I’m Here! (And LOVING It!)


Hi gorgeous faces! I have safely landed and started making myself comfortable in my new city. It’s unreal. Still!

So let’s backtrack to Friday, when I was still in a little town named Athens. I awoke at 8am after having received a mere four or five hours of sleep. Sheer excitement was to blame this time. I spent the morning finishing packing and organizing.

Guess who was kind enough to drive me to the airport? MisterMan. That’s right. Still a gentleman. (And for those who are newer, MisterMan and I dated from January ’09 to June. Distance and timing obviously ended that.)

I was starving while we packed the car! To alleviate the growling, we headed to Casa. For breakfast, I had a delicious sweet and savory plate:

Alright, it looks like a big pile of brown, but I swear it was delish.

On the plate: roasted apples, tofu with leeks, onions and amazingness, and the best homemade toast that I later slathered with apple butter. This is something I hope to replicate in the near future.

Then we were off to the Columbus airport. MisterMan tolerated my performances of Mrs. Officer and Empire State of Mind. He deserves some type of award. Wait. Nevermind. He is blessed that he got to listen to my musical stylings.

He helped me lug my bags to the check-in and then we said our goodbyes. I must say that I’m very thankful he’s still kind to me. I may or may not have been very harsh when we separated in the summer. Whoops.

My first flight to Detroit was only 35 minutes, followed by a layover in Detroit in which I trekked miles across the airport. I was dripping with sweat by the time I got to the correct gate. Mmmm. Who wants to sit next to me now?

Apparently no one, as I was alone in my row. This was fine with me. I read an article about Sarah Jessica in the latest Elle as we flew into NYC. I swear I didn’t do that intentionally ;).

I paid $88 for a taxi to drive me to my apartment/ new home for six weeks. Then my lanky self suffered through carrying 100+ pounds of luggage up five flights of stairs. Hardest workout I’ve had in years.

That night, I dined alone at a romantic Italian restaurant. Yes, I was bombarded with questions as to why I was dining alone. The middle-aged men simply can’t leave me alone with my wine and bread:

So, so dark. Sorry chitlins! Do you see my flip-phone background? Haha.

I had a small green salad and the best minestrone of my life:

...that you can't even see.

In a hearty broth that I suspect had some parmigiano in it, carrots, zucchini, celery, dark greens, peas, green beans and potatoes mingled.

I slept for a straight 11 hours that night, awaking at lunch time. Unshowered but put-together, I rushed over to Panera for lunch and wi-fi:

Half medi sandwich, sans feta, black bean soup and apple. Perfect!

What wasn’t perfect was that I could only get 30 minutes of free wi-fi!!! WHUDDUFUH? I was furious.

Putting my addiction (blog readers, fellow bloggers and friends) aside, I walked around my town for a bit. I’m not staying in the city proper, but to protect myself I’m not saying exactly where I’m living. I say this as though someone would want to stalk me. Bahaha how full of myself.

Eventually I grew a pair and went downtown alone to figure out my work locale. Along the way I gazed in awe:

Makes me want to cry it's so gorgeous.

This may sound bizarre, but I feel at peace in huge cities. Hmmm…have I found my new home? All I know is that I can park here for a while:

I also know that I am one of those cheese balls rolled in nuts.

I noshed on a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna as I roamed the streets. What an underrated flavor. It’s like a Thin Mint on steroids. (AKA Perfection.)

That afternoon, I met up with my roomie to watch the Bengals game at a bar. What I really mean is that the roomie watched and I scammed on single men. Honeys, I already have a date for Sunday’s Jets game.

I ate dinner of a salad wrap with fries at the bar (the fries were ridiculously good) and went to bed before 10pm. I wanted to be well rested for my first day of work!

However prepared I thought I was, I was not prepared to sleep through my TWO alarms set for 6:30am and 6:40. Panic cannot even describe how I felt when I woke up at 7:30.

Nothing a quick shower, a ballet-esque bun and an on-the-go breakfast can’t solve, though. I made it to work in plenty of time, and I even thoroughly enjoyed an Amazing Grass Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bar. You’d think, as a vegan, you’d be safe with an Amazing Grass product and not have to read the label. Not so! It had whey protein! Damn. And I thought I’d found my new favorite meal-ish bar.

