Thankful Fa Sho


Hey babies! How we doin’? I should warn everyone that I’m listening to Tha Carter III as I write this. Thus the title, and be warned for the writing throughout this joyous post.

First off, I am not enjoying not posting five times a week! I feel naked without updating or reading other blogs. Perhaps naked isn’t the best word to use, but you understand.

I have had an absolutely fantastic week and an even better Thanksgiving, all thanks to one gorgeous, generous and super kind fellow blogger, Danielle. As soon as she figured that I’d be solo on ‘Furkey Day, she offered her family’s festivities to me. How sweet is that?!

In order to meet Danielle in time to make it to the parade, I awoke at 6am Wednesday. Wanting to have a solid vegan breakfast in me before the day started, I made a plain soy yogurt bowl:

Yeah, about this...

Plain soy yogurt tastes like mildewed garbage. It’s trash. Don’t buy it. I salvaged what I could and picked the banana out of the mess to eat with the peanut butter spoon.

I left mi apartamento (?) at 7:35am, grabbed a coffee and then fetched the train to 33rd. Once there, I received a message from Danielle asking me to meet her somewhere else. This would mean I’d have to take the subway. OK!

Diving right into the subway system (and having no clue what I was doing), I grabbed the D train. Wrong-o! This took me to the Bronx. Not one to fret (ha yeah right), I asked a kind stranger which subway to take. To end this needlessly long story, I made it and finally met Danielle.

She’s even sweeter than she is on her blog! We had plenty to talk about and chattered while en route to:

Madison Square for the parade!

Lemme tell you, I love a crowd. However, this was more than a crowd. It was as if the entire population of NYC came out for the parade. Insanity. Walking three blocks took fo eva because of the layers and layers of people. The people-watcher in me was overstimulated.

We did, though, spy the balloons:

Pikachu riding the air.

I learned something about myself and these parades. I’m totally creeped out by these gigantic balloons. You can’t tell me this isn’t scary:

Dora enorme.

I think it’s because it reminds me of Ghost Busters and the giant marshmallow guy. It’s like Dora is going to take us all down! Snoopy wasn’t as bad:

Snoopy's peacing out.

We figured the parade was winding down and subwayed it back to the Upper West Side, where Danielle’s family festivities were taking place. There’s never a dull moment in this city, not even on the subway. This mariachi band forced entertainment on the commuters, whether they wanted it or not:

I'm thinking people were more on the not side.

Once at Danielle’s family’s place, we sat around for a bit, then were sent on errands. I loved roaming this new-to-me area and soaking in the sun while gabbing. Glorious.

When we made it back to the house, Danielle’s gorgy lil’ sis and adorable lil’ cousins were playing Rock Band. You know I got my hands on the mic! I tried to get her little cousin to take over the singing, but he looked at me and said, “I can’t read!” Cutest. Thing. Ever. I forget that those under age six can’t yet read.

I was especially thankful when appetizers were ready, as this Snackie hadn’t eaten since the early morn and it was already 3pm-ish:

I was all OVA that!

I barely left that table. I was so attached to it that Danielle and I had our picture taken in front of it, in between my snacking spurts:


However many snacklettes I consumed, I didn’t ruin my appetite for the incredible Thanksgiving spread. As I was a guest, I ate delicious dishes that I’m sure weren’t vegan. Vegetarian was close enough for me. I was just thankful this family was so giving that they let me partake in their holiday. Amazing. Anyway, here was my plate of fabulousness:

Salad, acorn squash, mashed taters, sweet taters, broccoli, vegetarian stuffing and cornbread!

Everything was scrumptious! I had about three times what’s pictured of the salad and two more small squares of cornbread. It should be known that cornbread is one of my top five favorite foods.

After dinner, I got involved in a never-ending game of Star Wars Monopoly. It was never-ending because like Ivanka, I rose to the top and became a real-estate diva. I think I’ve only played Monopoly once or twice before, but luck was in my favor. Before I knew it, though, I was neck-and-neck with a six-year-old (I think he’s six, at least). I eased the stress with two of these phenomenal chocolate-filled vegan cookies:


I also picked a couple strawberries off this beautiful cake:

So pretty, but no one ate the cake!

I had to bow out of the game so I could make it home at a decent hour. Danielle, thank you so much for taking me in and letting me join the family for a day. You are kinder than words can express!

I’m beyond thankful for Danielle, her family, my time in NYC, my family (including the fur babies), friends, roomie, this blog, blog readers, other blogs and most importantly, LIFE. Isn’t it fabulous?

Anyway, Friday was pretty chill. I was having some tummy troubles (ya don’t even want to know) and got sucked into a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon. I love them. Breakfast was exactly what I had this morning as well:

Kashi Go Lean topped with banana and drowned in almond milk.

I remained a big lump on the couch for a while and snacked on carrots with peanut butter. What I loved most about this snack was the serving size:

Hmm, not sure about that girth.

