want to return to that mind frame. The choice to consume dairy also puts my family at ease, although I know I can get everything I need with a vegan diet. However, I’m not one for keeping track of the nutrients/protein/what have you I’m consuming, so I think my decision is beneficial to my person and my family in many ways.”

If anyone had questions, I hope that helps. Or if you still have questions, please feel free to ask!

After a leisurely lunch break, I braved the chap-my-ass cold again to make it to Film Analysis. Why do I have so much work in every single class? That’s all I can say at this point. It’s probably not the assignments that are the issue…

To top off a wondrous day of classes, I thought I’d treat myself to some shopping. And by shopping, I mean having a heart attack and dropping $300 on books for the quarter. I can’t wait to have an income of some sort.

Nose frozen, fingers useless and ass, as I said, chapped, I ventured back to my house. The outfit underneath my coat was a repeat of something you’ve seen recently, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never showed you this sexy tidbit:

Socks over jeans. Who else does this? It's a must for boot-wearing!

Oh! Unrelated to anything, but my abs are totally sore today. I used a stability ball for my usual 100 crunches yesterday and it made an enormous difference. I’m sure you’re all saying, “Duh, Kailz, we all know this,” but I seriously feel it in my obliques, upper abs and lower abs. Ferosh.

I fed my soon-to-be six-pack with a lovely dinner:

Really into trios for dinner. Just dinner.

What you see here is acorn squash baked at 475* for 15 minutes per side, sprinkled with cinnamon. It was the best acorn I’ve ever had (so good that I had four more pieces). Next to it is steamed broccoli topped with Smart Balance Light and Mrs. Dash. Sliding into third (baseball term? Who am I?) are tofu cubes that chilled on the frying pan with non-stick spray, pepper, chili powder and Mrs. Dash. Incredible.

I also made a salad that wasn’t pleasant. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’ve overdone it with salads or something:

Greens, yellow pepper, cucumber and snap peas. The balsamic dressing was most likely the culprit of the overall gaginess of the salad.

While digesting dinner, I organized my planner and wrote out my life schedule and homework schedule for the rest of the week. Feeling good and OCD, I made faux-dough again:

Dough exposed for your pleasure.

How-to faux-dough (why not make it into a verb):
-Mix 1/2 C plain Greek yogurt (or your favorite non-dairy yogurt) with cinnamon and sweetener (I used vanilla stevia).
-Chop half a chocolate chip Clif bar and stick into the yogurt.
-Place in freezer for half an hour.
-Remove and drizzle with nut butter of choice (I used sunbutter because it’s the drippiest I have). Mix it all together.
-Enjoy. Be careful not to rip out your fillings with the hardened but chewy Clif bits.

I’ve since snacked on popcorn and cereal, but I’m too taken by law terms to take pictures. Isn’t the word “tortfeasor” hysterical? What isn’t so hysterical is that it’s midnight and I still have 40 pages of reading and note-taking to do! Ohio University now owns me. My sensitivity and compassion for that is dwindling.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Because you’re always too kind to me, I ask you to give this exercise from Glamour a try:
-List five reasons you’d want to marry yourself.
Three reasons may be enough if you’re in a rush. Ten reasons if you just can’t stop. Have fun! Don’t be shy or modest!

I’d marry me because…I’m somewhat funny; I’m bizarre in a good way (I think?); I love love; I’m smart but not so smart I don’t find potty humor to be hilarious (just read my posts for proof); I’m passionate about the people in my life.


73 Responses to “Sensitivity and Compassion”

  1. 1 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    great explanation of your decision to axe the vegan thing for now…too bad you don’t live in SF anymore, we could chill! Kinda funny that you are being assigned a blog, if only you could use this blog to satisfy that req!

    • 2 snackface

      Stef- I have been having this strong feeling in my gut, or really my heart, that I will be back in SF. I don’t know why yet, but I have a crazy strong feeling about it.

