Lip Gloss Be Poppin’


Ay boos! I hope everyone had a fantastic Wednesday! Mine was a hair stressful, but lovely for the most part.

I awoke at 9am and contemplated whether to work out in the morning or afternoon. Not shaking the normal Wednesday routine, I decided to go to the gym first. Therefore, a light, non-vom-in-my-mouth-while-ellipticalling breakfast was enjoyed beforehand:


Banana and sunbutter (I'm officially calling it sunbutter now--sunflower seed butter was too tedious).

The underlying current to my day has been the whole housing situation, and it may be that way for a while. Long walks to the gym help not only to make phone calls, but also to clear the mind. And 50-minute elliptical sessions with no phone usage alleviate the stress. Momentarily, of course.

After cardio and arm workouts, I headed to CVS to take care of some biznass. Never wait in-store for your prescription. You will walk out with things you convince yourself you “need.” Pshh.

Before choir-ing it up, I snacked on half a Lara:

lara bar

Had a random craving for the cherry flavor, and cherry is so not my thang.

I eventually made it home to shower off my stank. Starvation called for a fast and scrumptious lunch:

soupy lunch

Honeycrisp, zupa with pepper and rosemary potato bread with a schmear of Sabra!

Post-lunch I got to play with new toys! Not those kinds:

new makeup

The makeup kind!

I rarely buy new makeup, so this was exciting for me. I spent way too much on the bronzer-blush because they discontinued my favorite bronzer ever (or maybe CVS was out? dunno) and I “needed” a new lip gloss that didn’t leave my lips cracked and dry.

After putting on my whole face, I was pleased to find that the new lip gloss be poppin’:

blow up doll

Oh. My. Gawd. Now I know what this picture reminds me of.

No, I did not intend to look like a blow-up doll. I’m terribly sorry about that. Love the gloss, but not sure about the bronzer:

bronzer and gloss

So not as blatantly bronzer-y as I like.

And since I’m really on a roll with the gross self portraits, here’s the day’s ‘fit!

disguise from the papz

Hiding from the papz. They're everywhere in Athens.

Under the scarf and bomber, I donned an English school boy look, complete with a no-hair ‘do:

english school boy


And that’s been more pictures of me than you need to see. Lo siento.

Online Journalism was fun today. We basically gabbed while trying to figure out how to edit sound. OK, so maybe I only gabbed. Oops.

I visited Muffin for a bit, then hit up the bank and headed home. I snacked on carrots with hummus while contemplating dinner. Not much in the creativity department:

lil salad

Lil salad with greens, broccoli, cherry toms, chickpeas, salsa and balsamic.

It’s a good thing I always have old faithful when I’m not sure what to have for dinner:



They looked gorgeous but tasted like dish detergent! EWW! The baking sheet had been soaking in soap all night, and I suppose I didn’t rinse it well enough. It was the first time I’ve ever thrown out cheetahs. Sad day, sad day.

Actually, not so sad because I got to have a big bowl of my true love (is it tragic to refer to food as a true love and not have any man to whom I could refer? Nah.):


Spoonfuls with So Delicious coconut milk and raspberries. Best dinner.

I’m off to edit a cover letter for class, read a bit and maybe meet up with Muffin and some peeps. And turn up the heat in this house ‘cuz I’m freezing!

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your favorite lip gloss? AND If this were Facebook, what would you put as your relationship status? (Your feelings about that last one are welcome 😉 )

I’m not sure about my fave lip gloss, but I am sure that I’m 100% single. Sometime sucky, mostly fabulous. On, though, I’m in a relationship with Muffin. Because we are mature.


81 Responses to “Lip Gloss Be Poppin’”

  1. 1 HannahBanana

    where do you get rosemary potato bread????

    • 2 snackface

      HannahBanana- K, so I think I just replied via email, but it said the author was “theawakeningou.” Wrong-o. The bread is from Kroger! So delicious.

