What up, boos! I cannot express how thrilled I am that I didn’t scare you away with my Ped Egg pic. Love that thing! And Matty Rich had a ballin’ day yesterday. Not only did all your compliments make his ego even bigger (M.Rich, you know I’m kidding), but he also got a job. Hollaaaa!

My Monday was less exciting, though. I couldn’t sleep worth a darn Sunday night and I awoke at 5am for a workout. Guess what I still can’t do? Snap decent pictures of my beloved Jerz Guids:

I think I've gotten worse, actually. I'm blaming the elliptical.

I did the usual ab-day workout. Forty minutes of intervals on the elliptical
(at level five tor 2 minutes, then level 10 for 2 minutes), 100 crunches while holding ball/weight thing, 50 reps of four different ab workouts I can’t explain and three sets of 10 leg pull-up things on a hangy machine. You see why I don’t normally share this? Exactly.

After a solid, sweaty workout I pranced home, disrobed and hopped into the shower. Having not showered since Saturday, sista needed it! Much to my horror, I found that after running the water for 10 minutes, there still was no hot water! Desperate, I hand-washed the essentials.

There is no better way to wake up your body, mind and soul than splashing freezing water on your lady parts. Worked better than any cup of caffeine I’ve ever had.

Semi-clean and heavily spritzed, I made it to work and finally warmed up:

Oats with Mighty Mapes and sweetener.

A few weeks ago, I won Katie’s NuNaturals giveaway. The loot was waiting for me when I went to Cinci over the holiday, and Katie and NuNaturals hooked me up. Thank you! Now I’m sweetening everything with these little babies:

Holy sweet. And holy dry cuticles.

I only need half the packet or less to get the sweetness I want. Sweetness in my food, that is. I still need some suga from another source, ya dig?

A good chunk of the morning was spent blogging and blog reading. J’adore! I missed all your beautiful faces! I broke only to use the loo and snack:

Luscious Honeycrisp.

My appetite was sad and minimal yesterday and absolutely nothing sounded good for lunch. At 2:15pm I finally fetched assorted veggies from a nearby health shop:

$8 of fiber.

In the container: acorn squash that was so salty I couldn’t eat it, chickpea salad, greens and ‘fu salad, brussels soaked in olive oil (lick), kabocha with onions and, according to its label, muffuletta tempeh. It was OK, I just wasn’t feeling food at the moment. Shame on me!

The office was dead in the afternoon. To fill the time, I read, read, read blogs and pondered my winter class schedule. I may finally be able to fulfill my fantasy of having an affair with a professor. I’ll report on this when the quarter has commenced.

I walked my hiney to the Path train at 5:15 and gazed at the lights en route:

Is it bad that I find cities to be more beautiful than, say, parks?

When I got back to Hoboken, I shopped in CVS and Garden of Eden for an hour. It’s dangerous to shop in CVS when new beauty products have arrived. It’s even more dangerous to shop in Garden of Eden when you’re hungry.

For dinner, I wanted veggies but not in salad or soup form. This is why I love snack plates oh so much:

Solves all my problems.

On the plate: 1/2 of a boiled sweet potato, raw green beans, carrot, “raw” tempeh, cucumber and Happy Herbert’s oat bran pretzels (times seven, at least). I loved this dinner:


All dinner components were dipped into zeese:

Tribe, I like you. You're cheap.

Eating continued with two large bowls of Cheerios with almond milk:

I'd been craving them since Cheerio Crack.


A City Girl Country Girl cookie.

My bod is not very hungry during the day, but as soon as night hits, the appetite is fierce. I do not mind one bit.

What’s also fierce is this Target jaqueta I received for my birthday in November. We reunited over the holiday:


A surefire way to stick out like a sore thumb in NYC: wear a non-black coat. Underneath, I rocked:

The belted sweater-dress look.

