The H-Unit Holidaze


Baby puddings! How I’ve missed thee! To explain my absence, all I can say is that I fully enjoyed time with the family, sans technology. That’s what’s most natural for me when I’m home for the holidays. I haven’t a care in the world and getting out my laptop isn’t even a thought– a gift in itself.

But let’s backtrack and get things kickin’! Grab a snack, some coffee, whatevah, ’cause the H-Unit Holidaze is about to take over.

My flight to Cincinnati Wednesday afternoon went smoothly. I got to Laguardia three hours early and had plenty of time to spend $10 on crap food:

Ugh. Sbarro.

I was trying to get my veg on and was shocked to find that a side of veggies with a side salad and a breadstick was $10. To top it off, the cooked veggies were gaggy. I should have known.

Alas, my flight made up for it. I sat next to this dimey 27-year-old man. I may or may not have shared my life story with him. He seemed perfect. We exchanged numbers. Too bad he’s moving to San Francisco in a month… (Or maybe that’s a sign. Maybe I’ll end up back at VegNews! High hopes, I know.)

When I finally reunited with the H-Unit, it was glorious. MattyRich, Popsicle, MamaJ and Nannykins were hilarious, as usual. And everyone looked the same as last time I saw them. That’s always comforting. There was a time when MattyRich looked older and older each time I saw him. Terrifying.

I was horrible at capturing all my food on camera, but breakfasts looked like this:

Yogurt mess with a strand of almond butter that resembles something my dog left in the yard.

I suppose now is the time I should share that I’m officially letting more dairy into my life. It makes not only my taste buds and intestines happy, but also makes MamaJ a little more at ease knowing her girl’s getting calcium. I am awful at taking supplements, so eating is the best way for me to get nutrients:

Bloob Chobe with bran cereal.

On Christmas day, I thought I’d have an all-time favorite:

Bran cereal topped with Cap'n Crunch--best cereal ever. And baby Peanut in the background.

I didn’t have an official lunch on Christmas day, but who really cares about that on such a day? Instead, I snacked my hiney off:

Snacklettes in the midst of my snack attack. Ah, the background massager (coughvibratorcough) is killing me.

MamaJ and I made some fabulous desserts. First, we whipped up Cheerio crack:

I ate half the tin. Not a mistake.

In Cheerio crack:
-1/2 C sugar
-1/2 C light corn syrup
-1/2 C peanut butter
-4 C Cheerios

Those measurements may be wrong. I highly recommend it either way.

Next up, we created Honey Nut Heaven between two pre-made pie crusts:


Gasm. Right now.

I don’t have the recipe, but the innards was crushed walnuts, honey, sugar and cinnamon. Popsicle called them “dangerous.” He was right.

When I wasn’t snacking, I was prepping dinner and playing with my new favorite toy:

Ped Egg! Foot to your left: before. Foot to your right: after. I'm so gross.

Don’t worry, I washed my hands before and after usage. The floor, however, wasn’t saved from foot dust.

While I was playing with my feet, MattyRich was playing with his wardrobe:

Million Dollar Listing-worthy.

In actuality, MattyRich spent most of his time DJ-ing it up:

Please note the ironing board as M.Rich's turntable.

DJ M.Rich meant business with DJ Hero. (Brooke, I think you need this!) Check it:


MattyRich, you’re my DJ Hero. That’s for damn sure.

In the evening, the whole family sat down for a meaty dinner:

I spy pink pork!

I stuck with my loves:

Greens, taters and bread. That's all I need.

I consumed at least twice the amount of taters and bread pictured. Just keeping the tum happy.

For most of the time I was home, I could be found in this exact position:

Curled up on the couch hugging Entourage cases with Christian Siriano coming out of my bum and the remote nearby.

To note, I did not ask someone to take that picture of me. MattyRich’s little friend AJ was talking to me the whole time he had my camera. He said he was taking a picture of the dog. I suppose he considers me to be another type of “dog”. AJ, I will get you back.

My Christmas day ended with smooth feet, eight episodes of Entourage and pumpkin pie aplenty:

Enormous is the only size for me.

MamaJ and I were craycray and ventured to the mall Saturday, the day after Christmas. This is what mayhem looks like:

Packed food court in Kenwood. Where my Cincinnatians at? (I despise when people end questions with "at." It's unnecessary. "Where are you?" is plenty.)

