Popping the Big Q


Hi puddings! It was so incredible to read what makes everyone most joyous that it made me more joyous! If anyone needs a lift, go back to yesterday’s post and read the comments. They’ll at least give you something to fantasize about doing after work or school.

Wednesday was a truly lovely day. Despite harsh winds, cold and rain that nearly knocked me over, I made it to the gym for a fabulous workout. I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy and look forward to scamming on the Jerz Guids. And to be completely honest, most of them are pretty dimey. I don’t mind one bit.

The commute to work was a beezy! Torrential downpours scared a lot of the office from coming to work, and I don’t blame them. It was miserable.

Not letting outside affect my inside frame of mind, I pretended it was any other beautiful day in the city and carried on as normal. This, of course, was helped along by peanut buttery oats:


I forgot a banana to add to the hemp oat love, which made a difference in how long it held me over. Not to fret, though. I had coffee and work to keep me distracted.

My morning was made by running into my office crush. I’m not going into detail because I hope to talk to him more, give him my blog URL (because I seriously tell everyone) and make him fall hard for me. All in three weeks. And totally freak him out by the paragraph should he ever read it.

For lunch, I made like a broke college student who’s interning in the most expensive city ever and ate the free food that had been given to me Tuesday:

So snacky and perfect.

The hummus and apple were purchased by moi, but the Carr’s crackers, dried apricots and raw almonds were leftovers from a meeting:

Cracka + hummus + apricot = sweet, spicy, savory delight.

There were four crackers left when all was said and done, and plenty of rawlmonds (raw+almonds) and dried snot balls remained.

The afternoon consisted of making batches of fresh media kits, ripe for the sending. I’m becoming quite practiced with copy machines.

Because the weather had turned from vicious to gentle by nightfall, I took extra time to wander to Union Square. OK really, I took extra time to go to Whole Foods. I’ll have you know that I spent $12.46 on a fresh loaf of organic whole grain bread, Amy’s soup, two apples and a 16 oz. tub of Cedar’s hommus (per Elise’s suggestion). Also, because it’s the style of the brand, I will be spelling it “hommus” when referencing Cedar’s product. I’m sure you cared.

I talked to MamaJ for a bit while walking around the city. I knew I missed her too much when I read her comment yesterday and it made me tear up: “If you ever performed something that you wrote and people loved it, you would probably explode. Have a fabulous day baby girl. OXOX” Awwww.

When I finally returned home, I had another oh-so-full-of-myself photo shoot. The freezing cold and rain made me bust out my hilarious boots with the (faux) fur. World, I hope you’re ready:

I know they're absurd, but I love them!

After a costume change, however, I looked like this for most of the day:

Le petit fit.

I don’t go for graphic tees normally, but something about this $13.50 Forever21 tee called my name.

More than ready to eat my hair/hand/foot, I fixed dinner. The players:

Amy's and my bling.



Which turned into zeese:

Zupa with hommusy bread.

This was one of the most satisfying Amy’s soups I’ve ever had. The addition of broccoli kicked it up a bit, too:

With pepper and Cholula for a kick, this was exquisite.

The bread, though, was outstanding:

Don't be fooled by these three baby pieces.

MamaJ can attest that I am a bread diva. I ate the soup mostly for veggies and protein, but my focus was on the bread. I had pieces and chunks dipped into hommus throughout the night. So doughy and delicious.

It was a MAJOR night, as both the Glee and Top Chef finales were on. O.M.G. Muffin and I called each other during Glee commercial breaks to discuss. What a perfect, perfect finale. And Top Chef? Teared up.

But now I must get to work! Ah! It’s going to be a busy day.

Ciao for now,


THE BIG Q: It’s that time. My dear friends, how did you start your job search? What do I do? Any advice? I appreciate any and all tips, hints, suggestions, stories. And for those of you not quite there, what’s your dream city in which to work?
I’m already freaking out about how to start this crazy process. It’s time to get the ball rolling, though!


59 Responses to “Popping the Big Q”

  1. 1 Lauren

    LOVE the shirt, super cute!! Ahhhhh for Top Chef, by far my favorite show EVER!!