This picture reminds me that a few weeks ago, a gentleman informed me that I have thick thighs. Now, I know he meant this as a compliment, and I’d totally love to own it, but something in me was offended. Yes, I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit that, but it bothered me. Because years of cheerleading and dance equal strong thighs forever, I’m comfortable and happy knowing that I’m not going to have runway twiglet thighs. But “thick?”

What I also find startling and hilarious is that I very recently received yet another comment about my “underweight appearance.” Here’s what I’ve learned: Screw ’em all. Love what you’ve got. Work it.

Anyway, I’m in love with this little sweater. Guess where it’s from:

Walmart! MamaJ is good. Also, if you look closely you'll see that I'm slightly cross-eyed in this pic. Sexy.

Before tossing and turning in bed for the night, I watched Wedding Crashers. That movie never gets old with me. It’s brilliant.

Who’s free tonight and wants to go out?! I have no plans for the day other than to be merry and stay warm. My underweight thick thighs and I are ready for a night of pubbing!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Have you ever received a comment about your body that irked you? If so, what was said? And what was your sassy response?
I don’t even think I had a response. I just laughed. I do, however, receive “You’re so tall!” frequently. That doesn’t bother me, but it’s like, duh, I know. I’ve been 5’10” for years.


81 Responses to “Thick”

  1. Someone said you had thick thighs? Wow I would have NEVER thought that, but I can understand, being a dancer and a gymnast, too. I get comments all the time, since I am certainly not thin. I am short, but carry a good deal of muslce. Once, when I was training a client for the first time, she told me I was ‘plump’ and not trim like the girls working the front desk! Granted this woman was 80 yrs old, but it irked me. However, I have always got comments about being thick, so I tend to brush them off.

  2. 2 Sara

    So glad the coat is yellow, not blah beige! It was hard to tell in the dark pic but I also think it`s cool your walls are blue!! I lived in a bright lime green room once for a few months and loved it cuz I got to experience something I`d never choose.

  3. your beautiful!!!!! I love this sweater dress belted outfit with leggings! its probably one of my favorite outfit ideas!!!!!!

    I wish i was in NY right now so we could go out and party hardy!!!!! have a good day love! πŸ™‚ xoxoxox

  4. 4 megzzwinsatlife

    hahah gatta love Walmart! and who cares what people think of you like you said, love what you got! That is what I do πŸ™‚

    Garden of Edan is a very dangerous place and I always end up spending way to much money there..

  5. 5 Sara

    Woah for a sec I thought the title of the post said thickface… not at least you haven`t ever received THAT compliment! I hope none of your readers have either! Have a great day, Kailey!! PS I Hope the plane guy calls you!

  6. i was asked “so do you just have a fast metabolism or what?” and I responded “what answer would make you feel better?”. Srsly people are so rude…I’m with you – love what you’ve got and definitely work it.

  7. hahahaha, you’re so tall. Like, duh.

    Never has anyone commented on my bod, other than my ex and I don’t think ya wanna hear that. Anyhoooo congrats to Matty Rich! On the compliments of his looks and the job getting. Ya know I would have complimented his looks as well, since he is a cutie, but I figured that was creepy…since I am like lightyears older than him and all. Cougar!

  8. 8 Susan

    Your new Target coat is tres cute!
    And I’m sorry you couldn’t capture the Jersey Guid pics, I guess I’ll just have to get my fix on MTV this week!

  9. The best bad “compliment” I ever got wasn’t about anything specific about my body. When I was in high school I worked at a chain restaurant. One day I was cleaning the windows, and two 30ish male customers called me over. I figured they needed extra napkins or something, but instead they asked how old I was. I was a little startled but replied that I was 18, and one of them said “Niiiice” in the most disgusting tone I’ve ever heard. I wish I’d had a snappy response about pedophiles, but I just walked away. Super trauma.

  10. I get everyday at work, “what size is your waist, a 15 inches?” No people I don’t sit and measure my waist every second of the day!
    I love tribe hummus, especially the lemon one!

