Start of the Last


Hello gorgeous people! I hope everyone had wonderful Sundays and that you’re all ready for the start of a stellar new week. I will be starting my last winter quarter in Athens, and I couldn’t be more stoked about that. Winters are heinous, but I love constantly moving forward.

Following that fashion, my stay with the familia was short and super sweet. I woke up at 9am, blogged and ate breakfast:

Strawberry Chobes with half a naner and toasted oat bran cereal.

With barely any time to digest (and by digest I mean lounge for hours on the couch), I had to shower and get ready to leave. I wasn’t the only one who was sad about this:

Big, fluffy Marshmallow. Chillin'.

Popsicle packed the car while MamaJ and I got ready for the road. Getting ready entailed my trying on old skanky high school tees and MamaJ’s hilariously white volleyball sneaks.

Once 200 lbs. of my life were safely tucked into the car, we ventured the two and a half/three hours to Athens. Mid-ride I got hungry:

Apple with unpictured crackers and parents.

If you can’t tell from that picture, driving to Athens is incredibly flat and dull. Thankfully, no ride is too dull with MamaJ in tow.

We made it to Athens by 3pm. I let out a gigantic sigh when I opened the door to my house to find that nothing had been stolen and no critters had found a new home.

MamaJ got to work on cleaning and assembling an Ikea microwave stand while Popsicle and I braved Walmart. This fine establishment is one of the two places to buy groceries in Athens. Because the Kroger prices are hysterical (as in $5+ for a box of Kashi crackers), I always choose Walmart. It was a madhouse.

The parental unit left just as it was turning dark, and I started unpacking and organizing. First, though, I snacked:

Kashi Warm Cinnamon Oat with soymilk.

I spent an hour or so cleaning the cupboard and fridge. Le grande tour:

Spices arranged in a loose, Kailey version of alphabetical order.

Grains, tea and coffee. AKA My faves.

Check out my cans.

Nut family and random things I rarely use.

The fridge still smells like the carton of mushrooms I accidentally forgot in there for seven weeks. Gag.

Veg you'll be seeing soon.

Condom. Mints.

"I'm in so much ice, they yell, 'Skate, Wayne!'"

And then I spent a dreaded hour trying to figure out a new wireless router. I need help! Can anyone tell me why I have to pay to call Netgear for assistance? That’s a load.

I gave up and eased the pain:

With dinner, of course.

On the plate: not Trader Joe’s balls (so sad, but still good!), boiled sweet tater, barbecue sauce and broccoli seasoned with a Dash:

Dashing. I like.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first dinner back in my own little home:

So arty.

Instead of getting right back to unpacking, I chatted for a couple hours and read blogs. Connected through the ethernet cord, baby! I got snacky soon after dinner:

"I'm poppin' like Orville Redenbacher."

The Buttery Salt + Cracked Pepper flavor is phenom! If you spy a box of 10 mini-bags of butter and salt+peppa, buy it.

After snacking, I finally got to putting away my shoes and clothes. This took almost three hours. It’s one of my least favorite things to do, but Gaga, Wayne and Modest Mouse kept me company. Naturally, part of what took me so long was another snack break:

Carrots and butta of the peanut.

And now, as I’m finishing this post at 1:41am, I’m eating a small mug of Kashi Warm Cinnamon with soymilk and sunbutter. They don’t call me SnackFace for nuthin'(<— ‘billy roots right thurr!).

I should share that now that I’m back at school, my blogging schedule changes a bit. Instead of posting in the mornings, I post very late at night. It’s what works best. Not that it matters; it’s just a heads-up.

My Winter Quarter schedule goes a bit like this:
Monday: Women’s Chorale 12-1pm, Communications Law 1-2:30
Tuesday: Creative Non-Fiction Writing (!!) 9-11am, Magazine Editing and Production (!!!!!) 11-1, History of Film 202 3-5pm
Wednesday: See Monday
Thursday: See Tuesday and add Film Discussion 6-7pm
Friday: Women’s Chorale 12-1

Seeing that it’s nearing 2am and I have plans for a morning workout, sistah needs to get hopping to bed. Love you all and I thank you for following me from city to city. It’s been crazy, no?

