Easy Breezy


Hello beauties! What an incredible discussion about image we had going on yesterday! Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating.

Just this morning I read January Vogue’s “Up Front” article about supermodel Lara Stone. At a size 4 she is/was often deemed “fat” and has had jobs canceled on her. It was a fascinating read, and all I can say is thank heavens she has become such a fashion darling. We need more diversity in the fashion world! Maybe my model dreams aren’t over now…

Back to real life, though! I took photos of the gorgeous city this morning. Hoofing it to my last day at M.Shanken:


NYPD, I'll even miss you. OK, not really. We didn't get to know each other.


Tuesday morning, however, I was too much in Popsicle form to snap any pictures. After a workout, a hot shower and a makeup session that you’ll see at the end, I arrived at 9am to make some oats:

My name tag from the holiday party. Scrapbook material! If only I scrapbooked.

Oats and Mighty Mapes powered me through the morning, allowing me to blog and blog read to my fullest potential.

I got swept up in a fabulous chat in the mail room around 1pm and didn’t eat lunch until 2:

Hello dairy!

On the plate: 8oz. cottage cheese, grapes, 1/2 a boiled sweet tater and raw green beans. This was my first encounter with cottage cheese since April or May and it was glorious. Since reintroducing dairy into the diet (Greek yogurt and cottage cheese, mainly), I have yet to experience stomach issues. I’ve probably jinxed myself by saying that. Eff.

I spent the afternoon doing ridiculous things: looking up Gaga lyrics, looking at protein powdas so I can get jacked, looking up exes and high school peeps on the Book (you know the drill).

Five o’clock eventually rolled around and I headed to ‘Boken. It was so frigid I’m pretty confident that my eyeballs were frozen. They had major delayed reactions. No brews involved.

Eating happened almost as soon as I got home. Another round of CVS and grocery shopping had me famished! I snacked on pretzels and hummus. After the eating:

That poor bag of pretzels didn't know what it had coming. I've only had them for two days. Champ.

Dinner resembled lunch:

Sweet tater, tempeh and cucumber. All dipped into hummus.

The redundancy of meals is due to my leaving NYC for good on Saturday (and I hope I’m not leaving “for good”–I shall return!). I’m afraid to buy too much for fear of wasting what little money I have left.

I wasn’t afraid, though, to buy a gigantic box of Cheerios. I own any cereal box that comes near me. For dinner part two/dessert part one/whatever I fixed some Cheeripros:

Cheerios+ protein powda+ NuStevia= Cheeripros.

Spiru-tein powder turns an alarming shade of green when combined with liquid:

You can't see it in this pic, but wait until I show you today's oats... tomorrow.

It was a delicious combo, but it sparked my desire for more Cheerios. I’d say half the box has been eaten in two days. That’s how I do.

I had some trail mix, an apple and a cookie later in the evening, but I’d like to share other little things that I’m loving…

Makeup review! Monday evening I found myself examining the new Covergirl products in CVS. I ventured from my usual makeup staples and bought:

Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire.


LashBlast Volume in Black Brown.

I get disgustingly excited about new makeup, so I thought I’d share with you how it turned out!

First, I started with ShadowBlast. Step one: Cover lids and inner corners of eyes with this:


Step two: Create smokiness and depth by putting the dark shade in the creases and the rims of eyes:

Bronzy brown.

Step three: Add shadow with angled brush around outer corners of eyes, upper and lower, like eyeliner. I never use eyeliner, but always use this method:

L'Oreal pallette I've been using since age 14. I use the darkest shade as liner.

With those three steps, my eyes looked a little something like this:

Sorry for the scary giant eyeball. Like my equally giant headphones? I was listening to Gaga, of course.

Then it was time to get Blasted:


Mascara is always my favorite step. It makes a huge difference:


ShadowBlast Pros:
-Supa easy to apply. It’s like coloring with crayons!
-Fabulous dewy, shimmery colors that blend easily with use of fingertips.

ShadowBlast Con(s):
-It creases in two seconds. Maybe my eyelids are greasy, but I even powdered them beforehand. Major bummer.

LashBlast Pros:
-Doesn’t that last picture say it all? It both defines and voluminates. I’m not sure whether voluminates is a real word.
-Isn’t clumpy.