  2. I know how you feel about salads – sometimes I love em, but sometimes they just dont do the trick!
    That Glamour magazine thing is genius!
    Hmmm….I’d marry myself because I’m game for anything, I’m caring, I love the outdoors, I’m smart, and I’m fabulous!
    Per uze, your post made my day 🙂

  3. 4 Lo

    well. I dropped 200 today. At Urban. So not educational or stimulating for my mind. Be proud of your purchase.

    i heart you and would marry you in a Mrs. Dash. you know what im sayin 😉

    Howeves, I’d marry me because:

    I am a popular culture knowledge freak.
    I am so awkward that my daily life can make anyone smile or make anyone’s day brighter,happier, or lighter.
    I am up for anything. Drinks. Movies. Random parties. Road trips. Adventures are my thing.
    I love love love to give love.
    I am a incredible rapper when it comes to Em or Dre.
    Take me anywhere and i will dance. Music or no music.

    sooo gonna make me some faux dough soon. i gotta get back to the store to buy yogurt!!

    baby lolo

  4. college textbooks = make me cringe they are soooo expensive and some of them (ahem!) you never even use or crack open. ok, i speak for myself 🙂

    The tablecloth = too cute!

    And the commenter. Girl. I get those. They come in clusters. And they usually make me want to shut my blog down they are so mean. I have thin skin. Not thick. Very thin. Paper thin and I am reduced to tears and it’s like 3 days in hell when i get one of those as i take it all so personally. So sorry honey, write me if you ever need to vent. I can pretty much tell you, I’ve had some real doosies.

    luv u pookie

    • 6 snackface

      Averie! Thank you sososososo much for the support. Love you, too, boo! I have a date with your blog later today 🙂

  5. 7 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i totally respect your decision with veganism!! & im glad you got your schedule figured out. that writing class seems tough- two blogs is going to be hard but you can do it girl 🙂 love your colorful lunch!

    & hmmm i’d marry myself because i have a good sense of humor, i am independent, and i am trustworthy!! yay ❤ ha


  6. 8 Alisha

    Hey Missy!
    Super sorry to hear about the nasty commentbutthead. I have been reading your blog for a good long bit and haven’t commented but felt I needed to let you know you seem totally awesome and I love your blog! Keep up the good work! Ta for now can’t wait to read what you eat tomorrow haha.

  7. I’m so glad you are feeling better about the haters today.

    I’m not mad atcha about the vegan thing at all. I’m pretty lax myself, especially when it comes to the “less than 2%,” “Costco sample,” or “special occasion” rules (note: I just threw that “special occasion” rule in right now, given the anniversary dinner I will be having on Sunday). I just don’t really dig milk, yogurt or cheese and I hate eggs. Ice cream and whipped cream may slip in, along with the occasional bar.

    Geez…TMI. Sorry. Come vote on which dress I should borrow/wear! I value your opinion SO MUCH!

  8. 10 vera

    No food between 8 am and 1:15 pm? Isn’t that a bit of a long wait?
    Anywho, love your blog!

    • 11 snackface

      vera- Shoooo homes, you’re right! Guess that explains why I ate at 1:30pm, 6:30, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 and 1am. Somehow I wasn’t even that hungry in the morn! Very bizarre.

  9. 12 Hattie

    Thank you for answering my question. 🙂
    I always wear socks over jeans! I think it’s compulsory for boot wearing.

  10. Socks over jeans, YES here!;)

    A bit late, but wanna wish you a wonderful and happy 2010!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  11. Hmm, I guess I’d want to marry myself because…
    -I’m pretty funny. Or at least that’s what people tell me ;). If that fails, I’m just a huge goof anyway. Like borderline completely weird haha. Yesterday I fell into the vent on the floor. Like legit. My foot fell into the vent. Needless to say my family was roaring with laughter.

    -I’m extremely loyal. Will never let you down.

    -Its a weakness of mine..but I’m a sweetheart. I don’t like to see people sad or hurt so I always try to cheer them up.

  12. I should have my husband answer…lol! But…I’m passionate, a great listener, love to have fun, want to have a wonderful family, and love to keep things exciting. 🙂

  13. I love that question!

    Hmmm, I would want to marry myself for the fact that I am kind, passionate, spiritual, a fantastic cook, and FUN! 🙂

    That was fun. Thanks for this activity to start my day. 😉

    Have a fantastic Wednesday beautiful lady!

  14. I love this question! I would marry myself because I am sarcastic, I love the outdoors, I can cook, I enjoy travelling, and I am super FUN!

    Have a great Wednesday 🙂

  15. I need to try that faux dough!

    What an awesome idea to build confidence! I would marry myself because I am fun, I can cook, I am smart, confident, and passionate!


