Swagger Sunday


Hola bonitas! What a glorious, relaxing weekend it’s been. Hope yours has been fabulous as well.

After posting yesterday, I rushed home to feed my grumbling tum. It’s a bit of a challenge to create something both delicious and aesthetically pleasing with little to no groceries. My apologies:

Skinny carrots, leftover tempeh and the remainder of the Stacy's bag. Yeah, got TWO servings out of that bag. Hummus was eaten alongside.

Once finished with that dismal lunch, I grabbed the train to meet my favorite homegirl. Like the foodies-who-embrace-clichés we are, we met at Whole Foods. Hot bar salads were not had, though. Instead, we sipped zero-calorie Steaz (they’re missing an element… maybe Grey Goose?) and talked about life, friendships, manships, etcetera.

Two solid hours later, we trekked to Trader Joe’s for old-time’s sake. Over the summer, Brooke-baby and I had countless TJ’s dates where we’d stock up on Puffins, multi-grain crackers and triple layer hummus. Essential for a swag sista weekend.

This time, I grabbed butter lettuce, cucumber, tempeh, creamy red pepper hummus, acorn squash, raw crunchy almond butter, raspberry fruit spread, Weetabix and a new-to-me love, Ezekiel sesame. Brooke and I had to part ways after our joyous trip, but I have no concerns regarding whether we’ll see each other again. Swag sistas fo life. I’m sure I’ll see her soon.

MamaJ cheered me up while walking home. She sent me this picture text:

MamaJ in an ad, from her bossy modeling days!

By the time I got home I was starving! I threw together a fab salad while a whole acorn squash roasted in the oven:

Simple but exquisite.

In the mix: butter lettuce, cucumber, crumbled tempeh, dollop of TJ’s creamy roasted red pepper hummus and a drizzle of no-name soy ginger vinaigrette. OK, this new TJ’s hummus is delectable. Creamy, roasty, spreadable, blendable. If you spy it, buy it. (Did I just rhyme? Sorry)

The blurry pics are thanks to a dying battery and I was so hungry for this squash that I snapped a pic ASAP. Excuses, excuses:

Most pieces eaten plain, others with raspberry fruit spread. Mmmm.

Do people really not eat a whole squash? I mean, this one was a baby, but still, I have no idea how one could ever stop at half.

Although the squash was perfectly sweet, dinner requires a dessert of sorts. I’d been craving raw almond butter like mad, so I dove into the new goods:

Ezekiel topped with raw chunky almond butter and raspberry fruit spread. Addicting.

The Ezekiel is phenom. It’s dense, chewy and a bit dry, but it’s totally satisfying. The sesame seeds? To live for.

I spent the night watching the tube and painting my nails. How old am I? What happened to my insane weekends of going out?

Sunday welcomed me with gorgeous rays of sunshine. After stumbling to the bathroom and taking care of biznass, I made what I craved for breakfast:

Notha Ezekiel topped with raw chunky almond butter and raz fruit spread. Fujinated it up.

Couldn’t help it! In attempts not to lounge all day, I showered immediately after breakfast. I dressed and makeuped while watching The Sopranos. I swear, because I’m actually living in Jersey, I’m suddenly obsessed with anything mafia and Italian. Well, I’m always obsessed with anything Italian. (Italian man of my dreams, where are you? It’s time to play.)

Straightened and scarfed, I galloped uptown. First, I stopped in a quaint used bookstore and selected a new winter read, Middlesex. I didn’t realize it was cash- or check-only, but the owner asked, “Are you living here?” I said yes and she told me to drop off $5 whenever I’m near. How sweet!

My next mission was to figure out the gym situation. Friends, I cannot help it. I love a solid gym workout. So I went to the nearest gym and met the manager. After a grand tour, we sat in his office. We talked forever about which plan would work best and I agreed to $49 for a month. He tried several times to plug it into the computer, but for some reason it wasn’t working. Somehow, with the combination of his feeling bad for making me wait and a little bit of SnackFace swagger, I finagled a month of gym access for free. New favorite gym.

I took another lap around uptown, bought bananas and squash, dropped $5 off at the bookstore and treated myself to something so not vegan.

Excited, I half-jogged home and made a quick lunch:

Broccoli and carrots (had hummus on the side) and Ezekiel topped with hummus. Redundant, no?

I thought about my so-not-vegan goodie the whole time I was downing veggies with hummus:

I mean, come on! How could one resist this?