LashBlast Con(s):
-The applicator is huge and clunky. I stabbed my eye and the side of my nose. Maybe the problem isn’t the applicator…maybe it’s the user.
-Wasted product. When I pull out the wand to use it, a gloop (also not really a word) of mascara dangles off the end, which I have to wipe off on the tube, which creates a mess. No bueno.

Overall, I dig it. I’m determined to make the shadow work for me, and today, I didn’t stab myself in thine eye with the mascara! To complete the look, I glossed it up with CG WetSlicks Fruit Spritzers in Raspberry Splash. I kept it easy, breezy, beautiful:


Definitely smiling with my eyes.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you stick to your usual beauty favorites or do you love to experiment? What’s your favorite beauty product?
Sometimes a light and fluffy topic is needed, ya know? I’d say I’ll always love Maybelline Define-A-Lash and Carmex. Apparently, I’m down for experimenting, too. With makeup.


54 Responses to “Easy Breezy”

  1. i get SO incredibly excited about new makeup too!!! those all look great- i love lloreal products but i need to try more covergirl!!
    usually i stick with my fav-bare minerals.. i would die without their foundation and bronzer!

  2. I LOVE makeup, and I never wear the same eyeshadow colors 2 days in a row. I love experimenting with new stuff and colors! One thing I have been using for a good year and a half is MAC zoomlash – I love their mascara! I can’t believe how much of a difference the one you tried makes – looks great! Mascara is the one thing I could never leave home without.

  3. Thanks for the beauty tips! It looks fabulous!
    I’m sad you are leaving NYC:( but like you said hopefully nor for good!

  4. LOVE the make-up!!!!!! Your eyes are stunning!

    I wanted to share this restaurant with you cause I know you love middleastern food! If you are ever in the DC area you need to hit this up!

    They can also substitute vegan friendly items. I also included a funny pic of something very non-vegan you will find ammusing…Lol


  5. 5 savoringsarah

    Ohhh yeah that is my current mascara obsession! LOVE IT. And I have little to NO eyelash action to start with, so when i get complements on my “long” lashes, I KNOW its a winner!

    I have found (after going through, ohhhh, three tubes in 6 months) that if you wipe the applicator off with paper towel the first time you open it, the big goop that comes out disappears.

  6. 6 Amisha

    Gotta look for that eye shadow! When it comes to dairy I always find my stomach gets upset more often when I eat it alone. If I have it with something sugary or carby my stomach feels fine. Eating a chunk of cheese or plain greek yogurt = yucky feeling in belly. Eating cheese with apple or yogurt with granola = stomach feeling normal. Test it out for yourself.

  7. 7 busylittlelexi

    I recently bought some tempeh & I’m not sure what to do with it. Do you have any suggestions?
    I’m shopping around for protein powder too. I would really like to get more protein in my diet.
    Your makeup looks amazing! I am obsessed with finding the perfect mascara. I currently like Lancome Fatale.

  8. i SWEAR by covergirl lash blast. it makes my skimpy lashes look luxuriously fabulous!

    happy countdown to back in ohioooooo….LOVE YOUUUUU

    chat soon πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been using that LashBlast mascara for years now and I love it. I sometimes try new products out, but I usually find myself going back to my old tried-and-true products.

  10. I looove expensive make up but literally, $14 for eyeshadow, that shh is whack!! I usually buy cvs eyeshadow, gloss, blush, and FOR SURE my ultimate fave is the pink/green maybelline great lash mascara, it is sooo good! But I stick with the pricier foundations and powders. Your coldness in NYC is making me sooo scurred to go back to the bean πŸ˜€

  11. I love the mascara in the huge yellow tube. Forgot what it’s called but it’s like lash blast but from maybelline. My other staples are almay eyeliners, physicians formula bronzer, and bare minerals foundation. Love!

  12. I just found your blog and love it! And your from Ohio…even better!!! As for makeup, I usually stick to the same stuff during the week, but experiment when I’m going out on weekends.

  13. I looooooooooove playing with makeup! My favorite recent find is a bright blue eyeshadow from some downmarket brand called Jessie’s Girl. I like to use superbright eyeshadows as eyeliners – you get to have fun with ridiculous colors without looking like a clown.