My first day at Food Arts went swimmingly! Everyone is beyond kind. Additionally, of the three or four magazine offices I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, M. Shanken is the glossiest one of all (not to mention the countless wine bottles strewn about the offices). This is going to be a huge learning experience for me because I’m working the advertising side of the publication. I’ve only had experience in the editorial side, so I’m thrilled to learn even more. Magazine nut much?

For lunch, my adorable boss Caroline was lovely enough to accompany me to a local health food store with a bossy salad bar:

This was incredible!

In the box: kabocha with onions, noodle salad, acorn squash, lentil salad, tofu and tempeh barbecue salad, quinoa salad and chickpea deliciousness. Caroline and I went back to the office and chatted over our salads. Main topics? Love of food. Very different from love and food.

I worked away all afternoon and magically it was time to go home. Before I grabbed the train home, however, I bought a bag of Glenny’s Soy Crisps for the road. I’ll make a very long story short and say that it took me three different trains to find the right way home. At least all the transferring gave me a chance to take a snapshot of the day’s packaged food:

Magazine, bar wrapper, umbrella, cell phone, soy crisps. Waiting. Oops!

I also made a huge mistake and wore heels all day. My feet are dead. When I got home, I changed into sweats and slaved over a hot stove:

Had to buy this utterly gorgeous chica's favorite soup. (Amy's Alphabet)

Alongside, I had an apple and what I really wanted:

Stacy's and Tribe spicy hummus.

And now, I’m writing this baby in a Starbucks for the mere price of $3.99 per two hours. HOW DO I GET FREE WI-FI???

AND now, a few notes I must address:

***About the next six weeks…
I do not have the ability to blog as regularly as I have been. This will only be temporary, though! If I don’t have free wi-fi, I can’t be spending $3.99 every day, ya know? Also, I’m busy from 8am to 6 or 7pm (on nights I don’t socialize 😉 ). I’m thinking that instead of five times a week, it may be more like three or four times a week. I really hope everyone keeps reading!

*** About workouts and meals…
I have no idea what I’m doing about the gym situation. Because I’m walking significantly more than I normally do, I’m thinking about just forgetting about gymming it up for the next six weeks. What do you think? And about my eats, breakfasts are going to have to be on-the-go most days. There may also be more eating out. I mean, it’s New York! I’d be a fool not to.

*** About some recent comments…
– You all know that I try to be as open and honest as possible. Lately, I’ve received words of concern over how much I eat. I’m sorry if I’ve not been clear, but I neither show nor mention everything I eat on the blog. Please know that there’s a whole lotta snacking that escapes the camera! As in, a good third of my diet has stage fright. I do appreciate the concern, but there’s no need to worry my sugarplums!

The next few days are going to be insane. Did someone say “BLOGGER MEET-UPS?” Hmmm, you’ll have to wait to find out… Love you puddings!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: How do I score free wi-fi? AND Is not joining a gym for six weeks worth it? Thoughts on taking breaks from the gym…

Can’t wait to hear from you- I miss you guys! Well, ladies. Lawd knows no mans be reading.


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  1. YAYYYY lovin the recap 🙂 can’t wait to meeeeeettt! next weekend right? ill be in touch lovebug

  2. hi! welcome to the city that never sleeps – its a great place to be, if i do say so myself 😉

    score free wifi for 2 hours or more by purchasing a nifty starbucks gift card for yourself + registering it online. it doesnt cost anything to do so and the is one of the rewards.


    have a blasty in the city!
    love the blog

  3. hi darling,

    i dunno a single thang bout free wi-fi, but i do have a word of advice on the gym membership. i live in downtown sf (like a block from union square) and i go to the gym at the san francisco hilton. the gym there (nourish) is unbelievably gorge and so, so nice. although they don’t advertise, they offer memberships (AT STUDENT PRICING) to the public (mine is $59/month). It goes month by month, which makes me think that you might be able to find something similar. If you’re near a hilton, definitely check that out. but ask around at a few hotels.. even one near your office. the showers are obviously legit. and i may or may not have a bit of experience in stealing allll my razor blades from them. (ahh yeah haven’t bought a razor in like 4 months.) perks, i tell ya.

    can’t wait to keep reading about your nyc adventures!

