The Shot Thickens


Buongiorno bellas! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes! Wow, you certainly know how to make a dame feel loved.

As I awoke Wednesday, I pondered how far I’ve come in 22 years. To think I once was this little bean is crazy:

Cheeks so big they could rest on my shoulders. And look, I was already hamming it up for the camera, despite the drool!

I’m so refined now I can hardly stand it:

Post-workout hair and no makeup other than the new lip gloss I bought for myself as a present. Covergirl Fruit Spritzers in Raspberry. Delicioso.

I kicked off my morning right and took a shot:

Of DayQuil!

It’s a wretched feeling to wake up on your b-day and not be able to swallow, accompanied by the overwhelming throb of headache as your background music. Thankfully, I felt better an hour after choking that puppy down. (Odd phrasing, as I’d never want to eat animals, especially puppies.)

To celebrate my 22 years, I ate what I wanted all day. Truthfully, I eat what I want, when I want every single day. Wednesday, however, I gave in once again to something for which all my vegan peeps are going to shun me:

Greek yogurt is hiding under a blanket of half a sliced naner, sunbutter, pumpkin butter and cinnamon. GASM.

I may or may not be OK with having yogurt every once in a while. I’m contemplating this.

I read for a while after breakfast and eventually hauled my hiney to the gym. For 50 minutes, I toned my thighs and buns and caught up with a few years of film history. Thrilling.

On my way home from the gym, I was feeling much better. All I needed was a little cardio. I felt so good I stopped by CVS to pick up toilet paper, lozenges, lip gloss and new gum. That’s the shopping trip to which I treated myself. Extravagant, right?

By the time I made it home I was hungry and thinking about what to eat. I walked up the stairs to my humble abode and found a darling little box of joy. Holly is amazing (but you already knew that):

Best cookies and handwriting ever. THANK YOU LOVEPIE!

This woman is seriously talented. She also knows me extremely well:

Vegan pumpkin molasses cookie in one hand, brew in the other. Yes, please.

Naturally, I ate a cookie as I thought about lunch:

Perfect soft texture sweetness factor. I ate a couple more throughout the day.

My actual lunch was one of my favorite things, a snack plate:

Raw veggies, pear and Sabra. Love.

How gorgeous are vegetables?

Enough to make me water-logged.

My afternoon was a little dull, as it was filled with writing, reading, trying to study but tweeting instead and clearing out my Reader. Adding to my distraction were the sweetest emails from my VegNewsies. I miss them like mad!

However distracted I may have been, I managed to learn about Hollywood blacklisting and write a final case study about Nation’s Restaurant News. At one point I had some reduced-fat Triscuits and a pumpkin ale to celebrate. I am ridiculous.

I had dinner arrangements with my roomie and Muffin at 7pm. We went back to the Mediterranean restaurant, where I continued to feed my addiction:

Hummus, dolmas, olives, roasted red peppers and baba ganouj. Eaten with many triangles of warm flatbread and a glass or two of vino.

I barely made a dent in this, which is shocking. Well, by “barely made a dent” I mean half the hummus was gone, three dolmas were consumed and most of the baba ganouj was intact (surprisingly not a fan).

While enjoying dinner, Popsicle called to surprise me with the best birthday present ever. I get to fly home for Christmas!!!! Made my day, fa sho.

After dinner, the roomie went home to study and Muffin and I went to our favorite bar, Broney’s. As soon as I announced it was my birthday, the hot, not-single bartender said, “Oh, you’re going to die.” I really like living, so I was somewhat hesitant. He fixed me a creamy shot that curdled as I gagged it down. Vomit in my mouth. Absolutely disgusting. Thank the sweet heavens for Christmas ale to wash the pain away.

Muffin and I didn’t stay long, as we had other establishments to visit and strangers to ask to take pictures of us:

Eating Muffin's hair. Whoah, how orange am I?

But before we knew it, we had to return to Broney’s for one reason: Karaoke Night (it deserves to be a proper noun, thus the capitalization)! At this point, I was crumping and didn’t sign up for a song. Is there such a thing as Karaoke Crashers, though? Because I definitely did that.

Some friends joined us for the last leg of the night, one of which was Italio-Bro. I’m not sure he’s ever going to understand that I’m not into him. I’m more into this:

Choking Muffin. Hahahaha oops.

Fun was had by all, and I tucked myself into bed at 2:30am, clothes hung in my closet, face washed, teeth brushed. Success.