  14. For the most part, I am hooked on Chanel. I love their fluid iridescent eyeshadow, Teint Innocence compact foundation and Aqualumiere lipshine. Also a fan of their nail polish, lip gloss and powder. I tend to use mascara samples because I have yet to find one that I can’t live without. None of this is cheap, but I don’t use a lot so it all balances out.

    Happy New Year!

  15. Haha I love your shadowblast/lashblast reviews!
    I admit I’m a little retarded with make up…like I get so overwhelmed by the nine zillion different products out there that I don’t know what to choose. I tend to stick with favourites though- though expensive I love Dior’s eyeliners (espesh the precision liner)- I’ve been using mine almost every day for two years and it still hasn’t run out or gone bad!

  16. I used to experiment, so I have a huge stash of barely-used makeup now. I was quite the MAC addict for awhile!

    Now, I tend to stick to the basics. Laura Mercier Oil-Free foundation and L’Oreal Voluminous mascara are my two can’t-live-withouts.

  17. Hahaha – SMIZE!

    I’ve used that mascara for a while and the only complaint I have is that it flakes all over my face. 😦 My solution for it has been to use one coat of that to elongate and lengthen my lashes and then a second coat of plain jane Maybelline Great Lash – which I know will not flake on me. Works pretty well!

  18. haha Smiling with the eyes…Tyra would be so proud, girl. I looove, love, love getting new products (makeup, bodywash, shampoo, whatevs). I have to use ’em pretty much immediately. When I get new shower products I end up taking the longest shower everrr just to try every single product..even if it’s not necessary. hah Plus, fierce makeup + Gaga…always a winner.

  19. I just revamped my makeup collection the other day too! Mascara is the one product I would hate to be without, but shadows are so much fun to play with.

    You absolutely should pursue those model dreams, my gorgeous friend!!!

  20. I am a beast when it comes to cereal. My average is 2-3 days per box but I’ve definitely devoured boxes in a day. Soooooo gross. I try not to let it in my house. ESPECIALLI Cheerios.

    For my daily makeup “routine” I moisturize my face and put on eyeliner. Moisturizer of choice: Olay daily w spf 15.Eyeliner: Makeup forever Aqua Eyes on black. It’s my favorite…lasts forever.

    For going out, though, I loooooooooooove to play with makeup: colors, styles, crazy things like glitter, fake eyelashes, bright red lipstick or neon shades of eyeshadow. Oh and Gaga is absolutely the best best best music to get ready to. Well, its the best music to do anything to, really.

  21. thanks for posting this article! havent read the jan issue yet and this was a great piece πŸ™‚ happy almost NYE!

  22. 22 Lizzy

    your eyes look amazingly beautiful!!!! whenever i go to CVS i spend SOOO much time in the makeup aisles and i usually walk out a bit poorer, but its all worth it in the end! i love experimenting with new colors of eye shadow and mascaras! i’ve actually used that same mascara but in black and i totally loved it! πŸ™‚


  23. I stick to my normal beauty products because I love what I wear! Just some moisturizer, liquid foundation, mineral foundation, and mascara. Simple but pretty πŸ™‚

    You look great! But so do your eatsss!
    ❀ jess

  24. 24 Susan

    Haha that’s some great “smizing” as my girl T. Banks would say! And glad you had a good last day at ze office. And that cottage cheese is my FAVORITE CC EVAH. And that’s all.

  25. 25 Natalie

    i stick to the same thing, i have used the same makeup since i started using makeup. thats been about 10 years. i think i might need to step outside the box! but i hate to because its so expensive!

  26. I think im a boy at heart or something.. I wear Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse foundation which rocks and a lil mascara BUT other than that its chap stick all the way! Whenever I go to buy new makeup I always end up dropping like 50 bucks at CVS?!?

    You look fab, as always! πŸ™‚

  27. GREAT LASH on my long lashes.
    CHAPSTICK on my luscious lips.
    MATTIE between my lanky legs.

    okay. so that last one is false.
    a girl can dream though. no?

    also. youre such a dimepiece.

  28. 28 julie

    I lovvee covergirl mascaras and I would sport those babies like no other until I found out I was allergic to them. fail.

    glad you had such a fab time in the city girl πŸ™‚

  29. 29 lowandbhold

    I used to be all about it with the makeup and in my older age I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon. I need to change that. Makeup can be fun! Love the eye look.