  11. In college I used to work at a bagel/coffeeshop and this older man from Transylvania told me (in a heavy accent) that I would look “very nice, barefoot, een front of de stove…PREGNANT.” My eyes popped out of my head. Luckily a sassy girl working with me shot back, “That’s not what she’s going to school for!”

    I just know that some day I’m going to find myself barefoot, in front of my stove, pregnant and start laughing hysterically…

    Mostly I just get comments about how tall I am and that I have an hourglass waistline. I’m ok with that.

  12. Your underweight, thick thighs! I actually have got that same comment from my own mother who told me that I have too skinny of an upperbody and that my lower half won’t ever catch up to that. Hmm…nice.

    I also had a woman come up to me over the weekend and tell me, “You are a TALL lady!” Funny thing was, she was only about an inch shorter than me! (I’m 5’11”)

    I’ve finally started to accept that my natural body composition is a lot like my height…I can’t change it!!!

    Have a great day hon!

  13. The other day the bagger lady at Publix (local supermarket) offered to carry my groceries. I said no thanks and she looked down at my stomach and goes “you sure?”. Gahhh! She totally thought I was pregnant! Thankfully I don’t have any body issues or that woulda scarred me for life yo! I won’t be wearing that top anytime soon tho!

  14. SNACKY-POO! You should feel extra special because this is my new lappies first blog comment – yay! Anyway…I ADORE that yellow jacket. I would so go out and buy it right now but I think my mom would kill me if I came home with another coat.

    I’ve always been self conscious about my thighs for the same reason as you. In my sport we always joke about our big butts and thighs (although, I’ve always had a pancake ass) but it’s the one part of my body that I always paid attention to. However, I had to keep reminding myself that my thighs were 100% muscle that helped me do what I had to do in my sport. I love you and your underweight thighs πŸ™‚

  15. My ex once said “I love your butt! It’s so… big”. Needless to say, it was a long time before I let him live THAT down. I mean, I know I have a bubble butt but big? Really?!

    Your shower debacle made me laugh. Think I’ll stick to my caffeine for a wakeup, though!

  16. a. oatmeal is the BEST breakfast ever
    b. apples the size of my face = amzing.
    c. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Your legs are not thick and you do not appear underweight. You are perfect the way you are. (stupid boy/commenter)
    d. love the belt!

    happy holidays =]

  17. 17 elise

    i cant wait til you get kicked out of nysc for being a creeper on your phone, ha!

    i had cheapo tribe yesterday too…the price is right, b!tch

    i love love love the tarj. imma hit it up when i am home fasho.

    btw, i had a comment (that i deleted) yesterday that said (and i quote) “way to eat, fatass bitch” – nice. real nice.

  18. 19 Gina G

    i hve definetly gotten some comments that I won’t get into! hah
    kailey i say ignore them! your gorg girl! don’t ever let anyone ever let you think different!

  19. 20 Lindsay

    I get the opposite- people love to tell me I’m short. I am? Really? I hadn’t noticed, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Like, why are you telling me this?
    I love your outfits, you’re too stylish girl πŸ™‚

  20. I looove the yellow coat! Embracing the bright colors is a good thing πŸ™‚

  21. 22 Kate G.

    “Here’s what I’ve learned: Screw β€˜em all. Love what you’ve got. Work it.”

    ^^^^this is why i love reading your blog. amazing. thank you!

  22. LOVE the sweater I cannot believe its from Walmart! who knew?! and love the jacket as well!

    I havent tried the nunaturals yet but heard they are phenommmm, I bet they are great in oats to give it a little somethin’

    i sometimes forget the simplicity of great cereal like cherrios or KIX! I love these and never get them anymore! I should…thanks for reminding me

    have a fabulous day, love!

  23. Your snack plate is beautiful, so well-presented πŸ™‚

    Love the belted sweater look! And whatever, that comment about your thighs is really crazy. I mean seriously, however he meant it, that’s just something you don’t say!