  4. 4 evan

    Honestly, depending on where you are, I’d just utilize the city as your gym. Running outdoors is one of the greatest gifts that New York has to offer, as there are tons of running trails and places to do exercise and yoga outside. If you live in Manhattan, those places are a little more numerous, especially along the Hudson River Park and East River Park, but that’s just my bias because I live in Manhattan. Brooklyn has some great places too. If you’re bridge and tunnel, I have nooo idea what the outdoors situation is like. However, if I’m not mistaken, Food Arts is in the Madison Park area (my supervisor when I’ve interned at Fine Cooking Magazine knows people there and I’m familiar with the building), so you could always join a gym in the area and go before/after work. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll be moving a lot more with your commute and all that jazz. Also, when you get the chance, maybe on the weekends, Yoga to the People on St. Marks is a GREAT place to get a good workout in and it’s my favorite place in the entire world. It’s donation based and the classes are relatively difficult…I go at least twice a week.

    I hope this helps! Welcome to the citayyy! 🙂

  5. i am do glad to hear from ya girl!
    i am glad you are lovin NYC so far and i understand you are going to be super busy so your blogging will be a lil less but i will defs keep following your blog!
    great eats by the way 🙂 have fun!

  6. Glad you made it! As for free wifi, I usually head to Cosi. But I just found this list of other places that offer it: http://www.openwifinyc.com/classic/index.php Hope that helps and so happy you’re enjoying the city!

  7. I am just dying of jealousy! I asked my fiance today if I were to ever get a promotion at a headquarters in NYC would he let us move and he said, “they better be giving you one hell of a raise.” As in— he’s not so much a fan. What is it with men hating on the city?! Anyway— random way of saying live it up as a single lady in the city! I sincerely hope you find a convenient place for some wifi because I seriously love reading your blogs. I .. die. Rachel Zoe style.

  8. 8 Lizzy

    i am soooo happy that you made it in one piece! the other day when i read your tweets that you were in a layover in detroit i nearly peed myself! I wish i was allowed in the air port i would have come and saw you!!!!

    i’m lovin that your loving your new home! i’m so happy and excited for you! 🙂

    love u chica!


  9. 9 merittothecarrot

    Wow! That is definitely a lot for a snackface to take in! You go girl. New York is incredible! I’m envious of all of your job opportunities and where they’ve taken you!

    Congrats 🙂

    ps- that salad bar action is making me drool.

  10. Oh honey pie! I’m so excited for you, but so sad that we will “see” less of each other over these next few weeks. I will most definitely be reading whenever you are able to post and if Gigi or Lulu get their drivers permits or dates to the prom or something, you’ll be the first to know!


  11. Shooo I am LOVING this post!!

    The sights are divine, that CASA meal is divine (apple butta + toast and tofu…love!), that bossy salad bar meal is divine and some minestrone soup w/ wine and bread is soooooooooo CARRIE BRADSHAW. So, so Carrie. 🙂

    And ugh i’ve been looking for that alphabet soup but can’t find it anywhere around here!! Lamesauceeee. BUT, glad you enjoyed it with some hummus and chips. Only way to go!

    Can’t wait to read more as the weeks go on, but I know we’ll still talk! And people will OBVIOUSLY still read! 3-4 posts a week is fab! 3-4 posts a month (my style)….not so coo’! hahaha

    I’d say skip the gym and just enjoy the city for itself! It sounds like you’re getting PLENTY of walking in/stair-climbing, which means you’ll definitely stay in shape with your vegan eats! If you feel the urge to run, then explore the city a weekend day, maybe! If you’re completely busy these next 6 weeks, just keep eating how you eat and walking around! I’m sure all will be fine! Don’t waste money on the gym, yet…wait till after college for that!! I love you and knoww you’ll figure out a plan! Just give it some time, see how you feel! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  12. 12 erin

    hey, i am just getting into reading food blogs (lurking shamelessly), yours is great!

    anyway, re: free wifi in nyc, do you work in midtown? there’s a hotel called ace hotel on 29th between broadway and 5th and you can get free wifi in the lobby. there’s also a really nice coffee shop in the hotel (stumptown coffee, mmm) and couches and nice lighting and wine and snacks! you just ask at the concierge for the passcode

    there’s a bunch of other places depending on where you’re looking, though! i think a lot of times cosi chains (kind of like panera..) have free wifi and there’s pretty much coffee shops in every neighborhood where you can get it. are you looking in a certain area?

    • 13 snackface

      erin- Oh wow, that coffee shop sounds AMAZING. Wine and snacks? I’m there. I guess coffee isn’t so bad, either 😉

  13. Ahh, you’re one lucky girl! NYC? Job in a (FOOD!) magazine? I love love love your blog and you seem like such an outgoing person 🙂 Do you mind writing more about what you do at your job and stuff? (unless its private or smth!) I’m currently in my final year in high school and have no idea what to do in future, but working in a magazine sounds fab!