  30. I don’t know if it’s success or failure that you didn’t make friends with the NYPD..maybe next trip? πŸ˜‰

    I love the dairy, I probably am lactose intolerant and just ignoring the effects because of my love for Greek yog and cottage cheese. Whatever, can’t stop, won’t stop.

    LOVE the make-up review/tutorial! I always WANT to experiment, but alas I’m a lazy ass who never tries to put on a show. But you may have just inspired me. You and Gaga (obvi)

  31. 31 Peggy

    Wait, I thought you went back to Ohio. You’re still in New York?

    • 32 snackface

      Hey Peggy! I went to Cincinnati just for Christmas, flew back to NYC for one week of work and fun and am now back in Cinci. On Sunday, however, I drive to Athens, Ohio, and start classes again on Monday. Fast turnaround!

  32. I think Tyra would be very proud of your smyzing skillz!

    I usually stick to 2 mascaras: Colossal (Maybelline I think?) in the yellow tube, or Voluminizing gray tube from L’Oreal. I’ve tried every mascara in the drugstore and those are the two that I keep coming back to.
    Foundation is always Bare Minerals, if not I get huge allergic reactions. I do love a good colorful eyeshadow.
    If I’m splurging I go for MAC since I know it’ll last forever, but if I’m just in the drugstore I usually lean towards L’Oreal (since my mom wears it) or Physicians Formula. I tried CG a few times, and ended up with an itchy puffy face!

  34. 35 Zaineb

    omgosh kailey, that covergirl face at the end……lmfao u r so funny! i’ve probably said this b4 but ur dry humor is just like out of this world amazzing! u should be a writer on a sitcom, and then let me star in it……i dream
    By the way that mascara looks great on u! i tried it and found it a little to heavy/clumpy for me. Thoughts?

    • 36 snackface

      Zaineb- Thank you so much! The mascara isn’t too heavy for my tastes, but it flakes, which is annoying!

  35. 37 dorothy

    your mascara looks amazing! do you have any tricks?? do you use a curler before/after?
    maybe it’s just me though.. i swear i’m completely inept at mascara application so i stick with plain ol’ liner 😦

    i stick with my safe brands of bronzer and liner but when things hit the sale rack, all bets are off πŸ˜‰

    • 38 snackface

      dorothy- Thanks, suga! I don’t curl my lashes, but I use a small hand mirror to see the base of my lashes supah closely. I take the mascara wand and dig into the bases of my lashes, wiggle back and forth at the base and then pull the wand straight to the tip of lashes. That was so confusing, I’m sorry!

  36. 39 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    wowza you have gorgeous eyes! of course you’re rockin out to gaga while you apply zee makeup :). love all the pics, great eats too!

  37. 40 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    i am such asnob when it comes to make up. i use a lot of mac & nars but i’m always looking for quality, cheaper buys so i appreciate the review ! that mascara looks great πŸ™‚ & your sweet potatoes look delicccious as well



    oh & i hate how models have to be like size 00… it is somessed up!!

  38. I just got a plethora of Sephora make-up for Christmas (Santa was too good to me!) so I can’t wait to play with it all!

    Love the article on Lara Stone! She made VogueParis’ list of top 20 models to influence the decade of fashion! Also, heres an interesting piece I stumbled upon on Perezhilton.com (i know, I’m shameless when I want to procrastinate!) http://perezhilton.com/2009-12-30-who-has-the-most-diserable-celeb-bod

    no waives or juvenile figures on the list!

  39. Loove the makeup on you–gorgeous! I still to MAC, Tarte and Bare Minerals eye shadows because otherwise my eyes get irritated easily–Happy New Year!!

  40. 43 eatolive

    i get incredibly excited over new make up as well! and your daily (almost daily?) NYC pictures make me want to hop on a greyhound right now (the bus, not the dog :)) to that glorious city! :0)

  41. 44 Emily

    Hello!!! I just started reading your blog and I’m hooked! I have a question about your boiled sweet potatoes. I always bake or roast mine.. so I want to try them boiled to avoid having to add anything to them except salt and pepper. I noticed you leave the skin on them… so my question is.. do you slice the sweet potato (as pictured in your post) and then boil them? or do you boil the entire potato and then slice? and for how long do you boil? oh, and when you bring it for lunch at work.. do you eat it cold or reheat? =) a few dumb questions.. sorry! Love seeing the photos of manhattan…. used to live there up until a couple of years ago.. i’m a queens gal now.