  16. I love your view on why you began to eat dairy again. Too often I have met beautiful young ladies who are disguising their eating orders with vegan and vegetarian labels. Also, I love your blog and I’m so excited that you are posting regularly again! It’s nice to start my day out with your hilarious sense of humor! SO I would marry myself because 1) I’m loyal 2) I’m a romantic 3) I’m not obsessed with money 4) I’m a huge jokester 5) I’m sweet as pie

    • 20 snackface

      Marlow! Hey sweetcheeks! You are too sweet. It makes my day knowing that you enjoy reading SnackFace as much as I enjoy writing this little blog. Also, thank you for the support on my vegan decision. I’ve seen that a lot, too, and it’s rather upsetting. I’ve also met more happy, healthy-weight vegans than unhealthy, so who knows!

  17. i love that question! thats funny..hmm..because i do stupid things and i could laugh at myself, it would keep me entertained!
    your wrap looks amaze
    and your faux cookie dough!! GENIOUS.
    you never cease to amaze me! and your SUPER cute outfits..get it gurrrrl! love you K!

  18. does the gensoy protein powder taste better than sun warrior brown rice protein powder? have you had it?

    i want to like protein powder but i think it makes my drinnks taste nasty. i’d love to be able to up the nutr content of oats but i’m deathly afraid it will change the taste 😦

    • 23 snackface

      Hey Sarah! I’ve never tried the Sun Warrior brown rice protein, so I can’t speak to that. For the Genisoy one I linked to, it really doesn’t affect the flavor. It makes oats a bit thick/chalky, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a little more water. I’ve had this protein in shakes before, too, and I didn’t even know it was in there. The stats are pretty good also: 2 scoops equals 80 cals, O carbs, 0 sugars and 17 grams of protein. And because I now have the canister next to me, here are the ingredients: soy protein isolate, soy fiber, corn bran, potato starch, broccoli powder, tomato powder, carrot powder, beet powder, papain (an enzyme present in papaya). Those ingredients sound like they’d equal a horrific flavor, but there’s no flavor at all! Hope that helps!

  19. What kind of wrap do you use? It looks like it holds up well when fried/heated, and I am planning on making that wrap for lunch today! 🙂

    • 25 snackface

      Tiffany- Hello dear! I’ve been using Flatouts, which I buy at Walmart. Another brand of wraps that hold up very well is La Tortilla Factory. I know there are some not-so-natural ingredients in the Flat-outs, but I’ve been eating them since high school and they don’t bother my tum at all. (Processed food tends to bother my bod sometimes.) If you want all the deets, here’s the site’s product page:

  20. 26 Lauren

    That’s the only way I wear boots with jeans, socks over the jeans…rock it out 😉
    Reasons I would marry me, 1) I cook something new everyday…and know how to grill! 2) I’m very loyal. 3) A big dork so you would always be laughing at me. Or with me :). 4) Fun, always up for anything. 5) Caring and compassionate.

  21. My college was called Scripps. That family had lots and lots of money.

    I’d marry me because I’m: 1. loving; 2. compassionate; 3. willing to put in the work; 4. excited to become a parent; and 5. fun and adventurous.

    • 28 snackface

      Brigid- Did you go to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, too?! That’d be crazy!

  22. 29 Lizzy

    I wish we all didnt have school and we could travel all over the world together! i’m dreading getting back to school next week! But i know you can handle your work load, ur a tough chica and i know you can do it! 🙂

    Totally lovin your outfit, and i totally do the socks over the jeans thing too when i wear boots! i mean duh right! heheh

    Love you chica! 🙂

  23. 30 Dana

    Scripps is the owner of the food network channel (which I’ve come to find out, to my absolute horror) is no longer on cable vision. I’ve been mourning since this discovery yesterday. Random, I know but seeing the Scripps name flash on my tv in place of the food network yesterday haunted my dreams hahaha. i rock the socks-over-jeans look too, and i just have to say i love your scarf and your hat!

  24. 1- I know all the words to Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.

    2- I know how to smile with mah eyez.

    3- I’m a happy drunk fo sho.

    That’s only 3, but a sistah gotta get her work on! Lata Snackie!

  25. 32 Rebecca

    I’ve gotta say that you’re one of the best “food bloggers” out there. You have a great, lively tone, but you also have nice depth in your content–it’s not just fluff/surface stuff. And while I prefer Yeezy to Weezy, I appreciate any and all bloggers obsessed with hip-hop.

