Will the Real SnackFacey Please Stand Up?


Wassup! Yesterday I touched on my starting to make lists again. I swear it’s already working and keeping me sane while I try to plan out a crazy next couple of days. One thing that happens when I start to reorganize myself, apparently, is that I get a lil’ creative in the kitchen. I didn’t even realize this until I reviewed today’s pictures. Perhaps this is the real SnackFace standing up and out.

Exhibit A was the breakfast I devoured at 8am. It started with a base of Pumpkin Faux-gurt:

pumpkin fauxgurt

So maybe it's just grown-up baby food. I'm still calling it faux-gurt.

Chillin’ in the fridge overnight:
-1/2 C pumpkin
-1/2 C So Delicious Coconut Beverage vanilla
-1 T chia seeds

In the morning, the faux-gurt got busy with banana, butter of the peanut and spicy cinnamon:

pumpkin fauxgurt mess

Wait, I can't see that.

You need a closer look because these kids got along very well:

pumpkin fauxgurt close


If you feel so inclined as to give pumpkin faux-gurt a whirl, I recommend sweetening it with a touch of agave/ Truvia/ Splenda/ maple sizzurp/ straight shoog. It doesn’t really need it, and I loved it as it, but things can always be a bit sweeter.

After enjoying a lovely and filling breakfast, I dashed off to Business Mag class. We read three business-to-business magazine articles, and let me tell you, I’ve never felt more informed about biodiesel. I needed some comic relief after such a fascinating topic. Thank the glorious heavens above I opened my phone to this picture message from MamaJ after class:

mmj garth

BAHAHA. MamaJ's rendition of Garth.

Mumsy has to dress up this week for work (she’s a floral designer diva at Michaels). I don’t even have words for this picture. I guess you see how Matty Rich and I were bestowed with the gift of being slightly off our rockers.

I rushed home to pack lunch and check my email. At this point my roomie accidentally broke our coffee pot. (I say accidentally as though her breaking it intentionally isn’t completely implausible, but it really was a freak accident.) I tried my best to get over this dramatic portion of the day, as caffeine is an essential part of my life. So essential that I had to get in a little oomph with lunch. I spy with my little eye:

wrap lunch

Pseudoephedrine! I had a gnawing sinus headache. At least it isn't the swine.

I speed walked to class at an Olympian pace and thoroughly enjoyed the full English class period. Real Snacky can shine when she’s done her reading in a timely, thoughtful manner. Must pick up gold star stickers at CVS tomorrow.

Lunch was enjoyed outside in the lukecold air. Le wrap was fantastico (little French and Italiano?):

cran hum spin wrap

Spinach hugged by TJ's cranberry apple butter and Sabra yummus. Don't mind the chunk of skin missing from my hand. Scissor accident.

I paid a visit to the bursar office as soon as I finished eating. I have a $6.70 hold on my account. I blame printer fees.

Film class was a touch dull. I did get to catch up with a gentleman with whom I went to high school, but other than that I wanted to nap. Marlon Brando may have been sexy in 1954, but it was not enough to save On the Waterfront. Maybe my opinion will change when I see the second half. Doubting this.

On my way home I almost got ran over by a Wendy’s-eating brunette. I had a walking signal, homes! It’s OK, I understand that Baconators are more important. (An aside: I have nothing against Wendy’s–I’ve had my fair share of Frosty-dipped french fries. I also have nothing against brunettes. I do, however, have something against Baconators and careless drivers, especially when combined.)

Perhaps the sheer terror sparked an undying hunger. There’s something so stimulating about adrenaline and fear! I whipped up something magical:

quinoa dinna

Loving the colors.

I cooked 1/4 C quinoa with 1 C water, pepper, cinnamon and chili powder, then added chickpeas at the end. In another pan, I stir-fried (I think that’s the right term?) the non-seedy end of a butternut squash, 1/4 red pepper, pepper, cinnamon, chili powder and a spoonful of TJ‘s cranberry apple butter. Plated with obligatory spinach and balsamic, this dinner was divine and reminded me of VegNews lunches:

quinoa dinna close

Brilliant b-nut pointing to the hot sauce, hummus-topped quinoa.

I was hoping this would be super filling. For some peculiar reason, I legitimately felt empty an hour later. I concocted a delicious dip for apple slices. Unfortunately, the dip straight up looked like poo:

apple n poo

Poo dip and honaycrispay.

