“Dance Like an American!”


Homies! How we doing? It has been a crazy, crazy weekend. While the big blog dogs got to have a fabulous time in San Francisco, I didn’t wallow in self-pity (I miss SF!). Muffin and I had a bossy weekend despite our Athens, Ohio, location.

Friday night was a blast. Muffin and I chilled in her room before heading to our friend Prez’s house. He traveled to Greece over the summer and finally gave Muffin her present:

muff n greek pap

A newspaper, perfect for the editor of OU's paper. And doesn't she look gorgeous?

I was not on my picture-taking game Friday night, but by Saturday morning I was ready for healthy, hearty nourishment:

pumpkin raz oats

Pumpkin oats glammed up with raspberries.

In the mix: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, 2 scoops pumpkin, raspberries and drizzle of sunbutter. Not as good as normal oats and I blame the fact that the butter didn’t get a chance to spread over the entire top of the oats.

Muffin came over shortly after I ate and we talked and watched trashy television for a couple hours. It was luxurious.

I was actually hungry all day. I needed something desperately, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what. And then it struck me:

casa l chips n salsa

Chips and salsa!

Muffin and I went to Casa Lopez for an early bird dinner. It was 4:30pm. Yes, we’re senior citizens. I was so happy to eat this, though! Sometimes you have to get that “I-need-something-naughty-and-amazing” urge out of your system (aww shoooo…double entendre much?). I ordered the vegetarian fajitas as my entree:

casa lopez2

Greasy and delicious veggies.

The toppings:

casa lopez1

Gauc, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream (gag), rice and refried poo.

I ate only one real fajita. I gave up on the flour tortillas and ate just the veggies. With twice my body weight of chips and salsa. Some health nuts regard filling up on chips and salsa as a major no-no and a failure. I consider this to be a success. The aftermath:


Did work, son.

Muffin and I doddled out of Casa Lopez and wanted to nap. But being the trooper I am, I showered and got ready for the night. The outfit:

color dress 2

It was 70* F yesterday, thus allowing me to wear a barely-there dress. Score.

A note about the sandals: I actually don’t recommend sandals or shoes that cut off at the ankle like that with a dress that length. They do nothing to help elongate the leg. I, however, could not do another night in heels. My feet were broken.

I was expecting a night like any other. Not so. Muffin and I stopped at BP on our way back to her house and were asked by a tall, dark, handsome man, “Do you know where the good house parties are?” He said this in a heavy Spanish accent. Muffin’s response: “I’m having people over. You guys should come, too.” And that is how we spent the rest of the night salsa-ing with the two Spanish guys we met at a gas station.

I was enchanted:

espana y mi

Smoking hot. Bad pun, but know that I don't smoke anything- it makes me want to hurl.

Muffin liked them, too:

espana y muffin

Sexy can I?

We talked a ton about the cultural and fashion differences between their town in Madrid and our town in Middle America. They can’t understand why guys don’t get dressed up to go out on weekends (I can’t understand that, either), why girls wear sweats to class (ditto) and why girls grind their hineys into guys’ crotches and call it dancing. They dubbed it “dancing like an American.” I enjoyed every single second of watching their imitations. They also don’t get the American obsession with brew, but gave it a go because I peer-pressured them anyway:

being american

Hesitant. Not for long, muhaha.

We were hanging out with other people who weren’t strangers as well, so no need to worry about our safety.

By 11pm, we walked uptown to check out the bars. I was not having it:


I'ma, I'ma a diva.

So maybe I sucked it up and salsa-ed some more, but really, Muffin and I were tired! Muffin was so tired she wasn’t even dancing (truly bizarre):

gaga muffin

She wouldn't dance with him. This is what refusal looks like.

Approximately one minute after this, we left our Spanish lovers in the dust and walked home to our respective beds. It was midnight, AKA snack time when I got home:

typical snackage

FYI this happens almost every single night. I finally decided to take a pic! Also, 100 calorie packs are dookie. I always eat two packs.

See those tallied numbers on the paper? That was my counting what it would have cost for certain places to live in NYC. But guess what? I have found a friend with whom I can stay… fo free ninety-nine. I AM SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL! Had to “yell” that.