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How organized are your pantries and fridges? What do you do to keep it that way?
My pantry and fridge rarely look that way, but I’d like to keep it fresh to death.


50 Responses to “Start of the Last”

  1. Condoms and mints?! I don’t see ’em…

  2. I can’t believe it’s already time to head back to school. I’m heading to a completely empty apartment (since we didn’t live in the same place last semester) which means an EMPTY kitchen. I started making a list of everything I gotta buy on my first visit to the grocery store and then I’m hoping my pantry and fridge will keep organized much like yours! Your schedule looks awesome… No class before 12 most days is heaven.

  3. Girl you will LOVE creative non fiction writing.

    Had no idea you went to OU! I went there for a year. Love Athens!!!

  4. I organize my pantry and fridge, and within 2 days it is a disaster again until I decide to re-organize a few wks later.

  5. Glad you settled in and that schedule sounds great for this semester! Good luck unpacking. 🙂

  6. My fridge/pantry is pretty organized although we dont really have a legit pantry.. its more of a cabinet intended for plates and stuff.. cannot wait to have a large kitchen someday!!
    Good luck unpackin and getting settled!

  7. 7 crazylittlethingneela

    my family is insanely organized cause my mum is serisouly obsessive when it comes to keeping things in order 😉
    happy new year beautiful!!

  8. My pantry and fridge are usually the most organized parts of my life!! lol

  9. I started looking for a condom in your fridge for a few seconds. Wow it’s early.

  10. I love all the Wayne sprinkles tossed about through this posty.

  11. 11 julie

    ugh you’re good like that. i have to wake up an extra 10 minutes just to find the cinnamon in my cabinets haha.

    glad you’re back and ready to roll!

  12. Have a great last first day of school darling! Bah, so dramatic… 😉

  13. 13 Lizzy

    I hope your having a fantastic day at your last winter semester!!!!!!!! love you chica! 🙂

    ps. i’m going to e-mail you sometime today!

    love you!

  14. I suppose you could call my cupboards organized…the things I use most often are in the front and the rest is stuffed in the back so that I forget about it and hence never use it. I do have a whiteboard on my freezer that tells me what’s in there so I don’t forget and freezer burn it.

  15. 15 Susan

    Condom. Mints. had me laughing out loud!
    Isn’t that Kashi cereal the best. It smells like Christmas morn I swerr.
    GL today on your last quarter!

  16. Haha at first I read that question, “how organized are your panties?”.

    My pantries are pretty organized thanks to Pro Shake who is (more than) a bit of a neat freak. As for my panties, that is a totally different story!

  17. 17 Katelyn

    i have a horrible time keeping my pantries at school organized. it all starts off well, but things spiral out of control as the semester picks up.

    great post! very funny 🙂

  18. I’m not super organized. My fridge is always fine, but my cabinets tend to get disorganized and overflow a little. I don’t have a pantry, so I use two separate cabinets to house all of my non perishables.
    I was laughing at the condom.mints. At first I thought “she keeps condoms in the fridge?!?!” LOL!!!!

  19. I hate shopping at Walmart, but it’s the only place I can find those FlatOut Wraps.
    Good luck in your new semester!

  20. i like to keep my pantry/fridge organized..but it does NOT last long
    i def have those meatless balls in thur! love em!!
    saw your twitter about that comment.. LAME
    kailey somebody is just jelous of you because you are so energetic and never come across as boastfull or big headed so do NOT worry about that love!