    I had a doctor comment about how I seemed to have “lost a lot of weight” after seeing my driver’s license with an old pic. He didn’t know I had just reached my “maintenance weight” and was recovering from an ED. Suckerrr.

  24. 25 MamaJ

    The lighting in the apartment is just bad, bad, bad. Even your gold coat looks like a shadow.
    Anyway……The worst comment I have ever recieved in my entire life was from an Italian male that I happened to work with . I was 20. He told me that I had great child bearing hips.
    Who want to hear that at 20. At the age of 28 those child bearing hipps came in handy.

  25. I have the misfortune of being grossly thin (oxymoron?). That being said, I also have celiac but due to my inability to abstain from my favorite foods in life (bagels, pastries, cornbread, cereal, etc.) My tummy reacts by protruding to the point where I have to go to the hospital it extends so far. Not so much a basketball as a friggin beach ball. While working I was asked about three times in a single day if I was expecting. I know there was no harm in it, but I felt DISGUSTING and even cried a bit (something I rarely let myself do). This is why there is a rule, that no matter HOW pregnant a woman might be-even if youre 99.9% positive they are, NEVER comment on it unless they have specifically announced it. This is a delicate issue to assume for any girl. Period.
    Now that Ive just shared that embarassing tidbit….
    Love the jacket, love the sweater and I even love the attempts to capture candid guid shots. I blame their excessive hair gel for the blurry photo.
    Stay warm!

  26. That dinner looks great. Everything tastes good dipped in hummus.

    Love the Target coat!

    What is up with that dude telling you you have thick thighs? Does he hang around with 8 year olds all day and doesn’t know what a woman looks like? He has issues. OBVS!

  27. 28 Stephanie

    I loooove the yellow coat! I am always attracted to “impractical” (aka non-black) coats. Do you ever notice how in TV/movies the characters always have a coat to match every outfit?!

  28. The guy prob didn’t even look at your thighs – he just saw your gorg face and was like “I’mma give her a compliment” haha.
    i have to thank you for my recent sweet potato addiction – I used to think I didn’t like them (Um what?!) but now I’m obsessed! so versatile!

  29. 30 lowandbhold

    I’ve been in a non-food place today and it’s truly irking me. I want to want to eat! I had some bad chinese veggies last night that just won’t quit torturing me.

    Your thighs are the furthest thing from thick I’ve ever seen, but I think muscular legs are 10X hotter/sexier than stick legs. Just sayin….

    Once a really good friend of mine told me that no matter how skinny I may be, my big ribs will always make me look fat. I was touched beyond belief πŸ˜‰

    Have fun pubbing! Oh, I saw that Wal-Mart sweater today and contemplated buying it, but decided I couldn’t afford it – haha!

  30. 31 maggie

    you are anything but thick! that is soo silly. i mean i understand that it kinda messed with you, but seriously girl, ANYONE would kill for your body. I love the attitude you have about your self, body, food, etc. keep it up!

  31. 32 Nicole G

    Some guys can just be STUPID! My ex boyfriend tried to compliment me once and COMPLETELY failed. He said that I had legs “like a horse,” when I got offended, he said “You know, like strong and long.” I had to nicely explain to him that it is never good to compare ANY part of a woman to a horse. He just couldn’t understand how I didn’t take it as a compliment. LMAO

  32. That guy probably was attempting to hit on you/compliment you and ending up sounding completely ridic. lol. You are a hottie.. keep doing what you’re doing dear!
    Ps.. LOVIN the snack plate din din.. all my favs on one plate!

  33. 34 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    “Thick” is definitely NOT a word I’d use to describe your thighs! But the fool probably meant it as nothing but a compliment…a lot of guys I know use “thick” and “hot body” interchangeably. Someone should inform them that it doesn’t come across that way. Love those snack plates like the one you put together for dinner!

  34. ahh people always say “youre so tiny and you eat so much” ..hmm.. whateveee!
    i LOVE your yellow coat boo!

