Twenty-One, Part Two


Hello gorgeous people! Most of you are reading this on Wednesday, November 18, also known as my birthday. Twenty-one has been so good to me that I refuse to leave it. Therefore, I deem age 22 to be 21, part two. I hope you understand.

Also, as you’re reading this on a fine Wednesday, I’m probably working out, reading or writing. Most importantly, I’m eating foods I love and spending time with people I love.

Alas, I am writing this Tuesday night after having finished a day of nothing too spectacular. Wait. I take that back. It’s been lovely, but it hasn’t been as lavish as birthday weeks should be.

Instead of sleeping till noon, I awoke at 7:45am. My mind has been so busy with thoughts of moving to NYC on Saturday that it can’t turn off. Poor thing. I treated my mind, body and soul well with a toasty breakfast:

Snowman ain't goin' nowhere.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oat bran, 1+1/3 C water, 1/3 C So Delicious coco milk, 1/2 naner, cinnamon, sugar-free maple sizzurp and sunbutter. The sunbutter was gasmic:

Sunbutter and maple got. it. on.

When I say I fed my soul, what I really mean is that I watched three episodes of Sex and the City. Yeah, sometimes I’m not that deep.

I galloped to the gym at 10am-ish for another sweatfest. The elliptical treated me well today and I had sweat trickling down the area where cleavage should be. This was followed by 20 minutes working my phenomenally strong arms on weight machines. By the end of this, my bod was dripping with as much sweat as this post is with sarcasm.

At noon my fellow students and I met with our business magazine professor for lunch. She is the sweetest woman in the world (she also has a bossy sense of humor–thank goodness she’s my advisor) and treated us all. We dined at Salaam, a fabulous Mediterranean restaurant. The decor looks a little like this:

Dark, moody, drapey.

And a little like zeese:

More drapey.

I did what any good SnackFace would do and ordered hummus with flatbread:

Best flatbread ever.

And like other healthy food bloggers, I practiced this odd thing called “portion control” and ate only half of what you see here. Oh wait. No I didn’t. I owned 95% of it. How could I not when it’s this luscious:

Multiple gasms.

As long as I have hummus and food to dip into it, I’m cool, but I thought some greenage would help balance things:

Romaine with candied nuts (the best kind, muhaha), orange segments and vinagrette on the side.

We all had a lovely time talking about our dream cities in which to work and what we’ll be doing with our winter breaks. No one wanted to leave to return to a day of studying.

But walk home I did, where I finally showered my stank ass. Once dressed, I spent an hour going through emails and tending to blog work. To further avoid studying or writing, I took a picture of my non-outfit:

Sex pot. Tee, jeans, Sperry moccasin slippers, no makeup, no hair did.

Vitaminwater peeps sent me a tee, which I clearly took straight out of the envelope and placed directly over my clean torso. Such a class act. At least I kept my tots out of this logo shot:

If by "it works" they mean "will make you addicted," then sure!

Somewhere between putting my laundry in the washer and moving it to the dryer, I got started on brainstorming for my English final paper.

At 4:40pm I recall eating an apple and drinking a diet soda, and then some dryer action happened and then some more snackage took place:

Distraction snack. Had maybe a serving? No idea. Also, why the hell did I pick up the reduced fat Triscuits? Like that even matters? Sweet yay-zeus.

That would be the Fitnessista in the background. Honestly, all I can think about is New York at this point. I’m screwed for finals.

I’m almost positive some writing started to happen after this. Or maybe I was just Gchatting? Either way, I had these beauts for dinner, part one:

Cheetahs and nips. Ketchup obviously needed its own plate.

I threw a turnip onto the baking sheet for fun. They are so delicious! They have the sweetness of carrots, but the texture of a potato. Check it:

Close-up of the nip. The skin separates from the starchy innards--jadore.

Belly semi-full, I was prepared to focus. I wrote a 5-page paper in 90 minutes. I wasn’t messing around, homes! Naturally, I was ready for dinner, part two afterward:

Mixing-bowl salad. Uber green.

In the mix: greens, green beans, cucumber, mushrooms, pickle, leftover sketti squash, waxy peanuts and a homemade dressing of sugar-free maple, mustard, Frankie and balsamic. Just put sugar (real or pretend) on it and I’ll eat it. Truth.

This was not enough, however, and I had some plain shredded wheat with carob chiplettes. I may never leave the
bathroom on my b-day.

I’m off to continue studying… and being forever young!