What you see above is a red velvet cupcake from the amazing bakery, Crumbs, which is a couple blocks away from my apartment. The variety of cupcakes in the shop was overwhelming. My goal is to try all of them. For today, though, I settled for one flavor:

Of all the food photos I've taken, this one may be my favorite.

Don’t let me fool you by thinking I have self control. I went back for more.

Tonight’s dinner menu is going to be identical to Saturday night’s: salad and squash. I’m very much addicted to acorn squash at the moment. Weetabix with almond milk will most likely be a nighttime snack, also. Ya know, if you were curious.

This week should be interesting. It’s a full work week and there are many restaurants to visit, people to meet, dates to be made. I cannot wait!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Are you a morning, afternoon or evening workout person and why?
I’m a morning workout gal, without a doubt. I love getting it out of the way and not having to worry about it after work/class. Plus, it gives me more energy throughout the day. Monday morning, I’m hoping to be at the gym at 5:30am! GAH! The sound of it…awful. But it’s worth a shot.

P.S. I never got that guy’s number. Wuss.


59 Responses to “Swagger Sunday”

  1. I like working out in the morning 🙂 If I don’t do it then, I never will… haha

  2. That cupcake looks so yummy 🙂 I too love to workout in the morning – it makes me feel so energised for the whole day!

  3. Damn, girl, you’re capable of some magic. A free gym membership and an IOU for a store clerk? You must look pretty trust worthy!

    I’m a late afternoon exerciser. It’s a good way for me to destress from my day and then post workout I eat, do work, and then crash. It works for me!

  4. I like working out mid-morning, at like 10am. I like having breakfast with the boyfriend before he goes to work so I need to digest first. (And, this is assuming I’m free at 10am, which is not always the case. I should have prefaced this comment with “In my ideal world.”) Cupcake looks delish.

  5. 5 traynharder23

    is there a carrot cake cupcake? then i can live vicariously through you.

    i work out in the morning. or is that late night? 3:50 am.

  6. That cupcake looks incredible, and it is awesome that you got a free gym membership!!!

  7. Sounds like you stocked up on the goods! And I agree about the squash situation, why would anyone stop at half, and furthermore, they are nastayy leftover 😉

    I love that cupcake pic too!

  8. I’m an afternoon workout person- on the rare occasion I make it to the gym 🙂 – because I like to pep up and get my appetite going for dinner. I tend to get pretty sleepy around 4 p.m. and this totally gets me going again!

    I want a bite of that cupcake.

  9. The afternoon/evening works best for me because if I’m feeling it, I’ll have the time to keep going, if not then no biggie! In the morning I tend to not push myself as hard. Congrats on the free gym membership and nice cashier. looks like you received some good karma! haha

    • 10 snackface

      becauseiamawoman- I was thinking the same thing about the karma! I was like, “This is too crazy. What have I done right?”

  10. girl! Great eats and I love you are still posting a lot! Love reading your blog! Congrats on the gym membership!

  11. That cupcake looks sooo good. I’m jealous of your free gym membership!

  12. 13 Lizzy

    free month gym membership! girl you know how to work that charm! thats going to be soooo awesome!!! 🙂

    I had acorn squash tonight too and omg its amazing. there is leftovers and everytime i go into the kitchen i snag a bite! yummmm

    night love!


  13. I am such a morning person! If I don’t work out first thing I end up putting it off until later… and the kind of later that never actually comes ;). Glad the rest of your weekend went so well! Crumbs cupcakes are awesome (I love the carrot cake kind) and I’m oh so proud of your free membership, girl. Way. to. go. Hope I see you soon missy! Next weekend perhaps? Have a great week at work 🙂

  14. Love the cupcake picture! Morning workout all the way. By the end of the work day the last thing I want to do is work out…

  15. 16 Kristen

    I am definitely a morning girl when it comes to the gym. I find it gives me a ton of energy and the motivation to make healthy decisions all day long. 🙂

    I’ve truly been so inspired by your vegan diet/lifestyle and have been thinking for sometime about adopting one myself. However, I have qualms about giving up dairy. I am not a big fan of meat but I do love my greek yogurt and occassional scoop of Haagen Dazs. What was the hardest part for you? What was something you missed/craved? Do you still crave foods from your vegetarian diet? Any tips?!

    Glad to see you’re enjoying Hoboken and NYC! I’m a Jersey girl who currently lives in NYC-WELCOME!

    PS Crumbs cupcakes are awesome! However, if you are a red velvet cupcake lover like myself, there’s a place called Tonnie’s Minis in Greenwich Village on West 3rd Street between MacDougal and 6th Avenue that makes the BEST red velvet cupcakes in all of Manhattan…hands down! You must try them!

