Snackie on a Schedule 3


Snack Packlettes! How are you? I am loving all the new commenters. Welcome to my humble abode!

I’m feeling bold today:


So that means it’s time for another Snackie on a Schedule, in which you get to peek inside my head. It can be fun, funny and mostly scary. Let’s go!


5am- Jump out of bed at the sound of the alarm. Disgustingly, I’m excited to be up, moving and getting ready for the gym. Pee. Change into gym ‘fit. Put on my Nike’s (right foot first, always, for some reason). Tie hair into a pony. Deodorize. Shadoob. Wash hands. Leave.

5:30- It’s sad to be at the gym before they’ve even turned on the music.

5:45- I don’t know how people run on treadmills. I’ve got mad love for the ‘liptical. I’m annoyed, however, with being at the gym for two consevutive days. Working out three times a week is perfect, four days is overkill and anything more is borderline obsessive. I realize most health bloggers would disagree with me.

7:15- Showered and dressed, I paint my face. I’m furious with clogged pores on my chin and the red rash around my left nose hole…which I guess is called a nostril.

8:03- On the train, staring at my neighbor’s paper. It’s rude to read over people’s shoulders, but I’m drawn to the Brittany Murphy story. Did her alleged eating disorder and drug abuse have anything to do with her heart attack? Must eat solid breakfast.

8:30- At the office before everyone else. I turn on all the lights and make oats in peace:

TJ's oats with Mighty Mapes spoon.

9:10- With emails for my Aruba-vacationing boss checked, emails printed out for co-founder and breakfast eaten, I blog for the day. Couldn’t be happier to share my bull-riding weekend with everyone. Still hope they don’t think, “youz a ho,” after they read.

10:30- Blog writing and pimping done, I attack Google Reader. Is it wrong to think that none of what I read is more exciting than riding a mechanical bull?

1pm- I’ve been sucked into a time vacuum. Or something. While Gchatting my girls, doing odd tasks here and there for work and finding what I want to get MamaJ for Christmas, the hours flew by. Hmm. Should I be hungry by now? I’ll pee and then decide.

1:10- Meh. Not really. But I do have to send my blogette Secret Santa gift. Someone in the office has to know where the nearest post office is.

1:22- Directions in mind, I grab something to nosh en route:

Clif Builder's are perfect meals in a bar. Do 270 cals qualify for a meal? I don't know anymore. I just eat.

1:37- Feeling virtuous on my walk to the post office, I am honored when someone asks me for directions. Does this mean I look like I belong here/know what I’m doing?! I have a huge brain fart and forget which direction is Broadway. Oops.

1:38- Mother F. I’m at 23rd and 8th. I need to be at 23rd and 3rd. I went the wrong direction. That woman never should have mistaken me for someone who knows where she’s going.

1:45- The line at the Madison Square Post Office (they capitalized post office, not me–I actually contemplate this while waiting) is enormous. I don’t even know how to properly send a package. Do I need another box in which to place this? Do I need a label for an address? I do nothing and hope for the best.

2:15- Fifteen dollars later, the blogette gift is heavily taped and should arrive by Thursday. This entire Secret Santa thing has cost me more than I ever imagined. I’m so cheap.

2:17- “How you doin’, sexy lady?” asks a handsome gentleman who resembles Ne-Yo. He just made my day.

2:30- Once feeling in my hands returns, I finish “lunch” and attend to work emails.

4:05- OMG it’s already four! All I’ve done is read blogs. This is fantastic.

5:05- Almost the last person out of the office. I’m going to be brave tonight and hunt down the store in which MamaJ’s gorgeous gift is waiting.

5:35- I’m sidetracked in Diesel in Union Square. None of these shirts are long enough for MattyRich.

6:00- Hmmm. Where the hell is this store? I’m on Greenwich. It’s supposed to be here.

6:20- I’m lost.

6:25- My ass is frozen. I’m pretty sure it’s chapped, too.

6:30- I give up and ask someone for directions back to Union Square.

6:45- Thank you, sweet Jeezus. I am on the right track! I stop in a market to make myself feel better. Everything’s way too expensive.

6:55- Back at the Path station, I inhale a small apple in celebration.

