Hi beauties! I’ve missed you!!! I’m sorry to have stranded you for a whole three days without a snack. Allow me to explain…

A journalism professor once told me that having a food blog is easy because you’re always creating content. That is, you always eat. This becomes challenging only when, say, you awake Sunday morning and try to eat this…:

I was excited about this one.

And discover that it looks exactly the same way going down as it does coming up. That’s right, my doves, I was a PukeFace all Sunday. Throwing up is a great fear of mine, so this was pure hell. I wasn’t able to keep anything down until 7pm, and even then it was only saltines.

But let’s not rehash the vommity past and let’s move on, shall we?

I stayed home from work Monday to rejuvenate the bod. Whatever bug I had left me depleted of any energy. Thankfully, hunger had returned:


I took it easy on the old gal and treated the tum to oats with half a banana and a spoonful of Mighty Maple. Instead of cleansing the palette with coffee, I opted for the tried and true, HFCS-filled Gatorade:

It's a childhood thang.

Throughout my illness, I watched a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a few episodes of Seinfeld, most of season two of Entourage (sexist, but I love it), many a Bravo show, the Sex and the City movie a couple times and some disgusting shows on Wedding Central, AKA the stoopidest channel ever.

At one point yesterday, I mustered up the courage to shower, dress and head to the nearest natural foods store for goods my stomach could bear. My body was completely exhausted by the time I returned home. Not good. Not good at all.

I tried to appease the inner child who had been begging for MamaJ’s remedy, Mrs. Grass noodle soup. Lawd knows that ain’t vegan, but this certainly is:

Amy is so punny! I like.

The freaky thing was the “chicken” chunks in the soup. I can’t say I fully enjoyed them, as they really reminded me of that awful stick-to-your-teeth chicken that’s in Campbell’s. It felt good to be able to keep this down, though:

Zupa with an apple and a hummused pita.

An hour after eating that, I was hungry again. ‘Nutha new product for moi:

Nature's Path Optimum Slim.

Nature’s Path has become my new Kashi. I used to eat Kashi everything and absolutely loved every product. Now that I’ve found a lot of their products have honey and dairy in them, I’ve turned to Nature’s Path for vegan breakfast goods. Nature’s Path, let’s do some product development together. I have ideas.

I served the cereal in a glass cup for presentation (always my top priority, duh):

Cereal with almond milk.

I adore this! The flakes, chex, puffs and twigs carry a light sweetness with hints of maple and vanilla. I don’t know whether those are actually ingredients, but that’s what I tasted. Check it:


The rest of the afternoon was spent in and out of delirious sleep. Nothing exciting there, other than the bizarre, fevery dreams. But those aren’t PG-13, the rating I’d give SnackFace: The Blog. (Although I’d love to push SnackFace: The Movie to an R.)

Dinnertime rolled around and I was feeling brave. New product numba three:

Tofurkey Kielbasa.

I must have been loopy when I bought these. I’ve never had real kielbasa and I don’t particularly enjoy faux-meats. What was I thinking? Also startling was the sodium content:


The protein, however, must have been what lured me in. I blame the True Hollywood Story: Female Bodybuilders I watched prior to grocery shopping.

I did what I do best in the kitchen and made a meaty salad:

Oh no. I'm starting to gag even looking at this.

In the mix: Italian blend greens, pickles, grated carrot, ginger-soy dressing and a big wiener. Come on, you didn’t think I’d pass that up, did you? Meaty:

Mmmm. Not.

It was neither the flavor nor the texture that bothered me so much. I think it was just the fact it was trying to be real beef, yet tasted tofu-y that gagged me. I’m going to need a lot of ketchup to eat the remaining three. Thank goodness there’s a McDonald’s right around the corner chock full of ketchup packets for the taking.

I ate something natural post-dinner for equilibrium’s sake:

La naranja. Joosey.

I snacked on a couple mini-mugs of cereal later in the evening, whenever any slight hunger was present.

