Santa Claus is Coming to Town


What up, boos! It’s Friday, glorious Friday and I am ready for the weekend. Before I get ahead of myself, I must rewind to Thursday.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I slept through two alarms and awoke to my roomie shaking me. Roomie was even convinced I was dead at one point. This is so peculiar for me because I’m usually a very light sleeper. Must have been that Lo who wore me out Wednesday night.

While walking to work I contemplated breakfast. There was something I’d been craving all week that needed to be taken care of. So I did the damn thang:

Huge NYC bagel with grape jelly. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Why don’t I eat bagels more often, I wondered as I ate this chewy yet fluffy yet crunchy delicacy. Actually, I know why. The Great Carb Scare of the early oo’s is to blame. I remember Matty Rich telling me, “Kailey, you know eating a bagel is like eating five pieces of bread.” How he knew that at age 14 is beyond me, but it was enough to make me listen. Now I despise the word “carb” mainly because of its negative connotations.

But that is of no matter, as life is short and bagels are delicious. What wasn’t as delicious or satisfying, though, was my sad little lunch:

Although, food to dip into hummus and peanut butter is all I really need in my food life.

Mighty Mapes, hummus, carrots (multiply by three), an apple and many, many handfuls of Milton’s crackers were tasty, but my appetite was off the chain for the rest of the day! I’m not even sure if you can combine appetite with “off the chain.”

Work was rather slow in the afternoon. Like any blog addict, I used the time to clean out my Google Reader. From the 300’s to 0 in a day? It can be done.

After work I headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up essentials. And maybe I missed my main man and feeling like I was back in San Fran, OK? I collected bananas, greens, a cucumber, an orange and some fun things I’ll share in a bit, and then I faced this:

What are they doing?

This, my friends, is what the TJ’s is like in Union Square–a hot mess. Actually, a cold mess. What you see are people waiting in line in the back of the store. If TJ’s weren’t so affordable and full of addicting products, I’d never wait in a line like this. But wait I did:


The elderly woman behind me kept running into my heels with her cart. I almost lost it, but then I envisioned her being so pissed that she’d spit on me. That’s where your mind goes when you’re waiting to buy 12 or fewer items.

Leaving unscathed and un-expectorated on, I braved the cold and eventually made it back to Hoboken. I’m pretty sure this is the face I make while walking against the wind:

Upset, miserable, about to cry, dramatic.

And once inside, I’m as happy as Snooki is when she’s doing back flips in da club with her cooch hanging out (I love her, though!):

That 'fit is on the repeat. Anyone remember last time I wore this? In Ohio?

One of my favorite parts about buying new groceries is unpacking them and staring at them for a while:

TJ's gave me the business.

These are only the “dry goods,” which always tend to be the most interesting. What I’m most excited about:

New oatsizzles.

Non-vegan cooks. They have butter in 'em. 'Tis the season?

The best flavors combined. Genius.

As soon as I unpacked and had a photo shoot, I got to work on dinner. Hard labor went into this:

Obviously. Salads are challenging.

In the mix: greens, cucumber, salsa, ginger-soy vinaigrette, breakfast Sunshine patty and cilantro-jalapeno hummus. I know I’m dramatic or enthusiastic or what have you, but I mean it when I say this was the best salad I’ve had in months. Exquisite combination of flavors and textures.

And accompanying it was the even more laborious part of of the dinner-making process:

Canned soup. Very challenging.

It looks even better when heated and bowled:


The Health Valley soup needed a little help in the flavor department, but it was nothing pepper and Cholula couldn’t fix.

I dined with the gentlemen of the Entourage cast and thought I’d dessert with them as well:

TJ's popcorn and righteous cookies.

This was such a stellar combination that I had to go back for more popcorn. And then more cookies. And then more popcorn. SnackFace was ON!

I’ve already had a fantastic workout today, which has made me even more amped up for Santa’s Friday night arrival. “Who is this Santa?” you’re wondering. None other than my beloved Muffin! I can’t wait to see my girl!

I wish you all fabulous, happy, delicious weekends!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you feel about the atrocious word “CARBS”?…and…Do you wait in line when you don’t have to?
My thought on “carbs”: Let’s stop calling them that. It’s FOOD. And I say, the more, the merrier.


54 Responses to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

  1. Wow! That salad really looked fantastic! Just wanted to say πŸ™‚ I’m big on salads. Have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. I HATE waiting in line – especially at Trader Joe’s, since mine looks that crowded too, haha.