    I don’t usually answer things like this, but I’ll give it a whirl.
    *I’m very, very loyal–I would never betray someone I was close to
    *I’m funny sometimes–as long as sarcasm is your thing
    *I’m not a conformist/cliche–I have unique opinions, ideas, and attitudes, and I never do anything just because other people do it/I’m “supposed” to
    *I believe in passion–for people, ideas, and beauty
    *I’m a REALLY fun drunk 🙂

    • 33 snackface

      Rebecca- You just made my week for two reasons: your amazing support for SnackFace (OMG THANK YOU) and your last item on the list (“I’m a really fun drunk”). LOVE THAT.

  26. That is an awesome foodie pic! Love it. A lot. And want to lick the screen a bit.
    So lovely to read your blog again after being absent a while…you and your sassy outfits and snacky eating never fail to make me smile.

  27. I love waking up to your posts! Espesh with the expectation of seeing a Weezy quote or two- and I agree, there is definitely meaning behind his words!
    Your creative nonfiction class actually sounds like a lot of fun, I am hoping and praying that I get in since I’m waitlisted for this semester (and I would be short a class if I didn’t)…48 hours for 1,000 word essay is short notice, but hey you can def whip something up. Oh and that whole vegetable tea thing- so profound, really!
    Love the eats as usual!
    Lots of love,

  28. gah, i love you!

    love the eats (that wrappage looks AMAZING!), the outfit, the kick ass school sched (which you are going to dominate), another blog, and last semester. soooooo many good things in store for you – i just feel it :). including a july rendezvous. loves!

    ummm this question is good…five reasons why i would marry me…i am low maintenance, like to think i’m funny, like to cook, loyal and can hook a brotha up with free publicity on a blog :). have a FABBBBB day!

  29. Marry myself…hmmm…

    1. I’m FUN
    2. I would be loyal
    3. I am healthy and have a healthy lifestyle
    4. I have compassion and grace (to a certain extent 😉 )
    5. I am loving

    Wow, I feel kinda self-centered!!

    I really want one of those mugs with my initial on it! Gorgeoussss outfit too!
    ❤ jess

  30. Marry myself…hmmm!!

    1. I’m FUN
    2. I would be loyal
    3. I am healthy and have a healthy lifestyle
    4. I have compassion and grace (to a certain extent 😉 )
    5. I am loving

    Wow, I feel kinda self-centered!!

    I really want one of those mugs with my initial on it! Gorgeoussss outfit too!
    ❤ jess

  31. I know I didn’t say anything yesterday but screw the anon – why do people have to drink the haterade?! I don’t get it! Thicker oats? Always a plus!

    I LOVE how colorful your lunch is! It looks delectable 🙂 I hate spending money on books. It honestly makes me nauseous. I totes do the socks over jeans! It’s perfect! Gah I’m so trying your Faux-dough!!

    My reasons (other than the fact I’m a dime piece… 😉 ) : I have a good sense of humor, I supportive of other people and their dreams, I love to experience new things, I’m a damn good bakers if I do say so myself, andddddddd I’m me!

  32. I love your food flexibility and your mantra of eat what you want when you want. I wanted to know if the meatless balls were from Trader Joe’s because after seeing them on your lovely blog I must eat them asap!!

    • 43 snackface

      Brooke- My absolute fave balls are TJ’s, but this brand is Veggie Patch because I didn’t have time to hit up TJ’s when I was home in Cinci for 36 hours 😦 I recommend TJ’s over Veggie Patch because they aren’t greasy like the Veg Patch, there are more in a package and they are vegan. Although I’m not vegan, I still like that about them 🙂

  33. Ahh yes I love that “vegetable tea”!! Must use that saying 🙂 That wrap looks soo good I’m planning on making it. I have a kinda funny story to tell you…yesterday when I decided on what to make for lunch it became this plate of small random snacks..and I randomly said “I’m getting my snack face on” with pumping fists and everything…so out of character I was surprised I even said it. So obviously your blog is making an impression on me 🙂


  34. Socks over jeans are a must for boots!

    I’d marry me because .. I like to cook for and take care of other people, I think I’m hilarious, I love spontaneous adventures, I’m pretty smart and not afraid to admit it, and I’m fiercely loyal!

  35. Going back to not being a vegan is totally your choice and I support you for whatever reason you choose. I do particularly like the “eat what you what, when you want.” that is freak’n AWESOME.