Today, I’m trying to feel more like myself:

This is Friday's fit, actually.

I’m still struggling a bit, but writing this has made me feel more like myself than I’ve felt in the past 48 hours. I thank YOU. Missed you, loves!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you feel about meat substitutes? AND What were the foods your mumsy fed you when you were sick/feeling PukeFacey?
I want to like faux-meats, but I’m beginning to learn I’m a big fan of as close to natural as possible. Other than Boca’s, (meatless meat) balls and ‘Furkey slices, I’m sticking with tofu and tempeh. I say that, but I know I’ll be a huge hypocrite and want to try something else.

MamaJ always fed Matty Rich and me three things: Gatorade, Mrs. Grass and rainbow sherbert. I missed two of them this time around!


59 Responses to “PukeFace”

  1. I saw those sausages in the store the other day and thought about buying them. I’m glad I passed them up. I don’t like meat replacements that taste like straight up tofu. Thanks for the review!

    Get well soon!

  2. I love the sundried tomato kind of these. I never had any red meat in my entire life, and I am a big fan of the tofurkey sausage (as well as all the salt!) Guess it is to each their own πŸ™‚

  3. ah, i’m sorry you were so sick! i’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now though!!

    faux meat is ok to me, but those products kinda push my buttons…maybe because i was never a sausage kind of person…i will eat veggie burgers and stuff though!

  4. No fake meats for me – I’m allergic to soy and gluten/wheat, which is what they’re basically made out of.

    I stay hydrated when sick – get well, my dear!

  5. Feel better Snacky!

  6. OMG I also am so fearful of throwing up!! I can’t stand meat substitutes, and I think my mom always gave me ginger ale??

  7. 7 Jennifer

    So sorry you’ve been sick! Glad to hear you’re back to your (cute) old self.

    I eat Nate’s meatless meatballs. I love the taste of those. I also eat Boca/Morningstar Farms burgers. There is a faux riblet by MSF that I get sometimes too.

    My mom used to give us warm 7Up when we were sick. Gross. I have an adversion to these lemon-lime sodas to this day.

  8. Glad you’re starting to feel better! I always got microwaved toast (less irritating to the throat than toasted toast, I guess?) and 7up when I was sick. And hours of Inspector Gadget, Fat Albert, and Jem.

  9. 9 shell625

    aww gettign sick like that is the worsttt 😦 sorry girl!!
    glad you are feeling better at least.. and i get the gatorade thing, ginger ale is one of those sick thing sthat remind me of childhood!
    & i’ve never tried tofurkey- but it scares me! i mean i’m not a vegetarian or vegan but i like to eat that way on occasion, but i agree- tempeh and tofu is the saefst et!


  10. YAYYY for you being back! dont EVER leave for that long AGAIN!! bahah just kidding boo πŸ™‚
    im NOT a fan of meatless products-i do love the meatless meatballs but i cant stand tofurky for some reason, i love morningstar veggie burgers tho, but they blow up my stomach!

  11. No fake meats for me.. I actually dont like the “meat” taste.. I dont crave it. If I have a veggie burger I want it to taste like veggies not faux stuff (thats just me though!!)

    Feel betta πŸ™‚

  12. 12 Nicole G

    Welcome back! Wish you weren’t sick :/ but glad you’re feeling better. I’m not too big a fan of meatless products, mostly because of the high sodium, but I do LOVE Trader Joe’s soy nuggets and breaded chickenless nuggets. Otherwise I tend to stick to tofu (sometimes the premarinated kind) and tofu veggie burgers (Trader Joe is a God among Men).

    I don’t really remember any particular foods that my mommy would give me when I was sick. I think its because as an anxious little kid, I ALWAYS had stomach aches LOL. I do remember that when I had strep throat as a preteen I lived on tunafish sandwiches because it was soft enough to eat without irritating my throat. Funny thing is, I never particularly liked tunafish and still don’t, but literally only ate that for about a week!