  21. Facts in your post that I completely understand:
    – Winters are, indeed, heinous!
    – Driving to Athens is incredibly flat and dull. <- take out Athens and that is why I'm dreading my next few work trips
    – Because the Kroger prices are hysterical <- WFs is cheaper sometimes, what is this?!
    – Walmart people <- my local one is next to a trailer park. 'Nuf said.

    Where's the brewskis?!?! Hope your last semester starts off well – lucky, girl!

  22. 22 elise

    booo that youre gone. never been to a walmart. sad, i know. but given the price of sabra, i think it would be a slaughter-fest upon arrival. dangerous. very dangerous.

  23. snackfacey!

    welcome back to athens! i hope you’re all settled in and RELAXING. you deserve it… you’ve been GO-GO-GO for the past few months! i admire you for that. 🙂

    i neeeeed to find you sooner than later and we neeeeed to have a night out on the town. i think we could learn a lot from eachother!


  24. 1.) that marshmallow is so damn cute I could eat him up… but I’m afraid I might choke- not unlike the time I actually did choke eating a smores (is smore singular for smores?) in the 4th grade.
    2.) Newman and co. were clearly on their game when concocting above butterliscious crack. I say: cross out letters B-U-T-T-E-R-Y-S-A-L-T-A-N-D…-E-D-P-E-P-P-E-R, hand it to a hard addict and we’ve officially solved the global crack problem. God, Newman should have run for prez.
    3.) Dunno if you’ve tried that acorny-mango jam by imagine yet… but you might find it a tad sweet and one-note (in flave and consistency-more like a watery smoothie(i may or may not have tried this coldhaha)), however this is remedied SPLENDIDLY with the addition of some roasted/boiled spuds or b-nut, possibly a baby scoop of b-beans, generous dousing of sriracha, pinch or so of celtic sea salt (if your a sweet/salty gal like myself) and if your on an off-vegan day, a sprinkling of parm and possibly a wee pat o’ beurre for that smooth mouth feel and extra richness. Just sayin…

  25. 25 eatolive

    you are super organized!!! i feel as though i try so very hard to keep the kitchen in general (fridge, counters, pantry, cabinets, etc…) neat and tidy .. and then the boy goes in there to make one meal and it’s chaios! ah well…

  26. Lovin all the WEEZY quotes! And your pantry/fridge gives me much inspiration for how I shall stock mine when I move up to the house back at school in a couple weeks!
    Ohhh and I’m on the waitlist for creative nonfiction up at school for my art credit…I reallllllllly hope I get into it!
    Much love

  27. Sweet ‘taters look awesome 🙂

  28. I’m both excited and sad to begin our last semesters–mainly because I don’t like moving and unpacking! Oh well, one more time won’t hurt…

    I keep my cuboards pretty tidy, mainly by putting stuff up immediately after using…like I’ll make lunch and put things up as I go, rather than leaving it all out til the end. I guess that’s how I do it?

  29. keeping my pantry organized is a constant struggle…I try to have a specific place for everything, but without fail – things end up messy after a few weeks. Glad your back and good luck with school this semester!

  30. Your final semester schedule looks pretty mellow! That’s always a plus. I have those meatless meatballs as well and I just might like them more than TJ’s–they’re bigger. Bigger balls. TWSS.

    Hope you have a fabulous first week back on the grind!!

  31. Glad you are back at school! Your pantry looks great and I am OCD so I always keep everything organized 😉
    great eats and snacks!!

  32. go with yo bad self girl…rock out this quarter (oops, almost wrote semester!) like no other. have a glorious day my love!


  33. Keeping busy is the best way to deal with the winter blues. Ugh. And a well stocked pantry and fridge! Have a good last quarter!

  34. 34 Lo

    girl. i just got the condiment joke. perhaps because i just woke up and it is 2pm. gah my life.

    i was in a creative fiction writing class and luved it.
    our tues/thurs sched are so similar! I am in school for like 6 hours both days too. Ugh. we shall survive!


