Inside Out


Hi puddings! I cannot tell you how happy I am that I didn’t scare you away with my gassy post. Seriously, it means a lot to me that you accept me the way I grossly am 🙂

Monday night I went to bed with a pounding headache, a sore throat and swollen glands under my jaw/ on my neck. When I was shaken from my slumber at 7am today, I thought, “Do I really have to go to class and present today?” By 7:15 I’d pulled my tired, sore self from bed, looking forward to two things:

oats in a jar

Oats in a jar and coffee!

As a late-night snack Monday, I had 1/3 C oats covered in a spoon of White Chocolate Wonderful that I’ve had since March:

comfort late night snack

This helped my sore throat immensely. At least mentally it did.

That snack allowed me to fill the nearly empty jar in the morning with 1/3 C oat bran, 1+ 2/3 C water, cinnamon and 1/2 melted banana:

oats in a jar 2

Oat bran has major volume. Unlike my hair.

To be honest, I do not dig oats in a jar. I also cannot help but think of “D*ck in a Box” whenever I read/write/say “oats in a jar.” I even tried my favorite chica‘s method of putting the lid on the oats for a while and then shaking to incorporate the peanut butter throughout, but I had peanut butter-less oats until I reached the bottom of the jar:

oats in a jar 3

Finally. At least this part was decadent.

It’s not a bad butter method, but it’s not my favorite. I’d rather have it on top any day. Take that sentence how you will.

I got myself glammed up for class and then headed out the door with plenty of time to make it by 9:30am. Until I remembered that we were actually starting class at 9am today. Damn it.

Flustered, I half-jogged to class with my note cards in-hand, going over my speech in my head. “This isn’t going to be the required 10-minute length. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I keep my sh** together?!

I walked into class quietly and sat in terror as my classmates presented the specialized business magazines they’d studied over the course of the quarter. “How do they get their Power Points to look so good?

“Kailey, you’re next,” my professor said.

Within a second, I convinced myself I could do this. I was chatty enough, right? I can make jokes and ramble, right? I know more about Nation’s Restaurant News than my classmates, right?

Before I knew it, the prof held up the “two minutes left” sign and I found myself cramming in the remaining information in time. Looks like faking it until you make it really works. Believing in yourself helps, too.

I ran home between 11am and 12pm to pack my lunch. I don’t normally have a snack at this time, but my stomach was screaming. I fed it with two unpictured dried apricots and a Hermit while I packed a little lunchizzle:


Vitaminwater 10, sandwich and Honeycrisp. Snowman mug wanted in, too.

This time, I left the insides out so y’all could see the sandwich instead of a ton of aluminum:

hummus veg sando

Little dark! So sorry.

Layered between the sandwich thins: TJ’s mango ginger chutney, Sabra, Frank, mustard, cucumber slices and spinach. When I ate this two hours later, it was divine.

Before that, however, I relieved myself one last time before heading to class. This is when I noticed my underwear was inside out. And lemme tell ya, homegirl does not wear skinny jeans with granny panties. Catch my drift? Yeah, left it inside out.

English class was fantastic. I’m going to miss that professor. In class, he shared that our final papers are due on November 18, AKA my birthday. The rest of my finals are Friday the 20th. Looks like I won’t be going out for my 22nd. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll find a way.

I ate lunch, bought a peppermint tea for my throat and checked emails from 2pm to 3. Film class from 3 to 5 was a doozie, though. Not only did tea need to come out, but some of yesterday or today’s fiber was ackin’ a fool.

I hit up the library from 5 to 6 to grab as many books as possible for a paper that’s due Thursday. Not excited about this, but I’ll manage.

When I made it home, I was starving! I had a photo shoot while waiting for thangs in the oven:

fun collar

Hey boobs. Had to do a close-up because the stripes were going crazy in full shots.

Crazy-collared Express shirt tucked into Forever 21 skinny jeans. I wore black flats and the H+M jacket you’ve seen a trillion times. I miss my head in this picture 😦

Anyway, I scarfed this down as soon as it was cool enough:

squash and fu fries

Acorn squash with craberry apple butter and baked tofu fries. Ridiculous.