  3. Ahhh I totally agree with you on carbs. I don’t even take a second thought, and I eat them CONSTANTLY. Yum. Sometimes I wait in line. Depends on what it is I’m waiting for. Shoes = yes. Movies = no.

  4. Ahh Snookie! That chick is hardcore! Me and Pro Shake were wondering if she would ever regain her real color after all that tanning. She is BROWN!

    I don’t like the word “carbs” either, but it’s kinda hard not to use it when it’s everywhere, yafeelme? I just decided to change the connotation and make carbs a good word in my mind. πŸ™‚

    • 5 snackface

      Kittay- Truf about the carbs. I suppose we can change the connotation! And SNOOK! I love her. She is so unapologetically herself! And I think her voice is cute, for some bizarre reason.

  5. Thank you for providing photographic evidence of WHY I HATE TRADER JOE’S. That place is not good for my blood pressure.

    ❀ ❀

  6. HATE lines…LOVE Trader Joe’s! At least in DC, the line is super speedy at least. Plus on my grad student stipend, if I want to eat healthy I don’t really have a choice of where to shop πŸ™‚ Aaaaah, the life of an academic. PS..Are you applying to grad schools in addition to jobs??

    For carbs, I too felt the same way for years. However, when it comes down to it (and this is my ‘Biochem’ista) speaking, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. I know girls that avoid all fat and are pin thin. I also those that avoid all carbs. The bottomline is they are cutting out a major food group which = calories.

    I say treat yourself once in a while, you look fab…enjoy that NYC bagel while you are living there πŸ™‚

  7. i think that same thing when i’m eating a bagel because someone told me the exact same thing…i haven’t been able to eat it the same since then. 😦

    things def shouldn’t be labeled, only “FOOD”

  8. 9 findinghappinessandhealth

    haha i agree..carbs makes them sound horrible! & i am glad you ate that bagel- i thikt he reason i never eat htem is becasue i always get hungry like two hours later but they are delicious! & sorry about hte old woman running over our heals :-\ that’s annoying.


  9. No way! That bagel alone is worth the plane ticket to NYC! Oh. My. LAWD! That line is making me twitch just looking at it. I hate lines with a fiery passion. NON VEGAN?!?!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!? πŸ˜‰ Kidding! That’s just a little reference to our g chat sesh.

    That poppy corn combo = amaze. YAY to your bestie going to see you! My bestie is coming home this weekend too!!

    Carbs shmarbs – the more the merrier. Lines? Let’s put it this way, when I drive, I would rather take back roads and drive an hour than sit in traffic and drive only 20 minutes.

  10. I almost bought those cookies the other day but the “butter” deterred me. Now I wish I would have just done the damn thing.

    Oh, Snookie. I watched it up to the point where she was about to get punched in the face. Then this morning I woke up to find that hubby had DVRed it. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your time with “Santa”!!!!

  11. 12 MattyRich

    Nothing can top the ridic belig lady in Mama J’s way at our Trader Joe’s hahahahahaha. I gave her a taste of her own medicine. Best Trader Joe’s trip……………EVA!!!!

    • 13 Sam

      What`s this storyΓ‰! Woah frenchy characters… but this sounds hilar!

      • 14 MattyRich

        Alright Sam you’re gettin the inside scoop on this one. So we went to Trader Joe’s to stock up for dinner for the evening and Mama J was trying to grab some rice but this snobby belligerent lady would not get out of the way of the rice. Mama J said excuse me and asked her to move a solid 10 times and then she just decided to reach over this ladies cart. So this lady let out one of those gasps of disgust. So while Mama J and K Heezy were checkin out I decided to follow her around the store and block her path or grab anything she was going to grab. I gave her a little taste of her own medicine and she learned never to mess with the H-Unit.

  12. I’m also not a fan of the word carbs. Could partly be due to the “arr” sound.. Sort of reminds me of a not so cute pirate. Long lines annoy me like crazy but I tend to wait in them anyways while blasting my ipod and looking at trashy magazine covers. Have a fun weekend!


  13. Bagels = heaven. I’m so thankful for my line-free Trader Joe’s after seeing that picture!

  14. 17 Lindsay

    Yeah I hated that anti-carb hype. It is food, stop calling it carbs. That TJ’s line is insane, but it’s TJs sooo must be worth it. At least you got some great stuff!!

