Fierce First Date


Hello beauties! What a wonderful discussion was had yesterday! You’re all bossy, gorgeous and need to embrace it everyday. Love it!

As I mentioned yesterday, I once again did the morning workout. It was fantastic. I wasΒ  in and out and then it was finished for the day. By the afternoon, I kind of forgot I’d even done any real exercise.

A mistake I’m probably making is waiting a solid two hours post-workout to eat anything. I’m pretending that’s not a problem. Janetha will probably tell me otherwise.

Breakfast was a reliable addiction and a newbie:

I'm the neighborhood bicycle in the Odwalla neighborhood. Everyone gets a chance.

Chocolate chip peanut reminded me ofΒ  a Kudos bar sans the chocolate coating. Essentially, it was gasmic.

Work was super busy yesterday. As on Tuesday, I had to call numerous chefs. One chef was even opening a restaurant yesterday. I wished him luck. As if he needs that from a complete stranger.

Between calling people, leaving many voicemails and going through three years of magazines in search for a certain advertiser, I hadn’t much time to think about eating until 1:30pm. I was far past hunger.

I quickly dashed down the street for an organic salad bar from this tiny little health food store. It was incredible:

Kabocha goodness staring you in the face.

On the mix: romaine bed, kabocha with onions, broccoli head, acorn squash piecelette, brussels, barbecue tofu (fried and amazing) and a bit of balsamic. To accompany the salad, I sliced a dying Fuji:

Performed surgery and lobbed off the brown bits.

This kept me plenty full for a few hours. And then there was office cake. It was someone’s last day and I gladly accepted a piece of chocolate layer cake with ganache icing. After a few bites, though, I thought I was going to hurl. I’m so not used to the richness.

After work, I finally got around to what I’d been looking forward all day–an official first date with the beautiful Sarah. It took a stab or two at getting the correct subway, but before long, Sarah and I were sitting at a dimly lit table and ordering wine.

Like any good date, we were gabbing nonstop. In fact, we sat down for dinner at 6pm and didn’t leave until 11:30. Fierce, indeed. Even fiercer was the vino:

A white that was far too easy to drink. Perfection.

And the food? Outrageous. We split this Mediterranean sampler appetizer:

Hummus, baba ganouj, tomato thing, salad, falafel, dolmas, egg, pickles.

We were both completely in love with this fat pita bread:

Thick, warm, chewy. The best pita I've ever had.

And because I’m in New York and couldn’t resist the chance to try a Mediterranean quesadilla made of grilled veggies and goat cheese, we ordered and enjoyed this beauty:

Topped with hummus, this was beyond gasmic.

The date was so fabulous I don’t even know in which restaurant we dined. All I know is that it was phenomenal and my company was even better. I am so thankful I get to be in the city and create Snack Diaries with Sarah.

The transit home was treacherous. It was pouring and windy and I had no idea where I was going. A ton of waiting and construction was involved:

After 12am. Tired. Date buzz waning.

At 1am, I finally changed into my pj’s, washed my face, brushed and flossed my teeth and hit the hay, pita belly still intact.

We’re almost to Friday, honeybuns! Woopwoop! Have a joyous Thursday!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What makes a good first date?
All I need: good food, good conversation, good sense of humor. Unfortunately, those last two rarely are found in men. Oh singledom, why must I be so picky?

P.S. If you love hilarious things, brews and vino, please head over to lovely Danielle’s giveaway!


61 Responses to “Fierce First Date”

  1. love your date πŸ™‚ haha. im coming this weekend! MEETUP on sat? πŸ™‚ XOXO

  2. 3 homegirlcaneat

    JEALOUSY ERRUPPPTSSSSS!!!!!!! This looks like our last date in SF 😦


  3. 4 homegirlcaneat

    *both of YOU beautiful ladays

    Who am I? Meghann?

  4. 8 Natalie

    only things i require for a date:

    a. a man
    b. alcohol
    c. food
    d. laughter

    im not hard to please! πŸ™‚

    • 9 snackface

      Natalie – Ha! This actually might be the list I meant to write. On point, my friend.

  5. 10 Brandi

    what a fun date! that sampler plate and quesadilla look awesome!