I sliced up both components, sprayed them with non-stick and powdered them with cinnamon, then threw them in a 457*F oven for 30 minutes, flipping after 15 minutes. Absolutely marvelous:

fu fries close

These were crazy delicious. And I didn't press them for long, either.

A whole squash and 1/3 block of tofu may be plenty for some, but not for good ol’ SnackFace. My appetite has been off the charts today. I was legitimately hungry half an hour after this. Hayyy cereal:

barbara bowl

Barbara bowl.

I also ate two Hermits while writing a review about them. It was part of my job. And now I’m hungry again!

We don’t have class tomorrow, so I will take advantage by doing more work tonight and writing a paper during the day. Who’s pumped for a brand new Glee tomorrow? I am! I am!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What do you make of days when it feels as though you’re a bottomless pit?
I figure I didn’t eat enough the day before or something, so I just roll with it!


58 Responses to “Inside Out”

  1. 1 Sara

    Nice presentation outfit!! You look great and you’re right – telling yourself you’re gonna rock it is all it takes! I LOVE giving presentations and dressing up for them… luckily grad school offers many opportunity to do so! If you ever ever ever need help with ppt/wanna glam it up a little, holla! Seriously!

    Your post tonight was a mirror image of my day. I slept in through morning class (again, shit) and wore something SOOO similar to your entire outfit! Bottom up: the black flats, (ok so, black pants), blue/white pinstripe shirt, blazer that everyone loves (got a wicked story behind it – my fave type of clothing), down to the bracelet on your hand!! I also made a snackface dinner today… a Hugh Jass salad yummmmehhh with a half-wholewheat-pita salad-wrap on the side cuz i knew i’d be hungry! I just got tofu so I’ma try those tofu fries soon! Thanks for the wicked idea!

    Good luck on your paper!

    • 2 Sara

      OH YA and my underwear was totally inside out for the entire day until I noticed. I was just happy i didn’t notice. It was a good laugh!

  2. your eats + outfits ..seriously.. amazing! I know what you mean about the speech thing, ive had a simliar experience! im sure you totally OWNED it.
    oh and forever 21 has my heart

  3. 4 BroccoliHut

    Crazy cute top!! I love me some ruffles:)

  4. So, I have had the same underwear experience…twice. I suppose exhaustion does that to a girl 🙂 Where did you get Cranberry Apple Butter? YUM. One more question: Was that shirt from this season? If so, I may have to be a copy cat.

    • 6 snackface

      Whole Body Love- Hey boo! The shirt was actually a clearance item last November. Otherwise, I’d totally say get it so we can match!

  5. i was a total bottomless pit today too – usually when aunt flow comes into town, i know i am hangry for anything and everything.

    your dinner looks ridic. i still have not made my own tofu, because i seriously messed it up the first time. but i am getting more and more confident in giving it another shot. and seriously, homegirl’s email chain made my day. i cannot express how much i loved you two more and how much i pissed my pants reading it. LOVES YOU!!!

  6. HI HONEY! i just did a brief catchup on your lovely happs. holy balls you have some surriously cute threads!! love the ruffly shirt annnd the gray sweater/boots thang from a few posts back. glad to see you and muffin out and about with eye candy 🙂 i missed you! glad i am back in action!! MWAH

  7. 9 shell625

    i hate stressful situations like that!! glad you did well- that outfit was freakin adorable! stop being so gorgeous 🙂 haha

    and that sandwich looks pretty tastyy.

    hmm- i usually end up feeling guilty on bottomless pit days haha i don’t even know.


    ps- forever 21 jeans are hte best deal ever.

  8. 10 fruitsveggieslife

    You are far too adorable. Cute cute cute.

    The eats, the outfit, the presentation? Fantastic. 🙂

    Bottomless pit days… I usually eat as normal and drink tons of water. Meh.