Ciao for now,

Kailey/ Birthday Girl

QUESTION: What are your favorite things to do on your birthday? If it’s rated-X, please keep it to yourself.




100 Responses to “Twenty-One, Part Two”

  1. 1 dorothy

    ah i had to leave a comment quickly before reading your post to be the first to saaay


    i hope you party it up and have a greaat year (no doubt you will). keep up the amazing blog its one of my favs!!!

  2. Yayay!! Happy Birthday!! (I know it’s tomorrow, but I am reading it tonight…hah)

    I actually hate my birthday, but I love celebrating others. So – I will celebrate yours for you. Or with you. Either way works. Have the besssst day tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthdayyyy!

    I still haven’t given up on the glory that be the 21st birthday. For a year, I was actually 21+1. This past year as I celebrated… sldfkjsldjkfsld, I mean 26, the party was was deemed my 5th anniversary of legal drinking. I’m so mature.

    BTW. When will you be in the city?? Are you planning any meet-ups??

  4. 4 Kate

    Happy Early Birthday! Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s bday, as well, so I am already stoked about it!!! Now I can be doubly excited since you are celebrating 21 Parte Dos! Hope you have an amazing day!

    I always love to spend my bday doing scandalous things I don’t usually do: eat at decadent Italian restaurants, drink mimosas with breakfast (I know, terrible!), make the boyfriend watch girlie movies with me and then get krunk downtown with besties…but mostly, just being with people I love!!!

    Do all the things you love, be with the people that make you smile!

  5. happy early birthday!!

  6. To My Dear Steezy, Breezy, Beautiful Covergirl,

    happy birthday in 2 hours! i hope its wonderful and i hope you enjoy a vegan cupcake with a pink candle on top, so that i may live vicariously through you…and if you dont then we will get one or 100 in nyc πŸ™‚ good luck with finals! I understand the days when nothing thrilling happens and its just like homework, homework, homework…dont teaches know we have lives? obz not.

    also, i think it is totz bomb that you ate hummus twice in a day–it should be in the food pyramid, as well as pita bread. i think i can live off pita and hummus…oh wait i have (a week last summer when i was so broke its all i could afford).

    p.s.s. nyc this weekend = major raging….and shredding up da clubs.

    sorry for that poorly and awkwardly written comment but its 10 pm and my bed is calling. i cant be late at work again tommorrw or she’ll have my head and i wont have a job. ugh. my life.


  7. Have a happy birthday tomorrow !!!


  8. 8 Brooke




  9. I usually just want to hang out with Snuffy. I feel like she and I don’t get near the Girl Time we need with school and work and housework… I also have a special gift request each year!

  10. 10 Megan

    Well…. considering it’s your 21st birthday, part 2.. I would say go crazy!! Haha, don’t even remind me of how insane my 21st birthday was a couple months ago..

    And when are you going to be in NYC!?! I’ll be soo close whenever I go home!!

  11. Happy Birthday to you tomorrow!!!I love reading your blog!! You are beautiful and sweet, so exciting about NY!! You will do great and love it there!!! Happy Birthday!!! xoxo

  12. I hope you have a fantastic B-day & just so you know 22 is my fav number and was my golden year. Enjoy it!

    Holy hell, nips? Tots? You are seriously cracking me up here. I think I re-read the nips sentence 6 times and just kept thinking “WTF is a nip?”. Lol.


    BIENVENIDO A 21 PARTE DOS; I’ve been in 21+1 land for 6 months now–and you should know, it’s BETTER than 21 parte uno. Especially when you are a fabulosa journalista NYC newbie intern extraordinaire who has a fellow foodie journalista NYC amiga EAGERLY awaiting your arrival.

    EN SERIO, have the beeeeeeeeeeeessst day/night/week ever… filled with lots of creamy goodness (sabra, yo, getcha mind out of the gutter), carbs, sugar (real and fake alike), vegan deliciousness (and non-vegan it-don’t-count-cuz-it’s-yo-bday deliciousness, if you please) and balls (of the TJ variety, NOT of the italio bro breed).

    I am SO SO SO excited for you to bring yo bad self to the big citay.