Sunday I awoke after a solid eight hours of sleep with motivation to get school work done. At 9:20am, I was already blogging for class. You can play a love game if you’d like. After writing that, checking out my classmates’ blogs and looking up flight times, I decided it was time for a meal:

pumpkin raz oats betta

Much better with berries mixed into the oats. They melt.

In the mix: 1/3 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, maple syrup, 1/3 C pumpkin, raspberries added in at end and topped with sunbutter. Absolutely fabulous.

Then I rushed to get ready for a choir concert! We had dress rehearsal from 1pm to 2:30pm, then had a break to get ready, then had to be back in the auditorium by 3:45. I came prepared with snacks:

packed snacks

But only ate the apple.

The concert was amazing! Performances are why I do choir. Singing in front of a crowd gives me a high that is so addicting I can’t resist. I also can’t resist the men of Section Eight, the male a capella group. Please sing to me all the time.

At 6:30, when our concert was finally over, I went to Red Brick with some choir chicas for dinner. Bar menus are not my favorite, especially this one, but I enjoyed this blurry salad:

red brick salad

Romaine, walnuts, apple and cranberries.

Ugh, this was not filling. Therefore, I’m off to go find a snack to accompany my homework. It’s been a glorious weekend, but it’s time to buckle down and power through this last week of classes. No more salsa-ing or dancing like an American for me.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What is your family background?
My family is English and, Popsicle jokes, hillbilly. That’s it. One day, I hope to be both Greek and Italian. How can I swing that?


58 Responses to ““Dance Like an American!””

  1. ahhh such a good adventure! looks like you and muffin had a blast with the hot foreigners. major props for inviting them over and hopefully dancing NOT like an american 🙂

  2. fajitas look great! glad you had a fun weekend with muffin 🙂

  3. 3 Lizzy

    i’ve been craving good chips and salsa so very much lately! That place always looks amazing everytime you go!!!!

    I can’t believe you girlies found those young lads, tehehe how fun! looks like the best weekend!


  4. What a fun night! Nice looking boys, too. 🙂

    Also I love veg fajitas – I almost always get them when I go Mexican. And I’m a straight up mutt of an American. A little of everything.

  5. Oh sexy Spaniards. What will we ever do with them? Perhaps have a chat, and a dance, and a blast of night… 😉 Sounds like a great time!

    In order to mega-culturize yourself you must live in Italy for 5+ years with your Greek lover or vice-versa. It’s up to you! As for me, I think I have enough on my plate: My father is Mexican, my mother’s mother is Colombian, my mother’s father’s mother is Irish & Scottish. I am an American mutt and loving it 🙂

  6. Hey girl!! I love you blog-ive been reading it and just crack up at some of the things you say-its hilarious!! & your food always looks SO GOOD! I just started a blog and am in college as well..and btw those boys are super sexy..get em girl! I have no idea what my family background is..i guess that shows how uneducated i am when it comes to that..i should ask mi padres!

    • 7 snackface

      kbwood- Awww thanks so much for reading and enjoying a little SnackFace! I’m heading over to your blog right…now!

  7. 8 Hannah

    I noticed whenever you go out to eat you never ask the wait staff to hold the cheese/sour cream/other dairy-substance for your order. Why don’t you? The wait staff 99% of them time is not going to make a big deal about it. It’s not like it’s a big deal for them to not put a blob of sour cream on a dish. Why not be more assertive when ordering, girl? Passive vegans suffer.

    • 9 snackface

      Hannah- You’re totally right about this. I need to grow a pair when I go out to eat. I find that it depends on the place. Like Casa Nueva, I always ask if things are vegan because I know they cater to that. Casa Lopez, however, is a very different restaurant and I figured it’d be more of a hassle to ask for things without dairy than to just avoid it on my plate. At Casa Lopez, the only thing I suffered from was a food baby. Thanks for the support/push, though!

  8. 10 shell625

    that dress outfit is seriously the cutest thing!! you’re adorable 🙂
    i love our oats pix- they always look sooo good. muffin’s black dress is also really cute! & yyumm veggie fajitas sound delicious


  9. Ok you come to my blog when you’re hungry and drool at the food…
    I come to your blog as I have a toddler and toys everywhere..and I see signs of my former life. Give or take. However, the guys you met are extremely hot, hotter than most I snagged. So hot, could they even be straight? LOL And I love the wearing sweats and crotch grinding convo. Classic! And smoking makes me wanna hurl too. And you look super sassy, middle america or otherwise, Work It, Grrrl!

