Hungry Homegirl Snack Diaries in Manhattan


BEAUTIES!! How are you! I am so thrilled to be posting again that I can’t type fast enough! My poor keyboard is getting a brutal workout. Speaking of, thank you so much for the workout/non-workout recommendations! I think I’ll worry about enjoying the city and people more than I will my workouts. Also, I’m paying $3.99 for two hours of wi-fi again because you have to be a green card Starbeezies member in order to get free wi-fi. I don’t even know what that means!

But let’s get to the fun stuff, such as sex and the city! I mean, SnackFace and the city.

Tuesday I made sure to get up super early. I showered, put on my face and was so antsy to get downtown that I left at 7:30am. With coffee in hand and these snacks in my purse, I was ready for the day:

Ate the Clif for breakfast (phenomenal), naner for an afternoon snack.

I like to play a game on the train into the city. It’s called “What Did He Look Like 30 Years Ago?” Non-creepily, I stare at the middle-aged, business-suited men as they make their daily commute. In my mind, grim faces are painted with a smile, thin lips suddenly become fuller, wrinkles erase, receding hairlines are magically hairy and grayed temples return to their intended chestnut brown. This is why I cannot bring reading materials for the train ride. Too much analyzing to do.

My morning at work was filled with organizing, labeling, mailing and learning. It’s nothing like the editorial side, as I’ve said before, but it’s solid experience with incredible people. At 1pm, Caroline and I went to this fabulous place that assembles your salad and chops and dresses it for you. There have to be a million of them in the city, but I was still fascinated. Look at this beast:

Approximated 37 pounds of fresh veggies. Of course I ate all of it.

In the system cleanser: mixed greens, corn, chickpeas, black olives, cucumber, tomato, roasted red peppers and a sweet lime dressing. Worth the $9.95. (But I don’t want to spend that much again!)

While walking to and from the office in the afternoon, I couldn’t help but take pictures of the city:

You'll notice something about my city pictures...

They all look the same:

And I'm not stopping the torture anytime soon.

The office was quiet in the afternoon, and after throwing media kits together, I was released 15 minutes early. I took advantage by roaming to my dinner destination early.

While nearing Union Square (and thus popping my Union-Square cherry), I saw my dinner destination was conveniently located next to Forever 21. Seriously, that is both heaven and hell. Placing Whole Foods and the only store in which I shop for clothing next to each other is sensory overload. Somehow, I kept my composure (and my wallet in my purse) and didn’t buy any of the three dresses I wanted.

After a half hour in Forever and an hour in Whole Foods, I found another gem around the corner. How has no one told me about Strand Bookstore? It sucked me in and I almost forgot about dinner.

Actually that’s a straight-up lie. I had been thinking about dinner for days. Wouldn’t you be excited about the dinner conglomeration of Hungry Homegirl Snack Diaries in Manhattan at Whole Foods? Yes, we did. We all met up and gossiped like nobody’s business (about, what else, blogs and food). By the time we parted ways, this had definitely digested:

Orange as Paris after a mystic tan, sorry!

That looks like vom, but I swear it was amazing. It had sweet potatoes, butternut squash, wheatberry+apple+pecan salad, channa masala, brussels and other things that have slipped my memory.

We laughed and talked for hours! Our neighbors even took to calling us Charlie’s Angels. That was until Brooke shot her garbage at them. According to Brookebaby, it was an accident. Sure.

Elise and Lauryn had to bounce early, but Brooke, Sarah and I had to keep the chat-fest going. To 16 Handles we went. Lovepies, I couldn’t resist the siren call of fro-yo. I had a cup of white chocolate and peanut butter and topped it with other non-vegan stuff. Naturally, I was too busy eating and talking to take a picture of the food. However, Sarah forced a stranger to take a picture of the trio:

They are gorgeous. Love.

Sarah was picked up by her pops, and Brooke and I walked together for a while afterward. It felt so good to talk to my little homie again! Missed her so much! When we parted ways, I was in a state of bliss and had to take another city picture:

Looks just like the others, but dark. My skills amaze me.