    Anyway, have a great time in NYC!

    ❤ magdelene

    • 15 snackface

      magdelene- Hello darling! Well, at this magazine I’m handling the communications with ad companies, which is where mags make most of their money. I’ll talk more about it when I’ve worked a bit longer! Also, I’ve had an editorial internship before for VegNews Magazine. When there, I wrote, edited, fact-checked, proofed, was involved in all brainstorming meetings for current/upcoming issues. It was fabulous! What are your interests? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What do your teachers applaud you for? Ask yourself these questions and it should help give you some direction! Please feel free to email me with questions, too (kharless10@gmail.com)!

  14. 17 Alyson

    I’m so excited for you! Looking forward to hearing/reading all about your adventures 🙂

  15. I second the comment about Yoga to the People on St.Marks….I love that place!! There’s even a 90 min session on Sundays. I just wanted to point you to some of my favorite vegan eats in NYC:
    1. Viva Herbal Pizzeria (on 2nd ave between 11th and 12st St.) — they have spelt crusts and AMAZING, totally unique pizza topping flavors. They sell by the slice, but a slice is a quarter of the pizza, so you definitely get your money’s worth!

    2. Stogos icecream (on 10th St between 2nd and 3rd Ave) — awesome vegan icecream…huge variety of unique flavors, that you can sample free of charge.
    I’ll also add Lula’s Sweet Apothecary to this since it’s NYC other vegan icecream place.

    3. Pommes Frites (on 2nd Ave between 7th st and St. Marks Place) If you’ve never tried Belgian fries…you MUST go here. The fries are amazing…plus tons of sauces to choose from and super cheap.

    4. Hummus Place …they have several locations, but you can’t really go wrong with hummus.

    Enjoy NYC!! And welcome!!

    • Totally second Amanda’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd suggestions! As for the 4th, I’ve never been, good thing I have some time in the city this weekend 🙂

  16. Lovvvvvvvvve the recap! and i think borders and barnes and nobles have free wi-fi?

    i can’t wait to hear about your adventures; and yes, you can’t be in NYC and not eat out. you are a food blogger, right? DAMN STRAIGHT!

  17. 21 Megan

    ahh I’ll be near NYC!!! I’m glad you’re loving the city.. it’s so much fun! I’ll be living there permanently starting next July and am so excited/nervous/anxious!!

  18. What an exciting place to be!!

  19. girllll okay- FIRST of all i would love to hang out with you.. if i ever come up north then i be hollerin atchya girl! i wish we lived closer!!

    New York sounds SO great.. i am so excited for you! what a great experience you have girl.

    as for the gym thing.. i would say take a break.. you are prob burning just as much if not more calories walking around..you can walk+site see! thats awesome!!

    i cant wait to hear about your adventures.. your life is so sah-weeeet!

  20. I must say, Kailey…I’ve been stalking you through twitter. I REALLY hope you solve that wi-fi situation though! I would totally cry if I can’t stalk you on your blog as well!
    Why don’t you sign up for a temporary wireless service? Like t-mobile or something…I’m sure there’s starbucks around, right?

    I say with all the walking you do here in the city…you’ll probably have more than enough exercise of the day! And don’t worry about the eats…haha, we all know how normal you are! But glad you put it out there for future reference.

    Dang. I might be in NYC this winter…perhaps I could see ya!

  21. brooke gave me a hint on your bloggy meet-up. all i can say is: SO JEALOUS.

    yayyyyyy for making it to NYC! i am so excited for you, and i think as far as food and exercise go, you just gotta go with the flow. walk it out, maybe try a fancy schmancy yoga class here and there, eat at lots of fun restaurants and LIVE IT UP! you only live once.

    text me if you see (a) jake gyllenhaal, (b) keri russell, or (c) any other celebrity. i am obsessed.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!! advertise the shite outta that mag!

  22. 26 Sam

    I’m surprised you can’t pick up a free wifi signal? I have been to NYC many times and always am able to pick one up wherever I am. I say forget about the gym. Whenever I’m in NYC I am so tired from walking around a gym is really not necessary. Could you tell us what neighborhood your living in? Sorry I’m just curious!