I did manage to do 30 minutes of AAA (abs, arms, ass) and then I thought I’d go for a quick jog. It was rather mild on Thursday, so I dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt. HUGE mistake. The second I stepped outside the wind was knocked out of me. It was freezing and windy. I squeaked out 15 minutes of running, but had to stop after that. My chest tightened and my ears ached. And I’m dramatic.

Lunch was elementary:

Amy's alphabet soup and a Honeycrispay.

That was filling! For approximately 40 minutes. I had a bowl or so of cereal soon after.

At some point I showered and got pretty for errand running. Time to stock up on girly products, ya dig?

Dinner was pita chips, carrots and hummus, but I’ll show you a picture of Tuesday’s dinner:

Tempeh and broccoli. Much healthier than a big ol' bag of Stacy's with hummus. Well, depending on your definition of healthy.

I also enjoyed a glass of vino while watching GoodFellas:

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this movie. I'm usually more into mindless girly films. The dirty Jerz wives must have put me in the mafia mood.

I’m not sure what all I’ll be doing this weekend. I haven’t unpacked yet. Maybe I should take care of that… Or maybe I should get this cutie’s number who’s sitting by me at Starbeezies. Decisions!

I miss you, kidlets! LOVE YOU!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: If you were a spice, what would you be? AND Should I unpack? Haha, I kid.

If I were a spice, I’d totally be ALL SPICE, baby! A lil’ bit of errythang!



30 Responses to “Thankful Fa Sho”

  1. Ah girl I’m jeal of your adventures. I miss having them myself! Currently I’m sitting in the airport, staring at a long haired cutie reading a book ( my weakness) and wishing it were December already…i can’t wait for December shenanigans. To answer ur snackie face preguntas, yes unpack you will feel accomplished and yes grab tha fools number. Ps email soon bout ur fabby life news!

    Oh ps I isn’t get the internship. I was close but they chose another girl 😦 oh well the editor was Sups nice bout it and said to apply for summer ’10… Obvi I am going to because I am a creep like that and will ensure I get it then!

  2. 2 shell625

    aww it looks like you had such a nice thanksgiving!! & those cookies look amazing 🙂 new york must have been crazy during the parade.

    you should dfe unpack, i always feel so much better afterwards!

    if i were a spice, i guess i’d be cinnamon..because i just love it oh so much!


  3. I am all misty thinking of how kind it was for Danielle to invite you over for Thanksgiving. We are so lucky to all have each other. As the girls and I watched teh parade, I said, “Isn’t it funny that I have friends all the way across the country who can see the parade out of their windows?” Pretty close! I had no clue you would be afraid of the balloons, though.

    You seem to subscribe to the same “vegan rules” that I do. I’m not going to go buy a carton of milk or block of cheese, but if a little sneaks in, I’m not going to freak!

    Enjoy your day, honey. We miss you!

  4. It’s official, Danielle is the sweetest girl ever. I love that she took our little orphaned SnackFace under her wing – gah, loves!

    THANK YOU for alluding to Ghost Busters!! I totes understand the fear! Cornbread – little golden squares of heaven. Since you’re a Midwest girl, have you had Boston Market’s cornbread before? We used to have BM when I was a kiddo sometimes and that cornbread is amaze.

    I sincerely hope you pulled out the measuring tape for that serving size 😉

    Do I need to even say what spice I’d be?! I should just change my blog to K’s Good Cinnamon Infused Eats because I’d put that scheisse on everything!

    Love you, SnackieFace!!

  5. OHhhh….how sweet and kind of Danielle to invite you to her family’s thanksgiving! I so want to meet her some day and am totally jealous. you girls are too beautiful!

    and i agree about the floats…creepers.

  6. SOOOO so fabulous that you met up with Danielle!

    Yes, that giant Dora balloon IS scary – eek!

    If I was a spice, I’d be cinnamon.

  7. I’m so envious of your big city experiences. You really are living the life, girl! And I hope you snagged that hotties digits – maybe he’d share some wifi with you at least?

    This girl would be ginger. So good for the tummy and the taste buds!

  8. oh i think im going to come to NYC and live with you if thats okay, so i can have a BLAST all the time! im happy for you girl, everything looks awesome! and what a great thanksgiving 🙂

    i would be chili powder..gota little SPICE!

  9. first and foremost, those carrots are just begging to be “that’s what she said” -ified. Now that that’s taken care of..

    I swear, if I ever tried to navigate my way through NYC I would probably just search out PB&Co and camp there for the rest of my life. Glad you made it to Danielle safe and sound – just in time for Dora no less (pre sexed up tween days..ugh, redic!)

    sounds like a glori ‘furky day surrounded by beautiful company 🙂

    p.s. go for the diggies! get it girrrrrrrrl.