Wednesday morning’s wake-up call was…whenever I wanted it to be because I didn’t have to work. Apparently my bod was not having sleeping in, as nature called at 10am (see above salads). Alright, so maybe 10am is sleeping in.

After watching trashy tube for a bit, I poured some cereal for breakfast:

Kashi Go Lean with almond milk and 2/3 a very ripe banana.

I’m pretty sure it’s not vegan, but whatever–I’d forgotten how much I love Kashi Go Lean! So cardboardy but yummy.

Insert more trashy television for a while. Suddenly, snack time! This is all I want when it’s near:

Let's call it lunch.

Eventually ambition struck, and I did 30 minutes of what I’m calling AAA: abs, arms and ass. Did a ton of ab work, some lame attempts at different kinds of push-ups and 70-ish squats for the tush. You should see this jelly.

After that, I was exhausted again. I think going from exam week to New York immediately and never stopping caught up with me. Did not mind the lounging one bit.

At 4pm I was finally showered, straightened and makeuped, so I spent more money (gahhh) for groceries. I had a snack plate as soon as I returned home:

Snackdiddly. Honeycrisp+carrots+peanut butter.

This was good, but I bought something else because it was on sale and couldn’t get it off my mind. It was something I’d not yet tried. FoodShouldTasteGood, why you gotta be holding out on THE SnackFace and not introducing me to your AMAZING chips? So. Freaking. Good:

Can't get over these!

Like Stacy’s, however, FSTG has one major flaw. Those silly people do not get the serving sizes right! The bag says there are six servings. I’ve tested this and there are only two, at most. I definitely enjoyed five of the six servings. I’m not even adding an “oops” after that. It’s not my fault, it’s theirs.

This leads up to now. I’m sitting in an oversize chair, spending too much money on wireless. This also is not my fault. It’s YOURS. I kid. I have an addiction that cannot be helped. It’s called love 🙂 And I am thankful for each and every one of you reading.

Thanksgiving is going to be bossy and bloggy, so stay tuned!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: With whom are you spending Thanksgiving? AND What food do you want the most on the so-called Turkey Day? AND Do you eat way more servings of delicious foods than suggested?


49 Responses to “Hungry Homegirl Snack Diaries in Manhattan”

  1. Same as every year = my whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving; my mom and I do all the cooking & baking 🙂

    Have a fabulous holiday!!!

  2. I hear ya on the Food Should Taste Good Chips.. I devoured a bag in 2 days. What the heck?

    Your girls look gorgeous! Have a super Thanksgiving 😉

  3. snackie, fabulous post, and i’ll answer your questions because i’ve got love for the list.

    1. i’m spending t-gives with my boyfriend and his sister and a big group of friends here in SF

    2. food = probably a toss-up between the special thanksgiving salad that i’m making, pumpkin pie, and margaritas (STRANGE TRADITION, but hey…)

    3. suggested serving issue = granola

    are you staying with a friend or family in nyc? will you have t-gives with them?

  4. I heard that all you need to do for free sbux wifi is get a starbucks card (put like $5) on it, and register it online! Ask them!!! 🙂 You look AMAZINGLY beautiful in that picture! Have a great weekend!

  5. 5 Aunty Snooze

    I just tried those THE WORKS chips today in the store Richard works at they are yummy already had Thanksgiving in October mixed with Oktoberfest as we are Canadian eh!
    Have fun at the parade take lots of pictures

  6. 6 shelby

    I love playing games like that on the train, I never bring books. It’s too much fun staring at people 😉

    I NEED that salad beast! YUM!

    Whole Foods & Forever 21 next to each other?! How did you do it?! I would have no self-control.

    Aww, love the meetup! You girls are adorable!

    Yeah I blame chip companies too, and nut butter companies, and cereal companies….they totally LIE on the serving sizes!