During our mall adventures, Mumsy and I decided that the Midwest is where bad clothes come to die. In Nordstrom:

Who styled this poor mannequin?

This $72 shirt is a DON’T in so many ways. Stripes, ruffles and horribly placed pockets on a button-down? Awful. Just awful. For $78, though, you can get this adorable yellow jacket, which was the most exciting piece in all of Nordstrom:

I'd definitely wear this.

MamaJ and I turned off our inner fashion critics to eat lunch. Wait a tick, inner fashion critics never turn off.

Anyway, we dined at Maggiano’s for a late lunch:

Spinach salad and baskets of bread.

Look at me, fully embracing cheese. Vegan friends, I’m sorry you’re cringing:

Spinach with pine nuts, roasted red peppers, red onion and creamy gorgonzola chunks.

Save for two cheese chunks, I cleaned the bowl.

I met up with a dear friend for a drink between mall time and dinner time, and returned home by 8:15pm for a classic H-Unit meal:

Salad, bread and fruit were always on the dinner table when MattyRich and I were babes. That chocolate cake was never touched, though.

MamaJ made a bossy roasted-chickpea salad:

So good.

My plate of happiness:

Salad, pineapple, taters and bread. Perfection.

I ended up eating a whole pineapple Saturday night. It’s my favorite fruit on the planet and I hadn’t had it in months. My taste buds died.

I got only four hours of sleep Saturday night because Entourage and Julie & Julia needed to be watched, and I had a flight at 8:40am Sunday. By the way, I hope to be the next Julie Powell. Yes, I’d like a book that turns into a movie. But can I star in the movie, too? And yes, narcissism is my favorite flavor.

Sunday was a challenge. Not only did I get patted down and my checked bag inspected, but I was surrounded by four crying children on the plane. I understand that families need to travel, but if your kids are going to cry, would you mind paying for my plane ticket? No? OK. Thanks for the birth control, though. Mama Pea, I have a new respect for you.

I ate a yogurt and Biscoffs early in the morning. Lunch came when I was finally back in Hoboken. Panera saved the day:

Black bean soup, whole grain baguette, Greek salad no feta. Love.

I slept all afternoon and snacked all night. To be honest, I was a little down. I didn’t want to leave my family at all. But after writing for an hour or so, my spirits were lifted. Watching Jersey Shore didn’t hurt, either.

Now that you’ve grown tired of the SnackFace voice, I’ll sign off and go catch up on my favorite blogettes’ lives! I hope everyone had the merriest of holidaze. Love you long time.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?
Shoot, I don’t even know. Wait! Remember those nasty bubble/popcorn shirts from 1998? They were tiny but expanded to fit your body? Yes, that had to be it. I received one in 2002 or 2003. It fit the dogs perfectly.


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  1. 1 megzzwinsatlife

    What a fun weekend! When do you officially leave Hobo for good?? Drinks are a must before you leave girl! Sangria at Hobo bar and grill?? haha I once received a box of pizza bagels and lil wiener dog’s from a secret santa.. Everything melted and I ended up chucking it all because I wasn’t going home after..


  2. Merry Christmas my lovely girl! 🙂 I’m so happy that your time at home was nothing short of spectacular! Your family is amazing!!!!! 🙂

    love you girl!

  3. i probably already told you all this via gchat, but here i go…


    mattyrich is adorable…how old is he again? just wonderin’…

    yellow jacket = LOVES.

    cheerio treats are the best.

    yog is amazing…eat what makes you happy 🙂

    im kind of sad mamaj and popsicle didn’t make appearances in the post, but its all good. the fact that christian siriano is in fact coming out of your butt is amazing.


    LOVE YOUUUUU…enjoy your last week in NYC and live. it. up. mwah to you!

  4. and weirdest gift? a looney tunes baseball hat when i was SEVENTEEN. yes, 17.

  5. Matty Rich looks kind of dimey in that first pic 😉 I hope you don’t cringe when you read that.

    I’m dyin for pineapple, girl. It’s also my favorite fruit and I don’t think I’ve had any since summer 😦 Where are my priorities?

    I also cave to yogurt and sometimes cheese. As long as you’re being healthy (which you are, duh), I don’t think you have to make excuses for your eats.

    I’m glad you had a great break with the fam! …but I’m also glad you’re back 🙂

    • 6 snackface

      Diane- Oh, MattyRich is going to love you. I don’t cringe at all- MattyRich is a STUD.