    • 27 snackface

      Sam- OK fine, you’ve convinced me to share (damn peer pressure!). I’m actually staying in Hoboken, NJ, but take a quick train ride into the city. It’s so easy and I love the town! And the city, of course 😉

  23. 1. I am so so so so so excited that in a mere tres weeks we will have our first date, with wine obvi (im thinking BYOB) in the city that never sleeps, just like SJP and Samantha…sigh.

    2. i know barnes and noble has free wi-fi and borders does too.

    3. gym? usually walking everywhere works well. When I first moved to chicago i had no gym but walked almost 4-6 miles a day. It kept me strong. But you could see if you can get a months pass at a gym….just say you are moving to the city after the holidays and would love to join, but cannot join right now, since you are not a perm. resident yet….fibbing works for me when i go back home for breaks and need a gym 🙂

    4. dont even worry about some negative or some worrisome comments on food intake, because you know whats right for your body and you know how to be healthy. keep doing your thing chica.

    5. text me up when your not busy being a nyc diva with these new men and dates and work and all!

    miss u like reeses pieces!


  24. Hey chica – if there’s a Peet’s coffee nearby, they have free wifi! And usually most public libraries have it as well. Other than that I don’t have other options! Is there anyway you could start to do a running program outside? I’m not sure if you’re into running at all (I know you love the elliptical), but you may be able to get into that for the weeks while you’re there!


  25. ahh i had so many things to say, but it just kept piling up!!

    let’s see if i can remember!!!

    your salad bar at work looks amazing!!

    hurray for mistaman being a gentleman!

    hurray for sounding so calm about your first day- I am SO BAD with transitions!!

    and yaya for delicious eatS!!


    we will patiently wait for Snack Face whenever we can get her! blog when you can!! We understand!

  26. 31 annedell

    Ah, missed you! Run at Central Park..though you may be far away 🙂 So off on how far away everything is in this city!

  27. 32 roanne adams

    i do think you have an eating problem! only lettuce and bars and juice. not enough!

    • 33 snackface

      roanne adams- Hey! I’m sorry, but I think you may have me confused with someone else. I never drink juice! Haha. And I had zero lettuce yesterday, just lots of delicious hot salad bar stuff (no lettuce there), a fourth a bag of Stacy’s pita chips, hummus, canned soup, apple…among other things. Trust me, homegirl knows how to eat right.

  28. “Then my lanky self suffered through carrying 100+ pounds of luggage up five flights of stairs. Hardest workout I’ve had in years.”
    I did that in Costa Rica in 2001. I was there for 5 weeks on a yoga teacher training. And me, with my suitcases full of lovely clean yoga clothes, towels, and mats…trekking thru the amazon sweating like a steer. BTDT.

    Your Amazing Grass vegan comment…jezus christ I had no idea, thx for the heads up.

    The Luna Thin Mint comment…wonderful tip off, thank you!

    Middle age men and you dining alone in a restaurant…i can only imagine the unwanted attention. BTDT. So sorry. Creeps, beat it.

    Your lack of blogging/commenting, no worries.
    your lack of exercsing at the gym, you’ll be walking up a storm. Do some yoga on a towel by your bed and call it your workout 🙂
    Your comments about everything you eat on the food blog….so flippin annoying. I get some choice words too. Usually bout super lame stuff like is the garnish or the choc chip I used or some lame sauce truly vegan. Well, I think so, but who really cares. But people write me about it not out of concern, but out of like the Vegan Police or something. Lighten up people 🙂

  29. 35 shell625

    glad to see there is nothing to be concerned about 🙂 i hope my comment didn’t bother you at all!

    good luck with your transition, i know you’ll be great & we all understand your lack of blogging even though you will be missed

    food loooks great


  30. If you’re a starbucks junkie (like me) you can drop 25 on a starbucks gold card for free wireless and cheap drinks! The free internet lasts a year is totally worth the money, and starbucks are everywhere, especially in the city.

    • 37 snackface

      Chelsea- So I got a Starbucks card, went to register it online and it said the card was already registered! So annoying! Haha. I’m just going to use up the money that’s on there and get a new one!

  31. Big cities are like the best personal trainer you never knew you could get for free. Skip the gym and use it as an excuse to discover every crevice of that amazing city!

  32. I say “bump” the gym and take advantage of the FREE pavement and walk it out (dancing in my seat as I write this) lol

  33. great eats! glad you are there safe and having fun!! I say ditch the gym. walking is such great exercise! have a great day!