    That’s an interesting exercise from Glamour; I would marry myself because: i’m different, dedicated, can be funny…err…love what I do? 😀

  36. 47 Emily (Ylime)

    Snackface! your sock over pants picture cracked me up, I totally rock that look daily. .. it’s always super hot when I forget about it and go over to my boys house and take off my boots at the front door and his friends are there . . . he’s alot older than me to begin with and then I walk in looking like a freezing cold, awkward little school girl . . . yes I rock pigtail braids on a reg basis, that’s still ok when you’re 23 right? I also love the word proats and all the other abbreves you invent . . . my BFF in college and I have this blog called the abbrevetionary, and of course a lot of our abbreves have to do with snacks! I was looking over it this morning and I found one that is perf for you: Snackscapade!

    Anyways I also just wanted to say that although the abundance of hmwk and the time it steals from your life can be super annoying, but don’t forget that this is your last semester of college, so enjoy every minute of it. I was so super busy during my last semester and it was a struggle to make time for happy hours and late night talks with friends, but I sacrificed a lot of sleep and fit it all in and now I look back very proudly and fondly of that last semester, sometimes its hard to realize when you are super busy how really great life is, so that’s my little bit of advice. Alright sorry I always write novels in your comments . . . awkward. You’re just my fave bloggie after lolo, I can’t help it!

    • 48 snackface

      Emily- I always LOVELOVELOVE your comments. SNACKSCAPADE OMG!!! I’m so stoked. Can I use that? May I have your permission 🙂 I’m already fond of the term sexcapade, so I need to add this one.

  37. 49 lilpauladean

    wobbly bits = fave description EVAHHH
    MA’s random observation of the day: is it just me, or is it just a beautiful thing when you slice up a fuji and you get half red and half yellow/orange? I’m a sucker for aesthetic food and the wonders of these babies delight me and, dare I say, make me as giddy as a 10 year old school girl, crushin on her older brothers’ amigos (this may or may not have occured on a regular basis in my youth).
    Glorious pose and gett-up (do people still call outfits “get-ups?). Looks like you’d be well dressed for the Green mountain weather… hint-hint!
    namaste, Love

  38. I started reading the first quote and knew it was Wayne immediately. I love that you love him 🙂 Even though I’ve heard the same song 500 times, he still makes me laugh.

    That wrap looks amazing! And I will definitely be trying faux dough, I just bought a choco chip bar today! I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to wait for it to freeze though….

  39. love the wrap photo
    socks over jeans: check.
    i would marry myself because i am intelligent (but try to be creative), honest (but am trying so hard to be diplomatic), and love myself (but still have room leftover to love others).

  40. I wear knee socks from high school under my boots!

    I would marry myself because I’m a fab cook, I love to read/get deep and philosophical and shiz, but I also have an eccentric personality (borderline bizarre), I speak French, and I am up for any traveling adventure!

  41. LOL I loved your “released some bodily fluids” comment. hahaha so true. Hmm well I’d want to marry myself because I’m generous/think of others, I’m funny, but know to be serious at times, I like to stay active, I’m down for spontaneous/fun activities.

  42. 54 cathy

    Hi! Love your blog. First time commenting. I’m bad about it. :^) I’m glad you added Dairy. In pics you look uber skinny, so I’m fairly certain it won’t hurt ya! Ok 5 reasons I’d marry me…. 1) I’m a good cook 2) I’m very nuturing 3) I’m independent 4) I’m fun! 5) I rock the budget wedding planning! I know this cause I did it! HEE Have a great day!

    • 55 snackface

      cathy- Thanks so much for reading and finally commenting! I love new names I have to approve! Oooh, budget planning, I’ma need help should I ever get married. All I need: dress, cake, bar, DJ.

  43. That wrap looks outta this world!! Great pic!
    Your magazine class sounds perfect for you, hope you enjoy it!
    Your faux dough sounds so delish!! It’s like cookie dough ice cream but obvs much better and healthier!
    You are genius kails;)

  44. 57 Katelyn

    great post! it’s a bummer that you have soo much work to do already, but your classes sound really interesting.

    i love your question too! i would marry myself because i have a great sarcastic sense of humor, i’m smart and well-read without being a snob, i am capable of laughing at myself, i’m realistic yet positive, and i’m pretty cute 🙂

    have a fab day 🙂

    p.s. love the jeans-tucked-into-socks look. hottt.