  2. i LOVE your outfits..and those boots!! hemp oats? i need to try that. never had them before.. and btw your tweets make me so insanely jelous.. i may out of impulse buy a ticket to NYC and scoot my bootay over thur!

  3. That shirt is too fun!

  4. Ahhh the job search. I never really looks for one, since I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer since I was 13. That wasn’t too hard to get. I would suggest looking online, constantly, having multiple writing samples, and sending them out EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE. 🙂

  5. I definitely want to be a research geologist/prof. However, for that…. I need a Ph. D. Fun times. 🙂

    You are far too adorable. Your posts make me smile everyday.

  6. hmm that is a good question. it’s hard with today’s economy! My boyfriend has a degree from university and college (so he has hands on AND the booksmarts) in biology/science and his masters of environmental engineering … he has been applying to 2 places a day for over a month now and still no call backs! Just keep persevering and patience! 🙂

    That soup looks delish by the way but the bread…mmmm bread and hummus = best ever!

  7. 7 shell625

    i love top chef 🙂 & your boots are super cute, i’m rockin a vers imilar pair right now bc there is over a foot of snow!! & good luck w/ the job search..haven’t experienced that yet!

    & that soup looks amazing, i love hte broccoli in it!


  8. cute boots! As for the job thing.. it was unfortunately “knowing someone” for me (why the quotes?). I teach and could not find a job in Pittsburgh.. its super competitive. When I moved, my neighbor knew the principal of a school that was hiring. I kinda lucked out. I reccommend networking as much as you possibly can in NYC.. the more pple you know, the better off!! 😉

  9. Love the outfits!
    And I’m a big bread lover too:) Ciabatta, rye, pumpernickel, pita, foccacia, grain, white, whatever: I like it!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  10. Make friends with online job search engines my love! CareerBuilder, Craigslist is a good one for jobs that often don’t wind up everywhere else, Monster.com, and I’m sure there are more localized ones for where you live/want to work. Also, just contacting companies/offices that you find intriguing (even if they’re not officially hiring) can be a great idea, because you never know! Delivering resumes in person whenever possible is 100% the way to go, as you leave a lasting impression!

    Finally, make sure to always do a slammin’ cover letter with those resumes, and follow up (even if you haven’t heard from them) about a week after you send each one…by phone or via e-mail. Hope this helps! 🙂

  11. 11 Natalie

    i was actually just offered the job i have! i was a cocktail waitress for a few years and then one day a regular of mine at the bar asked if he could change my life by giving me a solid job. sometimes things just work out when your not even looking. it has been about 14 months since i served my last beer and i couldnt be happier! 🙂 good luck on the job hunt, sorry i dont have any advice!

  12. So, I have to ask. What exactly do you mean by “dimey”? I don’t get it.

    Good luck w/the office crush!

    I’m still looking for the ‘perfect job’ but right now I’m ok working where I am…sorta.

    • 13 snackface

      Graze With Me- Haha so sorry for the confusion. OK, so calling someone a dime, or dimey, refers to calling someone attractive a “ten”, thus a “dime piece” thus a dime. The adjective form, I suppose, is “dimey.” I hope that helps!

  13. I sent out cover letters to every job that looked even remotely appealing. The first job hunt is a time to swallow your pride and to be ready to do anything. I landed a job at a magazine whose topic I wasn’t really interested in, but it was great experience. Also, be patient. It can take a while to find something – I temped while I was looking for something permanent and I think it helped me get my job because it showed that I was a hard worker. Good luck!

  14. 15 Sarah

    The job search processes can be very frustrating and overwhelming. The best thing I think anyone can do is to work your connections!!! I cannot stress this enough. The job market is extremely competitive with thousands of other people looking for the same positions that also have the same background as you. You are clearly on the right tract though as you have already had a number of internship experiences. Although I don’t “know” you you seem to be a very talented, hard working and goal driven gal! I wish you the best of luck and I’m sure you will be fine.

    You blog is seriously my fav. It alway makes me smile. Keep up the great work!!


  15. 16 Amanda

    That soup/bread combo looks to die for!!