7:25- I’ve never been happier to climb up five floors to my apartment. Top priority: FOOD. Course one:

Amy's split pea soup doused with Cholula.

Delicious. Next, please:

The green can't stop, won't stop.

In the mix: butter lettuce, raw green beans, cucumber, crumbled “raw” tempeh, ginger-soy vinaigrette and dollops of TJ’s jalapeno-cilantro hummus. Amazing.

Course three:

Hummus and crackas.

Seeing that the gorgeous Fitnessista has been a huge fan of these crackers forever, I knew I had to try then and finally paid $3.99 for a box:

Mary's Gone Crackalacks.

These are exquisite! What I love more than the nutty flavor and crunchy texture is that I don’t want to eat the whole bag in one sitting. They are too precious to mindlessly devour like that. Hand me some Stacy’s, however, and I’ll be singing a different tune.

8:10- I sip on some Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice tea. It’s the perfect blend of cocoa and spice. I like being redundant. Anyway, I recommend the tea. Not redundancy.

9:02- I’d love some sugar with my Gossip Girl. Another noob (AKA newbie, shortened to newb, but noob is so much better. Close to boob, which is hysterical):

City Girl Country Girl cookies.

Check out the fab ingredients:

Wholesome. Like me.

The real deal:

Forget green monsters, I'm all about being a cookie monster.

These are gasmic. They are perfectly sweet, slightly crunchy from the sunflower and pumpkin seeds and slightly chewy from the oats. It’s hard to eat just one. (And you shouldn’t.)

9:45- I’m hungry again. I eat an unpictured half banana and two TJ’s Righteous Rounds. All soaked in almond milk. Delicioso.

10:05- I’m pooped. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed this early! I guess that’s what getting lost twice in one day will do to a homegirl.

I hope you enjoyed another Snackie on a Schedule segment! Today’s schedule goes a lil’ sunthin’ like this:
-love life (Confession: I always put “love life” on my to-do lists. I think it works!)

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Do you have a good sense of direction?Β  AKA- Do you get lost often? ALSO Do you still have holiday shopping to complete? Guilty.


68 Responses to “Snackie on a Schedule 3”

  1. I love Builder bars! I think they taste great. I have a pretty crappy sense of direction. That coupled with my fear of getting lost? It’s awful.

  2. I am freakish with directions. It’s something to do with visually remembering things.. I’m like that with people too! I always think “I know that person!” and usually have met them within the past ten years :p

    I love that you a)beat everyone to the gym, b) beat everyone to work and c) were just about the last person to leave work! atta girl πŸ™‚

    I also think I need to try your ginger-soy vinaigrette! I hate basalmic so that might work.

  3. 3 MattyRich

    Kailey I believe a better term for how you feel in the first pic would be fierce not bold. Hahahahaha

  4. I have a horrible sense of direction… it’s basically nonexistent. :p

    However, if you had just gone ten blocks or so north, you would have wound up at the main post office. ;p

    ❀ ❀

  5. I am TERRIBLE with directions…I’ve been at my college for a year and a half and still mix up street names/building names. And yes, I still have to get 2 gifts…in 2 days…with my broke a$$. Should be interesting.

    I want to try those Clif Builders bars after seeing them on your blog all the time!

  6. Love the belt and sweater.. looks hot!
    I could quite possibly live on Marys crack and some hummus.. my husband thinks they taste like burnt popcorn.. lol.
    Enjoy your day!!

  7. haha this is an awesome post- i love hearing your thoughts and you are really really funny. I love your 3x a week gym philosophy. I find my body likes 3-4 times and its nice to see that someone agrees!

    I have been living in NYC for 6 months now and still get lost. The hardest part is when you get out of the subway station and you have no idea what direction to turn. I always get it wrong! One tip I have is to carry one of those laminated foldable maps. you look like a tourist a little bit, but that thing has saved me multiple multiple times. I love it.

    • 8 snackface

      Jamie- Oh honey, thank you for making me not feel like a goon for wanting to carry a map. I don’t, but I really should!

  8. I am glad to know I was not the only one sending my blogette gift at the last minute. $22 later and mine was sent!

  9. That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh!
    I get lost everywhere, except for in malls. I think I have Spidey Sense in malls, I always know where stuff is!