    • 36 snackface

      kbwood- I love when people tell me I eat “so much.” It’s like, sure, my salads, cereals, grains seem like a lot but I’m sure it’s nothing like eating nothing but a Bic Mac all day. Wow, I’m discovering there are a lot of things that annoy me. This is bad.

  35. AWWW Myy love I’m catching up on your fabulous holiday, haha it is all toooo much to handle i’m in love. “Creamy” is FOR SURE up there with “moist” on my TOP 5 worstwordsever list…..I literally did NOT know there was a men’s section of forev!! haha i Lol’ed for sure at that lil gem…..and perhaps my favorite line of the 15 posts I just read while I should be showering….:
    “It’s fine…not everyone can like me”
    hahahahahha…FALSE, but whatevs his loss ;D LOVE u mama NY sounds fabulous, and omg I live above CVS in my apt in Boston and I prob spend over 20 dollars everytime I go in, which is a lot. It’s baddd. Have a great new years love!

  36. 38 julie

    girl that coat is killer!

    tribe is def on my tops list of hummuses. what’s first? umm right now cedars!

    i hate hate hate when people say obnoixious things. i say stick your stiletto where the sun don’t shine.

  37. I’ve had received comments about looking ‘so skinny’ mostly out of concern, but I really don’t think you should talk to a person about their body unless it’s a general compliment. A straight up, ‘you look great!’ can’t be perceived any other way, but I hate it when people mention a specific body part or especially buff arms or something like that. Unless someone you know well looks and seems unhealthy, you should really not talk about someone’s weight. We live in a really strange society where people think it’s OK to talk to a complete stranger about her body. No one should have to defend rock hard abs and strong legs!

    • 40 snackface

      Anna- I am so with you on this. You know what I find most interesting? That it’s socially acceptable to tell someone “you’re so skinny!” and get away with it, but no says “you’re so overweight” to someone. Either way, it can be harmful.

  38. I’ve gotten the “you’re so pale!” many times..especially growing up in Miami. It’s like really?!?! am I?!?! I had no idea. thanks for the update.
    I just don’t understand why people make comments like that. Why would you want to make someone more self conscious about a part of themselves? especially something they can’t change? oh silly people!

  39. 42 Lindsey

    Trust me, men like women who aren’t twigs. and you seem the perfect size for you so take it as a compliment for sure!

    I’ve been told my arms look like they could “take care of business” at work. creepy. i was shaking whipped cream and assumed he really meant i look “strong” because I don’t believe I have big arms like a man.

  40. that looks like an awesome dinner!

    • oh gosh…about the comments that bother you…one time my friend was talking about how we had all grown up and gained weight and she said, “like you can see it in your face,” to me…i’ve been freaked out about that ever since.

  41. “100 crunches while holding ball/weight thing, 50 reps of four different ab workouts I can’t explain and three sets of 10 leg pull-up things on a hangy machine. You see why I don’t normally share this? Exactly.”


    i am always told that i have big legs. huge thighs. but i do. i snowboard and do squats like it is my job.. so, let em talk shit.

    i am digging this stream of comments i am getting on my BB from you right now. hahaha.



    ^After reading that definition of “thick,” I’m uber jeal.

  43. 47 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    ok- thick thighs.. seriously?! guys are sooo stupid with words!! they think they are giving u a copliment, but by using the word thick it comes off sooo wrong haha. you have lovely legs, dont worry about the wording he used! you are seriously gorgeous girl πŸ™‚ glad u didnt let it get to you too much!!


  44. Hey Mama, this one “$8 of fiber.” made me LOL
    Thick Thighs…OMG! Never, never never. Please dont get a complex or anything πŸ™‚ b/c you’re gorgeous and men are so clueless! they truly dont know what they’re saying sometimes (most times)!


  45. First comment on your blog! πŸ™‚

    Gorgeous outfits! You have such a great sense of style. I hate describing ab workouts. There are too many to remember, and most of the time, no one has any clue what you’re talking about!