  34. there are plenty of cute coffee shops with free wi-fi… my favorite from back in my college days (siiiigh, it’s been over a year, haha) is called think coffee. there are three locations now, one in noho and two in the east village. check ’em out: http://www.thinkcoffeenyc.com/

    as for gym stuff — try a free week at a couple of places, or free/ discounted first time yoga passes… before you try them all your time here will be up – there are so many.

    live it up and let me know if you need any more info!


  35. You should go to http://www.jivamuktiyoga.com and/or http://www.stralayoga.com (that’s where I’d run to if I moved to New York). Nothing beats the occasional yoga class. 😉
    Have a fab time exploring your new city!

  36. great recap! so happy you are settling in there 🙂 love panera lunch so delicious and perfect size too! I never leave there with a bad, overfull feeling!

    I think that you could certainly for-go the gym for a few weeks because of your walking and see how it goes! if you are itching to join a gym after these weeks, then well you should!

    the chocolate mint luna is perfection I agree! try it mashed up on greek yog…mmm amazingness


  37. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time! I say don’t join the gym and fit in other activities when you can. Live it up!

  38. Still mad that we’re not there at the same time 😉

  39. 46 crazylittlethingneela

    i missed ya girl!!!
    glad to hear all is well with you 😉 no matter how many times you decide to post, i’ll be here to read!
    enjoy NY babe!!!

  40. 47 Aunty Snooze

    Are you going to the Parade on Thursday? and do some crossfit stuff at home instead of going to the gym cause you are getting in 30,000 steps in NY a day and take a backpack with you for your heels and wear your runners start looking like a local 🙂
    talked to your Mom last night , she is so excited for you and Nanny’s in the house hoho home for Christmas
    Umm lots of wine at this one ? FABULOUS like the black eyed peas I’m gonna ……………..

    • 48 snackface

      Aunty Snooze- Yes, I AM going to the parade! I cannot wait! Awww I’m bummed I’m not home to chill with Nanny and Mumsy, but I will be home for Christmas.

      • I like the idea of buying a starbucks gift card for free wi fi they also send you free stuff in your email( like breakfast or a coffee) and when you register them(plural) and lose one you can transfer the balance to another card so the money isn’t lost

      • and where is that Muffin CONGRATULATIONS now she needs a place to stay

  41. 51 Liza

    Glad you made it to the BIG APPLE safely. It looks like you have a busy, fun, and awesome 6 weeks ahead of you. I do not know much about wifi, but when ever you get a chance take it. As for gymming it up, I say take a break, your walking everywhere. My aunt lives in NYC, she works at a fashion PR firm called KCD and she does no exercise, but walks everywhere in really tall HEEELS, she has killer calves, so I say do not worry. There is so much to do in NC, dont waste it on going to the gym, walk to cool sites instead. As for the eating commets, get over it, your the only one who knows all your eats, and it seems like you are getting enough in. Have a blast!!!!!! I will miss you showing us all your dialy outfits!!! XOXOX LIZa
    If you have any celeb sitings let me know!!!

  42. well im not a gangsta or anything but this is what i hear about the free wifi , sometimes neighbors and good citizens leave the network open to share the wealth . and I mean if its open who are you to refuse it . It would be rude almost.
    Congrats on the new job .

    • 53 snackface

      a- Hahaha “im not a gangsta” You kill me! And thanks for the advice and congrats!

  43. Free WiFi = library! :p

    I’m “paranoid” like that too… I won’t say where I’m going on my vacation until I’m back home again! 😉

    ❤ ❤

  44. 55 julie

    fun!! I think if you’re gonna use slash drink starbreezies a lot then it might be beneficial to get a starbreezies credit card and just not use it or something because i’m prettty sure you get free wifi if you have one 🙂

    have fun in the cit cit citayy girl and if your lurv cheap sush theres a great half price one downtown i think around near st marks and 14th

    as for the gym? hop around the local gyms and see if you can get free passes and what not..there’s so many of them around so i’m sure some will have that avail

  45. 56 greenbean

    new reader, 1st time commenter. so lame, but whatever 🙂 i say forgo the gym. like you said, you’ll be walking a bunch. and there’s always the option of working it out at your apartment. if you find a gym that’s super convenient and in your area of home or work, maybe then it would be cool. but enjoy this time in NYC and be easy.

