Paranormal Productivity


Hi puddings! I’m writing this little diddy at 1:20am, so things may get interesting.

Monday started with a bang, as I was fortunate enough to get 7.5 hours of sleep. This, as you may be able to recognize by now, is uncommon. I loved it, though, and awoke with a hop in my step and growing hunger in my tum. Enter a fabulous fall breakfast:

punkin swirl oats

Double Butter Pumpkin Oats with Snowman coffee.

In the bowl: 1/3 C oats, 1/3 C So Delicious Coconut Beverage vanilla, 2/3 C water, 1/3 C pumpkin, cinnamon, topped with sunflower seed butter and TJ‘s pumpkin butter. A-freaking-mazing:

punkin swirl close

Glory when mixed and mashed together.

After proper digestion, I lolly-gagged over to the gym and took in the crisp morning air. Ahh. I was ready to sweat when I made it to the gym, though, and pounded out 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. I followed this with an intense why-am-I-doing-this ab session. Vom in my mouth.

Choir was, hmmm, filled with tension today. Our conductor was not in the most pleasant of moods and she ended up being overbearingly demanding rather than helpful. Moh well. Actually, I kind of liked it. Sometimes we need to be whipped into vocal shape.

I leaped home, showered, dressed and made a lunch that reminded me of the bay of beige in which MamaJ was lost over the weekend:

sea of beige

Lost in a sea of beige at JCPenney.

Thankfully, my lunch had significantly more taste than the interior designers of Penney‘s:

beige sando

Alright, so maybe there is a tad more color in this, too.

This sandwich, though veggie-less, was deliciously reminiscent of soft McDonald’s cheeseburgers of my youth. Sans meat and cheese, obviously:

beige sando close

Uber beige.

Betwixt the thins: Sabra, mustard, TJ‘s chile sauce, balls and sliced sweet gherkins subbing in for some greens. Fab.

Almost as fab as some new $16 Forever 21 jeans MamaJ bought for me over the weekend:

forev fit

5 billion people have that Forever 21 jacket, too.

I love the jeans for a few reasons: the dark wash, they fit like leggings but have a girdle effect (score) and they have a higher waist that comes above my hip bones (double score). I feel so much better in jeans that are a bit higher in the waist! It feels much more fresh.

Class was alright. We learned about interactive maps and I’m intimidated to make one. Alas, by the end of this week I will have tackled it.

Post-class, I trolloped (not a verb, but whatever, it flew out my fingertips) to Muffin’s office at The Post and caught up with my sicky-poo. She was attacked by a vicious virus over the weekend, but seems to be recovering well. She has to recover, as this coming weekend is the biggest in Athens.

I was productive in the afternoon, hitting up CVS and the Farmacy for face wash and food, respectively. I maintained self-restraint and only bought faux-turkey, spinach and garbanzos. Woohoo!

I also started to write to-do lists for my days, and I already feel better. I used to be a freak and write out my schedule by the hour for Monday through Friday each week. I may not return to such anal standards, but I do love lists.

Hunger struck at its usual dinner hour, 6pm, and I heated it up right quick:

bb soup n peppas

Zupa, pepper, pretzels and hummus.

It was a simple assortment of TJ‘s Organic Black Bean soup, Pretzel Crisps, peppers, Sabra and salsa (unpictured). It was satisfying and delish, but I wanted dessert:

pb pretz + vitwater

Multiply those three by 100. I'm not kidding.

I owned that bag of peanut butter-filled pretzels! A third of it is already gone. I see nothing wrong in this. When I want something, I go for it. Oh, hey, who’s in the background on mi computadora? Just one of my favorites.

A capella practice commenced from 9pm to 10pm and then I made a last-minute decision to go see Paranormal Activity with Muffin and her co-worker. I am one who loves to put herself inside the movie. I try to feel it, which normally ends up in my being too emotional. Anyway, I couldn’t really get it up for this movie. I kept wondering: “How can they afford that house?” “How did they find this actress? I like her.” “This male character is a sexist pig.” Ya know, things that don’t relate to the scary essence at all. This is not to say I didn’t scream at the end, because I did.

Now that it’s 2:06am and I am to wake up in a few hours, I’m going to fall into slumber and think about my goal for the week: Be more productive. Lists, baby, lists.