    And as for your pregunta del dia–all of my favorite bday thangs involve food. obviously. drinks, too. maybe. But I don’t know what kinda bday x-rated nonsense you were anticipating…


  14. hahaha oh mine is SO rated X! (just kidding)
    you totally crack me up with your lingo..tots and nips! bahah. and thats so funny about your bday.. i dont blame you!
    on my bday.. i like to go on the lake and wakeboard (or attempt to..) .. mine is in june so i like to do all that summer stuff..and ice cream sundae is so necessary too

  15. 15 allie

    hey, i was just wondering what brand of maple syrup you use? i find the sugar-free types are just filled with chemicals, and wandered if there was a more natural kind you found? and happy birthday!

    • 16 snackface

      allie- The sizzurp is made by Maple Grove and it’s chock-full of chemicals (sorbitol, sucralose…all the goodies). Haha, sorry to disappoint!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And good luck focusing. With the end in sight, it is so hard to stay on task without wandering around the internet, snacking, more internet, and more snacking. Somehow work just doesn’t fit in.


  18. 19 Ilana

    Hey! I’m a pretty new reader but I’m already a huge fan. First off, I just turned twenty-two over the summer and i felt the same way about leaving awesome twenty-one behind, but from this side of of twenty-one, twenty-two isn’t so old, and it’s turning out to be fabulous. second, i live in nyc … i’m sure you’re set with everything but if you need any help getting around or or recommendations for where to go or anything give a holler and i’d love to lend a hand!

    happy birthday!!

  19. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THanks for the bloggie roll add and yeah, my blogger ATE my blogroll about a month ago and I’ve been updating it as I can and thanks for updating yours….muah πŸ™‚

    Love your cheetahs, the restaurant food, and the green salad, and your joke bout not leaving the bathroom. I swear, that’s me some days. High raw, all vegan, ya know…



  20. Birthday girl!! I just left you an f-book comment that wasn’t nearly as adorable as the one you left me…but i try πŸ™‚

    But hellllooo hummus!!! Why does OHIO seem to have such great med. food?!?! I need to get back there soon!! We would have the greatest time eating bowls-full of hummus and plentyyy o’ pita chips/bread!

    Oh, and all yo’ suga-free maple syrup-y meals are making me crave some!! I may have to use some of the real deal or purchase some suga-free when i’m home over break. Just another (food) thang on my to-do list!

    And we REALLY need to chat soon! I need yo’ sass back in ma life!

    HAVE THE BEST DAY, EVER!! Do what I must always do on my bday: eat at least one of my fave foods, dress HOT the night of (gotta be the center of attention, ya dig?!), do something relaxing (more SATC, perhaps?), and don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s your day, enjoy!! LOVE YOU!

  21. Happy Birthday. I just adore you. I will always remember your first comment and my first visit to your blog and how happy I was to “meet” you. I only hope to do the same in real life. I will be stunned and speechless by your beauty and grace. Happy Birthday again, my friend!!!

  22. 23 Sara

    Wow I commend you for going out to lunch and all of that in your sweaty state!!! I get paranoid that I stink and my hair looks like the contents of a grease pot… mustttt showeerrrr!! Even though showering with my crappy showerhead takes soooo long :S

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOMAN!! 22 is gonna start with a bang… in NYC yeah!! Embrace the change from 21! Take on the city like we all know you will. Hope you have a great day! My birthday falls right before finals so it’s usually forgotten by all (well except those on facebook) but nothing ever ends up happening and I usually end up studying right through it. So not ideal. I make up for it later though!

  23. 24 Carmen

    HAPPY birthday!!!!! I’ve gotten in the habit of going out for a lovelymeal with friends dressed in ridiculous outfits. (think wigs and one-sies) for some reason, it always makes the night memorable! Have so much fun!

    Also, again, I am seriously addicted to your Pita Poppers. I have to limit myself to 2 a week. They are so salty but delicious! mmmm garlic.

    Have a great B-day!

  24. Well I’m reading this on Tuesday, but happy early birthday!!! I like the 21 part two theory. 22 just sounds way to freakin old to me!! haha

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear Kailey!!! I didn’t know you and I were the same age…for some reason, I always thought you were older!
    Oh you gorgeous girl! Enjoy your 22nd! Uh…21st! πŸ˜‰


    Welcome to the club of 22-year olds (or 21-part two), it’s good!;)
    Have a great day,

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  27. 28 Little Bookworm

    Happy Birthday. πŸ™‚

  28. Happy birthday! Welcome to the fabulous club of the 22-year olds
    (blah! I suck.. I just saw that Julia wrote the same thing! I swear I didn’t copy that ;))
    Have a good one!