      • 7 MattyRich

        Haha oh wow I don’t think I’ve ever been referred to as dimey good to know someone thinks I’m a 10 hahaha

  6. Sounds like you’re having a great time with your fam so far.
    The cheerio crack looks delish.
    Love MattyRich’s sense of style.

  7. 9 Nicole G

    Wierdest gift? That’s tough. I really can’t think of one LOL

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, but I wish you could have spent more time home, I know you would have enjoyed that. I’m going to Florida this week and I am NOT looking forward to the extra maxxed out security because of the events in Detroit on Christmas.

    Since you’re back in NY for New Year’s do you have any exciting plans? I’m sure you’ll do it up right!

    Nicole G

    • 10 snackface

      Nicole G- I wish I would have spent more time at home, too! I got very mopey Sunday night in Hoboken. As for New year’s, Muffin will be in town! I have no idea what we’ll be doing, but I know what I’ll be wearing!

  8. I love the ped egg! It works miracles.

    The Cheerio Crack sounds awesome. Going to make that soon!

    Glad you had a great holiday 🙂

  9. It absolutely makes me cringe when people end a sentence with at. Argh! Matty Rich is adorable. I love his style!

    • 13 snackface

      Maya- Thank you for feeling me on the at! And you’ve just made MattyRich’s day with that comment.

  10. I have heard so many good things about Ped Egg, so I am not grossed out hahahaha!!!

  11. My brother got me a snuggie this year, and I think that is pretty weird!

  12. I’m so glad you had a Merry Christmas boo!

    The food is amazing, I love all your yogurt messes and carb lovin’. That’s my kinda meal 😉

    OMG I remember those shirts! They always freaked me out!

  13. Amazing holidays! Glad you had fun =)


  14. Glad you had a great Christmas with the fam!
    All your eats look ahh-mazing as always chica 😉

  15. Oh yess that cherrio crack looks outta this world!

  16. GIRL that cheerio crack looks AWEESOME!
    what a great christmas!
    glad you got some good family time in love 🙂
    sounds like ton of fun
    weirdest gift..prob teeth whitner? dk if they were trying to tell me something..

    • 22 snackface

      kbwood- Well, MamaJ got me a Peg Egg. I’m pretty sure that’s saying a lot.

  17. My wierdest gift was a ballerina outfit – pink tutu and pink leotard.
    That I got when I was 14.
    Having never been a ballerina.
    Maybe the g-parents got me confused with someone else? haha

  18. I really hope youre not as fun/cool in real life because I like to believe Im not missing out on meeting the most down-to-earth funny blogger ever. You just read in the most relatable way, even if I was 93 being tube-fed on the other side of the globe I think your writing would hook me in. You’re like the Salinger of the food blog world, Sister.
    some things…:
    -funny how mommies are always at us about the calcium. Never was a huge fan of drinking milk by the glass when I was a young-un, but mom made it a chore (more ovaltiiiiiiine pleeease) haha. I think kids stopped consuming the opaque beverage when moms started to shun milk and cookies as an afternoon snackage. the shame, am i right?
    -cereal crack? yes please! nuff said
    -totally got a ped egg in the stocking this year too, loooooves it!
    -no shame in the cheese lovin… while Im not a vegan by ANY stretch, Id be willing to bet your vegan cohorts are insanely jealous at heart.
    -finally… totally have consumed 1+ fresh ananas (pineapples) in a sitting… but Im curious how your tongue/mouth is feeling? I usually end up feeling as though I swallowed a porcupine, or is that just me?
    Rock out

    • 25 snackface

      Mary Ann- OK, I’ma need to read some Salinger because you just gave me such an amazing compliment! You’re always sweet beyond belief- thank you for that! Also, my tongue feels fine! It hurt a bit that night, but it was back to normal the next day. I think it’s used to pinapple abuse. xo

  19. merry christmas! looks like fun at home
    ugh i tried reintroducing dairy to my diet (i love good cheese) and
    i died, digestively speaking. awful AND tragic

    i think the weirdest gift i ever got was a painting of a naked pin-up girl. its cool and all but does my mom really think i need naked lady art?

  20. 27 Amanda

    So I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now (and totally loving it), but I had to finally comment because my worst gift was a one-size-fits-all-nasty-bubble-shirt too! I think my grandma gave it to me. The worst part was that I worked at Limited Too a few years later (probably around 2006), and we sold them AGAIN! Like acid-wash jeans, this trend just doesn’t die. Anyway, I guess it took a mutual disgust for those crimes of fashion for me to finally emerge from the “lurker” category. I might as well mention the other thing we have in common: I’m a journalism major too!