Ciao for now,


QUESTION: What’s your favorite scary movie? I’m so in the mood to watch them for the rest of the week! AND What are your tricks for staying productive/ on top of yo game?!
I feel as though I need to see The Ring and What Lies Beneath again! Those two stand out to me. As far as productivity, I know what works for me, I’m just lacking motivation! (Cough senioritis cough)


44 Responses to “Paranormal Productivity”

  1. 1 Alyson

    Love that mug! I think I’m starting a cute mug/oats bowl collection. Hope you get some rest 🙂

  2. 2 Sarah

    Hi Kailey- greetz from Germany again 🙂

    You look fab in those jeans- love them!! They seem to be made for you- and 16$? This is even less in Euro- I’m impressed;)

    Also I wanted to say your attitude towards food is great, you should eat (when eating as healthy and balanced as you do) what you want when you crave something.

    Ok, favourite horror movie ( lots of them-I love horror movies!!!)

    The Strangers (will most probably freak you out- soo scary)
    Psycho (an older one)
    American Psycho ( with Christian Bale- great!!)
    The Shining
    96 hours (not really horror- but one of the best movies I’ve seen)

    Ok can’t think of more right now, it’s too early in the morning.

    Have a great week!


    P.S. Excuse my mistakes- my English is not perfect!

    • 3 snackface

      Sarah – Whoah, thanks for an awesome comments! I just wanted to say that your English was perfect in my book!

  3. i was disappointed with paranormal ): gahhhhh.
    hmmm watch the uninvited that had a very surprising twist to it! loved it!
    im immune to being scared and have probably seen every horror film every produced 😀

  4. I hate scary movies but force myself to watch them and torture myself…haha. Have you seen The Strangers?? OMG.

  5. The Shining and the ORIGINAL Halloween.

  6. I agree with VeggieGIrl 100%… The Shining gets me everytime.

    UH your Double Butter Pumpkin Oats look incredibly delish!! 😉 😉 Im also a huge fan of those flat pretzel thingies.. they are so light!

  7. Oh, the Others! And the Sixth Sense! My favies 🙂

  8. Forever 21 is really a magical place. While it’s super hard to pick through, you can actually find a perfect pair of jeans for less than $20. I’m with you on the higher rise, too. I guess I just realized that I’m not 13 anymore and super low riders aren’t necessarily the best or most flattering option anymore.

    Good luck with your lists!

  9. 10 traynharder23

    how in the WORLD did you sit still through Paranormal Activity?! I read the wiki (i’m lame) and STILL GOT SCARED! oooo emmmm geee.

    forever 21….i’m still on the fence about that store. i’m a AF girl. at heart. i kno, totally sad.

    you should go watch OMEN. or Two Sisters. or Jisatsu circle. scary asian movies might scare you shitless. works better than fiber. just saying.


    • 11 snackface

      traynharder23 – What’s sad is that I had to think about what AF means. I’m still unsure, but I think it’s Abercrombie and Fitch? Si? It’s always been too pricey for me, but I’m not hatin! BAHAHAHA to “scary asian movies scare you shitless. works better than fiber.” Good to know!

  10. those are both great movies!

    I saw The Shining on tv the other night – definitely a classic and one of my favorites. I’ve heard “The Strangers” is really good, but I’m too scared to watch it! The previews freaked me out enough.

  11. Lollygag! Love it! Plus I adore that pic of MamaJ in ‘the bay of beige’.

  12. Leaving a comment, take 2:

    Lollygag! Love that you use that word too. And MamaJ in a ‘bay of beige’? Priceless.

  13. I generally can’t handle horror movies – like you, I get too into the movie and freak myself out too much. But I’ll make an exception for The Shining.

  14. oooooooh i do not do scary movies. they swindle their way into my nightmares for WEEKS. seriously, when i was a teen, after watching Psycho, i refused to shower if i was home alone. sometimes i still refuse.

    in other news, i have been CRAVING pretzel crisps ever since you stocked up at costco. i need to find those individual baggies bc i cannot be trusted with the big guns! Esp with my current unlimited Sabra stash..

    Have a great, list-induced productive tues, my love!

  15. That sandwich looks amazing, and I must admit that those little cheeseburgers from McD’s were the highlight of my youth. They were a special treat – which is how crap like that should be. 🙂

    Oh I hated the Ring!! Scared the crap out of me…
    My imagination runs a bit wild sometimes so scary movies aren’t exactly the best thing for me to be watching.