    • 17 snackface

      Kristen- First off, thanks for the cupcake tip! And secondly, thanks for the kind words! Regarding what’s been the hardest part, I’d say it’s finding small traces of dairy in foods I love and would normally buy (certain wraps, cereals, bars) and not being able to have them. The next thing is Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt. When I was consuming dairy, I would have these only every once in a while, but I still crave them now. If it’s a craving I can’t get out of my mind, I go ahead and have some. For me, it’s more important to buy all vegan groceries. That’s the food I eat every day. But every now and then, I see nothing wrong with a little yogurt or a baked good that has some dairy. I know a ton of vegans would disagree, but I’m also a big believer in eat what you want, when you want. So I do. I hope this helps answer your questions!

  16. Ezekiel – carby heaven! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yes, squash (like cupcakes) must to be eaten all at once. Maybe it’s my impulse control but I can’t NOT eat all of it at once.

    I had to read Middlesex in an English class and, to be honest, I wasn’t wowed. Maybe if I read it on my own terms I’d like it (hellooooo set in Detroit) but I don’t know. Hope you enjoy it though!

    MORNING! If I don’t get things done in the morning there’s a 95% chance it won’t get done at all. That includes working out (and possibly showering 😉 ).

    • 19 snackface

      ksgoodeats- OK, so I’ve read 15 pages of Middlesex so far and I’m loving it! I think my brain is thirsty for literature as opposed to trash t.v., which is all I did all weekend.

  17. “Somehow, with the combination of his feeling bad for making me wait and a little bit of SnackFace swagger, I finagled a month of gym access for free.”
    Way to go girl. Work it. What you just earned was/is payback for dealing with a million losers who wanna pick you up. Now, you put the Snackie Swagger to good use and scored yourself a nice gym pass. Woo hoo. Love it. Work it, work it, work it. Once upon a time I used to, too 🙂

    I’m a both am and pm workout girl. AM is alone and short and fast and solitary, PM is long and slow and convo time for me and hubs while Skylar is in stroller. Between the 2, I get what I need, a good workout in the AM and family time + a light workout in the PM.

  18. OMFG crumbs is TO DIE FOR. sorry sista, but i’m proud of you for being a non-vegan in this scenario. life’s just too short to pass up a crumbs cupcake (!!!!)

    umm but anyway I’M BACK and ready to play/prowl… let’s do it. ASAP. g-chat ya tomorrow! xoxoxo

  19. hi bebe!!!

    ahh so much fun!
    yay for gym, a nice used book store, crumb cupcakes, a homegirl meet-up, wf and tj’s fun, and goooooooood food. I need to get back on the tempeh train, ya?

    and you are such a fox with your free month off!! YAYYYYYYOOO!

    p.s. everytime i hear empire state of mind, OR transforrrrrrrm YA, I think of you!!

    kissssssses misses!

    • 23 snackface

      glidingcalm- I think of you every single time I eat tempeh plain and uncooked. Which is all the time. Remember the days of your pb+j tempeh? LOVE.

  20. I am an afternoon/evening workout person simply because of habit. I love taking spin and aerobics classes and all of the good ones at my gym have always been in the evening. I am trying to “train” myself to become a morning exerciser though, it just seems so much more convenient that way. I would love to start the day with a great workout under my belt! Looks like you are living it up in NYC so far. 😉

  21. free gym membie?! you such a pimpette.. go on brush dem shouldaz off !

    oh my gawddddd i had a crumbs cupcake once. Best.day.of.my.life… I had the carrot cake one – literally died and ‘gasmed at the same time.

    I NEED to workout in the morning — otherwise something “always comes up” (aka trash TV sess) and I just can’t. Priorities.

    love you bunny! kissesssss.

  22. MamaJ has got it goin on! Love it!

    Yeah, I have no idea how people stop at half a squash. Impossible!

    I so wish I was a morning person when it comes to working out. I would just rather sleep! I think I have to train myself though, ya know?

  23. oooooooooooh hey.

    so with you on the do-peeps-really-not-eat-whole-squash thang. i, for one, kind of enjoy the resulting squash baby that follows consumption of an entire squash. i’m down for a acorn/bnut eating contest, if you are. i ALMOST have a kitchen. so we can alllmost make that happen.

    i am so proud of your free gym swaggin swagggaaaaa! the invite is still open if you want to come play at mine one day. we need to coordinate schedules (you know, my jam-packed working girl sched…) so we can reunite and eat and draaaank soon.