  46. So glad to hear you’re loving NYC!! Did you actually find a Panera in Manhattan?! I’ve never seen one, I thought there weren’t any!! As far as a gym goes, I’m with the others…use the city as your gym! I live right by the Hudson and there is an awesome trail that runs along it, perfect for running (just don’t go when it’s dark, or you’ll get some more of that creeper thing). I’m actually a member of a running club that’s open to join, if you’re looking for running buddies while you’re here! If you want you can check it out- http://www.dashingwhippets.org. PS- Did you spend $88 to get into the city from JFK or Laguardia, or did you fly into Newark- because it’s a $45 flat rate from the two city airports to anywhere in Manhattan! I hope you didn’t get jipped! Enjoy your time here 🙂

  47. 59 Susan

    Hey girl!
    NYC looks fab! You are navigating WAY better than I do when I’m there. Enjoy and live it up! And don’t worry about workouts – all that walking is more than enough.

  48. Oh you are only going to be posting 3-4 times a week? Ok, bye.


    OF COURSE I [for one] shall continue reading about your fabby adventures whilst living it up in the big city. Serious city envy, but I shall read nonetheless. Enjoy yourself, live it up in the city and for God’s sake don’t spend $3.99 a day just to blog. Go buy a beer with that money.

  49. ‘m glad you got there safely!!!

  50. 62 Elisabeth

    when i moved to nyc i didn’t work out for a few months and actually dropped a few pounds (wasn’t even trying to!). you’ll do so much walking that i wouldn’t worry about it. i also have a 8AM-6PM job and sometimes i’m just TIRED when i’m done and don’t feel like rushing to the gym. honestly, it’s not worth stressing about–do what your body tells you to, i’d say enjoy your time here w/o worrying about making it to the gym! there are some great yoga studios here–you could check those out and buy single classes if you want to do something!

  51. Ahhh sooo excited!! I’m so excited to read about your adventures for the next 6 weeks. I’m DYING to go to NYC so I’ll just have to live vicariously through you for a bit 😉

    I think you will be fine with all the walking you’re doing. When I started school I was kind of freaked out that I wasn’t working out 5 days a week anymore but honestly, my campus is so huge I get in a nice walk everyday. Take advantage of the city while you’re there! Eat at every amazing restaurant you can and see everything you can!

  52. Have fun in NYC, and Detroit is the worst airport! I always wind up going the wrong way and get totally mixed up! It’s HUGE!

  53. 65 shelby

    You lucky duck! I can’t believe you are staying in that glorious city for 6 weeks! I’m so jealous. I have never been but I’m dying to go. I hope you enjoy your trip to the fullest and eat tons of delicious foods!!!

  54. 66 maren

    hey!! i’m still in milan, but ill let you know when im back in nyc!!!
    about the gym, i just experience the SAME situation. i have a membership in ny, but am in milan for 6 weeks, walking a lot, so i just skipped getting a membership here. it seemed like too much of a hassle, and would just stress me out. especially if you’re going to be so busy, which it def sounds like u are! i do have a resistance band and do some lil at home pilates-type exercises when i can…
    regarding wifi. um you can come over and use mine? haha well i swear some lil cafes/restaurants/coffee shops (not starbucks) usually have free wifi, you may just have to keep an eye out for signs.. here’s a list of a ton! apparently bryant park is, which is cool (and i didnt’ know!)..
    oh ya, chelsea market is a great place too.. there are tons of cute restaurants, cafes, bakeries and shops in it, but you can also just sit and use the wifi…
    hope this helps! glad you’re enjoying the city so far!

  55. 67 maren

    oh ya, and the heels. should have told ya it’s a bad choice!!! walking around all over manhattan in them is death. carry them in a bag if u need them, but wear comfy shoes!

  56. What a fabulous time you are having! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


  57. I think you’ll be fine without a gym membership for 6 weeks with all the walking you’ll be doing. There’s always equipment-free moves or workout DVDs if you need them..that’s what I did for a while 🙂 It looks like you’re having a great time! I’m jealous!!

  58. As others said, register a Starbucks card and you get free wi-fi (and free refills and syrups!). Otherwise places like Cosi are good, and if the weather isn’t too bad, Bryant Park has outdoor wi-fi 😀

    I think you’ll be fine without a gym membership- people underestimate quite how much walking is involved in the city! Crazy. (Totally crazy if you do it in heels 😛 )

  59. Hmm when i go home to Hong Kong, I walk like…6 hours a day (thanks to shopping and just good weather!) and eat more than i usually do, but NO GYM! It sounds weird but i actually end up losing weight AND my calves get super toned. I love the effect walking has on my lower body, so…i’m all for no gym! Just keep doing those exercise tV moves!! Of course, if you love cardio, then that’d be a little problem. Temporary gym membership maybe? Sneak into hotel gyms? 😀

  60. 72 Zaineb


  61. 73 Natalie

    congrats to muffin on the internship!! 🙂 hope NYC is fab! so jealous!