I slept until 11:30am Thursday, which is completely shocking! I didn’t wake up with a headache, but my throat was so sore I could barely swallow (is that what she said?). I discovered this when I tried to eat breakfast:

Toast AKA the worst food for a sore throat. Blonde moment.

Between meals and gargling salt water all day, all I did was read and study for film. Not fun, but necessary. I had half a melted banana with almond butter about an hour after the torture toast:

Simple, easy to eat.

Oh! There was a thrilling part to the day, but I have to keep it a secret for a few months. So sorry 🙂 And no, I didn’t land a book deal like these fabulous women. (I’m aiming for a TV show anyway, duh. Kidding…kinda.)

Two hours after banana snack and two eras of film, both my throat and stomach needed soothing:

TJ's black bean soup doused with Frankie.

I definitely followed that lovely soup with a vegan pumpkin molasses cookie. Thank you again!

Reading, studying, writing…that’s all that took place for several hours until Muffin stopped by to say goodbye. She’s already back in Cincinnati and I’m not sure when we’ll get to see each other again. I do now, however, that we’ve made it through three months of separation before. We can do this.

Dinner time rolled around and I had a bizarre craving that fit into my attempt at eating throat-friendly foods:

Sweet n' spicy.

I microwaved the potato for seven-ish minutes, topped it with TJ’s cranberry apple butter, chopped balls and Frankie. It was so good! Also, a reader once asked what to do about TJ’s products, such as cranberry apple butter, and what to do if there isn’t a TJ’s around. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to your local grocery store (Kroghetto, anyone?), buy some cranberry spread/canned cranberry and regular apple butter and mix the two. It may even be better than the TJ’s stuff, as it’s mostly cranberry anyway.

Like a good student, I still stayed off the Reader, out of G-chat and off Twitter and returned to studying. An hour or so later, it was time for a snack:

I had to let it soggify. This gorgeous thang understands.

In the bowl: plain shredded wheat, So Delicious coco milk, vegan carob chips, raisins and cinnamon. It was so good I went back for a second, smaller bowl.

I pulled my bum out of bed and trekked to the music building at 8:40. Sometimes you don’t know how sick you really are until you start walking around. I’m not enjoying the pounding, which always makes me imagine people passing bags full of sand back and forth in my head.

I sat and listened to the girls for an hour, and then met up with a fellow student to talk about Film 201. Turns out I learned a ton in one day.

I’ll be up for the rest of Thursday and well into Friday morning studying. The silver lining? New York. Saturday. I’m there.

Love you all!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: How do you kill a cold in two days? Possible? Also, because I didn’t have one and will make up for it in New York, what’s your favorite flavor combo of cake+icing? Mmmm.


54 Responses to “The Shot Thickens”

  1. 1 Brooke

    Thank you for addressing the Proper Noun in Karaoke Night. And you know I ain’t kidding.


    FEEL BETTER! We have to sing WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER and MRS. OFFICER while getting ready to go out with healthy voices intact.


  2. Love the Little Baby Snacky Photo.
    And love the ones of you and Muffin…hottie alert!

    Lowfat triscuits? That was a dietary staple for about 10 years of my life. God I love (and miss) those things!

    Kick a cold in 2 days? Probiotics, Vit C, Zinc, Fish or Flax Oil, fluids, and rest.

    Happy Birthday Week (milk it for all you can get) 🙂

  3. so sorry you got SICK girl! however, you were adorable as a baby and i wish i looked HALF as good as your after getting back from the gym!

    New york will be SO fun! im so jelous you get to go there all the time! im going this summer for the FIRST time.. im so freaking pumped!

  4. 4 katie

    2 vitamin C tablets every 6 hours. That’s what I do to knock out a cold. Nothing else works better.

    Also, the best cake I ever had was at my friend’s wedding. She baked the cake herself. Banana Cake with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. I’m a chocoholic, but this strange combination was the best thing ever.

  5. I’m so sorry you were sick on your special day! But it looks like you were able to still have a great time!

    I say have that yogurt if you want it. I’d be more upset if you were depriving yourself of something you wanted than if you eat some yogurt!

    Feel better, hon!

  6. 6 Kate

    So sorry that you got sick on your bday but if that is what you look like sick, maybe I need a cold cuz you look amaaaazing! Get better soon!