  13. 13 Susan

    You poor thing! Glad you’re feelin’ bettah. I have an aversion to pukeface as well; I think it’s the worst way to go down.
    As for meat substitutes, no me gusta. I like tofu, tempeh, and veggie burgers that don’t pretend to be real burgers thank you very much!

  14. 14 savoringsarah

    Ick I avoid faux-meat. I’d much rather get my protein in other more natural forms, vegetarian & non. I hope you feel better!!

    My mama’s remedies were Vernors, homemade minestrone soup & (this one is strange..) a plain baked potato topped with a poached egg. I know. But I grew up on it so I am quite fond of the combo πŸ™‚

  15. 15 Little Bookworm

    Hope you feel better soon!

  16. I never liked puking much til I got pregnant. At which point i puked at least 10x/day every day for ohhh, about 7 mos. I had extreme morning (all day) sickness. So now I just regard that bodily function the same as any other. Not fun but yeah, motherhood. It changes outlooks!

    Seriously hon, soooo sorry you’re sick! But get well soon, ok!!!

    And your prof who thinks that food blogs are easy? Ask him to go create a successful one in all his spare time. When I embarked, I thought the same. But there’s so much more that goes into a blog as you well know. Thanks for the good chuckle πŸ™‚


  17. So sorry you were sick! stomach stuff is the worst. And there’s a wedding channel? seriously, this is getting a bit out of hand.

    My mumsy always gave us flat ginger ale (I guess the bubbles would upset our tums or something??) and toast with jelly.

    I’m not a huge fan of meat substitutes, but they’re fun to have some times. I’ve gotten the TJ’s meatless meatballs before and their masala burgers (which i think are delish after de-greasing them). but really, they’re mainly just a vehicle for ketchup. Let’s be real.

  18. i was totally wondering where my lil’ snackface was!

    i am so sorry you were pukey – although i am kind of jealous of your rager of a tv show marathon. i could totally use that in my life. hope you have a lovely day at work sweetheart…take care of yo self and chug that HFCS like its yo job!


  19. 19 SΓΌnne

    Aw, hope you’ll fully recover soon! Being sick AND being away from home is the worst combination ever!

    My mum usually made custard for me sister and me when we were sick – chocolate for me, please! Once we felt good enough to eat non-pudding stuff again, there was cola and salt pretzels – yum! Food-wise, being sick at home wasn’t that bad.

  20. 20 Kate

    Um…kinda scared of the kielbasa :O

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! So sorry you were sick! My mom always made us Lipton Noodle Soup, ginger ale with a straw and strawberry jello…legendary…except that I don’t really eat that stuff now that I have gone veg. Sad face.

  21. 21 homegirlcaneat

    EEK all these foods are actually making me feel a bit nauseous! I’ve had those tofurky sausage thangs (in a diff flava) and was like oooh this is good! …for a second. And then I just felt so gross taking in all that sodium and realized that ‘balls are the one and only faux-meat for moi. Yee.

    I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER!! Gatorade is life-saving when sick. When I got food poisoning at the beginning of the year, the following day I couldn’t even walk my body was SO weak. And then, I gulped down a phat, blue gatorade and felt SO MUCH BETTER. It was actually kinda craycray!

    LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m straight on the wannabe meats! I can appreciate a good veggie burger, but that’s as close as I’ll get.

    When I was sick my mom used to make this soup (from scratch, mind you, she is an angel) that had rice, chicken, veggies, all kinds of good shizz. I highly miss that soup. Oh, and ice cream.

  23. Aww baby girl!! I’m so glad to have you back! I was going to text you today if no post-y was up…i was getting worried!

    I can’t believe you got sick–poor thing! Do you have any idea what it was from??? Doubt that soup made ya sick, but it could have been the day’s lunch eaten out or something!

    I think you handled your VERY puke-facey day the best you could: with lots of television and rest! i’m glad you liked entourage! its good, right??–a bit sexist, yes. but oh well!

    And i’m glad you loved that NP’s cereal….i’ve been wanting to try it forev! Their granola is killaaaaaaa!