    I’m going to be alone on thanksgiving! But I’m looking forward to my meal…the pumpkin pie is going to be amazing. I look forward to it every year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving chica! xo

  7. I’m spending this Thanksgiving with my mom! 🙂

    I ALWAYS crave mashed potatoes!! I will definitely be eating more than I should, but I’m okay with that. We are making all diet recipes 🙂

  8. Oooooh girrrrlllll.

    1. Love your train “what did he look like 30 years ago” game you got goin on. Creepy? No. Never.

    2. Love the beast. AKA 37 lbs of delish veggies.

    3. How on earth did you only spend 30 minutes in Forever 21? New record right there. I got lost in mine for 2 hours a couple weeks ago.

    4.Those effing chips are crack. I popped open a bag the other day and was shocked at 6 servings. Say what??? There were like 3 chips in there!

    5. Have a wonderful holiday darling!

  9. 9 homegirlcaneat

    LOVE!!!!! So tomorrow I am supposed to go to the parade, and I know you are too, but I really really really wanna just go on a run/walk with you through central park… can this happen? I feel like we need hours of nature and walking shoes to get everything out!

    MEETUP WAS AMAZING! Goodness gracious I love all you girls so much!!!!! And I have NO DOUBT we will all be together again soon 😀

    Totally didn’t mean to fling my rubberband at the parolees behind us. Whoops.

    YAY WE ARE IN THE SAME CITY!!!!! IMA TEXT YOU SOON… after I eat these PB choco chip cookies.


  10. ahhhh your bloggy meet up looks like amazing fabulous hilarious enjoyable and epic fun! obv wish i could have been there 🙂

    i am so glad you are mclovin NYC and taking lotsa city pictures. enjoy every moment, have a wondrous thanksgiving, and eat da heck out of that city!


  11. Kailey!! This recap is ridic AMAZINGG and I love it! Did you ever get my text today….i def tried your jalapeno popper sandwich for lunch!!! HOLLLLLA, so fab. Add some hummus to it girl, you will diee!!

    And oooh the FSTG. Aren’t they the GREATEST?! I’ve got a bag of the multigrain with me at school, and just bought the lime (as Sarah’s recommendation) today!! Obsession is an understatement. I’ve tried 4 or 5 of their chips and am never dissatisfied!

    It sounds like the meetup went amazingly, which I knew it would! Wish I could be there, BUT brookie did promise me a vid chat with you ladies this weekend (and holding you to it)! 🙂

    Nommy salads. Gorgeous girls!! Love you all!
    Glad you got to finally relax! I can totally relate-i actually NAPPED today! It was glorious. LOVE YOU! Have a great night!

  12. Spending it with both fams – my hubby’s and mine! I can’t wait for stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy. Have a great Turkey Day, girl!! 🙂

  13. Oh shoooot, lemme answer yo’ questions!

    So i’ll be with my older bros, their wifeys, pop’s and mama for t-giving! Andd I cannot WAIT for the yearly (vegan!) mashed potatoes. To die! But sorry that these chip companies are lying to you! Let’s write them a letter. Tell THEM wassup, and what a real serving size is! hahahaa 🙂

  14. glad you got to meet up with the girls! all your eats look great and i hope you have a fab turkey day 🙂

  15. Im glad you got to spend time with your friends 🙂 For thanksgiving this year im spending time with my family and were having a huge dinner at my grandmas house.

  16. 16 HannahBanana

    Miss you B!!!!
    I will be spending thansgiving attempting to cook a SOYsage stuffing, with onion, apple, portabellas, and walnuts. I shall save you some lover!!!!


  17. The Food should Taste Good…thanks for the 411. For the prices they charge, I have never purchased but will give em a whirl now, thanks hon.

    your blogger meetup….So I’m pretty sure that I would have loved every second with you and sarah and elise and the girls…wow, I am pretending i was a fly on the wall now.

    And I am grateful for great girls and friends like you, Happy TG, Miss K.

  18. 18 Nadia

    For free internet, you can go to either of the two Apple stores in Manhattan. There’s one on 5th avenue, around 55th street and is open 24/7. The other one is on 14th street, 9th avenue, is four levels and gorgeous!