  10. 11 Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    Hey i’m new to your blog, lovin it already! LOL i always feel so cool when people ask me for directions in a city i don’t even live in. Cholula is the greatest, i need to bust out my bottle and add it to everything, perfect for winter to warm ya up! I want to find those “gasmic” cookies!!

    • 12 snackface

      Stef- Woohoo! Thanks for finding SnackFace! I hope you continue to read and enjoy πŸ™‚ OMG isn’t Cholula amazing? I also really love Frank’s Red Hot. That one’s waiting in the fridge in my Athens, Ohio, home!

  11. Sometimes I find my rigidity overpowers the purpose of schedules and whatnot. Ive been working on finding a balance. I’m glad youre able to recognize healthy working out to obsessive exercising. Something else I need to learn because now, I’ve ONCE AGAIN lost all exercise privileges.

    Oh, and I wanted to thank you for your comments and support. I genuinely appreciate and value your genuine words.

    Stay strong, stay positive- it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And if it’s not, let’s make it one.
    bec xo

  12. I have a terrible sense of direction! So bad in fact that I will often use Mapquest in addition to my GPS. This weekend I got lost on the way to the radio station I was guest DJ-ing on! The name of the road the station is on is Murray Canyon Rd. and I, not once but twice, typed in Murphy Canyon Rd. (a mistake the DJ told me happens frequently)! I wound up late to my shift! I can’t stand being late! Hate to be lost! The good news is that I was so wigged out about being lost that I was calm as a cucumber by the time I made it on air! You seem to have handled the being lost thing very well! Your Mama J (Popsicle too) raised a very capable and confident woman–good for them!

  13. oh a day in the life.. how jealy I am.

    They Brittany Murph speculations are cray cray.. puts things in to perspective though, eh? **chows down on oats**

    oh ne-yo impersonator.. sexyyyyy love [girl the things you do]

    sister girl I can’t even find my way around my house sometimes, let alone the entire city of NY — so be proud of yourself for not ending up in Kanas… knowing me, I would have.

    p.s. I got a guitar a few years ago too! I totes wanted to be like Jewel. Never learned though. meh. It’s sad really. Music is such a beautiful passion.

    p.p.s. I saw Matty Rich left a comment.. HI, HOTSTUFF! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    p.p.p.s I tried putting the PB&J cuties on my key but they don’t fit. Prob. ’cause my car is from the 1800’s. It’s vintage πŸ˜‰

    love you so so so unbelievably much!!!! xo

  14. 16 Nicole G

    Definitely have more shopping, but I keep putting it off! LOL

    BTW, the picture with the hummus and crackers – at first glance I thought the cracker was a TJ’s chocolate chip cookie – I was like damn snackface LOVES that hummus LOL. Kinda makes me tempted to try dipping cookies in hummus – both so delish – seems so wrong its right LOL

    Nicole G

  15. 17 Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    you are hilarious! first of all- riding a bull is 293058028 times more exciting than anything i’ve been doing, so it isnt wrong πŸ™‚ & i think the gym philosophy is great. especially for girls who’ve had eating disorders! 3-4 tims is plennnty πŸ™‚

    and i have the wrost sense of directions..its retarded. hahah sometimes i seriously think im lik 10 years old.


  16. i would hope that my post on your goog read, was more interesting than say posts about dogs, or office parties. hahaha j/k. i wish we could gossip over dinner soon bc since we had dinner i cannot stop being so observant with blogs. And since we are twins, Id like to tell you it is a daily occur of mine, to get lost, lose things, eat boxes of crackers in one sitting…however i always read over peep’s shoulder and snoop on what their IPod says. I am a creep. This is understood.


  17. U just adore your blog!!! You are just such a ray of sunshine!!!!! I love your style, your snacks , and your great personality that shines though !!!!! I have been reading for a while, and always look forward to new posts from you!!!! I bet you are excited to go home for the holidays!!!! Hope you have a great day and get that last minute shopping done!! Im usually doing that too, this year I got done a little early!! Happy Holidays!!!!! xo

    • 20 snackface

      Katie- Awwww thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad you commented! I think YOU’RE a ray of sunshine!

  18. hahaha i always put on my right skate first too!! and prob anything i have to lace!!!

    brit murph! so saddd

    mary’s gone crackers are super healthy and yum.