    • 28 snackface

      Amanda- Hello my fellow journalism friend! Thank you for de-lurking! I love how bad fashion can unite us all. It’s beautiful. Those shirts, however, are not.

  21. 29 dorothy

    gah roasted chickpea salad looks marvelous 🙂 as does that plate-sized slice of pie!!

    i was reading shape mag the other day and came across zees:
    Lauren Conrad says her newest diet secret is making herself a “snack plate” – a plate of sliced turkey, cucumber, apples, and hummus.
    looks like someones been lurking yo bloggy! hahah i immediately thought of you when i read that

    love your fam! happy holidays gorgeous

    • 30 snackface

      dorothy- Awww! That’s so crazy and sweet that you thought of me! Her snack plate sounds exactly like something I’d assemble- sans turkey.

  22. Oh thanks for the love. Your holiday sounded as lovely as I would have expected.

    I’ll have you know that I have taken two plane trips with the girls: 1) Hawaii when Gigi was 2 and Lulu was 5 months (yes, 5 MONTHS). Despite the horror that was…2) LA when Gigi was 3 and Lulu was 9 months. We got the stomach flu on the way home and puked the whole way.

    I figure our trip in March can only be better, right?

  23. 32 Stephanie

    – Have you seen the SATC episode where they talk about “single girl behavior’? I’m not single but I have my girly-gross habits when I’m home alone, and the Ped Egg would fit right in 😉 I also love pushing my cuticles back and using one of those blackhead remover thingys (which I think you’ve mentioned on the blog, too, ha!)

    – Kenwood!!!!! I didn’t brave the madness on Sat., but it would have been worth it for a Snackface sighting………..

    • 33 snackface

      Stephanie- OMG yes! The “SSB” – Secret Single Behavior! I am all about the Ped Egg and the pore cleaner! Shooo, I went crazy with the blackhead remover and actually created a zit. It’s not good at all. And I wish you would have been at Kenwood! You would have had a chance to meet the epic MamaJ hahah!

  24. 34 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Sounds like a great time with your family! “the midwest is where bad clothes come to die” LOL so true! Salad, fruit, bread = all i want/need in life!

  25. 35 Brooke

    KAAAILLLSS!!!!! Oh wait, that totally reminded me of Kailsy Boy aka: Ken Hogan! Whatev. Anyways, I LOVE YOU and think about you urryday.. when I am listening to WeEzY F bAbY, eating our usual goods, when I watched Beyonce youtube videos for hours, etc. I even told Pookie last night that you waz one of of my best friends and will for sure be at my wedding. BFFS FOR LYFE!

    Secondly, I don’t even know MattyRich but he DOES look older. You and MamaJ must be like, whaaaaaaa?! Dem Kentucky hoodlums are getting to him. But I would love to play that DJ game and bring out my inner “DJ COOKIE” lifestyle. Castro club, trannies, Hot Cookie, etc. LOVE IT. MISS IT.

    I am not trying to make you sad because I know I will see you sometime soon this year, this summer, whateva, but on Tuesday night I will be at a club. Here are some hints to figure out which one..

    1) We rocked it on stage. And off.
    2) A foreign man bought us many drinks. (But I guess that happened urrywhere we went)
    3) It was our second ‘view from the top’ that night.


    FIDDLERS GREEN!!! I wish you waz gonna be with me!! But I will make the Swag Sistas proud and rock da shiiiii outa dat place! But don’t worry, if there’s an Irish party bus parked outside… I will not enter. That is off boundaries until you get back to SF with me. Stale tortilla chips at a house POST-party bus? Only me and you, baby.


  26. You can doooo it, Whit! I’ve also decided to cut down after summa my things weren’t fitting like they used to.’s a lifelong battle! Good luck!

  27. lol! comment above for the wrong bloggie! Love ya Snackie! haha

    • 38 snackface

      Kittay- Hahaha that Whit comment had me rollin’! I get confused with my Google Reader, too. It’s cool. And my things aren’t fitting like they used to, either! My booty too juicy now!

  28. 40 Susan

    You’re back! Merry Belated Xmas Snackster!
    Your fam is so janky – I love it! I adore going home too – it’s just so warm and cozy and makes me feel 5 years old (oh wait, I usually feel 5 most days anyway…). Sounds like you had a good time with the fam, natch. It does suck to leave, but I know your fab adventures will continue regardless!