To make the diaper dip (almost like doing the stanky legg):
-melt 2 T carob chips in the micro for 40 seconds
-pour a coconut beverage/almond milk atop and stir
-realize you’ve poured too much milk and try to thicken it
-add spoonfuls of pumpkin until it reaches a dippy consistency
-pretend your roomie’s boyfriend doesn’t give you the hairy eyeball when he walks by in the kitchen
-eat remainder with Puffins:

puffin poo

Even better than apple slices.

And still, the real SnackFace refused to sit down. Peanut butter-filled pretzels may be gone now. Two-day life span in my hands, kids. Champ! 😀

I almost forgot today’s outfit! Some days are simply Levi’s days. I told myself I was rocking a “model on her off-day” look. Dreamer:

levi day

Cannot remember the last time I wore non-skinny jeans! Nor a tony pail!

I think I’m on a carb high right now, so I’m just going to ride it and knock out the rest of this to-do list! I hope you pretty people are having marvelous weeks so far!

Ciao for now,


PREGUNTA: Where does your creativity manifest itself? When does it flourish?

For me, I suppose it’s in my food, writing and usually wardrobe, and it flourishes when I’m on top of my shiz. Don’t know what happened today as far as the ‘fit goes, but I really do love a casual look. However, my food stepped it up today and my writing is wackadoodle/ spastastic!



45 Responses to “Will the Real SnackFacey Please Stand Up?”

  1. hey girl! i love how u talk about film class because it throws me back to my 2 once a week film classes last year–from 1-4:30 pm and 6-9:30 on Wednesdays I had film..Yes I did…loved it. haha. Ps How does that SunButter taste? I was meaning on buying some but until I find a steady job, my non-sense purchases must remain on hold, like that bursar account of yours LOL. have a fab wednesday chica!

    love and hershey pumpkin kisses,

    • 2 snackface

      lora – Booobaby! The sunbutter is fantastic. It’s like sunflower seeds and peanut butter hooked up and had happy, buttery babies. That sound perverse, but it’s delicious. Love you!

  2. 3 randomlymikey

    you are so cute. you rock those jeans girl, damn! dinner looks amazing . mamaj is too cool 🙂

  3. Your lunch DOES look like the VegNews ones!
    And you are too cute, rockin’ the Levis 😉


  4. I freakin love that u wear close toe sneaks all the time!! I rock the converse and reeboks err day, but I come from the land of flip flops and ugg boots soo yea….I love wearing sneaks I get a lil spring in mah step 😀

  5. You apple looks so pretty! I love it. All of your food always looks delish and you have such a great fashion sense. 🙂

  6. On good days, my creativity is all out in my outfit and my breakfast. You can tell when I’m not doing so well because I tend to dress really drably (black and grey all over the place) and eat simple, easy things since I can’t be bothered with much else. It’s kind of weird how obviously my mood is projected on these things.

    And your food is looking awfully pretty today. I hope that means you’re doing well!

  7. Colorful meals always make me enjoy my food about 100X more. My creativity stems from having NO FOOD in the house. I always make the best meals from “scrounge material” in the produce drawer.

  8. 1-I also thoroughly enjoy “babyfood” in-a-bowl substances
    2-Also had quinoa/b-nut for dindin and was stuffed for about 10 minutes…then RAVENOUS for the rest of the night. Still am, ice cream+2 bowls of kashi cereal later, but I have had about 300% daily value of fiber already and don’t have anything non-fiber-rich to put on top of the bloating in my tummy !
    3-My creativity flourishes when I am having a boring but hyper day at work and discover that you can print coloring pages off Microsoft Word 2007 templates WOAH!
    4-MOST importantly…stay away from the dreaded Swine.

  9. omgggg! that breaky looks devine!!!

  10. Mah creativity manifests itself much like yours–writing and food creations. When it comes to fashion, I ALWAYS aim for the “I don’t look like a total mess but I didn’t really try” look–usually comes in the form of an American Apparel hoodie, leggings and cute books–lots of jewelsssss.

    I’m glad the REAL SNACKIE came out to play; that bnut stir fry sounds ridiculous!!!

    And, once more, i ❤ mamaJ/Garth

  11. And by books–I mean boots.

    Though I’m down for books an accessory, obviously 🙂

  12. that breakfast makes me drool…

  13. 14 Lizzy

    I so agree with Kaite, when it comes to meals i get the most creative when there isn’t much in the house. for some reason it makes me step out of my comfort zone and just work with what i got. when my sissy and i lived together in our apartment at school we would have many times where food choices were slim, but i always made the best meals then!


