I’ll Be Home for Christmas


Pudding pops! I know I have the cheesiest title evah, which would normally make me cringe, but it’s the truth! I’M GOING HOME TODAY!!!!

Because I have thangs to organize before I leave, this post is going to be fast and dirrty. (Much like Snackie on a Schedule posts–and I’m beyond stoked that you all enjoy them!) Oh, and I’m high off coffee! So fab. You’re in for a wild ride.

Tuesday’s breakfast was the usual oats with peanut butter. Today’s breakfast, however, was anything but ordinary. I had the best bagel of my life.

Murray’s Bagels is a New York institution that I knew I had to hit up. So hit up I did:

Such a humble little bag.

How I knew this place was meant for me: CD-sized bagels and Tofutti cream cheeses. Did. Tha. Damn. Thang:

Whole grain bagel with plain Tofutti cream cheese and black coffee. $5.22.

I recall gasping and grinning when I separated the bagel halves:

Bagelicious gorgeousness.

Naturally, I removed most of the cream cheese and ate the bagel in its pre-cut quarters. Bouncing and moaning as I ate, I thoroughly freaked out anyone around me. I couldn’t help it, though! The crust was incredibly chewy and the center was amazingly doughy. In a word, it was perfect. The absolute most perfect bagel I’ve ever had. Murray, you my homeboy. May I please be your homegirl/spokeswoman?

To completely throw you off, the rest of the food is from Tuesday. Sorry, petunias.

I did some form of work in the morning hours and broke for lunch at 1:15pm. It was so blog-cliche that I feel almost embarrassed to share:

Chobani and Lara? Come on, Snackie.

I can’t even hate, though. These were both delicious! The strawberry Chobe tasted like strawberry fro-yo, which was my favorite flavor to get at TCBY as a chitlin. Also, I had one PB+J Lara over the summer and did not enjoy it (too much cherry), but this one actually had a fantastic balance of B and J. BJ- Butter and Jelly, not the other BJ. Capitalized, yo. (See this paragraph? I blame 30 oz. of coffee.)

Half an hour after eating that, I grabbed a softball:

La naranja and my bling.

The afternoon was spent cleaning out the Goog Reader and looking up directions for the store I previously got lost trying to find. I left at 4pm to start my shopping adventures!

By the time I made it to Union Square I was starving and had a hankering for cornbread. I stood in line at Whole Foods to buy one thing and one thing only:

Not cornbread!

“What is that broccoli-green poo-looking thing?” you’re wondering. Elise once shared her obsession with this food whilst we were taking a gander at the salad bar. Hippie knows what’s up, and as soon as I saw this yesterday, I had to buy it. It’s seitan chimichurri that is so meaty, you’d swear you’re eating chicken. The charred bits combined with the delicious chimi sauce made me eat the whole thing!

While I ate I listened to the two ladies next to me talk about this guy who wants to “sleep with 1,000 girls,” but when one of them slept with him, they made sure to wrap things up. The things one hears in Whole Foods…

I successfully shopped for two and a half hours. I also almost had a heart attack because of money. Actually, there was one point I told myself, “I will not cry over money. I will not cry over money.” Clearly, I have some things to work through.

My appetite was wackadoo when I got home. I knew I was hungry, but nothing was feeling right. I didn’t want a salad, but I had to finish a bag of lettuce before I left:

Butter lettuce, green beans, apple, ginger-soy vinaigrette and Mary's crackas.

By the way, Glamour is a bit behind if it’s blogging about Mary’s crackers just now. Glamour, if you need a food blogger, I’m more than willing to help! (PS, I’ve had a subscription since I was 15.)

Anyway, I practically forced the salad down my throat. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I have days where things I normally love make me gag. It was one of those. I looked for solace in cereal:

Weetabix with my last TJ's Righteous Rounds and almond milk.

That wasn’t quite it, either! Next:

City Girl Country Girl cookie.

I have to be honest. I don’t count calories, but I felt it in my gut (literally and figuratively) that I hadn’t eaten enough. I get this way, where I know I need to eat more but don’t know what I want. I know one way to fix it: snack food!

In my sweatpants, snow coat and white boots, I hopped to the nearest supermarket in search of something that appealed to me. Ding, ding, ding:

Happy Herbert's oat bran pretzels! So yum.

Somewhat bland, slightly nutty, baked and yummy, these were exactly what I needed! I ate almost half the bag and each little pretzel was delivered to my mouth like this:

Mighty Mapes-dipped.

I obviously was kicking back. Look at my foot chillin’ on the table! What a good night–me, pretzels, peanut butter and Larry David. Love that guy.