  2. girl, CVS and my prescription means I always spend more than the 20 dollars it calls for….i usually buy odwalla juices, hair color, makeup, bars, and candles. I am aCVS weirdo—you know the kind.

    love ur self mirror portraits as do them also!

    and if this were facebook, my relationship status would be: Cougar. Always Single and Always ready to mingle. hahahahhahaha

    xoxoxooxox to the enth degree! I will keep u updated about tomorrows core fusion yoga class with the Lululemons…p.s my nickname at home is LuLu…coincidink? i think its meant to be, just like the Notebook.

  3. I am a lip glass freak! Have you ever tried MAC Dazzleglass?? OMG Love it!!!

  4. no joke baybay you seriously need to send that lip gloss photo of you to Tyra – you look fierce with that milky white skin and luscious lips. Bah, you are perfection!

    true story: i’ve never worn lip gloss.. not once. I was a total tomboy in 8th grade when “lip smackers” was in.. and I guess I just never hoped on board throughout high school.

    kisses, sweetums! xo

  5. Single!! And loving it….

  6. Im more of chapstick kinda girl.. I usually dont wear gloss unless its a “special occasion” (spelling?!?)

    facebook status… married. lol yup, just recently changed that one.. pretty hardcore!

  7. 9 Sara

    love the braid in your hair to tha side! cant wait ’til mine is long enough to do cool thanks (even just side part it and have it STAY!).

    print some of these just in case, march back to cvs, return the bronzer cuz you aren’t happy with 20 dolla makeup that don’t deliver, and come home happy (with possibly bronzer of a different brand, or your trusted fave from another cvs):

    P.Form. Rebates!:

    • 10 snackface

      Sara – Ah! These coupons are great! Thanks so much! Oh, and thanks for diggin’ the braid– it’s actually a super easy twist. I’m not that bossy at braiding!

      • 11 Sara

        I pressed send way too soon on my comment earlier.

        Glad you liked the coupons! before purchasing makeup i usually google for coupons from desired company and it usually pays off! then of course i go and spend spend spend just cuz i have coupons…oy. What was your fave bronzer brand? I like this Marcelle one I use… the pallette is huge and there are 5 separate bands in it. but they’re all shimmery, none matte! but it works – at least that’s what i say anyway and no one has said otherwise to me!

        I can’t wait to try the twist when hair grows out

      • 12 snackface

        Sara – I used Covergirl Tanfastic bronzer. It was a bit shimmery, but I loved it! So cheap, too!

  8. 13 Kate

    I heart your pics! I always save the blogs from you, homegirlcaneat and brittlikesbeer for last because they are my favs and I always smile when I read them! Please never stop!

    Lol, my status on fbook has been In a Relationship with Daniel G**** for the last almost five years…I have been dating this guy foooooorever and I wish that I could write my own relationship statuses…like, “In the Neverending Relationship of Long Distance with”

    • 14 snackface

      Kate- Aww you’re too sweet! I won’t be stopping blogging any time soon! Ohh honey, I can’t even imagine a long relationship. My longest was nine months, AKA not long.

  9. UMM i live directly OVER a CVS- let’s not talk about it…
    I love MAC gloss, minus the price and fact that my hair/food crumbs get stuck in it every second 🙂 Clinique, Almay and Cova Girl get the job done tho for sure! I’m supa single it’s cool, that’s how we roll in Beantown, there are soo many boys here i love it!!! 😀 Good luck finding a little casa in NY, you know my air mattress has yo name on it wheneva you’re in Mass!! love ya

  10. Love the outfit today and that lip gloss looks great!

    This is my ABSOLUTE favorite :

    I get my prescriptions at Target. Such a bad idea! Danger zone!!

