Snackie on a Schedule 2


What up, Snack pack! I love hearing about everyone’s backgrounds! I’m seriously missing a culture-rich background, but whatever. I’ll travel bunches to fill that void. Today I’d like to do a post that takes shape of me on a schedule, which I’ve done previously. You get to see how this freaky brain works.

7:58 am- Wake up two minutes before my alarm. I try not to be annoyed that I tossed and turn between 4 and 6am. Damn this busy brain. I put it to good use and get hopping on assignments.

9:06 am- Assignments completed and bathroom visited, I listen to Gaga’s “Boys, Boys, Boys” and contemplate how much it relates to my real life. “Boys, boys, boys, buy us drinks in ba-ars…” I nosh on the usual pre-workout breakfast that never lets me down, unlike boys, boys, boys:

pb n banana

Spotty naner with TJ's peanut butter.

9:30- Stop reading blogs! Get your hiney moving! Remember to pack assigned reading for my elliptical session. Oh, and stop letting yourself get a rumbling tummy during choir:

gym goodies

Pastoralia and half a White Chocolate Macadamia Clif (ate the other half last night before bed!).

9:40- Realize I show y’all only pictures of myself when I look decent. Change it:

thug gym look

Thug life.

10:55- Feel accomplished for completing 50 minutes on the elliptical and for knocking out 30 pages of reading.

11:07- Feel like I want to slap the person who’s eating fries in the gym. Or just steal the fries. Instead, I carry on with six different ab workouts, a plank and 100 crunches. Don’t toss my cookies. Success.

11:30- I eat my Clif while checking emails. Totally freak out the kid next to me not only by the Clif bar, but also my laughing loudly at Elizabeth’s comment: “Girl, you got more legs than a bucket of chicken…” This is brilliant! And thanks?

12pm- A sense of accomplishment washes over me as I walk to choir with my printed assignments for the afternoon’s class safely in my backpack. Then I realize I’ve just picked the underwear out of my badunk while walking out of the library. I should learn to censor myself.

12:30- Why are we learning a new song when this is our last practice of the quarter? Can’t I skip out of here before everyone eats delicious non-vegan cookies that our director has so kindly purchased for us? Nope.

1:06- Put lentils on the stove to cook while I shower. Am a paranoid mess while showering. I’m positive that I’ll walk out to a burning kitchen.

1:11- Nope, they’re safe and sound, cooking away. Should have taken the time to shave my pits. Oh well.

1:30- Fix my random craving for pasta sauce, broccoli and lentils:

lentil not-pasta

Spicy Lentil Not-Pasta with toasted Arnold's Thin half, smeared with Smart Balance Light.

This was really delicious! I cooked 1/4 C lentils with 3/4 C water. When the liquid was almost completely absorbed, I added 1/2 C Prego veggie pasta sauce, Frank, pepper and broccoli. Fast, easy and amazing. (And I’m not talking about myself.)

1:45- It hits me that I’m going to have horrific gas later. Oh, you thought I was going to sugar coat that? Nah, not here.

1:50- I’m not full. Honeycrisp, I need you:

lunch dizzert

Dessert with a side of Gmail.

2:55- Why are there so many smokers in 2009? And why do I always get stuck walking behind them en route to class? Wave my arms at the smoke in annoyance. I don’t care if they think I’m a freak. I am.

3:02- Oh my gosh. I’m going to be 22 in nine days. Oh my f-ing gawd. I’m going to be in NYC in exactly two weeks!

3:15- What presentation is my professor talking about? What? We have presentations today? WHAT!?!

3:25- Oh sweet Yay-Zeus. We’re basically presenting our assignments that are already finished. I can talk for hours about this article, so it’ll be fab.

4:10- I’m mid-sentence. I realize the whole class senses my disdain about the slaughter of animals for food. My voice and sarcasm are so telling. Damn.

4:35- Muffin looks super cute today. I want her cardigan. Why do I look like a boy (AMAZING song still):

like a boy

Jacket from Italia is hiding a plain ol' baseball 3/4-sleeved tee.