  15. Definitely have rid myself of the word “carbs”..I much prefer “grains”..just sounds nice πŸ˜‰

    I would totally wait in a line like that for TJ’s! Never have I ever been to one 😦

    That hummus sounds amazinggg, great flavor combo indeed!

  16. I really HATE waiting in line also!

    when I hear the word “carbs” I don’t think bad things….I think yum! get in my belly! πŸ˜‰

  17. lol so funny about the old woman!!
    i love carbs..they are my FAV part of the meal fo real!
    i always think that when i have bagels..why dont i eat this more often?
    have fun at your partayyy boo!

  18. 21 maggie

    I HATE the bad rap carbs gets! it is sooo annoying! So many healthy foods are full of carbs…think oats, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes! i mean seriously, who wants to live without those foods! OHh and i think NO carb diets are silly!
    haha, sorry i obviously have an opinion on the carbs issue!
    Everything in moderation…well, no meat obviously! πŸ™‚ i like lovin on my animals too much to eat em!

  19. I love carbs! Perhaps a leetle too much. I think I would eat them at the expense of everything else if I could.

    I have major Trader Joe’s envy going on. I’ve been before, and love it, but we are sadly TJ-less in Canadaland.

  20. Growing up with a dad on Atkins, “carb” was definitely a 4 letter word. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING was brought into the house without carefully analyzing the amount of total carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar. It was a crazy way to live. Now, even though it’s my instinct to flip over a package and read the nutrition information, I scan the ingredients list first and make sure that it’s filled with lots of good carbs – ie unrefined, whole wheat goodness. Occasionally some overprocessed white flour gets its way into my belly, but I know that there’s no problem with that and that not all food should be purely nutritious. After all, there really isn’t anything like a fresh, NY style bagel!

  21. Totally had to click the link to find out who the H Snooki is…I still don’t know even after clicking. I must be getting old.

    Carbs are my friend, I don’t mind the word because protein is my friend too. However I could kill my boss for saying he’s going low carb and then gouging himself on chips. Idiot.

  22. haha the “Carb Scare” of the ’00s was a legitimate fear for me, brought on by my high school weight lifting teacher. At the time he was the smartest guy alive when it came to health- looking back… not so much. I cut out nearly all carbs except the fruit kind and lost quite a bit of weight. Even so- I don’t believe in that anymore. I believe processed food “carbs” can be cut out and replaced with more fresh, healthy, organic options. If that is a bad way to think about it than idk what else to do. haha

    have fun with Muffin!!

  23. lovin the popcorn mix!

    Also, let’s not forget carbs= ENERGY.

    have a fabulous friday, and remember to smile πŸ™‚
    bec xo

  24. 27 Susan

    I’ve made it through the “carb scare” and couldn’t be happier. Hot carbs and nut butter make my life I swerrrrrr. And that Trader Joe’s pic gave me a mini panic attack!

  25. love your bloggy! don’t think i’ve commented before, but with this post i just HAD to!
    i did atkins once, to the extreme… that was many a moon ago, but i still have to tell myself, “bananas are not evil” “corn on the cob will not make you instantly gain 10 lbs” AND, “one bagel will not make you have to turn sideways to get through the door”
    i mean seriously… how delusional do you have to be to follow atkins??
    it worked, i got super skinny in about 2 months… then i had a chicken strip on my 21st birthday and it all came piling back on.

    i decided i was done with mr. atkins!

    hmmm, maybe i’ll have a bagel for lunch =)

  26. Thanks to living in France I’m learning to think of “carbs” and the big F word “fat” as wonderful things. I remember my brother going on a low carb diet way back when and telling me he would never eat another potato in his life. I have only recently recovered from my fear of potatoes and am realizing how great they are in the right situation.

  27. I totally agree with you on the “carbs” issue. Our body needs them! I do try to make sure I eat a healthy balance of carbs/protein/fat at mostly every meal. Carbs= delightful. I always wait in line when I don’t have to. I usually end up feeling like a sucker.

    btw I LOVE that hummus. We don’t have a TJ’s where I live (sob) so I try to stack up when I visit my future mother in law!

  28. the word CARBS just scares me! haha. it defs gets a bad rep!

  29. A life without carbs is not a life worth living, I say.
    Also: before you leave my fave place on Earth, you HAVE to: visit Cafe Lalo on the UWS (famous from “You’ve Got Mail”)–the ambiance makes it soooo worth it; go to One Lucky Duck, Pure Food & Wine’s Juice bar/takeaway–it will blow your mind; visit the Brooklyn Flea; see the Degas dancer sculpture and the Xmas tree at the Met; get a giant chocolate chip walnut cookie from Levain Bakery–not vegan but OMFG.
    Shoot me an e-mail if you want more suggestions–I have tons!