    Awesome blog, Kailey! Happy Tuesday!
    ❀ jess

  46. thick thights? girl please. Homeboy obvi doesn’t know how to spit game. But I’m pretty sure by “thick” he meant strong and toned and sexaaaaay.. and I would have to agree πŸ˜‰ bom chica ow owww. But girl, don’t be ashamed to admit that you were offended. I think all woman can attest to being irked by something like that – I know I would. But what I try to remind myself in similar situations is that normally someone would refrain say something offensive like that (let’s hope) if they really believed it too be true. A guy wouldn’t approach you and say “you have “fat” legs” (or else I’d chop off his balls) if he really felt that way.. ya know? Oh boys!

    p.s. totes saw that jacket in tarjey and was so tempted to buy it but they didn’t have my size. Still considered trying to rock an XXL ’cause that’s all they had left but I refrained. lamefaceeee.

    p.p.s. you have perfie legs! just a reminder πŸ™‚

    p.p.p.s. I love you x’s 43890 milly… another reminder ❀

  47. “Here’s what I’ve learned: Screw β€˜em all. Love what you’ve got. Work it.” Brilliant and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  48. Love snacky plates for dinner – whenever I’m on vacation (which I am now) – it’s pretty much non-stop snack plates. It’s the perfect way to get everything you want.

    Haha, stupid boy telling you about your own thighs. Why do people think it’s okay to tell you things about your body…”Uh, duh! It’s my body, I know what it looks like, thank you.” – compliment or not, that guy was an idiot. Have a happy day!

  49. 53 Zaineb

    When it comes to our bodies, we are our own worst enemies, and we are the only ones that can defeat that bad body image. You look like a supermodel, fyi.

    P.S. I read your “about me” section and it didn’t specify your “journey (i am cheesewiz)” to healthier eating. I’d love to hear it! THANKS!

  50. What the heck is wrong with people? Sometimes, there is just no filter when it comes to people’s comments. Seriously, I have never seen your thighs in person, but I can see NO possible way that they would be classified as “thick”. Maybe in this gentleman’s thick head, he was a bit dillusional. πŸ™‚

    Glad you are able to brush these things off because I guarantee you, 99.9% of people think you are perfect the way you are! πŸ™‚

  51. Sometimes when people say things like that you don’t want it to bother you, and you know it shouldn’t, but then you over analyze for no reason! Girl, look in the mirror and be like “Damnnn, I look good!” And forget about it, some people don’t realize they are being ignorant… But it looks like you’re able to do that though so good for you!
    PS- loveee the yellow coat:)

  52. Love your snack plate for dinner!
    That girl city country cookies look delish!

  53. Loooove your outfit!

    You seriously have to wonder what the hell people are thinking when they throw out comments/compliments like that. From what I can see, your thighs are nowhere near to being “thick”. Thick doesn’t even sound close to being a compliment.

  54. 58 Emily (Ylime)

    Snackface I loved reading all the responses to this question, good job! It seems like every girl has to go through so many bullshit comments, if it’s about butt, hips, skinniness whatever – I just don’t know where guys think they get the right. We don’t walk around telling them they are gross and hairy or have awkward skinny chicken legs or man boobs, do we? Working in a bar/restaurant I can’t even tell you how many comments I get, I love that guys think they are hitting on you by making sleazeball comments, like guess what, you can’t touch my beyonce sized booty or my lovely lady lumps so finish your sliders and peace out creep job. I just always try to remember that for every disrespectful man out there, there are probably 10 more who respect women and find them beautiful as they are and are just too afraid to say so, because they would run the risk of sounding creepy. WELL, that novel being said, keep flaunting that strong, healthy, drop-dead gorgeous body of yours in coat colors that are as bright as you! and Happy New Year, maybs me and Lolo will send you drunky midnight text!