  16. Agreed! The Ring and What Lies Beneath will forever creep me out! I absolutely looooved Disturbia though as well. That shia labeouf has some effect on me! Have you seen it??….but anyways, those are probably my three faves! I love a good scare but feel like half the scary movies out these days are just cheesy. Sooooo its fun to see one that actually freaks me out! I get way too into movies, like you…that’s what makes it so fun!

    And hmm….i’m such a list person. Well, I have a scheduler for all homework/school exams, etc and then in my phone and on my laptop (stickies) is an on-going list of things to do, food to buy, meals to make, etc! 😉

    I adore that outfit! Semi-high waisted jeans are just classier, and more comfy! No ass cracks hanging out, ya know?? Excuse my language! hahahahha

    KInd of obsessed with the double pumpkin-y oats. Promise, i’ll buy pumpkin over thanksgiving break! AND yumm that dinner and dessert are very typically over here in zoni land. Sometimes there’s no options so some pretzels, soup and hummus is just fineeeee. PLUS PB PRETZELS FOLLOWING!

    Okay, this was a long one. LOVE YOU! Off to class!

  17. 19 homegirlcaneat

    I am taking a break from my [blog] break and commenting this post to say that

    a) sassy new jeans. I am ALL ABOUT a-bit-higher jeans because I am not a low rida.

    b) MEATLESS BAALLLLLS…how I miss them so! However, Ima ’bout to go get some veggie sushi and soup from the dining hall…that has been my usual lunch nowaways. Just thought you would like to know since I’m such a bad blogger lately.

    c) In regards to your past post, I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I LOVE YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH. I can’t wait to meet them someday soon I hope!!! Large Sabra..get in mah belly. And I expect to meet Matty Rich with that wig on. Or else I refuse to meet the infamous boy.

    d) I have a love life that I need to tell you all about. It is exciting and fabulous. And this weekend INDEED IS GOING TO BE CRAZAYAYAYAYAYY!!!!!! CAAAN’T WAAAIIT!!@#$%^


    • 20 snackface

      homegirlcaneat – I. MISS. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you and we need to catch up ASAP.

  18. 21 homegirlcaneat

    oh wait…

    f) I am going to need to call up TJs and tell them to overnight me PB pretzels. I ran out 2 days ago and am having withdrawls. They are

    g) SO

    h) DAMN

    i) GOOD.

  19. wow! really gorgeous oatmeal pictures! the colors are so cool! what kind of camera do you use?

    • 23 snackface

      dee – Alright, so my camera is nothing fancy. I’ve had it for a year and am just thankful it has a food setting. According to what’s written on the camera, it’s a Pentax Optio, waterproof, 5.0 Megapixels digital camera. It also claims it has a 3x optical zoom, 6.3 mm-18.9mm. I obviously have no idea what any of this means. Thanks for diggin the pics, though!

  20. “I couldn’t get it up for this movie.” I love that. A lot of middle aged men can relate.

    I’m pretty sure meatless balls work on just about everything, don’t they? Give it up for TJ’s!!!

    Have a lovely day, honey!

  21. I love that snowman mug! I must hunt down some festive dinnerware of my own!

    Ahhh I’m so excited to go to the states next weekend to stock up on Target goodies!

  22. yummy eats! my friend wants me to go see that movie but idk, i think its too scary!

  23. I love semi-high rise pantelones too. They just feel more comfortable and secure. Nothing be poppin out!

    I gotta see that movie!!! ahh!

  24. 28 MattyRich

    Yo K Heezy mom is supposed to be lost in the land of beige haha.

  25. CUTE outfit girl!! 🙂 Totally rocking the new jeans!

    I can’t wait to see Paranormal Activity this Friday…so excited. The Exorcist is a fave scary movie of mine (more psychologically scary though!) and The Ring rates up there as that girl crawling outta the screen is just plain creepy!

  26. 30 elleneatsbeats

    a. pb pretzels are bombbbbbbbbb

    b. those jeans are great. love the forever 21 prices 🙂

    c. the mock cheeseburger looks TDF delicious!