    My first piece of advice for your job search is to work on making contacts at your internship, and to keep in touch with people from your job this past summer. Even if you don’t want to work at either of those places, you’d be surprised how many of the people you met can get you connections elsewhere. Who you know is seriously the easiest way to get your foot in the door!! Also, utilize the blogging community .. especially if you can narrow down where you want to be, and maybe people can help you out!

    I was able to score my internship and eventual job when my company came to my college campus to recruit. If you have a great Career Development Center on campus, definitely use it!! Even though the economy sucks, people straight out of college are the cheapest workers to pay, so recruiting is still happening!

  16. girl I am still wondering what to do about jobs.I am stuck in school for another 1.5 years so boo. But come 2012 I will be NYC bound 🙂

    p.s. have fun tonight and update me on if this plaze is acceptable. and tell me laods about this boy. I no longer have a work crush. it has sizzled away…i tend to do that though (crush for a week and move on)

    alrighty girl i will ttyl!


  17. I’d say start by choosing a few ideal cities. If you go to your universities career center they should have info on recent alum that can give you advice..network network network! I’ve noticed that alum are more than friendly and very able to help.
    Also, if you plan to apply in NYC, set up some informational interviews while you are in town. E-mail random people at some potential jonbs (find their info online) and ask them if you can buy them coffee for some career advice. In my experience, people are (more than) happy to talk about themselves (ahem, I mean their careers, haha). Basically ask them how they got to where they are, what steps you should take, etc. It can def be who you know 🙂

    Hope that helps!

  18. PS…Have you watched Jersey shore yet? hahaha. You would enjoy.

  19. My Dream city would definitely be anywhere on the west coast, probably San Fran or somewhere closer to So Cal.

    Having just graduated from college 1 year ago, I can say that the job search is BRUTAL on your self-esteem. I applied to everything under the planet using my university career services even if it was in an industry i wasn’t sure i knew at all. Those interviews were awesome to help me prep for the more important ones! Always dream big and reach for every opportunity out there. The trick is to get the job first, and then decide whether you wanna take it or not! Of course, the Thank you notes are super important too. They help you stand out in a crowd (now that i’m interviewing people for my company), nice stationary helps, but its more the personal touch/details that are important. last but not least, dress to impress – in a professional way of course!!! 🙂 Good luck Kailz. Let us know how everything goes.

  20. bought a really cute top at forever 21 for my interview yesterday 🙂

    and for me job hunting is not too hard as there is a huge job board for environmental technician jobs…if you wanna work out in the field i’ll let you in on them. 🙂 otherwise i’d love to work in Australia in the rainforest, or the amazon…or florida…i love florida!

  21. P.s. I’m SO mad at the result of Top Chef. gahhhhhhh never watching that show again.

  22. Now that I’m graduating with my Masters in May I’ve started looking for higher position jobs so I’m right there with you. For me, many of them are by word of mouth. I also keep in mind my dream places to work at and check their websites frequently. I’m already getting nervous for interviews! It’s hard selling myself and I get really nervous. Good luck!

  23. it just dawned on me, your perfie job! wait for it.. wait for it…

    own your own hummus company 🙂

    on the real, you could have the most rank tasting hummus, but just pop a pic of your face on the container and it’ll sell like hot cakes. I promise! There ya go. I figured out your future for. You’re welcome 😉

    I kid (actually, I’m 90% serious..) unfortunately I don’t have any LEGIT job advice to offer you — as I am still a sad collegiate — but I know for sure that you will successful in whatever occupation you choose! If your looking for a part time job I would totes hire you to be my BFF 🙂 I’ll pay you in hugs and kissesssss.

    love you like cray cray, boo! xo

  24. I still have no idea what I want to do!! I just try and think of my interests, my skills and start researching the internet! haha.. I’m still in school though, so I’ve got a BIT of time.. Grad school is always a good option 😉

    I had Amy’s lentil soup for dinner last night! SOO good, right?

    Have a great day
    bec xo

  25. So Amy’s lentil veggie is a hit?! That, split pea and lentil are my main options at school….so i’ve come to love the split pea, like the lentil and wanna try the lentil VEG!