  11. 17 Lizzy

    Totes single up in here girl! 🙂 hehe

    I wanted to ask, what sort of eye makeup do you use?? Your eyes look sooo amazing in that first photo with the lip gloss, speaking of lips, that gloss if so fierce and i love it! 🙂 Going to CVS for me is dangerous to cause i spend wayyy to much on makeup that i don’t need trust me! teheh

  12. 18 traynharder23

    single and ready to mingle would be my status. =D

  13. I just bought that blush/bronzer combo the other day! Love it!

  14. 20 julie

    work. that. bronzer. girl. I like it!

    my status would say “in a relationship with myself because guys just plain suck” haha or “boys are stupid throw rocks at them”

    fav lipgloss is definitely C.O Bigelow the minty one OR cover girl wet slicks in guava splash reppin like Rhianna would

  15. 21 Lindsey

    Seriously- going to buy that gloss RIGHT NOW. so pretty and pink!! If you’re looking for something to add a little sheen without color to your lips, I absolutely recommend Blistex Silk & Shine. Beautimous!
    I actually use a glimmer bronzer made by bonne bell.. Probably not legit but so bronzy!

    I am listed as engaged on facebook, because basically, I am. Never have I been ‘complicated/lookin’ for play’ cause that’s not how I roll 😀

  16. i don’t wear lip gloss! I find it too…glossy? yes. too glossy. It makes me look like i smeared melted sugar syrup on my lips 😀

  17. I agree with jessica MAC is my fav lip gloss! and I also need my bronzer to be uber bronzy 😉 Currently I have my status as nothing, just like to keep people guessing lol

  18. 24 dorothy

    love the booties and gloss! the colors perfecto for you skin tone, imho

    i actually dont really use lip gloss! but im making a cvs run this weekend, so tehres a first time for everything! 😉 im with you on the bronzers! but i always go overboard so like five minutes after making-up i go back to the mirror and pad down my face a lil hahah

    • 25 snackface

      dorothy- Is it bad that when I first read “booties” I saw “boobies”? Anyway, grab you some gloss and try it out! I have thin lips so it always makes me feel ten times poutier than I actually am.

  19. Sorry to hear about the negative on the cheetahs! But the maquillaje is fabulous 🙂

    I love C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lipshine on the regular. For special occasions, I usually go hard-core on the eyes and shine up the lips with an ‘orgasm’ from Nars. Insta-lovely! According to Facebook, I am officially “in a relationship” with my darling boy toy. I’d actually prefer to take the status down all together though, not bc of him, more bc of me. Too drama-inducing at time, haha. Muffin’s a lucky gal beautiful 😉

  20. I love a delicious, pink-poppin lip gloss– that also smells tasty 🙂

    Facebook relationships are overrated and not real. I, however am in an open relationship with my best friend, Gioia (bc we’re also THAT mature haha). But in real life I am most definitely single. There’s no time to take care/worry about a boy when I can’t even take care of myself!!

    Have a fabulous night 🙂

    p.s. you look GORGEOUS in your pics
    p.p.s. I have a slight obsession with bronzer.. whoops!

  21. you do NOT look like a blow up doll! you look like a porcelain doll… MARVY skin if i do say so myself. 🙂

    so happy to hear you’re back to your chipper self! xoxo

  22. Fave lip gloss is Chanel…wish it didn’t cost an arm and a leg :/ I’m “In a relationship” with the boy of over a year….is it bad that sometimes I wish FB statuses didn’t exist because it just makes it that much worse when everyone knows you break up??? When my HS boyfriend dumped me I wasn’t that upset till I got a million messages asking what happened!

    MUST TRY THE CHEETAHS! I’m going home this weekend so I’ll finally have access to a fully functioning oven…I’m determined to try them! Enjoy your day 🙂

    • 30 snackface

      Gabriela – Oh the drama! I know, others’ reactions to changes are the worst! I love sharing things with others, but I’m not sure all my friends need to know when I’m emotionally crushed. Hope you enjoy the cheetahs!

  23. 31 shell625

    you look so pretty with the lip gloss! it’s cuute 🙂

    & i loove nars chelsea’s girls
    and i’d be in a relationship with my boyfriend


  24. I love me some cheapy lip gloss hahaha

  25. i am taken!!!!!! hehehehe …………..LOLZ!

    umm the lip gloss is bomb, and I think the bronzer is aight too! your skin is FLAWLEZZ.

    um send me your coat and boot and earring pics, ja hurd?