  27. Hello pudding! 🙂 Yeah-yuh Forever 21!! Love/hate relationship with the place. LOL at your movie comments. My roommates saw the movie and had some of the same thoughts – they wondered how they afforded that house. And why they didn’t move. And that the boyfriend was a jerk during the day. They explained to me the movie and the end and I got scared just hearing about it!!

  28. 32 Ilene

    HAHA that’s hilarious about your reaction to the movie! What’s weird is that it was filmed REALLY CLOSE to where I live, so I’ll be really freaked out when I see it!! AH!

  29. Oh god! I had to see The Ring and The Grudge with my school. Sat there with hands over my eyes and STILL couldn’t be in dark rooms for the next 2 months. I’m a tool when it comes to scary movies. I can’t take them. Thank god for Scary Movie 4. (??) It was a huge help for my security.

    Ummmmmm Forever 21. I could like spend the night in there I love it so much. It’s so amazing. A couple weeks ago I got a summer dress for 8 bucks. DUN DEALIN. Right?! Exactly! Those jeans are bangin.

    i want arnold thins back in my life. it’s only been like 8 months.

    GO GURLLLLLLLL! hope ur tuesday has been magnificient. p.s. u need to sing for bloggy land sometime. or have muffin video tape dat ish with yo group!

  30. 34 hemp jogger

    hola! dont think i’ve ever commented, but i’ve been a faithful reader for some time now. i dig this blog. had a question for you, if you’d be willing to oblige…

    when you do ‘intervals’ on the elliptical, do you mean changing resistance, incline, direction? i’m pretty bored w/ my routine and was wondering how to spice ‘er up a tad. thanks!

    also, on the previous fam post…i saw those pj’s at target this weekend, and thought, ‘man, my family would love these for xmas eve!’…we’re a little goofy like that. and loandbehold, i stumble upon yall two rockin ’em out. too funny!

    • 35 snackface

      Hemp jogger – Hayyy! Thanks for reading and finally commenting! I love it! So here’s my elliptical routine (I somehow don’t really get bored with it): 2 minutes at level 5, crossramp 5, 2 minutes at level 10, crossramp 12- do this for 45 (or really 44?) minutes. Cool down for 5 minutes at level 5, crossramp 5. I don’t eve switch the pedal direction. I really zone out with my thoughts and a good mag, so this routine may be boring for you–I’m sorry!

      • 36 hemp jogger

        thanks gf! def not boring; i totes zone out to magazines as well…but when i finish them all, and have no alternatives and only music, i need something ‘fresh.’

        have a good night!

  31. I am v. proud to say that I am one of those 5 billion who own that jacket.. mine is bright yellowwwwwwwww. Why are we such twinsies for real?!

    props to you for seeing PA.. Gingie tried to get me to see it this weekend but I was a pooooooosay.. perhaps I should grow a pair and man up! doubtful…

    Happy Tuesday to you sweetcheeks.. loving you like no one’s biznaaaaaas!

  32. I always liked the sixth sense and what lies beneath. i cannot to this day watch the blair witch project. something about it is too real for me. 😦

  33. 39 Lizzy

    i am in love with the entirety of your outfit my love! its soooooooooooo cute! i’ve been looking for a pair of higher wasted jeans so please don’t be alarmed if i come home with the same pair soon! 🙂

  34. I love high jeans much more than low-rise too. Never have to worry about putting on a crack show! LOL

  35. 41 hmmason

    you are BEYOND FUNNY! I needed some “healthy” laughter this mornin.. thanks!

    I saw that you got some Trader Joe’s butternut squash soup and Quinoa…. I will tell you: I’ve fallen in love with Butternut squash Quinoa… I use the TJ’s btrnut squash soup for my liquid for the quinoa… and while that’s taking 1092304 years to cook I have some raw almonds with cinnamon over them baking in the oven…

    mix all together for happy fall creations… yummy yummy in the tummy!

    I’m glad to see you had a great time shopping massive quantities.. I do too!

    • 42 snackface

      hmmason – You are a genius!!! I absolutely have to make the butternut quinoa! It sounds divine. And thanks for finding me funny 🙂

  36. 43 eatolive

    my favorite legit scary movie is “SAW” (psychologically scary), but my all time favorite halloweenie movie is “Hocus Pocus.” J’adore mucho.

  37. zomg. harrison ford. you know i watch what lies beneath daily.
    he is so foxy when hes trying to brutally murder. yikes. moist.

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