Hello cupcakes!

Tuesday started like any non-workout day. That is, it started with me not wanting to move whatsoever. Even my roomie asked, “Kailey, aren’t you normally up by now?” Uhhh, yeah. I swear I have more energy on days I hit up the gym.

Swollen eyes intact, I did the makeup thang, dressed and eventually left the apartment.

At work, I sought solace in a bowl of microwaved banana hemp oats:

Nature's Path Hemp Plus oats made my morning, fa sho.

And then the day took off! I barely sat down between 9am and noon and was constantly running between the second, sixth and eighth floors. Woohoo! I actually loved being busy, so I’m not hating.

I didn’t feel like moving from the computer when it was lunch-ish time, so I snacked and read blogs:

Snack pack.

In the tupperware: cucumber, carrots, plain tempeh and hummus. I also had an apple with peanut butter, but failed to take a picture. It was either business or laziness’ fault. Take your pick.

The afternoon was spent prepping for an intense advertising meeting with a focus group. Not that I got to sit in on that or anything… Instead, I arranged a dashing cheese and cracker plate, sprinkled with dried apricots and raw almonds. Who doesn’t love playing with food? Even better, the remainders were pawned off on me. Not complaining one bit.

Unfortunately, around 3pm I felt a nagging–correction–stabbing headache above my left ear. Bizarre. It faded into a dull throb that was putting a damper on my spirits and my evening plans. I had to cancel dinner with my favorite hippie. I’m so sorry!

When I arrived back in Hoboken, I spent $13.55 on frozen broccoli, a bag of Newman’s Own spelt pretzels, Wildwood probiotic hummus and an acorn squash. I sucked it up and bought an organic squash figuring it wouldn’t taste gag-errific.

Immediately upon arrival to the apartment, I washed the squash, cut it into thirds and popped it into a 475* F oven. While waiting for that, I coddled the broccoli:

Broccoli...what a FABULOUS picture! And by fabulous I mean hideous.

First, I boiled the broc with water, then drained it. To the cooked broc I added a dollop of hummus, a dash of pepper and a drop of gingery-soy dressing. Hot sauce rounded out the dish, and I devoured the cruciferous veg in two minutes flat.

Because the squash wasn’t yet ready, I dove into the new purchases:

Newman's, you can do no wrong. May I please work for your company? PR, perhaps?

The spelt pretzels have a much nuttier flavor than regular pretzels, which was lovely. It worked well with the blander new hummus:

At least I got some probiotics?

Honestly, this had an off-putting smell that hindered my full enjoyment potential. I’ll finish it, but I’m not buying it again. I miss Sabra.

After a handful of pretzels, the squash was finally ready:


Is it sad when the highlight of your night is a perfectly roasted acorn squash? Let’s not talk about it.

I ate most of the squash with raspberry fruit spread, so for dessert I needed something salty:

Round two, baby!

That hummus was much better.

Content with the eats, I threw on my coat and walked across the street to pick up a very important package:

My laundry!

For $8, I dropped off my laundry in the morning and picked it up at night. Even my underwear was folded. Definitely worth the $8. If someone opened a laundromat that washed and dried laundry on a college campus, they would make BANK!

From 8pm to 10pm I was glued to So You Think You Can Dance. Oh my gosh, I miss dancing so much! I danced on a hip-hop team for two or three years and had the best time ever. It’s why I have this ridiculous love for hip-hip/rap music.

Anyway, at one point my fave, Russel, was performing a Bollywood-style dance. Afterward, Michael (the judge/choreographer–yeah, we’re on a first-name basis) told Russel: “You blew joy out of every pore.” Isn’t that magnificent? I want to blow joy out of my every pore everyday. This got me thinking…

What makes me most joyous? I’m not talking about being around my family or friends, or anything like that. Because that’s like, duh! Of course they make me joyous. What I mean is, what activity makes me most joyful? When am I so happy I feel as though I could burst? And should I be doing that for the rest of my life?