  26. In a relationship with ice cream perhaps?

  27. sorry to hear about the not so good cheetahs but glad all your other food made up for it!

  28. sunbutter (I’m officially calling it sunbutter now–sunflower seed butter was too tedious).= I do the same thing, too much to write!

    facebook = always married, even if i wasnt.
    too many loser creepers just stalk for unmarried women so I put a kibosh on spam by alwaysjust saying married LOL But I have been married for nearly 9 yrs (I was young!)

    Your broc & chickpea action looks delish
    And your blowup doll face…girl you have 0 wrinkles. Clearly you are 1. young and 2. not a sunworshiper as I am.

    • 37 snackface

      Averie- I think the lighting had something to do with my skin looking that way, but it’s true that I’m not a sunbather! Just can’t do it! And awwww for being married for nine years. I love love.

  29. You are gorg. That’s a fact. 🙂

    And if this were FB, well my status is single. And if I could, I’d add happy to that. 😉

    • 39 snackface

      Whit – Thank you for being ridiculously kind 🙂 Hollaaaa to being single!

  30. I like MAC longwear lip color…it comes with lipGLASS on one end. I also like VS lip gloss. I can’t wait to see you on the cover of VOGUE. We all know it’s going to happen, ya know. Or wait, if you get the VS Angel Job , you should hook me up with some VS gloss 😉

    • 41 snackface

      Whole Body Love – Honay, you crazy! Hahaha Vogue would be incredible, but chances are slimmer than slim. I love you for saying that, though! xoxo

  31. 42 ajoyinclass

    Yer lipgloss is cool. Yer lipgloss is poppin. I need more bronzer…..I keep trying cheapie-cheap drugstore brands but Bare Minerals “faux tan” or “warmth” are my favorites. And Bobbi Brown. I wish they weren’t so freaking expensive!

    If I’ve learned anything over the last two months, it’s that housing works itself out. It does. Just be patient and keep making those calls 🙂

    Favorite lipgloss: Senna’s lipgloss in Orangegasm. Or do I just like the name? hmm.

    I just looked at the website. The name is Orangeism. Guess we know where *my* mind is….oops..??

    I am “happily single” for the most part 🙂

    • 43 snackface

      ajoyinclass- Hahaha I am in the library right now, cracking up over the “Orangegasm” debacle. I’d probably read it that way, too. Thanks for the housing encouragement, too!

  32. Favorite lip gloss: Vaseline. What? I like the au natural look 😉

    I am: single past, present, and future. No desire to not to be, not that it is primarily my choice to be either >.<

  33. your pictures are very cute! I love seeing your different outfits! and new hair styles! I’m not sure what my fav lip gloss is… I think I just have too many!

  34. YUCK to the detergent tasting cheetahs! What a huge disappointment. They LOOK beautiful, at least. And all your other meals are SO vibrant and beautiful, exactly they way I like to eat.

    My relationship status on facebook is married! I’m married to my best friend and my soul mate, and I couldn’t be happier!

    • 47 snackface

      The voracious vegan – Awww melt my heart with: “I’m married to my best friend and soul mate, and I couldn’t be happier!” That is amazing. If marriage is in the cards for me, that’s my goal!

  35. Throw out cheetahs?! Is that even possible?! I prolly would have just drown them in more ketchup 🙂 haha

    You are so adorable, love the lip gloss! My favorite is from VS but it’s discontinued now 😦 I rarely use it because I don’t want to use it up!

  36. I’m in a relationship (married. we took the big step) with my bff on facebook too 🙂 maturity is overrated. I’ve never been a fan of putting my actual relationship status on facebook. if you’re my friend, you know!

  37. 50 Little Bookworm

    Shame about the Cheetahs but that salad looks good. 🙂

  38. 51 Brandi

    that bread sounds AMAZING.

    I am not good at finding lip gloss I love – it’s so hard to find good ones that don’t get gloopy! So, I just stick with chapstick usually. Boring, but oh well.

    Married! That’s me.