  14. 15 elleneatsbeats

    the faux-gurt looks fab lady!

    I think my creativity manifests itself in food, clothes and photography. I would LOVE to be able to combine them all into a career!

  15. So, just to show how out of touch I am, I had no idea that the stanky legg was actually a dance. Or that such an atrociously awful song existed. My ears may never recover from their assault.

    • 17 snackface

      Daria – Hahaha I am so sorry for introducing you to the stanky legg! It’s pretty bad, which I think is why I like it. It makes me laugh.

  16. 18 shell625

    I need to work on being more creative! I like to wear cute accessories & just speak my mind i guess 🙂

    by the way-that breakfast looks AMAZING..i’m jealllous.


  17. Creative eats, indeed. I have got to get some chia seeds, the faux-gurt is intriguing.

    I need to work on expressing myself more creatively, fashion-wise. All that I ever wear are jeans / t-shirts! I am totally afraid of any other type of pants, haha.

    I tend to get most creative with my writing or random hobbies. Right now I am kicking ass at horseback riding, though it is not at all related or ties into any other area of my life.

  18. I’m LOVING your food. Esp that faux-gurt with those toppings! What a bowl of yum-yum!
    My creativity manifests in…my writing? My art (trying to recover back my passion for this one)? My food, too, I think!

    Oh and Pseudoephedrine!? What is that?

    • 21 snackface

      burpexcuzme – Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that’s found in over-the-counter sinus medications. It’s also notorious for being used to make meth. I swear I only use it for my sinus problems!

  19. You look hot standing there in your jeans. That’s first off.

    Next off is that I was looking at TJ’s cranberry apple butter today but I passed on it b/c I have a nut butter stash I am not kidding you 20-25 jars deep right now and I truly do not need another spread. Sigh. But I have the TJs pumpk butter and tha’ts great!

    Thx for your props about the cookbook. When you said you could edit. What did you mean? Is that what you do my love, editor? Sorry that I do not know this!

    Anyway I am currently getting all my recipes into PDF in one organized way on my hard drive and then ya never know….
    People tell me daily, many people, that I should….

    thank you for your support!

    • 23 snackface

      Averie – First off, thank you for the jeans compliment! Secondly, 20-25 jars of nut butter! I have four open right now and I thought that was bad. And I don’t think 20-25 is bad, really. It’s luscious. As fr your Q, I am a journalism student, but have editing background (editorial assistant at VegNews Magazine over the summer) and do it in my head all the time. I’d be willing to proof, edit, spell check, ya know! Much love 🙂

  20. Until I read the description, I totally thought that dinner was a photo-memory of vegnews, or somethin’ like that….GENIUS! i’ve only had quinoa a few times, but loved it all the same. I’m going to have to try that recipeee thang next chance I get! And that faux -pudding -dip -desserttt. I bet carrots would have worked with it too!! hahaha….and maybe some peanut butter.

    Gorgy breakfast, gorgy wrap and a gorgy ‘fit! Sometimes comfy and cas(ual) is the only way to go.

    And hmm, my creativity flourishes in my foodie choices and wardrobe as well! Usually on days when i’m particularly upbeat and organized!

  21. “butter of the peanut”- this made me laugh out loud!

    one of my best friends ALWAYS does the stanky leg. he’s really good at it too. haha

    My creativity comes from my writing and cooking. The only 2 things I’m good at!

  22. Loving that quinoa mix and butternut squash.. soo pretty! Your blog just makes me wanna eat.. all day.. lol 🙂

  23. SO glad to know my mom isn’t the only crazy mama who likes to have fun!!! 🙂 Love it!

  24. Ahhh that butternut squash and red pep look really good. I don’t think I’ve ever made bnut on the stove though. I always roast it. How long does it take?

    My creativity is definitely in the food and outfits. And you know, sometimes you gotta have those relaxed outfit days!

    • 29 snackface

      Tina – It was my first time making b-nut stove top, and it took longer than I would have liked. I didn’t time it, but I’m guessing between 20 and 30 minutes. So maybe that’s as long as it takes for b-nut fries, but still, it seemed tedious.

  25. Mama J kills me! I love her wackiness!! I’ve got to say though, add a bandanna to that and you’ve got Bret Michaels! Two in one Halloween costume right there 🙂

    I would kick out the roomie if they broke my coffee pot! No one comes between me and my java!!