    • 59 snackface

      Emily- I love you. This is such a fabulous comment! Men always feel as though they can comment AND touch whatever they please, whenever they please. What if the tables were turned? Actually, they’d probably like it. Shoooo… I’m ready for NYE texts!! xoxo

  55. Snack plates are amazing!

    Love your winter coat. Sooo cute. I have a bright yellow coat, too, that makes me stand out, even though I don’t live in NY. Definitely don’t think that gentleman knew what he was talking about..thick thighs??? please…some people are so rude.

    Hope you had a great night!

  56. I gotta say you are absolutely gorgeous girl!! The coat is fab-u-lous too! Love all the snack plates. Its more of less the way I eat too. Not hungry during the day but i so raid the pantry at night. Dunno why but its cool! Anyways I hope you have a great night!!

    • 62 snackface

      chrysta- Aww thank you so much! And I’m happy to know that I’m not alone! Night time eaters fo life!

  57. My mom just gave me some skinny jeans, stretch pants, and shirts that she got from Walmart too! I would never EVER have thought to look at their clothing but they all actually looked cute too! Since I’ve gotten home and started to see old friends again everyone keeps saying “You’re so tiny!” Yeah, I know I am small but it makes me uncomfortable! It almost makes me want to start wearing baggy clothes just to appear bigger but then I just remember to work with what I got and just accept their “compliment” with grace.

    • 64 snackface

      Cassie- Oh honeybunny! No need to resort to baggy clothes. Save those for pregnancy or what have you. I always feel as though comments like that come from an ugly/dark place within someone else, so why listen to it? Wear what makes you feel fab (and what, perhaps, makes everyone else jealous…never a bad thing!). I obviously understand how words like that can make one feel, though. Gotta fight it! xo

  58. My own FATHER once said to me, “Where’s your tummy gone?” He sounded genuinely bewildered.

    After I got over the shock, I think I said something like “yeah I work out. A lot.” in a really defiant tone.

    Thanks, pops.

    • 66 snackface

      allyoz- I think that no-brain-filter thing runs in the male sex. My brother once made a similar comment, but in reverse.

  59. I LOVE the NuNaturals Sweetening Packets! I put them in coffee and tea religiously!

  60. 68 Kelly

    You are gorgeous! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  61. Kailey! Sooo girl, you know I read your blog (at least I hope you do) yet I rarely comment, but yesterday I was on my twitter, and I see that you replied to one of my tweets like a week ago, and I was like WHAT?! Snackface replied? She knows who I am? Hahaha. BUT anywho. Just thought I’d pop in and say hey. I have been loving your NYC adventures. And babe, you’re hot, you eat enough, you workout (but not like a maniac), you don’t have thick thighs, ANDD you rock outfits from F21. I say, screw em too.

  62. 71 Theresa

    I’m usually a reader and not a commenter, but I just couldn’t resist. There is absolutely nothing “thick” about you! You are lovely just the way you are – even more so because you have such a healthy relationship with food and your body. Don’t let some “tools” ridiculous comment phase you. Keep being (and loving) the strong, sassy and independent woman that you are!

    • 72 snackface

      Theresa- Thank you so much for commenting and also for the compliments. You are so frickin sweet! If there’s one major goal I have in life, it’s to make all women feel strong and sassy and have healthy relationships with food and bodies. It’s so important!

  63. your dinner snack plate = heaven. loving every single thang up in thurre!

    tarjay coat = love.

    gah, comments are the worst. my grandma grabbed my thigh one Christmas and called me fat. ya just gotta brush that shiz off and keep keeping on!

    have a merry day my love – mwah!

  64. 74 Shirley

    hello, i’ve been reading your blog (though not really commenting much) and i think you have a brilliant outlook on life and i admire you for it! i just wanted to chime in with all the other commenters to say that you absolutely DO NOT have ‘thick’ thighs! in fact, i think you’re pretty lucky to be so tall! (that’s coming from a shorty).

    though i wish people wouldn’t make comments like that, i know that sometimes they mean well. i’ve recently gained to a healthier weight (before i was way too thin) and i’ve been getting ‘compliments’ from family and friends, but these comments just make me self-conscious. once, a friend’s mom told me i look chubbier and my friend jumped in and said, “but not fat! you look much healthier!” i knew that she meant well though, so it was okay! alright, spiel over!