    About that shot…I got it on my 21st (rite of passage) and have given them on other people’s bdays…they are called Cement Mixers in MN (where I live) and they are made with Bailey’s and lime or lemon juice, which curdles the Bailey’s and makes it super chunky and nasty…Happy Bday one more time 🙂

  7. 7 fruitsveggieslife

    Super duper amazing happy (belated) birthday! I know that being sick on birthdays are never a good thing – I’ve had that happen once to often.

    Getting rid of colds: lots of tea, sleep, vitamin c, and … laughing! It is the best medicine after all.

    The Greek Yogurt thing: I am mostly a vegan, but I do get some yogurt action in from time to time. No hating on my part.

    Love you, happy birthday once again, and have a great time celebrating some more!

  8. Love the birthday recappp!!! glad it was a great day. Killing a cold: drink lots and lots of fluids, and most importantly: REST!

  9. 9 crazylittlethingneela

    i hope you feel better soon love, NY is waiting for you!!
    i still can;t believe you’re going there. it must be more than amazing! i have been dreaming about going to NY since i was a kid.
    you’re looking gorgeous as always

  10. 10 shelby

    I’m so glad you had a great birthday! That baby picture is SO ADORABLE!!!

    The food in this post = foodgasm!

  11. My fave combo is probably pumpkin and cream cheese icing – or banana and peanut butter icing! So good!

  12. 12 Zaineb


  13. How I kill a cold in 2 days = do what I’ve been doing!! Sleep for 11 hours, yo.

  14. happy birthday girl!

    your snackplate is muy deliciouso!!! love the sabra to 🙂

    to get rid of a cold-sounds gross but it works

    -boil a cup of hot water, stick in a green tea bag
    -add freshly ground ginger
    -1/2 juice of lemon
    -few shakes of cayenne
    -cover and let sit for about 10 minutes then strain the mixture to get rid of all the pieces of ginger
    -close your nose and drink it up!

  15. Glad you had a fun birthday even though you’re feeling under the weather. Hope you’re feeling better now!!

    1. I usually try to kill a cold by drinking as much water as my stomach will allow and sleeping for 48 hours straight. By the time I get up, I’m ready for a hot hot shower to wash all the sickness away and my system has been flushed out. Doesn’t always work, but it’s my go-to method.

    2. My favorite cake is either red velvet or basic yellow cake with buttercream icing. Old school!

  16. 16 Aunty Snooze

    keep gargling with salt water. Have a safe trip to Ny

  17. Cute little baby photo!

    Drink lotsa tea and water!! I always take Echinacea too (dont know if it works but its supposed to boost your immune system!)

  18. Reading your posts is getting me excited about my 22ond coming up!! : )

  19. You. are. hilarious!!
    I so just had a melted banana too.
    When I lived with my first roommate in college, she taught me how to eat Pillsbury icing from the container… it’s actually vegan, even the cream cheese one!

  20. 20 Liza

    Kailey, Hey Girl!!! I have a question for you, whats your email address?

  21. I’m glad you had a good birthday!! The pics of you & Muffin are so adorable. When I’m cold I normally just take it easy, get lots of rest, drink tea, and use it as an excuse to make everyone do everything for me. Okay, half kidding on the last one..but I hope you’ll feel better soon!!

  22. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday! I don’t think you look orange; I say Tahitian bronze! lol. I recommend CanPrev’s Cold-Pro, or New Chapter’s Host Defence/ Throat Defence. One is veggie caps, the other a spray version. I have clients who are airline attendants, and it is a miracle for them. They all use Mycomedicinals (mushroom extracts) which can increase you killer Tcell up to 300%. They are all natural, vegan and work! Also, resistex (effervescent tabs) with amino acids, electrolytes, vitC, and an herbal blend. They pus emergen-C TO SHAME. I use it daily and it really strengthens your immune system and works quickly.

    Sorry for the long post! Wishing you ALL THE BEST in NY! I am excited for you! Vicarious thrills!
    I have asked you before- but I know how many comments you get, so you probably don’t have time to respond to every one. However, if you have a moment, would you mind letting me know which camera you use for your pictures? They always look fantastic!
    Have a SAFE and FUN trip!

    • 23 snackface

      ProteinGirl- You always leave the BEST, most info-packed comments. Thanks for that! I’ma hit up the natural foods store after my exams today. And SO SORRY I’m beezy and haven’t answered your Q! OK, here is what’s on my camera (it’s nothing fancy): Pentax Optio, waterproof, 5.0 megapixels, 3X optical zoom, 6.3 mm-18.5mm. I hope that helps! Those numbers mean nothing to me, haha.