  10. Wow Kailey….what a post!
    Danielle and her fam…too kind.
    The multi colored perfect cakes and vegan choc action? Wow!!
    The brock & tempeh…delish
    You and Danielle-even more delish and adorable 🙂
    The girth of the carrot. Not that delish TWSS LOL
    The fact that sometimes vegetarian is good enough and it’s worth it to not obsess and ruin a day over getting all bent if something’s truly vegan or not is what I do. Totally agree w/ Mama Pea’s comment on that one, too!
    Happy TG, Kailey!!!!!

  11. 11 Little Bookworm

    I love this post – all the food looks great. Glad you had such a good thanksgiving. 🙂

  12. What a sweet Thanksgiving! I’m glad you didn’t spend it all alone!

    Have a great Saturday ma gurl! 😉

  13. 13 Lizzy

    I love that you were able to take part in the New York thanksgiving parade! i’ve always wanted to do that!!!! Danille is such a sweetie pie for inviting you to Thanksgiving! Seriously think she gets a gold star!!!! The spread that they offered looks sooooooooooo delish! 🙂

    If i had to be a spice, pretty sure i would be garlic powder, considering i LOVEEEE me some garlic! 🙂

    Love you girl! xoxoxo

  14. So glad you had a great thanksgiving!! the food looks amaze!

    Ew, I hate giant balloons like that..and people dressed up in character costumes. Freaks me out!

    I would def. be cinnamon! I’m a little spicy but still sweet 😉

  15. Hey girl! I’m glad you managed to have a fun Thanksgiving, that was super sweet of Danielle. Let me know if you want to grab dinner one night this week:)

  16. ew. i second that soy yogurt. it is completely disgusting! I had to put a LETHAL amount of stevia in it to just make it tolerable!! :/ looks like you had a fab. thanksgiving!

  17. Yeah, so not a fan of soy yogurt. YUCK!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  18. That is so cool you went to the parade! That has been a life-long dream of mine! 🙂

  19. OH SOYGURT IS HORRIBLE. i bought it once and couldn’t bring myself to take another bite.

    Wow, there really are such kind people in the world! Sounds like you enjoyed your thanksgiving! (did you see the spongebob balloon in the parade? I saw it in the newspaper 😀 )

    ❤ magdelene
    ps, i would be cinnamon! because i put it on everything)

  20. 20 merittothecarrot

    I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving. That was so kind of Danielle 🙂
    Btw, you’re not the only one who has accidentally taken the subway to the Bronx… I was with my Grandma and little brother, and we didn’t quite fit in.

    Enjoy the city!

  21. hahahaha, that is the best question EVER. i think i would be chinese five spice…that would be an eclectic mix and balance of thangs. yeah ya know…i am all about the balance.

    SOOOO amazing you got to go to the parade! i was watching it on TV and thought i i might need to add it to my list of things to do before i die. and how sweet of danielle to invite you over for tofurkey day – that is too sweet! and no worries, i had some gassy issues too. it happens 🙂

    love you girl – get that boys number, unpack and LIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 22 *Andrea*

    AAA!!! LOVE IT! if i were a spice i’d def be cinnamon! this is da carter so hold on to your teenage daughterrrrrr lol

  23. what a fun thanksgiving! 🙂 Glad you had a great time chica. You look gorgeous! I’d be Adobo.. because it is so tasty and makes every meal taste ten million times better. Have a great day tomorrow!

  24. Those balloons kind of are terrifying but at the same time I’ve never seen a parade with huge freaking gigantic balloons so if I did I’d probably LOVE it.

    And how cute is that thanksgiving dinner with Danielle and fam?! Looks delish, I’m so glad you got to take part in the festivities with good food and good company and not have to fly it completely solo!

    I hope you got cutie’s digits HA and get some good solid unpacking done this weekend. But more importantly I hope more city adventures are happening RIGHT now.

  25. Looks like you had a wonderful Turkey Day! NY looks amazing & of course so do you, like always!!

    If I was a spice, I would def have to be cinnamon–I am addicted to it ha ha

  26. whoo hoo! i’ve been waiting for you to update 😀
    how freaking awesome that you had thanksgiving with danielle!!! she seems like such a sweetheart 😀
    glad you’re having a wonderful time in ny
    still jealous over here 😉
    happy sunday, friend

  27. If I was a spice I would definitely be ginger! Not only am I a red head but I’m also sweet and spicy! Hyuk hyuk.

    Seriously, though, it looks like you are having a great time! That tempeh dish looks incredible.

  28. Thanksgiving with Melissa’s fam looked amazing!!

    I’m with ya on the ghost busters reference- those huge balloons looked creepy- particularly DORA. 🙂

  29. i seriously was just standing in the market debating between the cheaper plain soy yogurt or the vanilla since ive never had it before…i am soooo glad i bought the vanilla one! i ate some rite when i got home and it was amazing! i was considering trying the plain one one of these days but i think ill stick to the vanilla now that u mentioned ur above review lol

  30. o and i forgot to mention…i was serenaded by those mariachi singers all summer last year when i took the train to the bronx for summer classes lol yea the 7AM crowd wasnt too pleased then either hehe

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