  9. 11 crazylittlethingneela

    i hope you are feeling better after going to bed like that. but i’m sure that oatmeal sure helped power you through that presentation!
    bottomless pit days? i usually listen to my body and eat a bit more on those days. in the end it all evens out of days where i am not that hungry

  10. Ahh that’s so stressful when you realize class started earlier than you thought, particularly if you have an exam or presentation. I’m glad you were able to do well on your presentation, though!

    Your shirt is SO adorable, we should definitely hit up some stores while you’re in NYC;)

    Hmmm, when I’m a bottomless pit I find that sipping that Vitamin Water helps or chewing gum. Usually I just end up raiding the fridge though:)

  11. Mmm oats in a jar. I love em, but I love WCW PB even more. Haven’t had it in a while though, maybe I’ll pick some up. You’re right though…oats in a jar reminds me of dick in a box everytime I say/write it. haha

    HOT outfit chica! The ruffles are fab!

    When I eat more than usual I really think it’s my body’s way of telling me what it needs. Like maybe I’m not getting the nutrients I need, or enough food in general.

  12. I love white chocolate wonderful! yum!

  13. Cute outfit.. Your baked tofu looks super yum too!

    If I cant stop eating its usually bc I didnt have enuf for breakfast or the day before. UH usually though its just because I like to eat 🙂

  14. Super cute outfit today and I’m glad your presentation went well!

    I haven’t had oats in a jar yet, but I agree that it’s nice to spread your oatmeal fixings on TOP of your oats!

  15. love this post my love!! on days i feel like a bottomless pit i just go with it! theres obviously a reason as to why our bodies are telling u to eat 🙂

    i LOVE those tofu fries– do you think you could post a how-to on how to make them? & i LOVE acorn squash soo good!

    love you doll!

  16. meant to say telling US to eat not just U lol!

  17. i feed my body. if i don’t i just can’t concentrate on anything else! sometimes this means eating a lot of something dense (like nut butter) globs and globs of it.

  18. Sorry about the pre-presentation stress, but you rocked it, which is awesome!! I’m exactly the opposite — when I have to present I get nervous, and when I get nervous I talk really really fast… and it’s kind of hard to fill all the time that way. :p

    It never occurred to me to pair tofu with cinnamon like that. Hmmm.

    ❤ ❤

  19. “just rolling with it’ is such a wonderful, healthy strategy!! I’m glad you are able to listen to your body when it screams to you 🙂 .. As a side note, Oats in a jar also sounded a little odd or eccentric to me, but my curiosity overwhelms that thoughtl, hehe.

    Also, that shirt is tres chic! Way to pull off a rockstar outfit.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday lovely lady!

  20. Gleeeeeeee!

  21. D*ck in a box!!? LMAO over here, oh my god. Lol.

    I’ve eaten the oats in a jar a few times and the best way is to dig out some nut butter with your spoon first while still leaving some at the bottom. Then fill the jar w/oats and top with the spoon! Works well and that way every bite is decadent.

    There’s normally a week out of every month where I just find myself ravenous. I agree, just roll with it, our bodies know way more about how much fuel they need than some food pyramid or suggested meal plan….

  22. 24 hemp jogger

    thanks for the underwear story…i’ve done that a few times. whatevs, no one knows but you. and the other day i did something MUCH more ridiculous involving underwear and pantyhose. i shall not share, but idk wtf my brain was.

    also, love the ‘fit.

    dumb ?–but do you eat the skin of the acorn? its the only squash i havent had the hide; wasnt sure if it was edible? thanks!

    • 25 snackface

      hemp jogger- The skin is edible, so I ate some of it, but not all of it. The thing with the skin is that it will clean you out. I’m not kidding. So I try not to eat too much of it.

      • 26 hemp jogger

        aaah, good to know…for certain days 😉


  23. I still can’t stop laughing from your comparison of oats in a jar. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at oats in a jar the same way again!

    And thank you!! for the shout-out. I was so excited 🙂

    Your posts are too fun; you really have a way with words!

  24. i didn’t know you had another website!!

    • 29 snackface

      Jenna- Yea! It’s actually for a class, so it’ll probably die after this quarter. So sad.