  29. ahahahahaha Kittay makes me laugh! You know what else makes me laugh? My blackberry dinging wit a new comment from the bloggie I am commenting on. Deja vu much?

  30. I suppose that since you hit the jackpot with your flight out that you had to suffer through those children on the way back. I’m with you though – being stuck on a plane with even one crying child is enough to make me lock up my ovaries and throw away the key.

    I am kind of obsessed with your brother’s kicks.

    My Grandma loves those shirts. I do not and have had several disappointing Christmases and birthdays because of them. I wonder how they’d burn?

  31. Also your Christmas looked fantabulous and I love Matty Rich’s DJ skillz and fashion skillz. And your 27 year old dime piece. And that picture of Christian Siriano coming out the butt. [disturbing, yet funny.]

    And that m’dear is the comment I intended to leave before I got distracted. ta ta.

  32. I’m glad you got time in with the fam but I missed your posts! And I definitely got one of those shirts last year from Christmas. It’s tie-dye. And it’s been in my closet in its box since day one – although, putting it on my dogs sounds incredibly fun …

  33. First off, that cheerio-crack looks to die for! YUM! Secondly, I have been following your blog for a while (its up there with my new found glee addiction) and I can’t find a link to subscribe to it. Is it just private or something?

    Also, I know how you feel about being far from your family. I have a HUGE family (hello, nine siblings! yes, we’re irish catholic) so when I decided to study abroad for the year, I knew it would be hard. 9 months without seeing my family is the most sadistic/wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my life. You just have to keep remembering that while your changing, they are pretty much staying the same! Your family must be so proud of you, so keep it up! =)

    Sorry, for the novel, but I love your blog!

    • 46 snackface

      Morgan! You are too bossy and sweet! Uh, so, I must embarrassingly admit that I didn’t even have anything on SnackFace that allowed people to subscribe! Oops! I just added something, so I hope that works! (Under RSS Feed, Baby. You’re now “Baby.”)

  34. 47 MattyRich

    The PedEgg was down right disgusting. You need to come back, I’m bored haha.

    • 48 snackface

      M.Rich- Trust me, I’ve been emotional since leaving. I want to be at home right now.

      • 49 Sam

        How do you 2 have the perfect bro-sis relationship!?!! I love how you express it on the blog… lets your readers live vicariously through you! But seriously, do you guys ever everrrr fight?

      • 50 snackface

        Sam- Or Sara? Same email. Anyway! You’re so sweet! Matt and I see each other so little anymore that we have no reason to fight. We just want to talk, listen to music and laugh whenever we’re together. However, in high school things were a little different. Sometimes we fought because we were around each other so much (car rides, choir, plays, musicals), but nothing was ever intense. Our parents always told us that we shouldn’t fight because when the parents aren’t around, Matt and I will only have each other. Morbid, but look where we are now. And how awful not to be BFF’s with your sibling? We are very, very blessed.

  35. I almost bought that yellow jacket at Nordy’s yesterday!! Lurve that place…sad it has to live amongst that yucky top before though. Sheesh!

  36. 1. The stripes – okay. Ruffles – v. fall 2009. But the pockets? I’m suicidal.
    2. I am beyond thrilled about the dairy inclusion. Seriously. Sorry animals, and also, thanks for producing the dairy products. As I eat this bowl of cottage cheese and all-bran.
    3. Not even possible to get tired of the snackface voice 🙂
    Love you bby!

  37. Aw looks like an awesome trip home! I love the meals you sit down to with the fam at night, so presh! 🙂

    And Matty is totally Million Dollar Listing worthy! Hysterical!

    And let’s just admit it, the best way to start off any holiday is with a number exchange, whether or not it actually leads somewhere 😉

    Weirdest present?? Hmm, my mom puts toothbrushes in mine and my brother’s stockings EVERY Christmas. I don’t know if she’s trying to tell us something or if she’s just out of ideas…or both.