  62. i am jealous. why did you not take me with you in your pocket? i am small.

  63. 75 Little Bookworm

    Loved this post – glad you having a fantastic time. Congratulations to Muffin on the internship as well. 🙂

  64. p.s. 6 weeks off from the gym to enjoy NYC is fiiiine. plus you can do at home shiz.

  65. I’m so glad you made it here safely! I can’t wait until we meet-up:)

  66. I am so thrilled to hear you made it to the city safe and sound and are loving life thus far (though I had no doubts) do you feel like Sarah Jessica Parker in SITC yet?!?!

    and honey, please — you couldn’t PAY ME to NOT read your blog. Just know that whenever you do find time to post you are bringing so much happiness in to my life :)!!!!

    as for the no gym sitchie — I’ve never eva eva joined a gym. I get my workouts on with mad vids (yoga, pilates, etc) it’s awesome to work out in the comforts of your own home (or in your case, roomies appt/your temp. home.. same diff) no need to look cute 🙂 PLUS since you’ll be walking around the city so muchhhhh and i’m sure busting mad moves on the dance flo. Hey, that’s cardio!

    as for the food issues — I commend you for addressing the concerns. It’s obviously that you really genuinly care for your readers 🙂

    love you so damn much homie! xo

  67. Not sure if anyone has suggested it but yoga!!


    Offers video or slideshow yoga podcasts that you can do easily at home (if you don’t have a yoga mat I have used a towel before)

    Good luck!! Don’t worry I’m enjoying your updates here and on Twitter! 🙂

  68. Well, I am loving that you’re here! See you so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon 😀

  69. 81 elise

    next time we meet remind me to bring the workout pass i have ok? ill also try to get a few more at the gym bc nysc is everywhere so if you keep switching up where you use the diff passes no one will be the wiser. does the NY library system have internet? its a free membership, so look into it? i still cant believe you are internet less!!! tonight was a blasty, see you again sooon!!!!!

  70. I am so ready to see some awesome vegan NYC eats!

  71. It’s craaayzay how much walking i do in Boston as compared to….EVER anywhere else in my life!! I never viewed my gym membership as a *luxury*, bc my momma paid for it at home…luckily I get a free one with my job out here, but if it was on my own- I would honestly want one, but have to see if I could afford it. Sounds like you have gotten some awesome advice already! The gym is nice for adverse weather conditions 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your adventures loverpants- go drink some juice ;D

  72. YAY!!! Babydoll, I’m so happy you made it and are enjoying your internship to the fullest!

    I find some weird peace in big cities as well – maybe it’s because we’re used to the rinky, dink Midwest?!

    Oh man – if I photographed all I ate, my blog posts would be novel length and I’d be way too obsessed with pictures. Photograph only what you want! I shall miss you immensely while you work out your internet issues. Have fun exploring the city!

  73. 85 Cassie in Madrid

    Ah so jealous you finally made it to the city! I experienced the same no wi-fi problem when I first got to Madrid. Walking around the city I started noticing a TON of places with wi-fi and now have so many go to spots! It’s hard not having it at home at first, but if anything, it definitely gets you familiar to the city! I can’t wait to read about your experiences- crossing my fingers I’ll end up with an internship in NYC this summer!!!

  74. HI LOVER!

    first of all: our (sober) quality time together last night was AMAZE and i cannot wait to play again in the citayyy as soon as i return to you! i just cant believe you’re here and i am dreaming and scheming of all of the good times ahead!


  75. Have a great adventure in NYC. You are in the mecca of good food!

    BODA weight loss

  76. 88 Michelle

    ahhhh i hope you are LOVING New York! it looks great! As for working out, I’d say the walking is enough, just throw in abs/yoga at night or whenever you have time, and maybe invest in some small 5 lb weights instead of a gym membership (more money for Whole Foods… ya know;)) Have an amazing time, live it up girll!

    ps loveee the analogy of peppermint luna bar= thin mint on steroids, couldnt agree more:)

  77. You’ve always seemed like the “big city” type of gal–I am glad your happy! Can’t wait to see all the good NY eats you encounter. If you see Rachael Ray, get her autograph for me 🙂

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