    Doughy, perfect bread slathered with hummus is one of God’s foodie gifts. Furr real! It’s fun to alternate between the doughy, soft slices and toasty, crunchy ones (esp when slathered in said hOmmus or MELTED (vegan?) CHEESE!! Right? 🙂

    Glad those boots got you through the crazy weather!!! You’re used to the cold though, since yous an OHIO girlllllll!

    And ah! can’t wait to catch up on last night’s gleeee, so excited.

    My dream city post-college is MOST DEF LA, NYC, or SF!! The order may change….but i’d pretty much love to live in any or all of those places once i’m a working girl after college!

  26. 27 tangerinesandmarmalade

    I was so upset that Kev didn’t win top chef! Not that Michael was “dimey” to the max haha.

  27. 28 Stephanie

    Yuuuuck. Job searching is the worst 😦

    Two tips that came to mind that no one has said yet (at least I don’t think!):

    – This is an example of where quantity counts. Apply to LOTS of places, even if you don’t think you’re qualified or if it isn’t *exactly* what you want. You never know what could come out of it. Also, apply to places even after you *think* you’ve sent out plenty of applications. It’s tough out there (which I know we all know!). Stay on it– things are constantly posted, filled, etc. Get in the habit of checking websites and other sources on a regular basis.

    – Don’t limit yourself to job search engines and boards. Also visit the websites of specific companies you’re interested in or that are just in your field. A lot of times they’ll post things there, but not to giant sites like monster and careerbuilder, or they will at least go up on their own websites first.

    Good luck!!!!!!

  28. 29 Danielle

    Hey, I’ve haven’t commented before, but I work in publishing (book, not magazine) in NYC so I thought I could help with “The Big Q!” You should look into the 6 week summer publishing institutes at both NYU and Columbia. I took the one at NYU 2 years ago, and it was totally instrumental in me getting my job. Using the contacts from your internships will also put you way ahead of the game in the job search when you graduate! Feel free to email me with any questions! dplafsky@gmail.com

  29. I would recommend blasting out your resume and cover letter to places you would like to work, even if they aren’t advertising as hiring. They will usually keep you on their books if they are interested, and contact you when something comes up. I’ve gotten some freelance work this way which is great for networking.

  30. Good luck finding a job, girl! I graduated from OSU with a degree in Strategic Communication in June, and I STILL haven’t found anything. I even got a formal rejection letter from J. Crew. For a retail position. Apply for anything and everything and pray for the best! Or, resort to going back to school like me. USC here I come (hopefully!!)

  31. Lovin’ the Forever tee…that store is the shizzy!!!!!!!

    As for the jobby search, bleah! Good thinking to start now! I’ve gotten laid off twice in the past 4 yrs, one being during this crazy ass recession, and I wish I had the sure fire answer to get ya hired. But my best advice would be to network! And you seem to be pretty good at doing that 🙂 Chat with contacts you have from previous jobs and/or organizations related to your field & get your resume out there to as many peeps as you can. Cuz theres always somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who’s hiring 😉

  32. Ohhh I haven’t had that Amys soup!

    New post tonight – music downloads, fitness, foods & giveaways



  33. Gaaah I have had JOBS on the breezy (that’d be a derivative of brain…) since our WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH OUR LIVES chat. Until we’re discovered–the job game seems to be a mix of networking, applying to ANYTHING that sounds interesting or, uh, bearable, scamming the citay for rich hubbies.

    I haven’t made the Cedar’s leap yet; I just can’t turn my back on Sabzz… But if you AND elise say so….

  34. Your outfit is so cute! I got my current job from Craigslist. I used all of those other job sites like careerbuilder too but no luck with them! Good luck! It’s tough because I’ve been trying to get a new one for a year now! Blah!

  35. girll you and your hummus! you really like it!!