  38. Cheerios Crack!!!!!!!!!! OMG LOVE THAT IDEA!
    I think I will make it GF by using a GF version of Cheerios or even Rick Krispies but god that looks great!
    Great Brussles Sprouts too!
    And of course the shopping trip looks fab!
    And the crying kids. Girl. Bout to get on a flight for 18 hrs with my 2.75 yr old. It’s so hard. There’s nothing we as parents can do. I come armed with snacks, dvd’s, books, toys, brand new “surprises” and toys in my carryon…but we do try, please dont hate us moms for our crying kids 🙂 Once upon a time I was your age though and wished kids stayed off all my flights too LOL

    • 55 snackface

      Averie- Oh I am so sorry! I do not hate the mommies with the babies at all! I actually stared in wonderment. Children are fascinating. You truly never can predict when their mood’s going to change, and I have no idea how you figure out what the child actually wants. It was mostly fascinating.

  39. The PedEgg rocks my world :O) Next to Tivo, I think it is the greatest invention of all time!

  40. Just discovered your blog and absolutely LOVES IT!
    That chickpea salad looks BOMB…as does DJ Hero…I kinda really need to get that now.

    • 58 snackface

      Sara- Ahh!! Thanks for finding me! I say get on the DJ Hero thing. It is so much fun and the music is phenom.

  41. I don’t care, Sbarro’s bread sticks are artery clogging delicious! Cap’n Crunch!! That red box certainly was a staple in my childhood. Mmmm…yogurt 🙂

    Did you call the plane man?! I’m not gutsy enough to do stuff like that (hence, single status) but if he were dimey it would be worth it! Dangerous is right with that honey nut heaven! Hot damn that sounds tasty! That mall picture is making me twitch – too many people.

    I can honestly say, I never had a bubble shirt! Worst gift? Hmm…there have been a lot of articles of clothing that I opened and did the whole, “Oh…wow. You shouldn’t have.”

  42. Merry Christmas!! looks like one fun holiday. You are super brave for making it to the mall the day after christmas. I try and avoid the mall at any costs throughout the holiday season. Its insane!! Amazon is my friend. Anyways all the eats look great!! Love it. Your posts always crack me up. Have an awesome day!!!

  43. kenwood!! totally spent the day after christmas there, it was a madhouse!!
    what a wonderful christmas!!!

  44. 62 Araba

    ….so what’s the girlfriend situation looking like for Mr. M-Rich? lol. I kid, I kid. (Not really though, unless he’s under 18 in which case I think he’s ugly…too far?? lol!!)

    • 63 snackface

      Araba- Matt is super single, I think. Actually, I never know. He dates way more than I do. However, he’s always ready to mingle. His birthday is February 3 and he’ll be 19! Git it!!

      • 64 MattyRich

        Haha I was gonna post the same comment but I got beaten to it.

  45. 65 Aunty Snooze

    You are the next Julie Powell you just don’t know it! Happy New year

  46. 66 Ella

    Hey Kailey

    I was wondering if you ever call ‘the Day After Christmas’ Boxing Day like we do in Australia?

    LOVE the blog by the way! 🙂

    • 67 snackface

      Ella- Thanks for commenting and digging the blog! My mom and grandma call it Boxing Day, but I’m not sure how popular it is to call it that here. I think it is? They’re also Canadian, so maybe that’s why they call it that. I wish I had a better answer for you! So sorry 😦

      • 68 Ella

        Thanks for replying 🙂

        The only thing I can think of is that it Canadians also had the same traditon of boxing left-overs and then giving them to charity the day after Christmas.

        Well there is a nerdy bit of trivia for you! Hope you have a fantastic new years!

  47. Such a great Christmas weekend! Looks as though the time with your family was just perfect. Thanks for sharing girl! 🙂

    I have spent many nights loosing much needed sleep because of the addiction of Entourage. Is it just me, or am I the only one who has the BIGGEST crush on E? 🙂 Such a cutie! 🙂

    Wishing you a safe and happy trip home.

    • 70 snackface

      Lauren- E is so frickin cute! I want to squeeze him! I also really love Turtle. He looks so cuddly and I love his style.

  48. Sounds like such a wonderful time! That roasted chickpea salad sounds sooo good. I need to try making one!!

  49. 72 ari

    dude for real hook me up with mattyrich 😉

  50. Snackie, you never cease to make me smile! Love the Ped Egg pic!

  51. Sooo glad you are back and had such a great time at home! Your eats looked fantastic, too 🙂 I would love to try the roasted chickpea salad! YUMMY!! And you are brave for hitting the mall the day after Christmas. I haven’t been to the mall in a year…I prefer to do my shopping online 😉

  52. Sooo glad that you are home and that you had a fantastic Christmas! I would love the recipe for the chickpea salad! YUMMY! Shopping the day after Christmas was brave. I don’t think I’ve been to the mall in a year…I prefer to do my shopping online 😉

  53. For a second there I thought that brown bread was a piece of chocolate cake. Then I saw that it was just bread.. and was slightly disappointed. Cake during dinner.. fantastic idea.