  10. 12 elleneatsbeats

    Sexy Spaniards are, well, just sexy.

    Pretzels crisps are my FAV. Mi madre y yo do that hummus and pretzel crisp routine every time I come home from school. Foodie ❤

  11. Kailey you freakin’ crack me up all the time. Your blog should win best eats AND most interesting. FOodbuzz should definitely award you with a years supply of oats and nut butter. mhuhhaha

    I am totally for the 1 real fajita + clean the rest of the oily veggies deal. hahah And the chips + guacamole are a must, so you won in my book.

    Oh, and the rule on the sandals doing nothing for your legs?? Yeah, doesn’t apply you girl.

    • 14 snackface

      luckytastebuds- Oh my, please stop being so kind! OK no, you don’t have to stop, but thank you so much! I actually just sent Foodbuzz some paperwork, so maybe Foodbuzz awards 2010?! Woopwoop!

  12. Such delicious food! Your oatmeal always looks SO scrumptious!

    Well, even though I was born and raised (and still live) in Saudi Arabia, just like both of my parents, I am an American. In fact, some of my relatives were there as early as the 17th century.

    My mom is English/Irish/Scottish through and through. My dad’s father is French and his mother is from the Czech Republic. Not by way of America, just straight up Czech. And she is a holy terror….but that is another story.

  13. girl mexican and me are always best friends…chips, salsa, refried beans mmmmmm. my fav thing ever is veggie fajitas or spicy cheese dip with chips…howeves, u should def hold on the cheese, ill eat it for u, as i cant quite cross over the vegan road and give it up….looking forward to hearing about ur weeks class adventures and more bout NYC!


    your llama from another mama (it made sense in my mind)

    i wish i were more steezy.

  14. hahahaha i loved everything about this post.

    things i liked: foreign men, “dancing like an american” those fajitas, the comment about sandals that cut off at the ankle and how they do nothing for your legs, 70 degrees in the midwest this weekend, that salad, that first adorable pic of muffin, that second adorable pic of muffin aka refusal and your humor.

    love you girl.

    i am heinz 57…a bit of everything. at least thats what my mom says 🙂

  15. I’m half Chilean half Eastern European/Jew/other white things blend.

    THOSE SPANISH GUYS ARE HAWT. I need to hang out in your BP!

  16. 19 crazylittlethingneela

    aww i love your blog! i love the positivity that is coming from here!
    you’re such a gorgeous girl seriosuly, no wonder those nice gentlemen had no problem spending their evening with you 😉
    and your oatmeal creations are amazing. melted rasberries? yummy!
    all the best to you love

    • 20 snackface

      crazylittlethingneela- THANK YOU!!! You are so super sweet! Stop makin’ me blush!

  17. I am so jealous of your cute latin lovers! I’m also extremely glad that you found housing, sorry again about the whole fiasco! As soon as you come we are going to hit up the best restaurants and sites in NYC:)

  18. 22 fruitsveggieslife

    I definitely don’t understand wearing sweats to class. its lazy, and rather rude to professors!

    My heritage: Primarily Irish, Italian, and Swedish (in that order) with a pinch of Scottish, French, and Cherokee thrown in. I’m a mutt!

    I WANT TO BE GREEK! Going to Greece was one of the best months of my life!

    Love you and your amazing shenanigans!

  19. 23 maren

    sounds like a fun weekend, jealous! im glad you found a place to stay in nyc.. i live there and was hoping to help u out, but literally have NO Room! maybe we can meet once you’re there! we seem to have a lot in common 🙂
    as for my backgroud, i’m german, danish, and czech! but was born in sweden, grew up in texas, and now live in nyc 🙂

  20. Muffin looks adorable in her little black dress! And so do you stunnah! Love the shoes 🙂

    Chips and salsa = delicious and def. a success.

    I love the spaniards! Reminds me of when they came to my high school and stayed for two weeks. They were so different from americans but I love it. Very interesting.

    I had the same snack yesterday! Hummus & Pretzel thins. I went to town on those suckas!