  65. Hi Kailey,
    Just catching up with your blog. I loved reading your post and all the comments. I’m in recovery for an eating disorder and there’s nothing like hearing comments about my body from strangers. A woman the other day asked me in zumba class if I had lost weight (I haven’t). I told her blatantly that I was actually in recovery from anorexia and would prefer not to have my body scrutinized. She was a little taken aback, but seriously there’s no reason for a stranger to make needless comments about someone’s body unless it is a pure compliment. (I don’t think a comment about lost weight is very nice since it’s a loaded compliment.)
    Anyway, love your healthy attitude, and you are gorgeous!

  66. Oh shoot Mami!! I just wrote this long-ass comment and the internet died on me. UGHH!!! Iz okay, i’ll write you anotha!

    Anyways!! I just realized that you MUST MUST MUSTT go out and buy your fave (tj’s) crackers or some amaze cereal that is filled with hidden DAIRY….’cuz you know, now YOU CAN!!!!!

    And I think your underweight thick thighs are just perfect the way they are! It’s funny that you say someone has called them “thick”, since they look nothing of the sort!! And I don’t think anyone can pull off the belted-sweater look more than you! I try, but maybe my torso isn’t long enough?? That target jacket is adorb though! Of course mamaj would also have great style!!!!! πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry you were having a crap-o food day, i hate when i’m just not in the MOOD (so rare, but when it happens i’m like whadafux up!?)….but at least a good gym sesh and some guido-lurking made up for it!

    The tempeh, sweet potato rounds & pretzels do look delish though (i just finished off the everything ones from tj’s….gettin’ more asap), and the city lights look gorgeous!! I LOVE the city so much. Park’s are beautiful and all, but come on…let’s be real here!


  67. And same!!! I’ve been getting the height comment lately up the ying yanggg–but i’ve learned to love it! But I used to be super self conscious about wearing heels and towering over others (since ppl were always bringing it up!), but now i’ve realized that I can look HAWTT & confident in heels….and that no man is worth my time if he can’t work up the guts to come talk to me and all 5 feet, 9 inches of me (that’s what my friends say, at least) !! hahaahh πŸ™‚

  68. My arch nemesis in high school (all-girls catholic uniformed, what do you expect) said once “Wow. You really have wide hips don’t you!?” First I was shocked, I have a great hourglass figure I’m very proud of, and then I simply replied “Yeah, boys love girls with curves.” Partially because it’s true, and partially because I wanted to get back at her and her boyish hip-less figure. Quite catty no?

    • 79 snackface

      Yeaaahtoast- BOSSY RESPONSE!!! I love it! I wish I was bold enough to do that in real life! You rock that hourglass figure, boo!

  69. I just cracked up about your comment about your coat standing out in New York. Today I was trying to find a pair of yoga pants in my drawer and I had to pull every single item out until i found them because everything in there is black, and this happens several times a week. I always try to branch out but it sucks me back in.

  70. First of all, your comment about aspiring to have an affair with a professor made me laugh. Who hasn’t had that fantasy?? Especially with English professors, who are generally so brilliant and funny… mmm. I missed the boat on that one, having graduated years ago, but best of luck to ya! πŸ˜‰

    Also, I of course have to add that “thick” is the last word I’d use to describe your thighs. Years ago my younger sister started calling me “thunder thighs”– we could be pretty mean to each other when she had an underdeveloped gymnast’s body and I already had womanly curves– but I’ve grown to accept my thighs and embrace them (because I know I defeinitely can’t change ’em!). My sister and I are now essentially the same size, so comments about each other’s bodies are pretty moot.

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