  45. Super post! Your lunch and din din are right up my alley.. colorful and filling! 🙂 Happy Wednesday 🙂

  46. It’s amazing how people don’t have anything better to do then spend their time putting others down for doing things that have nothing to do with them! I get cr*p about the way I eat too (clean). So I’m sorry. LOVE the outfit 🙂

  47. My pants are tucked into my pants right now – boots over. I also want that wrap you had for lunch…mmmm.

    1. The house would always be SPOTLESS, and I would love it (so would my spouse)
    2. I’m patient
    3. I love to laugh
    4. I would have a running buddy
    …that’s all I can think of. 🙂

    fun question! have a good one…

  48. My pants are totally tucked into my socks right now – boots over. I also want that wrap you had for lunch…mmmm.

    1. The house would always be SPOTLESS, and I would love it (so would my spouse)
    2. I’m patient
    3. I love to laugh
    4. I would have a running buddy
    …that’s all I can think of. 🙂

    fun question! have a good one…

  49. 62 Susan

    I rock the socks/jeans combo all da time! It helps keep your pantaloons from riding up when you put on boots as well. (added bonus: when you take off the boots and wear your pants like that around your room and feel supah sexy).

    Marriage material right here:
    1. I can cook a few key dishes (squash and soup)
    2. I love doing things to make others happy
    3. I’m good with kids and small animals

    Keep it rockin’ snack sistah

  50. that dough needs to become a part of my life asap!

    love 9am class AKA early…I remembe coming 10 minutes past 9 am for a 9am class and the teacher had not even begun yet, its like he knew that no one was going to be there on time

    socks over jeans are essential in the winter! I am with you on this one

    marry myself?
    -great cook
    -slighty dorky which I think is a bonus
    -I love to laugh and make others smileeee
    -I will make a hardcore mama 🙂

  51. boo, did you drop comm law ?! nooo 😦
    a comment for your last post but i’m too lazy to go comment twice: i love donuts. i will always eat donuts. why would i kick myself for doing something i love? one donut isn’t going to make me fat. and if one donut a day for many days does make me fat, so the fuck what? i like donuts.
    anyway, funny story i wanted to tell you in class (but you weren’t thereee):
    i saw your friend in my young adult lit class and when she walked in i went “ohmygod, is that muffin? in real life?” in my head. i have never felt creepier. i talked to her after class and she did introduce herself with her real name, bahahaha.

  52. Thank you for that faux dough recipe…I’ll need to get on that shizz ASAP. And your classes seem super interesting- especially the magazine one- I’m expecting you to be a hardcore mag editor someday, your writing is so enjoyable:)

  53. 66 julie

    pickles and mustard are for sure a winning combo. if you love you some mustard you should definitely give the TJs Aioli Garlic Mustard Spread a whirly the next time your there. It’s so addicting and so good with just about errrrything under the sun.

    hmmmm i would marry myself because…umm i’m witty so if you’re into that sense of humor i’m that, umm i’m loyal, i’m very honest probably too honest, i’m ambitious and determined…is that enough? haha have a great night girl 🙂

  54. 67 mkithas

    You make me want to eat a wrap and a faux dough bowl!!! I just ate dinna!!

    Love love your bloggie! Been your stalker for sometime, guess I just came out of hiding!! 😉

    I say eat whatever it is that makes you feel good. Body, mind and soul.

    I would marry me because:
    I am witty, I cook, love to take care of others, I’m a killah advice giver and of course I’m all around super fun…!!!

    • 68 snackface

      mkithas- Suga, thank you so much for coming out of the closet! Love it when that happens 🙂 My vote is that your super fun self should make wraps and faux-doughs whenever your heart desires.

  55. uhhh would it be weird if i had the faux dough for breakfast tomorrow? because as of right now that’s the plan 🙂

    • 70 snackface

      Graciepie, that would not be weird at all. I think it’s an excellent plan. Let me know what you think!

  56. Kailey, LOVE that wrap! Hhaa, you are coming up with some funky creations, and I love that! Pickles make everything better, in my opinion!

    I wouldn’t marry myself. No way.

  57. I had that EXACT same can-opener/pumpkin fail happen a few months ago! I promptly purchased a can-opener that day. I can’t deal with that type of disappointment more than once 😉

    I totally appreciate your response about the vegan issue and your choices. I say more power to you for keeping true to yourself. We only get once chance at life and if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, then it kinda sucks.

    I would marry me because: I care deeply for the people in my life, I would try to cook awesome meals for us, I don’t get worked up about most things…hmm there are some other possibly inappropriate ones 😉

  58. Faux dough is an AHHmazing idea. I have a ton of kids Clif Bars aka Z bars since I buy them by the case for Snuffy…no seriously, 18 at a time

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