  21. I am mostly irish, and a little german. 🙂

  22. Hey miss pretty dancer!
    I love the dress :). Oh, and sorry I’m so late in getting back to your super-sweet email:

    Oh my goodness, it means THE WORLD to me that you offered to help get the word out by blogging about the charity drive or even just mentioning it in passing (not to mention how much I’m sure it means to the people we’re helping)! You are such a generous, kind soul, Miss Snackface! I hope you know that!

    • 28 snackface

      Chocolate-Covered Katie- Awww honey, you are far too sweet! I’ma link you up tonight!

  23. I’m German, Russian, and Austrian 🙂

  24. I am Irish, Slovak and a pinch of French Canadian. I asked my mom if we were part Italian one time, and she thought it was this huge uproarious joke–she still teases me about it to this day. IDGI. We like to eat, I thought it was a reasonable question! xoxo

  25. My background is 100% Estonian, but I grew up in America (as did my parents, so our lives definitely possess a blend of Estonian and American cultures). Now I’m living in Estonia, gettin’ back in touch with my roots :-).

    I’ve never really liked dark’n’handsome Italian and Spanish men– I prefer Scandinavians (seriously, go to Finland, or Sweden, or Denmark and look around– the people are STUNNING).

  26. Casa Lopez looks fun!! You and your girl look beautiful as always.. sounds like a fun weekend! 🙂

  27. when i first saw that guys shirt i thought he had spilled something on it, the two different gray tones threw me off. LOL.

    what a fun weekend! wish mine was that exciting!!

  28. AH! Why do I never pick up HOT SPANISH MEN AT THE GAS STATION? The gas stations around here are only filled with the shady of the male species. I sob. Kudos on your hot man getting.

    PS: That dress is the bossiest thang I ever saw. [yes, that is a grammatically correct sentence. Why you asking?]

  29. Chips & salsa always hit the spot!!!

    I am actually almost a full-blooded Italian. My dad is 100% and my mom isn’t far from that.

  30. I don’t think you need to worry about short legs…I’m in the same boat.

    I’m half English, and 1/4 Swiss, German, Black Irish and Scottish. I just asked this same question on my blog last week!

  31. I meant 1/8 of the others. I may suck at math….

  32. I meannnnn, you know I died at those Spanish chicos, right? Of course you did. I WANT TO GO BACK TO SPAIN. AHORA. Everything they said reminded me so much of the hilarious convos I’d have with rando Spaniard when I lived in Madrid–esp. the American dancing. Jajajaja (because Spaniards laugh with Js–not Hs. So sophisticated…)

    Oh also, I’m so with you on the 100 cal NONSENSE. I ALWAYS eat two. For this reason, my dad refuses to purchase them. Alllllllsssssooo—where are you living in NYC??? I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  33. Power to the maple syrup!!! (coming from VT, I have to support the sugaring industry). It makes e-rythang betta, no??!! Snack face MUST come to V-tizzle for some serious apple-maple-mountain loooovin

  34. I just found your blog. You are so darn cute! I can’t wait to explore around and read more!! 🙂

    • 42 snackface

      natalie- Welcome to SnackFace! Thanks a ton for stopping by and checking it out!

  35. cleavage! you are too hot to handle, snookums 🙂 and muffie is looking fierce as well – y’all break so many hearts. mine included.

    soooooo siked you found a place to crash in NY! and I am obsessed with you for your kanye’s work out plan reference.. that song is money… despite the D-BAG behind it. But I digress…

    p.s. if muffie’s reject is looking for a dance send him my may 😉 homeboy ain’t too shabby! I keed I keed.

    I am a legit mut — Sweedish, Irish, Italian, German.. and I think I may or may not have a little puerto rican in me. Ole!

    LYLAS 😉 xo!!

  36. Oh you and muffin are sooo Euro chic 🙂 Tall dark and handsome…yes please!

    I totally agree with the Gladiator sandal/short dress usually not the very flattering (of course you are an exception bella, you have killer legs and can rock anything)…although since I am 6 feet tall I have been known to rock flats when most would not!

    • 45 snackface

      Therese- Thank you for the leg props and for agreeing about the Gladiator+short dress thang!

  37. Girl, you got more legs than a bucket of chicken, you don’t need to worry about sandals with your shorty short dress.

    • 47 snackface

      elizabeth- Bahahahaha I am DYING at your comment. I love that line. I must use it!

      • Thanks babe! It’s true! I stole that from John Leguizamo’s fab self in “Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything.” He was such a hot chick in that movie.