Contemplating this, I headed to bed at 10:30pm. As I drifted off to sleep, I pondered the question that I pose to you: What makes you blow joy out of every pore? I’m trying to pretend that the word “blow” isn’t hilarious.

Ciao for now,


My answer: There are two activities that make me so joyous I could explode: writing and getting great feedback and performances. If ever I get a paper/story back that a professor/editor/commenter has loved, it gives me such confidence that I cannot stop smiling. The performance thing is a high that I get whenever I’m singing with either of the choirs, acting or dancing. They’re such unique experiences that cannot be recreated, and there’s a huge bond with whomever you’re performing. I get a buzz of writing and performing that is hard to match.


44 Responses to “Joyous”

  1. I get a buzz off of seeing families love each other and appreciate each other-that is something beautiful and intangeable and SUCH a huge gift to be able to love!!
    girl-im gona have to eat some pretzels and hummus today for real after seeing yo pics!

  2. 2 MamaJ

    If you ever performed something that you wrote and people loved it you would probably explode. Have a fabulous day baby girl. OXOX

  3. 3 Tamara

    Hahaha, I cannot stop laughing like a 10 year old boy in health class. I should grow up. Anyway, the thing that makes my pores blow joy is …acting, musical theatre, singing. Now you understand my Glee adoration? Speaking of, TONIGHT IS THE LAST EPISODE UNTIL APRIL. I am devastated.

    I look forward to your posts every morning! I love reading about all your adventures!

  4. I’m happy you’re happy! I’m so glad your internship is going well, I hope you’re doing tons of joyous writing and receiving overwhelming amounts of wonderful feedback! 🙂

  5. Baking, cooking, and blogging make joy ‘blow’ out of me. LOL, oh god I did laugh at that. I am so immature.

  6. Being with my family, listening to music, designing… all make me happy 🙂

  7. Re: the perfection that is Newman’s: I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, starring a young Paul Newman, this weekend. The man was a god. A for real Greek god. He was so perfect it’s upsetting.

    Positive feedback on work related things makes me joyous. Also running. Also young Paul Newman’s abs. 😉

  8. Catch up soon! xo

  9. I have been playing tennis for the past five and a half years and I have to say that after playing (regardless of how I have done) I almost always feel joyful! Also, and yes, this is a duh, but watching my kids kick butt in life makes me very happy.

    Back to the bartender post for a minute. I found it really interesting that so many of the Snackface readers associate landlines with being a loser! My 16-year old will only get in touch with her friends via cell phone, so it must be a generational thing. Speaking of which, I would love it if you and those who read Snackface would check out my newest blog posting. I have written about a topic that pertains to college-age women and I would sincerely appreciate feedback.

  10. 10 savoringsarah

    OMG I was in love with everything on SYTYCD last night. Not gonna lie, Eleanor & Legacy totally won me over. Their routine was REEEEE-DIC! And I am now obsessed with that version of too much booty.

  11. The ability to play tennis (something I could not do five and half years ago) makes me feel very joyful! Also, and yes, this is a duh, watching my kids kick butt at life makes me extremely happy.

    Back to the bartender post for a minute. I find it very interesting that so many of the Snackface readers equate landline with loser! My 16-year old will only communicate via cell phone, so I am guessing this must be a generational thing. Speaking of which, I would really appreciate it if you and your readers would take a look at the newest post on my blog. I have written about a subject that specifically pertains to college-age women and I would love to have some feedback from those in the know! 🙂

    I tried to post this comment earlier and it was lost so I am trying again–please forgive me if the original comment shows up too!

  12. I like your idea of the snack pack. My lunches are getting boring lately. What makes me joyous? Hmm…I like getting random praise for little things or compliments from strangers.

  13. 13 elise

    hehe – “roomie” 😉

    no need to sweat the cancellation dear, we all have sh!tty days, and i know when we do resched it’ll be a ball. incidentally, next week is pretty cray cray for moi, but we’ll work it out.

    ps love that you resorted to pretz and hummus as per my suggestion. i have eaten that combo for the past week and i cant stop. im keeping newmans in biz. try the cedars hummus, the 16 oz is on sale at WFs right now for $3.39 which is like double the quantity in sabra and half the price. and its creamy, yummy, delish too.