    TEMPEH! it’s been wayyy too long!


  19. No joke. I spit out my tea reading 6:25- My ass is frozen – I’m pretty sure it’s chapped too!! hahaha..

    Very funny post… I’m loving reading!!

    I am all done shopping yay And I have a little sense of direction… a little!!

    Have a great day,

  20. I have THE worst sense of direction, hands down.

  21. It’s not even noon and you got me in hysterics! Love ya girl!

    OMG and I thought the same thing about Brittany Murphy. When I heard cardiac arrest I immediately thought about he eating disorder. Yikes!

  22. girl your life is hilarious!! i want to come to NYC just to visit YOU!! and hear those witty comments you got goin on!! i have THE WORST SENSE OF DIRECTION.. i seriously get lost in my freaking home parents forced me to get a GPS aka life saver

  23. 26 Heather

    Hey Kailey! I’m so glad I found your blog…I love your outift, it is really fab and you look gorgeous in it. By the way, I’m also from the Cincinnati area…it’s so cool that you are too! Have a fabulous rest of the day!!

    • 27 snackface

      Heather- Hollaaaa to my Cinci girl! I’m so pumped to have you reading! And thanks so much for the compliments πŸ™‚ xoxo

  24. 28 Susan

    Ahh, I love getting a peek inside your head girlie – hilar!

    I am the same way about the gym – too many days a week and I get bored and hate it. Hey, every good relationship needs and little breathing room.

    I don’t know what a “meal” means either. Some of mine are like 200 cals, while others are 1000+. Who cares as long as its tastay?

    Umm, twin? I had Amy’s Split Pea yesterday too. Homegirl knows her soup sh!t.

    And “love life” on the to-do list? Can’t wait to hear bout it!

    Stay sassy!

    • 29 snackface

      Susan- So glad you enjoyed the post! I never know if I’m going to freak people out instead of make them laugh/smile. Oh1 When I said “love life,” I don’t mean the noun form because, well, I don’t have a love life. I meant it in the verb-subject kind of way, as in “I love life.” Haha It’s a command so that I remember to make each day as fab as possible and remember to love it!

  25. 30 Deirdre

    Hi Snackface : ) I thought I would join the ranks of new post-ettes, because I adore your blog and really should stop being a creepy anonymous stalker/reader.

    And yes, am I off to the mall in t-minus a few minutes to sit in traffic, wait in line, and argue with myself about what to get everrrybody on my list- a.k.a. I haven’t bought one gift yet. Lovely.

    I hope your shopping goes better than mine!


    • 31 snackface

      Deirdre- Thanks for coming out of the closet!! Welcome to the comments section! haha. OMG I am right witchoo! I have all my shopping to do. All of it. Yayyy.

  26. Love Snackie on a schedule! And I agree, 3 days of cardio pour moi est parfait, et je l’adore πŸ˜‰

    Those cookies sound perfect, like a blogger made them and put them in a box for ya!

    I actually have a pretty good sense of direction. I know this because I have no patience for my friends not being able to find their way around the student union sometimes. I’m working on it.

    Done with shopping, not so much with the wrapping. Good luck finishin up chica!

  27. 33 julie

    girl i am ALWAYS getting lost in the city. i find the best way to find your way is to look for the empire state building and then reroute according to that haha.

    …you mean you don’t wanna hang with the durty jerz gym guids more then 3 times a week..

    haha enjoy your day girl!

  28. I don’t think I really have a bad sense of direction, but I’m terrified of getting lost! I’m thinking about getting a GPS when I move cities.

  29. I looove your writing style! This schedule seriously cracked me up and I’m finding it impossible to pick a favorite part because they were all equally hilarious πŸ™‚ My favorite new word it Shadoob, though. Of that I am sure.

    I saw what you wrote on Jenny’s post — you are way too sweet. I may be older than you but if you ask me, I look up to YOU as a journalista. Not just sayin’ that!

    Those city girl, country girl cookies look phenomenal.

    I have a decent sense of direction BUT when I’m driving and talking to someone in the car at the same time I nearly ALWAYS miss my turn somewhere along the way. It drives Bobby crazy!

    Still have holiday shopping? Guilty as charged.