  39. 52 lowandbhold

    Um, I feel ya on the housing sitch. Is there anything more frustrating in life?

    Love the gloss, but sadly I don’t wear any. My hurr gets all up in there and I always forget to reapply. I’ll don some on a very special occasion though.

    Love the bomber look. Rock it girl.

    Sadly, my latest attempt at the relationship thang ended yesterday, rather shadily might I add. But I enjoy singleness a whole lot!

  40. Hahaha, blow up doll.

    I’ve never used bronzer before. I have olive skin so I’ve never thought about it. Do you use it on top of your foundation (if you wear any)?

  41. Hahaha, blow up doll.

    I’ve never used bronzer before. I have olive skin so I’ve never thought about it. Do you use it on top of your foundation (if you wear any)?

    Facebook status – Married!

  42. 55 Erin

    My best friend was in a relationship with “brunch” until she got into a real-life relationship with my cousin. I think you should be in a relationship with cereal or something else. I am in a relationship with an old man who has no FB account so my status (methinks) is “in a relationship with Tony” but it isn’t linked to anything.

    Fave lipgloss = Karmex. That’s how I roll. Otherwise, I’m quite the fan of the Lancome lipglosses.

    Oh, and you should buy the Physician’s Formula bronzer with the sun in the middle. It’s the best.

    • 56 snackface

      Erin- OMG Brilliant idea with the brunch and cereal. How perfect? Well, I guess I’m technically in a relationship with “Muffin!” oooh How old is the old man? I love this. And thanks for the bronzer heads-up! I saw that and contemplated it! Darn!

  43. I love wearing my leather jacket and boots! I always feel like it looks so complete and tied together 😛

    Man, I’d be so sad to waste a perfectly good sweet potato! But sometimes a bowl of cereal is just the most delicious thing ever. I never crave it for breakfast, but when I come home after a late night it’s the best.

    As for lip gloss…I hate it!! I can’t stand to ever wear it. If there’s the slightest bit of wind, my hair WILL get caught on my lips. Not a good sight. And I’m definitely single. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad!

  44. 58 AM

    Benefit Hula is my FAV bronzer. And I go for a more “blatant bronzer-y” look too 🙂 It’s just light brown. Not orange, not peach, not shimmery. You can layer on however much you want. More pricey than CVS, but it lasts forever.

    As for lip gloss, I usually stick to Benetint + Burt’s Bees Chapstick.

    And my fb says I’m single, but I’ve been dating my boy for about 2.5 years. We don’t like to advertise… Although now I’m considering that brunch idea from Erin’s comment above. That is too funny.

  45. 59 Leah

    your skin is fab! what is your skin care routine if i may ask?

    • 60 snackface

      Leah- Thanks so much! I think I’ll do a post about it soon, as people continue to ask! It’s kind of a mish-mosh of products!

  46. ahhhh your skin is GORGE! what products do you use?

    love this day of eats and fun – hope you get that housing sitch figured out!

    fave lip gloss…chapstick. (no lie)

    and single, single, single – all my single ladies!

    that was a horrible, cheesy reference.

    love youuuuuuu

    • 62 snackface

      Holly – Boo! Thanks for the skin compliments! Perhaps I’ll do a post on my skin routine, complete with pics? And any reference to B’s “Single Ladies” is more than welcome in my book. XO

  47. Your blog is so cute! I’m happy Fitnessista provided the link- this is one of my new faves! I LOVE mac Lipgelee in Slicked Pink. I tried a darker color before, but this bright pink is perfection. I like your new bronzer! It seems like a good subtle winter color. I’m in that between seasons void of uncertainty about which color to wear… Oh the fb status. Right now “It’s Complicated” although I haven’t officially made the switch from “In a Relationship.” I’m still hopeful things will work out…

    • 64 snackface

      Brenna – Awww thanks for finding me and for enjoying! As far as bronzer goes, I ignore the season and go with what makes me feel best. And that happens to be bronzer 🙂 I hope the relationship stuff works out!! If you need to vent, I’m here!