5:10- So happy I found my roomie on the street. Also happy she offered to scan my Foodbuzz paperwork so that I don’t have to spend money to fax it.

6:10- Am starving and have to pee. I eat a Hermit while waiting for roomie to come out of the shower. These are phenomenal!

6:30- Once relieved, I assemble dinner:

zupa y salad dinner

Large and in charge salad with veggie soup.

In the mix: baby greens, yellow pepper, wrinkly cherry toms, cucumber, balls, salsa, balsamic and fresh cracked pepper.

7:23- Hate myself a little bit for eating so much roughage. Try to distract myself/assuage the tum with another Herm:


Dangerously delicious Hermit and my man hand.

8:00- Write myself a note to remind everyone to check out darling, intelligent, giving and super sweet Katie’s blog. Help a sistah (and countless others) out!

8:10- Listen to “Paparazzi” for the twentieth time today. How am I realizing only now that Gaga is an artist in many capacities?

And now, my doves, I’m getting ready for a capella practice, making a list of what I need to do this week and still regretting eating lentils, broccoli, lettuce, a whole bell pepper and other fibrous foods all in one day.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: Did I completely gross you out with this post? My apologies. OK, real Q’s: Who’s your favorite new-to-you artist, music or otherwise? AND What is your favorite fibrous food?
I’m digging Gaga, Drake and Kudi right now! My favorite fibrous food would have to be some great cereal, such as Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls. One serving may not be too fibrous, but SnackFace serving sizes are (like many mugfuls).


61 Responses to “Snackie on a Schedule 2”

  1. 1 Lindsey

    girl I hear ya on the roughage- I also cannot SMELL so when things are going down, I never know if I need to apologize or pretend nothing happened. officially TMI. =)

    Love the blog, thanks for being so utterly honest. It’s refresshhing.

  2. I can handle the snackie dirtay talk–PG13 d-talk, anyway JAJA.

    I am so happy you tried and love Herms; they are f-ing addicting. I went through my last box in like 2 days BY MYSELF; so I’ve yet to open a new one. I feel it coming on soon, though…

    Fave fibrosityyyyy would be either oat bran or beans, beans (porque they’re good for your heart… and the more you eat them…)

    Fave part of this post would be the reminder that YOU WILL BE IN NYC IN TWO WEEEEEEEEEEEKS! OOOOOOHMYGAH.

  3. Love muffin! Gaga rocks my world… At first I thought she was just off her rocker, but now I know that she’s utterly phenominal. Looooove her.

    Can I comment on the kid thinking a Clif bar was weird? (I think that’s what you were implying?) PEOPLE ALWAYS LOOK AT ME WEIRD WHEN I EAT CLIF/LUNA/LARA BARS. And they’ll be straight up eating pop-tarts and Snickers. I don’t get it! I hateeee when people give me shit for “eating healthy”.

  4. Awwwww thank you!!

    Haha I heard Paparazzi today on the radio. That song is seriously everywhere!

  5. Are you kidding girl. You still look WAY beyond decent in your workout gear!

  6. 6 Lizzy

    you are so freakin cute! i can’t handle it! I love your workout gear, and the fact that you read while you are on the elliptical, i dont think i could do that!

    If you think you eat alot of fibrous foods in one day, spend a day with me. woops tmi?? hehe. i’ll stop here with fear of grossing you out! tehe

    have a great night love! 🙂

  7. Awesome post! Not gross at all – totally real and hilarious! Keep it up. =P Farts and poop are life. Without them, what would humor be? BORING. Ha.
    I really do like this post. It’s neat to get an “backstage” look into snackface’s life full of eats and hectic (FUN) college life! 🙂

  8. 8 dorothy

    listening to paparazzi too!

    a group of acapella girls (cough) from my school sang it in a “music idol” kinda thing. i would facebook it to you, but…taht’s kinda creepy haha

  9. Lady Gaga is one of my faves too…always gets my butt moving at the gym! And I love Fiber One cereal. Too much. I’m a senior citizen, I know.

  10. 10 dorothy

    omg! i just read the question and i am LOVING (obsessing over) kudi rigght now too! ahahah creepily coincidental.

    love me some beans and chickpeas!