Well that wasn’t a quick post at all! It’s plenty dirty, though. I’m too distracted by the thought of reuniting with these beautiful people to be articulate. I’m sorry, dovelies! (That’s doves+ lovelies.)

I can’t promise that I’ll be blogging much while I’m home, but there will be at least one post fa sho!

Most importantly, I wish you all the merriest of holidays. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and for making me so frickin’ happy. LOVE YOU!!!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: To which holiday tradition are you looking most forward? Asked in the way I’d speak: What holiday tradition are you most looking forward to?
I love Christmas morning. The whole family hangs out in pajamas, drinks coffee and eats cinnamon rolls! OK, the cinnamon roll thing was only last year, but I loved it. MattyRich actually came into my room and woke me up like this:

Isn't he sweet?!

And the PJ’s:

Awwww I miss him!


59 Responses to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

  1. aww matty rich is so cute!! have a blast at home, love!

  2. My family has huge parties on Christmas Eve and Day, but there is nothing like Christmas Eve with my family. It is magical, fun, filled with booze and crazy shenanigans. Love it.

  3. For real… you’re too talented. Despite being in a rush while posting, you always manage to make me laugh out loud resulting in some serious dagger glares from the librarian. Question: isn’t it interesting that the most modest packaging (bagel) or even knarly appearance (seitan love) delivers the most gasmic results? Perhaps this concept should be applied to the manner in which we select our men, haha.

  4. I would have to say going out for Chinese food with my family on Christmas. We do this every year and I honestly much prefer it to turkey.

    Have fun at home! Happy holidays!

  5. oh, and when you get back to cali… I think you should head south to LA to meet one of my brothers. I’ve decided you need to be introduced to a member of the most ridic fam ever. Plus, he’s my favorite person in the world and a super talented writer much like yourself.

    other brother:

  6. Oh, baby! I’m so excited for you to be going home!

    How much longer are you going to be in New York? I have dreams of a trip someday soon and need help finding that tofutti bagel place. That is so amazingly cool!

    So, uh, did you the guy in WF ask for your number…on a receipt…and a land line? 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Kale Chips!!!!

  7. 7 Katrina

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a month but this is my first comment. I love it! You are so funny and a very talented writer. Have a great Christmas and keep blogging :).

    • 8 snackface

      Katrina- Aww thank you for the amazing compliments! And thank you for being bold and commenting! Love it! 🙂 xoxo

  8. 9 merittothecarrot

    That bagel looks fantastic. seriously, your description made me want the exact bagel.
    Waking up to cinnamon rolls is definitely luxurious 😉 Jealous!

  9. 10 MattyRich

    I wouldn’t be riding on me making those cinnamon rolls this year, I don’t think they’re vegan. hahaha

  10. that bagel, looks, ummm like redic good 😉 love murray’s bagels, used to have one like almost every morning when little when i lived in the city. 🙂 now i want a bagel..okay i’ll stop talking bout the bagel lol..
    cinn rolls, ah love it! and i have those TJ righteous rounds, thats a fab idea with it in cereal hmm..:)
    my fave holiday tradition, well i am jewish, but on xmas we go see a movie 🙂 or i love to watch The Christmas Story like over and over. ha..it never gets old.
    happy holidays beautiful!


  11. aw mamabear I am so siked beyond words that you are going HOME! Your fam and matty rich must be missing you like cray cray. You will be their greatest Christmas present ever :)! :)! :)!

    my favie christmas tradishhh.. gingerbread decorating contest. It gets intenseeeee.

    Safe travels home you hot thing and I hope you indulge in every moment with your beautiful family! LOVE YOU with all of my heart and soul!!!! *hugs hugs hugs*

  12. Yay, Happy Christmas! I’m excited to have the chocolate in my stocking for breakfast. 🙂

  13. 14 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    You are so funny– “not the other BJ” and the blogger cliche lunch. Don’t worry, there is nothing cliche about your blog, i love it! Sorry you weren’t feeling the salad, we all have those days!

  14. That last picture just made my morning! Aww! I wish I was close with my family like that!

  15. Loving the PJ’s Girl!! you can rock those out well!!! cinnamon rolls are so good!!!!

    The bagel you got looked amazing!! I have not had a bagel in forever but Panera has Gingerbread Bagels right now and I am going to get one when I go there again!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!!

  16. I just giggled at your BJ comment:) hehe
    This Christmas, I’m looking forward to my aunt’s chocolate cheesecake (yum!)

    I just started a blog and I’d lovee if you checked it out!


  17. 18 eatolive

    have a blast at home!!! and i want those PJ’s!