    Aw man, Wendy’s frosties and fries are a match made in heaven. Baconater, however, is not! Tell that girl to get out of your way!! That din and dessert? Amazing. Come cook for me 😀

    My creativity comes out in my sport – I get random thoughts of things to do while in my sport and usually they’re good ideas!

  26. I have some of the cranberry apple butter and I’m going to put it to use…thanks for the ideas!!

  27. Oh my god. That picture of your mom is awesome. You want to know the best part? MY MOM can do a spot-on Wayne impersonation at the drop of a hat. We need to get them together for Halloween!!! Offspring of crazies right here folks….

    You dinner sounds amazing and I refuse to buy pb pretzels for exactly the same reason you stated. Short life span.

    I don’t call my self creative. My dad is a musician and my mom is an artist – I didn’t inherit a drop.

    • 33 snackface

      Graze With Me – Yeah, I’m thinking I can’t buy peanut butter pretzels OR Puffins for a very long time. Which, in my terms, is at least a month.

  28. The day of eats looks purely Di^nth degree-VINE!! (I don’t know if the excitement got in the way of my deconstruction of the word divine, but i hope you feel my love). Im thinking dinner and diaper dip is going to have to make it to tonights menu chez lilpauladean, yes?

  29. kailey love…i about died when you said baconator. made my morning. and the mamaj picture? HILARIOUS. i am positive mamaj + barbie would make great friends. its where i get the slightly off my rocker personality as well 🙂

    ummmm gourmet eats…i am espesh loving that dinner. all that veg goodness and cinnamon + chili powder (such a good combo!) is making me hangry already. i hope you have a wonderful day my love!!!!

    i get my creativity from lots of places – mostly, i like to be different and think outside the box. whether its writing, style-wise, clothes.

  30. My mama is a floral designer diva at Michaels too!!! Except my MamaD doesn’t have to dress up this week, I’m sure she would not appreciate that. MamaJ makes a killer Garth though! I’m afraid that mia madre got most, if not all, of the super creativity in my fam: she was a graphic designer for years and now runs the Michaels flowers dept. I can creatively cook and dress, but I am not such a great crafter.

    btw, just bought sunflower seed butter after your review and OMG it’s spectactular!

    • 37 snackface

      Nellie – Ahh! That’s insane that our mamas to the same thing! AND I’m just like you in that I am not a crafter at all. It’s not even interesting to me, which is so bizarre! So happy you like the sunflower seed butter! It’s addicting.

  31. Hhahaah I love your doodoo dip! Probably tastes like the doodoo straight from the heavens!
    Hey I just bought that cranberry apple butter and I was wondering if it would be good in a turkey sandwich or something. I’ve always been timid about mixing sweet and savory but it sounds like thanksgiving in a sando to me!
    Great work on your creative eats gurl!

    • 39 snackface

      Coco – WHOAH, we must be sharing the same brain waves! You have to stay tuned for today’s eats because I threw together a sando that’s going to be perfect for you!

  32. 40 lowandbhold

    MamaJ rocks my world. Love her costume!

    Marlon was a sexy beast, but I haven’t seen that movie. Hope it sucks less tomorrow.

    Your dinner looked amazing!

  33. oh my god .. mamaJ, can not even handle her! party timeee, excellenttttt.

    whenever I wear non-skinny jeans it always brings me back to 5th grade when flare jeans were all the rage.. the flarier (?) your jeans, the cooler you were.

    sending lots and lots of love to you on this humpie dia, snacko! 🙂 <3<3

  34. 42 Juliette

    Your food photos are so colorful! Faux-gurt? That’s too cute! Thanks for finding yet another way for me to enjoy my So Delicious vanilla coconut milk!

    • 43 snackface

      Juliette – So Delicious vanilla coconut milk is seriously outrageous. I just want to put it on everything. I bet it’d even work wonders as a hair treatment. I’m not wasting tit to test that, though.

  35. 44 Aisha

    I love wearing non skinny jeans, but I think leggings are the comfiest of all. Happy humpday!!
    The chia pudding looks yummy, where do you get your chia seeds from?
    I am coming to new york next week, so please if you could tell me any lovely places to go, I would really appreciate it, thank you.
    My creativity manifests itself in my food, and jewellery collection. I am slowly learning to become more creative about my clothes also.

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