  11. 12 traynharder23

    right now- gaga is amazing….and i like stereos’ summer girl….
    beans rock. adn brock.

    barbara’s bakery doesn’t make enough cereal to keep up with me.

  12. love how you took use through your day 🙂

  13. 14 shell625

    hahaah this is hilarious… love the post! & i would be super annoyed with the person eating the fries as well
    & i still think u look decent in that picture!
    idk i’m in need of new musicc…and any fruit! esp apples 🙂


  14. sorry, i was the person eating fries in the gym 😉 don’t hate. Are hermits like fig newtons? because my batch of figgy newtons are half gone 😦

    1. love ur time re-cap of the day
    2. even going to the gym, you look steezy
    3. that salad looks uhmazing and i plan on making something similar tomorrow for my 4 hour hell class…whole foods will save me 🙂
    4. i am thinking that u may be turning me vegan more than u think bc ur food looks so good.

    night babycakes.


  15. Cute biker-ey shorts! I just bought a pair of skimpy shorts today like that to do yoga in and I have to say, I am sooo lovin’ em. Havent practiced in em but I love the freedom feeling my legs are enjoying without long yoga pants in the way. And I’m almost 5’11 so I hear ya on the legs thing. You’re pretty tall too arent, you! Tall girls unite to find pants long enough LOL

    • 17 snackface

      Averie- I’m just an inch under you! Wow, I can’t believe you;re 5’11”, though! For some reason I thought you were a shawty…no clue why though.

  16. your lentil dish looks awesome
    haha. who cares if your gassay, just make a stink face and look around.. ”wasnt you!”

  17. hahaha.. LOVE this post!! okay who eats fries in the gym? thats totally weird.. i would want to punch them also…love all of your outfits girl, you even look effortlessly beautiful going to the gym!

    • 20 snackface

      kbwood- Gah! Thanks for boosting my ego 🙂 I’m convinced someone who works at the gym was eating the fries, in which case, that’s especially cruel!

  18. My favorite fiberous food is kale!! I swear I ate my weight in Kale Chips today!! I am not at all grossed out…I LOVE your honesty!

  19. I just discovered La Roux yesteday (yes I’m super behind) and I really like her song “Bulletproof”. Paparazzi is great & Alexander Skarsgard is in the video clip which is an other lovely bonus ;).
    I’m kind of obsessed with lentils so I’d say they’re my favourite fiberous food. However, they have some side effects that aren’t extremely welcome :).

  20. FAB post my dear…and those hermits are quite addicted I am so with you on this

    fav fibrous food would have to be apples or beanssss…chickpeas to be exact yumm…also love spinach!

    i do love that lady gaga song and have you heard her new one “bad romance” WOW its great I listen to it on repeat…another great one is Tik Tok by kesha..great runmning tune!

    • 24 snackface

      Naomi- Because of your comment, I listened to that Gaga song on replay as I was putting on my face this morning. LOVE. IT.

  21. KUDIIIII! I am obsessed with im right now. Love it all.

    ugh, I hate walking behind smokers. The smoke blows right back into your face, so annoying. I also hate when my dad smokes in the car, then I go to drive, and it totally reeks in there. Nasty.

    Oh Fiber, you make my family want to run and hide, but I love you so! haha

  22. I love you, were like sisters from another mother, my 22nd is the 14th, hollar. Your blunt, and real, love it, btw, and funny and you make me laugh so hard, to where I might have broken a rib. Happy B-day , well early b-day and new york hey!

    • 27 snackface

      earthybrit- Thanks for the kind words, sistah! Your b-day is the 14th and mine is the 18th! Woopwoop! Happy early B-day to us!

  23. Busy day! I loove your way of putting humor into like every situation–I so need to learn to do that more often 🙂

    New fav music?? Well I have been listening to a lot of Owl City lately..more specifically Fireflies!

  24. I’m really digging Regina Spekter right now and Lily Allen. Favorite fibrous food? Funny you should mention lentils b/c they’ve been making quite an appearance lately in my lunches.