  18. hahah i am sure you’ll be somebody’s spokeswoman/model SOON…something food related because you have a way of making food sound more enjoyable than uh…sex. hahaha Love the family picture and of course…cinnamon rolls…to die for!! YAY for being home for X’mas!! Amen to that! 🙂

  19. The familia and cinnamon rolls early on Christmas morn! Really. I usually top my oatmeal with one of the scrumptious little buns for the most festive of breakfasts. Hope you get to enjoy yours this year too 🙂 with Matty RIch and the rest of the fam! Have a safe trip home my dear!

    P.S. I think I’m going to Beantown for New Years but when are you going back to ohiohioohio? Hopefully I’m not being too annoying but I want to make sure we can squeeze in a dinner at Pure Food & Wine beforehand. I’ve heard it’s out of this world! You game?

  20. 21 Nicole G

    You are too cute in your pjs lol. And the bagel – It’s all in the NY water baby! LOL

    Safe trip home!

  21. Oh my, Murray’s bagels is on my list of places to go to whenever I get to NYC. It looks amazing!!

    My favorite holiday tradition is just the entire thing! I can’t even pick one. I love spending all morning opening gifts, having a delicious breakfast, watching movies, and then having a fabulous dinner. I hope you have a great time with your family!

  22. Love the bagel 🙂 Have a safe trip home and enjoy the holidays with your fam jam!!!!

  23. 24 Lizzy

    Have a safe trip home my lovely!!! 🙂 You are sooo freakin adorable, and i totally love the onsie-pj’s your rockin!!!! i’ve wanted an adult pair since i was like 10, when i couldnt fit into my little kid ones anymore! hehe! love you chica! 🙂


  24. 25 whydeprive

    That bagel looks fantastic! I totally bounce when I eat something delicious. The first time I brought my homemade hummus to work I got some pretty strange looks!

    Im really looking forward to my family gift exchange on Christmas Eve. There are SO many people and everyone brings food! Its loud and crazy and so much fun!

  25. Footies, how I love thee ❤

  26. have a safe trip home, darling

  27. Xmas morning are a few of my favorite hours during the entire year… hot coffee, pjs ad presents. per-fec-tion.

    ps. your brother looks eerily like mine. glasses, skinny, cute and all. and one of my favorite peeps… awww.

  28. Your footie pajamas are too cute! I love Christmas morning, and my family has a tradition of eating waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. I’ve had to veganize it, but it’s still really delicious and I love sticking to a holiday routine!

  29. 30 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    delicious eats!! i love strawberry chobani 🙂 and the “baseball” haha
    have a great trip home!


  30. As I read this post, I’m buzzed off coffee, munching on a PB&J larabar (my very first, and I liked it a lot), with the latest edition of Glamor mag sitting next to me waiting to be read. I’m buggin, get outta my head!

    Have a safe trip home!

  31. wow kailey, that bagel does look quite delish!
    have fun at home darling with the fammmmm 🙂

  32. 33 Susan

    Okay, so I love your bracelets! And the fact that you basically had a make-shift bowl of Cookie Crisp as a snack (fave child cereal what what).
    As for Christmas, mine is going to be a tad untraditional this year, so I’m hoping to start some new pasttimes (new pasttimes? does that work? whatevzzz).
    Travel safe mama!

  33. oh, two days ago when my mom informed me of my medical bill from when i made an ER visit in texas…i cried in barnes and noble. yeah, we’re allowed to cry over money.

    love’n the eats…and the bagel. nom.

  34. So THAT is the infamous bagel! It sure does look like a beaut! Haha BJ – that snack is a blogging cliche and I like it. Those pretz look magical! Glad they tamed the finicky Snack beast inside!

    I’m just looking forward to fam-a-lam time!!

  35. lets just have me marry Matty Rich and I can be a snackface fam member. k? perf. have fun at home dollface!

    p.s. i think u should start hinting at a graduation gift in the form of a ticket to chicago—just sayin.


  36. 37 Hayley H

    you and your brother are BEYOND adorable. you could not PAY my younger brother to a. wake me up with cinnamon rolls or b. actually pose cute in a picture with me. have a great christmas!

  37. Hey! You have a fantastic time at home! Will be looking forward to hearing all about it! Hurry back to blogging 🙂

  38. 39 elise

    thank the lord you finally tried it. LOVES!!!!

    so jealous you are going home. bah. im here in the citay by my lonesome. ill be going home on the 29th and returning to manhattan on the 3rd. soooo, when are you back in nyc?? methinks we needs another WF date. yes? yes.

  39. Cheesy as it might sound, I just really enjoy being with my family. It is nice to have a break from school and work!

    Safe travels!