    I’m usually up for the faux meats when it comes to tofurkey, balls and veggie burgers–like you, but fake chicken sometimes freaks me out…i do love trying them when eating out at vegan/veg restaurants though!! πŸ™‚ Have a great day lovely!!

  24. I’m so sorry you were pukey! That’s the worst.

    Okay, no offense to our girl Amy, but I just DON’T care for that soup. The noodles were mushy and there was this weird oniony flavor to the broth. Plus it was all congealed. Ew.

    I hear you on those tofurkey sausages, but I just eat a half of one at a time. They are so meaty, a little goes a long way. Try half of one with pasta sauce over some spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles. You’d be surprised. I’d never eat a whole one straight up like that. TWSS.

    We were all about 7 up and saltines at my house.

    Keep feeling better, pretty lady!

  25. Hope you’re back to normal hon!!

    I’m not a fan of meat substitutes but that’s probably because I eat most meats! (not chicken or pork though….) I do like tofu and tempeh but I don’t really think of those as “meat”.

    Sick foods: scrambled eggs, saltines and ginger ale.

  26. I didn’t know that about Kashi products. Dang, and I’m eating their crackers right now. I’m not a fan of meat substitutes especially the faux chicken. Too rubbery tasting for my taste buds.

  27. Ugh being sick is the worst, but it is nice to be able to guiltlessly watch a ton of TV and veg-out and sleep a lot. I had that cereal last night with almond milk and it is delish!!!!! I almost went back for more, but I was laying in bed and it was 11:45 so I figured I should stop.

    My mom or dad always made me a hefty plate of perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. Other things include soup, saltines, toast, and lots and lots of tea and gatorade!!!! I’m with you, I love drinking gatorade because it reminds me of when I was a kid throwing back all the fruit punch gatorade I could get!

  28. Oh noooo 😦 I thought you were coming down with something last weekend… I’m sorry that it continued. I hope you’re really starting to feel better for good!

    I am anti-faux-meat. Part of the reason I’m a veg (or a pescatarian, kinda, but whatevs) is to eat more naturally and although meat-less the ingredient lists on those things freak me out. Legumes are actually my go-to protein source. As for when I’m sick… I crave soup and crackers and that’s about it.

    Get well sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

  29. So sorry you were sick!! But I am glad you are back to your fabulous Snack-facey self today πŸ˜‰

    Fake meats? Hmmm definitely depends on the brand, and I prefer plain ones over the “flavored”…I’ll add my own thankyouverymuch.

    Saltines, Sprite, and blue Jell-o were major staple in our household when I was sick…to this day, the taste of saltines and sprite together make me feel nauseous haha

  30. OH no!! Sorry you still pukey faced dear. My mommy would feed me ginger tea to calm down the stomach juices, and it worked wonders. Doctors in hong Kong actually recommend just eating white bread, saltines, and congee (rice porridge) for a couple days. Not sure any of those sound too appealing to you though! hahahah

    I love the mini review on Nature’s Path cereal! I am a Kashi addict, so it’s good to know that cereal is Kailey approved. I definitely see elements of my fave cereal shapes in there! like the twigs! Feel better love!!!

  31. Glad you’re feeling better! Whenever I’m sick, my mom makes good old chicken noodle soup! Meat substitutes I love: tofu, any kind of veggie burgers, tofurkey everything!

    P.S. I eat my cereal out of a glass too!! I don’t know why…

  32. Cute!


    New SAHALE SNACKS giveaway, music, food + fitness – http://katiechangesforkatie.blogspot.com/

    Happy TUESDAY!