  36. Fresh baked doughy bread is my FAVE! 🙂

  37. The job question is a tough one right now. I just graduated and am not in my dream job or anywhere near where I thought I would be. I do have a job, and for that I’m thankful. While sometimes the job you have just so you can feed yourself is less than ideal-like, on the verge of selling your body, refrain. I’ve found a lot of fufillment from taking on volunteer work (writing/editing for a newsletter). It’s a way to get expirience-minus getting paid in the process. Just keep chugging along..apply apply apply to jobs, and make it known to people that you are looking for one, people talk-(not that I know…yet) but networking works.

    Love the blog!

    • 39 snackface

      lillizzy- Thank you so much for your response AND for the blog love 🙂 Hmm, and let’s define “selling your body.” I may be willing… Kidding!

  38. You look so cute in that T love it x x

  39. 41 J

    I like you and your blog, but you eat so little. I know you don’t count calories, but maybe you should! You clearly are not eating enough for your height and activity level. I only say this out of concern.

    • 42 snackface

      Hey J! I appreciate the concern, but please know that I don’t photograph or even mention everything I eat. I don’t think you’re correct in that I’m not eating enough for my height and activity level, as my clothes are fitting the same as always (if not a little tight, lol). Thanks again for the concern and keeping me in check!

  40. Oh gosh, I’m the same way with bread too! I ate 3/4ths of a french bread loaf just the other day. My mom was stunned. Love it!

  41. I am the same way with bread! Haha bread is my entree in many meals 🙂 I hope you are having so much fun in NYC! I went last summer and loved it there! I am seemingly living my dreams through your blog, haha hope you don’t care!

  42. 45 merittothecarrot

    Like everyone else, I LOVE the shirt.
    I also love how you make snacking the greatest thing ever. Seriously, all I want to do now is snack.


  43. Job search…well for every 1 yes expect 20 no’s/ignore’s. So throw allotta sh*t out against the wall, hoping something will stick. Sorry. Cold harsh reality. I just did this with yoga teaching for cryin out loud! in Phoenix. Had to send out like 10-20 resumes to get 1 gig. To teach freakin yoga. So girl, just keep at it, it’s a numbers game.

    We’re off for a trip. In like 4 hrs. If I am not as good with my commenting the next few weeks, please forgive 🙂 You know Im reading and loving you..always!

  44. I graduated in December, and got my degree in English/Education (with the intention of becoming an elementary school teacher) – so I couldn’t jump into my profession in the middle of the school year, so I utilized the career services at my school (University of Colorado) – I found a fantastic nannying job that held me over until I could get myself a teaching job…which was NO small task. I LITERALLY applied to over 300 before I even got ONE call back. But now, I work at that ONE call back (2nd year) and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    Just keep applying to EVERYTHING, and FOLLOW UP with everyone. If you keep calling, email, showing up to ask “if you got my application” – they can’t just push your application out of the way. And keep smiling!

  45. Picture this: Next year, you, me, other fabulous bloggies meeting for lunch in-between our equally as enjoyable and fulfilling work day at the venue of our dreams

    I’m obviously no expert but I recently met with my advisor and he definitely touted networking as key a.k.a. keep in touch with past internship employers and everyone else you’ve met along the way. For the most part, these people have been in the business for at least 5 years and have tons of contacts. Granted that they like you (how could they not) each one will no doubt be more than willing to help. One of the online writing gigs I got was simply by emailing the freelance writer (an ex-editor at a huge publication) of a piece I was fact-checking at my internship at the time. We met for coffee, she shared stories and advice, and then asked me to write for her site. Wonderful opportunity and I’m so thankful to know her. Also, definitely see if you can schedule a few informational interviews at places that you would be interested in working next year. My professor was telling my class today how much genuine interest, commitment, and even a memorable face and chat play a role.

    Once again, picture this: It’s next year, you, me, other fabulous bloggies meeting for lunch in-between our equally as enjoyable and fulfilling work day at the venue of our dreams…. ah 😉

  46. 49 steph

    I am a senior, graduating in April and starting work in private equity. i tell you, the war stories for recruiting for a finance job during the recession are ridonks but trust me, lots of us got jobs in banking so if that’s still doable, everything else should still be gravy.