  23. Boo sorry for the sore throat business – but you did a really good job of having a fantastic birthday in spite of it! That little veggie snack plate with hummus is my FAVORITE thing for lunch – I wish I had hummus in the fridge so I could eat it today.

    Have so much fun in New York! 🙂

  24. Oh, girl, I’m so sorry you’re feeling sickly. I’d say get lots of rest, drink lots of tea, and eat all the food that your body craves.

    I’m a big fan of my mom’s homemade chocolate frosting, which is basically sugar, butter, and chocolate. So not vegan, but maybe an Earth Balance version could be made and could fill that void of creamy goodness.

  25. Glad you had a good birthday 🙂

    Drink lots of liquids (probably not beer, sadly!): water, hot tea, lemon water and get some rest!

  26. What do you know – I’ve been downing those shots as well. Glorious, isn’t it?! FEEL BETTER, K-LOVE!

    Vegan pumpkin molasses cookies?! Hot damn that sounds delicious! Drinks should not curdle – Irish Car bombs? NAST – don’t even go there!! I love that stuffed spud!

    I’m glad you had a great birthday despite the illness!! I thought I was getting better but not so much so give me any tips 😉 I did chug that Emergen-C like a frat boy Tuesday and was feeling better then. Maybe it does work?

    • 29 snackface

      ksgoodeats- Oh noes! I can’t believe we’re suffering together. I normally try to down berries like it’s my job (I’ve never liked that phrase, I don’t know why I just used it) and take vitamins. Can’t do Emergen-C. It gives me diahoochie. Glad it works for most, though 🙂

  27. hahahaha….as homegirl said, thank you for addressing the reason Karaoke Night is in proper noun form. appreciated.

    soooo glad you enjoyed your cookies! and your sweet comments are too much.

    yay for Greek Yogurt, Fruit Plates, Cereal, Pumpkin Ale and Hummus! see what i did there? 😉 love you girl! i am soooo pumped for your NYC venture, so excited you get to go home for X-Mas AND i think you have a modeling contract. that’s what i thought when you went to NYC for the first time was to meet with agents. if it is a tv show however, my name better be on that contract.


  28. happy b-day. I stinking love greek yogurt, i only just tried it yesterday. wow have i been missing out!!

  29. 32 merittothecarrot

    happy birthday!

    Yummm, I made that recipe for those pumpkin molasses cookies.. DELISH.

  30. hope you feel better! I’ve found that Zicam rapidmelts make my colds go away super fast -especially if i start taking them right when I’m starting to feel sick. That and emergen-c. okay now need to stop with the google reader and study. Care to share some motivation?!

  31. 34 Elaine

    happpy birthday
    and wow your no makeup skin is perfect…what do you use??

  32. Slightly tempted to make that baby pic my comp background. CREEPCREEPCREEP.

    I like the bday DayQuil shot–though I’m more of a DayQuil bottle-chugger than a shot-taker… but I guess I’ve never been one for portion control.

    I’m happy your bday was FABULOSA porque that’s what you aaaare. And I’m glad italio bro showed up for (hopefully) entertainment purposes.

    And UMMM we need to HABLAR because you come to NYC manana. SAYWHAT.

  33. I hope you feel better ASAP! Love the snack plate 🙂

  34. 37 Michelle in Alaska

    Happy Belated B-day! What I use at the slightest sign that I may be going under the weather is Airborne! I swear by it! You dissolve the tablet w/water 3xday. It totally works, it has tons of vitamin c & zinc!! try it! I believe it helps curb a cold coming on, and shortens one once you have it.

  35. glad you had a great birthday! lots of yummy eats you had 🙂

  36. 39 lowandbhold

    Honey! So sorry you’re not feeling well during your birthday week (month?) and finals and prepping to move to NYC! Hope you get rid of that shit ASAP.

    Can I just say how impressed I am that you hung your clothes up, washed your face and brushed your teeth when you got home from the bar? I usually start undressing the minute I walk through the door. Meaning shoes in the foyer, pants in the hall, shirt by the toilet (shed during the obligatory pee before passing out) and I wake up in whatever oversized thing I can grab before MAYBE brushing my teeth and splashing my face with water and starfishing. Suffice it to say, you impress me.

    Lovin’ the meatless balls, plus cran/apple butter, plus sweet tater combo. Writing that down right now.

    Good luck on your schoolwork and have a safe trip to the big citay!