  30. I love carbs. I mean, it fuels me! I do not count or shun them πŸ™‚

    Your outfit. Rocking the repeat!!!! Seriously you look like a babe πŸ™‚

    The TJs cookies, have never noticed those. Popcorn and cookie chunks? I have been making popcorn with dark choc chunks my entire trip. Well the entire month of Dec that’s been my go-to snackie πŸ™‚

  31. wtf is wrong with me that i did not get a bagel in NYC? ugh. have fun with muffin! Hope tomorrow night goes well too! Network it girlie πŸ™‚


  32. 35 Amanda

    Definitely used to shun carbs, but now I know they are essential to energy and happiness!! Bagels like that are SO worth it – especially when you don’t have them all the time. Waiting in line … depends what you’re waiting for. TJs goodies = worth it … something horrible like a driver’s license picture = so not worth it.

  33. 36 Colleen

    Coming out of the woodwork to say that I definitely passed you in union square on Thursday! You were en route to Trader Joe’s while I was on my way to One Lucky Duck, haha. But yeah, I recognized the fuschia-y/maroon hat and wanted to say something, but I think we were both in the speed-walking *zone* and I couldn’t come up with something that wouldn’t make me sound like a total creeper quick enough. Anyway, just thought I should say hey! I’m Colleen a NY-er, college student and read your blog. Have a loveeely time with Muffin this weekend!!!

    • 37 snackface

      Colleen!!!! Honey, you should have said something to me! I’m sorry I look like a huge b!tch when I’m walking! I’m so in the zone (as you said) and have my destination and a million other things going on in my head. Plus, when you saw me I was most likely pretending I was on a runway. Because I’m that ridiculous/lame/whatever. Anyway, I’m sorry we missed that awesome chance to chat! I probably would have turned bright red and then invited you to join me in the TJ’s mess. πŸ™‚

  34. 38 MamaJ

    After working in a retail store for 7 hours and having to put up with evil spawn from woman that should never ever reproduce because they haven’t got a clue what to do with them once they have them……… I shopped…. I knew it was time to go home when standing in line at TARGET. . . THE MORON FRONT END SUPER, OPEN ANOTHER REGISTER AND TOOK THE LAST PERSON IN MY LINE TO THE NEWLY OPENED REGISTER. Daggers of fire shot out of my eyes and my inner monologue was no longer inner. I was close to ripping his head off with my bare hands. My mother shot behind me and headed for the front door to wait in fear of what might happen. The sight of a 83 year old woman walking at warp speed behind that huge Target cart amused me to the point of laughter. I was done …..No more retail till 9 a.m. when I go back to work. FIVE MORE DAYS.

    • 39 Aunty Snooze

      Hahaha I remember when I had you slouching in the movie theatre . I embarrassed you so much. We had gone to see ghostbusters at ninethirty at night and reserved our seats. Remember? There was a five year old in the seat behind me kickiing my seat and screaming through the whole movie . half way through I turned around and told the parents that at this time of night the child should be at home in bed and the next time spring for a babysitter. They swore at me in fench oh well Mamma J shrunk in her seat I embarrassed her so much but we laughed about it later.
      Carbs bagels are great if your going to walk all the miles you do in a day in NY. Think of it as putting gas in your tank.
      Merry Christmas

  35. 40 Kristina

    I’ve loved carbs my whole life so why let some fad make them seem scary?
    Unfortunately I do stand in the ridiculous line in TJ on Union Square, where else would I get pb filled pretzels? Love your purchases πŸ˜€

  36. Bagels are delicious–sad thing is, they never really fill me up, so I always pair em’ with a big protein punch!! (ex. breakfast-ham/egg/ketchup bagel sammy!!!) My fav our Kim’s Light Bagels or TJ’s mini ones!

  37. 1.) bagels=heaven (especially from NYC-I hear its the H2O)
    2.) looooove how Mama J and Auntie Snooze converse on your blog
    3.) yes, at times I read your blog just to read Mama J comments. Don’t take this as an offense to you, but rather, the intense level of coolness of Mama J.
    4.) Righteous is an under used and under appreciated word. Regardless of how good these lil gems are (which Im sure theyre lovely)-they have a kick ass name and I will be showcasing it in my vocabulary as a new years resolution.
    5.) i heard stormy weather is headed your way so while I would normally gag at the thought of waiting in that TJs line, I think you made a sound decision as you might get stuck in your appartment and would have lacked your glorious snackems.