  25. 30 julie

    owl city is SO good 🙂 definitely give it a whirl. hmmm I heart fiber in all forms but I think I would have to say apples? or broccoli slaw or just plain broccoli or canned pumpkin. who am I kidding fiber runs my life

  26. This was the most fun post I’ve read in a long time. Love the timed play-by-play. May steal this idea in the future, just to warn you. You’re brilliance inspires me. Thanks for a fun read.

    • 32 snackface

      joieandrileysmommy- Aww, thank you so much! Feel free to use the idea! Send me a link when you do 🙂

  27. Grossed out? Nope. Highly amused, though!! 😉

    I am a lover of fiber, I have recently discovered. I never even realized how many fibrous foods I like!! This should be a big big problem, but lucky for me (or for those around me), it somehow is not.

    ❤ ❤

    • 34 snackface

      blueeyedheart- Lucky! Actually, I feel as though some days fibah affects me in that way and sometimes it doesn’t. I know those pesky lentils can be a devil for me, though.

  28. I actually quite enjoy an overshare. Something quite entertaining and awkward about too much personal information!

    Lovin the ‘fit! Both #1 and #2 🙂

    If you think showering with the oven on freaked you out, I had to rush my husband to the hospital a couple months back and he informed me that the oven was on with pizza inside…ya scary situation overall!

  29. “Feel like I want to slap the person who’s eating fries in the gym. Or just steal the fries.”


    this made me laugh multiple times out loud in my office. i think my coworkers can sense i am reading blogs and NOT doing work in the am 🙂

    gosh, we need to meet up sometime. sooooo excited for your bday and for NYC!!!!! wooowooooooooo…have a lovely fab day!

    my fave new artist is brother ali, an albino rapper from Minneapolis who is the shit. check that brotha out!

    • 37 snackface

      Holly – Oh homie, you KNOW we’ll meet up sometime. It will happen. And I’ma check Brother Ali out later!

  30. 38 eatolive

    hahah i have no boundaries – love the honesty about the gas. we all get it sometimes (sometimes more than other times haha), we all poo, we all pee, its human! 🙂

    i might steal your timed play by play format for my next post 😉

    • 39 snackface

      eatolive- Totally do the timed play by play and send me a link! 🙂

  31. Oh, can I just say thanks for not making me the only person who eats a meal regardless of impending gassiness?? Don’t pick your butt in the library girlie. That’s what gyms are for…

    You’re freaking out about 22? I’m a little nervous about 25…

  32. You, my dear, are so cute and funny I nearly pee myself every post (or cry like the infamous muffin sitch). Can I just say you really make my day. I can’t tell you how much I adore reading your blog its just so real and so fun and I pretend we’re like friends in real life-is that weird or do all bloggies do that? Keep at it girl, your FAB-U-LOUS. Ps Come to VT to see homegirl and me

    • 42 snackface

      mary ann – MELT. MY. HEART. You are too damn sweet, shoog! It’s completely normal to pretend we’re friends in real life; that’s what I want! I want people who read to feel like they know me and can talk to me, just as they would a friend.

      • holy moley, guacamole! CANNOT believe you responded/read my comment. I feel like a little kid who received a response back from fan mail. Cant wait to see whats on the menu for the rest o’ the day!!

  33. 2:55- Why are there so many smokers in 2009?

    I wonder the same thing! I was walking home from the gym last night and I smelled cigarette smoke in our apartment hallway. I proceeded to walk up and down the hall, trying to figure out where it was coming from (like I was going to knock on the door and yell at the person or something?)… next thing I know, my roommate sees me when she’s coming back from the gym. She was like, “What are you doing? You’re so ridiculous!”

    • 45 snackface

      lauradishes- I had yet another moment like this just a few minutes ago! I was trapped behind this kid who was smoking, and I totally thought of your comment! I don’t think you’re “so ridiculous.” OK, maybe we’re both a little ridiculous?

  34. 46 lowandbhold

    Love this. Gas and wedge picking doens’t even begin to gross me out. Keep it real, haha.

    You still look fab headin’ to the gym. You’re a diva.