  24. I really liked Middlesex.

    My workouts are all over the place. But not usually in the morning. If I am running a long run, like 8 or more miles, I’ll do it early to get it over with, but generally I work out on my lunch break or after work.

  25. ummm obviously my girl kailey finagled a free membership…i love that! i have finagled many a free things in my day. gotta use those womanly charms while you still can, no? and mamaj was a model…that is amazing! she is gorge, so i can only imagine how friggin’ hot she was back in the day as well. gah, how do you and your family get awesomer and awesomer? i feel like i only get lamer and lamer 🙂

    love the cupcake, NYC, homegirl visits and everything, and i miss our gchats! maybe i should hop on the texting bandwagon and shoot you a message or two. i am the worst texter. for reals.

    love you girl – take care and CHAT SOON!!!!!

  26. 30 elleneatsbeats

    Raw Almond Butter AND Red Velvet! Girl your taste buds are luuuuuuuucky

  27. 31 shell625

    i am lOVING those cupcake shots- they look soo delicious! & i love getting my workouts done in the morning, but i have found htat my best runs are usually actually in the afternoon?

    good luck w/t hat early workout- that takes determination 🙂 i’m impressed


  28. that is so cool about momma J!!
    those cup cakes.. wow.. i need to get some in ma belly!!
    yalls little whole foods date is so cute!
    I like working out in the morning, but have more energy when i work out around 2.
    you are a BEAST with the early workout. get it gurrrl!
    me and mi madre may be taking a trip to NYC soon..so i will prob be emailing you about questions and what not! ive never been!

  29. Free month?! very nice!:) I’m for sure a morning workout person. It probably sounds vain but I like to get my sweat sesh out of the way so I can look cute the rest of the day without having to mess up my make up and hair! haha!

    • 34 snackface

      italyology- Haha I am so with you on that! I like to shower at the start of the day and be able to go from work to a night out without having to pause, workout, take a shower and do hair and makeup all over again!

  30. I work out whenever I get a chance. If my babysitter can let me drop Snuffy early or pick her up a lil late…that’s the determining factor

  31. hey honey pie! just caught up on your fast times in the NYC. jealous of the meetup action and that was some glorious food you feasted on for the holiday. duuude mama j is a rock star!

    toast with PB and jam is basically something i lived off for 3 months. addicting for real.

    nice job on the gym finagling. they must have been hypnotized by your beauty!

    i work out after work because i fail at waking up on time because i fail at going to bed on time. it is 11:17 and i have to be up at 5:37 for work. so. on that note, GOOD NIGHT LOVELY!

  32. Everything looks delicious! I love your fresh and tasty salads, that is always what I crave for lunch. And the simple dessert of almond butter on bread is one of my favorites. I can’t wait till I go back to the states so I can spend A LOT of time at Whole Foods, I seriously fantasize about the awesomeness of that place. Here in Saudi we don’t even get spinach with any regularity so you can just imagine how desperate I will be to get my hands on such exotic things as almond butter, tempeh, and miso paste. 🙂

    Enjoy Middlesex, it is great. A really quick, fun read, you will love it!

  33. omg please feature cupcakes like once a week 🙂 and seriously girl, id be obsessed with sopranos too if i lived in jersey–well that or Italian food/pizza! awesome job getting the gym for a month and good luck with the early morning gym sessions..now if only u can get wifi free for a month 🙂 then 5 times a week posting could resume!

    2 weeks girl until nyc! ahhhh.

    have a fab week and omg did u go on that date u mentioned from last week? i need tha deets girlie!


    • 39 snackface

      Lo- OK, the date thing. I did NOT want to go. Hello, it was a freezing football game and I’d be trapped there with strangers. Strangers who were complete bro’s. I just couldn’t do it!

  34. Btw- had Weetabix mashed into almond milk and maple syrup with coconut last night and it was a surreal snack. Highly recommended.

    • 41 snackface

      Gillian- Gah! That sounds amazing. I’ma have to get more Weetabix when I’m back in Ohio because I’m pretty sure I can’t use up maple syrup and shredded coconut while I’m here.

  35. 42 fruitsveggieslife

    I’m definitely a morning workout person – it gives me energy for the rest of the day! I can’t wait to get back to school where I have a gym! I’ve been missing it like crazy!

  36. delicious eats! lol i always meet people at whole foods! so fun!