  37. 40 Lauren

    Oil of oregano and kale!!! Trust me, oil of orgeano will have your cold gone by tomorrow! It’s crazy, amazing stuff!!

  38. 41 shell625

    ahh i’m sorry youre not feelin ggreat, that is a bummer! & your eats look sooo delicious. cute baby pic hun

    & i think killing a cold in two days is pretty much impossible :-\ but i looveee carrot cake! or chocolate cake with white icing


  39. I woke up with a bad sore throat a couple of weeks ago, and I did all the normal things, vitamins, rest, water. but…. I also had a shot of whiskey before bed and my sore throat was GONE the next morning! sounds crazy but it worked:)

  40. You got a modeling contract? You are the next Victoria’s Secret model? Yes? I knew it.

    I hope you are feeling better soon lady! Orange juice helps me immensely (at least, I believe so) as does massive amounts of sleep!

    Loving all your veggie, hummus-y, banana-y goodness!

  41. I just cuddled up with a warm mug of tea and some kashi warm cereal to read this post — sheer perfection.. much like you. I can’t even get over that au naturale pic of you — absolutely flawless. You are my easy breezy beautiful covergirl.

    ah despite the woes of a sore throat it also serves as a true tell sign that fun was had — which sounds like the case for your birthday extravaganza (minus the vomit shot, digust!)

    so thrilled to hear you ate some nummy foods and got faboosh pressies and I hope you smiled lots and lots!!!!! 🙂

    alright, enough small talk – what is this juicy gossip you got?!?! you can’t do this to me kitten, pure torture!

    LOVE YOU SEX-POT!!! *kissesssssssss*

  42. Hi Snackface!! I’m not a vegan but I still can’t get enough of your blog!! Its so fun and it inspires me to eat healthier and be healthier!! Actually I am one of the girls who asked you a bajillion questions at an SPJ meeting at the beginning of the quarter. I just recently started a blog with one of my friends and I would loooove it if you checked it out!! —->

    Good luck in NYC!!! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!

  43. You are absolutely STUNNINGGGGG!!!!! Wow, can I just have YOUR complexion, please??….maybe i’ll achieve that clarity by my 22nd 😉

    That med food looks gasmic, once again! And the yogurt mess looks delicious. You gotta give in sometimes, especially on yo BDAY (cue that beyonce song!).

    You and muff are adorable and i’m glad you had a fabby night!

    AND PLEASE GET BETTER!!! You must be refreshed and glowing like Carrie from SATC (upon entering Paris, but you’ll be entering NYC!)….hit up the vitamin c, and SLEEP!! That is key. LOVE YOU!! XOXOXOXOXO

  44. Beautiful veggie hummus presentation!! I swear making my food look pretty is my favorite party of the whole process of preping/eating/enjoying food!!

  45. Lemon and Cream cheese frosting YUM!

  46. Frosting has gotta be buttahcream!

  47. Happy birthday! All the food looks muy delicioso, especially that black bean soup! And yes, veggies are just gorgeous aren’t they? I eat snack plates like that almost every day for lunch and I’m always shocked by the brilliance and vibrancy of raw veggies, we are so lucky to have such lovely food to eat.

  48. 51 elise

    i love you.
    snackplate = perfect birthday food
    YUM YUM hummus dinna
    karaoke celebrations with your #1 gal
    now WHATS this surprise??

  49. lots of vitamin c and echinacea… and lots of denial! haha
    at least, these seems to work when I’m getting sick and can’t. Though generally I’ll get sick later on, I’ll at least have prolonged it through whatever I needed to get through.

    As for cake, I’m a big sucker for vanilla and vanilla (cupcake cafe in NYC is amazing! Though probs not vegan) though some other excellent combos I’ve had recently are ginger cake with chocolate frosting and banana cake with coffee frosting. And flourless or molten lava chocolate cake 😉 haha

    happy belated birthday!

  50. HELLOOOOOOOOOO MAMMMMMAAA! here i am and i am about to read not one, not two, but three of your posts in my reader. hold on to your hat.

    first off you were the cutest friggin baby ever. i love that photo! haha.. please do not choke on puppies. do not even nibble. and holly is a doll(y) face! i love her and her handwriting and her bundles of joyous package love!

    one down two to go and i have a feeling they are going to get spicier with your journey to NYC and whatnot..

  51. 54 jenna

    You really should do a post about your skincare routine…such pretty skin! and makeup too. please? 🙂

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