  6. Fun meet up! πŸ™‚

  7. What an awesome meetup.. if I could eat Meditteranean everyday, I would! πŸ™‚

  8. 13 tangerinesandmarmalade

    foodie dates are the best kind! glad you’re enjoying NYC!

  9. Ohmigosh that quesadilla looks so good! First date requiements? How about good hygeine? And no ‘macho man’ act.

  10. 15 savoringsarah

    I looooove girl dates! So much more enjoyable than DATE dates. And the food looks rockinnnn!

    In my opinion, a good first date includes good conversation(s), lots of physical chem & fliration(s), some good drinks and some DANCING because you can tell a LOT about a man based on the way he interacts with you on a dancefloor πŸ˜‰

  11. 16 shell625

    jealus of your squash!! & i agree with teh sense of humor good food & good conversation!


  12. What fun. Two beautiful people…. Good food, good wine, good conversation, sounds like the perfect date to me πŸ™‚ Thanks for the PS!

  13. aww how fun! love that salad bar salad.. looks amazzzzzing

    good first day: good food, laughter, and a chill time works for me!

  14. 19 Melissa

    Hi! I’m sure someone has told you this before, but just in case – is the BEST site to navigate through NY. I’ve been living here for three years and would still be lost without it. It even calculates taxi cost…which can make a taxi ride justifiable sometimes πŸ™‚ Hope that helps with the subways rides!!!

    • 20 snackface

      Melissa- Shoooo this is amazing! Thanks for the site! You know I need it πŸ™‚

  15. 21 SΓΌnne

    You’re so right about those things important for a first date. On my last date I arranged the food, tried to get a good conversation going but, oh well, thanks to the boy it lacked in humor. Funny + conversation-laughing boys, where are you?

    Oh, and I also think it’s good you don’t ban from non-vegan food when you’re craving it! I’m having problems with this telling myself I had to stay vegan all the time but you’re a great inspiration – thanks for this!

    • 22 snackface

      Sunne- (sorry I can’t figure out how to get that “u”!) I’m so glad I can help you feel OK eating a bit non-vegan every now and then! I mostly did it because I can’t stand telling myself I can’t have something. Thankfully I never crave meat/poultry/fish/eggs/fish eggs, ya know! Just gotta eat and be happy!

      • 23 SΓΌnne

        I never crave non-vegetarian stuff, either, just dairy (“Quark” to be exact, haha).

        Also forgot to reply on your last post (or: read it just today because of the time difference) but your statement on the modeling industry was so amazing to read! It makes you even more of an awesome person!

  16. what a great first date! sounds PERFECTO great first date MUST haves

    good conversation
    major flirtation


    glad you had a great time gal!

  17. 25 fruitsveggieslife

    Sounds fantabulous! Also – the Med. Plate looks AMAZING.

    I’ve never had a kudos bar. Sad? I know.

  18. What a great first date, and what DELICIOUS food!!! Anything with hummus is my favorite, and since I live in the land of hummus I make sure I get some every day.

    Hmmm…a good first day has to have A LOT of laughter and listening. But no matter what, if it doesn’t have that spark, that special something, then it is pointless! Once you find that every day can be as magical as your first date. That special spark, the listening and the laughter is all exactly why I married my sweet hubby.

  19. I would give ANYTHING for that pita bread right now. And maybe some mas vino.

    Perfecto first date=everythang that went down last night. Except with a boy. But we know that just does not happen. Perhaps we can give up on good boy dates, continue happy hour/pita eating madness and just settle for weekend boy toys? Preferably ones who are producers at the Travel Channel?

    What Do You Think? Doesn’t That Sound To Good Too Be True?

  20. All I need for a perfect first date is a flea market drive-in flick, bag-o-beef jerky, 6-pack of Natty Lite and a stud to keep me company!

    JK! πŸ™‚ Well, maybe not about the stud part! I’m with you on the good food, good convo and humor-can even add in a great bottle of wine to round things off! I’ll be a happy girl as long as the guy doesn’t show up with more hair product on his head than me or a shirt so incredibly bedazzled that I need wear my shades! Nothing more I hate then being stuck on a date with a dbag guy (or girl, I don’t judge!).

    • 30 snackface

      YankSkeez- Hahaha I’m dying. This might be the best comment ever. I cannot do guys with gelled hair and bedazzled shirts. Interpret that “do” as you wish.