    Pineapple use to have a special place in my world. I mean, it still does but after I ate half of one and ended the meal with it right back where it started.. it’s been slightly neglected. I’m still trying to forgive it for coming back up but it hasn’t been easy.

    I want some cheerio crack..

  54. Mmm Cheerio crack sounds so good! Glad you had a good Christmas, nuthin’ better than vegging with the family. Also, I really need one of those pedi eggs…my feet are gross.

  55. It looks like that mannequin really needs to pee. It also looks like my comments on your blog keep involving peeing… Awkward. I’ll have to work on that.
    I don’t know what my weirdest present has been. I’ve been given some pretty gnarly presents in my time. A ped egg is so awkward that I feel like you can pull off giving it as a gift. Plus it was from MamaJ which automatically makes it awesome.


  56. 80 elise

    holy em-eff-ing recap!!!
    bring some cheerio crack back to nyc with youuuuu.
    mattie rich is a hottie…if i werent already taken (and years older) id be cougar-ing it up fasho.

    glad you had a blastie with the fam, and techie free. love julie and julia, couldnt be more stoked for your carefree days of lounging, grubbing, and tv-ing it up. in case you havent noticed im a big fan of making nouns into verbs too.

    ps we def have schedules that dont align. im heading to the west coast in a few hours and ill be in the bay area until the 3rd. when i get back we MUST make a date. long ovah due homes.

  57. that cheerio crack looks amazing!
    AHHHHH THE PED EGG! that thing freaks me out soooo much. it’s like a cheese grater, but for your feet. you’re feet are prob way softer than mine though 😉
    worst gift i got was when i was in middle school- my aunt and uncle gave me a sweater with a girl on it with yarn braids that hung off the sweater. apparently they forgot i was 12 instead of 4??
    have a great day lovely ❤

  58. 82 MamaJ

    The Cheerio crack recipe is missing two key ingredients 1tsp. of vanilla and drizzle melted semi sweet chocolate over the top. If you do not have the cooking steps in the right order you will have a sugar crystal mess. Do you want the right steps? ( My little 5’10” snacker.)

  59. Okay–i’m officially even more obsessed with you after this post (don’t be creeped….) !!

    I’ve also claimed my comfortable position on the couch for more than 50% of this break, hahahha. this may or may not be an exaggeration. i find it hilarious that matty’s friend decided to take a picture of YOU when he was claiming to photograph the pups….sneaky sneaky boys. PS can i have matty riches numba!? HAHAHAHA your fam is all too RIDICULOUSLY GOOD LOOKING (name that movie!!!!) 🙂

    Can I also say how HAPPY am i that dairyy is back in yo’ life!!! i always thought of you when i was creating these delicious, non vegan meals hoping that you could just taste its deliciousness….but now u can!!!

    I kind of wanna have dinner with yo’ family (for many reasons), and i envy your pineapple consumption! is it in season?? i haven’t had any in forev!! but WHAT THE–what is that “neck massage” doing in the picture…and who is that for?! HAHAHAH

    The brussles, mama j’s salads and the cheerio crack look AMAZEEE!!! love YOU long time!

    And hmmm–well, although it is used quite frequently to this day….one of my mom’s boyfriends got her a HEAT LAMP for christmas a few years back….that my friends, was WEIRD!

  60. oh!!!!! and my mama and i watched Julie & Julia this week tooooo….LOVED IT. And want Julia’s life/couldn’t believe how much it resembled many bloggas out thereee!!!!! OKAY, love you! bye!

  61. holy balls i am in the middle of reading this post and just got your comment on my post. anyway, i will be back when i am done reading this.

  62. whew! that was a long one. but loved every bit of it. so i save the best for last often times too. sometimes i have like 6 new posts of yours to read. today, only 2. i dont even know where to begin, so i will make a list of things i love:

    1. ironing board DJing
    2. cheese embracing
    3. pediegg! marshall got me one once upon a time
    4. the comment about the midwest being where bad clothes go to die. hah!
    5. the abundance of the most delicious carbs ever. bread and taters.

    i never grow tired of your voice! XO mwah!

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