    To get my job, I
    a. our alumni directory to reach out to alums at big firms for informational interviews about breaking into the industry. Those that really take a liking to you could ask you down for an interview.
    b. career management/career services office for job posting, resume editing advice, mock interviews
    c. put together a list of target firms and see if they have a formal relationship/recruiting process with your school. If no formal relationship, use their website and submit your resume directly to their HR or use your alumni director to get a foot in. You want someone with some decision making authority or exposure to individuals WITH decision making authority to have your resume and be able to forward it.
    d. network!! I’m sure you can use your contacts from your summer job to find related industry positions.
    e. have faith! everything will be just fine 🙂

  47. ahhhhh i love the new crush, the outfit, the hommus, the glee, the top chef, the you and the NYC! going to read your next post 🙂

  48. okay, so i misread my google reader and this is the post. and i just watched glee – gah, i had butterflies the past couple minutes. i also may or may not have rewatched the end 4 times. i’m totally a secret sap 🙂

  49. All of your acquaintances are definitely the most valuable resource when finding a job. I heard about the opening for my job from a friend who knew a guy that works here, and decided to follow up on it. Sometimes things just come together… if she hadn’t happened to utter that one sentence mentioning the position, I probably would not have ended up here. While hard work and perseverance play a huge role in finding a job, so does fate/coincidence/timing.

    I’ve fallen two weeks behind in Glee but now I am dying to watch the finale!! Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend!

  50. Well I really haven’t started a job search yet, because I still have 1 year of culinary school and perhaps another year of college, if all goes well!! BUT I am hoping to make connections in Toronto when I’m living there in Jan to try and find a job when I am done with culinary!!

    Oh, and dream cities… NYC, Chicago, anywhere in Northern Cali or Newport, RI. I am going to be a chef, after all 😉


  51. 54 Aunty Snooze

    Ah Job search?! Well when I was 26 I said to myself what would I do if I won the lottery and what did I want to do that would carry me through lhe various changes in my life. Such as getting married, having children and retiring one day.
    So I did it and I have no regrets. I love my job and it will carry me through a few more years and then I will retire and travel more I also wanted an income that was in the six figures all the time cause you know how I love to shop especially at Neiman Marcus. sooooooooooooo
    What to do what to do.
    Question 1. What have you loved doing so far?
    Question 2. Where do you want to live?
    Question 3. What is your dream job? GO FOR IT!
    Go for what you think is impossible and it will be yours
    You can do anything and have anything all you need is the desire to have it

    If you want to play with the big dogs you can’t piss like a puppy. 🙂

  52. 55 Erica H

    Hey girl

    My first comment after being a closet reader! But I couldn’t resist … I’m a recent j-grad too (May 09) — when do you graduate, May? It really is all about networking, ESPECIALLY if you want to do magazines. Two great things you should check out while you’re in NYC are Mediabistro.com, and an organization called ED2010. Media bistro is like a networking site for media professionals, and they organize things like happy hours and workshops, etc. ED2010 is a group for magazine editors, and they do things like that specific to magazines. Both of those would be a great way to connect — especially since you’re in NYC right now. Good luck!


    • 56 snackface

      Erica- Hey boo! Thanks so much for the awesome comment! I actually used Ed2010 to find my VegNews internship and then watched it like a hawk. I love it!

  53. girl,
    i always want to leave comments but i have a lot to say and seriously, you have better things to do. but i’m so bored here on break. so here are my pointless things of no interest:
    a) you have to watch jersey shore. no idea if anyone has recommended it, but god it’s hilarious.
    b) hommus is how my favorite vegan restaurant in cleve (tommy’s) spells it on their menu. therefore, i spell it the same way, too. oh my god- we are such scripp’s students. who else would leave a comment about the spelling of a word?
    c) grllll i hope you are gettin’ it in NYC!
    d) i’m gonna keep up with my blog !!!!!!!

  54. oh my god, the reason i wanted to comment and i forgot: i worked at a bakery one winter and good bread is THE best thing evarrr !!

  55. ohhh ive had hommus. i wonder why they use to O? maybe so you can put on your O face? i have no advice about jobs. mine fell into my lap.

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