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Swagger Sunday


Hola bonitas! What a glorious, relaxing weekend it’s been. Hope yours has been fabulous as well. After posting yesterday, I rushed home to feed my grumbling tum. It’s a bit of a challenge to create something both delicious and aesthetically pleasing with little to no groceries. My apologies: Once finished with that dismal lunch, I […]

Thankful Fa Sho


Hey babies! How we doin’? I should warn everyone that I’m listening to Tha Carter III as I write this. Thus the title, and be warned for the writing throughout this joyous post. First off, I am not enjoying not posting five times a week! I feel naked without updating or reading other blogs. Perhaps […]

BEAUTIES!! How are you! I am so thrilled to be posting again that I can’t type fast enough! My poor keyboard is getting a brutal workout. Speaking of, thank you so much for the workout/non-workout recommendations! I think I’ll worry about enjoying the city and people more than I will my workouts. Also, I’m paying […]

Hi gorgeous faces! I have safely landed and started making myself comfortable in my new city. It’s unreal. Still! So let’s backtrack to Friday, when I was still in a little town named Athens. I awoke at 8am after having received a mere four or five hours of sleep. Sheer excitement was to blame this […]

What up! So I have to admit that I’m super tired as I write this, but I need to give a little recap before I head to NYC Saturday afternoon. I have no idea when I’ll be able to update next. Ahhh! I barely slept Thursday night (I’m talking not even four hours) and awoke […]

Buongiorno bellas! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the birthday wishes! Wow, you certainly know how to make a dame feel loved. As I awoke Wednesday, I pondered how far I’ve come in 22 years. To think I once was this little bean is crazy: I’m so refined now I can hardly stand […]

Hello gorgeous people! Most of you are reading this on Wednesday, November 18, also known as my birthday. Twenty-one has been so good to me that I refuse to leave it. Therefore, I deem age 22 to be 21, part two. I hope you understand. Also, as you’re reading this on a fine Wednesday, I’m […]