  38. Loving this entire post- the Mexican feast, your dress, the hot Spaniards, and the fact that you also get the late-night munchies for hummus instead of Taco Bell. Plus the fact that you’re coming to NY! You’ll love it here 🙂 As Jenny above me said very well, I’m a true mutt. Or, as I like to say, a very, very white mutt. Scottish, Welsh, German, English, Dutch and Finnish. It’s reflected in my lack of dancing skills and transparent skin. Have a good week love!

  39. Very hot Spanish guys! It looks like a fun night!

  40. haha omgggg i have sooo much to say about this post!! where to start?

    Im dating a Greek who goes to school in Greece and YES, he shows me pictures of his friends and the bars there and it is SO DIFF. Everyone dresses up when they go out, and you can’t even get let in most places with what most Americans wear here to go out. Plus, all of the bars are classy and with nice furniture!! Coffee shops and ice cream parlors too -> white plates, not cardboard cups/cartons!! It’s crazy but neat too! I am dying to visit, and hopefully he will take me in the summer 🙂 It is so. beautiful. Amazing!! And yes, I also want to go to Italy.

    SEXY CAN I. haha i loved that. and I LOVED that you just picked up those 2 boys. soo hilarious!!!

    im sure i had more to say, but ill leave it at that!! the raspberry oats in your first picture look like an angel was singing over them. divinity bowl, with god’s light pouring down. seriously, gurl OWNED that picture.

    • 52 snackface

      glidingcalm- OMG I love this comment. Can I crash your romantic Greece trip witchyo man? Don’t worry, I’ll find a Greek love in no time and be out of your hair 😉

  41. 53 Zaineb

    I’m 100 percento(Spanish for percent?,oh well) pakistani, which is basically the exact same thing as Indian. The great thing about this is that all our food is freakin amazing (and spicy!) and healthy at the same time.
    Kailey, if u haven’t already been told, u r SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN FROM GOSSIP GIRL, seriously, its redic how much u look like her in style and appearance
    Btw thats like my style icon, so consider this a complimento(my spanish is budding 🙂 )

    • 54 snackface

      Zaineb- I will now love you forever for thinking I’m anywhere near as stylish as Serena Van Der Woodsen or as fab as Blake Lively! Thank you so much, boo!

  42. You’re on the semester’s last week already??!! Holy F! I may have to transfer. Hahaha, ain’t no thang…i have 2 weeks, thanksgiving, then 3 mo’ weeks and WINTA BREAK!!! Love love loooove.

    The night with those latin lovahs looks so fun!! Totally reminds me of a very similar night I had my senior year of high school. One of my friends was from Brazil (met her at an acting/modeling agency, actually…), and one night she took me and my other friends to a party filled with GORGEOUS, brazilian men. Lurk it on the facebook, if you please 🙂

    Muffin does look gorg, and so do you!! Such an adorable duo.

    I adore all of the weekend eats. You know i’m a chip + salsa FENE (we really should hit up a mexican restaurant the day we meet….it WILL happen !!), the melted, hot berry oats (had some this morn, minus the pumpkin), and the late-night pretzel snackage!

    PS! I couldn’t have said that shoe tip better myself. You still looked fly and leg-alicious though! Love you! And to answer the Q, I’m guessing that i’m part irish?? So clueless.

  43. 56 lowandbhold

    Love. This. You would have been committing a crime to woman-kind had you not escorted those hotties back to your party. Your outfit was adorable. Sometimes you just have to rock the flats.

  44. O mannn you gots to rollll me out of Mexican restaurants and that is why I love them sooo 😀 You and muffie reunited is making my NIGHT- suh happy!!! You look gorgy in your dress, i tots agree on the sandals call, UGH gladiator sandals are my peeeeve, esp those ones that climb up to the knee!?? Ummm only Russell Crowe can pull that off, thanks…
    So happy you found a dealio in NYC, good luck Snackfizzle!

  45. 58 Sara

    i think flat sandals would look better with that dress because its more casual…i like leaving heels for more formal outfits. agreed about those sandals not lengthening the leg but i gots to say that YOUR legs are a poor example here and don’t support the point…..legs for miles! 😉 that sounds like suchhhh a fun night! hope u have a great rest of the week Kailey!

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