  33. 33 Nicole

    Okay this is too weird! I was a pukeface (ew lol) all yesterday! And it was right after I had a Vega Chocolate decadence bar and a clif bar for snack. I never want to eat those again 😦 and another weird thing, I had the HFCS drink (gatorade) as well. and the lemon lime one too! How weirddd. anyway, I hope you are feeling loads better !

    when Im sick, I like kashi crackers and applesauce. It just tastes good and is easy on the stomach. πŸ™‚ Feel better ❀

  34. TOTALLY agree with you about fake meats trying to act like somethin theyre not. It reminds me of my attempts at dressing gangsta during my young salt n’ peppa phase (this freckle-fced white girl from VT aint never gonna be able to pull that one off). Its time we all (especially tofu) embrace our true selves and smile with confidence.
    SO glad youre feeling a little better!We missed you!

  35. glad you are feelin like the real kailey again πŸ˜‰
    that nature path’s cereal looks very good-it has a lil bit of everything in it!
    i love boca burgers and my mom used to feed me chicken noodle soup, gatorade, OJ, and english muffins, always something light and would go down easy!

  36. Glad you’re feeling better lovey!! I hate sick days – blah. I used to eat meat substitutes all the time – bocas, morningstar, fake bacon, chick’n nuggets, etc. Now I try and stick mostly to veggie burgers just because I get kind of freaked at the ingredient list on “meat” products!

  37. i am sorry you have been a sick snackface! let’s just hope to god youre not with child. (i kid, i kid). OH your mighty mapes eating reminds me, i got a few jars at whole foods the other day but THANKS for your generous offer πŸ™‚ i like the view from your window. i want to come visit. looks city-ish. dont love the faux meats really. they creep me out a little. my mom always fed me toast with homemade jam and PB. no wonder im an addict.


  38. LOVE meatless chicken nuggets (Morningstar). I either put buffalo or ketchup on them. GREAT comfort food!

  39. Noooooo, poor Snacky! The flu/puking is a food blogger’s worst nightmare! I won’t lie, now that I’ve heard there’s “chicken” in that soup I don’t think I’ll be trying it. I’ll also probably pass on those wieners (soooo meaty)! My thoughts on meat subs are that they shouldn’t try to be meat. I like Dr. P’s burgers because they aren’t meaty. I tried a Boca burger a few weekends ago and nearly gagged. TOO much like the real thing.

    When I’m illin: ginger ale (Vernors) and Saltines up the heezy! Feel better, boo-bear!!

  40. I’m not a huge fan of fake red meat prodcuts. Most are still high in fat I’ve realized..

    I know you don’t eat meat but this might be reason to stray..


  41. 42 Alina

    hi there!!!!!!when i checked blog yesterday i was worried why there wasn’t a new post… so sorry about you being sick, hope you are all well now!!!!
    now i want to paint my nails in dark, haha thanks for inspiration
    as for the faux meats i never tried any (omnivore here), but i always wondered why vegan/vegetarian would eat those? there are so many tasty protein options that don’t resemble meat. well anyways hope ketchup helps to finish those πŸ™‚
    try some strong black tea! it really helps for the tum, that’s what my mom gave me in such cases
    i also wondered how’s your internship going? is everything great? do u like it? i’m curious πŸ™‚

  42. 43 Ariela

    I’m not a fan of the processed faux meat either. BUT if you want to try some vegan sausages that are natural, soy free and awesome! go for Field Roast (my fave is the smoked apple sage!)

    My mama always fed me ginger ale, stirred to get the bubbles out when I was feeling sickly, it helped!

    Feel better πŸ™‚

  43. I also am SO afraid of throwing up. I absolutely hate it.

    I tried tofurkey for the first time this year at Thanksgiving and wasn’t a fan, but I do enjoy chik’n nuggets…I think Morningstar makes them?

    Anyway, glad you’re feeling better!

  44. 45 chocolate pickle

    Being sick is no fun:( Glad to see you’re feeling better, though!

  45. 46 chocolate pickle

    Oh yes, and I CANNOT throw up either….since 2nd grade, I have only done it on two occasions, both of which were HORRIBLE cases of food poisoning that lasted for days….I was so scaaaaared that I called my mom and asked her how to throw up! I thought I wouldn’t remember how! silly…

  46. I’m glad you’re feeling better boo! I’ve missed you so much! Keep up the good eating and nursing your body back to health!