  29. 30 maren

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day πŸ™‚

  30. Happy early birthday lady! Hope you have an awesome day. Your cheetahs loook to die for!

  31. 32 crazylittlethingneela

    happy happy birthday!! well in singapore we’re ahead of you guys! and obviously due to the circumstances i am celebrating your 21st part two birthday πŸ˜‰
    i hope you have a blast today gorgeosu girl! i am so happy to have found your blog and your amazing spirit! i wish i could make you to some exotic island off singapore on your birthday but you’d have to come here πŸ˜‰
    all the best

  32. 33 Aunty Snooze

    Happy Birthday!!!!Oh to be 22 again

  33. Happy Birthday! I decided to stay 26 this year too, since it was so good.

  34. 35 Gina G

    Happy (early) Birthday Kailey!!! =)

  35. 36 Spitfire

    Hello! HaPpY bIrThDaY!! I LOVE your blog, just thought I’d say. My favorite think to do on my birthday? : EAT MY FAVORITE FOODS AND NOT BE GUILTY. It’s great, especially when it comes to birthday cake(I always have angel food cake) :). Hope you have a great day!!!

  36. On my birthday = celebrate with my loved ones.

  37. Happy Birthday!!!

    My 27th is comin up (uh lamo milestone) 2 days before Xmas, so it’s always spent with the fam! Eating, watching movies.. nothing beats it!

    Have a super day, hun πŸ™‚

  38. Happpy Birthday Kailey! 22 is a good year… and a great age to be… have a good day!

  39. Thisisyourbirthdaysongitisn’tverylong, HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My friends and I call each other every year on our bdays and sing that song, so I thought you should be in on it πŸ˜€ Good stuff, although imagine me serenading it loudly to you at 8 am!! Have a good one lova and YES we are def havin an east coast partayyyyyy!

  40. Happy Birthday!!!!

  41. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You’re makin me hungry for hummus & cheetahs at 8:13 AM, haha

  42. 44 shelby

    You have quickly become one of my very favorite bloggers. Not only because you make amazing food, but because you are one of the sweetest girls I know! I’m so glad to have “met” you and can’t wait to meet you in person! It will happen!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks hummus is 1 serving only!

    Favorite thing to do on my b-day? Relax and eat good food πŸ™‚

  43. Nothing soothes the soul better than SJP and the girls. Happy birthday sweetie! I hope you enjoy it to its fullest. Thanks for your wonderful comments. I must have missed the post on the ex, which one was it? Anyways happy 21st part 2!

  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! You are right, 22 is a continuation of 21. Live it up!

    That hummus looks amaaaaazing. Jeal over here.

    Have a fantabulous day, I can’t wait to hear all about it!


  45. Happy birthday! Don’t worry so much about the numbers– you’re young, that’s all that matters :-).
    On my birthday I like to consume a decadent dessert that I wouldn’t ordinary allow myself and spend as much time with my loved ones as possible. Relaxing is nice, but doesn’t always happen– one year on my birthday I spent all day cooking Italian food for my own party!

  46. Look at old pictures from when I was little and see how much I have matured!

  47. Happy birthday!! πŸ™‚

    ❀ ❀

  48. Happy Birthday!!! I hope 21 part 2 is just as great as part 1 πŸ˜€

    I can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things you do in New York, seriously! I’m a journalism student as well, and I hope to do internships just like you’ve been so priveleged to do. I would LOVE to go to VegNews, and maybe Bon Appetit or Food and Wine as well. Ah, that would be my dreeeam!

    That Mediterranean restaurant looks amazing. Love the decor and of course the hummus.

    I hope your day is wonderful and full of birthday fun πŸ™‚

  49. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love just doing whatever I want – shopping, reading, napping…anything as long as it also involves some ridiculous birthday dessert πŸ™‚

  50. Happy 21 part 2 birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day πŸ™‚
    ps so addicted to vitamin water!

  51. Happy Birthday Laaaahv-ely girl! Birthdays are always fun for me as long as there’s a really good dinner involved and lots of my friends…. yeah, and wine. Perfect. Alll the snackage looks amaazing. The Medi restaurant looks really cool and I’m loving the hummus and flatbread gahh. Can’t wait to hear how your birthday went and what you decided to do!!! πŸ™‚ Hope it’s an amazing day

  52. 54 justineishealthy

    Happy, Happy birthday Kailey!!! I hope that you have a great day! Good luck with the packing later this week and I cannot wait to see your adventures in NYC! PS – That hummus looked freakin awesome! Take care!
    ~Justine πŸ™‚

  53. 55 Natalie

    Happy birthday SnackFace!!