    Happy Holidays, Snacklovelyface!! πŸ™‚


    i also spent way too much on bloggy secret santa and have yet to send it. will do that today.

    ummm that salad looks bangin. so does the hummus and crackers.

    how did you manage to now gnaw your own hand off by the time dinner came round? props for keeping your body intact.

    yay for x-mas shopping but not so much for getting lost.

    you are fabulous.

    i love you.

    xoxo gossip girl

  31. Great update – totally cute cardigan + belt – I have never seen those cookies!

    They look great!

    Happy Tuesday,


  32. Marys Crack. Huge fan. Brought a box with me to Aruba!
    Those city/country cookies….NICE I would love those!
    and the Builder’s Bar. 20g of protein also very nice stats!

  33. Love you, love your timelines, love your little Love Life idea on your to do lists! How adorable. I’m so doing that!

    Can I eat that cookie right now? Mmmmmmmm.

    I have a terrible sense of direction. I always get lost when I’m trying to find my way to somewhere new! And even if I’ve been somewhere multiple times I somehow always manage to miss turns. It’s almost pathetic. 😦
    And holiday shopping? Gulp. Yeah not done. Trying to finish that today… fingers crossed!

    Do you have a good sense of direction? AKA- Do you get lost often? ALSO Do you still have holiday shopping to complete? Guilty.

  34. Can I say holler to your 5:45AM key point – loves it. Ne-Yo man!! Ne-Yo isn’t too bad on the eyes, you know?! I always get sticker shock when I send packages – blah!

    I surprisingly have a really good sense of direction. Drop me off somewhere, put a blindfold on, spin me in circles and I’ll probably still be able to make it home.

  35. 41 lowandbhold

    I have a terrible sense of direction! I’ve only lived in on state ever and only in three cities and I still get lost on the regular. It’s so sad. But I like to think others find it endearing. Probably not though.

  36. Last year my friend and I wandered around downtown for a few hours trying to get to Canal Street. We never found it, but God led us to Urban Outfitters and great boots so it all worked out!

  37. 43 whydeprive

    I just found your blog, its awesome!
    I am in LOVE with Marys Crackers!! Theyre so delicious!

  38. I have a great sense of direction. I don’t know why.

  39. I love your Snackie on a Schedule posts, you are too funny and it makes my blog reading day! Probably because I think very similarly, but never long enough for it to totally get to my blog!

    I don’t have a very good sense of direction but I do have a tactic that never fails me…I just pretend like I know where I’m going and it works every time. I don’t know why but it does, so feel free to take that concept for a whirl and see if it works for you!

  40. I love your outfit! It’s very cute – something I like to imagine myself wearing if I had access to more clothes.. or just a better sense of style. Haha.

    I have a fairly good sense of direction.. usually.. most of the time. Well, I’m better than my mom so that’s a great start! Actually, I like to believe that out of everyone in my family, I’m the best at directions. As for my Christmas shopping, I’m also guilty of not being done. I just don’t have TIIIIME. Or I’m just lazy. Maybe both.

  41. 48 Kate

    I just tried the Mary’s Crack this weekend at a fam thing for my boyfriend and they are amaze!!! I died.

    I also think this is one of my fav winter outfits I have seen on you this year! Awesome!

  42. Haha love your min by min recap. I don’t think I can remember what I had for breakfast let alone every detail. I need to start writing them down! πŸ˜‰

    Hope you are enjoying your week darling girl. πŸ™‚

  43. Um, how cute are you in that outfit! I posted a picture of my red and green scrubs on my post just a few minutes ago and now I’m embarrassed!!!!

    I have really good sense of direction. It annoys me that my husband doesn’t. Yet again, I am the better half…if you know what I mean : )

    Love the Ne-Yo guy comment — cracks me up!

    • 51 snackface

      Nicole- Ahhh thanks! I’m sure you look adorable in your scrubs! Plus, I admire anyone who has a career that entails that uniform. You’s a boss!