  38. I always will wait in line at TJS! I am always checking out with the essentials and love my trader joes!

  39. HEY! Okay, as stated on Facebook, I just caught up with your last 11 posts. Why did I save them all for now? Because your blog is my faveee and I knew they’d keep me entertained at some point in my life where I’d need some reading material: enter my snow-day spent INSIDE alllll day. Yes, I’m glad I had them today!

    Anyway, never again. Because your sh!t is too hot to save until now, even if it was for the sake of “leaving the best for last”.

    SO! Yes TJ’s can get cray-cray with the lines and the tight aisles, but dark chocolate covered sea salted almonds and dried white peaches are quite worth the wait in my opinion. I bet the Union Square location is insane.

    Also, How was the cilantro-jalapeno humm? That new line of “smooth and creamy” hummus TJ’s put out is BOMB. I’ve only tried the classic and the spicy though. Saw the one you got last week though!

    Love you!

  40. Okay I finished reading all your posts and now I’m bored. By the way.

  41. 47 Staci

    Haha I have a tasty honey wheat Einsteins bagel waiting for me to eat for breakfast tomorrow, mmm!!

    I went to Trader Joes for the first time in Ny this past week!! A-mazing!! I was in foodie heaven. Brought all my goodies back home to So.Fla with me and have been enjoying them since!

  42. I’ve been studying in Paris for 4 months now, and before coming here, I’m pretty sure I NEVER ate “bread.” Here, EVERYONE eats baguettes, baguettes, and croissants! Its practically a fashion statement to carry a baguette around! At first, not going to lie, I was a bit uneasy about eating so many carbs, but when all the skinny Parisian women are doing it and they taste so darn good, its hard to resist! The perception of food is so different here. Dieting is basically non-existent, yet everyone is healthy!!

    ps- love your blog, have been reading for a while now! I am a huge hummus eater, too! Luckily, they even have Sabra in Paris, or else I think i’d die!!

    • 49 snackface

      Morgan- Oooh I am so jealous! I want to be in Paris carrying fresh baguette on the daily! Nix that. I want to be EATING fresh baguette on the daily. Thanks for all the love, too! Gawd, I’d die without hummus nearby. Glad/impressed you’ve found Sabra there!

  43. I don’t like waiting in line unless I have someone interesting to talk to. In the South people always speak to each other when stuck in line. In NYC, not-so-much. In California I have found that sometimes people speak, sometimes they don’t.

    I love carbs and generally, eat them at will. I do have a pretzel problem though and since the really good ones are also high in sodium, I try to not indulge too often.

    I thought about you when I received the newest issue of Bon appetit Magazine. It features a vegetarian feast!

  44. Mmmm, there are many a-thangs in this post that i’m craving now:

    (warm, doughy, delicious) bagels, popcorn, mighty mapes (i still haven’t found it so i’m more WANTING it than craving it) and more of that hummus!!!! tried it last night–just about died. not exaggerating when I say it’s definitely one of, or THE best hummus flavs i’ve ever had!!

    and oh! that oatmeal’s good…i ate it on the daily the first week or so of school, but then settled for safeway’s cheap quick oats in a tub, instead!

    hope you’re having fun with MUFFIN!!! and the ‘fit is adorb! you always look so put together πŸ™‚

    And to answer your question–yes, I will usually deal with an annoying line for some trader joe’s goods….and carbs are ma friend! i mean uh hello, i’ve been up for 2 hours and have already consumed oats AND some tj’s blueberry bran muffins. gotta love it! having a wrap and chips lata for lunch! LOVE YOU!!!

  45. Oh!!!!!!! And SNOOK!!!! Does she look like a younger Christina Aguilera in her super dark, black hair phase or what?!

    The girl’s a piece of work and i love it. Just started watching the shore this week and hate to say i’m hoooooked. XOXOXOOX

  46. 53 elise

    uhhhh, i TOLD you so!?!? i hate that TJs is like that, which is why i never go there. sad but true.
    btw, was that johnny utahs in your prev post? i love me some bull riding, so its either sad or fabulous that i know exactly where you were in nyc based on your description. as far as i know, thats the only one in manhattan…and ive been there several several times.

  47. hahahahaha. so glad i have time to catch up on blogs today instead of doing work because that never ending line story was hilarious. i love you.

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