    I used to like fake meats but now they gross me out!

  47. 48 dorothy

    aw i hope you feel bettter! i have a serious phobia of throwing up too. i can still remmeber the last time i did (which was nearly seven years ago.. im lucky haha)

    i dont really have nonmeat protein aside from tofu. i actually dont like tempeh that much, the weird txtures and colors skeeve me

  48. Boo – sorry your feelin’ puky. That’s no fun.

    1. I’m not an enormous fan of meat substitutes, but I’ll eat them.
    2. Mama always had watermelon (it’s easy when it’s coming back up), 7-UP and milk toast…which is just a piece of toast soaked in warm milk. I still like all of these foods as an adult, even when I’m not feeling sicky.

  49. I hear ya! I had the 24 hour flu a couple days ago and puked everything…I started not feeling like myself since I lost my app for food. Thank goodness it slowly came back this week!

    Feel better! As for the meat subs. I really don’t like eating any type of them since they usually are full of bad ingredients and I don’t consume soy. Besides that the texture freaks me out..I keep second guessing what I’m actually eating lol


  50. Sorry you were sick 😦 Glad you are feeling better! πŸ™‚ I’ve had those meatless burgers but that is all, I kind of liked them too.(not in a while). I’ve been watching sodium tho, so I just stick to plain meat without a lot of sodium πŸ˜‰ Sodium makes me blow up like a balloon!

  51. I always had diet Ginger Ale and Saltines. I had e.coli in high school and mono right after. So, I was accustomed to eating bland …blah

  52. Feel better Kailey! I hate feeling dizzy, nauseated and vomity! As for the meat (and food in general) my take is: it’s all how you season it. I’d grill them up until crispy, throw them in a pita or wrap, and voila! lol
    Have a great week at work!!!

  53. I can’t even imagine going Linda Blair (that’s an Exorcist reference for those too young to know who she is) with that soup! Yuck. I am glad you are feeling better. Nothing worse than being violently ill and not having someone to hold back your hair or bring you junky magazines to read in bed. I don’t remember getting sick a lot as a child and fortunately, my kids haven’t either (not throw-up sick anyway) so no real memories of being given special foods other than ginger ale and saltines.

    I am not a vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat. I would probably eat tofu every day if I didn’t have to worry about consuming too much soy. I really like the breaded chicken patties from Morningstar Farms. I eat them with a dab of ranch dressing on an Arnold sandwich thin.

  54. Ohh dear, glad your feeling better!! Being sick is no fun at all. I love Optimum Slim cereal–it also holds up pretty well in my soymilk, which I like!! As for the kielbasa, I used to looove the real stuff when I was younger, but now that I veered away from meats as much as possible, I don’t think I would like a substitute either–at least you tried it!! Keep getting better πŸ™‚

  55. Ugh. I’m not a big fan of faux-meat either. I’ve never been a huge fan of sausages or burgers to begin with, so when they try to replicate their greasy texture I just get majorly turned off. Other products, like fake bologna and hot dogs taste so much like the real thing that it just reminds me how gross and full of chemicals the real things are that it just disturbs me even further. So I guess the verdict is that meat should stick to being meat and veggie food should stick to veggies. I’d much rather bite into a burger and have little pieces of corn staring back at me than little pieces of animal, real or fake.

    I hope you’re feeling less sickly!

  56. I’m a little scared of meat substitutes for some reason. Some of them taste really good, but anything that has to be made to be something it’s not frightens me a whole lot! That being said, i still eat them sometimes!
    When I’m sick it’s all about oranges and white rice. And ginger ale.

  57. 58 MamaJ

    ONE MORE WEEK . . . .Can’t wait wait. . . .Later.

  58. Sorry to hear that you were feeling sick 😦

    I personally dont really like faux meats. I dont like real meat – and things really similar to it freak me out. I do enjoy tofu though!

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