  14. I’m like you, Ms. Word Nerd, writing gives me such amazing joy. There’s something about just finding a way to arrange words in just the right way to describe what I’m feeling, seeing or doing. Of course, I also get a ton of joy when I take of my “Kate Gosselin hat” and let the girls do something messy that they completely don’t expect from me, like finger painting or letting them have free reign while baking. They then have joy blowing out of every pore and it just fills me up!

  15. aw you so preshie! you have been blessed with such a wide variety of talents: from your writing, singing, looking fly-ness, snackability (that is totes a talent) it’s no wonder you are such a joyous young thing.. and bring oh so much joy in to my life!! for real though, sugar, you are blessed — and I am blessed to know you!

    I am very similar to you — especially in terms of my writing. Whenever i receive positive feedback I am ELATED! I think it’s because when you write something, you invest so much of yourself in to it. It’s like a little piece of your soul! When a prof. is about to hand back a paper I get anxious and excited and butterflies in the tummy — the whole kitten’kaboodle… so yes, I def. relate!

    happy hump day shoogs! love you like whoa :)!

  16. Travelling to new places and feeling loved make me blow happiness out of every pore. Terrible thing is I keep thinking of blackheads when I say that, sorry!

  17. 17 Nicole G

    So I typed a comment, posted it, and then saw that it didn’t post!

    Here goes again,
    I had way more trouble than I should coming up with something that makes joy blow out my pores LOL. I guess the best I can come up with is succeeding at something I find truly difficult. As someone who consistently performs well in school, sometimes getting an A is simply expected, but when I do well on something I struggled with, such as the LSAT, I feel true excitement.
    If I were to pinpoint the last time I felt joy “pour” out of me, I’d say it was few weeks ago when I was watching Dumb and Dumber with my family. Listening to my brother (who is only 8) and my stepfather explode with laughter was truly enjoyable.

    Thanks for making me stop and think about joy, even though it was challenging!
    Nicole G

  18. I get a kick out of basically any quality music performance, whether I’m the one singing or if I’m seeing a sick band play. Seeing people just get so into something so moving just makes me smile. I’m not one of those people who gets moved to tears at a concert or something, but I can definitely see where they get it.

  19. 19 tangerinesandmarmalade

    Lunch twin! Carrots, hummus, and tempeh in my lunch today too!
    I agree with you that positive feedback make me “blow joy” (haha). Anything from someone saying “I love you” to “good job today”. Hey, we all just wanna be loved!

  20. this post absolutely positively made me smile, laugh and think! i am a tough critic, so that isn’t always easy to do :).

    first things first, LOVED your hat from last post. seriously adorable! how you say you cannot pull of hats is beyond me. someone could learn a thing or two from you (and you know who i am talking about :)).

    gah, now i am thinking what brings me absolute joy, and i have come up with a couple thangs: TRAVELING, PERFORMING and COOKING. my mom calls it my middle child syndrome, but getting fabulous feedback, laughs, whatever makes me incredibly happy too. in other words, how can hosting a travel show not be perfect? i get to travel, perform for the camera and hopefully cook/eat food while doing it!

    LOVE YOU MAMA – hope you feel better and have a wondrous day!


  21. p.s. mamaj’s comment is awesome 🙂

  22. Being busy is the best! It makes the time FLYYYYYYYYYYY! Playing with food sounds like fun! Headaches? Not so much. I don’t know if they sell Basha out there but that’s my main squeeze in terms of hummus. I like it more that Sabra!!

    Love the word blow! My sport and teaching kiddos blow joy out of every pore 🙂


  23. I love this post, I recognize so much of your thoughts and things to love!

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  24. hey!
    1) I’m quite positive that Dirty Deeds allows you to drop off your laundry for about the same price. I’ve never used it but have seen the sign in there.
    2) I read your blog all the time! We have strikingly similar diets and I love seeing when you add/try new things.