  25. I’m totally with you!! I am a bottomless pitt when I feel like I didn’t eat enough the day before…but I think you do the best job out of all people to NOT overeat! I seriously have never seen too much fluctuation in your day-to-day, and that’s really what I’d love to strive towards. 🙂

    I LOVE kabocha squash! I have a suggestion for ya! If you steam kabocha squash, it gets sweeter, and it is AWESOME topped on a cold salad during winter time! I hate how my tummy feels all cold after salads (especially during winter) so the sweet steamy squash really kicks up the salad a huuuuuge notch!

    Ps. That is TOTALLY my kind of outfit. I love girl ruffles on a shirt. 🙂 So feminine and fun.

    • 31 snackface

      luckytastebuds- Aw, thanks for wanting to strive towards my minimal fluctuation. However, there are normally a few other snacks that are unpictured, such as pretzels with hummus or an additional mug of cereal. Last night however, it was some more cereal, 100 cal bag of popcorn and finally a half naner with almond butter. I’m normally not that hungry at night, so I knew something was up and just went with it. Just wanted to clarify that more eating goes on than what’s pictured 🙂

  26. 32 Lizzy

    I love your shirt girl! 🙂 i’m going shopping this weekend, and just might need to hunt that down!

    bottomless pit days for me are taken, but i just watch how much i eat,and just eat what i’m craving at the time without over doing it!

    I hope you have an awesome day babe!

    • 33 snackface

      Lizzy – Ay beauty! I’m sorry to say the shirt is from a year ago 😦 But thanks for liking it!

  27. ha, I’ve totally done the underwear inside out before and not with granny panties either – that just makes it even funnier 🙂

    I always think it’s because I didn’t eat enough the day before, too. Or it’s just a random hungry day!

  28. I have that shirt in black! I love express clothes but their smalls are just not long enough 😦 I would never be able to wear that shirt with jeans because I can’t tuck it in!

    Anyway I always ended up rambling too much when I had to give presentations. Apparantly when I get nervous I start talking relly quickly and just spew out information.

    I usually am happy when I’m hungry all the time. I see it as some sort of sign that my metabolism is going strong or something…plus then I get to eat more 🙂

  29. I’ve totes been there with presentations when I was in my teaching program – timed, ‘what the hell am I going to talk about’, ‘why did everyone go ABOVE and BEYOND but me?’ Way to make it work, mama!!

    Hold the phone. Did you really put cinnamon on tofu? That’s brilliant!! I’m going to have to try that.

    Whenever I’m extra hungry I just roll with it. I figure it’ll balance out eventually!? HAPPY WEDNESDAY LOVIE!!

  30. P.S. We’re all gassy, and it only gets worse when you’re pregnant. Trust me!

  31. I did oats in a jar yesterday and the last few bites were straight up peanut butter. It was delicious but I wish I would’ve gotten more throughout the whole thing! Whoa…and I also had two Hermits for dessert. Weird! But oh so delicious. And I agree with your view on bottomless pit days–obviously your body is in need of something!

  32. love the outfit and LOVE forever 21 and H&M as well..fab style my dear

    i sometimes am ravishingly hungry about a half hour after a meal as well…its one of those ‘bottomless pit’ days…that barbara’s cereal I am sure did the trick AND its super delish

    sorry your oats in a jar weren’t amazing, but they look amazing!! I need to try some oatmeal!!

  33. Your tofu fries look so delicious! Mine never turn out that pretty, I’ll have to try your method 🙂 On my bottomless pit days I generally want to eat just chocolate and bread, so I try to reign it in and fill myself up with healthier foods.

  34. beautiful eats! I’m having acorn squash tonight 🙂

  35. Chica bonita–I’m sorry you didn’t love the dick in a box, er, oats in a jar 😦 Perhaps you needed mas leftover PB? Usually makes anything better.

    Es comico that we have synchronized snackless and bottomless pit days; or just proof that we belong together. Too much, too soon? I always embrace the BPDS; I admit they get a bit frustrating when they don’t subside for several days. But I’ve found that if I just eat til my tummy’s content–even if it involves an inhumane amount of eattttin–on a BPD, I’m usually far less hungry the next day/days. We are growin’ girls, yo…

    Ok–I’m leaaaaaving on a jetplane but just wanted to holler first bc TE AMO.