  35. My pantry/fridge is pretty organized. BUT I still live with my parents, so room for *my* food is very minimal. I have one measly drawer for all of my “healthy stuff” (haha)…and the stuff I want to hide so no one else eats it 😉

  36. 36 dorothy

    i was literally rapping (read: attempting to rap) got money when i saw skate wayyne hahah

    loved the little tour! mm i need some uh dat popcorn

  37. I am so behind on my snackies life.. I can’t believe you already been home and are hitting the rode again. I gotta catch up – I feel so out of the loop, my sincerest of apologies baybay. Forgive me, please?!

    your fridge/pantry are outrag, pooks. I want to live witchu so bad!

    so in love with ya xo ❤

  38. My pantry is a mess. The one thing I do automatically is have a “healthy shelf” that I eat from (my hubby and the kids eat from all over, but me, I’m all about that shelf!) 😉

  39. 39 Aunty Snooze

    I wanna know what your Dad ate on this ride to Athens?

  40. Good luck back at school! Your schedule looks awesome. And such delicious snacks, too.

  41. bahhh haah condom. mints. perfect! I was loking for the condoms in there…I kid, I kid 😉

    lovin the organization in here!! I love to clean out my fridge and spice drawer every now and then…there are things I forget about sometimes!

    I have not found better balls then the trader joes ones…I currently have the quorn ones but just not as good at TJs
    I think so many of us have items in our pantrys that we never use but ALWAYS keep there…just in case! LOL

    have a great night K

  42. My pantry is organized, and my fridge is not. It’s packed full. I must drive my roommate crazy. Hee hee.

    Ee! Night classes! I hate those…I can’t concentrate in the evenings….but I hope it’s different in your case! Here’s to another exciting semester!

  43. 43 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    love your fridge- i have a teeeny one at college, which is filled w/ empty beer cans and my fage..yeaaah interesting combo. haaha
    it is sweet htat you sing 🙂


  44. Your house is so tidy right now! Since I’m living with the ‘rents.. the pantry and fridge is usually a disaster. I just go to my happy place when entering either zone.

  45. WASSUP LIL’ WAYNEEE!!!! He’s singin’ all throughout this post, no??

    I’m happy you’re back in Athens–ready to pound out your last quarter!!!!! That’s so crazyy!!! Wait, last QUARTER?? Not semester? Are you graduating early?!?!?

    Lovin’ the pantry/fridge tour…i spy some delishh sabra, fake tj’s balls, tj’s sunflower seed butter, dash (i have the original and its amazingg with everything! i can’t have a wrap without it!), silk, oikos– all the goods 🙂

    I’m gonna look out for that popcorn–it sounds amaze!!
    Hope the new schedule is workin’ out, and GOOD LUCK LOVE!!!!!! Magazine editing & production sounds amazing!! Although i’m sure you already know allll about it! 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo

  46. 46 Marie

    Hey girl. I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I’m also finishing up school and find your posts very relatable. My neighbor went to OU as well! I’m from the Midwest but going to school out East. I think it’d be cool/different if you posted photos from your school/apt. And promise I’m not a stalker! I think it’s so interesting to see other schools and living spaces. I kinda get use to my little bubble of a campus and city, and seeing new places (especially on blogs) is way fun. Keep bloggin!


    • 47 snackface

      Marie- Hey boo! Thanks so much for commenting. And that’s a wonderful idea! I’ll tidy up and take pics soon! xoxo P.S. I may not take a pic of the outside for privacy reasons, though 😦

      • 48 Marie

        Oh right. I totally hear you on that one, stalkers are a no no! Hhaha. Have a wonderful day at school!

  47. 49 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    so cool that you sing, hope this quarter goes great! i always love seeing pics of blogger’s fridges/shelves 🙂

  48. Your classes sound awesome. Sometimes I really miss college.

    I used to love that popcorn before I hopped off the dairy train. I make popcorn on the stove a lot and almost always top with salt and pepper. So good!

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