    See ya back in athens!

    • 25 snackface

      Alisha- Ahhh! I’m so pumped you read SnackFace! I had no idea about Dirty Deeds. They should really advertise that!

  25. 26 Lindsay

    Joy blowing out of every pore, I like it 🙂 Love SYTYCD too, I wish I could do what they do!!

  26. Ooh sistah gurl, I am feelin this post! My “blow joy out of every pore” thing would have to be painting. Most people don’t even know I paint, but I’ve been known to get my Bob Ross on! I’m gonna have to take out my acrylics and paint a lil sumthin sumthin.

  27. That may just be my new favorite quote.
    I’ve been struggling to find what makes me blow joy out of every pore” too. I’m on the fence about two things. But the great thing is that i’ve narrowed it down!
    I’m glad you have found what makes you exude joy! Continue the soul searching!

  28. 29 shell625

    your eats looks so goood in this post- esp the oats!!
    & last night “joy was blowing out of every pore” because we have a snow day today so we all went drunk sledding- such good times!


  29. 30 annedell

    I’d have to say 2 things make me really happy: 1) Having really good runs and 2) Making a new recipe and getting really good reviews. 🙂

  30. Listening to music and being with my best friends make me joyful 🙂

  31. Great question at the end…joy out of every pore: ummm 2 hours alone! Where no one needs me and my time is not pre/over scheduled.

    “And by fabulous I mean hideous.”
    Ok girl, the pic isn’t that bad. It’s not a work of art but it isnt bad by any means! I do this all the time with my veggies…they look amazing in person and they just dont capture well on camera. Not sure why but it happens. Brock and kale are the worst. They look horrible in pics. I take like 5 pics of brock to even get 1 use-able one.

    And no need to apologize for being a bad commenter, we’re all busy my dear. Busy with life. I hear ya!!!!


  32. 33 Jenny

    I don’t know what’s sadder, that I can relate to squash making your night, or that we both actually feel that way sometimes?? 😉

    haha blow…totally TWSS

    Ahem, but seriously…I think things that have made me the happiest are the days where I can feel that I’m overcoming fears and anxieties on a tangible level. They’ve been happening a lot lately, and honestly for me, living a happy, healthy life is the most important thing in the world!

  33. Running in warm weather makes me joyous. In fact, doing anything (sitting, walking, reading, laying) in the sunshine is heaven for me. Also, pulling baked goods out of the oven and babies. Not together – but those things make me feel giddy and joyful.

  34. 35 Stephanie

    An above comment made me curious…who is your roomie?

  35. those spelt pretzels look interesting, i want to try them now!
    i also want to try acorn squash now that i see it all over your blog 🙂

  36. It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. I’m definitely the happiest when I write an awesome piece or when I’m performing. I LOVE singing, dancing, and acting. Since I don’t get the chance to perform too often, I revel in zumba. Have you tried it? I bet you’d love it.

  37. yayyyyyyyyy for happiness!!!

    and hot damn about the laundry!

  38. buahaha! ‘Blow joy out of every pore’ ! I love that phrase!

    i exude joy out of every pore when i’m travelling around and discovering something new 🙂

  39. I loove acorn squash, so no biggie it’s the highlight of your dinner! Have you tried buttercup? That is my all-time fav!

  40. Love this.

    1. Shopping, specifically for high heels and dimey dresses. The more expensive the store, the greater the rush (don’t worry, I got me some forever 21 frocks as well).
    2. Giving advice when it is wanted
    3. Engulfing myself in art

  41. Such a tough one for me since I still seem to be finding what does give me joy. Right now for me it’s when I’m spending quality time doing something fun with my kids (and they are happy and behaving!!). That, and crusing TJ’s and Whole Foods! Actually, shopping in general does (but the credit card statements stop that from being pure joy!!)

  42. blowing out of every pore? dirty. but i like it.

  43. You inspired me to make acorn squash…..AMAZING!!!

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