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Easy Breezy


Hello beauties! What an incredible discussion about image we had going on yesterday! Thank you, thank you, thank you for participating. Just this morning I read January Vogue’s “Up Front” article about supermodel Lara Stone. At a size 4 she is/was often deemed “fat” and has had jobs canceled on her. It was a fascinating […]



What up, boos! I cannot express how thrilled I am that I didn’t scare you away with my Ped Egg pic. Love that thing! And Matty Rich had a ballin’ day yesterday. Not only did all your compliments make his ego even bigger (M.Rich, you know I’m kidding), but he also got a job. Hollaaaa! […]

Baby puddings! How I’ve missed thee! To explain my absence, all I can say is that I fully enjoyed time with the family, sans technology. That’s what’s most natural for me when I’m home for the holidays. I haven’t a care in the world and getting out my laptop isn’t even a thought– a gift […]

Pudding pops! I know I have the cheesiest title evah, which would normally make me cringe, but it’s the truth! I’M GOING HOME TODAY!!!! Because I have thangs to organize before I leave, this post is going to be fast and dirrty. (Much like Snackie on a Schedule posts–and I’m beyond stoked that you all […]

Snack Packlettes! How are you? I am loving all the new commenters. Welcome to my humble abode! I’m feeling bold today: So that means it’s time for another Snackie on a Schedule, in which you get to peek inside my head. It can be fun, funny and mostly scary. Let’s go! Monday 5am- Jump out […]

Ridin’ Dirty


Hello gorgeous people! I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend. Mine started early on Friday after a workout, traveling to work and then farting around on the computer a bit. By 1pm I was sipping wine with my co-workers at Blue Smoke for the holiday gathering. The M. Shanken Communications crew knows how to party. […]

What up, boos! It’s Friday, glorious Friday and I am ready for the weekend. Before I get ahead of myself, I must rewind to Thursday. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I slept through two alarms and awoke to my roomie shaking me. Roomie was even convinced I was dead at one point. This is so […]