  36. Hmmm…what do you do when you are a bottomless pit EVERY day? That is my dilemma! : )

  37. 44 Zaineb

    Ok, not abs, just a flat stomach will be sufficient? like crunches, etc.
    Oh btw FOREVER21 is the best store ever! Fashion and affordability, they is callin my name! I went to this huge one in Chicago over the summer and i sware, i was in cheap diva heaven!

    • 45 snackface

      Zaineb- Oh hell, San Fran (where I was all summer) has a huge ass Forever 21 that rocked my world. And for the abs, I’ll go over my routine the next time I do it (Friday or Monday) to help a sistah out!

  38. 46 dorothy

    haha i loved this post so much!

    thong song made me think of that (very awkward) scene with mr schuster and emma (can you tell im psyched for glee too??!! love da yanks, but its been wayy too long)

    LOVE the shirt! i must get soething ruffly into my closet ASAP 😉

    sorry yo udidnt love the obran in a jar! /: how do you get so much water in only 1/3 cup, btw? i usually do a 1:3 ratio. do you cook it for a super long time? thanks!

    • 47 snackface

      dorothy- Thanks for diggin the shirt! As for the oatbran, I use a ton of water, I know! The key is that I have an old gas stove that gets hot in two seconds. I set the oats over the highest heat and let it boil away as I stir. It cooks so quickly! Today, I think I added 1+2/3 C water AND 1/3 C pumpkin. Holy volume.

  39. Can’t WAIT for gLee either! I am semi-obsessed with that show….glad to see someone else enjoys it too!!

  40. yay — glad to presentation went swell, puffin 🙂 I’d believe in myself too if I looked as perf. as you! your ta ta’s look extra hawt in pin stripes 😉 just thought I’d let ya know!

    I have been having bottomless pit days like no other lately. Speaking of which.. I’m hungry. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT! Love you x’s 10..


    🙂 xo!

  41. I try to just go with my hunger, too.

    And oh my goodness “Fake it till you make it” is my mantra. I think all teachers (like myself) have to do this about 200 times a day – is that a disheartening view of American education? I hope not…

  42. 51 merittothecarrot

    Don’t you wish you could just endlessly eat squash? I know I do… I also wish I was back in San Francisco.
    I’ve just restarted my blog and was curious if you remember, it was before Summer, my asking you about fabulous places in the city. I, too, spent the Summer there. I’m curious… do you find yourself frequently thinking of it? I remember every time I read your blog, I was totally envious of your VegNews dealio.

    I remember seeing your pictures from the free concert in Golden Gate Park, The Summer Thing, and totally freaking out because I was there too! Now that I’ve officially made myself sound like a creeper, I hope you a lovely evening! 🙂

    • 52 snackface

      merittothecarrot- Oh my gosh, I DO remember! You also don’t sound like a creeper, I promise. To answer your question: I miss it all the time. I’m not kidding. I love the city, the vibe, the people, my co-workers, the life I created out there—all of it. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.

  43. Love that outnit and I love the oats 🙂



  44. Cute outfit! Your tofu looks great too 🙂

  45. i love your outfit/want your long @$$ legs!

    i’m also not a huge fan of oats in jar, i like getting a little bit of pb in every bite instead of all 2tbs worth in the last three bites!

  46. I ate a box triscuits last night..I could NOT stop shoveling them into my mouth..I paid for it the next day lol. I think when you feel like a bottomless pit its important to just eat wisely the next day..mind you I’m sneaking off to Wally World right now for some more triscuits but I promise to share them out in a none cracker monster way 🙂

    • 57 snackface

      MissMcKenzie- Oh honey, I have done that exact same thing. That’s when I learned my stomach does not like shredded wheat in mass quantities. At least you were, uh, cleansed?

  47. Looove that shirt! I am so into button-ups this season! Ruffled ones especially!!

    When I am a bottomless pit, I just make sure I keep snack with me all day so I don’t end up getting candy bars or something equally unhealthy!

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