  21. I love that Odwalla bar! That one and the mocha flavor are tied for first in my book. A good first date? I don’t know. I’d hope to be so comfortable with that person that we’d barely be conscious that it’s a first date at all, you know?

    • 32 snackface

      Jo- You are absolutely right. Not even being conscious that it’s a first date is the best. Wait, that’s never happened to me, so I’m assuming it’s the best.

  22. 33 Zaineb

    hahaha that sounds like me and my friendz forreal. we have the best times goin mallin’ and eatin out and what not, plus, girls r way funner to gab with than guys! “chicks b4 dicks” a wise woman once said πŸ™‚
    p.s. that food looks scrumpdidliumptious! i live in a place, lets call it “michigan” where there are many arabic/pakistani ppl (including urs truly) so naturally we have some cramazing (thats crazy and amazing) meditteranean restaurants within easy access! have u ever noticed how store bought hummus is diddly squat compared to restaurant hummus?

  23. I agree, a sense of humor is a must! This is coming from a chica who posts pictures of herself on the Internets with cat faces. Yaknowwhatimsayin??

    Anyways yea, sense of humor, a solid knowledge of sports, and a passion. Whether it’s a sport team, music, whateva. You gotsta be passionate about sumthin or you won’t keep my interest for long, that’s fo sho, fo sho.

    So anyhooo, this post got me thinkin….How long do you chicas wait before you tell someone you’re dating that you have a blog? Right away? When it gets serious? I mean, that’s a lotta info at their fingertips!

    • 35 snackface

      Kittay- What a fab question. It depends. Actually nevermind. I tell everyone all the time. If it’s a guy I like, it may be one of the first things I tell him. I figure that if he reads it and is creeped out, then too bad for him. He’s gonna learn about all of me anyway, and the blog is a big part of that. What I talk about, eat, wear are also huge in life and I wouldn’t hide that from anyone. But again, if he reads it and doesn’t like it or me, then I don’t need him. Ya dig?

  24. what a great night w/ sarah!!!

    good first date means being able to talk to me, and laughing. lots of laughing…enough to make me cry and my belly hurt. must. have. humor. and take me out to do something different…like ice skating. best first date ever!

  25. What a fun night out! I love humor (I need laughter so things wouldn’t be awkward) in a guy as well as the ability to talk to me rather than sit and stare at me for the entirety of the date or someone who rambles on and on about irrelevant and uninteresting things.

    PS….sorry if this is a dumb question but is the plate with your Medi sampler broken in the second picture and whole in the first? I was just wondering if there was a story there? πŸ™‚

    • 38 snackface

      Kathleen- Haha that’s not a dumb question! The plate was not broken in any way. Its only flaw was that it only held two falafel balls. They were the best things ever.

      • 39 Kate

        Lol, I went back and looked at it and I decided that I shouldn’t make comments on blogs when I have consumed half a bottle of Nyquil prior to posting. At least I’m not lurking anymore….just making comments based on hallucinations πŸ˜‰

  26. Yay for the bloggie date!

    I love morning workouts almost exclusively because by noon, the exercise is a distant memory and I don’t have to think about it anymore. Also because it’s really the only thing that wakes me up properly. πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed yours, too!!

  27. That hummus looks ridiculously good!

    Check out my blog for my first ever giveaway and workout tunes!


  28. haha homegirls comment is the BEST.

    ahhh LOVED your comments yesterday. i didn’t get a chance to comment, but i am so glad i have a friend with such a healthy, happy head on her shoulders. LOVE YOU

    and your date with sarah. jealous. my best first dates are usually with girlfriends haha. however, humor, relaxed, spontaneous and just good-natured are the best attributes for a slammin date.

    thanks for you donation again too – LOVE YUUUUUU

  29. glad you got to meet up with sarah for dinner! your salad for lunch looks great but your dinner looks even better! love the mediterranean snack platter and pizza! yum.

  30. Sounds like the perfect first date to me! 6:00-11:30? Dayum! Glad you had a good time. That appetizer tray looks amazing.