  54. 56 Lizzy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY beauty! πŸ™‚ Hope your day is amazing and you have the time of your life! I like the idea of 21 part 2. i think i might start telling myself thats how old i am too! πŸ™‚

    xoxox girl!

  55. 57 hemp jogger

    happy bday! enjoy it πŸ™‚ and stay 21 forever. i still am in my head…and will forever be. your eats today rocked, btw.

  56. So first of course, HAPPY BIRFDAY TO US!!!
    second, how is it that you can still look so friggin cute sans makeup/haird did and V-H2O shirt? SO not fair.
    third, possibly going to NYC for some post b-day fun with the momskies-she LOVES her some broadway showage and we always used to go for my b-day. We should all grab a glass o pinot or, being the healthy food bloggers we are, wheatgrass shots?! (nah) to cheers our days o’ birth. Lots o love dollface, i mean, snack face!

    • 59 snackface

      mary ann- Honaayyyy!! I hope you are living it up on our b-day!! I’m currently wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea and studying. But tonight…muhahaha who knows! Git dat pinot for me. Wheatgrass is for suckas. I send my love and happy birthday wishes!

  57. omg i can totally relate to wanting to be 21 part II!!! 22 feels so old– its not though πŸ™‚ we still have our entire twenties :)\

    great eats as us ual!!!!!!!!!

  58. Woah, spinach and artichoke Sabra? That must be amazing! I have not found it in stores near me, but I will have to keep looking.

  59. Mmmmm that restaurant looks bomb diggity! So much hummus-y goodness! I officially LOVE parsnips. We eat them a lot in England as part of the traditional roast sunday lunch. I’ll be making a big old batch for Thanksgiving – roasted to a perfect crisp! Glad you had such a wonderful time celebrating turning 21 again!

  60. 63 Araba

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!! I guess your bday like Bey Bey Beyonce is reason enough to finally unlurk (delurk?)!! Haha!! I hope your day is happy and productive with a sprinkling of crazy. Make sure you are sung the birthday song at least once and try to find cake somewhere, even if you have to crash a random party in the process.

    Hears to checking off that list ala Mr. Stevie Wonder:
    “Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birrrthdayyy…”

    • 64 snackface

      Araba- Haha thank you so much for delurking because I got to enjoy your whimsical/ musical comment!

  61. happy birthday!

  62. Man, look at those awesome eats!

    and Happy Birthday Beautiful!!! I even linked your bday to my blog πŸ™‚

  63. Happy 2nd annual 21st birthday!!!!! I know you are going have a fab birthweek and soon enough you will be frolicking around NYC living the bossy socialite lifestyle!

    p.s. That hummus looks amazing. I die.

  64. happy birthday my dear snackface! i hope you have a gloriously wonderful day, eat lots of yummy food, don’t study too hard for finals, get to share a drank or two with muffin and enjoy being 21 again!

    you are sweet, kind and fabulous, and I love ya!!!!

  65. Happy birthday, lil lady! 21 Part two watch out nah!
    That was so sweet of your advisor to treat you to lunch. The flat bread and hummus looks amazing!!

  66. Happy Birthday and goodluck on the move! Great lookin photos too btw!

  67. 71 Lisa

    Happy Birthday!!!


    Salaam looks like my kind of joint. Love the Med! Are those slippers from Target? If so, I have the same ones. The ‘it works’ reminds me of the little bird on the Gnu bar who also says ‘it works’ haha.

    Get into some crazy shenanies and have a blast!! I hope 21, part two is just as good as 21, part one πŸ™‚

  69. Just found your blog through Holly’s (The Healthy Everythingtarian) and I love it! There’s nothin’ better than baked sweet potatoes with ketchup, triscuits, and Sabra’s hummus. You have good taste girl. And did I see that you’re moving to NYC soon? That’s where I live! Want to be friends? Hah, was that weird? Probably…

    • 74 snackface

      Megan- No, that is not weird at all! We are going to be friends fa sho! I arrive Saturday, Nov. 22. AKA in a few days πŸ™‚

  70. 75 lowandbhold

    Happy Birthday girlie! I am so excited for you and your big move! How can your teachers expect you to do work when you have that excitement to look forward to?

    Hope today is fab. I miss 21. Can I be 21, part 3? Or, in two months, part 4? Yeah, I think I’m going to go with that.


    I totes know what you mean about turning 22. 21 is such a hard age to leave…I hated it.