  19. 19 shell625

    aww it looks like so much fun!! love your littel bloggie met up 🙂 jealouss & jealous of that veggie-filled delicious salad! hope you have a great thanksgiving..mine will be spent w/ the fam & i am reallly excited for my mom’s cranberry pumpkin muffins


  20. HEY GIRL!! totally LOVE your blog 🙂 you crack me up! glad you are loving college!! i was so excited when u posted. that meet up looks super so jelous..have an awesome thsnkgiving!

    ps-pumpkin spice clif bar = love

  21. LOL okay sorry about the last comment.. TOTALLY had 2 blogs up and got yours CONFUSED.. wow katie..

    okay GIRL im dying to try “the works” chips! do u like the clif pumpkin spice? sorry for being sucha ditz

    i hope you have an amazing thanksgiving beautiful!

  22. I will be with the outlaws errr in-laws for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I have to work Fri and Sat so I can’t make it back to see my fam. But, it will be a good time

  23. I forgot just how Bootylicious Destiny’s Child is, you are one funny snack face!
    I love the food should taste good chips, I think the olive flavor is my fav! and yes I think the serving sizes are just way too silly… I can’t stop after 12chips… that’s crazy talk!

  24. great eats! glad you’re having so much fun in the city! love the 37 pounds of veggie salad, that’s something i would totally do too 🙂

    have a great thanksgiving day! i’m just spending it with my immeadiate family. we’re going to a movie and then staying in our pj’s for the rest of today 🙂


  25. 25 MamaJ

    Needless to say our table will be missing a few people this year . I over estimated the amount of people coming for our family feast and my organic roast beast is too huge. I will have tons of sweet potatoes that will not make it to the cooking process. Remember that trip to Costco and that megatron pumpkin pie …….. I kept my self controll and bought a much smaller one from Biggs. I will be Googling the best leftover turkey recipes for the 10 lbs that will be leftover. Miss you …Luv you …..Don’t forget to ramp up their website before you leave…… Costco pumkin pie for Xmas.

  26. 26 Gina G

    hey Kailey! looks like you girls had a blast, im dying to go to NY! My friend is actually there visting her family for Thanksgiving and looking at colleges. For Thanksgiving my familia comes over to my casa, i dig the desserts more than the food! hah
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! =)

  27. I’m spending tday with my roomie and her momma, so sad I’m not home 😦 Oh wellz we’re gonna have some bomb eats so it’s cool, enjoy your day love!!!

  28. 28 Jessica

    Hey! I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. You make me feel young again (I’m at the ripe age of 36, LOL) but very into nutrition and exercise…today I will be spending the day with my husband, 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 lizards, 2 goldfish and our brand new puppy! Have a fantastic Turkey Day! 🙂

    • 29 snackface

      Jessica- Aww thank you so much! I really enjoy that you read my blog 🙂

  29. 30 Natalie

    i will be spending the day with my momma, my sister in from denver, my bossy 83 yr old grandma (who hates being called that…), and her husband. i am most looking forward to pumpkin pie! with all the pumpkin oats i have been eating lately its time for the real stuff!! 🙂 i am thankful for your blog and your wit, your blog makes me laugh and your food makes me hungry! hope your thanksgiving is fantastic!

  30. i had trader joe’s hummus yesterday and thought of you.

    today (thanksgiving) me and the rents are getting Thai food take out. LOVES DA NO HASSLE

    kisses misses

  31. ZOMG! What a fun bloggie meet up! All of you ladies are so gorgeous and I can tell that when you have a get together, you have a LOT of fun 🙂 Wish that I could have met ALL of you!

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving, SnackFace! Soooo thankful I’ve “met” you. I’m spending the day with my family in AZ — you can bet I will eat many, many servings. A lot of which will be my favorite…cornbread and stuffing!

  32. Yay for lovin’ NYC! The longer I live here, the better it gets. Umm…And I am totally obsessed with Union Square – farmer’s market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Forever 21, DSW…does it get any better?