  35. 48 Aimee Rancer

    Favorite band…hmmm…. I think you’d dig them. A band called Beulah. I bought their album “Yoko” randomly a few years back and am still obsessed. Their tracks never get old!!

    • 49 snackface

      Aimee- Ooh thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be Youtubing them when I get home!

  36. I think brocolli and lentils sounds amazing.
    Fave new artist = Cage the Elephant


  37. I’m loving Kudi, too! After I read that I just had to put on Up Up and Away. I recently discovered Portugal.Man, which I’m digging and for some reason I’ve been into Blink 182 again. I listen to Always all the time lately.

    Loved this post! It’s always cool to see a blogger’s day to day life, I should do a post like this soon.

  38. My favorite fibrous food is definitely broccoli! I load up on that stuff everyday. I love having that bloated belly after a bowlful of veggies :p hahaha maybe not but whatev.

    They’re not new to me or new at all, but I absolutely love Saosin. They’re great to work out to, and to give me some energy! I’ve been to two or three of their shows, and even got to meet them once. Looove it!

    Oh, and HERMITS! Best thing ever. I finished off half a package within a couple days after they were sent to me. The ginger flavor are to die for.

  39. 53 Zaineb

    Kailey, lets talk abs, how does one get them?
    I’m pretty skinny, just not very toned, and i want abs like u want another one of those hermits, bad!

    • 54 snackface

      Zaineb- Haha OK, I may do ab workouts, but this does not mean I have killer abs. Trust me, I want some too! My stomach is relatively (really, just relatively) flat, but I don’t have abs you can see or count. For me to get the abs I’d like, I’d probably have to cut carbs and sugar from my diet. Obviously, I’m not going to do that. So it’s semi-toned for this chica.

  40. That is quite the schedule!

    My favorite fiborous food is apples! Oh man! Love them!

  41. I just love how blunt you are. Literally laughing out loud over here, probs freaking my roomie out…but who gives. That day was surely fiber-filled, however the food looks amaze. Can i replicate that lentil-y pasta bowl now? K thanks!

    I also adore the pb/banana pre-gym fuel. I may have to have that for dessert tonight, the craving has HIT.

    And you look soooo much like mamaj in that second pic it’s ridic! You two are gorg!!

    Oh, and good to know that you’re “fast, easy and amazing”. Ahahahahahah i love you. Let’s talk soon! xoxo

  42. Shoooot mami! I always get too worked up and forget to answer your questions!

    Some girls have recently introduced me to Norwegian Recycling, and I just LOVE them. Their “no taylor no scar” and “how six song collide” are like, two songs that just combine some of the best mellow stuff together (jack johnson/john mayer/bob marley/jason mraz…)!! I looove. And hmm apples, broc and lentils are definitely my fiber friends.

  43. 58 Lisa

    No, didn’t gross me out. Cracked me up though!!! Loved it. My fave is broccoli for sure…

  44. Totally not grossed out! I love the reality of ya posts 🙂 ANd I ALWAYS end up behind smokers on the way to class…um, doesn’t that seriously slow down the walking??

    Lovin’ Britney Spears for her song “3” right now..girl’s still got it.

    And while eating a huge Fuji apple today, I realized how much I wanted it to never end 😉

  45. Pffft never too much grossness missy, that’s why you rock! Float along bounties of beautiful fibrous deliciousness and continue to tell all about it. You just make me want to eat MORE fiber right now, even with all of the tummy troub talk. I don’t think I could even pick a fav, though squash and it’s lovely lovely skin is quite high atop the list.

    I get paranoid taking showers when anything’s a cookin. I’m ALWAYS afraid the kitchen will be in flames when I get out. Even if it’s just the oven that’s on. Eek.

    Loving the timelines, they should be a regular snackface installment!

  46. 61 Sara

    HOW do you take only 5 minute showers?! I say you must have a great showerhead… mine is like rrrrain. but even so, you quick! i guess once i’m in, i just dont wanna get out!

    oh and love the “gross post” LOVE IT. who doesn’t pick their nose or wedgies or hold their farts for later… farting in public is like peeing in your pants….’cept everybody knows and that’s ok!!

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