  48. 65 Charlotte

    Your oats look amazing but I have no clue how to make them! Or what to use! I have to know haha! I think it might be because I live in England and they’re not such a big hit over here…?! Please enlighten me!

    Favourite lip gloss: Her Glossiness by Benefit. Expensive at 13 quid but THE only lip gloss I’ll use! Facebook status: Single. Very, very single.

    • 66 snackface

      Charlotte – So glad you want to give oats a go! My method: combine 1/3 C old-fashioned oats, 1 C water and either 1/2 sliced banana and spices in a small pot. Put over high heat until boiling. Turn heat down and stir, stir, stir until all liquid is absorbed. Also, if you’re using pumpkin, add it right before the oats have absorbed almost all the liquid. Once ready, pour in bowl! Pretty simple and may take a try or two to nail, but it’s so delicious and creamy! Let me know if you try ’em or if those directions are poopy!

      • 67 Charlotte

        Ahh sounds great! Will give it a go this weekend. Thank you. 🙂

  49. I love the lip gloss and the bronzer…they both look fabulous on you!

  50. 69 fruitsveggieslife

    Kailey, you have the most beautiful skin! You are gorgeous, girl! You are too full of life to look like a blow up doll. 🙂

    Lip gloss: meh. I’m all about the… stuff they sell at Bath and Body Works. The almond one. I forget the exact name, since I have been out of it forever, and I can’t get some until I’m back in the states.

    Status? Single, and sort of ambivalent about it.

    Love you tons!

    • 70 snackface

      fruitsveggieslife- Number one, so happy we’re friends now because I love you too, boo! You are the sweetest thing ever! Like, this comment is ridiculously nice. Thank you times 20 32oz tubs of Sabra.

  51. 71 eatolive

    i need to know the secrets of how you’re skin is so amazing looking!!

    the gloss is hot, dishwashingsoup cheetahs is not 😦 ah well, another day, another cheetah encounter 🙂

  52. 72 eatolive

    and by dishwashingsoup i mean soap 🙂

  53. fav lip gloss: bonnie bell dr. pepper. because i am mature.

    fb status: holdin it down for “all the single ladies” even when im not single it says single, i dont want cyberspace to know when ive been dumped, and i dont want to give the guy another outlet to break up with me. breaking up with me once is enough, having to announce it to 956 people is torture! no thank you!

    i live in a place with no trader joes around, not for a few hours. what do you suggest? there are some grocerie stores with living well sections but i cant find meatless balls or any cranberry apple butter (i really want to try it!). i did find some sunbutter and am loving it! thanks for all the great food suggestions, hoping to try cheetahs in the near near future!

  54. Cute blog–I stumbled upon it the other day!

    You definitely should do a post with your skincare routine—your skin is glowing!! 🙂

    • 75 snackface

      Caitlin- Thank you for stopping by SnackFace and for the glowing compliment! So sweet!

  55. 76 elise

    where is that jacket from?! loves!

    my FB status says engaged, and yet i still have a hard time referring to kyle as my fiance. it sounds SO weird. id rather just go from BF to husband. ok, no, actually THAT sounds weird. whatevs…im in denial about my age.

    so sorry bout the cheetahs, i may have shed a tear, too.

    lip gloss and i dont do well togeths bc wind gets my hurr all stuck up on my lips. oh, wait, i never do my hair any more…i guess i should give gloss a try.

    • 77 snackface

      elise- Um, I love this comment. I can’t imagine being engaged, so that has to be bizarre to put that on Gloss it up, fa sho! It’s fun. Oh, and I got the jacket from Target about three/four years ago.

  56. Those pictures are so cuute!!

  57. My favorite lipgloss is Sizzle by Mark (Avon). You should totally check theirs out–it stays on FOREVER and has an unbeatable shimmer.

  58. 80 Andy B

    Just stumbled across your lips whilst googling lip shapes for a some design work I am doing, absolutely perfect for my needs… if thats ok with you?

  1. 1 Overwhelmed + Unprepared | The Healthy Everythingtarian

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