    • 45 snackface

      Emily- Hey! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I don’t mind the questions one bit! For the potatoes, I wash and dry them, slice them into circles, cover them with water and crank the heat up on the stove. I let it boil until the slices are easily pierced with a knife–I have no idea how long that takes on electric stoves, but with a gas stove it takes about 6 minutes. When I bring leftovers to work I eat the taters cold! I prefer boiled sweet taters’ texture the next day because they’re super soft, whereas with baked cheetahs, there’s an odd chewy outer layer. Anyway, I hope that helps!

  42. Awww – so sad it was your last day!! I must say, I’m excited for your return to the Midwest so we’re only a few hundred miles away rather than a few thousand πŸ˜‰

    I love the reindeer on your name tag! Mmm, cottage cheese – welcome back to the dark side K-bay-bay. Some of the other flavors (ahem cookies and delicious creme) don’t turn green but the vanilla turning green is pretty fun!

    I stick to my tried and true products = Mac-y Mac shadow, Nutrogena mascara, Almay concealer/powder, Rimmel bronzer, and Covergirl eye liner. It takes a lot for me to look this ridiculously gorgeous πŸ˜‰

  43. 47 Kristina

    Wow your lashes look incredible with the LashBlast! Well I am a beauty junky so I keep a heads up on new products all the time (subconsciously). My absolute favorites include:Lipstick Queen’s Medieval lipstick , MAC’s Prep n Prime translucent finishing powder, and Stila’s smudge pot in Little Black Dress.

  44. I love buying new makeup, the same stuff bores me. My best beauty product? Eyeliner and mascara. Yeah, that’s two but they look better when combined. πŸ˜€

    Pfft to the model thing. Size 4? That’s ridiculous that they’re calling her fat. I think I read something about this and still found it dumb the first time I read it.

  45. I’m a size 4…I don’t consider myself fat by a longshot (although I do admit to having days where I don’t see myself in a very good light). But I think it’s ridiculous. Thanks for calling attention to it! I live in an area where the women are all nipped and tucked (literally) and where they think having the body of a 14 year old with big boobs is cool…I personally think it’s unattractive (personal opinion). I realize that everyone has a different idea of what thin is, but when did the “00” become the norm? Uuuugghhh.

  46. The Lara Stone article was great, she is such a gorgeous sweetie & people calling her fat is just bizarre.

    and WOWZA, the mascara is phenomenal!
    I always stick to the same beauty products, for the most part Rimmel all the way; mainly because it’s cheap but not too shabby!

    p.s. i’ve just started a blog and would love it if you could check it out!

  47. Snack plates rule my world! I also loveeee your makeup! Girl where is the cheeta spots on those sp?? Love your eats as always.


    • 52 snackface

      Maggie- I totally miss my cheetahs! I didn’t have any baking sheets or cooking spray in NYC! I’ll be making up for it as soon as I’m back in Athens πŸ˜‰

  48. Omg Tyra would be so proud. Hell, I’M proud!! πŸ™‚ You are absolutely rockingg that makeup–and i’ve just made a note to buy the above products. I’ve actually been quite faithful to the orange “lash blast volume” for years now, until this semester–where i found a “buy one, get one free” deal for another covergirl mascara…but in the yellow tube. IT’S NOT AS GOOD!!

    Also proud that you killed off that bag of pretzels. They have been a STAPLE in my diet for months now. Can’t go a day or so without the crunchy lil’ thangs (esp. since they go with EVERYTHING!!!!)– love!

    And did you find a protein powda that suited yo’ fancy!?

    HOPE LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING WITH MUFFIN!!!!!! Speaking of….i need to pick some more (muffins) up at trader joe’s tomorrow, hahaha! LOVE YOU! XOXOXO

  49. I love new make up! I just started playing around with eye shadows. Love them. My all time favorites though are bronzer, lipstain and mascara. Cannot go days without them!

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