  33. 34 ari

    ohhh my god you have to try the food should taste good sweet potato chips. they are to die for.

  34. I spent Thanksgiving with my family and the fabulous y-o-u. The food was delish and I enjoyed a bit of everything I wanted… but you already knew that didn’t you 😉 thanks for making my holiday extra blogalicious (spelled correctly, I checked) and special!

  35. WOW, WOW WOW…

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself! Wish I was there too:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  36. Forever 21 and a WFs next door to each other?! That would take some serious restraint! The only thing that would pull me out of a shopping daze would be all of those lovely bloggers, of course! What a fun meet up!!

    I hope you had a glorious Thanksgiving, lovepie!!

  37. 38 elise

    hollerrrrrrrrrrr. i realized after i left that we didnt take a photo – blogger fail! next time…
    i totally know what you mean about chop’d (or whatever salad place you went)…the concept is amazeballs, but the $$$ is not so cool.

    love the triple A (which incidentally means abdominal aortic aneurysm in my mind…but whatevs)
    i rejected buying FSTG for that very reason btw. whats wrong with these peeps? espesh when the name of their product implies you arent going to be able to have self control…helllooooooo?

    anyways, hope your t-giving was great. smooches love!

  38. 39 Susan

    Hey Kailey,

    Sounds like all you have to do is get a starbucks card (the gifts ones they have up front), register it online and then use it once, and then your 2 hours will be free.

    I’ve been reading your blog over the past couple of months while I think of transitioning from being a vegetarian to a vegan. I don’t eat straight up milk or eggs, but so many foods have butter, cheese, or eggs hidden within them. It’s especially frustrating when I find that vegetarian products I have come to love use milk by-products! Anyways, chronicling your food choices gives me ideas of what I can eat and feel content with my own choices. Thanks!

    • 40 snackface

      Susan- Awww thank you for sharing your vegetarian-vegan transition with me! I hope what I show helps, as I know the by-products can be so frustrating! Sometimes I still mess up and get things that have a trace of dairy in it, but as long as your intentions are good, it’s solid in my book. I’m so glad I can help even a little bit!

  39. NO EFFIN’ FAIRZZZZ. I swear I would pay good money to have even come within 5 feet of you, B$, and Sarah! best.bloggie meet up.of.all.time. so insanely jealy and please let me know when round two commences.. I am thurr!

    I am an AVID people watcher… which usually ends up working against me. More often than not the dudes I’m analyzing misinterpret my intentions and think i’m checking them out. That’s my life.. boosting one male ego at a time.

    p.s. I swear those FSTG chips are just ridiclously large single serving bags… well, that’s what I tell myself. 😉


  40. Ya know the golean, almond milk, and banana? Yeah, well, I’ve been having that for breakfast since the fourth grade. No lie. Whenever I eat them, I have memories of middle school mornings when I miss the bus.

    About the serving sizes thing, I think muffins are the most deceitful. I mean, who eats HALF a muffin? If I gotta muffin in my hand, I’m eating the whole god damn thing, not half. Seriously, thats just hateful to the second half of the muffin.

  41. hey! i’ve been reading your blog for a while now and i just wanted to say hi! i love seeing all your pictures from ny cuz i go to school here and i recognize everything! that california pizza kitchen is on my way to work too =)

    • 44 snackface

      lola- Ahhh!!! I’m running over to your blog now. I’m thinking a meet-up…???

      • that would be amazing! how long are you in the city for?

      • 46 snackface

        lola- I’ll be here until January! Plenty of time to arrange something!

      • yay! i’ll be here til just before christmas. let me know (leave a comment on my blog or email me) if you want to meet up.

  42. Those chips ARE pretty tasty! And I hear you about the salad…I can fork down pounds of veggies too 🙂


  43. Anything from WF is guaranteed to be yummy regardless of how it looks 🙂

    So cool you get to meet so many wonderful bloggies–I need to get out to the
    East Coast someday soon again!

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