  44. 52 MamaJ

    I find it so hard to believe that all the years in the car with me and your bro playing “lets get lost and find ourselves,” didn’t wear off on you. Mattie Rich has a wonderful sense of direction. What the hell happened to you? ” Oh yah! “…He was watching landmarks out the window while you were singing to the music on the radio. . . Little Brittany world. . I know one of these days you will get it straight. Hopefully it will be 80 degrees out….Less than 24 hours….OXOX

  45. love when you tell us your snackie schedule πŸ˜‰

  46. That was a fun post, you get a lot done during the day! And my sense of direction is non-existent. If I am supposed to go one way, I will most definitely go the wrong way. It’s a given! I’m also like that when I put stuff together. If something is supposed to go together one way, I put it together backwards! I had to have my husband assemble the kids gingerbread house so that could decorate it πŸ™‚

  47. Love it!!!! I want more of your posts like this! Hilariously entertaining. I’m so with you about working out 3 days a week!!!

  48. hey girl! just found your blog and love it! will definitely be checking it out from now on.
    love mary’s crack!!

    • 57 snackface

      Molly- Hollaaaa! Thanks for finding SnackFace and enjoying! I hope you continue reading πŸ™‚

  49. I am notorious for getting lost so I can most definitely relate! But hey, at least it makes for a nice excuse to hit up some hotties for directions…am I right?! πŸ˜‰

  50. I’m known as the human GPS to most of my friends and family. I look at directions once, I know how to get there, and never need directions again. my brain is map…guess that’s why i work in that field eh?

    and love the timeline bit today… πŸ™‚

  51. The mind of Miss. Snackface is a terrifying yet fascinating place… πŸ˜‰
    I noticed some trends in this post: peeing, being early to places, droolworthy eats and pure awesomeness.
    The last time I knew where I was going and didn’t get lost along the way was probably coming out of my mother’s womb. Sorry if that’s a disturbing mental image! So yes, I do get lost quite a bit.


    • 61 snackface

      Rachael- Hahaha the trends you noticed are amaze. I actually left out, like, five bathroom trips, but it’s a very important part of my life. Glad you enjoyed!

  52. hahah you crack me up. What a day girl! whew!! I hear ya about the elliptical. I LOVE it, Spinning for me is number 1, but the elliptical is my number 2 fav. Its fun! As for sense of direction…I have none. Lets just say my husband still makes fun of me for getting lost while trying to find the Target that ended up being two blocks from our hours. Sad but true. haha. Have a wonderful evening!

  53. I always love snackie on a schedule…it’s like your reg posts with extra witty, hilarious, innaprops, blunt commentary…LOVE!

    The whole Brittany Murphy death is quite confusing, and definitely sad…but i’m glad you took some preventative measures and fed yo’self the damn breakfast–good girl πŸ™‚

    Amy’s split pea w/ hot sauce is my go-to at school! I know I tell you this all the time. But i gotta repeat it every time i see it! Oh, and I definitelyyy had a tj’s jalapeno & cilantro hummus-topped salad today, it is so creamy and GOOD! Damn, how do they make it like that Kailey?!? Beats me…i’ll just keep buying it!

    And mary’s crack!! The bestt–they are just so dense and chewy, i love ’em. Those cookies are adorb–perfect with some GG action. Are you on season one?? Do you love Dan Humphrey and all that preppy fashion or what??

    But to answer your Q–i’m also finishing up some xmas shopping tomorrow!! i think we’re ALL there…no worries πŸ™‚

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

    • 64 snackface

      Jesspants- I was actually watching GG’s latest season, episode one. I LOVE Dan H, but I think it’s because he reminds me of a more mature MattyRich. They have the same nose, jawline, cool and lovable personality… creepy? A tad. xoxo πŸ™‚

  54. Oh ps–i’m HORRIBLE with directions. I learn through sight and couldn’t tell you the names of streets 5 minutes away from me. hahahaha

  55. I get lost all the time! Even if I’ve been to the place hundreds of times, if I have to get there on my own or tell someone else how to get there, it ain’t happening!

    I am not a huge fan of crowds, but I always procrastinate and have to brave the craZy stores! But, last minute gifts are usually the best gifts!

  56. Ugh! I can’t tell you how many times I get off the subway and just walk in completely the wrong direction! Usually I have a pretty good sense of direction, but sometimes I completely lose my bearings and get completely turned around.

    Those cookies look delish! I’ll keep my eye out for them.

  57. love the way you rock the skinny belt with the over sized cardigan. oh if only i could do such a sassy thang.

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