  37. 44 Cassie in Madrid

    I can’t believe you got a free gym membership! You need to give some pointers… As for working out, I MUCH prefer working out in the morning too. I love not having to worry about doing it later on and then you get to shower and just enjoy the rest of your day!

    That cupcake looks to DIE for. Definitely am down with the whole try every flavor before you leave…

    • 45 snackface

      Cassie in Madrid- As far as pointers go, it’s helpful to always be both nice and talkative. You never know where it can take you, and in this case, I got a free membership for it! Because I’m working out, I’ll be sure to attempt trying every flavor of cupcake 🙂

  38. Morning for sure…otherwise it never happens…! Oh and Crumbs is amazing – no way to resist…!

  39. 47 LB

    right after work, when the gym is a madhouse unfortunately!

    i know theres a TON of great spots in the city but if youre ever looking for some healthier delish and vegan friendly eats in the Hobes try zafra. BYO and they make it into sangria too – score!

  40. Um acorn squash and preserves??? Sounds gasmatic much??? HOLY YUM!!

  41. 49 lilpauladean

    add: really needing to get my broadway show in for the season so be sure to let us all know when/what stage you’ve been recruited for. I hear the rockettes might be looking for some new talent, haha

  42. LOVE that you wangled free gym membership. Skills!
    So glad you are having a wondrous time living the dream my love. Everything looks amazing!
    That muffin is phenomenal btw. Worth the non-veganess for SURE!

  43. Hey Snackface!! My 2 co-workers and I wanted to say that we absolutely L-O-V-E your blog!!! We’ve been reading for a while now and can’t get enough!! We actually loved it so much that have started our own to pass the time in cubicle land. Keep up the bossy posts and check out our blog as well! bossyskeezahs.blogspot.com

    • 52 snackface

      Steel City- OMG You’re all amazing. I checked your blog and commented. I’m in love.

  44. Looks awesome!!
    Im definently a morning workout girl. Same reasons too, I like just getting it up and over with before work! This sounds crazy but I used to be at 4:45 to hit the gym. That kind of wore on me a bit so not I get up around 5:15. Weird what a difference that 30 minutes extra makes but it does!

  45. 54 Little Bookworm

    Love that cupcake – looks amazing. 🙂

    On previous posts I’ve seen you have really nice looking wraps and I just wondered how you get them to stay together if that makes sense? Thanks!

    • 55 snackface

      Little Bookworm- Oh I miss wraps! They stayed together mostly because I had the folded ends down on the plate or because it was wrapped in tinfoil (HUGE help). I suggest putting the guts in the center of the wrap, fold up the smallest sides/ends, then reach the wrap over the innards, pull the guts into the majority of the wrap and roll. This barely makes sense, I know! Sorry! If you ever watch the Chipotle people wrap wraps, follow their lead!

  46. I’m definitely a morning person. I get grouchy if my morning runs get pushed back, and I like that energizer and refresher to start the day.

    Haha, I definitely eat a whole squash, and it ain’t a baby one either!

  47. the good thing about working out that early, at least when I do, I dont even fully feel awake so then I am done with my workout and it just feels like it went by SO FAST 🙂 and you are done for the day!
    cupcake looks SOOO GOODDDDD

  48. YESS! Ezekiel bread is bossy. I loved it over the summa time, especially when toasted with some almond butter and a drizzle of agave on top! The raspberry preserves are probably just as delicious though.

    And agreed! That cupcake/crumb pic is one of my FAVORITES. That and the cheetah topped toast shot you made a while back….with the toffuti and almond butta I wanna say?! Gorgeous.

    But shoooo Kailey! I thought that pic of mamaj was YOU! Such twins, i love it! Wish I looked more like my mama….i’ve got her height/bod, but the face and hair are more from my dad’s side of the fam, we think!

    Oh, and have you ever tried the MULTIGRAIN stacy’s chips before?! My own mama had them stocked this week at home and they are glorious!!!!!!!!!!!

    OKAY, back to the homework! let’s gchat soon! Miss you!! And will be catching up on your latest post lata tonight, AFTER i start a paper, go to my next class, read for another class and go to an exam review!! WOOOO xoxoxoxooxox

    PS i used to be a may-jah morning workout person on some days and then afternoon on others. depending on my day’s schedule! i just love enjoying my breakfast in a leisurely fashion too much to rush it! but getting that workout out of the way first thing is always fab too! Good luck waking up at 5 am!! 🙂

  49. I am absolutely a morning workout person. If I don’t get it done by noon, it’s not getting done. I agree- it’s so great just to get it done in the morning and know that it’s taken care of!

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