  31. 45 Aunty Snooze

    Everyone loves a GOOD LUCK even though they are famous. Sometimes because they are famous people just don’t bother to do so. Remamber this is this persons hard earned after tax dollars in this venture.
    Banks and lenders are far and few for restaurants there fore they have to come up with a lot of cash on their own
    anyway love the dinner it looks so good

  32. 46 elise

    oh man. i cant TELL you how many effing times ive been held up by that construction crappola on the train. ew.

    we need need neeeeeed to meet up soon. hows next tues? i know that sounds randeezie but i am working all weekend and have a friend in town through monday.

    lemme know if youre in.

    smooches bebe

  33. Sounds like a great first date…Good wine and conversation is a must!

  34. 48 Liz

    That. Quesadilla. Looks. Fabulous.

    That is all πŸ™‚

  35. Good first date: Good conversation (no awkwardness), can make me laugh, smiles a lot, gentleman. If only… haha πŸ˜‰

    But it sounds like an amazing first date that you had!

  36. Ah girl. You are SO lucky to be livin’ it up in NYC. I’m in Australia but absolutely HAVE. TO. GET. MYSELF. TO. NOO. YAWK. I’m holidaying there this time next year πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your lovely reply on my last comment by the way! You’re such a doll.
    Oh and, I’m totally on the same page as you with the early exercising thing. I love just getting it out of the way and not having to make time for it during the day. Plus, getting up supahh early ain’t all that bad. Wish I had me some Jerz Guid to entertain me, though!
    Okay so. What makes a good date for me? Probably… VIBRANT, WITTY conversation with animated, light-hearted debates. Don’t want a guy who just agrees with me “Whatever you say honey…” agghh. I’d also like it if he took a genuine interest in/had real empathy for the things I am super passionate about (since I would hate it if I’m talking about something I LOVE and he’s sitting there wondering when it’s gonna be over). And I’m a sucker for a complete gentleman… but I’d love him to have a bit of a spontaneous streak πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the fab post as always, gorgeous!

  37. 51 Calla

    Rando buuuuut i loooove your blog!

    what makes a good date for me? hmmm….LOTS of laughing (the more wit and dry humor, the better), wine, and fun! doesn’t have to be dinner, and doesn’t have to be a movie. we can just hang out and have a movie night at home (with wine, obvi) as long as the company is enjoyable!

    keep up the great work on here, and enjoy NYC-this is the best time of the year to be there-all of the Christmas decorations!!


    • 52 snackface

      Calla- Thank you so much for commenting! Wine definitely helps make any date better, that’s for damn sure. And thank you, I’ll try to live it up in NYC as best I can!

  38. KABOCHA! okay, that was random πŸ˜€

    A good first date has to include a gentleman of couse! DUHHHHH. πŸ˜‰

  39. Kudos bars! Another oldie from childhood – love it! I’m pretty jeal of your hot date! What more could a girl wish for? Mediterranean food, wine, good conversation.

    A good sense of humor is KEY!!! EC has a good sense of humor and that’s one of the reasons I like him.

    PS. An email is comin’ atchu! Tomorrow though because I haven’t had computer time all day!

  40. So envious that you and Foodie Diaries were hanging out drinking wine. Sigh. Some girls have all the luck πŸ™‚

    A good first date: he pays, he’s not already married, he doesn’t try to bag you that nite, he calls you when he says he’s going to. And he isn’t trying to be too “on” or into himself. And is complimentary toward you, the woman, who just spent 2hrs getting ready for the experience!

  41. I forgot all about my morning workout today too! haha I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or not πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like such a fun night! Vino and good food with good convo sounds divine!

  42. I wish I could join you guys! But I can’t hold my alcohol, lol. >.< I'll actually probably be visiting NY in the winter though.

    They have kabocha at the local salad bar? Cool!!!

  43. 58 Lizzy

    AWWW this is so much fun! you girlies are so adorable and the food and vino look amazing! xoxo sugar pie! have an amazing friday!

  44. Ohhhhh man that hummus platter looks amazing. I need some real Mediterranean food yo!

  45. LOOK AT ME! i am catching up on your blog. long overdue. i fail at life. at least i can text you sweet nothings πŸ™‚ and yes, miss, you need to get that post workout nutrish πŸ˜‰ uhhhhhhhh that quesahummusdilla thang just made me die and go to greek heaven.

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