  72. Happy birthday!!!! My favorite thing to do on my birthday is buy some amazing dark chocolate and then eat it!

  73. 78 SΓΌnne

    Happy Birthday! Hope you’re having the most awesome first day of 21, part 2!!!

  74. 79 shell625

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN!!! hope you have a great day being 21 part two.. my fav thing to do on my birthday is to be w/ my looves, get my drank on, and have fun! hope you have a great dya


  75. lovepie you best be engaging in tons and tons of birthday shenanigans right about now! and I fully support 21 part deux. In fact, I suggest you keep re-celebrating you 21st bday ’til I catch up to you.. then we can grow old together and be cute and cuddle in our old age and eat ‘spoonfuls and PB and hummus and wear our hot yellow and pink stunner pants and listen to lil wayne and just be so perfie together. You dig?!


    hugs and kisses and the whole shabang for you <3! xo

  76. Happy birthday girlie!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in N\YC:)


    22 can be a rough age to turn, embrace it with all the beauty it has to offer!

    I like to celebrate birthdays with good food, good wine and good friends πŸ™‚

    You deserve a fabulous birthday xo

  78. Heck yes HAPPY 22nd BIG HUGE BIRTHDAY lovely dear Kailey! I hope you’re out being crazy and celebrating like you do best. WORK IT! I expect recaps of many moves being madly busted in celebration. Do it up Snackface style and do it up HARD. Hope it’s fabulous in every single way possible! xoxox

  79. I like the festive holiday plates!

  80. 85 Rebecca

    Happy birthday!

  81. Happy birthday!! I’m on my second anniversary for my 21st birthday. wonder how long i can keep this up…

  82. 87 runningmind

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Rock out on your day girl!!

  83. 88 Jennifer

    Happy Birthday cute thang!!

    I’m interested in these roasted turnips. I tried the cheetahs because of you (LOVE) and so now I think I’ll give these a whirl, as well.

    I hope you have/had a kick ass 21 part deux

  84. Happy birthday dear! I’m sure this yr will be EVEN better than 21 since you have sooo much to look forward to; can’t wait to tag along and see what unfolds for you! πŸ™‚

  85. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! can’t wait to see all the fun pictures of what your did!!! I love to shop and go out to dinner on my birthday! and that does not include work at all! I worked one day on my birthday and swore Id NEVER do that again!

  86. Love your mug! And happy happy birthday to you!

  87. 92 Sarah

    Hey Kailey:)
    first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Wow, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful day.
    I need to tell you, since it’s your special day, that you are such an ispiration to me- you won’t believe. I want to thank you for making me smile even on bad days, when I read your blog- I keep on reminding me every time that you can choose your attitute- this really changed my life.. ok enough of that;-)

    I have another random question: Where did you buy your cute Coffeecup with the K? I love it and want to get one as well..

    One big hug from Germany,

    • 93 snackface

      Sarah- Awww way to make me TEAR UP!!! You are so, so sweet. Thank you for sharing this with me. Oh, and the coffee cup with a K is from Anthropologie! MamaJ got it a couple years ago, so I’m not sure if they still have em! I send my love and hugs πŸ™‚ xoxo

  88. Happy birthday! I hope that this is your most amazing year ever! : )

  89. 95 canadiangirl

    I know how you feel, I turned Twenty-one, part 2 in June! lol

  90. Hope you had a great birthday!!

  91. on MY bday—I eat cake πŸ™‚ and do not feel bad about it, I also will buy myself something nice

    cute shirrrrtttt

    love the decor at that meditterrean restaurant, i am sure teh hummus was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! it looked so creamy and smooth and delicious!

    have a wonderrrfffull day!

  92. gahhhh i just caught up! will your fam adopt me? i want to be part of the snackface clan. especially with those poochies!! SO.. what else did i love? christmas brew. birthday fun. boob photos. ab moves! yes. really cute pear necklaces. the outfit was a DO. got. it. on. WOOWEE! ok is that quote just me or do y’all get it? ok movin on.. what else? ah yes.. hummus. i guess i will keep my birthday ideas to myself… sigh.


  93. 99 elise

    i know im late but happpppy effing birthday!!!! (and since i know you are already en route) WELCOME TO NYC!!!!!!!!!!!

    im so so so excited for you and your career and your mini stay in the big apple. ok ok, im also excited to meet up with my fave snackface, fellow hummus aficionado, and all around fabulous lady!!

    see you soooooooooooon!

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