  40. 41 Gina G

    i love just sitting around the table and playing LCR with my brothers,cousins, aunt, and grandma, and hearing everyone yell L for LOVE (to get a left, ever played?) the whole time, it is so fun and makes me feel soooo unbelievably greatful, more than usual (if possible) for my family!
    have a wonderful Christmas Kailey =)

  41. 42 dorothy

    awww your fam is the cuuutieeest! last picture made me smile fo sho 🙂

    enjoy your holiday girlll. looking forward to the recap !


    hope you made it home safe and sounds…lots of love to you and the snackie family!


  43. I love your posts! That bagel looks freaking delicious with all it’s bursting tofutti gloriousness. I REALLY want that PB and J larabar, just had a Cinnamon Roll one yesterday and it was yummy!

    We don’t really have any holiday traditions.. well, except crepes and my mom doesn’t want to bother making them vegan for me. 😦

  44. 45 crazylittlethingneela

    merry christmas to you my love! have a safe trip home and a wonderful time to you and your family.
    so glad to have found you in the blogging world you inspiring lady 😉

  45. Okay, I’m writing this a long time after you posted this blog and I’m hoping someone didn’t already mention this, because I feel like a genius for thinking of it. Remember when you asked what you should do before you leave NYC for good? You should go to the Peanut Butter Company’s little shop! A little birdy (aka their website) tells me it’s at 240 Sullivan St. If you end up going, please take pics so I can live through you 🙂

    Enjoy the holidays with your family!!

  46. LOVE Murray’s bagels!

    Have a good trip home! 🙂

  47. we have the same nail pooooooolish on right now! oot oot!

    awwwwwww xmas photos are ador.

    i think i might go grab a bagel RIGHT NOW. not kiddin

    i need to try seitan. erin has been on my casE!!!


    i love uuuuuuuu

  48. 49 Kati

    A question 100% unrelated to this post:
    in your previous posts, what brand is the plain tempeh you sometimes eat? Thanks!

    • 50 snackface

      Kati- Whoah, sorry for the delayed response! The tempeh I’ve been eating is Trader Joe’s brand! If I don’t have a chance to get Trader Joe’s, I buy the Light Life brand. Hope that helps!

  49. Woah! Bagels with tofutti and WF that have seitan chimichurri?!?! I need to move right now!
    I’m such a nighttime snacker too, I’ll be pretty normal during the day…well, normal for me, meals and snacks but I’m never like STARVING. Then come 10 or 11 pm and I feel the need to empty the kitchen.
    So where is home for you? I love that my whole family is here! Hope you’re having a great Christmas Eve and enjoy the day tomorrow!

  50. Aww i’m so excited for you!! You better watch lots of tv with mamaj, drink delicious home-made coffee, eat everythang you may love or miss when in NY and get plenty of time in with yo’ main men and doggies!!!!!!

    A totally adorable, yet cheesy post title was NECESSARY Kailey–so i’m glad ya did it 🙂

    Happy that you did the damn thang and got yourself a bagel! with tofutti!! omg, more reason to eat bagels everyday…i mean hey, a vegan’s gotta eat, right?! hahaha

    Also proud of ma girl for dominating a bag of pretzels to make up for a lack in cals–you’re so amazing

    Still jeal of the mighty mapes action….haven’t tried it yet–can’t find it/don’t feel like ordering it online!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU! And oh, totally enjoyed gettin’ ma new VS pajama set a few hours ago. The tradish is that my mom always buys me new pj’s from VS every year and has me wear them to bed, and pose in them with my new presents in the morn….i think you have a similar one?? XOXOXOXO MERRY CHRISTMAS (it’s officially xmas in ohio right now!!!!!!) Muah!

  51. I know exactly what you mean about not being hungry but not being satisfied. You just search for random little snacks and they seem to do the trick. But I think my go-to option in this situation will always be cereal and almond milk.

    Merry Christmas girl! Wishing you and your family the best! 🙂

  52. Yay so excited for you to get to go home!! I hope you had a safe trip there and are enjoying every minute!

    Glad you got in a genuine NYC bagel and scandalous WFs bar convos before you left though 😉

    Merry merry Christmas!!

  53. I just went to the murrays website and DROOLED love everything on the menu and I am now craving an omelet on a bagel 🙂

    oatbran pretz’s look interesting and even more interesting (as in delish) dipped in mighty mapes…I had the PB and J lara bar, and wasnt the biggest fan either, but I am sure each batch is a tiny bit different! glad you enjoyed it the 2nd time around!

  54. So funny! That bagel looks amazing!! I havent had one in forever and now Im totally craving one!!

  55. Yay for going home 🙂 That bagel looks so tasty and dont even get me started on the seitan. Ive never tried it but it makes me wish i had a whole foods near by again lol

  56. i just had a bagelgasm.

  57. Gah, that crying-over-money feeling is the worst. I get it too. Just try to focus on all the good things you have that don’t require money… it might help to make you feel a little better next time :-).

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